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that stay with you. because this conviction that everyone has a deep reservoir accountability if you give them the opportunity to wonderful things start to look at the exit distance there's at least twenty thousand or hinder refugees who live here we badly need at this moment leadership and fellow presidents posting about that has resigned donald trump is going to be the next president retaliation we're going to go. back she's very kind it's just gas subsidies to be doing the best to prevent getting anywhere in the pacific or that. he achieved something that never happened before. this is al jazeera.
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hello i'm rob matheson this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. there is not peace if someone uses clued. us recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital costs a shadow over christmas celebrations in the palestinian territory and beyond. a show of solidarity people in the philippines pull together in the aftermath of a deadly tropical storm. leading opponent of russian president vladimir putin wants to run against him in next year's presidential election we'll tell you why his name may never get on the ballot. and how holiday shopping but i'm saying colombia is leading to fierce competition between local vendors and chinese dealers.
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as billions of christians around the world celebrate christmas the u.s. president donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital is looming large in this year's festivities pope francis is presiding over celebrations in the vatican he's been a voter called critic of trump's move and is calling for the status quo to be preserved palestinian leaders were among those attending services in bethlehem where there was also a message on jerusalem. both princes say repeating a lot many other said before is not that. peace there is not peace if someone uses clue to. and that decision is also been widely denounced by the international community the u.n. general assembly has voted to declare trumps jerusalem recognition as null and void are a force that reports now on a city united and divided by faith. by
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attention walls this tiny patch of land has for millennia borne a power that has spread far beyond the. stories of the three abrahamic faiths have jerusalem at their heart and the history of their sometimes tolerant often bloody relationship has soaked into the stones and walk westward along the via dolorosa where christ carried his cross brings you after some twists and turns to the church of the holy simpleton it's here where jesus said to have been brought down from the cross his body cleaned and in tuned with all his resurrection three days later george gently and took over from his father a secretary to the armenian patriarchate one of three denominations that manages the site he's had a bond with the place since boyhood but this is the central wonderment of the christians in the world i think two billion christians whether they're protestant or orthodox and catholic see in this place as the most important
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place where rightfully so because the defining moments of the last week of cries took place within this building but he says it's part of a larger religious monument to the city itself one that shouldn't be politicized suddenly this signature of. trump makes the issue of jerusalem contest a been so it's our duty and our mission as the residents of jerusalem both israelis and others. to link this issue of jerusalem outside contestation. in his recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital the u.s. president spoke of continued freedom of worship for all faiths with final political borders to be decided but many here see in the president's unabashed backing of israel's claim a cementing of israeli control over islams third holiest site so this is one of the
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main entrances to the al aqsa mosque compound the mosque itself is run by the jordanian backed islamic walk but the entrances to it are guarded by israeli forces and they can restrict access at their will palestinian academic marty adel heidi likens it to a route being let out and withdrawn on a whim and feeling magnified by the trump declaration that he had a thing which is my nightmare if today is going to translate such a declaration to implement what they claim solvent the over the city meaning to take over the site and to abort my presence. and kick us out of the of the city of god. for the muslim faith this is the most closely connected place to heaven prayers made here at the shortest route to god that's because it's from here that the prophet muhammad himself is said to descend to have we believe the prophet muhammad came all the way from mark to heaven the received his evaluation coming
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through jerusalem is the historical religious message to us and to the world we belong here it's part of us it's really when you get up to the level of the skyline here in jerusalem you get a full idea of just how concentrated in the markers of the hundreds of years of religious history here those great domes behind me are the church of the holy sepulcher where jesus christ is believed to have been laid to rest in just a few hundred meters walk away you can see the gold of the dome of the rock which is in the al aqsa mosque compound where muslims come to pray every friday and just beyond that is the western wall. for jews the dome of the rock sits upon the temple mount site of the first and second jewish temples the western wall is the closest point in which they can pray it stones themselves said to be vested with divinity a rabbi and former opposition member of the israeli parliament the knesset lippmann says this place embodies the jewish connection to god and to jerusalem after two thousand years we would exile went from country to country cut at the continent but
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three times a day jews turned towards to receive them to pray twice a year in the most important moments we said next year in jerusalem since seizing east jerusalem in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven israel has been trying to cement that connection with archaeological work that it says proves the temple's historical existence which the united nations has ruled illegal in occupied territory. it's a necessity to counter rejections of jewish history here what we hear president trumps that collaboration we celebrate the fact that someone somewhere in the world is getting recognition to the capital which has been our capital for three thousand years the heart and soul of the jewish people our right as an independent country to declare our capital but he left room open for those negotiations to figure out what exactly that means when we say jerusalem is the jewish capital the thousands of years drusilla has changed hands the subject of a continuing struggle for control this latest chapter in that history has had its
