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security the people who pay the price there right top unprejudiced setting the stage for a serious debate out front at this time on al-jazeera. when the news breaks it was an announcement if you were expecting to hear by announce my resignation as prime minister from the lebanese government and the story builds i can't stop thinking about the bullies my life when people need to be heard a mass exodus hundreds of thousands of injured have fled ethnic cleansing in me marva bangladesh al jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news on air and online. yemen's ousted president asked iraq to help and fighting between his forces and the
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former allies of the rebels. so robert you're watching al-jazeera like my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next thirty minutes a clear message to north korea as the u.s. and south korea hold joint military exercises also. well i'd be careful for you mr president i've watched that. donald trump is warning against tweeting about a russian investigations and. i'm sorry i don't mind. i'll tell you what i did that was the my. job i want to thank you. welcome to the program the yemenis in the capital sanaa are sheltering from the twin threat of saudi led airstrikes and finding between former rebel allies the
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yemeni based team of the international committee of the red cross is describing the situation as intolerable in a tweet the i.c.r.c. says the violent clashes and airstrikes continue in sanaa thousands are stuck in their homes with little food or water to too scared to go out for fear of getting shot pregnant women can't get to hospital the situation is dire we repeat civilians are not part of the fight. well as the situation gets worse ousted president ali abdullah saleh is calling on iran to help mediate with its former allies the hutu rebels his forces have been fighting with the hooty since their coalition broke down charlotte bellis reports. a missile launching from yemen i didn't abu dhabi nuclear reactor at least that's what who the fighters say is happening in this video uploaded by the military media center.
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there has been a large affirming dropping of the crew towards a life military target important to the coordination of the iraqi military internally the former president. and his militias to create division inside yemen despite the fact that they were unable to sustain any military political or economic gains in yemen or. abu dhabi denies this video is all things. saying there was no missile launch or interception what can be verified is fighting in the capital sana'a. five days of combat between former allies former president ali abdullah saleh and the who think he's dozens have been killed. in alliance with the who face after a popular uprising ended his thirty three years rule in twenty twelve together they took control of sana now they're tearing the city apart. snipers are on rooftops and residential areas while tanks replace commuters on city
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streets the u.n. says fighting is so severe medical teams cannot get to the injured and people cannot leave their homes there's reports the u.n. is trying to evacuate at least one hundred forty aid workers but fighting has cut off the port road they have also being coalition airstrikes on santa airport. the coalition bolstered by the new support of the former presidents have doubled down on the iranian backed who think it's the iranian embassy was hit by a rocket on saturday and then who think controlled territory in yemen's north the coalition air strike killed at least a dozen people. if. they targeted my house while there were eighteen to twenty guests my whole family was inside as well as all our cattle everything is gone there's nothing left. but tehran has told salai to rejoin the who the alliance against the coalition says he just wants a quick game to the conflict which is
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a volved into the world's largest humanitarian crisis where his motivations are or a power play or as unclear as whether the who things really did launch a missile on abu dhabi dallas al-jazeera. well staying in the region the meeting between the foreign ministers of gulf countries is expected to go ahead in kuwait in the coming hours ahead of a crucial regional gathering qatar's foreign minister says his country is a mere shake to me been one of the tiny will attend the gulf cooperation council summit which starts on tuesday the g.c.c. is in crisis after three members of the us rain severed diplomatic and trade ties with cattle this will be the first summit since that blockade began almost six months ago you need to reach a level of understanding going security principles that everybody is agreed upon and everybody should and you do and should be committed to and then from there we
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build on. on it on the next is the model for the cooperation well let's get the very latest of jamaal i shall he said quite city where that meeting is being held i mean this will be as we say one of the first occasions that senior diplomats and leaders from the g.c.c. will be face to face since the cattle blockade began in june now we do we have heard that the qatari amir will be there but who else will be there and what can we expect them to say. well that is the big question everybody's trying to find an answer to sail with which is who exactly will represent the three countries that are boycotting for blockading qatar and have been for the past few months firstly there was a lot of doubts cost over whether this meeting would actually take place the fact that the formula ministers are meeting in the next couple of hours is something which is going to get some predictions of many analysts who thought maybe that this summit would be delayed or indeed canceled for the first time in the g.c.c. history foreign ministers are senior ministers of any country so for them to meet
