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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 8, 2017 5:00am-6:01am +03

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one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story. better than anyone else. in the particulars because. people. on political issues. people believe. just. across the globe. this is al-jazeera. you're watching the news hour live from the headquarters. coming up in the next sixty minutes. anger on the streets of palestinians react
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with defiance to donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital. seeking. security. direct talks with washington moscow says it's ready to facilitate. a historic president. with a long list of grievances. accused of treason a judge orders the arrest of former president. the order violates the rule of law. fellow at least one hundred palestinians have been hurt in violent clashes with israeli troops across the occupied territories the angry scenes were sparked by the u.s. president donald trump formally recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital. demonstrators
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in several palestinian territories have cost with israeli troops who fired tear gas and live ammunition at them in the occupied west bank thousands heeded the call from palestinian leaders to mobilize for three days afraid she having it has more from. anger and disappointment and a sense of betrayal some of the feelings among palestinians now still they remain defiant saying that regardless they do consider jerusalem the capital of the future anger and disappointment and a sense of betrayal some of the feelings among palestinians now still they remain defiant saying that regardless they do consider jerusalem the capital of a future palestinian state now this march is a show a few nitty usually you would see the many flags of the palestinian factions this time only the palestinian flag is raised. for jerusalem that's the only thing we
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can do this time declaring the slap for us here to wake up and realize the peace process was just an illusion it's the biggest insult to arabs even before palestinians saudi kuwait emirates jordan all of them then to us here in palestine we defend it but we can't do without support but if those with peaceful protests there were also clashes across the. bank usually a distil called friction point that's when palestinian youth come face to face with the israeli army now the military had announced that it has deployed several extra battalion to the occupied west bank because it was preparing for the mentality of unrest now friday is another day of rage and more of this kind of violence scenes are expected well a general strike is also. and place closing stops businesses and scores harry
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faucet reports from occupied east jerusalem. the day after the us president recognized jerusalem as israel's capital palestinian residents of its occupied eastern half protested outside the old city's damascus gate the unfurling of the palestinian flag prompted the first of several interventions by israeli security forces it's less than five months since people here took to the streets in their tens of thousands to protest against the placing of israeli metal detectors at the entrances to the al aqsa mosque compound one activist says these protests could swell around friday prayers to see into the wee jerusalem residents we will stand up against his decision every way we can exactly as we stood up against the closure of al aksa today there's a general strike and protests tomorrow be the big way. a short distance from the mosque a skate inside the old city it's clear that most of the businesses here are observing
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a general strike that's been called in protest of donald trump's decision it's a pretty big sacrifice for them it's a sign of how deeply this is being felt. bakeries are among the businesses exempt from the strike i had bush who was born here and what palestinians views their capital he says trump has jeopardized its future status can one what can the can address drew slim as a sacred place for three religions he can't just give them something that is just for them it was islam judaism and christianity all here this is a city of peace. donald trump did speak of the need to preserve the rights of all three faiths in this holy city emphasizing that he wasn't taking a position on any final status issues including contested borders but his decision to recognize what he called the reality of its status as israel's capital is also emphasized another reality for palestinians life and occupation with a peace process stalled for two decades and now thrown into ever greater jeopardy are a force that al-jazeera. the party's to receive. more than twenty four hours off trump's
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announcement on the remarks ramifications are still being shelved our white house correspondent kelly spoke with the deputy assistant to the u.s. president to rush on he says trump is just following the law. so help us understand with the president's announcement many have argued that this. decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel contradicts international law un resolutions with regard to answers specifically. with the president's decision conforms with american law since one thousand nine hundred ninety five u.s. law has said that the president must declare jerusalem the capital of israel and there have been successive congresses that have continued to reaffirm that law president took action which just affirmed over congress in the will of the american people has stated for decades and look the policy makes sense we've been you know
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for now several decades going to israel and negotiating and we've been pretending we don't know where the israeli capital is it's in jerusalem it's where the supreme court is where the parliament is where the prime minister resides and it's where the capital is so a recognition of reality we think makes the most sense but i try to get a finer point on this because when the president mentioned jerusalem he didn't say and recognize it as an undivided city doesn't mean that in a peace process that sponsored by the united states doesn't mean then that jerusalem could be on the negotiating table as part of a peace process look at borders sovereignty these are the types of issues are going to be part of final status negotiations were all the parties are going to have a role and have to negotiate a final settlement so that's the decision yesterday has nothing to do with that and we're going to allow the parties to work out the details so was the language very specific that in terms of the selection of the president using the phrasing that he did of course it was. this is this was about
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a recognition of reality and not about you know putting our finger on the scale in the peace process we are an honest broker and we want the first word of being an honest broker is being honest and recognizing the reality that israel's capital is risky but many are arguing that just the opposite is being inferred from this that the u.s. is not an honest broker that it's in a sense it has taken a side. well look the peace negotiations that the u.s. has been involved in now for several months the president is aware of all the details but they're not public they've been confidential and the president is optimistic about the possibilities for peace precisely because they've been kept confidential so i wouldn't assume anything about what happened yesterday and all the context surrounding it were optimistic about the possibility for peace and the president is pursuing it when the president met with fifty islamic leaders months ago. you'll recall that meeting and mean there was a poor that was developed does the president recognize this decision could put
