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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 21, 2017 12:00am-1:01am +03

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lebanese woman is committed to helping them. become friends with nephew woman ten and. she's important to me. there are a few g.'s midwife at this time on al-jazeera world we hear indigenous can be recovered israeli palestinian affairs we cover the story with a lot of intimate knowledge we covered it with that we don't dip in and out of this story we have a presence here all the time apart from being a cameraman it's also very important to get journalists to know the story very well before going into the fields covering the united nations and all but the policy for al-jazeera english is pretty incredible this is where talks happen and what happens here matters. zero.
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zero that i'm chilling with all of this is the news out live from london coming up chump triumph and so on the home front as congress passes his tax bill into the big cuts in corporate tax rates on the international front the u.s. president threatens to cut financial aid to countries voting against him over to it so that it takes hundreds of billions of dollars and even billions of dollars in the devoted good just what we're watching those votes whether voted against us will save a lot poland's president signs into law controversial judicial reforms despite his friend from the e.u. to suspend his country's pull to rights. angry scenes that uganda's part of an opposition members suspended as a vote goes through says scrap the presidential age limits. and only people stay with him devil with all the day's sports news as russia's banned from paralympic sport itself held but they do have another month to prove their ethics should be
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allowed to compete in field check. so we begin in the united states where president donald trump is celebrating his legislative victory which will allow for the biggest overhaul of the u.s. tax system in thirty years earlier the u.s. house of representatives gave the one point five trillion dollars tax reform bill its final approval will not pass to president trump to be signed into law all republicans have praised the bill which would repeal parts of obamacare but at least in polls suggested fifty five percent of americans oppose this well the bill slashes the corporate tax rate from thirty five to twenty one percent as of january the first and ends tax advantages for companies that move overseas income tax rates and inheritance tax will be reduced for most people over half the. in dollars a year will experience higher tax reductions but these provisions are only
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temporary ending in twenty twenty six bills expected to add one point five trillion dollars to the u.s. national debt over the next decade currently stands at twenty trillion dollars a white house correspondent can be how could joins me now live from washington d.c. hi there kimberly so there were a lot of sound satisfied faces i think it's fair to say on the white house lawn earlier is this the triumph for trump that he hopes it is. well i guess the proof will be whether or not americans really see those tax savings that they're promised in the new year certainly right now all that ordinary americans have are promises that they hope will materialize and right now that is what is being touted as donald trump really celebrated his first legislative victory on the south lawn of the white house with republicans by his side both members of congress in the house of representatives and the u.s.
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senate the democrats for their part say this is the worst thing that could have happened to middle class americans because there's really very little trust that corporate america with these big tax breaks will really trickle down those savings to ordinary americans at the same time donald trump and republicans say that what this is going to do with the cut to corporate tax rates it's going to make america more competitive it's going to bring drugs that went overseas back to the united states and put more money in americans wallets. it's been an amazing experience i have to tell you hasn't been done in thirty four years but actually really hasn't been done because we broke every record it's the largest i always say the most massive but it's the largest tax cut in the history of our country to reform the tax code. really struck things grocery. so carefully what's been the reaction then of the american public are they just going to suck this one and see
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just wait and see if all of these things materialize. it may not be until february before american see these tax promises materialize and according to the white house so given that there's already deep distrust of government in the united states a lot of people feeling like they'll believe it when they see it if you will most americans according to the polls that have been put out in recent days seem to indicate that two thirds don't believe this is going to have any big impact in their life that could have a lot to do with the fact that this legislation was hastily written and rewritten even some members of congress didn't read all five hundred pages so there's room for skepticism given those facts out in the public ed the end of the day though this isn't even signed into law will the president is celebrating with legislative victory it still has to be signed into law the president saying it would have been done by the end of the year but now due to some sort of legal wrangling and need for legal review it looks like that it will actually happen in the new year now
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potentially and again those tax savings that americans have been promised will now they're hearing those won't be in january as they had hoped but instead in february committee how could they live from the white house committee thank you well republicans call the tykes bill in type coleman to reform but it will see cuts to social welfare programs like medicare that could impact millions some reports suggest medicare could be cut by twenty five billion dollars next year and the gallagher reports now from florida. you know more than seventy three the bay oaks retirement home in miami has been housing the elderly for seventy years many of its residents rely on social welfare programs and have for decades some like eighty seven year old janet lied backa a paying close attention to what's happening in washington a form of social worker janet says welfare may be coming to an end my generation i think we never thought of social security having an end date. but i
