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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 3, 2017 5:00am-6:01am +03

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a mass exodus hundreds of thousands of have fled ethnic cleansing you mean marvel bangladesh al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news on and and on line. in syria citizens are collecting evidence. of crimes committed against civilians moved out of syria about six hundred thousand pages of material so that one day they can bring the assad regime to justice it puts a human face on the charges it's a dead human face but it's a human face syria witnesses for the prosecution at this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera.
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and i'm richelle carey this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. or it's of defiance from donald trump as the investigation into his ties to russia is a step closer to the oval office. yemen's former president calls for a cease fire in the country's civil war. alone and afraid there are hendra girls being sold as sex slaves after escaping violence and me and mark. and days after claiming he wasn't allowed to leave the u.a.e. a former egyptian prime minister was abruptly expelled from the country. there is nothing to hide in the words of the u.s. president just a day after his former national security adviser admitted to lying about his contacts with russia. michael flynn pleaded guilty to making false statements to
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the f.b.i. during his time on tunnel trump's transition team so that brings an investigation into russian interference and the two thousand and sixteen u.s. election closer to the white house but shrub is adamant there was no wrongdoing what has been showed. delusion joke really has been absolutely has been absolutely no solution so we're very happy we'll see what happens thank you all very much because of r.c. is overshadowing what should have been a big win for trump and the republicans the senate giving the green light on the tax bill we'll get more on that in a moment with ins to park in washington d.c. first though tom ackerman has more on a long night in the senate and a republican one that's already proving controversial after last minute changes to appease some holdouts the tax bill passed by the narrowest of margins the yeas are fifty one in the nays are forty nine.
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all republicans with one exception voted for the bill which their leader hailed as a tonic for the u.s. economy we have an opportunity now to make america more competitive and to keep jobs from being shipped offshore and provide substantial relief to the middle class but democrats called it a bonanza for multinational corporations and the ultra rich while adding more than a trillion dollars to the u.s. debt there is a trail of broken promise broken promise to working families in a mad dash to pass this bill and the american people understand this is that was a fired up of continuing attacks on medicare and medicaid and social security. most economists have been skeptical that the tax cuts will generate enough growth to make up for the loss in government revenue as the republicans have promised public opinion polls show that voters largely oppose the bill based on doubt it
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will amount to a net gain for most households but its passage would be the biggest republican legislative achievement since donald trump became president we got no democrat help but i think that's going to cost him very big in the election because basically they voted against tax cuts and i don't think politically it's good to vote against tax cuts the senate and house which already passed its own versions of tax cuts must still agree on bridging the differences but trump said he looked forward to signing a final bill before christmas tom ackerman al-jazeera washington. a nest of it joins us live now from washington d.c. so diane we'll talk more about the the tax bill in a moment first let's pick up on the other top story which is what's going on with the investigation into michael flynn president tweeting all sorts of things what we know a lot but there's still a lot we really don't know where things stand yeah it's very interesting in the
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last twenty four hours richelle because yesterday when this news broke about flynn of the president wouldn't even take reporters' questions about it and then today he would but he sort of batted those questions away and then even raised eyebrows when he released this tweet later today saying that he had fired flynn because of the f.b.i. because of him lying to the f.b.i. which indicates that he has known for months that flynn had broken the law. outside the white house saturday morning president donald trump wanted to talk more about the new tax plan passed by the u.s. senate then about his former national security advisers russian contacts now about what has been shown no solution no killer has been absolutely has been absolutely no solution so we're very happy right away last night with one of the big guys on friday michael flynn pleaded guilty in federal court to lying to the
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f.b.i. about efforts to obtain advance knowledge of how foreign governments might vote on a u.n. security council resolution regarding israel and about conversations he had with russia's ambassador to the u.s. during the presidential transition as part of the deal flynt agreed to cooperate with special prosecutor robert muller's investigation into russian meddling into last year's presidential election mohler is looking into whether the trump campaign colluded with russia he's also looking into the president's business ties there oh when is the fourth member of the president's inner circle to be charged in connection with the investigation and political analyst eric ham says he's clearly the most significant by michael flynn was a very high profile target both in the campaign and in the white house and so what he's looking to do is bomb muller's looking to steadily move up the food chain he's looking to get bigger fish and so i think he's looking at possibly jared kosher
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questioner and maybe even the president going forward last winter president trump said he fired flynn just one month into his national security advisory post because he had lied to vice president mike pence about his contacts with russia but the president offered another explanation saturday in a tweet saying i had to fire general flynn because he lied to the vice president and the f.b.i. he has pled guilty to those lies it is a shame because his actions during the transition were lawful there was nothing to hide. ok and of course that and investigation continues while all of that is going on this tax bill has made its way through the u.s. senate extremely controversial tax bill donald trump has indicated that he might be open to some sort of compromise specifically the it was a pertains to corporate tax rates what do you know about that. yeah that's really