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narrative shifted by the us president its eventual resolution seeming only to slip further into the future of this holy city are a force that al-jazeera occupied east jerusalem. let me take you to live pictures from bethlehem this is of service of mosques and communion being held at the church of nativity in bethlehem that's just ahead of the celebrations on the site which is believed to be jesus' place of birth bethlehem seen violent clashes between israeli soldiers and palestinian protesters in recent weeks in the wake of washington's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital or just over a thousand palestinian christians live in the gaza strip and mark webb has been to meet some of them to find out how they're celebrating. this is all of rosettes sires extended family and to gather this christmas. a son went to the occupied west bank three years ago and never came back he took his two sons were worried for
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their future hearing gaza one of her daughters moved to canada six years ago a family that. life is very difficult in gaza we live under siege and we cannot move anywhere gaza has become a big prison we've witnessed many was during the bombing we had to sleep in the church for safety. the story of residents family is typical among as a small community of christians gather in just three churches congregations are shrinking . populations just over a thousand it was more than double that ten years ago when the blockade by israel in egypt began they suffer the same daily struggles as the muslim majority so she'll just say christian families tend to have more means to get out this family. usually has. hardly. and i
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think the more the human being has options and the more has money and he look to the to the to the life and good life and this is good life is not available in gaza even your money in gaza but you can have a life. and adding to the strife is the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel. here in this community center christians are holding a vigil in solidarity for jerusalem palestine's capital the feeling among christian communities very much the same as it is among the muslim majority everyone we've spoken to see here is in opposition to the u.s. move and they say it only adds to the frustrations of life here. there are many muslims here to the communities kerry exist. it's a somber runs a center he says they do everything they can to try and provide support for young people. to do what they need to do what they must do in their lives
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as young and do what you can see a lot of them want to leave and i know that i believe this is more secure more comfortable for them to come for sure many young people here say they like gaza just that on the seat there are no opportunities here almost anyone who can leave and so this small christian community is getting smaller malcolm web al jazeera in gaza. palestinian opinion of the us is said to have plummeted once trump made his announcement a new survey done by the palestinian center for survey and policy shows ninety one percent that's nine out of ten palestinians who responded to the poll feel the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital is a threat to their interests about forty five percent want the palestinian authority
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to stop all contact with the u.s. administration file a complaint with the international criminal court and return to armed resistance people in favor of on resistance as a way to establish a palestinian state has jumped from thirty five to forty four percent and at the same time support for negotiations has dropped from thirty three to twenty seven percent when trying to move seems to have dented palestinian president mahmoud abbas his popularity as well seventy percent now want him to resign no delicate as a human rights lawyer and an assistant professor at george mason university she says more needs to be done by the media to recognize the plight of palestinians. one of the things that has been missed in the entire coverage of of trump's insulin announcement is that this is a really devastating emotional thing for palestinians who are prepared to celebrate
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read christmas is read for a significant part of the population which is christian and yet here this declaration comes in a way that further dehumanizing is this celebratory moment and deans in consequential irrelevant the needs the emotions the feelings the subjectivity of of these new aeons of palestinians who are basically trapped in limbo as non sovereigns of their own state and frankly non-civilian zz under what israel deems is not really a does you're a occupation and so that the toll of that is quite heavy and we haven't seen a lot of what that meant i really appreciate what he says it is doing but most other outlets have covered you know have been concerned about palestinians rage in the days of rage and only concerned about the threat that palestinian anger will pose but not on any of the suffering that palestinians actually endure and that
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narrative works to reify this idea that palestinians exist or only in the shadow of israel but not as their own persons in their own people hood which is the crux of the issue more than two hundred people a day through a tropical storm which is devastated the southern philippines tens of thousands have been forced from their homes in the state of emergency has been declared in several areas more than one hundred fifty more people are missing as rescue efforts get underway across the region rob abroad reports from the capital manila. digging through the devastation caused by tropical storm tembin these rescue workers use whatever they can to find survivors but hope quickly turns to anger. as one of the youngest casualties is pulled from the mud hours after unleashing flooding and landslides that has left dozens dead on the southern island of mindanao tembin slammed into another set of philippine islands late on saturday officials say
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people living in the area ignored warnings to leave and were swept away. by the flood was already close and the people were not able to get out of their homes a ford was so strong that it swept away houses emergency responders say rocks and boulders summer's biggest cars were washed down from the mountains and buried schools of homes in the town of p.r. kapo more than seventy thousand people have been displaced in a region already ravaged by the government's fight with ice a linked groups aid organizations have criticised the government's response to something that is not shouldn't be a surprise to the philippine government and. so it is also they questionable when the government is not prepared to give relief and to give help to the people then these things happen because they should be right. tropical storm tembin is the latest to hit the will continue to bring misery. bridal jazeera manila. russia's
