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tv   Inside Story 2017 Ep 340  Al Jazeera  December 7, 2017 8:32pm-9:01pm +03

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turkey's president is on a historic two day visit to greece the first by a turkish head of state for sixty five years but old disputes are overshadowing the visit richard typewriter the one said the nine hundred twenty three treaty that settled the turkey's borders after world war one was not being applied fairly however the greek president. rejected any changes the syrian government delegation will return to geneva on sunday to resume talks aimed at ending the conflict the delegation left to the eighth round of u.n. sponsored talks last week after the opposition demand that the president bashar assad should play no role in any interim post-war government and russia's military says i saw as being completely defeated in syria but the syria observatory for human rights which monitors the conflict says i saw actually still holds about eight percent of that is or province russia began its bombing raids in september two thousand and fifteen in support of the syrian president's beleaguered forces
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catherine france of signed a memorandum of understanding from combating terrorism the two countries also signed commercial contracts worth more than fourteen billion dollars. well those are the headlines and stay with us here on al-jazeera inside story is next i'm going to have the al-jazeera news hour for you in less than half an hour see you then but i. pending decades of american diplomacy the u.s. president infuriates muslim and world leaders by recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital donald trump also announces plans to move the u.s. embassy it's a momentous change but change of what sort this is inside story. hello
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there and welcome to the program i'm laura. for decades american presidential candidates from both parties have promised to move the u.s. embassy in israel from tel aviv to jerusalem but once elected they have retreated from the idea on wednesday donald trump change that overruled his top political and military advisors to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital and announce plans to relocate the u.s. embassy to give you a sense of how unusual last his of all the countries that maintain full diplomatic relations with israel not one currently has an embassy in jerusalem and the few that have had embassies though in the past have been small countries with little
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connection to the middle east such as costa rica and el salvador has had now from harry forsett in occupied east jerusalem. this announcement had been trailed for days now it was up to donald trump to make the case that a wildly controversial move opposed by the palestinians arab states and most of the international community can advance the peace process it would be folly to assume that repeating the exact same formula would now produce a different or better result therefore i have determined that it is time to officially recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel trump said he was directing the state department to begin preparations to move the u.s. embassy to jerusalem from tel aviv talk of architects and engineers confirming earlier suggestions that this would be a matter of years not days we are not taking
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a position of any final status issues including the specific boundaries of the israeli sovereignty in jerusalem or the resolution of contested borders before donald trump made this speech white house officials were trying to frame it saying that it didn't define the final status of a terrorist well that could still be negotiated between israelis and palestinians in a two state solution if that is what both parties still want it over for the palestinians this is the united states definitively taking sides in this conflict in a prerecorded message the palestinian president said trump was merely encouraging continued occupation. to the most on these denounce and rejected measures create deliberate constraints to all of the efforts towards realizing peace and reflect the united states withdrawal from practicing its role as a peace mediator. israel too had prepared its messaging on the day that prime minister benjamin netanyahu called historical milestone the president's decision is
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an important step towards peace for there is no peace that doesn't include jerusalem as the capital of the state of israel palestinians living in occupied east jerusalem would have heard little in president trump speech recognizing their own historical connection to the city which they too view is their capital jerusalem is christian churches world of conflict violence and irreparable harm. donald trump made reference to a perceived lack of courage on the part of his predecessors who failed to make this decision now he will have to wait along with the region to see what consequences it brings are a force that al-jazeera occupied east jerusalem. ok let's bring in our guests now and we have more when rabbani is senior fellow at the institute for palestinian studies in washington d.c. we have j.d. cotton he's a former foreign policy adviser to donald trump's presidential campaign and in
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london we have your sea mckelvie he's a professor of international relations at regent university if i were welcome to all of you j.d. if i could start with you why has trump made this very inflammatory. well i think that he's following up on things said during the campaign trail you know i think it's a smart political move on his part in the united states we have about thirty percent of the population who are evangelical christians to them this is very important to make jerusalem the capital to recognize it as such and so i think the president trump has made a very smart political move to appeal to his base. ok so it might work domestically but it's going to have severe repercussions internationally did he really take that on board. i think so because i think that president trump understands that israelis have been targeted by radical islamic terror groups americans have been targeted by
