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he achieved something that never happened before. building a new life on an entirely beach living off the sea and. a dream she had my son many but so few make it a reality. a family business led by a mark of a woman with a flair for cooking and a zest for anything. my chinese yeah i didn't catch it at this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera.
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hello i'm sam is a than this is the news hour live from dark coming up in the next sixty minutes yemen's houthi rebels claim to have fired a cruise missile towards the united arab emirates. opting out of the u.s. withdraws from a u.n. pact to help refugees and migrants. are they told me if i went with them they would look after me and help me find a husband alone and afraid the rangar girls being sold the sex slaves after escaping violence in the in march. and i'm here to famous with the supporters tiger woods i hope saying he's come back tournaments suffer a big blow as he shoots a seventy five at the hero world challenge that in more later in the program.
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we begin with a developing news story out of yemen where who three rebel side. they have fired a cruise missile towards abu dhabi the group's television service says they were targeting a nuclear power plant although so far provided no evidence to back up the claim there's been no response from morality authorities as talk now to how kamal must marry the political analyst and editor in chief of the amman post he joins us now by phone from sun our good to have you with us first of all how credibly are these claims to have five particular cruise missile being treated. over all these has the capability to launch a long distance attack but how accurate this is a question. not always have their missiles. accurate but we saw that last month capital was attacked the airport.
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it's possible but as of now we. don't have any confirmation yesterday fertility rather have a large amount of this. cruise missile attacks a little reaction about that but we cannot have coverage on that yet and they are believing. i can. judge them. by. this coming in retaliation according to what the spokesperson for the military are told us just minutes ago. it would be the political gain i guess for the whole thing is to hit particular this time when they're having a breakdown in their alliance with the forces of the former president sorry to be clear because this breakdown between them and their former president would not have happened if not for the. support that they were claiming that we.
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u.s. president. and our. weapons. the problem. so there are actually. that. are happening in some of the last couple of days well funded by the aspirant. but the troubling allegations. directly involved. in what happened. kimmel must money there will no doubt talk more about this for now thanks so much for coming on now reports of that missile come a day after our stadium in the presence of our dollar father called for talks with his supporters the rebels and the saudi led coalition the arab alliance which ended the civil war in two thousand and fifteen has welcomed the move at least forty people though have been killed in the capital sana'a of the past few days in battles between the who are theories and pfizer's loyal to sala. starr reports.
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the unraveling of the alliance that control the yemeni capital sana'a was as unexpected as it has been violent. dozens have been killed or wounded since the fighting began on wednesday between forces loyal to alstead present. and the who sees. now sana is calling on yemenis to rise against his former partners. and i call on all the yemeni people in all the cities all the provinces all the districts and neighborhoods to take a united stand to defend the revolution and the republic against this group who have been irresponsibly playing with yemeni people for the past three years robbing the institutions and breaking into government buildings only seek revenge on the revolution and the republic. has called for talks with the saudi led coalition on condition they stop their attacks if the crippling blockade and allow for more humanitarian support coalition statement welcome sollars move saying it would
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redeem yemen from the evils of iranian terrorists and sectarian militias return it to plan are pure and natural for all but they use these who are backed by terror and say they still have support from members of silos political party and addressed directly. feel we used to praise your position in the past even though it was one of words only which came with its fair share of backstabbing disappointment discouragement disobedience and many other problems remain patient but that wasn't enough for you shame on you a big shame. silas struck a fragile alliance with the who sees after a popular uprising ended his decades long rule in two thousand and twelve the former president says he wants a quick end to the conflict which has evolved into the world's largest humanitarian crisis regional analysts believe he is personally motivated and is looking for a future role for him and possibly members of his family in yemen as government
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whatever the case the severed alliance is now threatening to destabilize yemen even . now the saudi led coalition began its military campaign in yemen in march two thousand and fifteen that's after who three rebels and supporters of the ousted leader ali abdullah saleh pushed out the government of president obama and sought had the saleh was yemen's president for thirty three years he was forced to resign in february two thousand and twelve after months of unrest and handed power over to his deputy of eighteen years had the but how this time in power is relatively short in january two thousand and fifteen who the rebels took over government buildings in the capital forcing heidi to flee to saudi arabia and how it is still the internationally recognized leader of yemen and the saudi led coalition has been fighting to restore him to power these are led by a maliki who three his movement largely promote c o n z the shia minority and is
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backed by iran they support hadley's forces but there's been fighting between the two sides in recent days the u.s. has pulled out of the united nations pact designed to improve the handling of refugees and migrants worldwide u.n. member states will gather in mexico on monday for talks on the plan but the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley says it's inconsistent with the u.s. sovereignty the plan is known as the new york declaration of refugees and migrants or global compact it was signed last year by all one hundred ninety three nations who make up the un general assembly. it's not binding the goal is to ensure smooth resettlement access to jobs and education for refugees and migrants eleven dollars a spokesman for the international organization for migration joins us by skype now from geneva good to have you with us so will the u.s.