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believe it well perhaps it will be two thousand and twenty five to have thirty but there will come in and but this is plenty of time for everybody to get their act together. in the need time. and night team of particular concern a potential changes to medicare a federal program for over sixty five's it could face cuts of up to twenty five billion dollars when medicare and medicaid were set up in the one nine hundred sixty s. it encompassed the idea of a greater society one that took care of its poor and elderly experts say any of those programs won't necessarily mean less money for recipients but it will mean less cash for doctors hospitals and nursing facilities and advocates say that could have terrible consequences this was going to be terrible my clinic represent you know newman says without access to affordable health care millions could suffer
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doctors who take care of the elderly patients will find themselves unable to accept patients they will turn people away who need the care most of all and who can't afford to pay high private market rates or premiums more than fifty million americans currently receive medicare benefits and with a rapidly aging population it's seen by many as a vital safety net it's a curious thing can a thousand people turn sixty five every day in america and will for the next twenty years so i imagine them a majority of those people though and i imagine that when the tax cuts actually take place they'll be adversely affected and they're going to go to the polls the contrary parties adopted without objection a motion to the region or face a final table the republicans tax reform bill is already in popular among many voters its hope with next year's midterm elections approaching drastic cuts may be
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avoided by gallacher al-jazeera miami florida. well staying with president trump and he's certain to cut off financial aid to countries that vote in favor of a draft united nations resolution against his decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital one hundred ninety three member u.n. general assembly will hold a rare emergency special session on thursday there were quest of arab and muslim countries mike hanna has more on the united nations security council staff pose with the secretary general for an annual photograph is called then it's business as usual in the chamber like most other member states those represented here unwilling to comment publicly on the extraordinary letters sent by u.s. ambassador nikki haley ambassador did you receive a letter from nikki haley about the years many lives at the majority view apparently summed up by one representative who was willing to comment on our position in this case has been very clear we had the opportunity to express
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ourselves in the security council so so that's our very strongly a prince principled position we didn't was one of the fourteen council members who voted in favor of the jerusalem resolution monday the veto by the u.s. is accompanied by an angry statement from the ambassador what we witnessed here today in the security council is an insult it won't be forgotten what some would regard as a thinly veiled threat driven home in a letter circulated to all member states regarding the vote taking place in the general assembly thursday. as you consider your vote the ambassador writes i want you to know that the president and the u.s. take this vote personally she continues the president will be watching this vote carefully and has requested i report back on those countries who voted against us president trump made clear what the possible consequences could be they take
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hundreds of millions of dollars and even billions of dollars and then they vote against us while we're watching those votes let them vote against us will save a lot. we don't care. but privately many un members are outraged at the looters bullying and threatening tone and what was to be a vote condemning attempts to unilaterally change the status of jerusalem may gain even added significance in november more than one hundred fifty nations voted in favor of a resolution declaring all israeli actions in jerusalem as null and void as it was an occupying power a similar result in the general assembly thursday would also be a sweeping international rejection of president trump and his policies mike hanna al-jazeera united nations well in palestine people have been protesting against that us by calling for another day of rage in occupied west bank classes spoke out between demonstrators and this really security forces on bethlehem protesters
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marched in defiance of the u.s. decision for this for us polish president says he signed into law two new bills increasing the government's powers over the courts and those that it was in direct defiance of the european union under a stood up pushed ahead with the controversial reforms despite e.u. triggering its article seven procedure which could say poland stripped of its rights as the story it was a message of defiance from warsaw to the european union poland's president signing into law two bills reforming the judiciary something the e.u. had warned against saying the changes threatened billions democracy was arms of provides army i think we're introducing very good solutions in poland i believe we're introducing solutions that will improve the justice system that will make people finally regained face justice regain faith in polish court and regain faith in the justice system on the disgruntled view out of the nearest just hours earlier
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the e.u. had taken an unprecedented step to try and stop poland forging ahead with the controversial reforms it launched article seven of the lisbon treaty a process that could. lead to poland losing its e.u. voting rights sadly concerns of deep within a period of two years a significant numbers of laws have been adopted thirteen in total which put at serious risk the independence of the judiciary and the separation of powers simple which since coming to power in twenty fifteen poland's right wing law and justice party has been a look ahead with the e.u. and for its drive to tighten immigration and media laws analysts say the ease latest move is unlikely to worry the government i don't know where to call the law and justice the governing party in poland is riding high in the opinion polls i think that they are very adept at turning the battle good brussels to their own