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interesting michel because that was sort of the centerpiece of his plan when he talked when he was campaigning last year for president in this year about lowering corporate taxes because he said that would encourage companies to. pay people more money hire more workers and he wanted to drop the rate from thirty five percent which is where it is now to twenty percent will today he said he'd be willing to maybe negotiate on that rate and move it up to twenty two percent so that could be an indication that he knows that this this plan may not be favorable with a lot of americans particularly those in the middle income and lower income areas who say that this is just a big giveaway to the rich and he's cognizant of this because this could be a big sticking point going into these midterm elections next year ok. live in washington thank you the former many president ali abdullah saleh has call for
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a joint ceasefire between a supporter of the who the rebels and the saudi led coalition at least forty people have been killed in sana over the past few days in battles between the who's these in the fighters loyal to sala star has more on rivals who used to be allies. gunshots reverberate through the ransack streets of yemen's capital sana'a the civil strife that has brought misery to millions of people now the country's former president ali abdullah saleh is calling for dialogue with the saudi led coalition forces. you need to lift the blockade and open the airports and allow food and medicine into the country we will open a new page for them for dialogue what is happening in yemen is enough sellers one time ally who. has accused him of deliberately creating un rest to create divisions amongst the anti saudi led coalition bloc who think says his group's focus was always to protect yemen's internal security guard hospitals and mosques. would
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learn he allowed the enemy forces are the ones behind those militias to stare up secretary in troubles inside and spread sick terrorism to the rest of the provinces why not for the love of those militias if it was up to them they would have crushed humiliated and defeated them but it was in order to facilitate the task of aggression of the enemies and their occupation of the country after failing for nearly a thousand days but analysts think outside pressure may have influence shift an allegiance. yemen was already struggling before the war now the u.n. calls it the largest humanitarian crisis in the world of its twenty five million people twenty million rely on humanitarian assistance i think it's very clear that he maybe wants to but one of his family members and power to share power with the current legitimate government so i think maybe it seems to me that they might be
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some collaboration between regional powers. and maybe the legitimate government to somehow overthrow the houthi is first and then have a siddur serious political talk the saudi led coalition imposed the blockade on all of yemen's ports and the last month of the a missile that may have targeted riyadh as a result seventy eight million yemenis are on the brink of famine the country is also suffering from a cholera epidemic which aid workers predict could hit one million sufferers by the end of the year now the conflict between salah supporters and who see food could mean more hardship for the people of yemen. because there are sales there is a researcher at the think tank chatham house says the situation in yemen is likely to get worse before any deal can be arranged. what sallah said today was in effect that he is splitting from his coalition with the who thiis with this this rebel
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group that took over in september of twenty food scene and he's telling the coalition let's have a ceasefire you guys don't get involved in this right now i'll take care of business here in sun i'll get rid of the who these and then we can work on a deal and what we're hearing is that this is been worked out through back channels previous to what's happened over the last few days and that there is a deal in principle the people are willing to partake in i think it's almost certain that things are going to get worse before they get better what we're hearing is that the gunmen have been pushed out of key positions and some are regrouping their massing forces on the outskirts of the capital you've got the various tribal groups who sits around the capital getting ready to fight with with them so looks like things are going to get pretty serious in iran sun in the coming days and the question again then becomes how will the saudi led coalition respond how will their allies on the ground respond and for now what seems to be happening is they're not launching airstrikes and they're not pushing on any of the front
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lines it seems they're going to let this play out in sanaa and they're going to see who comes out on top protesters from the stop the war coalition appen demonstrating outside the u.s. embassy in london they're angry over the saudi led coalition's involvement in the war in yemen and its control of aid access the u.n. says more than eight thousand people had been killed since a military alliance intervened in the conflict in two thousand and fifteen or sharpness at the rally. the saudi blockade which was infused early in november has now been partially lifted but the un the un humanitarian affairs chief says it must be removed completely to avoid what he called an atrocious humanitarian tragedy that's not been seen in the world for decades and here today these demonstrators supporting that and insisting that the blockade must be lifted imposing
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a blockade when you have the largest cholera outbreak in human history itself is a form of biological warfare and so they know what they are doing it is quite cynical and it is absolutely outrageous so we are here today to. ensure that the protests the opposition to this outrage is felt and the statistics in this conflict grim more than eleven million yemeni children are in acute need of humanitarian aid and assistance and the death toll amongst the children five thousand been killed or seriously injured in the conflict over the last two years and the u.n. saying that unless the blockade is lifted completely yemen is teetering on the very edge of famine. syrian government airstrikes have targeted several cities and towns in damascus province at least six people were killed in our brain while two others
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died in her resta have also been attacks in eastern goto which has been under siege by the syrian army since two thousand and thirteen about four hundred thousand civilians are believed to be trapped there and syrian government says there can be no progress in talks to end the fighting at the opposition keeps demanding president bashar assad step down its delegation has returned to damascus and says it hasn't decided whether to go back to geneva when the talks resume or diplomatic editor james face reports from geneva the syrian delegation leaving the talks in geneva it's not clear if they'll return the chief negotiator expressing irritation at comments by the opposition side who is still stressing assad must go but the language was look at the irresponsible politically speaking his position is perhaps surprising his russian allies since their intervention in the war in twenty fifteen have turned things around for assad on the battlefield. and in recent months
