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tv   The Stream 2017 Ep 204  Al Jazeera  December 22, 2017 5:32pm-6:00pm +03

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resoundingly big dream as a pro unity party emerged as the single largest group says he'll make an effort to hold talks with the new cattle and government south sudan's government and opposition forces have signed a cease fire deal allowing humanitarian access to civilians caught in the fighting the deal and greed after talks in ethiopia's capital addis ababa is the latest attempt to end the four a half year long conflict to revive a twenty fifteen peace deal that collapsed last year after heavy fighting broke out in south sudan's capital juba. russia iran and turkey have announced deals covering prisoner exchanges and demining during talks on ending the syrian war they've agreed to meet again in the russian city of sochi at the end of january with the aim of bringing both the government of the opposition to the negotiating table. a class action lawsuit has been filed against apple in the u.s. state of illinois after the tech giant admitted it released software updates that deliberately slowed down some old i phone models social media users have long
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speculated the company limits the performance of older i phones to force users to upgrade apple says it made the change last year to help preserve battery life which it says diminishes over time those were the headlines the news grid is off it thirty minutes time with next it's the stream to stay with us. kenyan elections intractable war in syria refugee crisis troubles in venezuela and tensions on the korean peninsula and l. just zero new special looks back on the biggest stories of twenty seventeen trivialize our families who lived through them. from the well why refugee crisis to the fall of the longtime zimbabwean leader robert mugabe alcoves for an independent catalonia the steamy scenes tons of great
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show pictures from new our online community and while we cover as many of your story ideas as possible we can get to them all but today we explore the latest news about four important stories you suggested. and you're now in the stream live on al-jazeera and you tube we start in war where the only going humanitarian crisis has reportedly put millions of people right on the brink of starvation is our correspondent. reports on one thousand days of conflict for the conflict in yemen shows no sign of abating on tuesday the hutus fired a ballistic missile aisle to worst the saudi capital of riyadh they say they were targeting meeting of senior officials at the royal palace. saudi arabia accuses iran of supplying the has these with the messiah and does the conflicts continue as there are fears of all why do confrontation and. meanwhile
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the fighting great just near the capital. forces loyal to president of the. us frankly to break the defense lines thousands of people have been killed since the start of the conflict in two thousand and fifteen and the my hope is that two thousand and eighteen comes along with peace and of aggression and blockade imposed on my country but i also hope that all the parties come together to build a democratic state. the saudi led coalition's blockade of yemen has been widely condemned by international agencies including the united nations but it has agreed to temporarily open the who think controlled part of her day to allow some aid into the country will that be enough to help a nation brought to its knees by war here with us to explain in new york city. is the co-founder of the moats an organization for human rights welcome to the stream raj i want to start with this tweet from someone who's handle is yemen how they
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write yemen really needs help if help does not come so quick i fear the worst could happen i left because i didn't know when how what come as you know what's the most critical need for civilians in yemen right now. the problem that all needs to in yemen now is critical people they don't have salaries that isn't normally the closest and there is no state and there is a lot of violations against civilians so what is more critical maybe forward but also all the details in yemen need some certain of help international n.g.o.s now saying that twenty two million people. started off help or of protection and this is almost more of us all of us as yemenis. so whenever we talk about the humanitarian crisis in yemen we should remember that it is a manmade disaster but when you talk about human rights abuses can you be
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a little bit more specific what if you found out. all parties to the conflict in yemen they commit violations against civilians. or the force or status and or had a government so it is killing my arming detention and land mines attacking hospitals and schools torture and force this experience all these kinds of violations civilians are facing in yemen are also grounds are integral in this and civilians are affected by these kinds of. so it's it's increasing it's not when every human is say this is the worst situation and then it's not going to be worse then it gets worse and worse with it. we got this comment here from a frozen twitter who says the situation could have been much better but the international community is busy estimating while on the ground we're already behind
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time i know reaching a many people is a big issue but those having power meaning the international community can do much more what would you say to international actors what role do you think that they have to play in this future of yemen this is very true and i can say to the international community especially u.s. u.k. france and also iran to stop fueling the war in yemen which is a very sound in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares and there is no serious the steps towards peace negotiations and it is very possible this is true it's getting more complicated with time possible i want to show our audience. about what happens to civilians who get caught in the crossfire get caught in this conflict this is little nora and we featured her in a recent al jazeera report have a look. and i used to go to school on foot my life was beautiful because i could
