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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 2, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm +03

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what happened without intervention to give the big i would say year two about just now it's a race against time to try to save a species like a crisis that's in the meshes he plan to stave off extinction techno at this time on all jazeera. al-jazeera is a very important source of information for many people around the world when all the cameras have gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going to talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront. zira.
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hello i'm barbara starr and this is the news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next sixty minutes don't really go killers. with. u.s. president donald trump makes his position clear denying any links with russia during last year's election campaign. finding intensifies between rival groups in yemen's capital sanaa with reports of at least forty dead. protests in germany as the far right party meets to choose its leader is following its triumphant turnout in their prime there is a general election. draw points to stay top of the spanish league suarez and messy both school sponsored. by so.
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we begin the news hour in the united states where president donald trump has again insisted there was no collusion between his campaign and russia during the two thousand and sixteen presidential election trump appeared on face when asked about his former national security advisers decision to cooperate with the f.b.i. investigation as part of. on friday mike flynn admitted he had lied about contacting the russian ambassador last the september and said he was directed to do so by a senior member of trump's transition team reported to be jarrett cushman a trump has tweeted that although he had to fire flynn for lying to the vice president and the f.b.i. flynn's actions during the transition war lawful. what i think joe. miller you know killer is that absolutely there's been absolutely no collusion so
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we're very happy to see what happened thank you all very much. for political analyst every count joins us live now from washington d.c. thank you for joining us here on al-jazeera so you heard the president there saying absolutely no collusion can he say bad he can prove that now in light of the flynn charge. well actually i think their worst there was evidence of collusion and i think we can see that even before michael flynn was charged and pled guilty to lying to the f.b.i. all we have to do is go back to the conversation in the context that the trump campaign specifically jared kushner head with we could leaks also if you look at the conversation that donald trump jr had at trump tower that included also jerry cushion or and paul maddow for with this russian lawyer and then of course that involved the president trying to actually develop a story that he actually worked on himself on air force one so we do know that
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there has been an involvement and connections during the campaign with rush or if you look at jeff sessions who is now the attorney general his in his conversations and contacts with. and how many times you're actually had to go back and revise his fs eighty six that's the form to ensure that he gets a security clearance while working in the white house which he still doesn't have so we do know that there is evidence of collusion or that there has been contact if there i mean the issue now the big issue is evidence of collusion and i think that the plea deal that michael flynn struck yesterday i think brings us closer to. bring in like to the situation in terms of if was there collusion and i think there is getting closer and closer to answering that question when you mentioned the plea deal i mean of course he was charged only a single count of lying to the f.b.i. just one charge do you think that in a sense mr flynn can now become the prosecution's star witness say a few with
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a lead and obviously lead them to other members of the trumpet ministration. you know that's that's a very interesting point and it's a good question if you look at all of the just the trail of ethical and criminal potentially criminal lapses that michael flynn had going against him we know about the the discussions with with with turkey we know about his inability to file as a foreign agent and of course the lying to the f.b.i. so i think there were a number of issues that bob muller could have actually tacked on to this agreement but we only got the one charge of lying to the f.b.i. and i think the reason for that is because i think bob muller is expecting that michael flynn will cooperate and michael flynn will provide information that will help. get to his stated goal which is determining collusion within the campaign
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and so i think there is information that he has that he will be he will be providing to this special investigation and also one my other point to make note of is this deal does not go on to play until at least three months from now and so i think the reason why that is is because bob mueller is looking to extract as much information from michael flynn before he actually signs off on any agreement keep in mind michael flynn was a very high profile target both in the campaign and in the white house and so what he's looking to do is bob mueller is looking to steadily senate are going to be a fascinating few days and weeks ahead for the moment and camp little analyst thank you so much for sharing your views with us. well same with the u.s. the senate has approved one of president trump's goals the largest tax cut in more than thirty years the bill slashes taxes for corporations along with the wealthy
