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all of the changes and as we adapt to that. my job is is to break it all down and we held the view on the stand and make sense of it. gross west africa. on a mission to redefine a continent too often misrepresented. the weapon of choice digital cameras. of the new. story all created. this. violence escalates and yemen after president ali abdullah saleh is killed by the
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rebels. and i walked into al jazeera live from my headquarters in doha with me it is a also ahead saudi arabia wants the u.s. to get moving its embassy in israel from tel aviv to jerusalem saying it will hurt the peace process and heighten tensions in the region. smiles and handshakes but no deal yet. leaders failed to reach an agreement on brecht said. and secessionists take to the streets and catalonia as election campaigning begins. the killing of yemen's ousted president ali abdullah saleh by hope the rebels has plunged the country the war torn country further into chaos the two sides had been allies until just a few days ago but this time switching sides led to the end of
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a man who's been president for thirty three years and navigated shifting alliances for decades and has more. a sudden end for one of yemen's most powerful men who the rebels say they killed ousted president aliyev delish sala during an attack on his convoy. his remains were packed on the back of a pickup truck in a televised statement the leader of the said salo was involved in a conspiracy with the saudi led coalition to take over well. what are the reasons behind this transfer to the other side suddenly you talk to the aggressors against your own people salah had been and an alliance with the iranian backed for more than two years together they controlled the capital sanaa and fought against the saudi led coalition which supports the internationally recognized government led by months or heidi but this partnership with the collapse last week sparking major
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confrontations between salis forces. and the rebels after days of running street battles salah announced he was ready for dialogue with the saudi led coalition if it ended its blockade of yemen sports and airports and allowed for more humanitarian aid yemen is already a failed state it's a state where there is no central government and the institutions of most of the structures of failed me has failed the war has further destructive it destroyed. so i think in the in the short run we. saw and the who pushed out how these government in january two thousand and fifteen and set up their own administration prompting the saudi led campaign against them since then the country has been split between the rebels in the north ministration in the south and forces loyal to solid inviting began among the former allies it's part fears of a new front in the war a war which has already killed nearly ten thousand people pushed yemen to the brink
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of mass starvation and triggered what the united nations has called the world's worst humanitarian crisis. there have been multiple investigations about the atrocities being committed in yemen all parties are guilty whether it's the whole thing whether it's the saudi led coalition and you know the u.k. and the u.s. are largely complicit in this war as well through the billions and billions of dollars worth of arms sales to to the saudis. as yemen's president saleh ruled for more than three decades until he was forced to resign during the arab spring uprising that he was able to remain in the country and continue to wield enormous power behind the scenes it's not yet clear what his death will mean for the fighting on the ground or yemen's future in al-jazeera. well yemen's nationally recognized president to rise up against the forces. and i call upon all of you with an open heart and a strong will to turn
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a new page and to get rid of such a nightmare let's put our hands together to end the control of these criminal gangs and to build a new united yemen fightings escalators and recent aliza reports of airstrikes by the led coalition on the presidential palace and tanks are also said to be blocking many streets humanitarian operations including flights to and from the capital have been suspended he won his scorn for a pause in fighting to help civilians caught in the violence it is paramount that civilians are protected that the wounded or afford it say factious to medical care and that all sides facilitate lifesaving humanitarian access we remind all parties . we remind all parties to the conflict that deliberate attacks against civilians and against civilian and medical infrastructure or clear violations of international humanitarian law may constitute war crimes well the international
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committee of the red cross says at least one hundred twenty five people have been killed over the past week from two hundred forty have been engine and that's putting extra pressure on yemen's struggling medical facilities many of which have been damaged or destroyed by fighting. the clashes were ongoing the entire night until the morning if someone stepped out into the street or fled they would have a bullet hit them in the head chest or body. he was injured this morning at eight a.m. when he went out to his shop around them bullets hit the wall and then struck his hand the developments in yemen have taken the spotlight away from other regional issues at the gulf cooperation council meeting in kuwait it is the first g.c.c. summit since a saudi led group cut ties with qatar in june the talks could define the future of the bloc jamal reports from kuwait. the foreign ministers of the sixty countries arrived in kuwait on monday ahead of the group's thirty eighth annual summit it's