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walk and right now i can't walk to school i can only go with a wheelchair i used to be able to sit in the chair at my desk and write but now when i tried to write my hand hurts i used to love writing but now i can't even hold a pen. how are you able to find out how civilians are doing how to children are doing in yemen. yeah i like that the war the risk it was using i used to yeah yeah many human was never good but the situation was never horrible like this before sawyer used to have some life but now they just use it and for children's just war speakers there are direct victims for the strikes the indiscriminate shelling and also they can't go to score anymore and hospitals and schools are destroyed and children afflicted of this they're also affected by cholera and they don't have future. many of them they just i mean if they're here it's four years
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and they did they know nothing about the normal life and they get very scared because of the sounds of the strikes so and what is very sad in yemen now it's the unknown future people they don't know what's going to be have in what's next especially after the clashes in sanaa. they think that things become more complicated and they don't know what's going to be have been who will fight who. and what is the result because these you know after these years of war there is no military. victory and all authorities are controlling the ground with air inside our aid and they have this seen attitude regarding people and civilians they are armed groups who are just controlling the ground and a very bout way they're supposed to be a state and they're in the south for example but there is no state not in center and not in. want to go below the last question from supper and she says there's
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clearly not been enough help from international groups as the situation in yemen is deteriorating the question is what needs to be done differently for there to be a resolution because current strategies are working do you have any hope for a peace process. i have a very big hope for peace process because i know it's possible and i want to say thank you to their international india as they are doing a very good work out also need many people but for the states like e.p.a. us in france there are few winning of the war when they have a lot to do and they can push for peace process and they can push for a new resolution and they need two people from civil society and from media and yemen can be a success for the story and it's going to veer to be a very sad if we just those the chance. we will continue to follow what's happening in al-jazeera and cover it but for now thank you so much rather for providing us with the very latest and now we go to the streets. in honduras the country's
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presidential election on the twenty sixth of november ignited deadly clashes between protesters and soldiers following the reelection of president orlando headline this by a very slim margin check out this report from al jazeera shallots betis. on journeys react to the announcements that the lender hernandez is back as president supporters of his challenger donors around a convinced of electoral fraud. and convinced they can stop this from taking office initial count suggested the lift this candidate won then the tally was reversed giving conservative a slim to none and his opponents argue he should never run the honduran constitution limits presidents to one or two years ago the supreme court dominated by judges appointed by then do is determine limits don't apply to the in came the
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allegations of voting irregularities. i recently traveled to washington d.c. to plead his case but landis's victory has already been recognized by a number of governments including the us mexico and spain so one has to accept this apparent defeat while his supporters continue to step down joining us in honduras salad a coffee is a freelance journalist and she's reported widely on the side of good to have you here i'll just start with some of your pictures have a look here on my laptop voices from the barricades protests at selection for intensify in honduras you were out there on the streets reporting what did he say was going on here. those are nighttime barricades settle a lot of the media coverage is sort of focused on the top level things with little parties they're saying after all going to states but i think it's really important to know that on the ground all over honduras there are ongoing protests we're walking. barricades so this is in neighborhoods of night time and it's people
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taking to the streets the fires are crossing main roads in arteries in the city and so this is all to denounce electoral fraud and all of those pictures were. from just a few days ago so on this past sunday on december seventeenth the electoral tribunal recognized the current president of the naacp now this as the winner and. the opposition alliance supporters and people around the country are not recognizing the genesis. of that announcement of the presidency so the crisis is ongoing and i just wanted to have clarified at the beginning you said something about a deadly or violent clashes between protesters and soldiers so there have been more than twenty five people killed most of those are protesters by security forces there is really violent repression against protests for a blockades around the country and that state violence you know it's this is an.