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and gives more modest relief to most other american taxpayers but a senate committee has warned it will add one trillion dollars to the budget deficit tom ackerman has the details after last minute changes to appease some holdouts the tax bill passed by the narrowest of margins the a's are fifty one in the nays are forty nine. all republicans with one exception voted for the bill which their leader hailed as a tonic for the u.s. economy we have an opportunity now to make america more competitive and to keep jobs from being shipped offshore and provide substantial relief to the middle class but democrats called it a bonanza for multinational corporations and the ultra rich while adding more than a trillion dollars to the u.s. debt there is a trail of broken promise broken promises to working families and a mad dash to pass this bill and the american people understand this is the music
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of continuing attacks on medicare and medicaid and social security. most economists have been skeptical that the tax cuts will generate enough growth to make up for the loss in government revenue as the republicans have promised public opinion polls show that voters largely oppose the bill based on doubt it will amount to a net gain for most households but its passage would be the biggest republican legislative achievement since donald trump became president we got no democrat help but i think that's going to cost him very big in the election because basically they voted against tax cuts and i don't think politically it's good to vote against tax cuts the senate and house which already passed its own versions of tax cuts must still agree on bridging the differences but trump said he looks forward to signing a final bill before christmas tom ackerman al-jazeera washington seventeen people
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have been killed in northeastern nigeria after two female suicide bombers attacked a market the attack took place in the town of bew in borno state one of the women is said to have detonated her explosives at a forward at this tribunal center run by a local ngo injuring dozens of people a common interest says more now from the capital of. rescue workers say out of the forty seven injured some of sustained serious injuries and there is likelihood that the death figure will rise from the seventeen that has been reported so far two bombers suspected suicide bombers launched the attack at a busy market in butte and. was largely spared but not completely spared by boko haram in attacks but surrounding towns and villages have been attacked on several occasions my book although both what i'm going responsibility for this attack officials say it because the whole marco the signs of book what i'm attacks we've seen how they have increasingly over the last two or three months targeted soft
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places or other crowded places like places of worship markets and even schools in the latest attacks we've seen how they have killed more than fifty people in a mosque in the town of movie in northeastern nigeria when they were gathering for early morning prayers and so far there is no claim of responsibility and one important thing to note is that over the last two months or so we haven't heard much from. claiming responsibility as one security source is telling me that it could possibly be because of the intensified military action in the northeast of nigeria targeting book or impositions and hideouts in the northeast. the former yemeni president ali abdullah saleh has called for a joint ceasefire between his supporters and the who the rebels and the saudi led coalition at least forty people have been killed over the past few days in fighting between the two sides how the hawks star has more.
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gunshots reverberate through the ransack streets of yemen's capital sana'a the civil strife that has brought misery to millions of people now the country's former president ali abdullah saleh is calling for dialogue with the saudi led coalition forces. they need to lift the blockade and open the airports and allow food and medicine into the country we will open a new page for them for dialogue what is happening in yemen is enough. sellers one time ally who. has accused him of deliberately creating unrest to create divisions amongst the anti saudi led coalition bloc says his group's focus was always to protect yemen's internal security guard hospitals and mosques and the local machine tell every militia that your actions are suspicious and we have. nothing good from you you're not heroes you're not you are not good people when.
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the mosque when he attacks where you are then where you are then defending or doing anything you are nothing but a rabbit but analysts think outside pressure may have influence shift an allegiance . yemen was already struggling before the war now the u.n. calls it the largest humanitarian crisis in the world of its twenty five million people twenty million rely on humanitarian assistance i think it's very clear that he maybe wants to but one of his family members and power to share power with the current legitimate government so i think maybe it seems to me that they might be some collaboration between regional powers on saleh and maybe the legitimate government to somehow overthrow the healthiest first and then have a sort of a serious political talk the saudi led coalition imposed the blockade on all of
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yemen's ports and the last month of the who feels fired a missile that may have targeted riyadh as a result seventy eight million yemenis are on the brink of famine the country is also suffering from a cholera epidemic which aid workers predict could hit one million sufferers by the end of the year now the conflict between salah supporters and who's the fool says could mean more hardship for the people of yemen. there well that's a situation in yemen meanwhile protesters from the stop the war coalition have been demonstrating outside the u.s. embassy in london against the saudi led coalition's involvement in the war in yemen the u.n. says more than eight thousand people have been killed and almost fifty thousand injured since the coalition intervened in the conflict in two thousand and fifteen peter sharp is at the rally. the saudi blockade which was infused early in november has now been partially lifted but the u.n. the u.n.