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the first time senior ministers have met since three of the member states impose a blockade on qatar back in june saudi arabia the united arab emirates have cut off all trade ties with qatar bahrain qatar the citizens from entering their countries and closed off their territorial waters and earth space to their neighbor for six months now it's a crisis that struck at the very core of the gulf corporation council an organization that was set up to unify through greater trade cooperation and the free movement of people for months now has been leading mediation efforts while cutter's amir has agreed to sit down and discuss differences with his counterparts kuwait's call for dialogue has not been accepted by the blockading countries that's why this g.c.c. summit is so important many analysts had believe the organizations future would be in doubt if it didn't take place now that it is the focus is on whether the blockading countries will be represented by the heads of state or junior ministers instead the fact about. how they are going to the meeting and if i
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gather for the first time it would be possible for them to sit together and to discuss something directly i think it was a positive development already the fact that they send you in your office and instead of the foreign minister i think would be. going in the wrong direction but it's not only the blockade on qatar that's threatening the g.c.c. the war in yemen is proving to be a major challenge for the saudi led coalition which continues to spend millions of dollars while the yemeni people continue to suffer meanwhile unemployment in saudi arabia and across the region particularly among young people is on the rise and g.c.c. member economies are slowing down this is one of the most important summits in the g.c.c. is history it has the potential for. paving the way for relations to be mended and a solution found to a crisis that has torn up the very fabric of the gulf cooperation council but it
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also has the potential of further damaging what is arguably the only source of stability in an extremely well a tile and unstable region. now russia and the european union and so they are confident about which in agreement on the terms of their so-called divorce bill so despite failing to reach a deal on a monday the main sticking point in the break said talks is what the border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland will look like barnaby phillips reports. the day began full of hope when to resume a drug lord your god went digital the brussels rumor mill had it that a breck's it deal was about to be. but when they emerged after several hours there was no deal just two leaders putting a brave face on a disappointing day so i'm still confident that we can reach sufficient progress
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sufficient progress before the european cultural to fifty decide this is the failure. of the very strong i'm very confident that the region we recorded history on a couple of issues some difference is do remain which require further negotiation and consultation and those will continue but we will reconvene this for the end of the week and i am also confident that we will conclude this positively. it's the border between the republic of ireland and northern ireland part of the u.k. which is emerged as the problem in recent weeks the republic wants guarantees it will remain open with no return to a so-called hard border but if the british really are intent on leaving the customs union and the single market as well as the e.u. itself then how will they meet irish demands terrorism a has been negotiating on two fronts on the one hand she's been hammering out
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a deal with it in you twenty seven countries in brussels but she's also had to talk to politicians here in westminster she needs to be sure that a majority of m.p.'s will support any deal that she brings back. the prime minister called to ignore a small party from northern ireland who give her that majority in parliament these unionists are opposed to concessions on the irish border which they fear could undermine northern ireland's future in the united kingdom. we have been very clear northern ireland must leave the european union in the same terms as the rest of the united kingdom and we will not accept any form of regulatory divergence which separates northern ireland economically or politically from the rest of the u.k. when the. you know they still believe breaks it can be stopped that seems
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unlikely but the faltering negotiations on the government's weak position mean that almost eighteen months after the u.k. voted to leave you not much about the future is clear to me phillips al-jazeera westminster. now thousands of people have been protesting across. spain supreme court refused to grant bail to four procession leaders accused of sedition they took to the streets as campaigning got underway for the region's election on the twenty first of december on his former vice president or. says he was refused bail to stop him from running in the poll madrid says this that was an attempt to find a democratic way out of the crisis sparked by told the secession referendum. on his former leader to hear if he'll be extradited from belgium has opened a campaign rally via video address calloused urged voters to view the election as they second part of the referendum has government held two months ago. if there is
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something they are afraid of if there is something that makes their legs streak is that all december twenty first we have the kind of people who want this country to go forward we should vote all together for catalonia we should not get a good result we should when the organization of american states says it can't be certain about the election results and on dura citing irregularities errors and systematic problems there have been widespread protests over that it lay in an ounce and a winner with the opposition challenger salvador nasr less saying the results are being manipulated he was leading initially after the vote on the twenty sixth of november but the latest count has president won on land and land there's out front by just over one percent. still ahead on the bulletin the u.s. supreme court backs donald trump's travel ban on sex mostly muslim nations and living with hiv a whole young people are bearing the brunt of africa's aids epidemic.
