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have to remain alert a lapse in attention could be fatal. the danger comes not just from above. even at the moderate speed of thirty kilometers an hour a tree branch can become like a machete going as i want to finally we're going ask about that but that is the ball is a ball not i see more listeners are that this set says the last. of the other more than a bunch is a pitch at the bottom in the first episode of a two part series al-jazeera investigates the world of performance enhancing drugs . sports during the endless trees at this time.
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this is al jazeera. hello i'm adrian for the good and this is the news out live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes pope francis urges the faithful to turn the power of fear into the power of charity as he draws attention to the plight of refugees. a bleak christmas in parts of the philippines as the country struggles with the aftermath of two tropical storms in quick succession. in peru a presidential pardon sparks charges of a corrupt political deal. and a leading opponent of russia's president vladimir putin says he's ready to challenge him in next year's presidential election. the head of the roman catholic church has used his christmas eve message to
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highlight the plight of refugees and migrants around the world speaking during midnight mass peter's basilica in rome pope francis compared refugees to mary and joseph recounting the biblical story of how the couple had to travel from nazareth the bethlehem but found no place to stay the pope stressed that faith demands that foreigners be welcomed everywhere. and you say pay my dear she has gone so many other footsteps are hidden in the footsteps of joseph and mary we see the tracks of entire families forced to set out in our own day we see the tracks of millions of people who did not choose to go away but driven from their land and leaving behind their dear ones who must see. the same fate impels us to make space for a new social imagination and not to be afraid of experiencing new forms of relationship in which none have to feel that there is no room for them on this earth christmas is a time for turning the power of fear into the power of charity. let's go live to rome
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just outside some peter's square in rome as a cost on a pizza shops a pizza when the pope speaks of the faithful again today his christmas day message what is he likely to say. well he'll certainly mention the situation in the middle east the conflict between palestinians and israelis i mean he was elected in two thousand and thirteen and every single christmas message from that from two thousand and thirteen has been as is mentioned the struggle in the middle east and calling calling for peace there and the events of the last last couple of weeks with president trump. suggesting that israel should move its capital to or should have its capital in jerusalem he will not miss that opportunity i don't think to to bring up that the issue of negotiation and peace
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in the middle east the pope's a very active peace sdn is opposition president trumps decision to move the u.s. embassy. he has been very active any move very very quickly you know on december sixth when. we approach proposed this within hours. the pope was condemning this this whole planet now the vatican is the smallest city state in the world but it's got an incredibly powerful voice you know it represents one point three billion roman catholics around the world and that is a strong voice a loud voice and it's one that the pope is now using almost one daily basis to keep this issue going he's beasts in the u.n. he's talked to the king of jordan have been other meetings and forums there's hardly a day goes by the profile says he doesn't get this message across that jerusalem is
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a place of peace and it's not the capital of israel. all right peter many thanks did get a shop there live it's a peter's square room. the un refugee agency says the world is now witnessing the highest level of displacement of people people ever recorded more than sixty five million people have been forced to leave their homes almost a third of them are refugees there are also ten million stateless people who've been denied a nationality and access to basic rights such as education health care employment and freedom of movement the u.n.h.c.r. estimates that twenty people are forcibly displaced every minute as a result of conflict or persecution or libya has been a major transit point for refugees trying to get to europe hundreds have died trying to cross the mediterranean on to syria as mark would appear had reports from tripoli libya as the biggest road for migrants and refugees has been recently
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receiving huge traffic of migrants crossing the libyan southern borders coming from african countries now during that tough journey that migrants take through in the libyan desert they face a lot of valuations a lot of violence at the hands of people smugglers we hear stories about extortion about violence some planes in some cases rape many civil migrants die. at the hands of of the people smugglers now they try to reach their libyan cost of york to europe now libya's coast guard says that they have to arrest these migrants as long as they try to save of libyan coast and as long as the are in libyan to waters now libya's coast guard bring those usually brings those migrants to detention centers and in detention in the detention
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centers the supervisors there say they deny committing any violations against migrants or refugees and they say on the contrary they try to provide them food and health care. the u.n. general assembly is urging members to end its crackdown on the hinge of muslim minority it's passed a resolution calling for the appoint of a u.n. special envoy a full citizenship rights and access for aid workers the document was approved despite opposition from china and russia more than six hundred forty thousand have fled in mass rakhine state since august the u.n. says they need to return home. was twenty seventeen draws to a close we're looking back at some of the biggest stories of the year through the eyes of five families this hour we'll hear from a syrian family just like millions of other syrians they've been internally displaced by the war they're also among four hundred thousand people who live in