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radical islamic terror groups there's really no peace process to begin with anyway that's a mirage and besides there's a one nine hundred ninety five law in the united states passed by congress that says we should recognize drusilla as the capital so american is and as rallies are already targeted worldwide so this peace process is somewhat of a mirage anyway this just squares with reality i want to quickly ask about that nine hundred ninety five no before we move on to our other guests why was that door ever recognized by u.s. congress and passed well i think that it was politically controversial and i think it ministrations didn't want to put it into effect because they were concerned with the blowback from the arab world from palestinians from terror groups so none of the presidents have had the courage to act on it so this is really the first time in twenty two years we've seen a u.s. president be bold enough to actually take that action ok in rabbani do you see it as a both i mean it is a bold move is it a correct bold move. well it's
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a little amusing to see this gross violation of international law on the international consensus presented as somehow courageously standing up to the forces of terror i will grant one point which is that it's easy. to pin the blame for the current crisis soley on donald trump because he's such a volatile little head but i think your previous guest correctly points to the nine hundred ninety five us congressional legislation which i think it's useful to remember passed with overwhelmingly bipartisan support and lays the basis for the crisis that we are in now in other words you had a piece of american legislation passed very much at the urging of. benjamin netanyahu who was in the opposition leader and the israel lobby apac with the express purpose at the time of trying to scuttle. the all slow agreements and.
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previous presidents have of course signed six monthly waivers but this time as i think your previous guest also correctly identifies. decided not to for a variety of primarily domestic political reasons and of course you know the recognizing exclusively israeli sovereign claims over jerusalem while giving short shrift to any palestinian rights and for that matter to international law which clearly defines. east jerusalem as occupied territory which has characterized the israel and its sation of east jerusalem as void through a security council resolution and an international community that does not recognize the sovereignty of any state over any part of jerusalem i mean presenting this as as somehow promoting israeli palestinian or arab israeli peace
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strikes me as nothing short of thoroughly absurd yes i mean it does just show the us up for what it is and always has been doesn't it that it is pro israel me. well it's just specially with this administration it's of ministration that has as that is about to initiate a new peace process but at the same time makes one of the most incendiary moves that one can imagine doing with one of the most sensitive if not the most sensitive issue between these as in palestinians and in the region but maybe maybe the speaker from washington actually gave the game away because president tom said we are taking a different view towards the peace and now we hear that or there is no peace process at all so no one actually intends to embark on another initiative because they don't think there is any any chance of having it and i think actually previous
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presidents will courageous and resisting this temptation of. joslyn as the capital of reason not because not all minson paper says it's not the capital of asli the governments it's the parliaments it's the supreme court see it's there but the recognition was supposed to be part of a mutual peace agreement between these and palestinians in which and we've chosen as the capital of both been in mind one thousand nine hundred five is a completely different time in the history of the conflict two years after or slow when any one of the soon that if in two three years there would be peace agreement in which jews in him would become the capital of both twenty twenty two years later the situation is different which as a result we already see violence in the streets of gaza in jerusalem and i think this is can be definitely at tributed two times irresponsible announcement
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yesterday but yes he did have a point doesn't he when he said that something has to change i mean you say that previous presidents were both courageous and not recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital but past presidents haven't managed to advance the peace process. which wishes of yet to bill and i think we can go through the failure for instance of the killing initiative and had been told in twenty fourteen as it was. one year ago in his famous speech which we outlined why did it happen and actually fall or is all advise back in twenty fourteen on obama should have followed it maybe would have been in a completely different situation taking the i decision no i gave them there is a need to take a different approach but there is a need to be bold and courageous in bringing both sides to negotiate and the reform of the outstanding issues not to project this as he did yesterday one of the most
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important issue but have a bold and courageous bourses which will deal with joselo with the of the refugees there with the right of self-determination of the palestinians deal with the security of both sides deal with the expansion of settlements yes this is the key to would if one wants to achieve peace just spaced in a lasting peace not to actually sides with one of the sides and one of the most crucial issues at a day should we perhaps give trump the benefit of the doubt and see this as a possible part of a greater plan is yet to be were veiled and got the vice president mike pence in the region in the coming days we've got. working for months on what's supposed to be revealed as the deal of the century are we going to see more moves towards a new peace process i think so and i think that's an excellent question and i think that we should give the president the benefit of the doubt he was elected to bring