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equal fight in the streets so it's opening fire on protesters that's been condemned by the un the oas others i want to bring this point up to you this is a tweet we got from the ad and she says i believe i speak for eighty percent of one door and when i say that unfortunately it seems like the only way of correcting such a corrupted election process is with the oas proposal for new elections we know salvador won but the current government will never accept it a second round is consequently our last and only resource i want to hone in on that eighty percent of course that's unscientific poll there but what is public opinion like when it comes to this. well when the national results so you actually were held like you mentioned one of them or two thousand and six and after polls closed more than nine hours later if you national results that were released have sought and after all the opposition candidate with a fire point lead and so you know there are system crashes all sorts of.
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you know the organization of american states isn't recognizing or validating the results of the election and election observers on the ground and so that's where the proposal for new elections has come from so i can't really comment on eighty percent definitely it seems quite clear that nashar. that supposedly are versatile five point lead and i also think that since the elections you know the government implemented state of exception more than two dozen people being killed including a young girl just the other day up nor and so i think probably since the election there's probably even more. opposition to the government given the you know the outcome of the election and what's been going on since sunday on your twitter feed you have to spin to the top they want to impose a president on us again i come in donna's said at a nighttime street blockade in her neighborhood we don't want a dictator from your inside reporting or putting on the street what do you think
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might happen next. for now laurie think the press is going to continue their protests and roadblocks they're going to continue repression will probably continue the only proposal that might sort of change the current situation is probably in some form a new elections or a second round of elections. and you know today for example just in less than three hours there's going to be another mouth outside the u.s. embassy and i think that's another thing that really hasn't had a focus on it is the u.s. role in all of that. people widely see the u.s. as having legitimized and extreme a lot of protests contrary to the aware electoral commission. so for now unless something serious changes they're going to be ongoing protests
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ongoing road blockades around the country and. the question. looking at the ongoing protests i wonder though what comes after that this is what we got from maria she says i believe this illegal re-election as she called it will bring irreparable consequences to our country what do you think those consequences might be from what you're hearing from people that you talk to. i'm just that it's going to be complex nobody believes at the moment in anything state institutions say. or in the judicial system or in any security force and so it's in some ways it's similar to the two thousand and nine could which deposed our then president manuel zelaya was actually the court mater of the current opposition alliance against the dictatorship is not a presidential candidate or enter and so after the you know you had some countries recognize that close to regime others not and you have literally months and months of resistance in the streets and out of state security forces acting out against
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protesters so hopefully that's not going to be the case here but definitely you know it's african christian country christmas is coming up everyone expects to be in the streets over the holidays and be our center will be keeping an eye out thank you for joining us to share your reporting now to the outskirts of freetown sierra leone where a devastating mudslide in august killed hundreds take a look at this video reported by al jazeera as mean and. this is where hundreds of survivors have been living since their homes were destroyed from the mudslide they killed at least five hundred people government is giving the displays cash compensation almost seven hundred u.s. dollars for each family but there's concern over whether they will actually get everything promise thirty c. the cans are officially closed now the process of moving people out there will take time they say they will not tell anyone to leave until they have the compensation hundreds of children also lost parents in the disaster the government says it will
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billing additional one thousand homes for those affected. so this so about soon the end of the mudslides was pitched to me all twitter by samuel cool have a listen to what he had to say about them outside our choose to highlight. my people. the most right because. or their or inadequate response to receive from their government. or. did in lack of meeting their basic needs the international community have provided enough resources to meet the needs of these people because of course in the contrary these people's needs will never be met but joining us on the phone in freetown to get more on this story i will back that are tara wiley has a spokesman for the sierra leone red cross welcome to the stream back there now you heard in that video from samuel about it in adequate government response that's
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what we're hearing all across the board from people who are tweeting to us this is a very at who says we need the government to publicly account for what exactly has been done with all the funds that were provided by international as well as local donors and so far none has been forthcoming how do enough funds gotten to the victims and survivors of the mudslide. that led many large. loss and many homes destroyed. i'll be quickly responded to as far as i'm concerned that's part of the red cross but he was concerned. already over the last weeks and months of the margin peter's bones we have a lot of potential and so many three mean disbelief and a certain populations incomes and neighboring communities and in their lands for