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president putin has also been in the driving seat diplomatically reaching understanding's with two countries that had led the campaign against assad turkey and saudi arabia it held an important meeting last month in riyadh in a major reorganization prominent opposition figures quit their posts as members of another group with close links to moscow and derided by some as a sad stooges were admitted to the geneva delegation there's also been an important change of emphasis by the un at previous rounds of talks special envoy stefan de mistura as main aim was a transitional government it is clear the political transition is the mother of all ages he was working to the exact wording of his predecessor special envoy the former secretary general kofi annan who drew up the geneva communique which was signed by the international community in twenty twelve the communique which was
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later rian dorst by a security council resolution called for a transitional governing body agreed by mutual consent that last bit is important as the opposition has in the past said it would never consent to a sad being part of a transition what's changed is that demas stora has now drawn up a list of twelve principles that he says will guide the negotiations in the future can i also get clarification that you are still seeking to form a transitional governing body with full executive power agreed by mutual consent dear twelve. brink that will point when you will be reading them and you will recall that event by and we hope to produce this and if there is a dick come on and if the ending are completely constantly inspired by did you never communicated and it twenty to fifty four. but special envoy i've read them
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and they don't you know all right you know i've not read them but i've read a version of yeah that's an old version weight and you would seem i waited and down i was off to that exchange team a story a published his twelve principles no way in here is there any mention of a transitional governing body of former leader of the opposition i was told out the whole process has been compromised western diplomats say de mistura is changing the rules of the game and that his plan now is very russian flavored james bays al-jazeera geneva plenty more head of the news hour and putting protests outside the hall dissent and side like should have been a triumphant day for harmony's right wing if the party didn't go according to plan . b. going to look a lot like christmas albums gather in bethlehem to welcome the festive season in style and sport they downhill skier is facing
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a challenge to make it up hill for the starting line. but francis has defended his silence and man maher over the plight of her head to refugees saying he spent the truth and private he's been facing international criticism for not directly addressing the crisis during his visit earlier this week the pots of didn't mention the ethnic minority until he was in bangladesh where he met hengist who'd escaped the military crackdown across the border i mean that is her i was interested in my message getting through so i saw that in my speech if i'd use that word the door would have slammed shot but i describe the situation the riots that no one should be excluded citizenship to allow me in my private meetings to go further i was very very satisfied with the discussions i was able to have. aid agencies in bangladesh say young women are being sold as sex slaves people
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trafficking is common in refugee camps are hendra have sought refuge for decades recent arrival of six hundred twenty one hendra is adding to the profits of the trafficking gangs strafford a port from cox's bizarre in bangladesh. is not her real name we call her that to protect her identity the fifteen year old ranger refugee says her mother father brother and sister all killed by a multi shell find by the me on my military at a village three months ago she says after she escaped by boat to bangladesh two women approached her on the beach saying they could help her instead they sold her into sex slavery. and. they told me if i went with them they would look off to me and help me find a husband. says that up to three weeks of being locked in a house alone she was sold to a bangladeshi man she says the man took her to another house raped and sexually
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abused her for twelve days. he said i will choke you i will stab you i will kill you do you want to be killed the way the military killed people in me and ma i won't let you go a local aid agency the latest the council but doesn't want to be named said its staff working with trafficking victims have received death threats from criminal gangs operating in the refugee camps the head of the organization told us riggins you girls some as young as thirteen are being taken by the traffickers it's thought some have been smuggled abroad. hasina begum and her family have been living in a refugee camp in bangladesh since fleeing an early a crackdown by the mia military in the one nine hundred ninety s. . a teenage girl was kidnapped on the way to school the kidnappers were wearing a woman's neck out to cover their faces that's why they went recognized. sex and labor trafficking networks have existed in the camps for years but more than six
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hundred twenty thousand rangers have arrived here in the last couple of months and at least sixty percent of them are children and aid agencies having to focus on the delivery of vital humanitarian assistance at this stage so the trafficking situation is getting worse. with so many vulnerable people coming into a small area in such a short space of time. it's definite almost but it's increased there's been recruiters here in this bizarre bank that us previous to this influx and we know that they're getting more business and that new criminal networks have sort of kicked into action we have to start addressing us and we have to do it now urgently after twelve days the man who brought culture returned to the two women who sold her they left in the refugee camp where she now lives with a woman who found her alone in the freud. strafford al-jazeera cox's bazaar and
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with. former egyptian prime minister ahmed shafik has reportedly arrived in cairo after being arrested and deported from the united arab emirates she has lived in the u.a.e. since losing a presidential election to mohamed morsi of the muslim brotherhood in two thousand and twelve last weekend plans to run for the presidency again in two thousand and eighteen but in an online video he claimed he was barred from leaving the emirates a claim the government there denied so hard as easy as an associate professor of law at a and m. university and also a member of the egyptian american rule of law association says it's likely that there is some truth to she speaks claim of being barred from leaving the. he clearly has been deported and presumably the reason why he was deported was in retaliation for his claiming that he was barred from departing the u.a. e. for france and a european trip or he was going to be campaigning among the egyptian gasper there