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by the springtime flowers of a mountain lake. to find smoke on the interstate. weather's looking pretty quiet now across much of the middle east but we have got some clouds some rain some sleet and snow in our forecast again it is going to be coming in off the turkish mountains he comes out a rare cloud thinking the eastern side of the mediterranean so cloud over here is to go through the next day. pushing down across syria lebanon jordan but for some but look at the rain that's there across the mountains jan returning to snow as we go on into the middle part of the way and the cloud did make its way across iraq towards that western side of iraq that is of course if you see a few spots of rain coming in here that generally fine and dry with plenty of sunshine as is the case too across much of the arabian peninsula just around the
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southern sections of the gulf you might just catch want to show was i suspect it will fly far and dry temperatures typically getting up to around twenty five or twenty six degrees light winds it will feel pleasant as we go through the next few days but the presence here across the good parts of southern africa but the eastern cape seeing some big downpours as we go through tuesday on into wednesday the rain still very much in place a little further north woods and east was some showers there up towards towards the congo basin joining up the wet weather we have crossed hearts of africa for much of the gulf of guinea is dry but wet to the west. the weather sponsored by. making. their online the u.s. response to. the drug trade over the last fifty years has been criminal or if you join us. is a dialogue could be leading to some of the confusion about people saying they don't
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actually know what's going on join the conversation at this time on al-jazeera. it's good to have you with us on al-jazeera these are our top stories. the president has been killed by his allies the rebels. room together. and played a pivotal role in the civil war. european union so they confident about an agreement on the terms of this so-called divorce bill so despite failing to reach a deal on monday the main sticking point and talks is what the border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland would look like and thousands of
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people have been protesting across spain supreme court refused to grant bail to four process session leaders accused of sedition former vice president says he was refused bail to stop him from running in the regions and lection later this month. the french president of the latest a want to get donald trump's possible recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital join the fun conversation that jerusalem status must be decided in peace talks between israelis and palestinians will saudi arabia is also why. and on that issue it's a bestseller the u.s. says the move could heighten tensions in the region and other arab states have warned president trump against moving the embassy from tel aviv israel claims to resume as its capital but that's not recognize by international law harry for such has more. changing the status of this consulate here in jerusalem to an embassy was one of the key campaign pledges as far as donald trump's foreign policy went during
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his presidential campaign it has though butted up against the realities of the political situation here as he also tries to implement tries to come up with a peace plan that would be suitable to both sides his key man on this jared cushion his son in law said on sunday that the americans understood the palestinian red lines that president trump was examining all the facts before he made a decision on whether to move the embassy from tel aviv to here but now we have this other potential major obstacle as far as the palestinians are concerned an announcement on wednesday which could see the united states whatever the status of this consulate in the short term recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel the palestinian president mahmoud abbas has said that that would threaten the entire peace process but not as an issue. i don't think that this will happen the arab and muslim world should stand against it. but when trump says something like this he
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should take responsibility for the consequences this is not just the palestinians this will spill over to other countries that's very much the reaction coming from the palestinian leadership as well that this would not just threaten the peace process also it would threaten stability in the wider middle east privately palestinian officials are also talking about this potentially being an opportunity a way to break with the united states before any trump plan is announced and reset the nature of the relationship between the u.s. and the palestinians but if that is the case it doesn't seem to be an opportunity that they're really welcoming given how hard mahmoud abbas and his team are working to try and head off this decision before it happens there have been all sorts of bilateral contacts with other powers in the region of these i mean conference the arab league there is a huge effort to stop donald trump from making this announcement on wednesday now all eyes are on washington to see what happens and what the consequences of it
