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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 15, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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this is al jazeera. live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes more protests across the world against president recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital. zimbabwe's ruling party meets to chart out the country's future off the president with. victims of syria's war and future another round of un talks fail. to end celibacy for catholic priests and change rules on confessionals for the sexual abuse of thousands of children in australia. so from palestine to pakistan to japan protests are underway against the u.s. president's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel that have.
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already been rallies in tokyo and this one in kuala lumpur where hundreds more through the streets outrage over donald trump decision to move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem has not died since the announcement last week it was wide widely condemned with islamic leaders instead declaring jerusalem as a copy of palestine we go to our correspondents keeping an eye on the situation from different vantage points higher force that is standing by for us in occupied east jerusalem will speak to in the second but first let's go to bethlehem and huldah i mean so i want to just tell us what's the situation there how are people reacting. when i do moment it is quiet here in bethlehem and mostly across the west bank it's still pretty friday prayer time but usually after prayers then you will have the youth breaking away from marches the demonstrations and coming to do so called fiction points and usually that turns into confrontation or clashes with the israeli army now does
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is really a way for to use to vent their frustration at the occupation and now obviously at recent involved in this jerusalem declaration that really created and up here here in the west bank people still angry trying to come to terms and trying to figure out what exactly does it mean for the future we had that big meeting in istanbul with president hu out of luck with the bus and others again condemning the situation mahmoud abbas perhaps being a little more forthright that he was originally what's the reaction been to the. well certainly speech was well received he was seen as stronger sterner and more defiant and we have seen him maybe several years so people were quite satisfied with that even though they thought that the final communique fell short of expectations i think that president arbaaz did say all the right things
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certainly what he talked about in his speech was basically answering to a lot of the what people were talking about palestinians were talking about in the days following the trump declaration now he they were however would like to see those words turned into action and they're growing impatient about that some of some of the people you speak to do fear that at some point maybe. bass who is a man who has dedicated more than twenty years of his life to to peace process my about the international pressure or u.s. pressure at the moment how things are people are satisfied that he said that the u.s. can no longer be a broker in any future negotiations if indeed there happens they're also very happy that at the moment also the palestinian authority said best would not receive vice president mike pence when he comes to the region later this month actually here on
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this wall behind me this is the separation wall north of better land you do have a big graffiti saying mike pence is not welcome here because it's in this city usually that mahmoud abbas receives foreign dignity actually received donald trump here just a few months ago so all that is playing well among palestinians but they do want to still see more action or a leave of a move back with you as the day progresses that's the picture in bethlehem let's go live now to our force who's in east jerusalem so quite a moment in bethlehem her house situation. well so far quiet here too there is a difference though from what we saw last friday when there were protests in the square behind me just outside damascus gate the entrance here to the old city throughout the day and there were occasional scuffles between protesters and police after protests after prayers especially this friday what we've seen is
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a fairly extensive police operation they have barricaded off the portions of damascus gate square where people were gathering on the steps to protest a week ago so now there is really just an entry and a grass point here with a pretty large police presence whether that's just to try and prevent a repeat of the relatively minor scuffles we saw last friday or whether we whether they have intelligence that said suggest there is a a larger response required we don't know the police spokesman is merely saying that sir police will respond to protest and that regular security measures are in operation no age restrictions though for prayers at a luxor mosque compound this friday that is something that does occasionally happen at a heightened points of tension so so far those prayers are underway we wait to see what the aftermath of those will be and there is a sense there too that that people have been galvanized by the words of the islamic leaders on wednesday. but i think that's one thing certainly there is this pretty
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loud and unified response that came from at least those delegates at the turkey conference on tuesday as well as that the palestinian factions have called for largescale protests this friday than we saw last week they've been calling them for it for them throughout the week and so it is certainly possible that we'll see something more sizable than we have seen in recent days since those friday protests it has been largely quiet here not by these truce than throughout the week this is the first opportunity that people will have had. after a working week and since those calls on tuesday to express their voices on the street so certainly it's really forces are preparing perry thanks very much indeed for that the picture the mood in east jerusalem occupied east jerusalem will be back in with her and with her indeed later as as the hours go on. now to zimbabwe where the new president term samina god is calling for the removal of international sanctions in return he's promising to do more to tackle corruption this comes as an