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best known opposition leader like saying the volleys cleared the first hurdle towards running for president against vladimir putin he submitted the documents needed to be a candidate in the election in march with the support of thousands of people across the country but it seems unlikely he's going to be allowed on to the ballot rory challenge reports from moscow. in twenty cities across russia from vladivostok to moscow alexina valleys supporters turned out to endorse him independent hopefuls must gather at least five hundred people in such meetings as a criteria for full candidate status. easily got that in moscow alone where he had this message for the man he wants to run against. the lazy no who didn't but it's you who turned a country into a source of personal enrichment for yourself your family and your friends but why should not be president any more you are
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a bad president you don't have opposed the program well. then it was off to the election commission to hand in his application but it's no valmy is unlikely to make its own to the ballots for the elections in march he's always said his two thousand and fourteen fraud conviction was politically motivated but the kremlin is using it to bar him from the race the goal has always been to demonstrate that putin is a leader with no alternative uncontested and what they say can take advantage over anybody else and it is very important to keep this super majority this super advantage to demonstrate that putin has so much more power than anybody else another opposition leader was trying to test the system on sunday idia yashin an ally of the valley's was unexpectedly elected head of a moscow boni a simple district in september but his efforts to use the modest power of the roll to approve street events was struck down by moscow city court
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a few hundred people showed up anyway the election is just three months away now and as per usual the oil storage scenes are making it very clear that even a very small demonstration like this is completely unwelcome they want to allow to put up a stage show or have any bad as there are in the police loudspeakers are telling everyone that this is an unauthorized rally lasik over the kremlin is confidence no valley yashin and company don't have the mass support needed to challenge putin but is not taking any chances chalons al-jazeera moscow. plenty more ahead on the news hour including north korea hitting back after the latest u.n. sanctions we're going to tell you what the country's leader is threatening to do now. and we'll also be speaking to palestinian refugees in lebanon about the difficulties they face in exile and coming up peter is going to be here with more on one of the most amazing sports stories of the year.
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north korea's told the latest round of u.n. sanctions and act of war it's state news agency says a stronger nuclear deterrent is program is the only way to for straight the u.s. it's also said other countries which support the sanctions would pay a heavy price the u.n. imposed extra measures in pyongyang on friday following its recent intercontinental ballistic missile test phones louise good more from seoul. north korea called the latest round of un security council sanctions imposed on it as a threat as a violation of its sovereignty as well as an act that would violate peace and stability in the region it also seemed to direct much of its anger at the u.s. who led drafted and negotiated this latest round of sanctions now one interesting
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thing however is north korea seems to acknowledge that these latest sanctions are the toughest ever that it's facing it called it tantamount to a complete economic blockade as not only a significant cap on petrol supplies the sanctions also call for the repatriation of north korean foreign labor as within the next twenty four months hitting an important income source for the isolated country it also calls for an ban on north korean exports including machinery and lumber again hitting north korea's income source there isn't however any indication in the statement that north korea will change its behavior in fact the tone is one of defiance but this is very much in line with previous statements in reaction to past sanctions many analysts have come to believe that the world is running out of sanctions options when it comes to dealing with north korea now the hope however is that these sanctions will have the
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effect of making it more difficult for north korea to carry out further tests. turkey's says it's hiring more than one hundred thousand new public servants next year you know when it comes a day after the dismissal of more than two thousand seven hundred people from their posts as part of the country's latest emergency rule decree soldiers teachers and bureaucrats have been sacked over alleged links to so-called terror organizations in total one hundred fifty thousand have been dismissed suspended from their jobs since the failed coup in july last year marwan cumberland is the director of policy analysis at the doha institute he says the latest round of dismissals sos president recep tayyip erdogan has gone too far. well i think at the very beginning his the action was fully understood because that was an attempt on the life of the president and an attempt actually to overthrow a democratically democratically elected government but i think after that he went too far using that as
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a pretext actually in order to build not only the military in which he actually used. in fact he seized on that called an opportunity for him in order to bring the army and that he's going toward because for the past fifteen years of. actually the military has been the bastion of secularism in turkey and it was very much the party which has resisted so many reforms that the president has suggested in order to bring the whole state. apparatus and that his so i took that opportunity actually to bring the army and the pontiff but as i said he went too far when he actually there's also the state bureaucracy he fire out hundreds of university professors i know for sure that some colleges in turkish university don't have teachers actually to teach the courses he also the judiciary so
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he went after almost all those he was suspecting of opposing him without actually they had links to the movement. or or not meanwhile president are the ones visiting sudan where the two countries have agreed to set up a strategic cooperation council to strengthen economic ties sudan is the first stop on a three day trip that includes child and she is here morgan has more from khartoum . this is the first visit by a turkish head of state since saddam became independent in one thousand nine hundred six so this visit is regarded as historic in many ways the two presidents met after president arrived in khartoum and spoke about many issues including ways to strengthen ties a lot of bilateral agreements have been signed today more expected to be signed tomorrow and they mostly focus on for political economical development as well of agricultural and tourism sectors here in sudan as well as in turkey they also discuss development in the islamic world specifically president tom's decision to move the u.s. embassy to jerusalem and recognized or islam as the capital of israel. already.
