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tv   The Stream 2017 Ep 202  Al Jazeera  December 19, 2017 10:32pm-11:00pm +03

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between december sixth and december sixteenth these are the instance the u.n. was able to verify so the number of civilians killed could be higher one attack involved seven the strikes on a prison in some last week by forty five detainees were killed five people have died during violent protests in the semi autonomous kurdish region in northern iraq eighty people were also wounded in the demonstrations which took place in the town of rania i was having why did demonstrations across kurdistan thousands of protesters rallied against austerity and unpaid public sector salaries in sort of minea for them in service to the west of the city set fire to the offices of political parties. palestinian protesters have been fighting with his ready troops in the occupied west bank thought of ongoing demonstrations against u.s. president donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel almost two weeks ago the death toll from tropical storm tech has risen at least
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forty three people have been killed in the philippines or these are still being retrieved from areas devastated by heavy flooding and landslides power has been cut and many roads are blocked as news just in they were publicly controlled house has approved final tax legislation in the u.s. the bill will be sent on to the senate the stream is up next i'll have more news for you after that thanks for watching by for. ok you in the strain read live on al-jazeera. today voters in states consulate in
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your region go to the polls with a thorny question of secession on everyone's minds what will happen next and i'm really could be a lot i'll be bringing our gas your comments also on today's show al-jazeera has a new podcast network zuhdi its first so closer than they appear grapples with questions of american identity we'll meet host and writer carvel wallace but first we return to a story that the stream has devoted several shows to. the weekend crises slipping off the news agenda it is far from over take a look at this video from al-jazeera is a have a. doctors without borders estimate that nine thousand really injured died in the month that followed the start of the military crackdown in me and more which began in late august. most of the rohinton who died were killed violent. the estimate contrasts sharply with me and mars government total it said four hundred refugees were killed that month. doctors without borders says
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their estimate is conservative and the actual total is likely to be far higher we have published a most conservative figure we have. if you look at the surf a.v. did this interview with more than twelve thousand people which were pulled from a population of six out of thousands. the kill you heard about in the report has driven more than six hundred thousand rooms of men women and children over the border from myanmar and to bangladesh since attacks and security checkpoints by a small branch are armed groups prompted a brutal crackdown on russian just civilians by the me and mar army now bangladesh and myanmar have struck a deal to send the rich back but what would they be going back to joining us we have brought adams asia direct to at human rights watch and they challenged me as an al-jazeera reporter based in bangladesh gentlemen good to have you here you said as a couple of pictures i want to show you this one here where what are we seeing what's
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happening. this isn't cox bazaar an area about a kilo a couple of kilometers from cook the problem with some of the biggest refugee camps are now when you take this access as though it is part of the asian the high where that is built by the bangladesh army now this goes right into an area called ruin my mother part which is zero line border between me and maher and bangladesh and there's a refugee camp bare and this is the access point now in the beginning on the influx in september and early october problems of reckoning us took shelter on the roadside and any empty spaces they could find and people were giving them clothes the local people were handing them clothes and food so what you see it's got a bunch of clothes all across this place is because they abandon the clothes they were wearing because they're very so the people who are giving them relief with a coat and you see them in the streets and people were actually taking shelter in
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these places which is much much more better now because it's the bangladesh army took over it's far more stable now the camps are organized you don't see them in the street just aggression in september and october was very dire picture save a little bit about it definitely so then we saw of course as you saw the beginning of this show this segment there's been an agreement between bangladesh and me in march to return some of those people living in talks bizarre but the main question that we're hearing from our community member since what happens when and if they return this is what car dean a former stream gas he's a director general of the ira kind union and this is what he asked. once they are returned which they could be attacked again by security forces who are going to provide protection for there has to be international involvement.