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withdraw from this global park compact impact the international effort to assist refugees and migrants. well of course i mean the u.s. is the quintessential country of migration so clearly it's going to have an impact and there's obviously going to going to be a certain amount of disappointment of that but nonetheless in this globalized world there is no doubt that people are on the move and countries have to coordinate coordinated non-binding and that's what the compact is all about and there are large movements of markets in particular and these are best results by countries cooperating with itself where you said it will impact the u.s. withdrawal will impact how what sort of impact for you. this is a really important voice in my gratian and it's you know it's this sense that it is the kind of quintessential country of migration so it's been in use its practices of migration are very much to the forefront of people's minds and it's important that their voice be heard and will be disappointed that they're not as. how is the
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global situation for refugees and migrants in two thousand and seventeen as we approach the i mean we had. a couple of really rough years of all the migrant crossings and refugee crossings through the mediterranean and from syria and so on how does it look at the end of two thousand and seventeen i think it's important to remember that most migration is about is regular in other words it's orderly and people are moving. across borders and welcomed into their new countries for the regular part of migration tends to cause the political push back and as we're seeing with west africa now there's a great effort joint effort by the european union and by the lead by the african. to deal with the crisis of margaret's who are trapped effectively in libya so lab ration coordination there is proving to be very helpful. well and i'm going to ask you to stay with us now because we're going to talk about a related topic that your organization has been speaking on to and that of course
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is about the influx of rangar to bangladesh which is exposing a dark underlying issue at refugee camps and cox bazaar aid agencies say younger and younger women are being sold as sex slaves people trafficking is common in the camp where rangar have sought safety for decades this winter what shall stratford has to reform culture than is not her real name we call her that to protect her identity the fifteen year old ranger refugee says her mother father brother and sister all killed by a multi shell fired by the me and mom military at her village three months ago she says after she escaped by boat to bangladesh two women approached her on the beach saying they could help her instead they sold her into sex slavery. they told me if i went with them they would look after me and help me find
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a husband khartoum says that up to three weeks of being locked in a house alone she was sold to a bangladeshi man she says the man took her to another house raped and sexually abused her for twelve days. he said i will choke you i will stab you i will kill you do you want to be killed the way the military killed people in me and ma i won't let you go a local aid agency the latest a cartoon but doesn't want to be named said its staff working with trafficking victims have received death threats from criminal gangs operating in the refugee camps the head of the organization told us riggins you kill some as young as thirteen are being taken by the traffickers it's thought some have been smuggled abroad. hasina begum and her family have been living in a refugee camp in bangladesh since fleeing an earlier crackdown by the mia military in the one nine hundred ninety s. . a teenage girl was kidnapped on the way to school the kidnappers were wearing
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a woman's neck out to cover their faces that's why they weren't recognized. and labor trafficking networks have existed in the camps for years but more than six hundred twenty thousand rangers have arrived here in the last couple of months and at least sixty percent of them are children and aid agencies having to focus on the delivery of vital for humanitarian assistance at this stage so the trafficking situation is getting worse. with so many vulnerable people coming into a small area in such a short space of time. it's definite almost that it's increased there's been recruiters here in this bizarre bank that us previous to this influx and we know that they're getting more business and that new criminal networks have sort of kicked into action we have to start addressing us and we have to do it now urgently after twelve days the man who bought culture returned to the two women who sold her
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they left her in the refugee camp where she now lives with a woman who found her alone and afraid it's all stuff that al-jazeera cox's bizarre and with. lana doyle is still with us from the international organization for migrants and migration how big of a problem has people trafficking become in some of those ring a camps now. it's been a problem for a long long time there's at least eight gangs who operate in the region and are they don't consciously and deliberately preying on very very vulnerable people that no source of income and very little very little to keep themselves together for the traffickers are preying on these on these people and kind of getting them trained trafficking and not just for sex slaves but also for for work as well so there's a lot of what's called modern day slavery going on in which the state was affected the state those people are being predicted upon and i think the recent huge influx
