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thank you thank. you. in syria citizens are collecting evidence for your particular shock of crimes committed against civilians who've moved out of syria and there are about six hundred thousand pages of material so that one day they can bring the outside regime to justice it puts a human face on the charges it's a dead human face but it's a human tricks syria witnesses for the prosecution at this time on al jazeera. we al jazeera has eyes and ears on the ground in southern africa identifying the crucially important stories for the audience that's incredibly dark there's. yemen's ousted president asks iran to help end fighting between his forces and
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their former allies the huge the rebels. a lot so rami watching on as their lives the headquarters here in doha coming up in the next thirty minutes a clear message to north korea as the u.s. and south korea hold joint military exercises also warnings for u.s. president donald trump even from his own party after he offers a running twitter commentry on the russia investigation. and will go to a place inside described as a no man's land where i think the refugees are stranded between me and ma and bangladesh. welcome to the program yemenis in the capital sanaa have been sheltering from the twin threat of saudi led airstrikes and fighting between former rebel allies the ebony based team of the international committee of the red cross is describing the
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situation as intolerable in a tweet i.c.r.c. the. the violent clashes and strikes continue in summer thousands are stuck in homes with little food or water too scared to go out for fear of getting shot pregnant women can't get to hospital the situation is dire we repeat civilians are not part of the fight. well as the situation gets worse astrid president. is calling on iran to help mediate with his former allies the hutu rebels and his forces have been fighting with the hooty since the coalition broke down. a missile launching from yemen. nuclear reactor at least that's what who the fighters say is happening in this video uploaded by the military media center. there's been a large a full range rocket of the crew towards
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a life military target important to the coordination of the iraqi military internally the former president. and his militias into a clear division inside yemen despite the fact that they were unable to sustain any military political or economic gains in yemen or. abu dhabi denies this video was authentic saying there was no missile launch or interception what can be verified is fighting in the capital sana'a. five days of combat between former allies former president. and the dozens have been killed so struck an alliance with the who thing after a popular uprising ended his thirty three years rule in two thousand and twelve together they took control of sana'a now they're tearing the city apart. snipers are on rooftops and residential areas tanks are placed commuters on city streets the u.n.
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says fighting is so severe medical teams cannot get to the injured and people cannot leave their homes there's reports the un is trying to evacuate at least one hundred forty aid workers but fighting has cut off the port road they have also been coalition is strikes on sana airport. the coalition bolstered by the new support of the former presidents have doubled down on the iranian backed the iranian embassy was hit by rocket on saturday and then who think controlled territory in yemen's north the coalition air strike killed at least a dozen people. they targeted my house while there were eighteen to twenty guests my whole family was inside as well as all our cattle everything is gone there's nothing left. tehran has told salai to rejoin the who the aligned against the coalition says he just wants a quick game to the conflict which is a volved into the world's largest humanitarian crisis where the his motivations or
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power play as unclear as where the who things really did launch a missile on abu dhabi bellus al jazeera while staying in the region a meeting between foreign ministers of gulf countries is expected to go ahead in kuwait in the coming hours ahead of a crucial regional gathering cattles foreign minister says his country is a mastectomy been handled honey will attend the gulf cooperation council summit which starts on tuesday now the g.c.c. is in crisis after three members are to arabia the u.a.e. and bahrain seven diplomatic and trade ties with cattle this will be the first time since that blockade began almost six months ago you need to reach a level of understanding and going security principles that everybody is agreed upon and everybody should and should be committed to and then from there we build on. on it on the next system for one of the cooperation.