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around one table in the in and of itself to help is something called some sort of a diplomatic breakthrough if we want to call it that because up until now there hasn't been any direct discussions between any senior ministers of any of those countries who's going to attend and sons of heads of states well as you mentioned their shifts i mean one of the sun you of qatar will be attending obviously their meet of coates will be attending and probably a very senior figure was from there are many governments as well the question is as to saudi arabia in the united arab emirates they will delegate to represent them there is two things really could look into this anyway junior position any junior minister representing these countries would not only be seen as their insistence that this conflict will not be resolved but also will be seen by the committees who are the host nation and there is a lot of diplomatic custom as well as our custom here but if the mirror invite somebody expect somebody at his level to attend so anything less than that would be
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seen as an insult so that is what many people are waiting to find out in the next twenty four hours or so at the time on meet the qatari foreign minister has been the face of the voice of his nation's position he has some allies in the g.c.c. but what can we expect them to achieve if anything if the blockade is really the only issue up for discussion. well up until now so actually surprisingly it's not even confirm that the blood. will be up for discussion the foreign ministers are going to meet in a couple hours to set the agenda for the summit there's two possible scenarios archer more than two but if we think about it you like the ones either that the blockade is discussed and therefore that's going to be a very heated summit and most likely probably will be closed off to the media when those discussions are taking place or that it is agreed on probably because kuwait has been the mediator in this and trying to do the escalating defuse the situation it could be agreed that well kuwait's mediation continues as
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a separate track and this summit convenes without discussing what is a massive elephant in the g.c.c. room which is obviously the blockade in which case it will be just a very. meeting that will discuss other issues of so-called cooperation but in reality everybody knows that without there being the free trade without there being the free movement of people which is essentially the essence the bread and butter of the g.c.c. then anything else that's been discussed in terms of cooperation would just be semantics and not really something that would be fruitful but which is the. kuwait city throughout the day. well less than a week after north korea tested a missile it says it's capable of reaching the entire united states south korea and the u.s. of photons. they've held joint military drills involving about two hundred thirty fighter jets and twelve hundred personnel. outside the south korean base in tech. i'm outside the u.s.
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also on air base and we have seen a number of fighter jets flying in and out it's all part of the biggest ever joint u.s. south korean air drills they're part training and part show of force against north korea which of course just on wednesday launched its most advanced ever intercontinental ballistic missile now these drills were planned before that launch took place they take place every year and they always anger north korea which calls them i refer seoul for invasion and indeed before these drills went ahead the north korean foreign minister said that the u.s. was begging for nuclear war by staging an extremely dangerous nuclear gamble on the korean peninsula now these adrenals involve f. twenty two stealth fighter jets f. thirty five and also all together about two hundred thirty warplanes from the u.s. and south korea and also about twelve thousand personnel are taking part. now the palestinian authority want submergence who talks over the possibility that the u.s.
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embassy in israel could be moved from tel aviv to jerusalem the arab league or the organization of islamic cooperation and asked to host the meeting u.s. president donald trump is expected to make a decision as early as this week palestinians and arab states say moving the embassy would jeopardize the peace process but it would mean the u.s. recognizes jerusalem as israel's capital palestinians want east jerusalem to be the capital of their future state. meanwhile trump is facing more pressure on the domestic front a politician from his own republican party has joined those warning the president not to tweet about the russia investigations on sunday trump tweeted that he never asked former f.b.i. director james comey to stop investigating his former national security adviser michael flynn testified in june that trump had spoken to him about letting go of the flayed investigation flynn has pleaded guilty to lying of to the f.b.i.
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about his contacts with russia he insists he was asked to do so by a c.v. about of tribes transition team trumps also attacked the f.b.i. itself by saying the agency whose reputation is in tatters describing it as the worst in history than estabrook has more from washington d.c. . well these tweets always seem to get the president in trouble and this tweet from yesterday was especially problem because up until yesterday the president claimed that he fired mike flynn back and says he wary because he lied to vice president mike pence about these conversations with the russians now yesterday in the tweet he indicated that he actually fired him as well because of lying to the f.b.i. which raises the question what did the president know did he know that the f.b.i. was in fact investigating when and that is why senator dianne feinstein raised the question of obstruction of justice because a couple of days after flynn was fired the president asked former f.b.i.