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of people from me in march has simply added fuel to that fire and given the criminals and the exploiters and the traffickers really they have been having a heyday all we talk about gangs are we talking about local operations are all sort of global networks which are trafficking people i think any and anybody dealing in trafficking with got to be talking about a global network about both local operations but also international smuggling people it's been going on for a long time and at the u.n. migration agency we've been assisting in helping people who've been trafficked for a long time but what's particularly disturbing is the right in caucuses are people who have a small patch of land where they can put up a shelter being asked to work for free for example on the fishing boats which is effectively a modern day slavery so the weather is six traffic where there is labor neighbor exploitation it's all part of the same bag in which very vulnerable people are being exploited ruthlessly exploited because of their lack of status this is
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a global network have an idea of just how far afield some of these wrangle women are ending up. this is difficult so you've got you know in the past we've certainly had people who have been smuggled trafficked out thank their action in this case got bizarre who show no security is rooted going to china going to. singapore eventually ending up in brazil and then in rural haiti where they were being kept in a dungeon and being all in the treatment. until they were eventually rescued by the un peacekeepers and. that's one example. it's really shocking to think howard gang can operate that big of an operation leonard doyle there from the international organization for migration thanks so much for coming. more still ahead on the news hour including carm returns to the streets of on douras potential remains after a disputed election plus. i'm telling
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a page reporting from cape town on the world's first successful heart transplant which happened fifty years ago. and the world's best scares lay down a marker ahead of next year's winter olympics will have more on that later in the show. germany's anti migrant an anti islam party has a new leadership the far right alternative for germany is meeting in hanover it's choice for co-leader could be a sign that he's taking a tougher stance if the took votes away from german chancellor angela merkel's alliance and september's election merkel are still not being able to form a government that the calendar has more from hanover. as the day began police fired water cannons at protesters trying to block the streets at least one protester and
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several police were injured thousands tried to stop delegates from attending the first conference of the far right party since it won more than ninety seats in the german election us we are ashamed that live to you was small. and we don't want them to be in our town and our congress that there is a fight in germany against russia's many nights and a name i'm not so used to because you know what rights is a right opinions do to a land and that's. not good inside the dispute was not with the leftist protestors but within the party itself a leadership battle between extreme nationalists and a more moderate arm of the f.t. was locked in a stalemate forcing parliamentary leader alexander galland to step in and share power with current party head voice than. this time of year. i think we can work
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together very well i didn't intend to do this you know that i didn't want to pull the chairmanship but a situation came up which was i don't want to say i love strictly for the party but which was dangerous the question now is whether the party can contain ideological differences and appeal to the wider electorate all of this matters because chancellor angela merkel is running out of options to form a coalition government if germany is forced to go back to the polls could be strengthened further but if she forms a central coalition the social democrats are expected a.s.d. will become the biggest opposition voice in parliament for germany this has consequences for a political rhetoric for the way we debate in public and for the way for the tone that i've the sets and social media especially once the bastion of stability in europe it's now a messy time in german politics so is that meeting joins us live from hanover now
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so the party's got a new co-leader what does that tell us about its future direction. i would say that this is a steady with the see the big question at this conference is we. would transform into something that would be palatable to the electorate. as a very much and establishment party. coalition. when the. moderate candidates were talking about forming a government eventually. something that could. the right wing of the party very much. now talking about how.
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they. will likely have the constellation politics to. be the person that you see standing up. in the mix. and so when it comes to. things that. very extreme. things like. remembering. things like. lifting sanctions on russia a referendum for leaving the euro it's a very. europe. germany and. this is important because it shapes the rhetoric that is happening in germany. i'm wondering how much confidence. did to news now to take the policy for the right can
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he keep the policy united and together. to become political.
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if you. listen. people have died in fighting between. security forces. and nighttime curfew is in place.