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this step by the united states is one of distress just chairman of the islamic conference i've requested support from countries to the countries that responded i would like to think the most again the u.s. is wrong in the world wrote the issue from the. codes. now this comes in line with turkey's policy to strengthen its base here in africa over the past few years turkey has opened a lot of new embassies across the across the continent and it says that is it plans to open many more it has also opened the largest to turkish military base outside turkish soil in somalia so sudan is just one of the many countries that turkey is looking at to try to strengthen its base and relationship with egypt's interior ministry says police have shot nine people dead in a raid in south here district that is located in shocking a province in the nile delta the ministry says the suspects were using our farmers to hide out and were training to carry out attacks in north. a ship has arrived in
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the port of hard data and western yemen bringing urgently needed fuel for hospital generators the satellite coalition is allowing the port to stay open for a month and november it blocked access to stop the flow of arms of the fighters after they fired a missile towards riyadh saudi arabia says iran is supplying weapons to the movies from an accusation it denies. it has banned all airlines from the united arab emirates from landing in the country the decision comes two days after the u.a.e. reportedly banned two missing in woman from flying to or transiting through its territory neither country has given a clear reason for the decisions still ahead and al jazeera. we just we hope for the better for. a month after new president emerson was sworn in we look at what progress has been made since the change of power.
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second part of our one year five family series we report from venezuela where community activists are working together to provide what the government can. and dutch side i-x. give themselves a welcome boost up to what's been a turbulent week details. welcome back we'll look at the weather conditions across the americas this time some pretty heavy snow still across eastern parts of canada but that is on its way out as we head through into chews day we're going to see a dry conditions for auto but bitterly cold as arctic winds minus twenty four is a maximum in when a packed house where temperatures barely above freezing in new york the cold air is penetrated all the way south into georgia across texas there with dallas just five
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degrees as a high some decent weather conditions in miami florida meanwhile across more western areas seattle is struggling there with temperatures of just three degrees and then as we head further southwards into central parts of america no real changes here we've seen showers in recent days from panama through costa rica nicaragua and towards honduras but up to across mexico cherry not too bad has seen one or two shows coming off the caribbean side of the arm and some cells are generally looking pretty good temperatures into the low thirty's for the most part kingston jamaica that thirty two degrees down into south america and here we've got some heavy rain still across the more southeastern heiress course parts of paraguayan and across into brazil some showers from rio de janiero further towards the south is looking fine in one is area size of thirty one right into thirty three inches day and a fine day in santiago in chile a maxim here of thirty. forced
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to flee from syria to lebanon many refugee mothers risked childbirth in terrible conditions delivery is very difficult here in devon and it's ghostly i can't go back to syria now because of the war but one lebanese woman is committed to helping them. become friends with every one of the time and. she's important to me. there are a few g.'s midwife at this time on al-jazeera world. al-jazeera . where ever you are.