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director james comey to go easy on him because he was a good guy now today the white house is saying that actually the president didn't fashion that tweet yesterday that that came from an attorney and the last people within the president's own party are telling him to go easy on the tweeting i would just say this is present there's an ongoing criminal investigation comey may be part of it you tweeting comment regarding ongoing criminal investigations at your own peril i'd be careful for you mr president i've watched this and lindsey graham said that he didn't think that the f.b.i. was dysfunctional although he did raise questions as to whether when lying to the f.b.i. constituted a crime well still to come here on al-jazeera we'll get the latest from pakistan where the u.s. defense chief is holding security talks with talks leaders plus songs is there a visit a place described as know about where really good refugees are stuck between a bug like this.
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from a fresh coast to breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback. hello there it's turning a little bit milder now for some of us in europe in the east it's been pretty cold over the past few days you see plenty of clouds swirling its way across us as well as maybe we've been seeing a fair amount of snow but this latest area of cloud is bringing in some milder as a behind that it shouldn't feel quite as cold as it has done recently so nine degrees in london there with a little bit of sunshine shouldn't feel too bad also spreads its way eastwards as we head into tuesday so beilin will get to around seven degrees and any snow that we've been seeing will turn to rain then in the west we'll have an area of high pressure in charge so things they should stay following and settled in the east they'll still stay rather cold for now so water it too much in the temperature that
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we're expecting in kiev for the other side of the mediterranean here we've seen a fair amount of unfertile weather over the past few days and some rather sharp showers on that move coast area and chuen asea those i will see a couple more perhaps as we head through choose say the cloud just drifting its way across us and it could squeeze out the old shower with a bit more in the way of cool weather with us it won't be feeling warm out is there just a fifteen degrees at best and that's what we're expecting in chuen is as well robot will be milder will be at ninety. the weather sponsored by cattle and bass. that's what we're talking about shooting people are not sure to burn themselves and their other countries have managed to solve this problem but you worry that this conflict could erupt into an outright open war that the city journal security sure the people who pay the price clearly they're right top being prejudiced setting the stage for serious debate up front at
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this time on al-jazeera. welcome back to out of their arms a whole rahman these are our top stories yemen's ousted president ali abdullah saleh has called for iran to mediate with the rebels to end recent infighting fighting has escalated between the beauty rebels and their former allies supporters of solace that overnight a new wave of saudi led airstrikes has hit targets near the airport and interior ministry it's. a meeting between foreign ministers of gulf countries is expected to go ahead in kuwait in the coming hours ahead of
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a crucial regional gathering qatar's foreign minister says the a mistake that the bit have adult honey will attend the gulf cooperation council summit which starts on tuesday the g.c.c. is in crisis after three members saudi arabia. seven diplomatic and trade ties with qatar. less than a week after north korea tested its most powerful missile yet south korea and the u.s. put on a sure force holding joint military drills. the u.s. defense secretary james mattis has just. arrived in barca star he's expected to push the government to do more to combat armed groups like the taliban let's go straight over to in islamabad we've seen u.s. defense secretaries arrive in islamabad over the decades what makes this visit anymore different considering the regional dynamics. well it did very crucial juncture because. the americans
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launched their operation. and of course you also have the new policy from the trump administration have already have deep reservations about the americans who want to use. something. planing that. coming under attack from. the. border to the americans blame for. that. they will be talking between the two and. the recent release of hostages
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say the alleged mastermind behind the mumbai attacks in two thousand and eight. in the capital really not. to washington d.c. . perhaps in washington but. something that. even the pakistani prime minister. had made very clear. that there should be no more demands of the military. no more. need to do more. there are no proven allegations against him in. this country he had been released by that country. the americans may be unhappy about a good by word the budget down here and the americans building more toward the
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indian rather than taking pakistan's concerns on board or see what does come out of that meeting later in the day for the moment thanks for joining us from islamabad now thousands of people have been on the streets of hong kong protesting against what they call solitary in rule by china they want the justice secretary to resign over a crackdown on pro-democracy activists one of the leaders behind the occupy hong kong protest three years ago says he'll continue to fight despite starting a jail sentence next week. thousands of running refugees have set up camp in an area known as no man's land between me and bangladesh they're among the more than six hundred thousand people who fled a crackdown by me and miles military charles trafford travelled to the camp to report on how families are coping. some water begum is sick and so is her eighteen month old baby yasser they fled the military crackdown on the hinge in myanmar