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those fifty leaders that he met with in a very difficult position with their own populations we think that the united states under this president developed a really good relationship with those countries in those leaders and it goes beyond the israeli palestinian dispute it goes toward fighting isis and terrorism throughout the region to go toward it goes toward combating iran's influence throughout the region so our relationships with countries like turkey and saudi arabia and others in the region expands beyond the israeli palestinian dispute and look we're we are partners for peace we want to work with both parties in the parties in the region toward a lasting peace peaceful solution but we don't think yesterday decision is a deterrent to that what about the relationship with the king of jordan for example i mean it's u.s. ally particularly in the fight against i saw there was cautioning by the jordanians for the president not to do this and now that he has the reaction has been that
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there's a feeling that they've been deeply disrespected is their concern about maybe some other foreign policy goals being jeopardized as a result we don't think so we think that the president's action was clear and again reflected american law and we've seen for several decades you know the opposite we thought for decades that not recognizing jerusalem as the capital would lead to peace it has right response the. speak for themselves we're trying a different approach and that is being an honest broker being honest on the front end of that and trying to recognize reality which is what we think all the parties need to do to move forward is the concern that the president's decision though may have strengthened or ron's position in the region and perhaps some of the extremist groups that he's been trying to fight we don't think so at all we think that the coalition against iran and against their influence throughout the region in many countries is strong i think that many of those countries are frankly more self
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interested in combating iran and its influence in the united states is going to work with them in that process we know that the vice president is headed to the region later this month what message is he going to send in some of those bilateral meetings that he's going to be holding well he's going to send the message that the united states is pursuing a peace agreement that we are partners in peace and that the united states and the president cares as much about the future of palestinian children as he cares about the future of israeli children we want a peaceful so a settlement that is in the best interest of israelis the palestinians of jordanians of saudi arabians of every country in the region peace is the goal that we all want we know the president is an avid watcher of television news has he been watching the international reaction and what is his take on what he's been saying well i think that the president has been happy with the reaction has understood that obviously there's going to be some disagreement but when you recognize reality
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and you speak honestly to friends and are and are straightforward with you know the reality on the ground in israel you know we have better prospects for success. let's now speak to arsalan iftikhar he's a human rights lawyer and senior fellow at georgetown university joining us from washington d.c. good to have you with us on al-jazeera so a lot of people are saying that the message that trump has sent out after taking this decision is that the u.s. doesn't abide by international law and the u.s. just simply doesn't care for countless un resolutions to what extent do you agree with that or do you see it differently well first of all barry and i think that donald trump could probably not even point out the city of jerusalem on a map this was a completely political move on his part where essentially he is bending over to the whims of his right wing even evangelical christian base here in the united states if you look at the responses from every major world leader out there from pope
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francis to german chancellor angela merkel to british prime minister theresa may to french prime minister emmanuel medical deval condemned his unilateral move saying that it is in violation of international law and united nations resolutions and they don't support it and so you know i hope that palestinians and people worldwide will see that you know you know lateral move like this from a charlatan like donald trump is not indicative of global response or feelings towards the palestinian israeli conflict but i wonder how that will go down in israel because this just seems to have given netanyahu government carte blanche to do whatever they want to basically in jerusalem. yeah that's a good point barry and i think it's important for your viewers to remember that the city of jerusalem is a city that is holy to all three major abrahamic religions today it is for jewish people the city where david ruled for christians it is the city where jesus taught and for one point seven billion muslims it is the city where our beloved prophet
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muhammad ascended to heaven you know the united nations has specifically categorize jerusalem as quote a as a corporate to him which is a separate entity that is going to that should be resolved in any final status political negotiations between israel and palestine i think and i fear that donald trump's unilateral suggestion here is really going to you know be the death knell for any two state solution and i think many people will start to consider you know what a one one state binational state might look like for israel israelis and palestinians you rightly point out that the city of jerusalem is so important for the three major religions but is there a concern now that as a quantum consequence off this decision then the holy sites are going to be affected in jerusalem not only the muslim holy sites but the christian sites as well. yeah in you're absolutely right barry and i think that that's why it's essential you know that any and then in the final final status resolution to
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jerusalem particularly east jerusalem you know most people don't remember that east jerusalem before nine hundred sixty seven was controlled by the arabs it was controlled by jordan until the six day war in one thousand sixty seven when israel israel won it over but the united nations decided from that point on all the holy sites within jerusalem and east jerusalem would be a corporate separate them under international law and so again i think that cooler heads should prevail i think the world leaders like france and germany and the united nations and the pope need to continue to speak out and hopefully you know undo you know a unilateral move here by the united states ok arsalan iftikhar we thank you very much for joining us al-jazeera thank you. the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov says kim jong un wants direct talks with the white house to discuss north korea security guarantees from the u.s. said he passed on pyongyang's desire for direct talks to u.s.