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bubblies congress is expected to ratify the removal of former president robert mugabe very much us as more now from. the president's extraordinary congress on friday will make decisions and resolutions that will take zimbabwe forward in a seminar go replace robert mugabe as leader of both the country and the ruling zanu p.f. party last month after the military intervened and mugabe resigned when i got was this technique corruption is a priority for the party he again want those accused of breaking the exchange control law by illegally stashing money abroad to return the stolen cash in exchange for amnesty i release my now. i. mean the margins were in. my words i am. oh no. there's
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a shortage of foreign currency long queues outside banks form at the end of every month many are angry desperate and frustrated at the poor state of the economy or the kind of issues that we want them to discuss issues that will positively impact on the ordinary person on the street so we just have that they'll be able to come up with a major discussion around the economy. the president says he'll call for the removal of sanctions imposed in the early two thousand by some western countries for alleged human rights abuses he believes the end of sanctions will help the economy improve more quickly president in a similar way is promising to stabilize the economy improve productivity on farms and create jobs that could mean amending off scrapping some controversial government policies. then you agriculture minister has ordered people who have illegally occupied farm lands to leave immediately the finance minister says indigenous ational a policy that favors blacks and will be more investor friendly some analysts say
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when i go will try to unite a seemingly divided party several but not all of the allies have been fired there's always an after effect of a political process particularly in a takeover presidency will be remnants of other factions but again they'll try and manage it's friday as congress will be the first without robert mugabe since one thousand nine hundred eighty when i got plans to announce who will replace mcgovern's wife grace as head of the party's women's league but we can join her live now from harare and her loss a big intentions here on the how hard will it be foreman and to actually implement . oh i get a lot of basics the living space the and the funny even though he's talking about thanks jon he wants to know how people see the curious about the policies that the government's going to undertake one hundred three basic things like land reform
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a tiny monetary cc's those who are on my need or not including everybody so the i didn't let me know that andrew bolt has emailed me and i simply mean why farmers are coming back and how many are really bad you have been lending money to feel that blacks should own land in zimbabwe any shouldn't go to the one who was reading writing off that reform which the concern for them that was and was conditioned i say said to not accept the fact and i mean it's a free for all protestants coming in things from businesses without having to cotton that the blacks are bobbies so some people like you from a to action group are concerned about it that's about the whole thing he had to fight those things why this talk was going to turn around the economy. or how or when even after the mentally great deal of excitement ahead of that congress has things build up to hurry things are actually in the tasa. there is no end in sight for millions of syrians who suffered years of turmoil after the latest round of geneva talks failed
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to bring about any hopes of peace all sides of blaming each other for the lack of progress and this leaves many syrians continuing to live either under siege or incomes it's all a binge of a reports now from the zahara camp in northern syria syrian children made homeless in their own country struggle to understand why they have to live in tents of the six and a half million displaced syrians almost three million are boys and girls knew mohammed remembers going to school before his leg was blown off in an extract he blames the assad government. his scars are a painful reminder about the surgery and shrapnel that hit his leg. he tired easily these days and misses going out to play football. it's too hard for me to go to the toilet we go to that caravan used by everyone else i want to proceed to clegg i dream of becoming a driver maybe a pilot or i could study to become
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a doctor. syrians in zora camp were forced to leave their homes in homs city after a three year siege the government told them they could survive if they surrendered their homes five and a half thousand came to this camp but basic facilities a plastic sheet is what separates the people in sight from the really cold wind that you can feel out in this camp and you can see the conditions because this is what they have for sewage there because charities are providing help but it's not enough the refugees put on layers of clothes to stay warm during the harsh winter because there is no heating monitors of the campsie defending or read is not a long term solution to the bringing us aid boxes or heating doesn't solve our problem the problem is the regime solve that and the people will return home widows such as arms they have more urgent needs. for users to live in my child has a blood disease and he needs medicine i'm the wife of the martyr and have for friends i lost my husband and there's no one to help i don't want anything i want
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just a medicine her story resonates with the syrians forced from their homes and more are becoming homeless as the war enters its seventh winter they fear the world doesn't care anymore but it's hoped when the children such as noor aren't giving up despite being told not to run he wants to show the world he's still capable and still have a chance of a better future some of the job made out of the euro zone. are plenty more still ahead on this news hour including britain's prime minister holds talks in brussels hoping to move the brics process forward chile's presidential candidates wrap up their campaigns just days ahead of a tight runoff election. at sporting goods cricket or suffer some major collapses a fight to save. seven european leaders are meeting for the last. three. they say enough progress
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has been made to move on to the next stage of the brics process but despite that success british prime minister to resign may did suffer that defeat in parliament on wednesday the new printer for leaving the european union. body phillips in brussels next up it is phase two is it. that seems to be a formality yes they're talking about this right now but when to resume a gave her address last night there was a round of applause and i think that reflects the feeling amongst the other e.u. twenty seven heads of government that she is the woman with whom they've been negotiating these past months they want some continuity they want some certainty they're aware of domestic weaknesses but they wouldn't like a change of government in the united kingdom and although brics it is a process that they regret that that not happy with and i think there are still one