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and then presumably heading to egypt so i don't think that he would take such a big political risk of insulting his hosts for over five years who effectively gave him refuge while he was facing criminal charges in egypt that he would do something like that publicly on a jersey if at least it was there was some truth to it so i think he probably was kept but now he's going to pay a higher price and now i think he is going to face serious problems in egypt where we don't know if he's going to be detained and i don't think there's any knowledge right now of where he has been sent to in egypt i think that shifty is a formidable contender and the presidential elections primarily because he has legitimacy as a former general and because he represents mubarak era and six years now after the so-called revolution of two thousand and eleven there is a significant number of egypt chavez who reminisce. for the mubarak era and they
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would like that era to come back and that's what he represents and presumably there are people in the military and other parts of the security apparatus who have signaled to him that they would support him if he announced his candidacy her independence supporters in spain's catalonia region are now turning to music to help get several of their politicians free from jail. was. was thousands turned out for a concert in barcelona and demanding freedom for a politicians who've been locked up for their role in it and the pendants referenda to procession activists are all also still in jail the funds raised her bank decided to help pay for their bail money. several place officers and a protester happened badly injured during a rally against the far right alternative for germany party the anti my current anti as long as electing its new leadership if data goes away from german
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chancellor angela merkel's alliance in september is election arcola still not been able to form a government elec allen has more from hanover. is the day began police fired water cannons at protest is trying to block the streets at least one protester and several police were injured thousands tried to stop delegates from attending the first conference of the far right party since it won more than ninety seats in the german election we have led this is do you want to see. you know and. to be in our town in our congress was there is a fight in germany against his men and the nazis too because you know what it says right opinions do to an end and this is. not good inside the dispute was not with the leftist protesters but within the
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party itself a leadership battle between extreme nationalists and a more moderate of the f.t. was locked in a stalemate forcing parliamentary leader alexander galland to step in and share power with current party head voice than. i think we can work together very well i didn't intend to do this you know that i didn't want to. but a situation came up which was i don't want to cite for the party but which was dangerous the question now is whether the party can contain ideological differences and appeal to the wider electorate all of this matters because chancellor angela merkel is running out of options to form a coalition government if germany is forced to go back to the polls i have today could be strengthened further but if she forms a central coalition the social democrats are expected the i.a.f. team will become the biggest opposition voices can follow but for germany this has consequences for
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a political rhetoric for the way we debate in public and for the way for the tone that i feel sets and social media especially once the bastion of stability in europe it's now a messy time in german politics and like callen al-jazeera. still ahead on al-jazeera. uncertainty and rest and honduras nearly a week after its presidential election. and the latest installment of our special series on the nuclear nations russia announced the world's biggest nuclear stockpile of many parents in a rush to reduce that arsenal and sport as australia where an eleventh world title will be asking of rugby league is now a truly global game. from dusky sunsets if you spring savannah. to sunrise
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atop an asian metropolis. hello southern parts of china should be largely settled and sunny over the next couple of days not fairing too badly here a little more cloud into the south china sea once again the easing across into vietnam so some rather disturbed weather coming through a little change as we go on through monday some showers there for the philippines sunshine and showers the really wet weather though that seems to be at least worse just around southern parts of india china easing over towards the malaysian peninsula southern areas of thailand also seeing some very disturbed weather it all ties in with this kill ation that we have dragging its way out of the out of the sea to southern parts of the being goal so we'll see some very heavy rain here scattered showers across malaysia and a scattering of showers too into indonesia but it's that wet weather further north that will pull away from thailand to wards the east side of india over the next few days at the moment the wettest weather so on the western side of india and that's going to continue making as well little further north this is cycling orchy and
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that will push further north was as we go through sunday and going on into monday eventually pushing up towards gerat around wednesday or thursday lots of cloud on the western side of india very strong winds as well damaging winds a possibility but here comes our next system for the latter part of the week. the weather sponsored by cattle and race. are year on from the election with washington both the republican and democratic parties are struggling to adjust to a polarized electorate it really is an identity crisis you just run against drugs or do you literally stake out a set of positions that offer us a clear alternative not just a truck but to the politics that gave faultlines examines the shifting sands of american politics life of the party this time on al jazeera. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be for us as you
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know it's very challenging liberally but to be there because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real stories are just mended is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. they're watching al-jazeera let's take out the top stories right now as president i'll try again and sister there was no collusion between his campaign and russia during the two thousand and sixteen election he tweeted that while he fired his national security adviser for lying to the f.b.i.