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the night hours have closed in the city of they were we are now in a nationwide curfew and things have quieted down especially compared to just yesterday when riots broke out and demonstrators clashed with security forces a wave of looting and violence has really swept the country amidst this political crisis and the response from military police has been the use of tear gas and rubber bullets and people here are still very anxiously awaiting a decision by the national elections committee it's been over a week since the general elections and still no decision now in response to this violence one hundred military isn't forcing a nationwide curfew a strict six p.m. curfew that restricts some constitutional rights for honduran citizens but it also means that anyone out past six o'clock is subject to arrest now the concern here remains that the longer the elections commission stalls on this decision the higher the chance that violence could spark up again but as well as government says it is
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close to reaching an agreement with the opposition the two sides have been holding talks about the economic and political crisis that has gripped the country for almost a year the meetings in the dominican republic of the first thing. the government protests ended in july i decided to be here because apart from being difficult i should say that we are close to reaching an agreement we will return on december the fifteenth to seek to lay the foundations for a definitive political economic social and cultural agreement we are deeply satisfied we want to thank all those who made these procedures possible. parts of india are preparing for wild weather just days after the battle of the country's south a low pressure system in thailand could strengthen into a tropical storm and move towards india. killed at least fourteen people there more than two hundred fishermen had to be rescued by the coast guard. a few moments
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we'll have all the weather with steph but still ahead and i'll just. russia owns the world's biggest nuclear stockpile and many fear it's in no rush to reduce its arsenal plus. one john hendren on the detroit river in the only floating code in the united states. and in sport n.h.l. teams are finding it out in the early part of the season it will have all the details on that. nice pink sky by the time. or is the sun sets in the city of angels. hello there we've certainly seen some very stormy weather across australia recently one out of this weather system here it was tapping into the moisture that came down from queensland some tropical tropical moisture there and then that linked in with area of low pressure swept its way eastwards i gave some of us some very very heavy
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rain indeed it was victoria where we saw some of the wettest of the weather these pictures from your show just how wet it became there after one hundred forty three millimeters of rain fell people there took to some bagging to try and stop their homes being flooded and many of the roads were made impossible by that water now the system has finished with this over victoria but then after victoria it worked its way down you can see it swirling its way over tasmania there in the east of towns mania is incredibly dry at the moment we're crying out for rain but perhaps one hundred one millimeters in one go isn't exactly what we needed and as well as some very heavy rain we also saw quite a bit of snow bit of a surprise given it's the first week of summer so some rather topsy turvy weather there but most of it is beginning to clear now systems working its way eastwards not it does still going to cling on to that east coast so queensland parts of new south wales still seeing some severe weather i don't think watch out what's going on over the top and we've got some record rain as well so. the weather sponsored by
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cattle and race. a daring road trip across west africa on a mission to redefine a continent too often misrepresented. the weapon of choice digital cameras. it was sold one look all over the new african football that he takes on the rainy season on its quest for the thanksgiving story of creative governor rather invisible boy this this time on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. where ever you are. they're watching out zero time to recap on headlines now yemen's houthi rebels say they fired a cruise missile towards the united arab emirates the group television service says they were targeting the albannach a nuclear reactor in the west of they are bubby emirates they have so far provided no evidence though to back up the claim that there's been no response from them not on the authorities. the u.s. has pulled out of a united nations pact designed to improve the handling of refugees and migrants
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worldwide says the plan is inconsistent with u.s. sovereignty. pope francis says there. and it is statements in the in mar on the plight of rangar refugees saying he spoke the truth in private the pontiff was criticized for not directly addressing the crisis during his visit using rangar until he was in bangladesh. is expected to host a meeting of the gulf cooperation council starting on tuesday regional alliance is facing its worst crisis in decades with the blockade of qatar june has this report . kuwait has been the mediator in the gulf diplomatic crisis that began in early june the country is now getting ready to host a meeting of the gulf cooperation council invitations have been sent out to gulf leaders but it's still not known for sure who will attend since the beginning of the blockade on couple of kuwait's emir. has attempted to end the dispute in