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might be. the u.s. supreme court well allow the trumpet ministration to fully enforce its controversial travel ban until an appeal against it as heard the ruling extends the band of people from six muslim majority countries to venezuela and north korea she have a chance he has more from washington d.c. . this is a big victory for the trump administration oral arguments would you should begin this week are due to begin this week in two federal appeals courts on this third incarnation of the travel ban but and injunction a partial injunction been placed on the travel ban that injunction said those with a bonafide relationship with the united states that is with close family relations or business or education ties to the u.s. should not be affected by the travel ban while it's working its way through the courts and conceivably ending up at the supreme court the supreme court however has decided there is no need for that injunction that's particularly significant
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because the wording that was used for this injunction was from the supreme court's adjudication of the second travel ban it was a supreme court who said that those with a bonafide relationship should not be affected by the second travel ban well it was working its way through the courts it appears though that now a majority of justices don't feel that it's necessary words clear that they don't feel it's necessary for the third travel ban which suggests perhaps and this is where the speculation comes in that well the third travel ban ends up at the supremes court in the coming weeks and majority of justice is no longer have the objections they once did with the other incarnations of the band that's very good news for the trumpet ministration refugees in the great port city of patras are taking increasingly desperate measures to end to hear that their numbers are small and since many land borders were caused when the e.u. and turkey made a deal last year john how has this exclusive report on the dangerous reality for many pursuing a better life. the game begins when the trucks arrive
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on the outer perimeter police patrols inside the fence the harbor guard. the goal for hundreds of young men playing cat and mouse like this every day is to find a secure hiding place aboard a truck in the hope of being driven on to one of the ferries bound for italy. some imagined better life lies beyond across borders now closed where once refugees were welcomed in their hundreds of thousands it must be a life better than this surviving between bouts on the harbor for caught in old warehouses on the sea front. little is left of what normal life once was this is a picture of everyday life for the dozens of men perhaps hundreds more in deserted warehouses close to report wake up eat pray and then run from the trucks and then
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repeat and repeat again and again. mostly single men from pakistan and afghanistan they fight nightly battles with moroccans and algerians in another warehouse nearby all have the same relentless ambition after sharm from lahore has tried twenty times to board the trucks sixteen year old amir saw hail also from lahore twenty four times and counting in a few hours they will try again. outside a medical charity attends to the sick and injured the majority of the injuries these guys get is when they're on the fences or they're trying to run away from the police or cutting their hands on the fence and this one gentleman this morning is talking about a military individual and smash his hand very well and we're going to send a hospital to fresh air it's broken. spotters on the roof send word that trucks are arriving for the next ferry sailing and so the game begins again like
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a human tide they surge and then recede jonah how al-jazeera at the port of pump trust greece. one hundred refugees has set up camp in the no man's land between myanmar and abandon their they're among the more than six hundred thousand behind you who fled violence in myanmar since august child stratford reports from the camp some water begum is sick and so is her eighteen month old baby yasser. they fled the military crackdown on the hinge in myanmar three months ago the tumi refugee camp on a small stretch of land sandwiched on the border between bangladesh and myanmar is where they live now when refugees here want medicine they have no choice but to cross the river into bangladesh to get it. it gets damn i'm cold at night that's why we got sick and have breathing problems the water is
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also ready contaminated in the camp the smallest head of the we are really suffering here we can go to man mark can we go to. the bangladeshi army says aid workers can't go inside the camp because it is beyond their military jurisdiction the army also stops people moving into other refugee camps further back from the border. on the other side of the border fence me and most soldiers sits in the bush is only a few meters away from the camp. other troops patrol the border fence the ranger we spoke to here say they feel trapped under froid the bangladeshi myanmar border fence is about one hundred meters behind me across the stream inside this camp which is in no man's land there around six thousand ranger living now the fact that the bangladeshi military will not allow aid workers inside that camp shows just how vulnerable these people are the u.n.