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michael plans actions were lawful plans pleaded guilty though to making false statements about his contact with russia. emmons former president ali abdullah saleh has called for a joint ceasefire between his supporters the hurt the rebels and the saudi led coalition at least forty people have died in battles between forces loyal to sala and the who these in the capital sana. pope francis has defended his silence and man march for the plight of the head to refugee saying he spoke the truth in private he's been facing international criticism for not directly addressing the crisis the pontiff says public that n.c.a.a. and would have prevented his message from being heard. for now on our top story the political fallout in the united states following michael planes guilty plea or so it is a professor of national security studies at georgetown university joins us now from washington d.c. thank you so much mr swift let's. let's start with the tweet and when i say the tweets that could be any number of tweets bill let's start with this one and it
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says to up donald trump's account treated i had to fire general flynn because he lied to the vice president and the f.b.i. he's pled guilty to those lies it's a shame because his actions during the transition were lawful there was nothing to hide so. it would seem that donald trump tweeted that but now there are reports coming from various media organizations in the u.s. that perhaps his lawyer actually crafted that tweet would it make a difference either way and what legal jeopardy might the president be in because of that type of admission. sure well let's unpack the tweet a little bit little bit of fact checking first lieutenant general flynn national security advisor flynn resigned he was not fired second if the president knew that his national security adviser had lied to the f.b.i. which this tweet seems to indicate that would be a very serious finding indeed and then third it doesn't matter whether the
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president sent this out or his lawyers sent this out what what matters is that general flynn has cooperated with cooperating with director muller and the investigation is moving ahead quite honestly speaking as a lawyer i can't imagine why any lawyer would write something like this unless it was to obvious kate or confuse the public about what the facts are and i can't imagine why any lawyer would let their client write a tweet like this given the severity of the charges leveled against former national security adviser flan and given the fact that this tweet seems to implicate the president in knowing about those criminal activities so you say it seems to implicate that he says himself that general flynn lied is it about the timing about the things that happened after that as well because after that is also when former f.b.i. director call me you testified that basically donald trump asked him to go easy on
5:35 am
flu and donald trump is saying i knew flynn at did something wrong and that his actions that followed would be hey let him off easy what does that mean. well if the president knew that flynn had done something wrong and knew that it was wrong at the time which is to say before the president assumed office and while he was a private citizen then then there are some rather serious consequences for that the logan act and some other laws in the united states prohibit private individuals including lieutenant general flynn and president elect from from engaging in foreign policy negotiations on behalf of the united states if you're not in office you don't get to do that if the president was aware that he had instructed national security adviser flynn to do that before entering office so the president was aware that he himself or other members of the transition team were negotiating with the russians or with someone else on bath of the united states in violation of federal
5:36 am
law then all of that would be rather unpleasant for the white house and particularly unpleasant for anyone who was executing on those instructions from the president elect and at this point donald trump continues to say has said in the last twenty four hours there's no collusion no collusion i think he said it three or four times but do we really know that yet there's so much about mahler's investigation that we still don't know is is it not premature to say that we don't know that there was no collusion he can make that claim but we don't know that yet . yeah let's distinguish between the substance and the shadow here first i agree there's no collusion there's no such thing as collusion under u.s. law the term that's tried to bowl is a criminal act is conspiracy and all you need for conspiracy is to people that intend to do something wrong and one person to actually follow through on it if you look at the u.s. sanctions that are allegedly the topic of converse were allegedly the copying of
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conversation between flynn and the russian ambassador sergei gisli ak here in washington it was about easing or eliminating the u.s. sanctions in place on russia and especially close advisors to president putin having those conversations as a private person not only violates the logan act but it also undermines the provisions in the sanctions that say you're not allowed to evade or undermine them either one of those would be chargeable as a criminal act and those are the sorts of things that can get a transition team that quite honestly doesn't know what it's doing in terms of international politics into a lot of trouble with a skilled investigator and prosecutor like director mueller ok christmas with thank you so much for joining us from washington we appreciate it good to be back thank you.