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humanitarian affairs chief says it must be removed completely to avoid what he called an atrocious humanitarian tragedy that's not been seen in the world for decades and here today these demonstrators supporting that and insisting that the blockade must be lifted. imposing a blockade when you have the largest cholera outbreak in human history itself is a form of biological warfare and so they know what they are doing it is quite cynical and it is absolutely outrageous so we are here today to ensure that the protest the opposition to this outrage is firm and the statistics in this conflict grim more than eleven million yemeni children are in acute needed for humanitarian aid and assistance and the death toll amongst the
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children five thousand been killed or seriously injured in the conflict over the last two years the u.n. saying that unless the blockade is lifted completely yemen is teetering on the very edge of famine peter sharp of that demonstration in london will joining us live now from new york is peter souls' bre a senior consulting researcher at the chatham house think tank cassar thank you so much for joining us here on out there we were just hearing over the past few minutes of the report both from yemen and and from peter sharpe there just how dire the situation is in yemen and how many civilians have been affecting affected we now hear the former president ali abdullah saleh effectively calling for a ceasefire do you think that is the impact of the blockade or why else do you think he might be doing this now. well what sallah said today was in effect that he is splitting from his coalition with the who thiis with this
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this rebel group that took over sun on september of twenty food scene and he's telling the coalition let's have a ceasefire you guys don't get involved in this right now i'll take care of business here in sun i'll get rid of the who these and then we can work on a deal and what we're hearing is that this is been worked out through back channels previous to what's happened over the last few days and that there is a deal in principle that people are willing to partake in how realistic is this going to be though especially in light of all the kind of comments we've already had from the who the leadership accusing the former president of the great treason well both sides have been pretty harsh in their rhetoric over the last couple of days they've accuse each other of being malicious somewhat ironically they said that each group is destroying the countries is tearing it to the ground and they've accused each other in the case of these they've accused of working with the saudis and the u.s. in the case of solid he's effectively accused of working with with iran so it seems
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like there's no going back in terms of the splits in that particular coalition and the question then becomes how does that affect the overall dynamics of this really quite complex conflict and how do you think it would affect that and crucially do you think there is any light at the end of the tunnel so to speak to bring some kind of stability and peace to the yemeni people. i think it's almost certain that things are going to get worse before they get better what we're hearing is that the gunmen have been pushed out of key positions and some regrouping their massing forces on the outskirts of the capital you've got the various tribal groups who sits around the capital getting ready to fight with with them so looks like things are going to get pretty serious in iran sun in the coming days and the question again then becomes how will the saudi led coalition respond how will their allies on the ground respond and for now what seems to be happening
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is they're not launching airstrikes and they're not pushing on any of the front lines it seems they're going to let this play out in sun and they're going to see who comes out on top and talking about the international community because of course we've been getting a lot of images you know terrible images of of the impact of the humanitarian impact on our own yet men which you know people in the west and the international community have been watching but do you foresee any kind of involvement any real involvement or any real pressure to bring this war at to an end from the international community well we're at a place where the international community has brought as much pressure as it is willing to bear on the different parties to the conflict one of the key issues has been a lack of contacts on the part of the u.n. envoy as much as other international inter with the who these i'm with with ali abdullah saleh with the former president and to bring the conflict to an end someone needs to speak to all the different parties on
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a regular basis so it's not just about pressure it's also about communication and the other issue we have now is that the saudis will smell blood in this conflict they will think that it's winnable militarily perhaps through a coalition with ali abdullah saleh so what what's likely to happen in the coming days weeks months is we're going to see an intensification of the conflict but it's going to be slightly different shape from what we've seen up to now. senior consulting researcher at the chatham house think tank sir thank you. well coming up on this news hour from london the pope wraps up his asian tour and heads home to the vatican but did he achieve everything he wanted to plus playing with fire palestine's chief negotiator warns the u.s. against its reported plans to recognize. as the capital of israel and in sports one of cricket's biggest names is aiming to relaunch his career and he is here with
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that. but first the thousands of people are rallying against the far right turn a tip for germany party which has elected its new leadership in hanover the demonstrators are against the anti migrant anti islam party that won nearly one hundred seats in parliament and september's election the code for petrie quit soon after to form her own party at the a if he is gearing up to be the opposition against chancellor angela merkel's yet to be formed government will be if the will be germany's official opposition party if i go mark will enters into a coalition with the social democrats it wants to introduce a proposal to repatriate syrian refugees this will be debated in parliament but all other parties are expected to vote against it controversially the far right party also wants to honor the german army which has traditionally been kept out of