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well let's get the very latest from jamal i shall in kuwait city i mean this is the first time really that senior diplomats and leaders from the g.c.c. will be really meeting face to face since the catchall blockade began in jude tamala mean who will be the remote can we expect them to actually say. well for today's meeting monday's meeting we expect the foreign ministers of the six countries to convene here in kuwait to help those are the united arab emirates saudi arabia but in qatar of all man and obviously kuwait the host nation and what usually happens in these meetings is that the foreign ministers come together to finalize the agenda for the summit which is then to a true day event which takes place between the heads of states however what we understand is that the foreign ministers are coming they are expected actually their meeting was expected to start now round about now where it sees a bit delayed we're not sure exactly whether that's just normal delays or maybe they're still awaiting the arrival of some of those countries to requestion isn't
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about which foreign ministers would attend it's about which heads of states will attend as you mentioned shift i mean of qatar has declared his intention to come over to share some thoughts about of equated here as well as a man usually sends a very senior figure because of the. difficulties in travel for its leader because of his his health reasons the question is whether saudi arabia will send our leader its head of state or the deputy head of state that is the crown prince mohammed bin taliban in the same for the united arab emirates the lack of presence of a head of state or somebody senior isn't just seen as a rebuff to kuwait's mediation efforts and its attempts to bring people together but with essentially signal clear intentions from those recruiting countries that they're not really interested in solving the issue bearing in mind that for the past six months kuwait has been leading the mediation efforts to try and resolve this crisis a crisis there really has struck to the heart of the g.c.c. which is an organization which was built on the free trade in the free movement of
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people now that. all been thrown in the air because of the blockade which has prevented goods from and from qatar prevented companies citizens from traveling around so if those countries don't send senior members in terms of either the head of state or the deputy head of state then that would be a very clear indication that yes the summit has taken place but it hasn't really succeeded in trying to bring us any closer to a solution indeed and then will wonders jamal what kind of actually be achieved if really the elephant in the room which is the blockade is not actually being addressed. or not it's a big question it's important to note though that there is a lot of things that are taking place behind the scenes i mean it would be a massive really strange coincidence if the fact that the united states such two of the friends sir james martin who just arrived in kuwait just happens to arrive here for other reasons there is a clear effort by other international players to maybe try and push for this to be solved by the presence of the senior politician from the united states which enjoys
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very good relationships with all of the g.c.c. countries is probably going to add weight in terms of trying to push for us we also understand that but there's a major shift i mean delivered to our sense a handwritten message through his course to counterparts by his ambassador here in kuwait what stuff until they're not sure but also it is signs that there are things that are taking place bear in mind that if this crisis hadn't happened there was many a positive project or ambitious rather projects that were going to be discussed the sums of a railway network that was going to link all the g.c.c. countries they wanted to push ahead with trying to find some sort of unified currency but obviously now that they've this crisis has set them so far back in terms of creating a lot of mistrust between the countries as well as a heartfelt resentment because of the way in which qatar feels it was unfairly treated in terms of this blockade then that unifying those unifying projects have really been costed out not to mention the actual g.c.c. as an entity will we see what happens. through the day and come back to tomorrow as
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we get these thank you. less than a week after north korea tested a missile it says it's capable of reaching the entire united states south korea and the u.s. have put on a show of force they've held joint military drills involving about two hundred thirty five to jets and twelve hundred personnel on this now from out of there as kathy novak. i'm outside the u.s. also on air base and we have seen a number of fighter jets flying in and out it's all part of the biggest ever joint u.s. south korean air drills they're part training and part show of force against north korea which of course just on wednesday launched its most advanced ever intercontinental ballistic missile now these drills were planned before that launch took place they take place every year and they always anger north korea which calls them are personal for invasion and indeed before these drills went ahead the north korean foreign minister said that the u.s.