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october he warned of the potential collapse of the g.c.c. if the crisis continues many analysts agree this is i think the middle quite knows very well that the crisis is actually for a long and we are going to see probably two blocs within the g.c.c. one is led by saudi arabia and it. will actually have. to a lesser extent probably go away. so we'll be having been to see a lot of that one asked on saturday about the gulf diplomatic crisis at the international mediterranean dialogue conference in rome how those foreign ministers shift mohamed when i'm on a sunny said it was important for countries to work together you need to reach a level of understanding going security principles that everybody is going to appoint and everybody should and should be committed to and then from there we've been. on it on the next system for
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a lot of the cooperation the foreign minister added that the gulf regions collective security had been threatened by the measures taken by the blockading countries i think. he's in bought ticket out of. this is something cut out i would not do about it has made it to me and many times a by the middle and by other companies often show that they cannot actually accept a thought that they want a negotiation they want. concessions by all sides actually to solve the crisis the blockading countries of saudi arabia the you. i have been and egypt have accused cutout of supporting terrorism maintaining cordial relations with iran and meddling in the internal affairs of their countries allegations the company government has strongly denied other maintains there is no legitimate justification for the actions taken by the four nations calling their decision a violation of its sovereignty the last time father played host to
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a gulf cooperation council summit it was in two thousand and fourteen back then no one could have foreseen this kind of crisis now just three years later the g.c.c. may have arrived at a defining moment on the cusp of a hugely important summit that many observers believed would not be happening this year. joins us now from kuwait city how is quite say the gearing up for think you could describe as a rather unusual g.c.c. summit. well i mean. speaking their preparations are very much well underway in the sense that they are preparing for a summit the way they would any other summit not just this as you put it it's an unusual one you've got the lives of all the six nations harvested on practically every main high streets here in kuwait big banners welcoming the leaders of the six gulf corps g.c.c. countries. what's expected to attend are those leaders but in terms of how things
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are going to pan out sami over the next couple of days the foreign ministers of each one of those countries are expected to arrive on monday to prepare the agenda for when those leaders take place the big question as we heard there from the hametz packages who exactly will be representing the countries particularly speaking of the three blockading nations the countries who have been laying siege to qatar there are. possible scenarios whereby for example the king of saudi arabia . sends somebody in his place for his old age could be used as an excuse for his lack of mobility similarly also the leader of the united arab emirates but anything short of the deputy leaders of those countries i.e. the crown prince so. had been side of the united arab emirates anything more. than that representing those countries would be seen as
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a form of perspective an insult to the kuwaiti government who has invested a lot of its political capital as well as other interests to try and find a way to bring about the leaders of all of the g.c.c. countries in kuwait not only to make sure that the g.c.c. as an entity doesn't really disintegrates because it has never missed a summit in its history but also to resolve the crisis that is going on and secondly if anything less than those second in command attend this g.c.c. then it would be seen. as quite frankly the end of the sea as we have known it over the past. twenty years or so plenty of reason that keep watching this one thanks so much from court since the syrian government airstrikes have targeted several cities and towns in damascus province at least six people were killed another green were two others died in harvester there's also been attacks in eastern holter which is been under siege by the syrian army since two thousand and
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thirteen. india has opened a new trade route to afghanistan that bypasses pakistan by using an iranian port the first phase of the port in iran was inaugurated on sunday india is investing hundreds of millions of dollars in the facility which is to expand charlotte this explains its strategic importance now. chair of our ports is the only one iran has on the indian ocean its location is what makes it important the port allows india to bypass pakistan and trading with iran and afghanistan pakistan blocks land based trade between the countries it provides india with a south north trading route that could go as far as russia a test run of wheat from india's dean dale porter distant for afghanistan was a success one month ago n.d.o.
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now developed berths at the port and help build a rail line direct to afghanistan not only does this build a transport corridor or independent of pakistan and put saran at the heart of the initiative help for the time when the us is moving to isolate iran through diplomatic and economic means india and iran first agreed to develop the port together in two thousand and three but it went nowhere after iran was hit with sanctions fourteen years later the two regional powers of joined with afghanistan to develop trade beyond their borders. egyptian presidential candidate has reportedly arrived in cairo after being arrested and deported from the united arab emirates should feed had been based in the u.a.e. since losing to mohamed morsi in the two thousand and twelve election the former prime minister an air force commander announced last week plans to run for president again next year incumbent leader for that has cc's widely expected to seek another term. in associate professor of law at texas a and m.