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three months ago the to move refugee camp on a small stretch of land sandwiched on the border between bangladesh and myanmar is where they live now when refugees here want medicine they have no choice but to cross the river into bangladesh to get it. well. it gets down and cold at night that's why we got sick and have breathing problems the water is all sweaty contaminated in the camp the smell is terrible we're really suffering here we can go to man mark now can we go to. the bangladeshi army says aid workers can't go inside the camp because it is beyond their military jurisdiction. the army also stops people moving into other refugee camps further bank from the border. on the other side of the border fence mansoul just sits in the bush is only a few meters away from the camp. other troops patrol the border fence
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the ranger we spoke to here say they feel trapped and afraid the bangladeshi myanmar border fence is about one hundred meters behind me across the stream inside this camp which is in no man's land there around six thousand ranger living now the fact that the bangladeshi military will not allow aid workers inside that camp shows just how vulnerable these people are the u.n. says it's working with the bangladesh government on a plan to move the refugees in no man's land to camps where humanitarian aid is more readily available you and i sat at the gates for all ranking officials in bangladesh to be a committed within refugee community especially for those and difficulties reach areas where so far you and i see it has a plan to accommodate sixteen thousand and those areas have to be accommodated in the extension of could have been can based on their discussion with the government there and the priority now is for attack on the death ten thousand of those
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refugees and the extension of could have a long camp at least six hundred twenty five thousand ranger who fled the recent military crackdown in myanmar bangladesh has been praised by the international community for giving shelter to an ethnic group that has suffered decades of persecution in myanmar. the bangladeshis are struggling to cope the government has approved a two hundred eighty million dollar plan to move tens of thousands of ranger refugees to temporary shelters on an island on the coast but it's vulnerable to cyclons a natural disaster. bangladeshi generosity is being tested. and this means that hundreds of thousands of refugees remain vulnerable and scared especially those forced to shelter in no man's land john strafford al jazeera bangladesh. millions of people around the world are risking their lives working in
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illegal gold mines it's dangerous because most of them used to separate the gold from the or this is one of the issues to be discussed at a u.n. meeting in kenya catherine soil. his hands can't stop shaking and she bans a mix of gold and makary in a mining area in me garri western kenya she's done this for the last year and she says her body tremors and slurred speech as some of the effects of matthew pollution. the matter she bans up can remain in there for up to one and a half years and in water that goes up to eleven years an estimated one thousand four hundred tons of my carry from small scale mining like this is released every year. you get the tremors are sometimes very serious especially fine burning the stuff when it's raining and sometimes i can't even move that's why there's a global campaign headed by the united nations to stop the use of mockery in an
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official gold mining but alternative machines are still too expensive for miners like those who were here what they're doing now separating the poles from the cold . p.d.s. they were doing i don't know one can produce an average. has managed to buy this machine and uses corn starch to extract or concentrate of different minerals found in the region he was part of a global study by a network of environmental nonprofit organizations that revealed high levels of my career in a majority of women who live in areas where the chemical is regularly used the first thing is to create awareness among them they need to come together. to acquire some of these machines. because we are currently dying to live
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because we are poisoning ourselves. through basic tests for symptoms that all too much mark you're in the system could also affect unborn children are fifteen million people. they have to have. huge number of people affected by mercury. to move from the great spirit. back at the mine the miners go nearly a hundred meters down to dig out the gold or. economy largely depends on this they say they know about the effects of my curie but they cannot afford anything else catherine sawyer al-jazeera nairobi kenya. a series of syrian air strikes has killed at least nineteen civilians in eastern guta near damascus the area has been under siege by the syrian army since two thousand and thirteen about four hundred thousand civilians are believed to be trapped those who managed to escape are
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living in makeshift camps as more. on an open field just outside the city of hama displaced syrian families have set up camp they are part of the now familiar exile does from syrian cities and from government falls as they endured weeks of bombardments then fled panicked defenseless in the face of incessant talks and with little hope of a that despite all relief. by a female there are thirty to forty tents here two to three families live in every tent the are no toilets running water schooling for the kids we don't have much. they joined the ranks of millions of city and lost their homes in the conflict. this is the hottest is the older despite us says find some it is the war cry and. the aerial bombardments israel is still tiny once vibrant neighborhoods into