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was begging for nuclear war by staging an extremely dangerous nuclear gamble on the korean peninsula now these a drills involve f. twenty two stealth fighter jets f. thirty five and also all together about two hundred thirty warplanes from the u.s. and south korea and also about twelve thousand personnel are taking part. now the palestinian authority is calling for emergency talks to discuss the possibility that the u.s. may believe its embassy and israel from tel aviv to jerusalem present donald trump is expected to make a decision this week leaving the embassy would be that the u.s. recognizes jerusalem as israel's capital which palestinians and arab states say would seriously damage the peace process this is because palestinians want east jerusalem to be the capital of the future state. of its accounts and is a senior research fellow at the middle east institute at the national university of singapore he's also a former legal advisor to the government of palestine could have you with us live on al-jazeera now president trump our speed
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a very unpredictable president while in the white house with a number of decisions why does he have to tread carefully in this situation. here to tread carefully because this is the status of jerusalem is an important one for all arab and muslim countries it's one of the final status negotiations it's integral integral to the establishment of an independent palestinian state must have its capital in east jerusalem. if president trump was to move the embassy or to recognize your islam as a whole as the capital of israel this would prejudge those negotiations jordan also takes a key role in the interest of the muslim holy places as one of the custodians and there is an agreement between jordan and and the palestinians overprotecting and safeguarding those holy places and this would be a major change
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a major shift because no u.s. president has a recognized jerusalem not all the options for the president if he wants to break with that status quo that as you say has been in place for decades and b you might see renewed from president to president as time has gone on. well one can envisage different scenarios that he could adopt one is he could recognize jerusalem as a whole is israel's capital which would be an acceptable to many people you could recognize the west or as slim as the capital of israel and recognize easter of the most as a capital of a palestinian state or you might want to hold off and say you know this is without prejudice to the holy places in east jerusalem which is which which will be subject to future negotiations so one can envisage that he could say a few things. could modify. the statements the claims that been made that he recognized the city as a whole which would be very problematic not least because the united states i know
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it was president obama but he was representing the country past the security council resolution last december which clearly stated that there should be no changes to the one nine hundred sixty seven lines including jerusalem and of course recognizing jerusalem both east and west as the capital of israel would cut across that resolution but i mean the reaction of the palestinians and the muslim world is one that might. be unified behind the palestinians can the palestinian authority be assured of global muslim support considering recent communication between saudi get israel for example. well it's interesting i was watching. interviews. yesterday. and question i did say that when when the u.s. negotiators traveled to saudi arabia saudi arabia he said that the crown prince and the king were very you know what were supporters of the palestinian cause were
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passionate about palestinian cause wanted to help the palestinians so if we take it we take that at face value i can't see how the saudis especially as custodian of the two holy shrines would. fall out of step with this issue on the status of jerusalem that's why i'm very interested to see what the president will actually say on wednesday when we see what does happen for the moment it's a cancer in singapore thanks so much for joining us. well still ahead here on al-jazeera all the latest in pakistan where the u.s. defense chief is holding security talks with leaders plus. you know. it's been a closely guarded state secret for fifty three years we explore the size of china's nuclear arsenal do stay with us here on al-jazeera.
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hello there we're seeing a fair amount of heavy showers over the southeastern parts of asia on a satellite picture you can clearly see that the wettest place at the moment is in the west impossible so through parts of somalia and all the way up into the southern parts of thailand we've been seeing very heavy rains here and that is all due to an area of low pressure that's working its way away towards the west but it's still going to be dragging plenty of show is behind it say for the southern parts of thailand again it does look very wet on choose day tuesday's also going to bring a lot of heavy rain a core of border that was very soggy here for some of us during the day but gradually it should dry up on wednesday does look a little bit dry for many of us for the philippines well most of the showers here in the east and in the west is a better chance of a dry day looks like we could see a dry when they're in manila down towards australia and most of that violent weather has cleared away but we've still got a visit you overhang of cloud here in the eastern parts that's giving some of us a very heavy downpours and there's more still to come so the moment then the
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showers are stretching from brisbane down through sydney and one or two just in the way into victoria as well but during the day on tuesday those showers will begin to pull away from brazil but they'll still be with us in sydney and it won't play hit until later on a wednesday as it does it will be a little bit cooler behind it say for melbourne we'll get to nineteen. with documentaries that bring your eyes. at this time now to syria.
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welcome back you're watching out as there i'm so hold on with a reminder of our top stories yemen's ousted president ali abdullah saleh has called for iran to mediate with hooty rebels to end recent infighting fighting has escalated between the hooty rebels and their former allies supporters of solace and overnight a new wave of saudi led airstrikes that hit targets near the airport and interior ministry in sanaa. a meeting between foreign ministers of gulf countries it's actually to go ahead in kuwait in the coming hours ahead of a crucial regional gathering qatar's foreign minister says the end the a shake that leaves then how many tiny will attend the gulf cooperation council summit which starts on tuesday the g.c.c.
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is in crisis after three members saudi arabia the u.a.e. and bahrain have a diplomatic and trade ties with cattle. also less than a week after north korea tested its most powerful missile and yet south korea and the u.s. have put on a show of force holding joint military drills. the u.s. defense secretary james mattis has arrived in the pakistan that he's expected to push the government to do more to combat armed groups like the taliban let's go live to pakistan correspondent kemal hyder who has the very latest it's a busy day for james mattis who will be meeting. where you. can really and military leaders in the building that you hear behind me somewhere close to that. game will be attended by the pakistani prime minister.