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you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour billions of christians around the world are celebrating christmas these pictures live pictures from bethlehem of the church of the nativity there a short time ago jerusalem's highest ranking roman catholic cleric said the city should be a place of peace that excludes no one comments follow u.s. president donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital. more than two hundred people are dead after a tropical storm devastated the southern philippines tens of thousands of been forced from their homes and a state of emergency has been declared in several areas. russia's best known
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opposition leader alexina vollies cleared the first hurdle towards running for president against vladimir putin he submitted the documents needed to be a candidate in the election in march. millions of palestinians are scattered across the world waiting to return to water israel life and particularly hard in lebanon where refugees are denied many rights to discourage them from saddling they're called to reports from beirut. it's been sixty nine years in exile. there was eleven years old when his family fled palestine to lebanon. ever since he has lived the life of a refugee in a country that hasn't been welcoming. still remembers the day he left his home in what is now israel. i still remember when the israeli air strikes targeted our village we were sent into exile leaving everything we owned behind i remember every detail even the trees the streets the farms as if it was yesterday said it buried
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two of his children here my hair was killed during the civil war in the one nine hundred eighty s. and died during the lebanese israeli war eleven years ago palestinians were not only involved and caught up in lebanon's own conflicts they have been denied many basic right to prevent their resettlement here long term. as a palestinian i have seen nothing but humiliation displacement oppression and deprivation for sixty nine years we lived unbearable bitter moments away from our beloved palestine we will die for the sake of palestine. the first wave of palestinian refugees arrived in one nine hundred forty eight they came with whatever they could carry thinking it was only a short time before they could return small tent settlements were set up in time those settlements became densely populated neighborhoods. it is estimated that seven million palestinians live in the diaspora more than half are stateless they have no citizenship in any country according to the united nations the majority
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live in occupied palestinian territory and in surrounding countries jordan hosts more than three million palestinians more than half a million live in syria. because of the war more than one hundred thousand fled to europe and elsewhere around fifty thousand of them sought refuge here in lebanon it was an added strain to aid agencies that were already overstretched some four hundred fifty thousand palestinians are registered with the un in lebanon but according to the first ever census by the lebanese government more than half of them have left the country in recent years. more than fifty percent left due to the difficult economy conditions they are deprived from the basic rights they don't have a job opportunities. he says he's searching for a way out he tried but failed to smuggle his family to turkey from where he planned to reach europe he also tried to apply for immigration to canada.
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the economic conditions here a bad band from working in many professions we dream of traveling because here it's hard to provide our children with food but just because i want to leave doesn't mean i have given up on palestine and i want to return. palestinians hold on to that right adopted by the un general assembly it has been decades but many like that believe that one day palestine will be there is again and one day his grandchildren or their children will bring his body back to his hometown. beirut. well in the west some christian groups are voicing concerns about the fate of a city which has a special place in popular and religious culture from london reports. carol concert in london's trafalgar square but it's also a fundraiser for the a mosque trust a human rights organization which supports projects in the occupied palestinian territory. they recently did a walk from london to jerusalem highlighting britain's unkept promises to the
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palestinians in the hundred year old balfour declaration their director an ordained anglican vicar says they're one of a growing number of faith based groups supporting palestinian rights jerusalem is a couple monosyllable. gerson's name is for more than just the capital city it's a center three faiths and a sincere woven with the identity of three different people groups so anything which happens to houses wide scale ramifications so for us to walk from london to jerusalem what other place could there be to finish that especially a call faithful writes following president trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital one of the strongest responses came from the religious society of friends the quakers who called the action morally indefensible this action in east jeopardizing peace and justice and human rights by making it more difficult to continue with the peace process we were with human rights observers who are on the ground in history islam and in the west bank and they are already telling us that
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the situation is more tense and there are higher levels of violence cardinal vincent nichols the senior catholic representative for england and wales has said i fear for jerusalem and its people today i pray for its peace while the anglican church is also stressed the unique nature of jerusalem we're very mindful that we can be sentimental about jerusalem we have to think about the realities on the ground today by jerusalem is a place where christians muslims and jews live side by side but sometimes when a cause of tension i'd wanted to be a cause of hope. for many people the politics of the holy land may seem daunting but these musicians hope they can change that perception of course many popular christmas carols reference the palestinian city of bethlehem but it seems more and more people are taking an interest in what's happening injuries. and they're willing to get involved. and by
