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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 6, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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hello and welcome to this hour jazeera news live from doha i'm martine denis coming up in the next sixty minutes u.s. president donald trump to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital despite warnings it'll up and decades of diplomacy and risk of violent protests. on durham police refused to follow orders and then force a curfew imposed after the disputed presidential election. and the world for has a sign a declaration to deal with worsening pollution but will it make any difference i'm going to get your ask over the only good day sporting clued in russia banned from the winter olympics that athletes and now facing the tough decision of whether to compete as neutrals all have over reaction in sport.
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there are repercussions of president trump's expected decision to recognize your roussillon as israel's capital and move the american embassy there are already being felt even before he makes the announcement palestinian leaders in the occupied west bank a calling for three days of rage president mahmoud abbas says trump's move will have dangerous consequences similar sentiments of come from saudi arabia's king sound man who says the decision will inflame the feelings of muslims he along with the leaders of egypt jordan turkey syria the e.u. france and germany they're all warning trump against it the status of jerusalem is a central issue in the israeli palestinian conflict israel claims the entire city and that's against international law was the palestinians but they want the occupied eastham cost of the city as a capital of a future state. we'll have full coverage with harry force it who is in occupied
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east jerusalem is going to hold a abdulhamid she's in ramallah in the occupied west bank and we've got bernard smith using gaza first said let's have this report from she have returns in washington d.c. . that's beautiful at the white house there was no sense of the international uproar that's been caused by donald trump's forthcoming speech announcing the u.s. is recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital this is a campaign promise to keep trump financial danas like las vegas casino magnate sheldon adelson and his poor right wing evangelical base whom the president needs now move them ever as his popularity ratings plummet throughout the day the president briefed the regional leaders which led to this question at the state department briefing i'm wondering if you can say that that he's gotten the support of anyone for any decision that he might make so again i'm not going to characterize those conversations minutes later the white house press secretary was similarly callie about the decision i'm not going to get ahead of the president's
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remarks that he'll make tomorrow to say other than israel which thinks this move is twenty two years overdue that all of the feedback he's been getting from world leaders is overwhelmingly negative so no again he spoke with five leaders that's hardly indicative of everybody across the globe mr president the fifth leader the president called was the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu israeli politicians have welcomed trucks decision on jerusalem the israeli mayor of the city so that the embassy move could take two minutes by switching the sign on the current u.s. consulate in west jerusalem administration officials who didn't want publicly to be named later said that was not going to happen more about building a new embassy would take at least three to four years to the question of whether that means of this decision could be reversed if president doesn't stay on for a second term the officials insisted once the process of planning and you embassy begins it would reach its conclusion they also said the president was simply
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affirming what they called quote reality both historical and modern that connected the state of israel to the city they argued issues of sovereignty would not change i was. not moving the embassy since it was required by congress in one thousand nine hundred five have not made any difference to the peace process but trumpet ministration was still committed to a two state solution they said if that's what both parties wanted but with reports over the weekend that the president's middle east envoy is pushing a saudi backed plan that gives israel full control of all of jerusalem it appears that trump's announcement on wednesday will be in keeping with the direction of his administration's emerging middle east policy she ever times the old washington well let's have a look at some of the first global reaction that's been coming in within the past couple of hours iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali how my name says president trance intention to move the u.s.