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university she says it's likely that there's some truth to claim of being barred from leaving the u.a.e. . he clearly has been deported and presumably the reason why he was deported was in retaliation for his claiming that he was barred from departing the u.a.e. for france and a european trip or he was going to be campaigning among the egyptian diaz for there and then presumably heading to egypt so i don't think that he would take such a big political risk of insulting his hosts for over five years who effectively gave him refuge while he was facing criminal charges in egypt that he would do something like that publicly on a if at least it was there was some truth to it so i think he probably was kept but now he's going to pay a higher price and now i think he is going to face serious problems in egypt where we don't know if he's going to be detained and i don't think there's any knowledge
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right now of where he has been sent to in egypt i think fish if he is a formidable contender and the presidential elections primarily because he has legitimacy as a former general and because he represents the barak era and six years now after the so-called revolution of two thousand and eleven there is a significant number of egyptians who reminisce for the mubarak era and they would like that era to come back and that's what he represents and presumably there are people in the military and other parts of the security apparatus who have signaled to him that they would support him if he announced his candidacy. is demanding the release of his journalist mahmoud hussein who's been in an egyptian prison for eleven months for saying this accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he allowed to zero strongly deny he's repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail he was arrested on december the twentieth while visiting family. christmas
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decorations have gone up in the occupied west bank in what's believed to be the birthplace of jesus christ. the lights are switched on in better hands manger square next to the church of nativity it marks the start of a season of celebrations that draws thousands of visitors each year sorry four cities there. are thousands here in bethlehem as manger square getting a big round of. twenty seven this of course is an event about much more than that it's about the start of the christmas season the lighting of the christmas tree but politics aren't far away in america talking about how it is besieged on all sides by illegal israeli settlements prime minister the palestinian authority rami and also here and talking about an issue high on the agenda in the
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news the possibility the likelihood even the united states is going to recognize to the capital of israel. if america declares to slim as the capital of israel or move the u.s. embassy to jerusalem the whole region will be plunged into further instability and it will destroy any chance of peace the palestinian prime minister went on to light the christmas tree making the point that there had to be space optimism and happiness even in such circumstances and there is a good deal of that on display here tonight the december season the christmas season is vitally important here for the tourist numbers for the economy and the four thousand beds that there are here no tells all of them are booked out for the whole of december that is a scene that's been seen across the occupied west bank where tourist numbers are significantly up so there is some optimism here and officially the start of the christmas season. it's fifty years since the world's first successful heart transplant operation was carried out by dr christiane there's
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a hospital in cape town. the transplant technique had first been used on a dog in the u.s. a decade earlier before dr bernard was the first to conduct a human to human transplant but during the operation the heart from a twenty five year old woman was given to a fifty three year old man this might it success that patient louis walsh can ski died of pneumonia eighteen days later his new heart function normally until his death but the anti-rejection drugs we can to his immune system will this lead to the development of better transplant drugs dr bernard went on to perform more procedures by the late one nine hundred seventy s. many of his patients were living up to five years with a new heart's. first heart transplant operation is still generating groundbreaking ideas today as twenty page reports. craw to scale hospital is home to a museum dedicated to the world's first heart transplant it happened in this room
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under the steady hand of dr christiane who died in two thousand and one the surgery has barely changed in fifty years what has of course dramatically changed is the postoperative immunosuppression post-operative care and that led to for norman survival right you have today seventy eighty percent of transplant patients living after ten years in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven the first transplant triggered a debate on whether it was ethical all not letters written at the time show a mixed response to the surgery one doctor in the former yugoslavia describes it as the most important event in the history of the human spirit a man in turkey wants to send everyone on the surgical team a new pair of shoes congratulations but some were negative as well one man in a stray or his father complaint with the place he thanks the operation was illegal
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and this woman and italy say it never men shall be able to replace a human heart as man can't replace god as well half a century later a lack of education and awareness continues to prevent people from bridges storing as organ donors but without them none of these men would be alive today three of them have new hearts the fourth a transplanted kidney we don't have a very strong tradition of people becoming organ donors so why not consider living on through somebody else and giving somebody else a second chance and to wait in a little league just one legacy of dr bonnets pioneering surgery is inspiration the cardiology team at the hospital where he worked is continuing to break new ground just launching a new plastic heart valve that could revolutionize the treatment of remeasured heart disease the significance of what we do now is a practical significance because we talk about thirty three million patients. who