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the americans of course will be bringing their demands of doom all. at that time. away in that battle and have won it down against the taliban. and read their visions because they're. on the new trial. will be a crucial break coming out to. be on board but there are conflicting signals coming from the united states if you're listening to what the cia. and i did my pay a warning. that the american ready do everything in their power to dry them both carrots and sticks at the same time but it will be important. the americans of course will be trying to. be telling the american about deep
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reservations of course a great deal of pressure intentional on both sides when it comes to security around pakistan afghanistan but i mean the recent release of say from house arrest the man accused of masterminding the two thousand and eight mumbai attacks has already tense relations that will be able or will be pushed to on the issue that defied the courts that released him. if you remember in order long ago the united states. from the condition. again. you know that this is a country where that your duty is free that your duty has freed. god they have no evidence against them the pakistani government had maintained that the evidence provided by the indians. did not prove. what.
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the american director dr do differentiate between the relations with india ongoing tension there and of course the precarious balance. there do. go to be brought on board by. the us that they did or did you know of the court and then they can do or not. will be interesting to see what does come out of any joint communique will come back to you more analysis kemal as the day progresses thank you. politicians on donald trump's republican party as the us president to stop his running commentary about the russian investigations on sunday tweeted that he never asked for my f.b.i. director james comey to stop investigating his former national security advisor michael flynn testified in june that trump had spoken to him about letting go of the flynn investigation flynn has pleaded guilty to lying to the f.b.i. about his contacts with russia he insists he was asked to do so by
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a senior member of the transition team. trouble so at times the f.b.i. itself saying that the agency's reputation is in tatters describing it as the worst in history i would just say this president there's an ongoing criminal investigation call me maybe part of it you tweet income it regarding ongoing criminal investigations at your own peril i would be careful for you mr president watch this. now thousands of running of refugees have set up camp in an area known as no man's land between me and maher and bangladesh now that among the more than six hundred thousand people who fled a crackdown by me and miles military chance transfer to travel to the camp of reports on how families are coping. one son water begum is sick and so is her eighteen month old baby yasser they fled the military crackdown on their hinge in myanmar three months ago the to move refugee camp on a small stretch of land sandwiched on the border between bangladesh and myanmar is
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where they live now when refugees here want medicine they have no choice but to cross the river into bangladesh to get it. it gets down i'm cold at night that's why we got sick and have breathing problems and water is also ready contaminated in the camp the smallest head of the we are really suffering here we can go to man mark can we go along with us. the bangladeshi army says aid workers can't go inside the camp because it is beyond their military jurisdiction the army also stops people moving into other refugee camps further bank from the border. on the other side of the border fence soldiers sits in the bush is only a few meters away from the camp other troops patrol the border fence the ranger we spoke to here say they feel trapped and afraid the bangladeshi
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myanmar border fence is about one hundred meters behind me across the stream inside this camp which is in no man's land there around six thousand ranger living now the fact of the bangladeshi military will not allow aid workers inside that camp shows just how vulnerable these people are. the u.n. says it's working with the bangladesh government on a plan to move the refugees in no man's land to camps where humanitarian aid is more readily available you and i sat at the gates for all ranking officials in bangladesh to be a committed within refugee community especially for those and difficult for a charity is so far you and i see it has a plan to accommodate sixteen thousand and those areas have to be accommodated in the extension of could have been can based on their discussion with the government there and the priority now is for talks on the death ten thousand of those refugees and the extension of could have a long camp at least six hundred twenty five thousand russian joe who fled the
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recent military crackdown in myanmar bangladesh has been praised by the international community for giving shelter to an ethnic group that has suffered decades of persecution in myanmar. the bangladeshis are struggling to cope the government has approved a two hundred eighty million dollars plan to move tens of thousands of ranger refugees to temporary shelters on an island on the coast but it's vulnerable to cyclons a natural disaster bangladeshi generosity is being tested and this means that hundreds of thousands of ravines you refuse g.'s remain vulnerable and scared especially those forced to shelter in no man's land john stratford al-jazeera bangladesh. the award ceremony for the nobel peace prize will be held on december the tent it will be handed to the international campaign to abolish