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of two of those european leaders who secretly hope that it might not happen they feel that to resume a is as good as they'll get and yes they will get the affirmation that phase one is over but that was about the terms of the withdrawal and it is time for phase two to begin which is being characterized as talks about the future relationship between a britain which is out of the e.u. off to march twenty ninth and the remaining part of the european union back to feed a couple of days ago for two reasons how much of an impediment is that in the days and months and indeed years ahead as to a smooth way forward. i think in part make it it depends to what extent it reveals itself as part of a trend i mean it's a reminder obviously that to reason may does not command a majority in the house of commons or rather she only does as part of an uneasy
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coalition and there is the potential for the defeats to come the vote in itself removes some of the power over bracks it from the government and gives it to parliament i think it raises doubts here in brussels to the question that european heads of government when they sit down with a reason may is does she have a mandate. does she have to deliver will whatever we hammer out here is so so difficult so torturous the process of reaching a conclusion here in brussels will it be validated in london and it certainly does raise doubts about or. thanks very much for that's in brussels. a five year inquiry into the sexual abuse of children in australia has called for sweeping changes to be made including recommending an end to mandatory celibacy in the catholic church history and roll commissioned estimates tens of thousands of children have been abused in australia situations over the last ninety years the
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target be as this report. right child abuse victims welcomed members of the rule commission as they arrive to the governor general's house in cambra they say the commission's report represents a major step forward in their fight for justice. they started off with not being believed not by not people not wanting us to talk about it the churches and charities in institutions putting pressure on everyone not to the latest that will lawing that it wasn't true and the royal commission is saying and libeled all of us to to step up and say yes now people believe a city's truth commission members heard from more than eight thousand people who told them of abuse in churches often ages sports clubs and schools of the victims who reported being abused in a religious institution sixty two percent said it happened in a roman catholic organization. the commission makes one hundred eighty nine new
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recommendations including a low forcing catholic priest to court child abuse allegations disclosed during confessionals as well as protocols for the screening of priests and an end to manage tree celibacy. the archbishop of melbourne responded by saying the confessional can't be broken and that voluntary celibacy would be difficult the archbishop of sydney offered sympathy but little else i think whatever the cost we have to address this fully we have to be ready to to to to give what ever it takes to bring healing and justice compassion to victims prime minister malcolm turnbull said the inquiry had exposed. a national tragedy and that the government will consider the recommendations and respond in full next year i want to thank and on the courage of the the survivors and their families who have told often for the first time the dreadful stories of
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abuse that di received from paypal who actually had them love and protection the commission heard that the catholic church in australia has paid two hundred twelve million dollars in compensation to child abuse victims since nine hundred eighty those victims are waiting to see if pope francis and the vatican will take any meaningful steps to protect children from sexual abuse in the future victoria gay to be out there that's an update on our top story this is situation in colombia right now you can see and bethlehem you can see security forces that tensions pretty high israeli security forces preparing for clashes with palestinian protesters for a second consecutive fridays we were hearing from across from us a little earlier has been caught up until now after friday prayers but they are expecting more the tensions to develop if you like as the day goes on certainly the
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presence and security forces and it has to be. out of stones variance and full scale so we're keeping a close eye on that. happening to guinea's supreme court has ruled in favor of refugees on a prison camp on line aside the court ruled refugees who were held in this training to run the prison camp can claim millions of dollars of compensation it also ruled that human rights the human rights of all those sent to the offshore prison camp have been breached lawyers will seek hundreds of thousands of dollars for each of more the nine hundred refugees who were held that. well japan is imposing additional sanctions on north korea because of its nuclear weapons threats north korea has repeatedly fired missiles towards japan in defiance of u.n. sanctions and to national condemnation and north korean banks coal and transport have been added to the japanese factories of the united states may negotiated for north korea has reiterated that direct diplomacy combined with economic pressure is
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the best way to handle the situation joseph human made the comments on the visit to thailand where he's been trying to seek cooperation for the u.s. effort when he has three. the visit to thailand by joseph un is part of a campaign by the government in the united states an effort to increase economic pressure on the government in north korea by getting countries to either cut off or reduce diplomatic and trade ties with the young yang there are several countries in southeast asia including thailand that have traditionally had very strong relations with north korea the ties for their part a saying that very recently over the past year that trade with north korea has gone down by around ninety percent and in fact by the end of this year within the next few weeks that all trade with north korea will come to an end in a very brief media conference in bangkok just a few and also backed up what the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson said this week when he said that the u.s.