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and the nobel peace prize is due to be awarded on day sempre tenth picking up the award as the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons or i can the groups dedicated to creating a world without nuclear weapons are looking at the nuclear status of countries worldwide in the days leading up to that award and also russia has the largest stockpile of nuclear weapons and there is concern it isn't making enough progress in reducing the size of its arsenal or a challenge support so moscow. of all the nuclear states in the world russia has the most weapons roughly seven thousand strategic nuclear warheads one thousand five hundred are on missiles ready to be fired from military bases four thousand five hundred stockpiles two thousand five hundred retired waiting to be dismantled it's a major reduction from the cold war years forty thousand nukes have been amassed by the time the soviet union was nearing collapse what's the agreements which produced
5:39 am
such significant disarmament are under strain the united states unilaterally withdrew from the n.c. ballistic missile treaty in two thousand and two and recently washington and moscow have accused each other of violating another cornerstone agreements of the nuclear age the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty when ronald reagan and mikhail gorbachev signed their names in one thousand nine hundred seventy they outlawed all land based missiles that could strike targets between five hundred and five thousand five hundred kilometers. but russia and the u.s. both say each other's cruise missile systems such as russia's caliber class here have been given secret updates so they don't comply with the i.n.f. treaty. but he may putin says russia has only been developing air and sea based intermediate range missiles weapons which the u.s.
5:40 am
has long held a superior advantage in the list of little militias we believe that we have only balanced out a situation if someone does not like it and wishes to draw from the treaty for example our american partners our response will be immediate i would like to repeat this warning immediate and reciprocal this nonproliferation analyst says such talk sets a dangerous precedent even though this nations with. nuclear arsenals. and . well. the way she. showed. you could build. in other words russia and the united states have a special responsibility to lessen a new global nuclear arms race spiraled out of control. al-jazeera moscow next in our series return to the united kingdom or despite strong opposition to
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nuclear weapons political leaders are sharply divided on what to do about that you can watch that story later here on al-jazeera i time curfew is in place and on tourists following days of protests security forces have been given extra powers to stop the violence that's followed last sunday's presidential election one person has died and dozens have been entered after six days a clear winner as yet to emerge from the vote as of now president juan orlando hernandez is an early ahead of the opposition candidate salvadoran us homeland security forces have imposed a curfew for ten days. all of these acts of vandalism these incidents the settings of fires are not reasonable for hundred therefore at the request of many sectors of society the council of ministers has declared a curfew to safeguard the security of the country and overhaul has more from the capital to go siegel. the night hours have closed in the city of they were we are
5:42 am
now in a nationwide curfew and things have quieted down especially compared to just yesterday when riots broke out and demonstrators clashed with security forces a wave of looting and violence has really swept the country amidst this political crisis and the response from military police has been the use of tear gas and rubber bullets and people here are still very anxiously awaiting a decision by the national elections committee it's been over a week since the general elections and still no decision now in response to this violence one hundred military isn't forcing a nationwide curfew restrict six p.m. curfew that restricts some constitutional rights for honduran citizens but it also means that anyone out past six o'clock is subject to arrest now the concern here remains that the longer the elections commission stalls on this decision the higher the chance that violence could spark up again but often pastore is the spokesperson
5:43 am
for the opposition alliance he says honduras is in a critical situation everyone here in honduras is obviously anxious and awaiting results it's been far too long and the country is definitely going into a critical critical situation where we have a curfew but by now we last night we had very violent confrontations we have at least seven people within the ranks have been shot at and. we have plenty of people who are hurt who have been you know affected by gas and by bullets so. you know there's vandalism being going on everywhere and of course the situation is very very critical. i have no doubt that one orlando's strategy is to create a crisis so that he is able to justify a clampdown to justify repression and probably to argue that he is the one who the
5:44 am