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right to protect there has to be a safe zone. administered by the international community. additionally their citizenship issue has to be addressed and that's the central issue. so brad he raised a number of concerns but chiefly protection who will protect them. yeah i mean the international law is very clear that. turns out to be safe and voluntary it can't be forced and if you are thinking of it in bangladesh right now as dire as your circumstances may be why would you want to go back your villages and a been burned out the people who forced you out of burma are still in power and in fact the burma is government both the military and civilian government and are in complete denial about what they did they are not taking responsibility they are not saying even although some rogue elements committed these crimes the military launched an inquiry of itself and surprise surprise it said that we didn't kill
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anybody we didn't do anything and there is a media campaign in burma. that is saying that this is all fake this is fake news we've had our sons who choose. websites say that allegations of sexual violence were fake news and so i don't think anyone's going to be going back any time soon this agreement between burma bangladesh is just words on paper. it was cobbled together under pressure from china which wants to be seen as a regional power broker but no donor is going to support this now if people do go back it is absolutely essential to the united nations modern on the ground but we have to be very careful that they're not sent back to camps the worst case scenario for the rain it would be to be moved from camps in bangladesh where they have relative safety to camps in burma where they're basically living in detention or possibly even concentration camps where they went be at the mercy of the burmese army or police and any time when they decided to go after the ring you know again.
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as a tweet that. he says i tried to go back this is a quote to get the bodies of my children but they were already on fire but he just survive often to not tell even each a new human rights report document spammy symmetries extreme methodical brutality. if i'm looking at you reporting here what are the stories that you're telling now i just got back from the work of december what's interesting to know that many of the right there if you do is a recently came within with them actually early week of december. late november they were saying the atrocity is still going that they're burning our villages and there's a housing refugees cross into bangladesh even after this agreement signed between bangladesh and leon maher and also important to know that there is
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a delegation. that up there with joint working committee in order to repair trigger out of this within generally or february. well next year too little crime if the ox most of the ranges there are very serious apprehension in going back immediately unless there's some sort of security guarantee some sort of assurance can you imagine asking somebody to go back to their captors that they just came back to traumatize the children one man at a little a man and you asking them to go back immediately they sure is that me and my has a short bam this hardly builds a confidence on bam to go back immediately definite no you cannot force them either and that fact remains even today are from came up with a report that is going to still coming across the border still villagers been burned as human rights watch on to say since october a lot of villages were burn and the fact that a sure thing that will take you back is
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a very contradictory to the situation on the ground with things to be still very volatile and critical for the range of refugees coming into bangladesh as well as a repair you know we have to remember there have been many outbreaks of violence because they were in india in two thousand and twelve they were to a force many thousands but to cross the border to bangladesh and every time there is an outbreak of violence there is denial by the authorities and those who stay are persecuted and remain in burma are living in fear of their lives every single day and the people who were burnt out of their villages in two thousand and twelve of effectively been forced into engine camps that some called concentration camps they can't leave the villages without permission he was moved around the country they're denied medical care food we have high infant and child mortality rates in these camps and they have no future they can't see a time when they will be able to live freely in their own country so proud and tell
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me we're going to leave it half an hour thank you for reminding us that this is a story that may not be a headline nice but he still incredibly important to him jack so. we go from cox it's bizarre to take you to catalonia in spain where crucial votes will take place on thursday have a look at this clip from al jazeera. with an awkward smile the spanish prime minister enters the battleground. over what he was here to rouse loyalists for his people's party in the fight against the separatists. thank you for defending spain thank you for defending the constitution thank you for defending the law according to opinion polls always party has no chance of winning. the. challenge of a majority with other secession parties and stop catalonia breaking away there's also a high possibility separatist parties could score a majority. so as you heard their polls show that things are very close between pro
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independence and anti independence parties the vote is the first since october when the madrid government crackdown on an independence referendum it had declared illegal and took direct control of the wealthy region so what's likely to happen next and how strong is the pro independence movement two months on joining us to discuss this. at the university of buffalo nia and. it's a communications consultant and political commentator i want to start with our community we got this from undress on twitter who says i think the results in thursday's election will be crucial this election has been called by the spanish government and will be held under the most difficult of circumstances spain has imprisoned consulate ministers and forced the president to exile so with all of those facts there so and you know what is the mood like right now in the lead up to this election. i don't know it's a bit too much maybe for me to speak about the general mood but i would say somehow