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change to the united states president obama ran on hope and change i think president obama brought hope president trump is bringing change so he's he's seen that this is not work there was really no peace process that we can tell because of all the attacks and into father's over the decades so i think he's trying a new. we should give him the benefit of the doubt i also think it's important to understand that millions of israelis and millions of palestinians are suffering needlessly and the main reason is because the palestinian leadership in the gaza strip and west bank won't compromise to let israel exists as a jewish state in the gaza strip hamas wants to wipe israel off the map and they run the gaza strip in the west bank you have the palestinian authority fatah and they only want israel to exist if they accept the right of return which means millions of palestinians coming from lebanon and jordan other places which would make israel no longer a jewish majority state so basically the palestinian leadership won't compromise
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enough to let israel exist so it's a nonstarter of course we have to come up with a different plan because if you raise a lot of points that part of a future negotiated settlement the right of return the existence of israel the boundaries but are you going to be as kind as a d. and c. trunk as the agent who can bring change. well that was a valiant attempt to recite the standard apac talking points obstacles to israeli palestinian peace but the fact of the matter is that there are two primary issues as virtually everyone who seriously examined this issue will tell you the first is the refusal of israel to relinquish its occupation of the palestinian territories and the second is the extreme bias of the united states towards israel in a situation where it has claimed exclusive supervision of israeli palestinian
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diplomacy and aaron david miller for example a longstanding american peace process or has stated that one of the you know the main problem was that the united states behaves not as an honest broker or even as a mediator but as israel's lawyer when it comes to israeli palestinian negotiations so to say that the solution is to take even more radical pro israel and that this will somehow promote israeli palestinian peace and . basically categorically dismissing palestinian rights and interests is somehow going to help us move forward i think is you know it may it may sound nice to trump's domestic constituencies but in the real world of the middle east it's it's not only not going to promote peace but it's certainly going to make it that
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much more difficult to address the issue of ending israeli occupation and therefore finding a pathway towards peaceful israeli palestinian coexistence would you agree with that has the u.s. just lost all legitimacy as a broker in the peace process. i must mean i don't think there are many palestinians that believe in the united states definitely and being an honest broker but if they needed any feel the pull of i think they got it yesterday at the end of the day you know when talking about peace between the easily palestinians and the maintaining israel is jewish and democratic only the end of the occupation ensuring that israel is within the green line or the force of jew nine hundred sixty seven borders will ensure jewish and democratic there is no to the there is no way in which is or maintain expanding settlements in occupied occupying the west bank in east jerusalem is still staying jewish and democratic yes it's
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a complex it's a complex situation it's a complex conflict not what we can put all the blame on one side and think the other side is blameless but this is not the way to deal if it's only fair and just solution which recognizes the political ites the civil rights and the human rights of all people between the jordan river and the sea and also direct palestinian refugees outside outside the region we will bring a lasting peace and i think the last thing we need is is the blame game what's needs is a constructive. peace process which not only the united states is involved but other elements in the international community give or take based on the clinton parameters adjusted to the conditions today judy what can the u.s. offer the palestinians or what might they offer the palestinians to entice them back to the table we've had they're not in the best of me sabin acacia any time
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soon now. right well the united states is already support of the palestinians with funds that's how the palestinian authority is able to pay the salaries of the government workers there because in large part u.s. funds but the u.s. could also help the palestinians to understand that it's very important for the israelis to maintain a military presence in the jordan river valley between the west bank and jordan if israelis pulled out of that region which the palestinian leadership demands they do it would be suicide for israel if the king of jordan should fall god forbid because the king of jordan has been a partner in peace with the united states and with israel but if jordan gets taken over by a hostile regime towards israel and there are no israeli troops in that river valley the jordan river valley it's lights out suicide for israel but the palestinians want to accept it so the united states can help persuade the palestinians that they that there could be land swaps in the west bank israeli
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areas for palestinian areas or can be land swaps but it's very important that those israeli troops stay along that border of jordan otherwise it's a nonstarter it's suicide for israel without that ok i mean how contentious all those troops that are along the border. well i think it's important to briefly recapitulate what just happened you asked the previous speaker of the united states could do to help entice the palestinians back to the table and his response was well. the incentive for the palestinians is to help them understand that the jordan valley will be under permanent israeli occupation in effect. and will extend all the way to the border between the occupied west bank and jordan and i i think unfortunately this is a very accurate reflection. of views in washington these days which is.