only one capable to establish some sort of law and order in the country and that's exactly what what i think has been happening with the delay of the tribunal announcing the results and the. polarization and confrontation that's been feeding on we are basically being blamed for vandalism we're being criminalized and now we're being repressed and i think that's exactly the guideline that he had been planning on their oblique is warning any us move to recognise for islam as israel's capital would fuel violence there reports president onil trump could announce a policy change on wednesday but as n.p.r.'s tayyab reports the white house insists the final decision hasn't been made. the diplomatic status of jerusalem is one of the world's most contested issues israel calls the city its undivided capital and operates its government from there while palestinians claim east jerusalem which
5:45 am
israel occupied after the one nine hundred sixty seven war as the rightful capital of their future state despite the unresolved status of the city which is important to muslims christians and jews u.s. president donald trump is reportedly considering recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel in the coming days a major potential shift in policy sharply criticized by palestinian leaders. this is a very big issue touching jerusalem touching the. touching the church of the how to is playing with fire has no meaning for a palestinian state that east jerusalem as its capital recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel could also see the u.s. embassy moved there from tel aviv while campaigning then candidate promised to move a diplomatic mission as one of his first acts as president but in june the white house issued a waiver to meet a deadline to either comply with the nine hundred ninety five law mandating the
5:46 am
move of the u.s. embassy to jerusalem or explain why doing so is not in u.s. national security interests signing the waiver which presidents clinton bush and obama signed every six months as a matter of course angered president trumps evangelical christian supporters and pro israel donors who are reportedly pressuring him to declare next week's waiver to be his last while others are said to have also warned moving the embassy could not only strain ties with arab allies but could lead to violence and that's the big question will he go all the way or will he leave that legal loophole open i think because he would he would go that way and that would in a way placate his you know very pro israeli facts including his vice president was very religiously. you know motivated by this. and also still leave open some door negotiations with the palestinians and others while it's still unclear what president trump will announce next week and the decisions could
5:47 am
complicate efforts by his administration to revive negotiations between palestinian and israeli leaders christian or son in law and senior adviser has made several trips to the region as part of efforts to start the talks talks which took more distance than ever. i'll just. staying in the occupied west bank people are preparing for christmas and what's believed to be jesus's birthplace the christmas tree lights and back the hands manger square next to the church of the nativity they are shining brightly now christmas eve is a major event for bethlehem and thousands of international tourists fossett is there. this of course is an event about much more than that it's about the christmas season and the christmas tree but politics on far away in america talking about how
5:48 am
. it is besieged on all sides by israeli prime minister the palestinian. i'm talking about high on the agenda in the news the possibility the likelihood even the united states is going to recognize to the capital of israel. if america declares to the capital of israel or moves the u.s. embassy to jerusalem the whole region will be plunged into further instability and it will destroy any chance of peace. the palestinian prime minister went on to light the christmas tree making the point that there had to be space. and happiness even in such circumstances and there's a good deal of that on display here tonight the december season the christmas season is vitally important here for the tourist numbers for the economy and of the four thousand beds that there are here no tells all of them booked out for the whole of december that is
5:49 am
a scene that's been seen across the occupied west bank where tourist numbers are significant so there is some optimism here at officially the start of the christmas season. some zebras are two elephants common attractions and a zoo but you ever expect to see a dragon that's a visitors at antwerp zoo had been treated to a head of the december holiday season a chinese life festival has overtaken the zoo in belgium where eliminated creatures are placed among the regular and habitats and it has proved to be a popular attraction on its opening night it's magic it's beautiful. it's nice. and. of the different cultures. and it's very nice i really like the story about those five because. one of the first ones when you walk up here.
5:50 am
because you always. use of poison everything in. myself my background is chinese but i didn't grow up with the heritage part and everything. was it was nice with all the like the descriptions next to it what what it's about and what you know what it stands for. so let's odd al jazeera. and sport formula one's original pacesetters maker return to the sport after an absence of more than thirty years. setting the stage for a serious debate up front i think this time on al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so
5:51 am
no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to al-jazeera. the fact. this morning corpus on the planet and one that could soon be lost forever puts an international team of scientists is the time and not to let that happen without intervention to give the cuba i would say year two at best now it's a race against time to try to save a species i think chrysler has an emergency plan to stave off extinction tecno this tour.