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the transition and reintegration back into their normal everyday life right i mean so far as i am concerned and even know. we are talking very what we refer to be a living called reposing there is also been provided support to i mean through to people that are victims of these i mean from from the the budget he responds the red cross continues to walk with all the partners and the callers who support the recalls and from the floor i just want to remind people what you're having to recover from this is alex and this video was put out by the organization this was back in august have a listen to what alex had to go survey told fifteen my wife my god and so this was it was because everybody was taught to want to bring everyone in the
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afghani they are one day i have been for my role it was only what you have got here not going to bed we are washed with being washed everything was destroyed there was none of those and i don't see how they are there are no fighting fires and. so they made it a crisis is a lava apple backa but how are people getting back into the homes is not possible when. evidently many homes were wiped out. hundreds of lives lost and holders are still believed to be missing but the fact remains that two men those who work has been put into trying to take care and respond to their plight as far as the red cross is concerned and a lot is still being gone in in collaboration with stakeholders in the country with support of course from partners both within and outside it's a little like i have said just judging from the clip that you just played you
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would realize that it was a really very bad situation. which wanted to a cause to mobilize. its volunteers and personnel to to get the forefront use well. providing the use will support to address the most cogent need i mean when there are disasters you would want to address the most urgent needs and providing timely relevant and actionable and life enhancing information as well as providing the teams with food and non-food items so i was also follows side been saying he's also trying to support them to deal with dues like. basic needs that were destroyed and affected like hygiene and sanitation facilities access to clean and green field drinking water. some of the relevant social
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amenities that were destroyed so basically what the red cross is doing now is helping with new holes in a in the affected communities for improved access to people drinking water and i've been there i hear you there and i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who is an activist and she posted a story this is what josephine told the same. the fact is some of these people living in disaster prone areas as stain there because of their life activities like fish farming and would log in wanting it sexual we actually have not presented any alternative livelihood activities to them and governments with every single donation received rearing dirt september sixteenth twenty fifth in flooring to the august fourteenth mort's light in twenty seventeen i have not done any sustainable recovery. our thanks to joseph income are for leaving about video and to
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a backer for updating us on recovery efforts and sierra leone and finally a story that got out on like community in nigeria browsing the nigerian law school reportedly denied a most of. the ball because you refuse to remove her kid jack this story was pits to the story and by several people including mohammad who is that the issue sparked a debate about freedom of expression many people tweeted bear support using the hash tag justice for fair that was others tweeted pictures are practicing barristers like about one wearing his job elsewhere in the world but some criticize for dos as stands if you can't respect the school's rules how can you respect the law of the country so we spent the last twelve hours looking for a thank you out online to the community in nigeria we found she's lying low right now not doing any media but we did speak to bash she's
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a colleague of ferdowsi and she encountered a very similar challenge regarding the wearing of have a look. at the constitution guarantees your rights and freedom of thought. i was asked to move major of the courts of interest from me i need to make you happy with the people my d.h. and i intend to put. out for me to continue down each other just wanted to call and when i was coach he said he'd and when the child received such speech there was no objection from you but you have been just seated i did just and as i was going up to my seat with me she says that i. she knew she. was done by each and could not achieve. it was the most embarrassing moment of my life so we and she went. she says she's my son to be kids who do need
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to do. is really hard i'm sure. he's really hard who. asked that justice for dallas will be following its own hash tag a.j. strain thank you guests thank you online community and thank you to task state director katy travis it's not often that we get to call the shots we're going to right now we like the control room shot thank you very much paid to travers has been a director for this show and for many shows over the years she's moving on from the stream we love you casey thank you so much take everybody see you on line. until now the coverage of latin america and most of the world was a cover included todd's tragedies earthquakes and that was it but not for how people feel how they look how they think and that's what we do we go anyway five and a half months of demanding
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a good education system that was introduced to. latin america as a zero has come to fill a void that needed to be sealed. al
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jazeera. every your. news has never been more available it's a constant barrage of it with every day but the message is a simplistic you have the frame good logical rational person crazy monster and misinformation is rife dismissal and does not well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narratives at this time on al-jazeera.


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