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embassy to jerusalem would be a sign of incompetence and failure the leader of the catholic church pope francis has spoken to the palestinian president saying it's essential to recognize the rights of all people in the holy land the british foreign secretary boris johnson says he's waiting to see exactly what will be announced but says he's concerned about what's being reported so far and china's foreign ministry is worried about an escalation in tensions urging all sides to avoid causing new confrontation first let's go to harry forsett he's our correspondent in occupied east jerusalem is at the damascus gate in many ways where you are is the eye of the storm isn't there we haven't heard anything from prime minister benjamin netanyahu but the mare of jerusalem has been quite vocal in his approval. that's right we've had some reaction from politicians especially on the israeli right we had the mayor talking about thanking donald trump from the bottom of his heart for validating what he
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said was three thousand years or excuse me of jewish history the transport minister as well saying that if it comes in we believe that it will this declaration of jerusalem as the capital of israel will be more consequential more important even than if he had announced the immediate transfer of the embassy from tel aviv to here as you heard in that report from she have a few minutes ago there is a lot of effort being made by u.s. officials to try and frame this in a way that suggests that the declaration will not head off the possibility of a two state solution and jerusalem being part of a final settlement but as far as people here are concerned and we've been speaking people here because of insanity they say that it is essentially in contradiction of a peace process that the united states itself is sponsoring as for benjamin netanyahu he has spoken at a diplomatic conference just a kilometer a couple good news away from here in west jerusalem and we were waiting to see if
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he may make some kind of reference to this in advance of president trying speech he has been maintaining his birthday he was doing his usual thing about boosting israeli technology abroad talking about the importance of the u.s. alliance and also the importance of confronting iran so far nothing about the impending declaration coming from the united states all right thank you very much house will sit there live in occupied east jerusalem harder abdulhamid is now in ramallah in the occupied west bank of the palestinian president mahmoud abbas has was one of the five leaders the president spoke to on the third and that was about twenty four hours ago and palestinian president less is less his feelings be known in no uncertain terms. yes absolutely i mean shortly after that phone conversation his office issued a statement saying that president mahmoud abbas had warned about the implications
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of such a move if indeed as it happens he said that he was informed of the intentions of president trump now what we heard also from various palestinian officials is that they would still didn't have any details about what exactly is president trump going to say if he's going to say that jerusalem is an undivided capital of israel as israelis. describe it or if he's going to keep that word undivided out of his speech they say they will have to look really very closely at the wording by president trump later today that said they also do say that actually for example one of the senior officials said that really that would be the move if indeed it happens would be a kiss of death to do two state solution because simply because the u.s. at that point cannot be seen anymore as a broker as a mediator between the two sides but actually do u.s.
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is taking blatantly one side even though you know there was always been complete throughout the decades throughout the peace process that. the various u.s. administrations have always been more biased towards israel than the palestinians but this one they say is the most symbolic of moves and after that they really cannot deal with the any administration as a mediator in a peace process even though at the moment it's been quite slow if not even paralyzed there hasn't been any advancement for the past few years and ever since president trump came to power we haven't really heard him say two words to state solution we heard him talk about an ultimate deal but he has never really spelled out what that ultimate deal would. be all right heard abdul hamid live in ramallah now to bernard smith who is in gaza and from from the scene behind you burn it it
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looks as though people are not even bothering to wait for the up to learn out some and they're already taking to the streets to show their anger and frustration marty has an indication of what might come after trump makes his expected announcement later on today this was a protest it's actually winding down a little bit now this is an earlier protest here in central gaza today where people were talking about jerusalem al cards as it's known in arabic as the capital of the palestinian people but people here say that this protest this small was a small ball of fire that was going to roll and roll and become a much bigger ball of fire so there is real concern here that this announcement could spark much larger protests the palestinian leadership has called for three days of rage hamas is in the process here in gaza of handing over power of gaza back to the palestinian authority in a reconciliation process with fatah or hamas leadership and other smaller factions
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here in gaza have given their full support behind their backing towards mahmoud abbas supporting him in opposing a new declaration as to roost as the capital of israel so there's full unity here on the palestinian street behind this cause to protest against jerusalem being called the capital of israel marty live in gaza thank you very much indeed for now we can speak to mohammad marandi he's dean of the faculty of world studies at the university of tehran and the spirit the supreme leader of iran ayatollah khomeini has said that u.s. hands are tied on the issue of palestine i'm wondering what does he mean. but i think in iran the feeling is that in a sort of strange way this is a positive development because the hypocrisy has been set aside by the united
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states previous administrations have basically been very one completely one sided in their dealings with the palestinian issue and. the two state solution has been dead for a very long time the american administrations previous have always allowed the israeli regime to build new settlements in the west bank and right now there is really no way that there can be any sort of palestinian state in the west bank i think that so what trump has done is basically he has revealed he's come out in the open things are clear cut those regimes in the region who are very close to the united states like saudi arabia the united arab emirates and others have revealed themselves to have no influence over the country i think people know where things stand now and he apartheid activists across the world now should look at reality and see that the two state solution this first side is dead ok and when he actually
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makes his statement we expect that to be later on today and what will you be specifically looking for because exactly and precisely the precise language of the uses will be very important indeed. well remember the united states has basically allowed the israelis to colonize. jerusalem or our ports over the past few decades this formal announcement that the united states will consider jerusalem to be the capital is something that was passed by congress and the senate years ago so everything is already happening. trump and he may declare that the united states will establish its embassy in jerusalem and accept it as the capital of israel but that really isn't all that important in itself it's all this