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an inability to see anything in this region beyond israeli interests and to define every of every israeli interest no matter how illegal no matter how outrageous as kind of a sacred right and commensurate with that the palestinians have no ill you know bill of rights there is an increasing view that they don't even constitute a legitimate people let alone people with the right to live free of occupation and in the independent and sovereign states and so on but look you know we keep talking about new negotiations and an alternate deal and so on i was always very skeptical that we were ever going to see anything more than hot air from. from the u.s. going to the extent that there was any substance to that i think yesterday's announcement
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has has made it irrelevant. either because the palestinian leadership will now conclude that it has to break with this effort or because any continued involvement by this leadership with the american effort will so to legitimize it will be unable to participate in any meaningful way the marines right isn't it i mean you just said exactly what the palestinians need to do but what the israelis need to do well i think the israelis need to keep making their case to the international community and to the united states that in order to survive there just can't be withdrawal to the one nine hundred sixty seven i mean what do they need to do to create an atmosphere for negotiations well they just need to keep reminding the palestinians that there has to be a compromise between both sides is not only does it sound like much of a deal that's my point for want of a compromise efforts that the israelis need to do well land swaps i mean that's what the israelis have been talking about lance wops in the west bank where
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palestinians will have their own sovereign area within the west bank and israelis will move out of there but as a precondition to that there has to be a military buffer we're not talking about an occupation of the entire west bank here we're talking about a military series of outposts along the border with jordan that is not something that's going to infringe upon the palestinian sovereignty ok but let's also trying to there isn't that let's try to avoid getting let's bring you in here and do you think that there's any way that we can see any advancement of the peace process at this point in time. i think it's very difficult to see considering the conditions but i think what we hear from the previous speaker is the kind of perception of peace which is outdated everything about the peace is seen saw military and security condition not thinking that it's actually about peace and coexistence of the conciliation between two people this is what secure the peace between the two
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people understanding each other in the recognizing each other the legitimate right source of the term in nation that both of them as a claim for the place there and living together no one suggested there won't be a military presence in along the jordan river or the jordan valley for quite some time but this is just as an interim term the long term is reduce the motivation to try to home each other now it's one going to be political if any of the science including the united states would take unilateral measures and what we need to see exactly the opposite by bringing the science negotiating addressing what has been the best in many ways for such a long time and having leadership on both sides and also in the international community there ready to push the sides to the finishing line addressing all the all the issue because there are konami sides to this there is human ice aspects to
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this addressing the religious side developing the business on both sides that create jobs because talk about hope and change the way that it's not right now what in tampa is presenting is a hopeless and changeless ok this is the opposite of what we need or let's just let j.d. i have a chance and so that j.d. and the last minute that we have this unilateral action by trump hasn't it forced him to sabotage his own peace and peace initiative. no i don't think so because he sees that the current situation is not working he's going to try a fresh approach and also i think that right now he's under such attack for the russia hoax of the century that he's looking for other things for people to talk about i think the political left is is pushing him into a corner so he's trying to change the narrative and i think they should do it because there's a terrible witch hunt going on against him we will have to leave our discussion for today many thanks to all our guests for joining us j.d. gordon and. and thank you to very much for watching you can see the program again
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criminalized or if you join us on sad to know you will first just wakes up all of it in the morning and says i want to cover the world in darkness this is a dialogue and that could be what leading to some of the confusion the lie was about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the colobus conversation at this time on al-jazeera. training starts lightly but the pace picks up quickly as these grannies work out a long life time of frustration. at eighty five years old intombi sword what trains as hard as any one night and day. i feel so good i feel fresh i punch this side and decide like this and like that i really love this i don't like things like soccer because i will brink these ladies are tough and i take their training very seriously you. know the feel of the more
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confident of flu more energetic the feel of a life. if you're in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships when mess was that somehow time is aiming to replace america and go around the world for the chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our first president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china at this time and i just see it. this is al jazeera.


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