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advantage they can say he's just an unelected bureaucrats are trying to undermine our national sovereignty so they they will be perfectly content to see this one reckless way through over the past months polish opposition protesters have voiced their anger at a government face say is increasingly authoritarian. the e.u. has given poland three months to address its concerns its may then consider suspending walsall voting rights but for that to happen all member states would have to agree and the problem for the e.u. is that hungary has already made it clear that it would veto such a move natasha buchla al-jazeera still to come on the news hour a u.n. official investigating human rights abuses in the in-law is barred from entering the country in syria we meet the residents from the former eisel stronghold of iraq who say they've been forced to return home to sit on a sport piece it will tell you about his this former world cup winning strike has plans of cleaning up corruption brazilian football all that more when we come back
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. zimbabwe's new year emerson says this country is open to foreign investment after years of isolation it gave us our state of the nation address of weapons they were promised to improve the economy and create jobs has more now from harare zimbabwe is new leader says it's no longer business as usual his government is going to introduce pro-business policies to attract investment and revive the ailing economy government will soon and real robust in grange print reengagement program with international community. in our continued to be due to rejoin the community of nations may make
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government is committed to open a zimbabwe. meant by building a free and transparent economy which are brits zimbabweans m.p.'s were coming to outsiders. i'm assuming that god told zimbabweans he's going to improve the rule of law and democracy as well as tackle corruption he came to power last month after the military intervened and roberts mugabe resigned mini's about ways including the opposition are watching prison and i was very closely to see if he delivers the main thing people want jobs and the economy to improve opposition members say they hope the new president means what he says but they are skeptical there are still cash shortages and food prices keep rising they feel managua has surrounded himself with the same people who helped keep mugabe in power for thirty seven years we look at the levels. in the manner in which our citizen our people are living
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and. the dream is being. is being dream the dream. and dream since in the. character the new administration is trying to mend relations with the international community some imposed sanctions in the early to thousands of accusations of human rights abuses political analysts say if elections next year are free fair and credible and whoever wins is democratically elected that could show signs of stability and encourage investors to release much needed funds they have to be as democratic as possible because of the elections and will have a close eye on this particular election because they're obviously not keen on having the status of a person who got in via a military intervention as a president in the sort of improving zimbabwe's fortunes and international standing will take time but when i got one has only
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a few months to prove his leadership will be radically different from his former boss robert mugabe. al-jazeera. myanmar has brought some independent un investigative from visiting the country for the rest of her ten year un special rapporteur for me and more young he was due to visit in january to assess the state of human rights the un has accused troops of ethnic cleansing and possible elements of genocide against the hinge he says she's disappointed by the me and mark government's decision saying there will be something terrible happening what kind will young he spoke with us earlier from seoul. there's a lot of big words that have been. in my to there's this incident a lot of strong very strong condemnation but it doesn't seem like the military government is taking the lead to any of this i think there was disappointing to. the international community could not become more to come up with the stronger
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resolution the security council on it was it was a presidential statement but that having said that it was an improvement we've come so far we have never i wear the first person and the last person would have never drowned me or my i would choose to go down this path it was opening up it was the road to democracy the transition the aspiration of the people you know all of this point to to a success story for me but i'm really deeply. disappointed and very saddened by the decision. to deny cooperation with my mandate over there you know the human rights mechanisms and most of to silence people who speak out about these kind of we're trying to
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tease at least seventeen people have been killed in air strikes in syria as if that province it's believed four children two women are among the dead the syrian civil defense the first responders known as the white helmet say the death toll is higher facing the figure and nineteen the province has been a rebel stronghold for three years and president bashar al assad as we said they launched an offensive to try to retake it well elsewhere in syria people to space for myself form a stronghold of iraq say they're being pressured into returning to their destroyed homes. parents are worried about their children stepping on exploded some of the debate reports from the west and. fullest it's not easy salvaging your clothes from the rubble but the family has little choice their home and rocco was hit by an airstrike as i feel it was driven out they've been living in displacement camps but life was so tough there back home with fears that