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has already happened the problem that i think we've had is that in the past european countries especially they've been trying to keep things quiet and tell the people of the region to remain silent because there may be hope for a two state solution well that's obviously gone the west bank as i said has been occupied jerusalem now is being treated as such palestinians are being driven out of their homes on a regular basis across the border we have to confront reality israel is an apartheid state just like apartheid south africa has an egg a legitimate right now the only solution is a one state solution and that means apartheid must be cast aside ok i was wondering what you made of the suggestion because the suggestion that's gaining in quite a bit of momentum and that is that this disruptive element of u.s. policy with regard to israel palestine is part of the broader policy for the middle
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east that has the consent if not the active participation of saudi arabia what do you think of that this being perhaps part of a larger. don't train to be applied to the region. it does seem that there is a great deal of coronation between the united states and mohammed. the son and. it has a very close relationship it's very hard to imagine that the saudis didn't know about this before hand and they seem to be in full agreement across the board so there's no reason and there is talk about of course about some sort of interim settlement with the palestinians were of course the policy and in reality again nothing nothing substantial so yes i think that that's probably the case but on the other hand i think that in reality this current saudi arabia immensely because
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world public opinion whether they're muslim or arab or whether they're anti-apartheid activists across the world they will see these countries allow the united states to take this position without attempting to punish the united states as guilty mohammed. was live from tehran thank you very much. now the rest of the day's news is coming up which includes california wildfires fueled by high winds tens of thousands of people from their homes and the g.c.c. summit ends with new solution in sight to the standoff within and australia's cricket is take a big step towards winning back the ashes from england they will have all the details in sport. but now to yemen where fighting has escalated in the northern part of the country forcing more families out of the forces from the saudi led coalition battling the
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fighters inside the province it's a who think stronghold close to the saudi border. well the u.s. says it's extremely concerned about the situation there and the u.n. security council is similarly worried following the killing of the ousted president ali abdullah saleh on monday in particular their call on parties to immediately provide safe rapid anie hindered and sustained commercial and humanitarian access to the populations of all affected governorates through all of yemen's forts and airports most importantly who data boards and some airport. the member of the security council urged all size to uphold their obligations under international humanitarian law.
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and in another development yemeni women have been protesting in front of the military hospital in the capital sanaa they're demanding what they're calling a proper funeral for. the head of. the monday after switching allegiances to the solid a led coalition then attacked the protesting women prompting them to run for their lives. now go for it is a fiercely criticize yemen's who says i'm dead wrong which they accuse of backing the rebels as they finish the summit but there was little or no discussion about the diplomatic standoff between three members say the books was disputed since its creation june report from kuwait city. while the announcement that this year's gulf cooperation council summit would go ahead as planned in kuwait came as a surprise to many it also brought renewed hope for
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a diplomatic breakthrough that might in the gulf crisis upon his arrival in kuwait on tuesday is a mere shift i mean been hammered a thani issued a statement expressing sincere gratitude toward kuwait's emir. and his wishes for the success of the current summit stressing that the current situation in the region required the council's members to band together against all odds and challenges but even before the summit officially kicked off the divisions were very much on display. first the united arab emirates announced it had formed a new economic and military partnership with saudi arabia that would be separate from the g.c.c. then saudi arabia the u.a.e. and decided not to send their respective leaders to kuwait it could be that it is embarrassing for some of the leadership of the country is the quartet work i think anthony is. to turn up. therefore they sent
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a lower level but it could be that they're really just wanted to have this. just to show that they're actually still exist and the summit is going to take place but nothing else is going to have been which is a really disappointing in that case. in the end a summit that is usually slated for two days ended after only a few hours kuwait's emir said his country will continue mediating in the dispute protests so we're going to crucially you recent months of saying a lot of trouble in the wisdom of my brothers of the leaders of the gulf countries managed to calm things down and now meeting today will lead us to continue playing the role that will live up to the aspirations of our people in order to have certain mechanisms to sort out disputes with guarantees that will allow everyone to abide by these rules. added that the gulf has faced painful and negative developments over the past six months due to the rift it. six months to the day
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since the beginning of the blockade against qatar some here in kuwait say the fact that representatives of all member countries actually showed up means that this summit should ultimately be considered a success others however say that today's developments call into question if the g.c.c. an institution which at its core is meant to highlight regional unity will be able to survive much longer how much improvement does it wait. now a full recount or a runoff that's a proposal from the hunger in opposition to end a stalemate over. presidential election the electoral commission has failed to declare an official witness for him valan protests and a nighttime curfew. follow reports in late police and now refusing to confront the protest says and they're demanding an end to the crisis. after more than a week since the presidential elections in honduras a winner has yet to be named prolonging a political crisis a nationwide curfew remains in effect but across the country protests continue well
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into the night hours. in the latest turn of events hundreds of elite police forces known as cobras have announced they will no longer be obeying orders to enforce the ten day curfew one officer told reporters they are rebelling. our people are sovereign and we are in their service furthermore we cannot be confronting and crushing their rights. going demonstrations continue to call for a hundred president one orlando at nine this to step down and for the national elections commission to finalize an announcement the organization of american states has expressed concerns over quote irregularities errors and systemic problems within the elections and have issued recommendations that the process become more transparent. demonstrations blocking roads and bridges are also having a significant economic impact across honduras several cities are reporting fuel and food shortages causing worry that the political crisis is only getting worse.