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the tension after the police brutality and everything that we saw of the first weeks of october has gone a little bit low having people in prison having people outside the country has left more like a feeling off. and sadness i would even say and yes there is still a bit of anger against madrid by many people and many parts of the population but there's less tension that said. people are in general a bit cautious about what is going to happen on thursday as you just said pause haven't been very clear it depends on who made the paul the results are very different and there the general idea is that probably as you just said prime dependents and unionist parties are going to be kind of both very very equal so we're just waiting to see what's happening maybe
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a three hour who follows closer the kind of planets movements can give you more insight. and looking at some polls here from the financial times and they sort of put them all together as averages catalonia independence for separatists forty six point nine percent unionists forty three point seven percent and down here nonaligned seven point eight percent so close but does it still class in catalonia. well it does feel like at least in this election being so important and having having gone through so much tension . many people might have never voted in the past my might show up. on thursday was this this gives the pollsters gives them a hard time because when somebody that has never been will call says no i will vote you never know whether to believe them or not them indefinitely all of them all of
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the right. it's also different because it's going to be on the on it's not going to be on holidays like usually polls in catalonia used to be that also a bit of. uncertainty to the whole poll but obviously from the from the point of. the president is generally pretty comfortable in saying that they will hold preserver at least a relative majority is are we got this comment here on twitter excuse me her name is still out and i'm going to get to see your ads react can our says the spanish government knows that this vote is not enough to solve the catalan situation they're still going to have to negotiate anyway and sonia i see you nodding your head there but i do with this said what will resolve the issue. well it was this whole negotiation of thing it's like waiting for it out there we've been
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we've been told so many times that spain will sit down and negotiate the end we don't really expect any more i mean you see i mean and wearing a yellow ribbon because we've got so many politicians in jail also there are several dozens of websites that were closed or blocked before a lot of the first and are still blocked the website of us and million us in out of atlanta for instance which is one of the major political organizations in kind of on your assembly or not is still blocked by the spanish police. received any notification so. we can we can label in many ways but these are certainly not normal democratic elections adding to the comment that you tweeted you just showed us i think what the person was trying to say i could fully agree that is that these elections might not solve the background problem or the background
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conflict which is we do have a part of the cutter population who's asking to be able to decide on our future on what we would like to be or organize ourselves and that conflict between that we are and the fact that the spanish central government says no you are not entitled to decide on that is going to remain there so even if there unionists this win with a very. small difference the conflict is still remaining there and you still have a big part of the population who is asking for absolutely different way of organizing so what is the point of this election if the conflict still remains it's not decisive what is the point what what are you going for is this for. i think the spanish government will rather than on or state or longer with the application of our own article what fifty five sold direct rule from madrid i'm short and mr
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money are not wholly promised there would have lot who'll who'll have been able to apply direct rule for for much longer i need to believe that there were forces outside of spain perhaps the european union for all their cut because that told told him not to look out for long so we just called for a snap elections and and took advantage of them as much as they could but he's a party in the popular party seemed to be beamed who to call me last in this in this election is all right even even if you were saying even if. they are he is eventually made it to the top there is a huge majority and you know who do not agree at least with these direct rule at least great weight madrid has applied it so all eyes on thursday thank you dystonia and todd reference joining us for this part of the show and don't forget you can
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watch full coverage of the catalonia election right here on al-jazeera this thursday now from spain we moved to san francisco in the united states to meet writer carvel wallace the host of a new podcast that's already winning lots of praise take a look. at. the right to the. growth of. a look in the early morning when i wake up and there was seven less than human i've seen a man who has been homeless and hungry. slept on park benches and in apartments with no electricity. has been the only black person and his world. told he has evil eyes that he has to get used to that it makes white people feel unsafe. i see a man who thinks every day about whether or not he will be the next one to. run
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around. i look in the mirror and i also see a father and a friend and a magazine writer who makes a list every night of all the things in his life that he's grateful for his health having a bad job two children who are live for you before i see a man like the nation that birthed him always looked toward the future. joining us cover while they are right of closer than they appear. there are some paul cost a little snacks a little five minute snacks as you're wondering around in your groceries and also paul cost like ules which is a free course meal way that i did extras and more even when you think you're full of what you can't take anymore if people are looking out for this podcast and trying to think what is it about what is called trying to do and the and the team.