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children could step on a mine on an unexploded munition. halftimes i'm from the el much of that neighborhood i'm constantly worried about the young children it's difficult to live here there's nothing with no house if you live outside now after the fall of isis the fact the capital the people of iraq but complain no one is helping them has thirteen children and he says the camp management that i need told him to go home and then we'll look at this the house is gone there's nothing left nothing to eat or drink we need something to survive i was once home to more than a quarter of a million people after nearly five months of fighting eighty percent of the city is destroyed i am doctors without borders says during the battle nobody cared about the civilians and the coalition inflicted a deluge your fire on the city reconstruction is estimated to cost billions of dollars but since isis defeat in october if you have announced the building this to foot the bill or even provide basic infrastructure health care and education the
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ancient city was a crown jewel of empires dating back more than two thousand years it's never been leveled like this before beyond the river euphrates was isis capital iraq which was under their control since two thousand and fourteen now the city has been taken over by kurdish led forces but it remains in ruins and i say the limits are still being cleared. by just continue to discover weapons dumps. i thought to leave guns and ammunition from the syrian army. but generally the area is safe but there are some also weapons left to protect the people we are do mining of the city we are here to protect civilians but the defaced our population find things hard to believe people wouldn't comment on camera but many say they're under another occupying force kurdish might be defiant they deny accusations that defend arabs from their town villages. but unless there's a serious push to rebuild and rehabilitate raptors gaping wounds bear the risk of
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fostering some of the group like i flew with ahmed in job a delta there are on the western bank of the euphrates river it's a thousand days since a coalition of forces led by saudi arabia launched its air campaign against iran back to sea rebels in yemen a high number of civilian casualties it's caused. by around the world a sea blockade has also brought the country to the brink of famine more than ten thousand people have been killed since the conflict began the u.n. says at least one hundred thirty six civilians died in airstrikes in just ten days this month aid groups estimate three courses of yemen's population on depending on aid to survive the countries also suffering the world's largest colora the demick they teach a lack of clean water which is affected almost a million people. reports. was walking out of her father's cement factory north of the capital sana'a when the building was hit by an
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airstrike the blast waves twisted her back she's now struggling to walk doctors say her spider was damaged during the attack while her life has been shattered by the conflict in her country loran dreams of graduating and becoming a doctor and i used to go to school and that my life was beautiful because i could walk and right now i can't walk to school i can only go to the wheelchair i used to be able to sit in a chair at my desk and write but now when i try to write my hand hurts i used to love writing but now i can't even hold a pen. but the conflict in yemen shows no sign of abating on tuesday the who thiis fired a ballistic missile to was the saudi capital of riyadh they say they were targeting a meeting of senior officials of the yemeni royal palace saudi arabia accuses iran of supplying the houthi is with the messiah and as the conflicts continue there are
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fears of a wider regional confrontation the healthy is the remain defiant and. we face a war carried out by ten countries and there are attempts to create more divisions and chaos but that has failed and we still lead the front against the aggressors. meanwhile the fighting rages near the capital sana'a forces loyal to president i would be are struggling to break the defense lines civilians caught in the fighting. thousands of people have been killed since the start of the conflict into thousand and fifteen and the end of my hope is that two thousand and eighteen comes along with peace and of aggression and block. it imposed on my country but i also hope that all the parties come together and build a democratic state. millions of the yemenis struggle to find food and shelter
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the country which faces the world's biggest humanitarian crisis is also politically divided first by the international community to negotiate a settlement suffered a setback earlier this month when the country's alstad leader. was killed by the whole thing. but for many yemenis like neuron perhaps suffer the most in this conflict and and to the fighting can't come soon enough hashem about al-jazeera. still to come. i feel no remorse in saying that i hope he gets what he deserves in healthy sex i really think simply adds to the death of an archbishop to help protect. the european court ruling that opened the raid healing up to regulation and in
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sports a turkey seeks a four year prison sentence for an n.b.a. star piece i will tell you why in sports. hello and welcome to international weather forecast we still have some cold air across europe frontal system pushing down from the north giving breaks of snow extending southeast words during the course of thursday draw a conditions across the central part of the mediterranean we've got moderate conditions across more western areas there with london coming in double figures now heading into friday still grossly mild in the west further towards the east that frontal system breaks up and we've got fine conditions across much of italy and the balkans for a change so heading down into north africa we've got this low pressure center in the gulf region so for tripoli it could be wet and windy quite stormy conditions
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here certain risk of flooding on that sense further towards the east during the course of friday certainly quite stormy here at times but the winds coming from the south it's looking pretty hot for karo twenty nine degrees into central parts of africa things are relatively quiet at the moment showers for good d.r. congo but across much of west africa we've got rowsley quite conditions are cracking down on lagos nigeria probably wanted to showers but also a fair amount of sunshine as we head down into southern portions of africa we've got to a few showers across central parts of south africa but it should be largely dry that in cape town. under-served real scarred. up bunker shot or monument towards destructor polish. government the ruins the defiance to resist. some strong hold or supervisor.