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said a un environmental conference in kenya have agreed on tough action against plastic waste entering the oceans they decide a resolution which they hope will combat what the un. has described as a planetary crisis there's no timetable and the resolution isn't legally binding let's go live to nairobi in a moment but first. mini on a whole new looks at just how big the problem of plastic erosions has become. five trillion pieces of plastic in our oceans more than a million plastic bags used every minute millions trillions for many of us these are huge numbers difficult to comprehend well here's an idea of just how big the problem has become for our planet eight million tons of plastic ins up in our oceans every year most of it used just the once and then thrown away that c
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equivalent of a rubbish truck of plastic every minute at this rate that will grow to two trucks a minute by the year twenty thirty and for trucks going into our oceans every minute by twenty fifty by which time by weight they will be as much plastic if not more in our oceans than fish plastic like this more than five trillion pieces is already there in our oceans creating these huge garbage patches the largest of which is floating off the pacific coast of the united states right let's go live now to the summit taking place in the kenyan capital nairobi our correspondent there is katherine sawyer katherine. absolutely martin thank you this resolution is expected to be adopted sometime this afternoon . at the resolution and joining me to discuss the details is norway's environment
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minister helgason thank you very much mr minister perhaps you can tell us what are the main proposals in this resolution and what it hopes to achieve i think the most important is that we are now uniting the world behind deciding to stop the discharge of plastics into the ocean now that's not going to be overnight done overnight but it is important that the world says we need to stop this and then we're looking at action to be taken at the country levels we need better waste management systems not least in those countries that are the biggest sources of this problem and we need a better international architecture and we're going to spend the next year and a half determining exactly what that would look like and that's what we agreed today the proposal also calls for sort of a task force to be a star to look into loopholes and regulations as well tell us briefly about that yeah that's exactly what's going to happen over the next year and a half is going to be an expert group where all countries can participate and other
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stakeholders can also contribute to look at how can we bridge the gaps how can we close the gaps that exist there is no coherent international governing framework for fighting marine litter and we need that it could take the form of voluntary arrangements but a binding international agreement is also on the table so these are options that will be discussed over the next year but there was a sticking point to this issue of a binding legal mechanism a lot of ministers have raised concern about that so is it still on the table has that been resolved now it is one of the options that will be on the table for the next year and a half but i'd like to underscore that even if we were to have a binding agreement a year and a half from now or some. years down the line that's not the solution in its own right so whichever international framework we agree on we need action on the ground and that can't wait so there is an international process that is
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a long term process but action has to start or has to be stepped up right now and that means countries like my own will have to provide more funding towards supporting establishing why waste management systems beach cleanup operations innovation into alternatives to plastic and alternative ways of using plastic that her whole array of actions that need to be taken be that as it may i mean the eventual plan we have to talk about a legal mechanism of sorts even if you've said that you know. more things need to be done so how will you get countries you know big polluters like china and the u.s. and india to be on board with such a move and we know they've been very jittery especially when we start talking about legislation well in any walk of life or any field of international affairs some countries are more skeptical towards international binding agreements than others so those countries need more time on that score but we need to keep the discussion
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alive about what is the most effective way and the race for agreement here today that we need more concerted international action and that's a very good starting point and the reason green meant that we need to eliminate the discharge of plastics into the oceans and that's also a very good start because that's a joint and shared horizon for the world thank you very much mr minister and marty in this assembly the delegates here have been also discussing a wide range of other issues around pollution all aspects of pollution air pollution pollution caused by you know elements like lead which is a big issue pollution caused by macular which affects millions of people who live around areas where mockery is regularly use so we expect big decisions on that but a lot of delegates i've talked to here. they're saying that you know beyond these resolutions beyond bold political statements made in forums like this they need to be more action they need to that needs to be political goodwill so that when
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ministers and heads of state go back to the country they fact some of these decisions because with that that political goodwill nothing will come to fruit it all comes down to individual member states martin catherine soy live in the kenyan capital nairobi thank you. coming up in just a little while richard will have the weather class. closure for the families of argentinean soldiers who were killed in the falklands war of nineteen eighty two there remains a finally identified after a forensic investigation. libya's government puts families at the center of commemorations marking a year since a big victory ever eisel. and heading for the last sixteen we'll let you know who's into the knockout stages of the champions league we'll have all the details.