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politics since the end of world war two well a callan joins us live now from the f.t. convention in hanover so it does seem that they have a result they have elected leaders what can you tell us about them. now they have it actually it's a rather unfolding situation that's happening live as we speak somewhat of a soap opera that's going on here at the i have to convention the party is essentially has an ideological split will it to broaden its base to appeal to more german voters and prepare itself for government perhaps one day all when it moves to the right and essentially what we've seen play out of the house was sold own conclusion there was a power sharing deal that had been worked out and then we saw a far right candidate completely derailed the prices for more on this i'm joined by team from the german marshall fund to what essentially is happening here with very part of congress was set up to present the party is unified as
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a functional actor in durham politics and the very opposite seems to be true what we currently observe is that the two wings moderates as you might call them and the far right extremists are up and open arms against each other they're incapable of uniting behind one candidate will be currently is that both candidates that stood for election drew and instead on the galant is running to become the second chairperson of the party which is another illustration that they're incapable of solving this was out resorting to their person if last resort which is the old man . so what does this mean for german politics that means it will take a very long time upon the this party will be capable to offer a coherent platform up until they are capable to distance himself from the radical constitutional elements of up until they're ready to constitute a serious threat for the c.d.u. because they're incapable of formulating a proposal where they want to join government or not this of course is happening
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against the backdrop of angela merkel having trouble forming a coalition does that have any impact that this will be no immediate impacts to be seen. but it shows that the cd you see there and the f.t.p.'s liberals in fact half empty. but you didn't used to reclaim the voters off the stage because they're incapable of for sending a program and a leadership structure which could be capable of solving their internal differences so no matter who wins today it's showing that the the i am. in total disarray at the moment the party is internally split there is power fights between people are between regional fractions with very an ideology and most certainly between the question of whether the party wants to be part of government or not and ought to be borne in mind this will have been the perfect opportunity for them to sort out the differences that came out super strong until election there are not enough pressure for anyone but even in this super benign circumstance they're incapable of sorting
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out their internal disarray very messy time in german politics thanks to military came back to you in the studio elect allen and hanover thank you we'll cross live to you i guess when when you do have a result thanks. now pope francis has wrapped up his asia tour after meeting range refugees in bangladesh in a highly symbolic gesture of solidarity with the muslim minority fleeing violence in myanmar the catholic pontiff visited a hospital in dhaka run by the order of mother teresa on the final day of a visit to bangladesh and that's being dominated by the plight of the ranger child stratfor takes a look back at a strip and whether he achieved his objectives. it was never going to be easy for pope francis a trip to a country that the u.s. and the u.n. accuse of ethnic cleansing meeting myanmar's leaders of the more than six hundred twenty five thousand muslim or hindu flip the latest military crackdown. rights groups a man most soldiers killed many civilians and gang raped women as they swept through
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revenge of villages following a tank spy ring rebel group in late august. the pope was advised not to even use the word ranger in myanmar for fear of a backlash against christian. as there is. the future of me and my must be pace a pace based on respect for the dignity and rights of each member of society respect for each ethnic group and its identity the avoidance by the pope of using the name of the ethnic group that these people come from during the myanmar leg of his asia visit costa dark shadow as he arrived here in bangladesh and it wasn't until meeting some of the people from these camps that specifically travelled to the car to talk to him and him hearing some of their horrific stories that he finally said the word written just. as in myanmar the pope held mass in bangladesh human prime ministership hasina and praised the government's generosity in helping the region
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to refugees his trip has drawn international attention to the plight of the ranger but many fear it may not make much difference on the ground a plan by bangladesh in myanmar is being sketched out to repatriate hundreds of thousands of refugees with plans to house the ranger in temporary camps close to their homes so many of which were destroyed or burned to the ground by the military and put a small piece of the repository ation will be reportedly voluntary but only after identification of each refugee has been verified by the myanmar or thor it is the mammal government doesn't even recognise the ranger as an ethnic group withdrew their citizenship in one thousand nine hundred two many ranger refugees have never even had id. the plan has been called a false by agencies and rights groups they are a deeply traumatized people return with their basic rights have shown no sign of
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improving in the country they fled from. him and his family of four escaped from myanmar a month ago he says the military shelties twenty year old son dead after detaining him this is the second time bodhi has sought shelter in bangladesh the first time was following a similar military crackdown in the one nine hundred ninety s. . there's been too much killing they burned our home we want justice first then we may decide on going back but under these circumstances we don't want to return because we'll face the same sort of killing. it is doubtful whether the pope's trip bangladesh will have any impact on me and miles government that refuses to even mention the river by name. along with bangladesh. we have much more on the program. why. has become a dumping ground for. the world.