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nuclear weapons known as i can we're looking at the nuclear status of countries in the days leading up to the ceremony in oslo now china's arsenal is a closely guarded state secret so it's not exactly known how powerful the weapons are as a dream brand reports. but. it is fifty three years since china joined the nuclear club. you know. when it detonated its first atomic bomb china was poor and recovering from civil war and japan's military occupation. chairman mao said that to prevent that happening again he needed the ultimate deterrent it was now the cold war and china is then ideological ally the soviet union was happy to help there are no official figures regarding china's nuclear arsenal that's because it's one of the biggest
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state secrets of all but a recent u.s. government report estimated that china currently has around three hundred nuclear warheads and around one hundred intercontinental ballistic missiles to deliver those warheads. as recently as may this year chinese leaders pledged they would only use nuclear weapons if china was attacked first what's less clear say experts is how china would respond to a conventional weapons strike china will only use. to retaliate against a nuclear strike but we have to admit there are internal debates some people want to see china to changes new care policy and trade commission or strike its nuclear weapons as. a new care strike. for of china's neighbors on nuclear russia pakistan india and north korea recent evidence
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suggests that china may have unintentionally aided the north's nuclear missile program when it sold these trucks supposedly destined for the timber industry analysts say those same trucks seen here were later modified to carry and possibly launch the long range missiles north korea's been testing china in recent years also so. heavy truck shot sees to north korea and in those cases north korea provided. certificated to china pledging that these heavy trucks would only be used for logging. unlike north korea china doesn't boast about being a nuclear power but a recent military parade in beijing was a potent reminder of its growing military strength a strength underpinned by
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a nuclear asked know that experts say is now the world's fourth largest adrian brown al-jazeera beijing will move to south asia now a small because again the gulf india's capital new delhi where health officials are warning that people face a serious risk of a spiritual illness if they go outside quality typically gets worse at this time of the year as farmers burn off vegetation and people build street fires to keep warm doctors have compared breathing the small to smoking two packets of cigarettes a day. we come your daily for a walk near the presidential palace there's a big difference between how things were previously and how they are now we cannot breathe properly while walking as my patients also face many problems here used to be good now we're all facing problems breathing.
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you're watching all of us there i'm still raw but these are our top stories yemen's ousted president ali abdullah saleh has called for iran to mediate with the who the rebels to end recent inviting fighting has escalated between the who the rebels and their former allies who support salah and overnight more saudi led airstrikes have hit targets near the airport and interior ministry in sanaa a meeting between foreign ministers of the gulf countries is expected to go ahead and go wait in the coming hours ahead of a crucial regional gathering qatar's foreign minister says the emir shikha to me been have adult honey will attend the gulf cooperation council summit which starts on choose day the g.c.c. is in crisis after three members saudi arabia the us rain sever diplomatic and trade ties with cattle you need to reach a level of understanding and go i think security principles that everybody is agreed upon and everybody should and you do and should be committed to and then from there we build on. on it on the next is the model for the cooperation
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less than a week after north korea tested its most powerful missile yet south korea and the united states have put on a show of force holding joint military drills. and both democratic and republican politicians are warning president trump against tweeting about investigations into alleged russian meddling in the twenty sixteen election they say his commenting on the probe may constitute an obstruction of justice on sunday trump tweeted that t.v. ever asked former f.b.i. director james comey to stop investigating his former national security advisor michael flynn but earlier came he testified that trump had to spoken to him about letting go of the flame investigation. also the palestinian authority is calling for emergency talks over the possibility that the u.s. embassy in israel could be moved from tel aviv to jerusalem the arab league and the organization of islamic cooperation are being asked to host the meeting donald
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trump is expected to make a decision as early as this week thousands of people have been demonstrating on the streets of homs jurists following a disputed presidential election and the electoral commission has yet to declare a winner those were the headlines you can follow the news on our website at al-jazeera dot com the news hour is here to stay with us. the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons has been awarded the nobel peace prize in an exclusive interview with the winning delegation from the award ceremony in oslo al jazeera asks whether banning these devastating weapons could finally lead to complete disarmament on al-jazeera.


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