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is open to unconditional talks with pyongyang just a few in the media conference saying that he is optimistic that the u.s. policy of maximum pressure and engage meant will work but when asked what is the next step from the united states if north korea refuses to return to the negotiating table he simply said we'll have to wait and see we're trying to in the south korea both say they will not tolerate war with north korea the united measures message was delivered during president first state visit to beijing he was hoping to repair relations damaged by the deployment of a u.s. missile defense shield to china fears a systems powerful radar can penetrate deep into his territory numerous short china that it will only be used to defend against north korean missiles that the no that has more now from seoul. president moon j.n. is continuing his four day state visit to china with a meeting with the chinese prime minister and parliamentary leader it's all part of an effort to improve relations that were strained over a dispute over the u.s.
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missile defense system known as that being installed here in south korea there was no joint statement or news conference after the meeting between presidents moon and she but we're told by president's moon's office that the two leaders agreed to forge general principles on north korea that there should be no more war on the korean peninsula that the korean peninsula must be nuclear free that into a korean relations must be improved and that china and south korea must work together to pressure pyongyang to come to negotiations but in a sign that the relationship still remains quite frosty we're told that chinese president xi jinping reiterated his position on the third missile defense system saying that he hopes south korea takes the situation seriously and that it takes a long time to recover from a setback but relations are now improving fast we're told that president moon did ask china to play a bigger role when it comes to north korea but that he did not specifically mention
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the request that china put a full oil embargo on that country the united states has presented what it calls undeniable evidence that iran is supplying weapons to hooty fighters in yemen u.s. ambassador to the u.n. that's nikki haley showed off what washington says paltz from an iranian made ballistic missile iran denies the allegations calling them unfounded irresponsible and provocative the state department correspondent was in jordan has this report. the u.s. ambassador to the united nations nicholas haley traveled from an institution devoted to diplomacy to a military base on thursday to point the finger at iran the trumpet ministration is accusing to han of illegally supplying weapons to groups across the middle east explosive boats drones and high am short range ballistic missiles haley told reporters she was standing in front of one of those alleged missiles these are the recovered pieces of a missile fired by who the militants from yemen and
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a saudi arabia the messes the nestles intended target with a civilian airport in riyadh. the november fourth attack on the riyadh airport is one of the many clashes between the saudi backed government and who the rebels trying to conquer the country and the attack is mentioned in the u.n. secretary general's latest report on iran's compliance with the nuclear deal but officials say that mention is not a confirmation there's no conclusive evidence about the provenance of those missiles but you can read the report for yourself even before the press conference was over the iranians rejected haley's charges these accusations seek also to cover up for the saudi war crimes in yemen with the u.s. complicity and divert international and regional attention from the stalemate war of aggression against the yemenis that has so far killed more than ten thousand civilians displaced three million crippled yemen's infrastructure and health system
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and pushed the country to the brink of largest famine the world has seen for decades as the un has warned the swedish ambassador to the un told reporters he is concerned the u.s. is trying to find new reasons to scrap the iran nuclear deal as far as i mean informed that agreement is being implemented by iran on the nuclear issue now we would be very happy to discuss with americans. and other as you know the broader role of iran in the region analysts say while checking iran's behavior is important the trumpet ministration is taking a risk i would hope that there would be more evidence put forward but in general and for that matter for. i obviously it's important she claims to have evidence evidence for that haley made it clear the u.s. is doing what needs to be done for the sake of national security you will see us build a coalition to really push back against iran and what they're doing well i warning
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to tell han at least for now supply cross alone jordan al-jazeera washington one of the few members we'll have over whether we have a robot still ahead here on al-jazeera the u.s. pulls the plug on net neutrality we'll explain what this could mean for millions of into that uses in america. and why colombia is a powerful most powerful criminal guy is now looking to strike a deal with the government. possible coming up competition is underway at the world's toughest rowing event the town will be hit with a story. by the springtime flowers of a mountain lake. to the finest snowfall on a winter in spain. hello cloud is streaming across the mediterranean once again and across the european one you might think was that rain or snow obviously for the out see should be snow and insulting which is nice and status with that