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looking rather cool but dry across much of the middle east at the moment but some places a cloud sliding over towards the higher ground towards the himalayan plateau but you see a fair amount of sunshine coming behind little bit of cloud there just around northern parts of saudi arabia he wanted to show was here over the next day or set of many as you can see settled in sunny temperatures now back up into the low twenty's the f.a.q. a city had also for baghdad well as you drive around will abide by road to twenty three degrees celsius over the next couple of days there are more cloud just
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starting to spin in this we go on into monday set in the case there for turkey but elsewhere across the region find dry warm and sunny as we go on through the next couple of days when i found sunny enough across much of the arabian peninsula highs here in doha of around twenty six degrees celsius over the next day or two i didn't see the sunny conditions the fine conditions lingering on something to the right see a little more cloud coming in here maybe the odd shad to the gulf of aden but essentially it does look like the settled but i still say the odd chair around the east is sod all south africa. rolling towards the eastern cape at the moment so you might see a little bit of damp weather here the worse the weather is a lot has to be further north more than parts of big all the way up into the congo basin. sit down.
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just. the same it's over here. defying my disability on al-jazeera well just. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be for it is either very. liberally but to kill because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are the people we live to tell the real stories are just mended used to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel in favor to the audiences across the globe.
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a reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has again insisted there was no collusion between his campaign and russia during the two thousand and sixteen presidential election after his former national security advisor mike flynn agreed to cooperate with the f.b.i. investigation yemen's former president ali abdullah saleh has called for a joint ceasefire between his supporters and that with the rebels and the saudi led coalition thousands of people are rallying against the far right i'll turn it in for germany party who are choosing their new leadership in the city of hanover. the head of the syrian government delegation says there can be no progress in the
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current round of geneva talks as long as the opposition keeps them and then the president bashar al assad steps down the government delegation has now returned to damascus and says it will decide whether to go back to geneva when negotiations resume on tuesday our diplomatic editor james bays has more now from geneva the syrian delegation leaving the talks in geneva it's not clear if they'll return the chief negotiator expressing irritation but comments by the opposition side who is still stressing assad must go. was. irresponsible politically speaking his position is perhaps surprising his russian since their intervention in the war in twenty fifteen have turned things around for assad on the battlefield. and in recent months president putin has also been in the driving seat diplomatically reaching understanding's with two countries that had led the campaign against assad turkey and saudi arabia it held an important meeting last
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month in riyadh in a major reorganization prominent opposition figures quit their posts as members of another group with close links to moscow and derived by some as a sad stooges were admitted to the geneva delegation there's also been an important change of emphasis by the un at previous rounds of talks special envoy stefan de mistura as main aim was a transitional government it is clear the political transition is the mother of all ages he was working to the exact wording of his predecessor special envoy the former secretary general kofi annan who drew up the geneva communique which was signed by the international community in twenty twelve the communique which was later rian dorst by a security council resolution called for a transitional governing body agreed by mutual consent that last bit is important
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as the opposition has in the past said it would never consent to a sad being part of a transition what's changed is that demas stora has now drawn up a list of twelve principles that he says will guide the negotiations in the future can i also get clarification that you are still seeking to form a transitional governing body with full executive power agreed by mutual consent dear twelve. bring to the book point when you will be reading them and you will recall that event by and we hope to produce this if there it dick common and if the ending are completely constantly in fide by did you never communicated and it twenty to fifty four. but special envoy for it them and they don't you know i've not read them but i've read a version of that's an old version weight and you would seem. to that
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exchange team a story a published his twelve principles nowhere in here is there any mention of a transitional governing body of former leader of the opposition is told out the whole process has been compromised western diplomats say de mistura is changing the rules of the game and that his plan now is very russian flavored james zero geneva catheters foreign minister says he hopes to make progress on ending a regional crisis when go for leaders gathering kuwait next week but his government is showing no signs of giving in to the man's made by saudi arabia and three other countries an exchange for the lifting of a blockade imposed in june and smith spoke with the foreign minister at a conference in rome when asked about the saudi led. this conference cantars foreign minister mohammad al farney said that he felt particularly with reference to the saudis there was an absence of wisdom and a trend towards impulsive behavior he gave no indication that cancer is prepared to