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to blame poem first degree child a suburb of damascus refuse to crumble under the money over there so it's all in. trouble part two of this time. al-jazeera view is get the whole story the background the history and how issues in other parts of the world are connected to those of high off there and the damage that shooting guard the follow on to the back of these truck we understand all the important issues and all vital both of knowledge gets us and sized into what's around the corner is still the citizen that mine owners hear more about profits than they do their workers safety so when the story develops al jazeera is already there on the ground talking with the people.
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the minds of our top stories here on out is iraq this president donald trump is celebrating his legislative victory which were to live the biggest overhaul of the u.s. tax system in thirty years palestinians have again classed with israeli security forces over the u.s. decision to recognize to respond as israel's capital at says president trump is threatening to cut off financial aid to countries that vote in favor of a draft u.n. resolution criticizing. poland's president has signed two new laws increasing the government's powers over the courts in defiance of the european union that. began this poem and has. to amend the constitution in a controversial move laced with a live president yeah ringless seventy to stand for election again the bill removes the age gap of seventy five years on the president allowing seventy three will save any to further extend his three decades in charge earlier two opposition
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politicians were detained as they tried to enter quantum of the second day of debate on the issue well joining me via skype from kampala is uganda journalist jackie kennedy so hi there jacki thanks very much for being with us your reaction force to the age gap the move hi hi jacki can you hear me yeah yeah you're reaction jacki to the age cap being removed was it what you expected to happen yeah i mean the composition of the removal of the edge is not new it's been since the two thousand people so an interim has the majority in parliament so it was expected that he'd eat it you know it would be passed and jackie what about the general public did they want him to stay on as leader does he have kind of white spread support i think in the in.
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the grassroots support yes he does but also a light from the media reports that we saw during the time that members of parliament will give to go on consols it was i huge know from from from concerts when so i think for many people it's it should be people my age are going to be pointed at this and and how can you sum up jackie where does that leave politics right now in uganda i mean seeing the opposition resistance to this going through what what can they do to maintain that opposition and resistance if you like. i think the opposition needs to organize but also the other thing that i think many been have let led off is the fact that parliament also or in amending the constitution amendment bill amended and some limits. so so recession time limits means that in the next election the president will win and
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either because it will only serve to go unnoticed that is america but that is yet to see because the bill has just been passed by parliament it has to be signed by the by the president now the question is will the president sign a bill that allows him to stand for. i mean removing the cup of seventy five years but yet again restrict seem on the time limits we're yet to see his reaction to that particular clause that was actually brought in to the bill during the committee stage of the been one opposition member of parliament jackie interesting to see some comment online on this asking you know could this be a response to what we saw in zimbabwe zuma being removed from power and a sort of general c.e.o. of this being rolled out across africa what's your take on that commentary. i think it would be interesting i think that it was something that was expected and i think
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that many ugandans are worried about uganda moving to where i was in love with ease and maybe that's where we're going to go i did not know but. in terms of the reaction to her being removed i don't think that uganda and politics is that much you are but also because one thing for us is that politics is the main source of employment and it's not a sob it's rather a source of employment so and also or the many times that politics makes italy to be unpredictable because then it's subjects who has the law money so i think that i wouldn't rush to compare the two because i find that we are very we have such a great different dynamic in terms of community and people as well check you came in there joining me from compiler jackie thank you for your company and you do. just there are journalists around the world are calling for the release of our colleague mukluk hussein his now been detained in an egyptian prison for exactly
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a year he was taken into custody while visiting his family security services say he is under investigation but they haven't referred him to a court in test explains. standing in solidarity with mahmoud hussein at al-jazeera headquarters in doha journalists from around the world showed their support for hussein who has been held in any gyptian prison for a year the correspondent is accused of crimes ranging from incitement to broadcasting fake news with the aim of spreading chaos trendall is the managing director of al-jazeera english he says the allegations against hussein are false it's quite outrageous that that his imprisonment has been extended i believe that every forty five days they extend the taste attention that it's now right in two years so it's it's really outrageous and of course we call for his freedom of all as we do for all journalists who were unjustly imprisoned before working at network
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headquarters in doha the saying was based on al-jazeera is now closed bureau in cairo his family says his physical and mental health have deteriorated considerably over the past year and that he's been denied adequate medical attention for a broken arm my father is emotionally and mentally distressed because he feels that he's there and the dog sitting behind the bars without committing any crime the coverage of his saints case by gyptian media has also had a major impact on his family shortly after being arrested he was paraded on national television which branded him a terrorist my sisters and brother face social stigma everything in their schools everyone posting and they are sons and daughters of protest and they are not sure fingering egypt they are not safe each one of us is not safe human rights and press freedom groups have also condemned hussein's arrest it's unclear when or if not
12:37 am