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secretary of state rex tillerson when they met on the sidelines of a conference in vienna on thursday meanwhile the u.s. and south korea continued to carry out combat drills spite pyongyang's warning the exercises make the outbreak of war and established fact. that is something that foreign minister lavrov said took place as a part of a conversation i don't have anything on that particular part of the conversation and i cannot confirm if that came up in the secretary's conversation with mr lavrov i will say though as a general matter the issue of direct talks with north korea is not on the table in till they're willing to denuclearize it is something that russia has said it agrees with it is something that china has that it is it agrees with and many other nations around the world as well the d.p. r. k. is not showing any interest in sitting down and having any kind of serious conversations when they continue to fire off ballistic missiles period roslyn
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jordan has more from washington d.c. . even though north korea has been actively building its nuclear weapons program it seems to have picked up speed with the advent of the presidency of donald trump certainly the latest test launch of what north korea says and which the pentagon agrees was an intercontinental ballistic missile has raised real concern here in washington about whether enough is being done particularly in the sanctions realm to bring north korea to heel to get it to give up its nuclear weapons ambition now comes this apparent offer from pyongyang to have direct face to face talks with washington about its nuclear weapons program the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov apparently transmitted this request to the secretary of state rex tillerson during the meeting in vienna on thursday even though the spokesperson here at the state department how they're now it says that she doesn't have much in the way of
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that particular discussion she did reject the idea that there would be any face to face talks between the u.s. and north korean officials at least not until north korea repudiates its efforts to build its nuclear weapons program and demonstrates that it is serious about doing so however now we're told reporters on thursday that in light of the repeat it tests of nuclear warheads as well as the repeated tests medium range and intercontinental ballistic missiles washington doesn't believe that north korea is serious and neither do the allies of washington in this case plenty more ahead on the al-jazeera news hour including a veil of secrecy lifted we now know who paid a record four hundred fifty million dollars for this rare they are the vinci painting a new economic order is involved way unveils its first budget since the end of mugabe's thirty seven year rule and the twenty seventeen when there has been an
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ounce to ten i will have more on that story coming up. later in sports. first turkey's president. is on a historic two day visit to africans the first by a turkish later in sixty five years but the encounter has been overshadowed by his call for changes to an international treaty that defines the borders between the two countries john reports. honoring the greek war dead turkish president. on a historic visit the course off to a difficult start in an interview broadcast the night before his visit to and spoke of revising the treaty which set the border between greece and turkey in one thousand nine hundred twenty three official statements from the two sides reflected territorial tensions particularly over two failed negotiations to reunify cyprus divided since one thousand nine hundred seventy four turkish invasion.