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give way on any of the demands made of it by saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain and as well egypt. position of becoming a part of yourself. no country is in a position to impose any demands on any other subjects that they have concerns they are welcome to come and discuss that said other than the nation can accept that demands and forces by now earlier at this conference egypt's foreign minister some a shocker he said well look the council hasn't been prepared he says to give any way on any of the demands made of it and until cats are is prepared to give way and he believe the blockade would continue. the palestinian chief negotiator is warning that u.s. recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel would be playing with fire side better cap was referring to reports president trump could announce the change in policy on wednesday but white house officials say
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a final decision hasn't yet been made in ts tibe reports. the diplomatic status of jerusalem is one of the world's most contested issues israel calls the city its undivided capital and operates its government from there while palestinians claim east jerusalem which israel occupied after the one nine hundred sixty seven war as the rightful capital of their future state despite the unresolved status of the city which is important to muslims christians and jews u.s. president donald trump is reportedly considering recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel in the coming days a major potential shift in policy sharply criticized by palestinian leaders. this is a very big issue touching jerusalem touching the. touching the church and the whole is playing with fire there's no meaning for a palestinian state that east jerusalem as its capital recognizing jerusalem as the
9:38 pm
capital of israel could also see the u.s. embassy moved there from tel aviv while campaigning then candidate promised to move a diplomatic mission as one of his first acts as president but in june the white house issued a waiver to meet a deadline to either comply with the nine hundred ninety five law mandating the move of the u.s. embassy to jerusalem or explain why doing so is not in u.s. national security interests signing the waiver which presidents clinton bush and obama signed every six months as a matter of course angered president trumps evangelical christian supporters and pro israel donors who are reportedly pressuring him to declare next week's waiver to be his last while others are said to have also warned moving the embassy could not only strain ties with arab allies but could lead to violence and that's the big question will he go all the way or will he leave that legal loophole open i think because he would he would go that way and that what in a way placate his you know very pro israeli facts including his vice president is
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very religious. you know motivated by this. and also still leave open door negotiations with the palestinians and others while it's still unclear what president trump will announce next week any decisions could complicate efforts by his administration to revive negotiations between palestinian and israeli leaders kirschner son in law and senior advisor has made several trips to the region as part of efforts to start the talks talks which took more distance than ever. well around half of the electrical waste it generated in israel finds its way to the occupied west bank with increasing rates of unemployment in the past fifteen years many people risk their health by burning the waste the for the valuable material or the limited reports now from which was
9:40 pm
once famous for its all lives but is now become the center of the waste in the story the town of one of the most polluted places in the occupied west bank truckloads of electronic waste make their way here every day the vast majority coming from israel to surround the illegal jewish settlements. computers fit conditioners filters for gas masks t.v.'s and many more discarded goods littered to multiple workshops in and around the town. it's a dangerous job for example there are gases in the air conditioners if you don't let them out it could explode in your face one must be very careful each item is taken apart every single component has a different fuse and price take a computer for example. the hard disk case goes into a pile then we separate the c.p.u. from the motherboard it's more expensive but we also look for cables and send them to the grinder to separate aluminum from copper we do this to all the items we
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receive. the parts then are sold back to israel but it's valuable materials such as copper wire that are the most profitable a good chunk of this waste gets burnt illegally because it's simpler easier to extract copper this way usually happens on the hill surrounding the time but this is agricultural land a look at what's left behind. the burning happens usually at night the minerals are distracted the shark old remains left a small four hours. each fire more of his crops are destroyed. it's like a cancer no one can walk here anymore. even the sheep can to be here they're not breeding any more look at them i only three isn't that that. looking around most of his olive trees have been poisoned by the toxic fumes scientists say this unregulated transfer of electronic waste is having
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a long term impact on the people of and it's landscape recent samples have revealed some astonishing results i thought we were shocked by the high levels of heavy metals i can't me i'm in the lead they already exist in nature usually around one milligram particular of soil but we found tens of thousands of other grounds we kill or soil in the samples that's a very high level it destroys the soil and aquifers it affects human life is a greater concern. releasing particles of heavy metals that don't decompose and make their way to define. it now was once a town i thrived in agriculture known for its olives and ammons now it's fields are home to carcasses of t.v.'s computers and fitness but at the home eat. in the occupied west bank.