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what's the i mean what's what's the mission here. well i mean thanks for having me on the show i think that america is that point where there's a lot of reckoning to be done one of the most things i say about this time in american history is that this is a time where everyone is paying for everything and a lot of american history has been about taking things on credit basically. that we've been a we've tried as a country to show certain times for oppression under the rug is to show certain crimes against against our own values under the rug and it seems that this is a time in which all of that is coming the bill is coming to right people are being held accountable that fear that we should have been feeling the entire time now people are feeling a larger level and so what i wanted to do with this show was i wanted to open up
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a space to have that conversation to say some things that maybe we need to be said and want to be said but the people have a hard time variant words and as a writer kind of the one thing i know that i have that i can offer to the world is i'm pretty good at putting things into works and and it's so in that way i wanted to create you know create another way to talk about the fear the anxiety the confusion the doubts that a lot of people like myself from people close to are experiencing right now i wanted to create a place for people to have that in a larger larger level and carvell as someone who would listen to all of your episodes so far i think you have done that but what i get from your podcast is this feeling a giant therapy session for america and so it's interesting then that we've gotten this comment from outside the united states this is claudia on twitter she says i'm an unconditional fan of closer than they appear from spain i'm
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a white european queer woman interested in politics and activism her question for you is in your opinion how can white people fight. it's a primacy and racism without falling into the racial color blindness between all here but well. yeah yeah i mean i think that it requires a certain amount of. i mean i think i think that the person who writes is on the right track right knowing that that thinking that we're all human and equal is not enough in other words is true but it's not enough so it's true that we're all human we're all equal but it's also true that our lived experience differs greatly and you know once i had a great friend say to me about being black she said we're not black people were people who are who have the black experience which i thought was such an interesting distinction and it's one that i has got in the way i think about race that yes you can say race is made up and race is not real and it's biologically but it's a it's it is a social truth and to live as
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a black person in this country to live as a woman in this country it was a queer person this country centered center gives you an experience it's also true that to live as a white person in this country gives you a certain experience part of the problem that america is facing right now is that we for centuries have been told that that experience of being white in america was the default experience that that was the normal line and there is a collective feeling of fatigue with that because that's not true and believing that's true has guided this country to kind of pave over the health safety and happiness of a lot of people so so so to balance this idea that we're all human beings with the idea that and therefore to be a human being and to grow up as a black person in this country means that certain parts of your humanity have been challenging that and be repaired you have to hold both those truths they're not opposites but the way this country works we think of it as opposites so to answer the question that claudia asks which is what can she do you know i think of this is
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a movement and everyone has a job has something skillful that they're able to do with movement i'm a writer some people can work in politics some people can work in finance. so people can take to the streets i think that i think that we all i think this movement requires all of us to do our work at a high level but there's a certain lot of consciousness that has to be developed in order for that word to not be harmful and this distinction between knowing that we're all human but also recognizing the specific ways in which our experience has been harmful and our healing from that that's a big part of the consciousness that is developing cover you get very passive no in your pocket you talk about america you talk about yourself i know a little bit about your family background to pull you up the rules a fight club when you should definitely throw a punch him when he shouldn't. say and say anything then you would not talk about that this is absolutely taboo we have thirty seconds left you an o.d.i. man i know that you know how long that is so we decided seconds and again you would
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not go that. there isn't really i mean i talk about my story not because i want to know me but because i think it can help people understand feel more at home more safe and honest in their stories and that's all about having the right to be because one of the things that systemic oppression that it messes with your administration has been doing thank you so much i thought the time we have thank you so much for joining us you can find a house of a mayor parent couple puck us how that can my laptop will anyway will you not to get no podcasts and you can i will be online a hash tag a strange. stunning
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images from the niger delta through the unflinching eyes of a look up with. an artist on a mission to demonstrates the good and that bad to his beloved homeland documents the effects of the black gold feeds and disfigure as he's called and showcases the traditional monarchs caught between a modern wild and a tribal culture the new africa. cuts this time on the al-jazeera. al-jazeera. swear every. possible detail get off the very last about shooting people are not able to shoot
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a gun themselves and their other countries have managed to solve this problem but you worry that this conflict could erupt into an outright open war with the city's general security sure the people who pay the price clearly there writeup been prejudiced setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. facing realities if a piece of machinery goes wrong is there a chain of ways to get a ship through which we can bring a legal system to bear getting to the heart of the matter i don't think we need of the wall but some of my good issues just to hear their story on talk to al-jazeera at this time.


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