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says it's working with the bangladesh government on a plan to move the refugees in no man's land to camps where humanitarian aid is more readily available you and i sat at the gates for all ranking officials in bangladesh to be a committed within refugee community especially for those and difficult for each area is so far you and i see it has a plan to accommodate sixteen thousand in those areas to be accommodated in the extension of quite a bit on can based on their discussion with the government that the priority now is for takoma death ten thousand of those refugees and the extension of could have a long camp at least six hundred twenty five thousand ranger who fled the recent military crackdown in myanmar bangladesh has been praised by the international community for giving shelter to an ethnic group that has suffered decades of persecution in myanmar. the bangladeshis are struggling to cope
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the government has approved a two hundred eighty million dollar plan to move tens of thousands of ranger refugees to temporary shelters on an island on the coast but it's vulnerable to cyclons a natural disaster. bangladeshi generosity is being tested. and this means that hundreds of thousands of refugees remain vulnerable and scared especially those forced to shelter in no man's land charles stratford al-jazeera bangladesh the united nations aids agency is urging african countries to protect young women and children it says they're bearing the brunt of the conscience aids epidemic the call was made at a conference on a child and aids which is under way in the ivory coast. these young people represent an emerging health crisis in africa i knew i positive generation that is sexually active. give us
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a for every young person here living with the virus there are four others who are staying away. from. this fifteen year old has been living with the virus for eight years now and all these years only her immediate family know why condition not even the neighbors. the stigma associated with the infection has discouraged many young people present themselves for screening. and experts warn of an impending health crisis. he's actually. going to say. transmission of its ip and then not
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have the knowledge. base for more than half a million children up to the age of fifteen in west africa is to me to be infected with the virus eight out of ten of them get life saving and. medicines many youngsters have not been identified to interview because access to testing facilities like this in government hospitals is often. in this government hospital why six thousand young people have been registered to. begin to drive to screen more. west in central africa currently a counselor a quarter of child and adolescent infections wild white. the situation is worse in
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east and south than africa but with the rising infections and limited access to testing and treatment the few areas that could change. lagos. now one of the largest diamonds ever discovered has been sold at auction in new york for six and a half million dollars the seven hundred and nine carat star and being called the piece diamond was found in sierra leone if the government says half of the proceeds from the sale will go directly towards providing clean water and health facilities . bollywood actor shashi kapoor has died in mumbai the age of seventy nine and he had been battling a kidney illness he was a member of the kapoor dynasty who often called bollywood first family but he went beyond mainstream cinema financing and acting in award winning independent films cup holders also india's first crossover actor doing several films in the u.s. and the u.k. .
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hello again i'm going to have a problem and the headlines on al-jazeera yemen's ousted president has been killed by his former allies the hurt the rebels ali abdullah saleh ruled again and for more than three decades and played a pivotal role in the civil war well the u.n. has described the streets of salah as a battleground as fighting and airstrikes and tense a fire the international committee of the red cross estimates at least one hundred twenty five people have been killed in the past week humanitarian operations including flights to and from the capital have been suspended the u.n. is calling for a pause in fighting to help civilians caught in the violence. it is paramount that civilians are protected that the wounded or forty eight say faxes to medical care and that all sites facilitate lifesaving humanitarian access will remind all parties. we remind all parties to the conflict that deliberate attacks against
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civilians and against civilian and medical infrastructure or clear violations of international humanitarian law may constitute war crimes question in the e.u. so they're confident about reaching an agreement on the terms of this so-called divorce bill so despite failing to reach a deal on monday the main sticking point in breaks the talks is what the border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland would look like thousands of people have been protesting across catching on here after spain supreme court refused to grant bail to food processing leaders accused of sedition former vice president already on home care the us says he was refused bail to stop them from running in the regions election later this month the french president is the latest to warn against donald trump's possible recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital during a phone conversation with that jerusalem status must be decided in peace talks between israelis and palestinians the u.s. supreme court to allow the trumpet ministration to fully enforce its controversial
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travel bag until an appeal against it is heard the ruling extends the band to people from six muslim majority countries plus venezuela and north korea all have a formal news bulletin for you and just under thirty minutes coming up next hour is the stream thank you very much for watching and see you soon. facing realities if a piece of machinery goes wrong is there a chain of litigation through which we can bring a legal system to bear getting to the heart of the matter i don't think we need of the what some of my producers is the hear their story on talk to how does iraq at this time. ok and you're in the string we're live on al-jazeera and you tube today we bring you our most requested.


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