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the greek cypriots promised us that we would reach a solution to the cyprus issue and that did not happen recently we had another meeting in switzerland again over cyprus and who walked away there again it was the greek cypriots. i'm forty three years old and this issue has been ongoing for forty three years there's always a discussion about who's to blame we mustn't forget that this issue remains open because three years ago it was an illegal invasion and occupation of the northern section of cyprus. greece invited partly because it's concerned over three thousand space violations by turkish fighter aircraft over the aegean sea this year marking a five year peak and greece's territorial water violations number sixteen hundred this year a ten year high that's an uncomfortable parallel with the recent quadrupling of
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refugee arrivals across the water from turkey causing camps on greek islands to overflow but greece's refusal to extradite eight military officers seeking asylum here is a major personal irritant for turkey accuses them of involvement in last year's failed coup two of the officers are thought to have been the ones intended assassins but that coup has also offered greece and turkey a chance to develop a special relationship. ever since the coup turkey is looking for allies in the region because of the unfriendly stance as western countries they did not immediately condemn the cases but waited until it had resolved itself grace was the only country the a mediately condemn the can and thus gained the trust of the president and. turkey has been increasingly isolated from the west since july twenty sixth in greece's invitation to go on it's only the second official
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invitation from a european union member in the last eighteen months so greece is currently in the position of mediator that is a natural role for greece since the issues europe cares about stemming the flow of refugees maintaining peace and reuniting cyprus are doubly important for greece jumpstart opulence al-jazeera athens. angela merkel's chances of keeping her job as german chancellor significantly improved after her party's former partners the social democrats agreed to begin talks over continuing their coalition in a change to his previous stance social democrat leader martin shultz successfully used his opening speech at the party conference to persuade his members to vote for a coalition dialog it could spell the end of germany's political deadlock ten weeks after inconclusive election results were from and belin. well modern staked his political future on this vote and he has survived his party agreeing that he
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can now start coalition talks with c.d.u. after it struggled to form a government but this is far from a done deal talks a likely to stretch into the new year and several things that this party wants such as reunifications of families of refugees and known to be red lines within certain parts of the party so this isn't over yet germany is one step closer to a stable government a grand coalition is widely seen as good for stability in germany good for stability in europe however the complication is it leaves the far right and refugee party. as the main opposition party in terms of numbers in the parliament an arrest warrant has been issued for the former president of argentina cristina kirchner issues accuse the allegedly covering up iranian involvement in the one nine hundred ninety four bombing that killed eighty five people at a jewish center and one of sirees ferries a bow has more. thousands gathered in front of the presidential palace to
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protest against what they claim is political persecution a federal judge should be indicted men for treason against former argentinean preston cristina fernandez and called for her arrest are said the current administration. is trying to stop dissent if the movie doesn't get out imo must. these measures further degrade the argentine just his branch and indicate that the government and the president is the top and true person who is responsible for a political and judicial organisation to persecute the opposition. four years ago argentina signed a memorandum with the iranian government that would allow arjun tunnel forties to interrogate iranian officials suspected of being part of a terrorist attack against a jewish community center in one thousand nine hundred ninety four that killed eighty five people but prosecutor i read it only one who was investigating the
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attack named the administration's real motive was to do business with dayton in january two thousand and fifteen nice man was found dead in his home shot in the head a day before he was scheduled to testify before congress against the former president and what he believed was her commitment to leave the interpol red alerts against iranian officials. congressman while the world says that what is happening now is the result of years of impunity if. the memorandum is a disaster because it has been proved that it was written in secrecy and nobody in the foreign ministry participates as you would draft we have almost five hundred pages that say that an illicit was committed the only ways to investigate it investigate these days you persecute and if you don't there isn't punitive argentina as a society will have to find the middle point between the search for the truth through justice. kirschner and some members of her administration have been the
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focus of several high profile cases with arrests and demands seen center right. defeated her candidate daniel. even though christina kirshner left office two years ago she continues to be a very popular figure in argentina in fact she was elected senator warner and told her his legislative elections would grounds for the community people here are saying that if christie that person or is arrested they will take to the streets until she is released. argentina's legislator has entered a period of judicial recess until march but can be convened for urgent matters cushion a detention would certainly excessive aid that deep divisions that already exist in argentina even more. still ahead on the al-jazeera news hour california's raging fires continue to wreak havoc hundreds of thousands
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of people are forced to flee their homes plus. i'm jessica baldwin in london looking at a new device to detect radioactive weapons. and a former u.s. gymnastics team doctor learns his fate after pleading guilty to child for and i'll repeat we'll have the details for you a little later in sports. from the neon lights of asia. to the city that never sleeps. hello the winter breezes come back in again for china should be felt now northeast lays down to nine is a max in shanghai in the sunshine twenty one in hong kong low humidity and it tucks back in and increases the cloud in uniting further north west but still surprising to me that is thirteen degrees in chengdu on friday and number two and on saturday
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hong kong still hovering around the twenty mark so looks like winter sets in here which usually encourages the rain further south it's not much further south at the moment look at the philippines are largely free of most showers come down through borneo and further south and that's where the white top clouds are a good part of southern thailand is now in the sunshine there is still flooding on the ground but it's not being topped up whereas could well happen in that part i'm a lazy and it's you malaysia and stood in sumatra to kuala lumpur singapore expect shout or even longer spells of rain that's also possible in jakarta less likely i think at the moment in bali and you see the trend is to push that range further south again into northern borneo and still singapore and sumatra but we took away from that the masses of rain that caused the thing in thailand in the first place and it's now developing into a tropical depression heading slowly north towards andhra pradesh and addition and probably flying today. the weather sponsored by cats are and always.