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true tranquil a rave you can use. canned fruit juice and if any should come to. europe's weather is about to get quite interesting in the supplementary many western areas are under relatively fine conditions problems with fog of course at this time of year but things are looking quite lively but further up towards the north so let's move up in that direction and we have got an area of low pressure you see that occurred of cloud it was the west the one to keep the eye on because i take the cloud off and put the isobars on you can see this area of low pressure developing a moving in towards scandinavia and all the while the isobars a really tiny space together indicating some very strong winds certain is potential for gusts of wind one hundred seventy eight hundred forty kilometers per hour and some large amounts of civilization are there in the form of rain or indeed the higher elevations snow so that's what we're seeing that rain a push in across northern areas june wednesday and on into thursday with the snow
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developing across parts of norway and sweden we're going to see temperatures certainly drop away once this cold air begins to push down because the north the wind is going to become more established so as we look at the wider picture across europe then we're going to see fine weather across southern and southeastern areas but then eventually as out low begins to push down the cold air establishes right across many parts of western europe. the weather sponsored by cat time riis. the world's largest humanitarian crisis millions caught up in civil war all jews who were world examines the conflict in yemen and the complex history but through a country into perpetual time a. unique field the separation of. the north and the south. dualisms are part of it through. yemen the north south divide this time.
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it really is the international perspective that said al jazeera parts other news outlets beyond first it says about three adding up to the plate power outage to me journalism is about public service and making a difference in people's lives i'm amazed every day by reporting on al-jazeera and the places that my colleagues go it inspires me to take a different approach to how i would put use your. time for
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a certain idea of the main story here at al-jazeera president trump is it's right to announce someone say that the u.s. will officially recognize jerusalem as israel's capital and has plans to relocate the american embassy that arab leaders are calling for three days of rage in protest against the move the palestinian president mahmoud abbas says it could have dangerous consequences regional and world leaders are also warning against the jerusalem declaration for the location of the u.s. embassy in israel has long been the content. just massa in washington d.c. us a department correspondent rawson job as a background. at the white house in september one thousand nine hundred three a handshake to celebrate the signing of the first oslo accord and the prospect of peace between israelis and palestinians including a deal on the status of jerusalem but then the u.s. congress decided to get involved even at the risk of up ending peace talks
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legislators passed what is formally known as the jerusalem embassy act of one nine hundred ninety five it requires washington to move its embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem the penalty a freeze in state department spending however congress also gave the white house the right to delay the move for six months on national security grounds to date that wavers been in vogue more than twenty times people who want the embassy in jerusalem say the law is simply a matter of respecting israel's right to choose its own capital. that hasn't been the view from the white house for fifty years. both democratic and republican presidents had watched the carnage from the one nine hundred sixty seven and nine hundred seventy three arab israeli wars their early efforts to prevent those wars and then to broker peace largely thing but despite their own affection for israel
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all of these men from lyndon johnson and richard nixon to bill clinton george bush and barack obama ultimately agreed on two things only direct negotiations based on u.n. security council resolutions two for two and three three eight and then on both oslo accords the result of the jurors on question and moving the embassy could lead to a collapse and talks or worse riots across the region. now that president donald trump is deciding to change course the world is about to learn whether his predecessors had good reason to be cautious when jordan al-jazeera washington. turkey as president is describing the money laundering trial of attack his banker in new york because a u.s. conspiracy. says the trial is a ploy to destruct while the u.s. government plans to strengthen syrian kurdish groups christian salumi reports from
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new york. for nearly a week journalists from turkey along with businessmen and students have been pouring into the federal court in manhattan so have opponents of the turkish government wanted to hear for themselves allegations of widespread corruption back home. we are upset and concerned these trials should have actually been held in turkey reza rob a turkish iranian gold trader testified that turkey's current president. won authorized the scheme to launder iranian money in turkish banks in violation of u.s. sanctions saurabh also said he paid tens of millions of dollars in bribes to this man former qana minister's offer child similar charges were raised by investigators in turkey four years ago but later dropped and labeled politically motivated by the government while it's times it feels as if the turkish government is on trial here in new york the man actually facing charges as a turkish banker member at
1:38 pm