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decrypted shells their former selves the government is cysts it's protecting the people targeting soul terrorists based in residential areas but often it's the civilians who are paid to. whenever the bombs land it's the syrian civil defense force or why told it's come to the rescue rushing in to free the injured and recover the dead their job is as clean as it is dangerous food shortages are also adding to the misery of cities. we haven't eaten since last night we had rockets falling throughout for the sake of god this has to stop. dozens of civilians are reported dropping killed in recent air and a to libya talks by government forces in istanbul. the un's humanitarian coordinator for syria young a glance ace five hundred people with i didn't medical needs have to be of a created from is done water the people of syria say they're victims of
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a crime committed by those charged with protecting them briefly they defied that it . cut their prize and crushed these international outrage about what's happening in syria but no agreement on how to bring peace to one and one hundred at all just zero. the venezuelan president says his government will launch a digital currency like bitcoin nicolas maduro says it's needed to find what he calls a financial blockade by the u.s. government but he gave no details about what the new currency value will be all how it will work on a financial transaction fee that fianna venezuela is going to implement a new crypto currency system from the oil reserves venezuela will create a cryptic currency the petro currency to advance in monetary sovereignty to make their financial transactions to overcome the financial blockade this will allow us to move towards new forms of international financing for the economic and social
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development of the country and it will be done with a crypto currency issued backed by reserves of venezuelan riches of gold oil gas and diamond and australian politician has proposed to his apartment parliament house the chamber debated a bill to legalize gay marriage. right i had to blow your will you marry me. go back. to full support ever of the governing conservative coalition fought back tears as he turned to the public gallery where his partner said yes australia is preparing to legalize same sex see the is this week following a national vote in which sixty two percent of respondents supported the change the bill has already passed the senate just needs the approval of the house of representatives.
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you're watching of zero it was a whole robert these are our top stories you haven't ousted president. has called for iran to mediate with the rebels to end recent infighting fighting has escalated between the hutu rebels and their former allies who support salah and overnight more saudi led airstrikes have hit targets near the airport and it terry a ministry in the. i'm eating between foreign ministers of gulf countries is expected to go ahead in kuwait in the coming hours ahead of a crucial regional gathering cathouse foreign minister says even a shake to be but have it all tiny will attend the gulf cooperation council summit which starts on tuesday the g.c.c. is in crisis after three members saudi arabia the u.a.e. and bahrain seven diplomatic and trade ties with cattle you need to reach a level of understanding and go i think security principles that everybody is going to appoint and everybody should adhere to and should be committed to and then from there we build on. on it on the next system for one of the cooperation.
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less than a week after north korea tested its most powerful missile yet south korea and the u.s. have put on a show of force holding joint military drills. both democrat and republican politicians are warning president donald trump against tweeting about investigations into alleged russian meddling in the twenty sixteen election they say his commenting on the probe may constitute an obstruction of justice. trump tweeted that he never asked former f.b.i. director james comey to stop investigating his former national security adviser baikal slim but earlier came he testified that trump had spoken to him about letting go of the flow of the investigation the palestinian authority is calling for measures he talks of the possibility that the u.s. embassy in israel could be moved from tel aviv to jerusalem the arab league or the organization of islamic cooperation are being asked to host the meeting donald trump is expected to make
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a decision as early as next week thousands of people have been demonstrating on the streets of the u.s. following a disputed presidential election the electoral commission has yet to declare a winner those were the headlines i'll be back with more news in thirty minutes here on. next it's up front to stay with us. facing the reality was it a piece of machinery goes wrong is there a chain of litigation through which we can bring a legal system to bear getting to the heart of the matter i don't think we need of the world but some of my big issues is that here their story on talk to how does it . at this time. benjamin netanyahu calls it a very bad deal donald trump says it's the worst deal ever both leaders would love to tear up the iran nuclear agreement but will doing so lead to a new war in the middle east that's our debate but first i'll talk to the former president joyce banda.


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