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donald trump has rescinded foreign aid to charities that perform actively promote abortion people and paladin as the consequence is a us president spends strength can have on countless lives around like now he's completely and just against unions drives people we go all full on self of bush and those people we trump and the ethics of foreign aid at this time on al jazeera the world's largest humanitarian crisis millions caught up in civil war all jazeera world examines the roots of the conflict in yemen and the complex history that threw a country into perpetual tarmoh. unity old separation of. the north and the thought of peace dualisms are off part of history. yemen the north south divide this time.
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top stories on the news hour a senior official in president. ruling party says palestinians won't meet with the u.s. vice president during his upcoming visit because of donald trump's decision to formally recognize jerusalem as israel's capital meanwhile at least one hundred palestinian protesters have been hurt in violent clashes with israeli troops across the. russian foreign minister sergey lavrov. direct talks with the white house to discuss north korea security guarantees from the u.s. . desire for direct talks. to listen when they met on the
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sidelines of a conference on thursday. on a historic two day visit to the first turkish leader in sixty five years but old disputes have overshadowed the visit. saudi arabia's crown prince the mystery buyer. fetched four hundred fifty million dollars at auction last month the purchase of the sun for the most amount ever paid for a single artwork at an auction the painting places saudi prince mohammed bin some on the top of a sort list of wealthy newcomers willing to pay more than one hundred million dollars for a single work of art let's talk about this with. the director for institute for gulf affair is joining us via skype from washington d.c. so now that it's been revealed that man is the mystery buyer why do you think that
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he made this acquisition is it for the love of art or was it what is it. my information that it was done and that of course of his wife who is. you know. lover and. the fact that he bought this is not for him it's for his wife gives you an indication of. the motives and and his his way of operating. what exactly do you mean by that about the motives i mean it is to spend four hundred fifty million dollars and one piece of all of that while your country is suffering greatly in terms of economic needs and the economic situation is getting worse we see that very day in terms of. the flooding of cities with a little rain and
5:33 am
a lack of basic services in the country while spending four hundred fifty million dollars something that probably would build at least seven to italy villas they are so how do you think that. would be received in saudi arabia and especially considering that he himself has been leading this crackdown on corruption in the kingdom. which his claim that he is fighting corruption it will definitely make him move weaker and it will expose him as a fake and it will make people angry and obviously his credibility right now is diminished and that's why i think they they they tried to hide the. purchase of the painting is destined from what we understand to the nuva museum in abu dhabi is there something to be said about the choice of destination why the new
5:34 am
of going up with. it's busy because maybe it will. keep. so they have the choice of coming. in a way to reinforce the relationship between mom. and. now i'm very good. thank you for speaking to us from washington. some bob ways first budget under a new president emerson well has been announced in parliament the new government has pledged to reengage with international lenders curb spending and attract investors the aim is to revive an economy battered by years of corruption under the ousted president robert mugabe. reports from harare. zimbabwe finance minister. says there's now a new economic order and that the government's policies will invest a friendly indigenous haitian law
5:35 am
a controversial policy that. will be amended it is done in two minutes. fifty one forty nine percent intrusion as this is. only true north normally don't want to plug these. this fifty one forty nine concerned should we move to a priority. of national it's the first budget since last month's removal of longtime leader robert mugabe the finance minister estimates an economic growth rate of four point five percent mixture you don't even have to have a local but you can just coming invest in that you have a local partner you know you're not limited to the percentage of prescription regarding the percentage participation which is good so we're beginning to create
5:36 am
a free environment for investors president emerson and was new administration promises to tackle corruption cut government spending by closing up privatizing bankrupt and increased developmental projects one of the first at was to order three months amnesty for a return of stolen funds to the country the new leader says i'm open for business and wants to reengage with the international community some in its national community are cautious they want guarantees that the bar is not a safe investment destination before they pour billions of dollars in restoring the country's fortunes an international standing will be a challenge some western countries impose sanctions the early two thousand and four alleged human rights abuses decades of economic isolation company closures and job losses independent economists say the unemployment rate is more than ninety percent there is a shortage of foreign currency some people make ends meet selling and buying second hand clothes on the street zimbabwe's first test will be in next year's elections