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would otherwise that these trainee nurses have come to be inspired by dr barnard work by looking at the first six hearts he transplanted some see the vital organ as the center of our emotions others as a pump but it's only understood as well as it is because of dr barnard and his team tiny a page out there at cape town. now the nobel peace prize ceremony will be held in the norwegian capital also on december tenth picking up the award is the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons or i can the groups dedicated to creating a world without nuclear weapons now looking at the nuclear status of countries worldwide in the days leading up to the ceremony russia has for example the largest stockpile of nuclear weapons in this concern isn't doing enough to reduce the size of its arsenal rory chalons reports from moscow. of all the nuclear states
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in the world russia has the most weapons roughly seven thousand strategic nuclear warheads one thousand five hundred are on missiles ready to be fired from military bases four thousand five hundred stockpiles two thousand five hundred retired waiting to be dismantled it's a major reduction from the cold war years forty thousand nukes have been amassed by the time the soviet union was nearing collapse what's the agreements which produced such significant disarmament are under strain the united states unilaterally withdrew from the n.c. ballistic missile treaty in two thousand and two and recently washington and moscow have accused each other of violating another cornerstone agreements of the nuclear age the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty when ronald reagan and mikhail gorbachev signs their names in one thousand nine hundred seventy they
1:47 pm
outlawed all land based missiles that could strike targets between five hundred and five thousand five hundred kilometers. but russia and the u.s. both say each other's cruise missile systems such as russia's caliber class here have been given secret updates so they don't comply with the i.n.f. treaty. but he may putin says russia has only been developing air and sea based intermediate range missiles weapons which the u.s. has long held a superior advantage. we believe that we have only balanced out a situation if someone does not like it and wishes to withdraw from the treaty for example our american partners our response will be immediate i would like to repeat this one immediate and reciprocal this nonproliferation analyst says such talk sets a dangerous precedent even though this nations with. nuclear arsenals.
1:48 pm
and. so it's a message to. other nations show. you can build. in other words russia and the united states have a special responsibility not to let a new global nuclear arms race spiral out of control rory chalons al-jazeera moscow . still ahead an al-jazeera page will have all the action from the triple crown of serving in hawaii and most board coming up after the break. donald trump has rescinded foreign aid to charities that perform actively promote abortion people and power discovers the consequence is a u.s. president spends strength can have on countless lives around the globe he's completely in jest against union strike people will go home and save
1:49 pm
a bush and those people will trump and the ethics of foreign aid at this time on al-jazeera the story that had the greatest impact on me would probably be the american a massacre thirty four miners died and we where there were no very few television things being right on that spot at that time for this is some of that times the story develops the story and films and story i like to tell that i want this to be over in malaysia like al-jazeera english because the news is not sent back and you didn't miss any of the news or any of it you can watch it on like.
1:50 pm
the end of the holiday year period is a busy time for postal services around the world deliveries are easier to make in some areas than others john hendren went to find out about the challenges faced by one of the more unique postal services in the u.s. . well. to the world's only floating postal code than the way we go. when cargo ships from around the globe travel the great lakes this boat brings mail and a lifeline will become alongside or just be about us for if that's all right that'll be fine and they don't even have to stop somewhere between detroit and windsor canada and makeshift mailbox plunges down the freighters side when he returns with the daily post. in an instant it's over. there
1:51 pm
on your porch. april through december if you're on an international freighter going down the detroit river this is the only way to get your mail and while every other postal code in the us is fixed zip code for eight two two two goes wherever this boat goes this is captain. scott in eight hundred seventy four jim hogans great grandfather started using a rowboat to ferry messages supplies and later mail to passing ships that a century later the fourth generation owner got the call they had found an opening in the middle of that summer and said hey i need to the south after noon and one thing led to another and here i am forty four years later said the importance of continuing at in the family as were his what really makes sense to me now there is no business quite like him throughout the world and in major ports there are boats who do deliveries to ships but the wescott is the only one of its kind that is specifically the extension of the us post office it's got its own zip code it's its
1:52 pm
own boat and frankly knowing the crew there they're pretty unique to the company has delivered everything from pizza to a donkey this ship sank during a stormy delivery in two thousand and one killing two crew members now the family business is expanding for delivering groceries to some of the ships a go by and it also would like to get a few other boats to do some other like charter things if possible just in time for the fifth generation. john hendren al-jazeera detroit. all right sports fans pete is here to bring us up to speed thank you very much we'll start with golf tiger woods has all but faded from contention in he's come back to admit in the bahamas woods is playing competitively for the first time in ten months since having a fall back surgery back in april the fourteen time major champion began round three of the hero world challenge just five shots off the lead but he failed to