move who say he will be released from prison but the message to his egyptian jailers from him his family and all his colleagues at all just zero remains the same free mood because. journalism is not a crime. hussein's detention is the latest in a string of arrests by egyptian authorities targeting al jazeera staff in the country a year and a half ago ibrahim helo the former editor in chief of al-jazeera arabic was sentenced to death in the censure for in danger of national security accusations he denies egypt also imprisoned al jazeera mohammed fahmy and peter greste on charges of spreading false news in a case that was widely condemned by international media outlets and politicians alike they were freed after being held in prison for over a year and while it's unclear what will happen to mahmoud hussain the demands for his release will continue until he's free in al-jazeera doha the
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president of the philippines has declared a ten day cease fire with communist finds us to live filipinos to enjoy a stress free christmas were to go to charity or did they are man pleased to suspend offensive operations from christmas eve until the new year the rebel forces have been waging a go a warfare campaign in the countryside for almost fifty years and conflict that's killed more than forty thousand people communities in the central philippines of the government clean up after tropical storm thai tak hit last week the same region was ravaged by a powerful typhoon just four years ago and locals have barely recovered jamila island one reports now from palo in central philippines. this is what's happened to the town of the balinese too has been the pains that so many communities here it was long held to back my property in natural disasters but topical storm talk has made life even more difficult now at least forty people were killed when it struck eastern philippines last thursday
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a majority of those who died from here buried alive in their homes after boulders and mud down from the hills that includes members of the baathists are family. but they say they've come to accept the risks of disasters like this what that might mean we can't do anything because it's all up to god we are all headed back to him all of us in the end will have to face her maker. but security experts believe that such a mindset in many communities must be changed that deaths in disasters like this one should be seen as preventable why we are a lets see if you consider us a very faithful faithful community. we lay everything to god we failed to internalize that we have to do something us people debate both to prevent those things from happening local government acts only when there are. an
12:40 am
emergency and the would be too late already experts say people living in dangerous areas should not only evacuated but they should not be living there in the first place they see the government should focus on strengthening communities to prepare better and be independent so that mass casualties can be avoided in november two thousand and thirteen typhoon haiyan struck central philippines killing at least eight thousand people and millions who lost their homes by law is just one of the many towns that managed to rebuild itself in the four years since typhoon haiyan struck but experts question just how prepared these communities are should another typhoon of such magnitude strike again we can never be called for that because it's always there's always unknown it's always unknown you never know . but in terms of the social preparations especially the people.
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i think i think we can survive more. for a region that was hit tarred by take. many seat impact of tropical storm pataki should be seen as a warning that crucial lessons have not been learned. and. central philippines a priest accused of covering up thousands of cases a section of a symbol and catholic church in boston massachusetts died on tuesday was ross jordan has more now on the control the say so and the life of cardinal bernard law . once upon a time watchers of the roman catholic church thought cardinal bernard law the head of the church in boston would become the first pope from the united states instead logged died in disgrace in rome on tuesday age eighty six vilified because of how we handled decades of allegations of sexual abuse by priests under his supervision
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sexual abuse survivors had nothing but scorn for law when they heard the news bernie law was a cruel selfish bastard. because he knew what was going on secret church documents uncovered by the boston globe and other news media revealed that law moved priests from church to church when they were accused of sexually abusing children he was never prosecuted for his actions defense lawyers say law should have been he could have created commissions with victims. to educate priests and supervising priests about the evils of sexual abuse but none of that was done it was all just window dressing it was an empty apology church observer said laws decisions shocked parishioners and the general public it was the practice to protect the institution rather than the innocence of children and so
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these priests were moved from parish to parish without telling law officials or even telling the new parishes the uproar was so intense and the media coverage so relentless that law resigned as archbishop in two thousand and two cardinal law came to this convent in maryland just outside washington d.c. he served as the chaplain for about a year then he was off to rome where he served as the head of one of the historical churches there as well as serving on several key vatican committees the most important the one that chooses the new pope law helped elect pope benedict in two thousand and five but because he had reached retirement age in two thousand and eleven law was not involved in the election of pope francis who has tried to deal with the ongoing fallout from the scandal rather than conduct laws funeral services at the vatican francis will conduct the burial ceremony in a statement released after last death was announced francis said quote i raise
12:44 am
prayers for the repose of his soul that the lord god who is rich in mercy may welcome him in his eternal peace the survivors in boston say law deserves no such thing i hope he gets what he deserves and help rosalind shorten al-jazeera washington. the united states has imposed sanctions against several lessons and chechens including ted chen president ramzan kadyrov a us treasury department blacklisted katty off for alleged human rights abuses them wednesday the chechen need to secure east of overseeing and administration involved in disappearances and extrajudicial killings torture and other violations. catalonia there's an anxious wait head of thursday's election madrid called the step after the procession made us in the last rally declared independence in october called panel takes a look at spain's worst political crisis since the end of the frankel dictatorship i think massive protests erupted in barcelona
12:45 am
a spanish paramilitary police raided regional government offices catamaran officials were arrested as madrid tried to stop preparations for the secession referendum ten days away that. democracy must be defended with smiles and flowers were not violent all we want to do is vote and vote in peace. spanish security forces drank the way voters from the polling stations catalans bullets bloodied and beaten the referendum went ahead the spanish government insisted it was illegal that is a cry. they stole materials they violate that human rights they where they injure people that piece a crime an overwhelming majority voted to break away but turnout was low the spanish king made a rare t.v.