5:37 am
if the polls are seen to be free fair and credible that could show signs of stability and encourage investors to release needed funds. al-jazeera. liberia's supreme court has ruled that evidence of fraud during october as first round of presidential elections was insufficient to merit a rerun this means the final round of voting between the two leading candidates the former footballer george swayze and vice president joseph block a current go ahead tobar election was challenged by the third place contender by the three thousand more justices of the liberian supreme court pointed out to some problems with the vote to register and one of the election commission to correct them for example the justices ordered the election commission not to allow anyone whose name is not on the register to cast a ballot in the runoff election now an official of the election commission told that they have made significant progress in that direction includes in the voter
5:38 am
register the justices of the supreme court want a final copy of the register to be published in newspapers and other might just t.v. post as well as display seem stations while voters can easily access them and find out why they need to vote on election day now what is not clear is if the elections were to hold as one official told out of a two weeks that they would be able to answer all these questions and still the election in two weeks what is not clear at the moment is if the election hold in two weeks probably around christmas or boxing day time what will that mean for a smooth transition remember a new president is supposed to be sworn into office on generous sixteen when ellen johnson sirleaf is leaving office now if the loser in the runoff election challenges the outcome and the conduct of the election it could drag on and on in the courts and that could probably result in the delay or shifting of the swearing
5:39 am
in of a new president that will in fact through liberia into a constitutional crisis if that happens. the u.s. secretary of state will meet lebanon's prime minister saad how to getting on friday to discuss the fight against terrorism he's also expected to reemphasize america's commitment to the lebanese armed forces it'll be tillerson first meeting with since he revoked his resignation as prime minister al-jazeera is demanding the release of its journalist mahmoud hussein who's been in an egyptian prison for over eleven months her saying is accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he. deny her saying has repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail he was arrested on december the twentieth while visiting family. wildfires in the u.s. state of california have forced more than two hundred thousand people to flee their homes the largest blaze in ventura where more than thirty six thousand hectares has
5:40 am
burned schools and highways have been closed and by hot and dry winds all forty say they were expecting the fires to continue spreading more now from n.b.c.'s jay gray in ventura north of los angeles. the situation is bad obviously and getting worse those fires are growing pushed by these winds which continue to pick up right now i want to show you where the flames have already been here and been toward you could see what is left of a car and a home here just a burned out shell to be real frank rubble. all that's left from what was this family's home there are sold many neighborhoods affected like this across the strike zone right now from los angeles through the area here and been through a county and like you mentioned these are fires that are expanding they can't get a handle on these things because of the very dry conditions and the very strong winds that continue to gust sometimes to hurricane strength overnight more than two
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hundred thousand have already been rushed to safety that number is going to climb as these fires push closer to new maybe you could see here many spending time with family or friends there are shelters open across the region as well just finding a place where they can ride this out and get back to their neighborhoods once it's safe unfortunately in neighborhoods like this they're coming back to very little left two students were killed and fifteen others injured at a school shooting in the u.s. state of new mexico the gunman is dead it's not clear whether or not he was killed by police the shooting happened in a rural area near the nation several people are reported to have been injured after a number of attacks linked to parliamentary and assembly elections in nepal the votes are nepal's final step in its transition to a federal democracy to be distressed the reports from katmandu. most of the body voters seem to be undeterred by a series of explosions which marred both campaigning and election day queues
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started for me and got a menu from early morning to choose state and national assembly this is the second phase of elections with more than twelve million eligible voters from forty five districts taking part now living in more remote mountainous areas voted late last month and soon after polls open we've found a ninety eight year old cultural historian who had just cast his ballot people who want steady the government of coverage to go back to the most important goal we want from the change. that both political parties have regrouped themselves for these elections into two major alliances the super left alliance of my was former fighters and the communist party unified marxist leninist is competing against the so-called democratic alliance of nepali congress together with former royalist and other small parties new political parties have gained attention they
5:43 am