5:52 am
time for your support with andy. thank you very much for manchester united have beaten arsenal in the english premier league its result the moves them within five points of leaders man city united got off to the ideal start with a couple of goals in the first fifteen minutes from an sandoval in the sea and jesse lingard asshole did pull one back but a second from line gar helped united seal a three one when chelsea have extended their unbeaten run to seven games in the league even as old scored twice as they beat you cassel three one the champions eight points behind leaders city it's not simple to go down and then do it over. there i decided that i. would like to do when these the open game. it was very important thing to point samar i started his tenure as everton manager with the two know when i've won huddersfield scotland dropped more points during
5:53 am
one one with what food they do their move up to six thanks to bernie's defeat at leicester and liverpool hit brighton for five their fourth in the table we are a really good football team but we know that but we need to carry on that's most of what i'm doing if you speak you about a game which is already. in our finished so i'm much more into even answer the question which we're interested in the extreme to be honest barcelona of drop more points in the league for a second game running the league leaders held to a draw by celta vigo having come from a goal down they went to one through goals from luis suarez and they are messy they conceded though with twenty minutes to go the game ended two two a second consecutive league draw they still lead by five points though from second place of violence more problems for real madrid they drew no know what they'll have to let it build and that caps in surgery ramos sent off for the twenty fourth time in his career their fourth in the table eight points behind bars at let's go are still unbeaten in the league they came from behind to beat ross saucy that so you
5:54 am
want. australia have completed a rugby league world cup double the country's men's and women's teams for it citing that's how it feels on the sine die the men's team just edged out england it finished six nil its all straight embrace been celebrating i level twelve cup victory in a sports where the international game still has to fight for attention i have a hugely popular domestic competitions run by the sea hoping that with this is. behind us now that we keep on pushing forward the national rugby league and people and and i've probably got in the game at that level and you know and my kit rewarding for that will players apply for all countries that now they can play on national stage and on a regular basis well earlier we spoke to the australian rugby league steve moscow and believes this tournament may prove to be at certain points in the games global push it's certainly been a success on the field because we've had talk and. t.
5:55 am
tonight might the semifinals and toller actually eliminated new zealand and also games in papua new guinea which the government up there paid a lot of money to host. us and there are some very good attendances floor talking and some our there matches in new zealand and i think it's put international rugby league international competition you know even the forefront of people's minds you know sport that is better known for its club legs rather than as you know national matches culturally rugby league is basically the working class version of rugby union so it sprung up in the north of england when you know apply it was injured and they can get time off work out they couldn't take their families and and it sprung up in australia and new zealand for similar reasons almost as a social movement and once it served that purpose of providing an income for the players in the administrators in those areas that was it there was no aperitif for
5:56 am
it just. thread rugby league is trying to gain recognition from the global association of international sports federations and there are some sports like dodgeball football and and pole dancing that have gained recognition internationally as well what's before rugby league and a lot of that comes down to the fact that it is a version of rugby and that the acceptance we have in australia new zealand england france except around with the weak set there are two versions of rugby and that they die and that regulated self-governed that is actually quite a new idea in a lot of countries and then that is. creating some growing pains to regulate by various levels sixty countries play rugby late and we just saw cameroon added to the rugby league european federation because there isn't actually a very strong. middle east and africa better i should get so cameroon just added
5:57 am
to the family of of countries playing a sport just in the last week australia just about edge day one of the second ashes test against england as one co-authors of the a new plan to get a half century in our life as the ashes was played under floodlights for the first time in history captain steve smith he was bowled out by deputy craig iverson for forty australia finishing up on two hundred nine for four now it's called eyes ups and so the ashes is anyones ben stark's one of cricket's biggest names in start training with the new zealand team accounts a brace set to make his debut on sunday stock has been dropped by england while he's the subject of a police investigation in the u.k. of an alleged assault. now after an absence of more than thirty years alfa romeo is making a return to formula one the italian manufacturer is partnering the swiss play sound would seem to the twenty eighteen season for my drivers won the first see west win cycles in nine hundred fifty one thousand nine hundred fifty one for the team of course some words of its repeat that sample finished bottom of the construction's
5:58 am
championship this year and some champion downhill scares of face an uphill task just to make it to the start line a power cuts at this women's world cup event in canada resulted in competitors getting stranded on the skiing lift not to be defeated by the field eventually made it up to the top of the lake louise course touch the back of a snowplow ok that is always sport. that's all for me for this news hour thanks for joining me i'm richelle carey keep it here on the other side of the break with more of the day's news. if you were in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships when myth was that somehow time as aiming to replace america and go around the world well the chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate
5:59 am
a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our first president george washington said if you want peace prepare for the coming war on china at this time and i just see it. when we managed the financial system between one thousand forty five and nine hundred seventy one there was not a single financial crisis anywhere in the world and then in one thousand nine hundred one the bank has lobbied and they said no no we don't need controls you know the market will discipline us banks love to make loans to sovereigns why because behind the sovereign a millions of taxpayers we can see reaction to the liberalisation of finance just as we saw it in the one nine hundred twenty s. and it's going to be getting to ready is ugly in many parts of the world where people are saying if my government went look after my interests then i would look for a strong national visa fascist i don't care if you promises to secure the stability
6:00 am
of my life and my people i will fight for him i think that's where we're heading and i don't think our leaders have the vision to understand that's the threat that we face. building a new life on an entirely beach living off the sea and the last. a dream shared by so many but so few make it a reality. of family business led by a remarkable woman with a flair for cooking and a zest for living. my chin is yeah i didn't catch it at this time out is a. what . words of the.


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