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we've had on our beaches in the last three days but that's only part of the story this is two thousand meters up that is certainly well below freezing but a few days ago it was round about zero now if it is in about the height that means many of the alpine mountains of snow in the last week have seen it melt that in addition to a certain amount of rain that's falling further south like in italy has caused continual flooding in the pope valley was a big flat valley so once you get flooding it's hard to get rid of it and this is still a situation about three or four days on of course there have been evacuations and people being rescued now i have to say in the immediate future it's possible to get another fifty or so millimeters of rain out of what is that streaming cloud but it's further south in italy to the north the pope valleys generally speaking drop the many snow showers to the north of that but this is a definite division in weather type of the cold stuff is pushing through so in twenty four hours time you'll find that almost all of italy's a little cooler there's yet more snow falling on the outs but the mountain tops it
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will be subzero. the weather sponsored by cattle and bass. singapore is being accused of expanding its coastline with illegally dredged satins of some of the islands off the coast of indonesia and literally vanished it's a big business boggling fareham when they will take the say on their own through the sand is our fair game you see this beautiful beach but behind it is something that's not so plentiful tragedy is that people are just not aware and ecological investigation into a global emergency sand walls at this time on al-jazeera. our
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jews in iraq and. where every. are you watching i desire a reminder of the top stories this protest are underway against the u.s. president's decision to recognize drew slim as the capital of israel have already been rallies in tokyo and this one in kuala. ladies and live pictures from bethlehem. where protesters have been in the streets of course he'd be moving the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem last week. zimbabwe's ruling party is to finalize
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road look obvious removal as the country's president at a meeting in harare the need to end this in gaga is expected to be confirmed as a candidate for next year's election was inaugurated last month off the military seized power. at a commission in australia on the catholic church to change its rules on celibacy and confessionals after finding that thousands of children used the role commission to deliberate its final report into its five year investigation and looked at abuses at institutions and schools. well let's return now to top story we can join unofficial correspondent who's standing by force in gaza and alan we've been speaking to her in bethlehem we spoke to. force it in our twenty's true islam what's the situation. well we are in the should jaya neighborhood of gaza city which in the two thousand and fourteen war people may have had that name
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a lot it was quite badly impacted by by that conflict this is saladin street it runs north to south the entire length of the gaza strip it's about forty five kilometers and at gathering on thursday the leader of hamas said he wanted to see a one million man march stretching the entire length and he wanted tones and villages and cities to come out and express their anger at donald trump's this is you know looking at the crowd i can see banners from several different political parties and factions from hamas itself and fatah to the communist party of palestine they are all represented here in the intention is that there will be a link all the way up to forty five kilometers of the gaza strip hamas insist that this will shore the world and the united states how angry they are at the decision to declare jerusalem as israel's capital and to sure that no one here is prepared to take this decision lying down and as far as the reaction to donald trump's when
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his declaration last week over the region as a whole it was felt that the reaction was it was fairly moderate was more muted the one might have expected is there a sense that things might build up. well from ismail haniya at the meeting in the center of gaza on thursday he said that as far as he could see donald trump in israel was isolated from world opinion and the reason people are coming out onto the streets here is that they are not convinced that any of this will change donald trump's mind he's not going to watch t.v. as we're told he does many hours a day look at the protests and think you know may have done something wrong here but what they're hoping to do is increase the pressure regionally and internationally to assure their fellow arab countries to show islamic countries not sure the world farther afield that the people here believe that this is the wrong decision that there has got to be a negotiation and they also believe that this shows that america isn't an honest
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broker hasn't been an honest broker and we don't believe that this is just something that's come around during the trump presidency they believe that that is something that has been true for twenty thirty forty years and so the protests are likely to continue because what they're doing is putting pressure on other countries to say to the americans this is not acceptable and as we saw in some newspaper reports just on thursday there are the french and the belgians are looking at a potential peace deal which would be different from what the americans are crafting at the moment so it is all about putting pressure on other places rather than hoping the donald trump is going to suddenly change his mind or other leave there for the moment in gaza city we will return to allan as the as the day goes on but for now let's go to sultan bark out who's the director of the center for conflict and humanitarian studies at the institute and joins us now here in the studio i think we just have
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a look at some pictures right now in bethlehem because there are you can just see evidence of tensions this has been set alight there by the looks of it security forces standing by there was a big call for greater rallying as allan was alluding to is. mr ball for president out of turkey in the mood about us do you get a sense that we might see more reaction today friday than we did this time last week i mean this is the second friday since the decision and i think the level of protest is is what is expected by a by and large what has been more interesting is really the political reaction and most of the international reaction to this the meeting in istanbul i think is a very important event fifty seven states now. denouncing the decision and recognizing jerusalem as a capital of palestine to east jerusalem as a cup of palestine is a very important step netanyahu on the eleventh of december tried for the first