1:53 pm
handle the blustery conditions at the albany golf club bogeying four of the first seven holes on saturday the end of the day with a five over par round of seventy five leaving him ten shots behind leader charlie hoffman of the u.s. the american coped best with the weather one of only five under par rounds and he will take a five short lead over justin rose and jordan speed into the final round yeah it was it was a rough start to me. whatever i did write up in a bad spot and whatever i did wrong was really wrong. i just couldn't get a turn or turned around and gone the wrong way it's nice to be part of the fight again you know get out there and fight against a gas course fighting assad. that's fine and i just haven't done a whole lot in the last few years in the english premier league manchester united moved within five points of the top spot with a win that fourth placed arsenal on saturday united got off to the ideal start with
1:54 pm
two goals in the first fifteen minutes from antonio valencia and jesse lynn god arsenal did pull one back but a second goal from lynn god helped united to seal a three one win so i think the game was fantastic it's in relation to my team in sync missing individual performances collect leaves really very very strong and i couldn't be happier with with what the boys did. elsewhere that i started his tenure as everson manager with the two no women over huddersfield tottenham dropped more points drawing one one with watford they do move up to six thanks to bernie's defeat at leicester liverpool had brighton for five and their fourth in the table so imagine the city will be looking to re store the eight point lead at the top of the standings paper the oldest men are at home on sunday against west ham united who find themselves struggling way down in nineteenth position in boxing the goal
1:55 pm
carter's career has ended on a disappointing note after the puerto rican was beaten by saddam levi a unanimous decision in new york the two were fighting for the w.b. a junior middleweight belt the thirty seven year old veteran had these moments in the fight but ultimately lost out to the more youthful twenty nine year old carter retires with a record of forty one wins and six the feat he held world titles at four different weight divisions and went on to turn to toe with many paki floyd mayweather shane mosley and so all over is during his career. in the n.b.a. le bron james called the cleveland cavaliers last thirteen points to lead his team to victory over the memphis grizzlies on saturday it's an eleventh straight win for cleveland elsewhere the mobile. and sacramento kings were involved in a close affair giana santita combo contributed thirty three points on the night for the facts chris middleton at a twenty five. eighteen is milwaukee actually led by twenty points at one stage in
1:56 pm
the third quarter and held a twelve point advantage in the fourth sack root of twenty two point lead the charge of sacramento but he healed added nineteen in the end it was not enough to box running at one hundred nine one hundred four winners. in the n.h.l. alex ovechkin schoolies nineteenth goal of the season as the washington capitals defeated the columbus blue jackets four three meanwhile the boston bruins kept their playoff hopes alive with a three no winner of the for example your flyers but not before wayne simmons and kevin miller got to know each other a little better that was before the goals were scored a lot of work to do three wins is behind the capitals and new york islanders. kept themselves in early play of contention as well in the western conference but they needed overtime to defeat the st louis blues to one. from the ice to the snow now where a limb pick and world champion slalom skier michela shifrin claimed her first ever world cup downhill skiing victory on friday just
1:57 pm
a day after achieving her first downhill podium in only four favor a c. in the discipline the twenty two year old completed the course in one hundred twenty seven point five five seconds from now at least the women's overall world cup standings as well as the downhill standings. over in germany snowboarding zbig in a world cup continued this is one of the events which will make its debut at the winter olympics eighteen year old norwegian marcus was the mains winner in the third round here and switzerland scholar. so many triumph in the women's event it's the first time she's been on top of the podium. and for the second day in a row rain is interfering in the second ashes test between australia and england in adelaide the aussies the earlier decade on four hundred forty four four hundred forty two for eight thanks to an unbeaten one hundred twenty six by shaun marsh in a new twenty nine for one before the rain arrived to call an early end to play in this first ever day night ashes test and in wellington the west indies close day
1:58 pm
three of the first test against new zealand on two hundred fourteen for two earlier the hosts posted five hundred twenty five nine declared after the windies was skittle for one hundred thirty four win their first innings the new zealanders to lead by one hundred seventy two and finally how wise famous sunset beach played host to the second event in the prestigious season ending triple crown of surfing on saturday the usa is conoco often with victorious winning the four men final heat with the best score fourteen point three three out of twenty. and that's all the sport thanks so much faith hill that's it for me the clock is back though with another full bulletin of news stay with us.
1:59 pm
a special program dedicated to this year's nobel peace prize laureates. and their pursuit of a nuclear weapons free world and we look ahead to the big stories that could dominate the headlines in twenty eighteen. december on al-jazeera. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs
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is that matter to you. al-jazeera. the rebels claim to afford a cruise missile towards.


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