12:46 am
address condemning the result as unlawful response earlier there was a look it's the responsibility of the legitimate powers of the state to guarantee constitutional law and order. the. spanish unionists rallied for a huge amount of demonstrations. in the my yes we are the silent majority we must show that there are many more of us than those who want to divide catalonia. polish jews demanded the head of the cattle and government declared independence but delayed implementation calling instead the negotiations. it is the mandate of the people of the country lol you should become an independent state in the form of a republic over the next three weeks spanish judges arrested keith separatist leaders accusing them of plotting rebellion and spanish prime minister mariano rajoy completed the crackdown shutting down this regional parliament desponding the cattle and government and imposing direct rule from madrid if you.
12:47 am
regularly use they have broken the law and the rule of law two of the basic principles of the european union they have to bribe the representatives of the opposition of their right to exercise control in government imagine if i decided to close parliament so nobody could question me that would be a scandalous situation but this is what's happening and this is what's still happening. days later poos demond i'm part of this cabinet fled to belgium other catalan government ministers were jailed some later freed on bail they jail us only to defend our ideas and idea that the share. of the turmoil is polarized catalans and spaniards alike the choice in thursday's election season staff to make up. the break up.
12:48 am
al-jazeera basile in the. highest court has ruled that the taxi healing company is a transport company and must be regulated as one of the ideas that it's an online digital platform and shouldn't be subject to the same rules san francisco based firm operates in more than six hundred locations but it's been accused of unfair competition barker reports from here in months. it's a landmark judgement with big implications for other online companies the european court of justice ruled that is a taxi service and not a technology firm as the company insists it will now have to comply to the same regulation as other transport firms rules that can be set a country level. the long running court case was first bought by taxi drivers in spain with a backlash against hoopers bien explosive. thousands of taxi drivers took to the streets accusing the company of unfair competition there were similar scenes in
12:49 am
several other cities this was paris and this demonstration brought central london to a standstill and deliberate on has been under mounting scrutiny after a driver with previous criminal convictions allegedly murdered a british embassy work in this month. period london had its license revoked back in september for breaching operating rules including its handling of alleged sex attacks still there were three and a half million users here and many were angry with that decision part of the company's ensuring appeal is that is sufficient and cheap. and traditional black cabs for now it's been allowed to continue operating in the capital while it appeals the decision. the european courts ruling isn't legally binding but it does send a message to other high tech firms is one of several companies facing legal battles in recent years. another san francisco based firm allows people to rent out their
12:50 am
homes to visitors but cities such as pass a loner and berlin want to regulate usage to avoid driving up rents and forcing out locals experts say it's important to uphold regulation without stifling innovation if you look at many of the new take firms yes they have a new way of delivering things but the main reason they're making money is often by getting around roles tax regulation the kind of things that the average companies have to apply with the digital revolutions advancing at breakneck speed now the law needs to pick up the pace knave al-jazeera london. still to come. business updates.
12:51 am
business updates.
12:52 am
the big. julie thank you so much russian paralympians will need to wait until january before learning if they're allowed to compete at next year's winter games in pyongyang chang. a decision was expected from the international paralympic committee on friday but while the ban on russian competitors has been up held they've been given an extra month to meet the criteria required to lift the suspension this includes the world anti-doping agency reinstating russia the international olympic committee are only allowing russian athletes to compete as neutrals in february's of the big games while the athletes preparation for pyong chang is hotting up with less than two months to go now the women's alpine ski circuit continued on in france on
12:53 am
wednesday with the first ever world cup ladies parallels then to a new format but a familiar with in the shape of mckayla shifrin the american beat back is through a lot of bio for hundreds of a second to claim her second race win course chevelle in as many days it sees shifrin increase her lead at the top of the overall world cup standings to two hundred ninety one points. former world cup winning striker room ario is planning to run for president of the brazilian football confederation in an effort to help clean up corruption in the sport in his country the fifty one year old is currently a senator in his home state of rio de janeiro and has played an active role in leading corruption investigations the news comes just days after marco polo del narrow but current c.b.s. president was given a ninety day suspension by it's alleged he is involved in. conduct.