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the nobel peace prize is due to be awarded on december the tenth taking up the award is the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons or i can now the crew group is that it catered to creating a world without nuclear weapons we are looking at the nuclear status of countries worldwide in the days leading up to the award in oslo and as tension over north korea's nuclear program rises russia has the largest stockpile of nuclear weapons and there is concern the country isn't in a rush to reduce its arsenal will reach alan's reports. of all the nuclear states in the world russia has the most weapons roughly seven thousand strategic nuclear warheads one thousand five hundred are on missiles ready to be fired from military bases four thousand five hundred stockpiles two thousand five hundred are retired waiting to be dismantled it's a major reduction from the cold war years forty thousand new had been amassed by
9:44 pm
the time the soviet union was nearing collapse what's the agreements which produced such significant disarmament are under strain the united states unilaterally withdrew from the n.c. ballistic missile treaty in two thousand and two and recently washington and moscow have accused each other of violating another cornerstone agreements of the nuclear age the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty when ronald reagan and make i'll go which of signs their names in nine hundred eighty seven they outlawed all land based missiles that could strike targets between five hundred and five thousand five hundred kilometers. but russia and the u.s. both say each other's cruise missile systems such as russia's caliber class here have been given secret updates so they don't comply with the i.n.f. treaty but he may putin says russia has only been developing air and sea based
9:45 pm
intermediate range missiles weapons which the u.s. has long held a superior advantage. we believe that we have only balanced out a situation if someone does not like it and wishes to withdraw from the treaty for example our american partners our response will be immediate i would like to repeat this warning immediate and reciprocal this nonproliferation analyst says such talks sets a dangerous precedent. nations with. nuclear arsenals. and . so it's a message to all. the nation. all nuclear build. in other words russia and the united states have a special responsibility not to let a new global nuclear arms race spiral out of control lory challenge al-jazeera
9:46 pm
moscow still to come on the program turning over a new movie how a saudi led blockade is giving an unexpected boost that qatar was publishing in the street and chelsea's belgian superstar helps the blues continue their impressive run and details coming up in sports. the pages of this. unspeakable matter compiled testimonies of victims of congolese mustnt. as this intimate evidence finds its way to international courts the central african republic is plunged into further. and intricate ten of the people and a nation crippled by the recent history of. africa but one of a two part series at this time on al-jazeera.
9:47 pm
al-jazeera. every your. a saudi led blockade imposed on qatar since june has given an expected boost to the country's broken the story more local authors are getting published as qatar tries
9:48 pm
to preserve its heritage and identity sara head up has worn off from dough. when a small for dollars father died a couple of years ago she became determined to tell his story so she wrote a book ice or is about the whole diving industry in qatar before the gulf country discovered oil when i started collecting data and information and i did a lot of reset. i looked at the school curriculum in the gulf region again there is disconnection and lack of resources for such stories so i'm hoping. i will start and forgot about it and hopefully it will attract other in that region as my is one of several catch authors to emerge this year previously many of them would have had to have found publishes a broad there are twenty newly published books on the shelf alone they're all right
9:49 pm
some by catteries in arabic and published by catalogues first privately owned publishing house and there seems to be an emphasis on the country's identity as well as society if you take this book for example you'll see it's called capital is different. but us cattle remains under a blockade put in place by saudi arabia the united arab emirates bahrain and egypt there's never been a better time to nurture homegrown talent last year we had it in five years. and this year almost doubled and i think the interest that the ministry chose for the others and encourage them and. facilities that encourage more of those to come while the blockading countries aren't attending this year's international book fair many other nations are taking part not there is a more. direct effect on our books here. except in one
9:50 pm
way that a lot of. qatari and qatari organizers felt that they have to do much better this year and terms of quantity and quality as new authors of published old invaluable manuscript so digitized qatar's working hard to preserve its heritage and its relevance in an ever changing world saw the highroad al-jazeera doha game out how to get all the latest sports news here is at the. thank you so much bob all barcelona of drop points in the league for a second game running the league leaders held to a draw by celta vigo having come from a goal down seventy two one through luis suarez in it live on messi they conceded with twenty minutes to go the game ended suit soup but they do still lead the table by five points from second place to valencia at let's go still unbeaten in the
9:51 pm
league they came from behind to one round madrid are currently nine points behind bar so they could cut the gap when they face later on chelsea have extended their unbeaten run to seven games in the english premier league even as old scored twice as they came from behind to beat newcastle three one the champions though eight points behind leaders man city. is not simple to go down and then. there i decided that i. would like to do when the game for the. it was very important the two points the match between arsenal and man united is in the second half to warn to united the latest score some are i started it is ten years everson manager with a two know when i has failed tottenham drop more points during one one with what food they do their move up to six thanks to burnley's defeat at leicester little poll they hit brighton four five their fourth in the table for now. we are