a con until his lawyers described him as a career civil servant someone who never took a bribe and was merely following the orders of those above him in a country where iran is considered a friend not a foe. president of turkey has accused the u.s. court of attempting to undermine his government by using evidence fabricated by supporters of fatah glenn the self exiled turkish religious leader whom they blame for orchestrating an attempted coup last year. over the. air one even launched his own investigation of the us prosecutors who deny the claim one of the big arguments that the turkish government has made repeatedly is that this current case in the united states is an extension of a corruption case in turkey in two thousand and thirteen that was subsequently dismissed zurab also testified that he bribed his way out of the two thousand and thirteen turkish corruption investigation and then went straight back to monitoring money until his attorneys say the gold trader will say anything to get
1:39 pm
a lighter sentence very big bad news for. the same time so our law is very powerful in turkey so. you know he's made. you know supporting him more sort of the country do not here does oleg asians here or they hear. pro-government angles. that's why some court observers worry that a conviction of a tiller in the u.s. could mean a further crackdown on political dissent in turkey christian salumi al jazeera new york the worst year on record for wildfires in southern california is ending with more homes being destroyed one hundred kilometer an hour winds are whipping flames higher in ventura county north of los angeles work on some of hollywood's best known t.v. shows has stopped and three hundred thousand californians have been forced out of their homes this week fire crews couldn't stop the blaze crossing highway one
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o one which connects is along the coast of california. the remains of hundreds of argentinian troops who were buried as unknown soldiers during the nineteen eighty two falklands war have now been identified it's giving relatives a chance for closure as today's a bow reports now from weather siders. no tomorrow my sister brother in law to go was nineteen years old when he went to war and was killed. that was thirty five years ago and not a man has traveled from the remote north of argentina to the capital to find out whether her brother's remains have been positively identified. i am very anxious them very upset because i'm not sure whether they have found him my mother died a few months ago waiting for us we need to know and be able to meet them a proper burial we need to know whether they have found him in. argentina and the united kingdom went to war when argentine troops invaded the british controlled.
1:41 pm
which the argentine. during the two months of fighting two hundred fifty five british troops and nearly six hundred fifty argentine soldiers were killed about twenty percent of the soldiers killed in that war where an identified buried in graves marked only by a simple message i didn't only known to god according to a report by the international committee of the red cross out of one hundred twenty one graves eighty eight of them were clearly identified the relatives of those who were killed during the war were brought here to this building where they are informed whether their loved ones where. they would be there has been working identifying victims in war zones for decades he says working on the islands was not easy. it was a complex process that took a very long time but the red cross form the team that involved experts be different
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specialties from all around the world working on the islands was difficult because of the conditions there but it was successful. what made possible the identification process was an agreement between the u.k. and argentina with the assistance of the red cross. this agreement was based on humanitarian law and it's an umbrella that unites all those aside from the conflict that exists between countries that we will have to resolve but also shows that when the end benefits everyone the objectives can be achieved it. on tuesday not a model mace was told that her brother a lot of the was among those identified she's now hoping to eventually return her brother to the disputed islands where he was killed to be buried in a grave with a stone that will bear his name. in libya a ceremony is being held to celebrate the first anniversary of the defeat of eisel
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in the coastal city of sirte mahmud up to one hundred reports from misrata where many of the soldiers who died in last year's government offensive came from. the libyan city of misrata members its fallen men hopeful to guinness to eisele incident last year. hear their families receive an award for them it's a time to remember the secular feiss that were made. we have already started compensating the families today's event is just a symbolic awarding and a commemoration for those that we have lost we have also been taking care of the wounded we're still chasing i saw affiliates outside assert. there are pictures of important moments caught on camera during the war and people probably watching how the relatives led those fierce a battles more than seven hundred
1:44 pm
fighters were killed fighting agonist i still considered last year most of them are from. the victims' families who are here today seem to have accepted their losses but many others are still in distress. at his family's house in misrata and money shows us a words of his fallen brother omar twenty year old was killed inserted in a suicide car bomb but. in august last year. ok. armadas memories are always there in our minds he's a martyr and in paradise god willing that he died with dignity and honor but he truly left behind a huge vacuum in our life. but it is different in the eyes of ten year old the fall . she remembers the good times with her late brother. this is my brother omar may god have mercy on his soul and that's me and that's my
1:45 pm
brother guys we were in the car going to the market. merely younger volunteers joined the seven month long battle that ended with isis defeat in sirte most of them were untrained but joined with enthusiast and phased suicide attacks like these. for. the loss of her brother has weighed heavily on her. family hopes it won't to have a lasting impact what outdoor had misurata. still to come here on the al-jazeera news hour find out about the tanzania an artist who's become the first black woman to win britain's most prestigious also award plus i think what we saw in sochi was truly a disgrace. in sports journey will have all the reaction to russians by and from
1:46 pm
the winter olympics.