1:37 pm
time in twenty two years a prime minister for israel visits brussels and visits they you had court and tried to convince them to go the same route as trump and they disagreed with that and that's another important win if you like to the idea of jerusalem as got to be shared between the two nations because it has been a firm response isn't that there's been a lot of. spin to not see any concrete actions are we to put to really apply pressure on this u.s. decision well i think it will build up politically it takes time for those reels to start moving now the palestinians have a number of fruits ahead of them one option is to go to the international criminal court there's a possibility of them protesting at the united nations security council because trump with his decision has violated security council decisions so that there are i think many potentials and. my own view i think what would be best for
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the person is really to keep focus on this political game that they achieved as a result of his very unfortunate and miscalculated step so if we keep coming back to the concept of the peace process and you are cushion or interim himself yes that this is the ultimate deal it's a. the offering will be revealed for every march next year perhaps later. but if the palestinians are prepared to negotiate with the united states who steps in who steps into the breach is that saudi arabia and all the us involved in any way and i think the idea of that big deal is now over in many ways there is raise have called the ready for. have been summoned to come in as the new mediator or media to the to be acceptable from both sides days really and the palestinians now for that to happen is there has to be a lot of normalization between saudi arabia and the israelis before they reach the stage where they're willing and able to sit around the same table and i doubt that will happen anytime soon. and then you know tellers and i think what he said about
1:39 pm
the embassy and the fact it's going to take at least three years a to find or agree the land and find out who is doing who are the on the ship where the ownership lies the sitra and then to build the embassy and this may happen when trump has already left and finally what about other players in the region specifically around well iran i think it's again these are for a golden opportunity for iran to rally its population around a core cause that everyone agrees on and in a way it has really undermined the alliance that the united states had tried to build with islamic states led by saudi arabia's as recently as may this year or it's all to appreciate that thanks very much to do something very welcome thank you. because most powerful criminal gang has declared a unilateral cease fire the gulf club and says it is committed to reaching a surrender deal with the government but as alexander rep yes he reports there
1:40 pm
could be complications a month after colombia's biggest drug bust ever the alleged owners of this twelve tons of cocaine and an unprecedented cease fire. despite the lack of a legal framework for our surrender says the statement we remain committed to contribute to a comprehensive total in lasting peace. known as the gulf plan being us they are the country's biggest criminal gangs in the a paramilitary group. they control many of the routes used to smuggle drugs to the us beyond the means and are also engaging extortion and illegal mining through their more than fifteen hundred active members last september their top commander. known as said they were willing to surrender and. we've repeatedly expressed no intention of reaching a dignified end voluntary exit. by turning to colombia's justice system with guarantees that will lead to national reconciliation. the gang's overture follows
1:41 pm
the peace deal signed last year between the government and the fire gravels the clan second in command were recently killed and thirty four key members were arrested in intense army and police operations. yet they continue to command great influence in parts of colombia this huge crowd participated in the funeral of one of the killed commanders. analysts say the klan is trying to present itself as part of colombia civil conflict instead of simple organized crime something the government is not willing to accept. first and then to put pressure on the government in order to try to politicize their violent actions and to present government to accept simply. out of their weapons. aspired to negotiation to obtain judicial benefits it's unclear for how
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long the ceasefire will stand and if the group will actually give up its criminal activities the government says that in the meantime military operations against them will continue but it's also trying to push a law in congress to allow their surrender in exchange for benefits alison that i'm getting. in rio de janeiro a growing number of children and other innocent victims are being killed by stray bullets thousands of soldiers a battling it out with gunman from brazilian drugs guns who rule shantytowns support. was. another day another military patrolling one of the rio de janeiro's for bella's with cuts in funding for regular police the military's not parts of everyday life here i see talks between the soldiers and heavily armed drug gangs are also common all too deadly for those caught up in the middle. of military police officer felipe model
1:43 pm
lost his two year old daughter earlier this year she was killed by a stray bullet during a family outing boys your home today i don't have that prodded me more because of everything that's happened before i loved it when my daughter would say her dad was a call from the one. also lost her daughter this year the thirteen year old was killed by a stray bullet during an outdoor gym class police with automatic rifles were firing on gang suspects nearby. the police have killed my little girl my daughter was an athlete she was a student. local group youth bush says the number of children killed by stray bullets has skyrocketed in recent years its founder accuses security forces of treating densely populated neighborhoods like war zones. the number of weapons and munitions in the metropolitan region of rio the number of police operations in the densely packed zone at