9:52 pm
a really good football team but we know that but we need to carry on that's the most boring thing if you speak here about a game which is already in. an hour finished so i'm much more into even answer the question much more interested in the extreme to be honest now australia have completed a rugby league world cup double the country's men's and women's teams retaining their titles on the same day the men's team just edging out england it finished six males who are stronger in brisbane they're celebrating an eleventh world cup victory and a sport where the international game still has to fight for attention over hugely popular domestic competitions one of the hoping that with this is. behind us now that we keep on pushing forward the national rugby league can keep on and i've probably got in the game at that level and you know and make it rewarding for all players apply for all countries that know they can play on national stage and on a regular basis well earlier we spoke to the australian rugby league writer steve
9:53 pm
mascot who believes this talent might prove to be a turning point in the game's global push. it's certainly been a success on the field because we've had talking and c.g. t. too nice since mike the semifinals and talking are actually eliminated new zealand and also the guy who's in papua new guinea which the government up there paid a lot of money to host was here last and there are some very good attendances full time and some our there matches in new zealand and i think it's put international rugby league international competition you know in the forefront of people's minds in a sport that is better known for its club legs rather than a few national matches culturally rugby league is by sickly the working class version of rugby union. it's brung up in the north of england when you know apply is injured and they can get time off work they couldn't take their
9:54 pm
families and and and it sprung up in a strike and new zealand for similar reasons almost as a social movement and once it served that purpose of providing an income for the playas in a ministry it is in those areas that was it there was no imperative for it for it to spread regulators trying to gain recognition from the global association of international sports federations and there are some sports like dodgeball football and and paul dancing that have gotten recognition internationally as sports before rugby league and a lot of that comes down to the fact that these ice vision of rugby and that the acceptance we had in a strike a a new zealand england france accent or a way that we see if there are two versions of rugby and that they die and that regulated self-governed that is actually quite a new idea in a lot of countries and then that is a great extent growing pine for regulation at various levels a sixty countries play rugby league and we just saw cameroon added to the rugby
9:55 pm
league you're a pain federation because there isn't actually a very strong. middle east in africa. so cameroon just added to the family of countries playing the sport just in the last week the last rally just about as day one of the second ashes cricket test against england was because he was the only player to get a half century in adelaide that's years played under lights for the first time in history captain stay smith bowled out by craig ovitz and for full see australia finishing up on two hundred and nine for four. we felt like we both were about my stand and they didn't really get away from any so. far ahead of the guy and we got in the morning. ben stark's one of cricket's biggest names training with the new zealand team cancer and he said so mike is that he for the club on sunday starks has been
9:56 pm
dropped while he's the subject of a police investigation in the u.k. an alleged assault and after an absence of more than thirty years for him i always make a formula one the italian manufacturer will team up with the swiss based same for the twenty eight season for meyer drivers one the first ever f one titles back in one hundred fifty fifty one but they've got. to finish some of the constructors' championship this year are looking for. in london and they thank you now. a peacock or two and an elephant might be common attractions in a zoo but would you ever expect to see a dragon there while that's what visitors at antwerp zoo have been treated to ahead of the december holiday season a chinese light festival has overtaken the zoo in belgium where illuminated creatures are placed them all regular inhabitants proved the popular attraction on
9:57 pm
its opening night i want to it's. beautiful although. it's nice. and. of the different cultures. and it's very nice i really like the story about the fire because. it was one of the first ones when you walk up here. because you always. use of course and everything and. myself my background is chinese but i didn't grow up with the heritage part and everything. that was it was nice with all the like the descriptions next to it what it's about and what you know what it stands for. well sticking with the theme of lights the start of the christmas festivities are underway in bethlehem and the christmas tree lights in manger square right next to the church of the nativity have just been
9:58 pm
switched on christmas celebrations in bethlehem are enjoyed by palestinians of various faiths as well as of course tourists. here it is much more on that and everything else we have been covering on our website al-jazeera dot com and that is it for me margaret will be here in just a few minutes with more of these.
9:59 pm
kingfish indulge your five senses news has never been more available it's a constant barrage of it with every day but the message is a simplistic you have this brain a good logical rational person crazy monster and misinformation is rife dismissal and denial all well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint trying to bring mainstream media narratives at this time on al-jazeera the fact. this morning hopeless on the planet and one that could soon be lost forever with an international team of scientists is the time and not to let that happen without intervention to give the big i would say here to
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a vast now it's a race against time to try and face a species like a chrysler that's in the majesty plan to stave off extinction techno this time on all jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current events that matter to you al-jazeera. no filler is yes no filler yes but i would say that you were.


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