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doing so they say they're pushing the message of peace that so central to christmas . al-jazeera london mean mars military has reportedly been invited to observe a military exercise led by u.s. forces despite being accused of ethnic cleansing against the muslim minority the pentagon told the reuters news agency that thailand invited me in march to observe the gold exercise it involves thousands of troops from the u.s. thailand and other asian nations in october the u.s. said it would end military assistance to me in law and followed the start of a military crackdown in august which has forced more than six hundred fifty thousand granger to flee to neighboring bangladesh meanwhile the united nations has passed a resolution criticizing me and last trip and of the ranger calls on the government to give them full citizenship rights grant access for aid workers and allow
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refugees to return me in my eyes un ambassador said it was subjective and politically motivated the presenter of resolution in question represents nothing but an evidence of the attempt by some countries to abuse the united nations to impose their political agenda on. the draft resolution will not contribute to solving the current humanitarian problem all the complex issues the rakhine state exerting and you political pressure and measures will only bring negative results and says to beat the situation on the ground. zakia who is a professor at the national war college where he focuses on southeast asian politics he's joining us now from washington d.c. on skype thank you very much indeed for your time it's hard to imagine that thailand wouldn't have been aware of the kind of fallout there would be from this kind of request what do you think has motivated it well thailand is obviously
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driven by their own security interests and me and mars a neighbor on the top i want. the country since their own twenty who is fairly sympathetic towards that myanmar government and what they done to the not been shot and don't forget that the high government has their own nests to millennia insurgency in the south given the fact that thailand also of course has links to the u.s. military what kind of position does that this put the u.s. in given the fact that the u.s. has been strongly critical of the treatment of that into yeah i'm pretty sure that i decision really caught the americans off guard you have to recall and that's used to send the united states has been critically cut off direct military ties at the time and on october last week the u.s. government's tensions in march military commander responsible for the ethnic crimes
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do you know there are huge. and we have labeled it as cleansing so very clearly thailand is is. not courtney this united states and that is going to put at the tensions being that bilateral relationship among kind of response will the u.s. be able to make to this will they for example be able to say to thailand no i'm sorry myanmar can come. it's possible we could do that i think the diplomatic process let's hear over and we will try to play the fallout already diplomatic relations between the united states and thailand which is a key country in some east asia thailand is a treaty ally united states and yet bilateral relations are really not so well since that last two thousand words he they can prove slightly under the instruction
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of president trump but but but not dramatically and i think the american sir are very worried that the more that they isolate its high government the more they will be driven into the arms of the trainees which have stepped up arms sales and their own military exercises in thai military but this does put the u.s. in a difficult position doesn't it because in the event that the u.s. does allow the million mom military to attend having said that it is strongly against the treatment of the hinge again that means that the u.s. open to this allegation of double standards doesn't it and that they are strong words but actually very weak in action absolutely and it really hurts american each person the long term i have to say that that currently ministration has down h. human rights the state department is. just maps the office of the bureau for some ocracy promotion in human rights and yet secretary of state to
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listen it's actually been very forceful on the issue of the engine but when discs happens he looks very much like we are having a double standard never helps america promote its interests not exactly abuse of the national war college thank you very much for your time thank you for having. reporters without borders and amnesty international are calling for the immediate release of al-jazeera journalist mahmoud hussain it's now been more than a year since he was arrested and jailed in egypt human rights watch has condemned the imprisonment their organization says his detention shows egypt's deep rooted intolerance for free expression motor saying is accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and al-jazeera strongly deny he has repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail they made of qatar is in ghana as part of his tour of six
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west african countries sick time and been hunted all danny is there to expand economic ties wakata remains under rubble kate by four arab countries it comes after a number of world leaders visited key african countries pledging political and economic support mohamed vaal reports from the guardian capital accra. twenty one gun salutes and the guest of honor a reception for the emir of qatar in ghana. then the two leaders attended the signing ceremony on a number of memorandums focal operations including one energy infrastructure able transportation and food security. these two are covered six important countries in west africa it aims at widening the horizons of cooperating in qatar these countries carry not only regional significance but are also important for the continent's peace and security and i was the last leg in a charm offensive that has see the end of qatar consolidating economic and
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diplomatic ties with six west african countries and securing a clear footprint in a region that has recently come under tremendous saudi pressure to turn against qatar along with gunna the other nations included in the tour senegal mali booking a fast. and could do. all resisted saudi pressure to cut ties with qatar. in what looks like a just to article commission and generous economy in the six capitals this includes thirteen point eight million dollars to build a castle and hospital in booking a fossil and up to forty million dollars for a special educational project in mali to promote peace and audience school children away from the influence of. the in the future we discussed the issues of peace and security in the region namely in mali and burkina faso were struggling against terrorist and radical groups during the visit a memorandum of understanding was signed with mali to provide them with educational