12:54 am
there's been some good news for the peru national team in the build up to next year's world cup they captain paolo good arrow will be able to play in russia of the cutty's ban for failing a doping test from one year to six months the thirty three year old who plays a brazilian side flamingo had been suspended after testing positive for a stimulant found in cocaine following a world cup qualifier in october that will now finish in may just over one month before the start of the tournament elsewhere x. arsenal embassy a daughter and her thomas at ski has decided to hang up his boots the thirty seven year old who currently plays a sponsor prague announced his retirement on wednesday results the one to f.a. cups with arsenal he was also capped at one hundred five times by his native czech republic chelsea are on their way to the english league cup semifinals the current premier league champions softball moved to one on a wednesday and in a shock result bristol city have just knocked after manchester united by the same score two goals two one one athlete coming out of retirement is twenty thirteen
12:55 am
wimbledon winner marion bartoli she says she has unfinished business in tennis after injury forced her to stop playing four years ago the frenchwoman called it quits just a month after winning her only grand slam title now thirty three bartoli is hoping to return at the miami open in march beyond that she has a sights set on playing at the olympics in two thousand and twenty as well as winning another major trophy for more on the earlier i spoke to sophie former player from france who no commentator on women's tennis she says bartoli faces a tough physical challenge to get back to the top but there after her shock retirement we shouldn't be too surprised about written. i think mentally we know that she's a warier and she's proven this day in and day out on the tour winning a titles winning a grand slam title and i think that physically with all she went through the last
12:56 am
two years especially year ago with the illness and the weight gain and the weight loss i mean it's been like so difficult for her she's. she's still plying and you know the funny thing is you know i interviewed her about two weeks before she retired and that was after wimbledon back in two thousand and thirteen and there was absolutely no reason for her to quit she didn't have that in our mind so it was such a shock for everybody so surprised i don't think we should be surprised by anything that happens these days on the tennis tour with the likes of all the older player i would say make the federer and the syrian a williams who is now trying to come back after giving birth to her of her first child so young bartoli is a great story again for the woman stays association i think that. embracing this what we have to expect in two thousand and eighteen is you know an amazing field
12:57 am
from the number one up to the number ranked mario bartoli you is going to look for well card to get into tournament's and it's exciting i mean what's not exciting about that i mean you have pretty much a lot of players who are looking to maybe be the contender and be the new winners here in grand slam we had four different grand slams winner last year which is pretty amazing and it's a testimony anything to the depth of women's tennis and how good it is and how good they are out there. turkey's state run news agency says that prosecutors are seeking a four year jail sentence for n.b.a. player in askance and he's accused of insulting turkey's president through a chip tayyip erdogan in a series of tweets last year cancer place of new york knicks and would be tried in absentia he is a known supporter of in the u.s. based cleric blamed by turkey for last year's failed coup while north korea's largely isolated from the international community football is one of the reno where
12:58 am
they have been trying to stay in touch with a women's national team won the east asian football to have a chip for a third straight time last week and the north korean news agency supplied this footage of the team being greeted upon their return at pyongyang international airport. and really that's all the sport for me another update coming up again later he said trying to well that's it for me in the team here in london for this news hour i will be back here in just a sec with a much more of the day's meantime thanks for your company and see you there still apply.
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in two thousand and one vs rides around the. arab australians accused of being enemies within. and attacking the way of life we were treated like we had pulled suspects we would all under suspicion struggling to adapt to their new found home. al-jazeera expose the history of the lebanese community in australia. once upon a time in punchbowl and this time on al-jazeera we headed to jerusalem bureau covered israeli palestinian affairs we cover the story with a lot of internet we covered it with that we don't dip in and out of the story we have a presence here all the time apart from being a cameraman it's also very important to be a journalist to know the story very well before going into the fields covering the united nations and global the onus for al-jazeera english is pretty incredible this is where talks happen and what happens there matters. ahead of the september twenty
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fourth national election survey showed a satisfied with the state of their economy this is easily a study his biggest tech success story the company. in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. women. was. triumphant trump the u.s. president and chief says first major lead just it's a victory.


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