claim to champion a new ethical style of politics in a country which has grown sick of and demick corruption however the new constitution sets the bar high for newcomers parties have to win at least three percent votes in the proportional system and one candidate has to win by the first past the post system. why should we look at the same old faces we need to give new people a chance. collecting the votes from all over the country and counting them is expected to take several days as was elected members of parliament for the first time voters are choosing state assembly members however a federal system of government remains controversial federalism received little attention during political campaigning and how the newly elected state governments will function it's one of the big questions going forward several devices were diffused around the country and an explosion in the south of nepal injured six people they lection commission says thirteen has been mostly peaceful spina
5:44 am
shrestha al jazeera government. the chinese government has been defending a campaign that has seen tens of thousands of migrant workers a victim from their homes in beijing officials say they will continue to demolish dangerous or illegal properties critics say the operation is part of a plan to reduce beijing's population by more than a million adrian brown reports. a few weeks ago the neighborhood of southern beijing was home to thousands of poor workers they came here from other parts of china in search of a better life their homes were demolished after government officials decided they were dangerous or illegal the sign is blunt go away quickly. this food vendor one of those given just a few hours' notice to pack up and leave. the fridge and i had my breakfast stall here business was a bad then the fire happened and we all had to move out we had no choice everything
5:45 am
is demolished. for low wages migrant workers do the menial jobs that help to keep this city running many are delivery workers footsoldiers of china's booming e-commerce economy but the government's cleanout is now putting pressure on the industry for us in another condemned neighborhood we met honking she he spends most days caring for his granddaughter while his son and daughter in law work he's been paying one hundred thirty five dollars a month for a room measuring around six square metres he's accepting of his fate but says the government has behaved in a heavy handed way. when beijing was developing it definitely needed in micro work it's now beijing has been developed and they have this policy of even getting people people from other places now they consider you've got
5:46 am
a friend to the c.d.c. development that has this was a. minutes later a demolition crew appears backed up by security guards here to enforce the evictions not something they want the cameras to capture or did away. the sudden effects of tens of thousands of migrant workers is part of a wider operation that the government says will continue for several more weeks and when all this rubble has been cleared away this land this valuable land because we're still in beijing will be ripe for development. the narrative on state t.v. paints a very different picture here the local party chief is thanking migrant workers for their contribution he visited what appeared to be a refurbished apartment complex telling residents that the security of the people will spare amount but conceding the government must carry out of fiction zz with cal now it's clear that many of the homes being demolished would dangerous on many
5:47 am
levels but they were cheap convenient and often the only option. now those that lived here misty the return to their home provinces or find somewhere else to live in a city where they no longer feel welcome adrian brown al jazeera beijing. you know windowless laboratory in the core of imperial college london nuclear engineers are trying to make the world a safer place they're using particle physics to try to detect nuclear materials it's a miss to one day how border guards make sure nuclear weapons can be smuggled across countries just one reports. the red and yellow light signify the presence of radioactive material is it dangerous life threatening or just what you'd get in
5:48 am
a standard medical x. ray. scientists at imperial college london are precisely measuring neutrons perfecting a tool to detect radioactive weapons so-called dirty bombs that could be smuggled across borders that provides the information that the front and officers need fully automatically which basically means that if there's a real threat the response will also be most foster the risk is real but experts say the threat of a radioactive weapon comes from non-state actors criminal groups who want to destabilize governments and harm or frighten people on a large scale. many border forces around the world currently use detectors but they're crude instruments that generate false positives needlessly slowing traffic and raising questions about their effectiveness the end facet should be a game changer it's smaller more sensitive and more mobile than current machines
5:49 am
put it in the back of a police car and it will find radioactive material in passing traffic pinpointing the car or truck carrying the dirty bomb although smuggling dirty bombs or radioactive material isn't common crime it is a threat and there's a real fear a psychological fear of something we can't see harmful radiation seeping into our bodies and the environment it's not like the movies you know less are going to have your face melting as such and so that the damage might be very very latent for a long period of toil so the concern is always the hidden effects of a radiation device some time before it's detected the new detector is a byproduct of pure science looking at life's tiniest matter and made possible only by machine learning artificial intelligence allows the computer to constantly learn what is dangerous radioactive particle and what isn't.
5:50 am
and will be. world cup in.