2:44 am
programs as qatar believes education is the key factor in fighting radicalization and extremism this will benefit six hundred thousand students in mali and we hope to expand the initiatives to include other countries. even before the visit aggregate economic support to the six west african nations had already reached over half a trillion dollars the new agreements are meant to turn into a major economy confessed and political player in the stuffing. a disease a cause. it's been a month since i. was sworn in as president of uncropped economy and high unemployment are challenges and heritage from longtime leader robert mugabe who stepped down after a military intervention i don't want us to reports from harare. prices of basic commodities have gone up since president emerson when i took over last month people seem to prefer shopping in the store because it's a little bit cheaper than others but it's still frustrating where i was. twenty
2:45 am
dollars and i made the so-called sixty or seventy dollars to three times for things and so much. when i was new administration has promised crippling cash shortages this hasn't happened yet some economists blame what they call business owners indiscipline coming from the very ground of companies trying to make as much fortune as possible before places but shop owners say the shortage of foreign currency is to blame some have to buy dollars on the black market at a premium to remain viable they insist they have to hike prices the government accuses some business owners and politicians are breaking the exchange control law by illegally stashing money abroad and not depositing it in local banks the president says he has a list of individuals who have money overseas some of it stolen and smuggled out of the country one of prison and that was first adds was to order
2:46 am
a three month amnesty for the return of stolen money to the country people have until march to do so or they will be arrested despite the huge economic challenges they have been more positive developments since when i became president the government says civil servants will be paid on time this month some eighty games are now giving us dollars that had not happened for months the new administration is also trying to mend strained relations with some in the international community which will ensure the sanctity and security of your investment and. all agreements with you including. i literally investment. in terms of the. shot good expected many zimbabweans hope will turn around the economy re a positive we trying to be positive. changes we hope for the better for
2:47 am
a better country. it will take time for the situation to improve but until then you president's promises become reality long lines outside banks and rising food prices will likely continue. spain's king philippe has used his traditional christmas address to call for unity following last week's regional election in catalonia exhaust the newly elected parliament to give up further moves toward secession from spain. some days ago the citizens of catalonia voted to elect their representatives in the catalan parliament you know my space the problems that affect all cattle and respecting diversity and thinking responsibly about the common good the road cannot be one that lead to confrontation or to exclusion again as we already know that only generates disagreement uncertainty. and the moral civic and of course economic impoverishment of society as a whole instead the road must lead to coexistence in the core of catalan society as
2:48 am
diverse and pluralistic as it is so that it recovers its serenity its stability and mutual respect in such a way that ideas do not put distance between or break up families and friends venezuela's release dozens of prisoners accused of inciting violence against the state during anti-government street protests thirty six prisoners were released over the weekend nearly half of them were granted release more than a year ago but they were kept behind bars run as well as arrested hundreds of individuals in response to prolonged demonstrations. every christmas season in colombo thousands of vendors stock up their shops with popular clothes at cheap prices but. reports business has been difficult because of fierce competition from nearly arrived china. by year's crawl underneath the door of this wholesale mall and run they are resellers trying to get the most desired garments to stock their
2:49 am
shops the model or great early rise is colombia's version of black friday which repeats itself every night at two am during the christmas season due to a little bit of it's very hard but it's worth the effort christmases when people buy the most we don't have a life but we make good money reselling these jeans notes during the day. downtown is overwhelmed by buyers informal ban there's mixed with merchants of locally made shoes and clothes moving four million u.s. dollars per day. but sellers say they have been facing unfair competition from recently arrived chinese traders who pay up to treat times for their shops imported legally and sell products at half the price. of course in the last sixty five percent of our sales last year and i had to cut sixty percent of the employees at our factory it was impossible to compete with them merchants took to the streets as
2:50 am
tensions rose then in october the police shut down fifty chinese stores for contraband none would speak on camera but one representative of the growing chaney's community told us they are facing racial discrimination the manager of the grandson mall rejects such accusations so you know nothing about how to call them they just call them if they come and work legally and follow the rules they are welcome but if they are doing a licit activities we will fight them but we've been hitting on colombians who contraband as well and this was thanks to the chinese invasion. what's happening seven thirty you know it's only that the iceberg and the last check is important at least by almost twenty times going from five hundred billion a year with dollars a year more than ten billion. economies rayna says colombian merchants need to learn how to compete. colombia is no longer
2:51 am
a country of cheap labor we have capita income of around seven thousand dollars river believes we can compete making cheap takes dolls shoes or clothing at this point as opus the sellers feel they have to win their protection use battle but it's unclear for how long they'll remain in business in an increasingly globalized world alison that i'm. still ahead in the sport run two in the golf cup but a spot of bother for the hosts peter is going to have all the details. documenting st john this. summer was inspired to transform perceptions that we had to listen to. and capture the vibrancy of the emerging black youth culture now is one of the people that has kept said i'm from i'll be giving a speech to all of us he says when. the new african photography.