1:44 pm
a time when children are at school as well as the war between the drug gangs all of this risk people's lives especially those of the poor. the government says the military crackdown is the only viable answer at a time of economic crisis as for police they say real violent drug gangs are to blame one hundred twenty six officers have been murdered this year they say their heavy handed strategy is a proportionate response at this stage no one has found a proportionate response to the civilian deaths in the meantime their bodies keep piling up when the silver are dizzy. the president of peru is resisting dumond's to resign because of a corruption scandal but petro public option skee is being born that impeachment proceedings are about to begin in congress since he denies involvement with the brazilian construction company directors implicated in the corruption scandals in various countries including acquittal with the vice president was jailed for six years on thursday for receiving bribes. the president has said he would make him
1:45 pm
still available to the public ministry of duty and napsylate transparent but open up all this bustle information so asked not to leave any kind of doubt about the work that he might have done might have had an absolute legality of what he has done campaigning has ended in the second round of chile's presidential election folks as will head to the polls on sunday to elect a successor to the president michelle bachelet and it appears to be its human race choosing between the right wing business with former president sebastian pinera and the former journalist. despite recent gains by the race is still expected to be very close to the america of italy see a new one from santiago. a rally. that. it would look to social reforms implemented my parents nothing this president said . i'm far from here to say mass campaign yet our success billionaire businessman
1:46 pm
suffered. the same they're appealing to supporters to cast every last vote and that's because this is expected to be the closest since chile returned to democracy in one nine hundred ninety eight is being accompanied by former a blind president. a former leftist guerrillas and the idol of the international left wing just four years ago sen was a respected t.v. journalist and his biggest challenge is to convince chile that he really is up to the challenge of governing this country. made. it's promising to make. for a better paying jobs but in this economy as it just is free market policies might save the social reforms that the family has been some money in order to appease millions and millions more. education and pensions politicians in argentina
1:47 pm
have suspended of a tone president receive crees pension reform plan after protests turn violent. take out some rubber bullets were fired at demonstrators in what is angry about potential changes to their pensions union leaders say the measures will cut retirement payments as well as aid for poor families countries top union has called for a general strike. egypt has ordered al-jazeera journalist mother to st to remain in prison for another forty five days he was arrested in egypt a year ago while visiting family it's now the tenth time his detention has been renewed al jazeera continues to demand his release he's accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos six children have been killed and eleven others injured when a train collided with a school bus in southwest france the french prime minister said what felipe flew to the scene of the accident in the small village of minas no word on what caused the
1:48 pm
crash. that neutrality rules protecting open internet access have been repealed by the u.s. government the changes could mean large corporations can put internet service providers to prioritize their websites and even block competitors. as this report. opposed to the repeal of net neutrality rules in the u.s. and making their voices heard on the streets of washington protesters in the end were not loud enough to sway the vote of the federal communications commission your car was your reason we're still i dissent the commission voted three to two along partisan lines to undo the obama era regulations that the chairman called burdensome and unnecessary it is not the job of the government to be in the business of picking winners and losers in the internet economy we should have a level playing field and let consumers decide who prevails net neutrality rules
1:49 pm
essentially prohibited broadband providers in the u.s. from speeding up a consumer's access to some internet content over others even if web sites were willing to pay for the advantage the idea was to preserve the internet as a public resource for all protester randy collins says the rules have protected her non-profits ability to reach an online audience this in an email add to. and from their group one point three million around the country and in places around the world. only possible through having a free and open internet that like all our cards and the strength of our ideas could not be blocked arse. just by desires of our budget never before has a debate over the intangible connections of the internet sparked such public passion more than twenty million comments were received by the f.c.c. prior to thursday's vote and now at least two states have said they will appeal the
1:50 pm
commission's decision. when you get a torch just and you've got congress people you've got millions of people who are in your corner and we will achieve internet you quality. policy net neutrality we will win at the end of the day internet companies have said they have no immediate plans to change consumers' experience but now that the net neutrality protection is gone it remains to be seen how long the industry will put equality over revenue potential hi joe castro al-jazeera washington a distance solar system is now known to have as many planets as our own with the help of google kepler telescope found a new planet known as kepler nineteen in that solar system the finding shows that it's in the system the largest known solar system outside of our they orbit a star more than two thousand five hundred light years away. so that.
1:51 pm
might be the equivalent of for. about four days.