5:51 am
time for the sports. thank you very much real madrid superstar striker christiana rinaldo has won a fifth ballon d'or on a to equal the number held by his boss alone a rival leonardo messi were all there received the award thirty at an awards
5:52 am
ceremony in paris the portuguese helped around madrid to a second consecutive champions league title earlier in twenty seven payne he also was the winner of the accolade last year when i was a win i'll be looking to help raul defend the fee for club world cup title later this month of course i feel happy it's a great moment in my career. i'm glad this is something that i. looking forward to every year every season so i'm glad that last year with the amazing season when the champions the were in the league. and in terms of individual i was the best score in the champions league in twenty seventeen ronaldo tasted success in the champions league with real madrid for the second time in a row said overall and fourth in his career after having won it with much of the united in two thousand and eight as i mention this is the second ballon d'or in a row for him fifth overall and will go nicely with his best player of the year
5:53 am
award from last month's fee for awards since joining real madrid in two thousand and nine rinaldo has scored an incredible four hundred and eleven goals of more than a goal a game for the spanish giants including becoming the first man ever to score in each of his six champions league group stage game this season european governing body your wife has stripped brussels of hosting matches out the twenty twenty european championships the for much as it was due to host of not been given to london's wembley stadium already due to hold the semifinals on the final belgian capital has been ruled out because the new stadium hasn't been built yet and local organizers have failed to give guarantees it would even be ready. just over a week since north korea fired a missile into japanese territorial waters the two teams are preparing to face each other in the final round of the east asian championship on saturday and three players will face a clash of loyalties beyond jiang li young chick and kim song g were born in japan
5:54 am
but have north korean nationalities through their parents a line up for north korea against the country they live in japan and are preparing for a hostile reception mussel youth is a hunger to me i think the wonderful thing about football is that you can boldly compete against each other without politics being part of it all i will be doing is to represent and fight for my country as a football player knowing that they can do to bring on the brewing i think the boiling water cease fire mean i don't have anything to lose although i may have my flaws skill wise i do not want to lose mentally for my usa gymnastics team dr larry nasa has been sentenced to sixty years in prison on child pornography charges by a federal judge the fifty four year old was given the maximum allowed sentence in july and pleaded guilty to charges of obtaining and possessing child pornography and attempting to destroy evidence he also pleaded guilty to charges of criminal sexual conduct not as accuses of included members of the united states olympic gymnastics team including ali raised men who reacted on twitter saying. we must
5:55 am
look at the organizers are protected nothing until we understand the flaws in their systems we can't be sure something like this won't happen again this is bigger than larry those who looked the other way need to be held accountable to. the brooklyn nets are going to be a long way from home when they host oklahoma city in the n.b.a. on thursday in mexico city and as visited a school on wednesday that was affected by september the spike in the city this is the first year with regular season games being played in mexico then it will also play the miami heat found by an n.f.l. game also took place last month. from. just overall just you know just. how to be a standout in mexico and just you know embrace the culture. you know just try to show the game there by that week that we can i love playing abroad i love playing
5:56 am
a different planet from the different fan base. you know some people may never see the kids. from the get go. ma says champion sergio garcia has been named the european tour golf of the year this caps a great year for the spaniard who won his first major title this year at the age of thirty seven in twenty seventeen garcia won three to one immense apart from winning a gust but he also wanted to buy and the valderrama mosses and he's also got married in twenty five until the final european tour event of the calendar year teed off on thursday in south african cane and divvied overcame a recent spell in hospital to cod a sixty three and take a one shot lead off to the opening round in joba six players trial by one shot. and van dam's the nothern and shot a seven on the pa sixty five on thursday jumping up six places to take the lead of
5:57 am
the hof my point of the divine lady's classic she's now ten under par in title two shots ahead of scotland's kelsey mcdonald. with the winter olympic games just about two months away athletes are in the final stages of preparation for twenty eighteen with canadian crystal bosco's day at the ski cross while top of and involved to run in france he raced past two front gates to take victory on an opening day that was brought forward by a day because the weather man is predicting a large storm on friday but action is that to resume on saturday super excited i was a talk it was a battle out there. i was injured this this past season and i had surgery in april and came back just on snow a few weeks ago on. got up to spear the last couple days in training were kind of sub par and picked it up a bit today and i knew once i was in the race i was a different story and. smattered to get it done on the women's side raining and
5:58 am
then pick and while the cup champion and married thompson was absent owing to a knee injury and it was sweden fondren aslund who made the most of it. the favorite in the bend and she took control in the middle portion of the final and never looked back. yeah really half it was a good day i was really tight seats so you needed to do everything for a perfect goal all the time otherwise you get passed so it was a really good day on the ball for now. and i said for the news hour thanks for watching more news coming up in just a moment on al-jazeera. travel often. by trying to use an old farts to provide liberal. blogs if only. families and scott.
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eventually. discover. this faraway places close it. since together with cattle i always. building a new life on an intimate beach living off the sea and then. a dream shed my so many but so few make it a reality. of family business led by a remarkable woman with a flair for cooking and desist than if. my chain is yeah i didn't catch it at this time and alex is an ass. and london footed wealth on the. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to full dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians
6:00 am
still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war. in. the first century. anger of a donald trump's decision to recognize.


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