2:52 am
this time on al-jazeera. the offense being a journalist the crime practicing journalism. mahmood for sane detained for three hundred sixty five days without charge. journalism is not a crime. for sane is not a criminal. free mahmoud hussein.
2:53 am
time for the sport and here's peter. thank you very much australia are looking to take a step closer to claiming a second straight home ashes whitewash when they face england in the fourth test which begins on tuesday but strayer have already won the five match series having taken the three games so far they've also upped the ante in melbourne mitchell starc who has been ruled out of the fourth test and will be replaced by jackson bird poked fun at england's bowlers after james anderson suggested australia's bowling attack lacked depth not quite humorous actually them taking twenty wickets in the series. and we have been and they're having a crack at out at deficit now it certainly would walk by saying i don't watch my son jack in the nets. forward to seeing what he can do to the english batters throughout this test match everyone's working hard to try and win this test match. he wouldn't expect anything different from from the group i think we've got an
2:54 am
honest bunch of of players you know they're willing to do whatever it takes to try and get a couple of wins out here which you know the point a hell of a lot of hard work and no we haven't got much for it but you know we've really really hoping that we can come away with something and broad as at christmas day is one of the most anticipated days in the n.b.a. regular season that's because it usually features are highly anticipated match often a showdown between the previous seasons finalists and this year is no different as champions golden state face the cleveland cavaliers one player expected to not it's a feature is golden state's star man steph curry the warriors' head coach said he cannot play having not recovered from a sprained ankle suffered on december fourth teevan the main man le bron james should play these cleveland side have the third best record in the east and will be looking to avenge their four one finals drubbing by the warriors who are sick in the west. there are five games on christmas day with both conference leaders in
2:55 am
action the side with the best record in the east that would be the boston celtics take on the washington wizards and the western conferences number one side that would be the used rockets they will be playing the oklahoma city thunder saudi arabia and the united arab emirates meet in the gulf cup group a match on monday where the winner can virtually secure a place in the same e finals also in kuwait city on monday the host nation will face oman both teams last day opening fixtures but a victory can go a long way towards keeping them in semifinal contention confirmation there of the two matches on monday the saudis and immoralities kicking off the day's procedures and then in the late game by host nation kuwait face oman and group b. will be back in action on tuesday yemen take on bahrain and defending champions
2:56 am
qatar will be up against iraq if the qatar is when they will secure a semi final berth liverpool manager you're going to are pairs the sights set on finishing second in the english premier league but the people who place one zero on boxing day are currently fourth in the table a whopping twenty points behind leaders manchester city this year i don't leave them in syria maybe. we do much about what. we. do. and how it is possible groups like we could be two three four if you would have been protesting. and not agreeing. to this what we have. sixteen teams in action on boxing day second place manchester united will be trying to close the gap on runaway leaders man city you won't be playing on the day fourth place tottenham are just one point behind liverpool in fourth they face southampton . it's been a turbulent few days for the famous dance club by accents to them after being
2:57 am
eliminated in the europa league preliminary rounds that were knocked out of the dutch cup this last week the club took action and officially speaking coach marcel kinds and his assistants including dennis bergkamp were removed from active duty club legend michael rising is in temporary charge and on thursday the club defeated venom to a three one justin privates kasper dahlberg and nearest completed the come from behind win i x of second in the dutch league five points behind p.s.v. eindhoven. new n.h.l. expansion team the vegas golden knights of continued a unbelievable home run they beat the washington capitals three nothing on saturday in vegas alex touch it and william calls an old school would mark andre fleury stopped twenty six shots for his first shot out with vegas in the six hundred ninety ninth a real game the golden knights fifteen home wins this season are tied for the worst in the n.h.l. with tampa bay over in boston the bruins beat the visiting detroit red wings three
2:58 am
one patrice bergeron school twice in the third period to help seal the win this was boston's fourth straight victory. and that's all the sport for me we'll have another update again later on and that's it for me rob matheson for this news hour i'm going to be back in a moment with more serious. a
2:59 am
contract is like a god because you create things shining in korea and building full glory yes i mean larry shifts her attention to the disaster stricken regions of pakistan and building upon traditional techniques and people with the knowledge needed to sustain the society. architecture the traditional future of this time to see the. training starts light but the pace picks up quickly as these grannies work out a long life time of frustration. at eighty five years old intombi sold what
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trains as hard as anyone and. i feel so good i feel fresh i punch this side and this side like this and like that i really love this i don't like things like soccer because i will bring these ladies are tough and i take their training very seriously. just so. you know. more and more energetic through all my life. there's not peace if someone uses. us or.


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