1:52 pm
a great service more about the fields we thank you very much nic england's cricketers have suffered a major collapse as they fight to save their trophy from returning to australian hands the tourists lost six wickets for just thirty five runs on day two of the test match in perth that included david moland who was dismissed for one hundred
1:53 pm
forty. four hundred three australia lead the best of five series to nil and can clinch the ashes with a victory in this test were in reply to england's first innings title the aussies have closed on day two one two hundred three for three captain steve smith is just eight run short of a century meanwhile the international cricket council are still insisting they found no evidence of spot fixing in this series often times were published by a british newspaper. i'm pleased to say i saw nothing on my initial view that meant we should interfere with that but now we're into a thorough investigation which is likely to take several weeks we won't be commenting or speculating in the intervening period but i can assure everybody watching this that this will be a thorough investigation it doesn't matter where in the world the allegations relate to if it's about corruption cricket we will pursue the people involved prosecutors in rio de janeiro have launched a probe into fan violence surrounding the composted amerikana final clashes took
1:54 pm
place before during and after wednesday's much of america our stadium between local side flamengo and argentina's independent a who won the game vandalism was reported inside the stadium with more than fifty flamengo fans arrested over two days the brazilian football federation and south american football's governing body combo will be questioned as part of the investigation. in the n.f.l. denver broncos seem to suddenly be getting themselves back on track after a recent row of eight losses they won their second straight game in first a night football though with a win against the indianapolis colts denver quarterback broke off while i came off the bench to replace to have a c. on man in the first quarter and he helped them to the victory with his best passing performance in two years he threw for one hundred ninety four yards and had three touchdowns in total twenty five to thirteen was the final score. in the n.b.a.
1:55 pm
le bron james got his fifty ninth career triple double to help the cleveland cavaliers to a one hundred twenty one to one hundred twelve victory over the l.a. lakers on thursday he's now tied with boston celtics legend larry bird for six on the all time triple double lift meanwhile a city rivalry took place on thursday as well the new york knicks came out on top as they beat the brooklyn nets courtney least scored a game high twenty seven points for the next as they ran out one hundred eleven to one hundred four one. the national hockey league is gearing up to celebrate one hundred he is of the league's existence on saturday the auto us senators will host the montreal canadiens in an outdoor game called the n.h.l. one hundred classic the canadiens have warmed up for that game by snapping a story game losing streak thomas' play scored one minute and fifty two seconds into overtime as they beat the new jersey devils two one. the chicago blackhawks are continuing their recovery from
1:56 pm
a poor start to this season they beat the winnipeg jets five one of the day for a season best of four straight wins about talks both still second for some of the central division. and last season's stanley cup finalists the nashville predators have gone top of that same division the predators goal goalkeeper use stopped forty six shots against the edmonton oilers a franchise record for the most saves in a shutout it was a good day out all round for nashville who won this game for nothing. the world's best squash players of finishing up to here at the world championships which has been taking place in manchester one of the biggest stars on the circuit. books his spot in the semifinals on thursday the egyptian beat form a world champion nick matzke by four games i'll show but he will face france as well number one gregory in the last fall. i was fifty five days until the winter olympics in china now it's one of the most intense competition periods for the
1:57 pm
walls best athletes snowboarding as fast parallel giant slalom the world cup event of the season took place in caracas and italy russian twenty fifteen while champion andres sort of held off nevin gallery need to top the podium in the men's event and reigning world champion wrestler checco of the czech republic sora for mona hoffmeister to win the women's. now off to initially being delayed due to gale force winds the wilds toughest rowing event ever is for a fire sale is finally underway competitors of the atlantic challenge set off from the canary islands on thursday the race is being held on early and rome has thirty teams in total will make their way across the atlantic ocean towards the caribbean island of antiquity and doing so they'll cover a distance of three thousand nautical miles that pilots don't give much protection though and roads are expected to complete this journey without repairs and to survive on only the ferries and water they took with them at the start. ok when you
1:58 pm
think about bosler and realm of dread of course you think football right the both clubs also have basketball franchises who compete in the year only and they match they met in el classico on the day roma trades luka dunn showed off some of his skills that even christan are renowned i couldn't match the eighteen year olds with the union nailed this twenty one me to basco israel one eighty seven to seventy five so it's coming up next saturday. very impressive outsold a sport that if i could see how you were which is pretty good was that that is it for this news hour so we will be back a little bit of our news if you like for the. a
1:59 pm
new poll ranks mexico city is the pool with worst in the world for sexual violence many women are attacked while moving in the crowded spaces of the metro buses and even at the hands of taxi drivers the conversation starts with do you have a boyfriend you're very pretty and young you feel unsafe threatened you think about
2:00 pm
how to react what do i do if this gets was no money on the uses a new service it's called loyal droid it's for women passages only and drawn by women drivers. to some extra features like a panic button and twenty fourth's of among the trio of dr has. abandoned by the state social collect a as are all couponing space is among the people amended tens architects working on the edge of little. in the fast episode to take some of the adult shows al-jazeera into the realm of cells building in space. you really can't say at this time and i'll just see it.


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