1:47 pm
brighteyes with scorsese though his journey thank you very much a day off to russia's team was banned from the winter olympics and the court of arbitration for sport says it's received twenty two appeals from russian athletes banned over doping at the last games in sochi they want their verdicts before the next games begin in february in south korea now the i.o.c. is decision was the first time a country's team has been given a blanket ban for doping but clean russian athletes will be allowed to compete in
1:48 pm
the winter games as you trolls known also as a limb pick athletes from russia russia's deputy prime minister and former minister for sport has also been given a lifetime ban by the i.o.c. but as the head of the russian football union he still presides over next she is world cup preparations and russia has been fined fifteen million dollars for the cost of the investigation and to help fund an independent testing authority to be put in place before pyong chang the i.o.c. sending out a strong message on doping this time around. this became my new palatial enough at the end i don't think system in russia was an unprecedented attack on the integrity of the olympic games so i hope that these athletes will take a chance and we'll see what a great opportunity they have with this decision to present a clean generation of russian fleets and in this way to build a bridge into
1:49 pm
a clean their future of olympic sports well it's left russian athletes with that tough decision on whether to compete as neutrals figure skater. who was tipped as a gold medal favorite was just fourteen when the sochi games were taking place and there's never been any question overhead integrity bought she told the i.o.c. panel that her dream of competing at the olympics may now be over she said unfortunately now i understand that i can lose this chance because of circumstances that do not depend on me in any way i cannot accept the option that i would compete in the olympic games without the russian flag as a neutral athlete as a limpet committee head was a little more positive about the decision. the decision i should say from the very beginning is rather controversial there are both positive and negative sides speaking about the positive side the international
1:50 pm
olympic committee allowed all clean russian athletes both an individual and team sports to compete in the olympics this is first secondly this team will be called a team of russian athletes well there has been plenty of reaction from other countries and their athletes to many of welcomes the i.o.c. . never say nine like this in mind volman in. the thick movement obviously you go back to some dark iraq you know back in the sixties and seventies when a lot of drug cheating was taking place behind the. block in nice days but in the modern context this is overstriding changing that's what took place over there in russia and by the host nation and that's why i think it's such a serious. offense if a community in what has been such a serious response to jules boycott has an olympics also he told us that the irish i.o.c. should have acted sooner on doping and the ban will add to the problems. well the
1:51 pm
i.o.c. is a thicket of corruption and for too long it is shown willful gullibility when it comes to doping i heard a recent higher up from the international olympic committee say that the i.o.c. is interested in doping as long as it's not russia so there's been sort of a free pass given to russia for a long time so they've known about this going way back the international olympic committee has and it failed to act in a significant manner that changes today these are significant penalties that they're putting toward russia for some not enough some people wanted a blanket ban of a valid have brought some clean athletes into the vortex and allowed them to not participate ticket sales are very low right now the national hockey league full of all sorts of hockey stars is not letting their players go to play in the p.r. chuang olympics they've already cut down an ancient forest to make way for a ski run getting the ire of activists and the games prices doubled from around six billion in the beginning to more than thirteen billion today so they have
1:52 pm
a handful of problems and the russian doping scandal is not helping well australia's cricketers have taken a two nothing lead over england in the ashes series after winning in adelaide england began the day needing one hundred seventy eight runs to win and it would have been a record chase for them but they lost wickets quickly captain joe root was out on sixty seven having failed to add any runs on day five mitchell starc rich through the batting order taking five wickets for eighty eight until england were all out sauce trail winning five hundred twenty runs the third test starts in perth on december the fourteenth and if a straight win that now win back the ashes on a strain as captain is certainly breathing a sigh of relief. yet has has been a pretty tough twenty four hours from being honest. you know it's so hard of being captain of a country you have to make difficult decisions and sometimes you know make the wrong decision you know it's all part of a learning experience and hopefully i can learn something from this guy. i think
1:53 pm
the way that we the way that we got about a second innings is i think. everyone really that we're still massively in this series. i think the simplest that we've we shall know throughout the two games here is that we can perform australia. just not for five days and that's going to be our challenge really in the last hour fief as president jannie of matina has announced that a ban on cue weight from international football has been lifted the suspension has been in place since the october two thousand and fifteen because of government interference in the running of the game it's yet to be announced if that means that kuwait will compete in this month's gulf cup in doha now the lineup for the last sixteen of the u.a.e. for champions league is almost complete but despite making the final twice in the last four years atletico madrid have missed out this season they were held to a one one draw by chelsea in group c. and that's might have been enough for roma who had not won their match against in
1:54 pm
fact they did instead it was roma who joined chelsea in the last sixteen and that atletico are back to the europa league will no such problems for manchester united merinos men beat c.s.k. moscow two one to win group a balls will join them as runners up and last season's runners up ventus grabbed a runners up spot from group d. where the two know when of course they follow bosler out of the group but their coach is hoping to avoid the spanish giants for as long as possible. i thought ok enough. we played enough times with we cannot play against them in the last sixteen so we think that will play against an english team because it's impossible to play against roma and against so what i say we will encounter an english team in the next stage the final champions league matches take place across europe on wednesday with four places in the knockout stage is still up for grabs man city tottenham
1:55 pm
real madrid and so already three liverpool could join and they need at least a draw against moscow to be sure but a loss could be enough if sylvia lose napoli must be a fine old and hope that shattered and yet when otherwise the italian side will lose out and shacked will go through and porto will progress as long as they can match light six results. and that is now have more feel a bit later martin tell you thank you very much indeed now the tons of am born artist has become the first black woman to win britain's most prestigious prize the turner prize sixty three year old hymn it is also the oldest person to reach receive the honor the judges praised her paltry work for having an uncompromising take on issues like racism strong field of fellow nominees as barbara reports from a home in northern england. scenes from everyday life in the
1:56 pm
gaza strip just before the twenty fourteen israeli bombardment this isn't documentary but more film part about is rosalie nashashibi century for this year's turner prize the fact she had to shorten the trip because of the conflict made her experience there particularly tense charged. in a way which is like the opposite of fresh air and that's why i call the film. because there is this challenge there is this energy which is sizing on the one. dangerous and damaging as well. work by the four shortlisted artists has been on show here at the ferentz art gallery and hull viewed by almost a hundred thousand people this year artists over the age of fifty were eligible and to make the cut one of the biggest reactions has been to her anderson born in birmingham to jamaican parents his work people have families from all over the
1:57 pm
world is about trying to visualize all see how you can make it to find a third party or to find something else. not just literally where you're from but about this. painting to create a sense a place that he can find as well and the oldest here at sixty three years he made her work directly references past events and famous british artists through pottery pieces large cutout figures and more. to tell the story of the slave trade with depicting. leading dying african highline men. about belonging those huge questions about the contribution of the. population. of european culture. the jury is called this a serious collection for serious times and this work. is part of her reflection on
1:58 pm
the shame and poverty in society. mixes woodcuts like this one called twenty sixteen with historical photos and large etchings based on fingerprints on the screen of a smartphone and it seems mixing the personal and political could be a winning combination at this year's awards. al-jazeera. and if you want to see more of those entries you can always see them again on the out is there a website out is there dot com. right
1:59 pm
. for years japanese have gone into countries lush course for what they call. or forced bathing thirteen years ago dr lee was one of the first to conduct research on forest bathing he concluded that the essential oils the trees produce to protect themselves from germs and bugs can boost the human immune system. a lot of financial side or essential oil is found in the forests my research has shown that
2:00 pm
far as trying to size reduces stress hormones in us in the future the time may come when doctors prescribe the forest instead of medicine. documentaries that. at this time. the u.s. president double trouble to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital.


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