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the government besieged rebel held on klav of eastern guta not as here is in a harder tells the story. of what mohamed makes a living selling what ever he can find he was once a farmer and owned his own land. now he's among the millions of syrians this place by the war and they're able to survive without assistance. i'm not ashamed to say this there are days when i'm able to provide food for my family and there are other days when i'm not able to do that the other day i had to take two of my children to the hospital because they didn't have enough food to. run our. mohamed lives in. an opposition controlled area that has been besieged by government forces for years the siege has been tightened even more recently food supplies are scarce and shortages have sent prices soaring at least four hundred
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thousand people live in east on the outskirts of the capital the united nations has been demanding unhindered access and warns that many of syrians there face severe problems in getting enough to eat. the aid that reaches us is not enough is specially for someone like me i have to take care of seven children and. only under siege it remains a war zone even though a russian guarantee deescalation deal was supposed to silence the guns and allow aid in. the building. fears for her children she is also afraid that her family could face further displacement the government has been using what is known as the surrender or starve
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strategy and it is applying it. and. if given the choice to leave or stay and live under the regime's rule i will choose to leave i don't trust them they will eventually kill us. they starved us they killed our children. rebels and refused to surrender but government pressure is growing already hundreds of thousands of syrians have been bussed out of their towns and villages and taken to the rebel controlled province of in the north the syrian government calls them reconciliation agreements for the opposition those are forced settlements and. i don't think those who are forced to go to will ever return to their homes this is sports displacement who knows who they will give our country to it's been almost eighty years since government forces began to question popular dissent from a position of strength the assad leadership is imposing its own peace but it is
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a peace that is unacceptable to many syrians who now fear not having a place in their own country. to be able to. after leaving a trail of devastation across the southern philippines tropical storm tembin is heading to heading towards vietnam thousands of fled low lying areas of the capital which human city has closed schools tembin made landfall in the philippines on friday causing flash floods and landslides and killing more than two hundred people and reports. the scale of the destruction caused by tropical storm tembin is becoming clear as rescue workers reach remote communities heavy rains and winds of up to one hundred forty five kilometers an hour triggered landslides and flash flooding devastate our towns and villages on the island of mindanao the country's second largest tens of thousands of people have been displaced and are spending christmas in emergency shelters.
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we have hundreds. but. i'm sure that. the philippines is battered by. twenty major storms a year and tendin is one of the worst of two thousand and seventeen disaster officials say people ignored warnings to get out of coastal regions and move away from riverbanks among the areas battered by the storm was met at lakeside city that was provided months earlier this year under siege by groups sympathetic to i sold more than a thousand people died and around three hundred thousand were displaced. the philippines is still recovering from typhoon haiyan that killed nearly eight thousand people and left two hundred thousand families homeless in central philippines in two thousand and thirteen tropical storm tembin is now making its
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way across the south china sea towards vietnam thousands have fled southern areas and schools have been closed in the capital city all part of efforts to prevent the sort of devastation tembin caused to the philippines india style of al-jazeera. members of afghanistan's parliament of someone senior security officials after at least nine people were killed in a suicide bombing in the capital kabul it happened near an intelligence agency building in kabul's shushed back neighborhood i saw says that it was responsible as it was a good reports now from kabul. that track happened early morning rush hour when people go to their work to their jobs and the suicide attack happened in cheshire dark area of kabul this is a diplomatic it happens to be near the u.s. embassy nato headquarters and also the headquarters for the afghan intelligence now the sources telling us that a suicide bomber believed to be
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a teenager on foot walking to do to put through the afghan intelligence checkpoint and detonated his explosives now number of afghan intelligence officers were killed outside of bystanders happened to be. caught him by this attack and and and this attack has happened in a time when the afghan interior ministry has launched a week long campaign of stopping illegal vehicles with tinted windows people carrying illegal arms and and vehicles with with no registration there is very tight security around the city even at checkpoints that are canine dogs searching vehicles but still these measures haven't worked in terms of stopping by a suicide bomber on foot we who reached least close to the afghan intelligence
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headquarters. here with the news from al-jazeera still to come on the program the reverberations following trump's jerusalem move are being felt worldwide will examine what christians in the west think of his decision and a look at the effect that also nation of artificial intelligence might have on developing economies. and later in sports the second round of matches in the gulf cup about to get underway the hosts though already in a spot of bother far will be here with all the details a little later. guatemala's president says this country will move its embassy in israel to jerusalem making it the first nation to follow donald trump's decision to relocate the u.s. mission there guatemala was one of only nine nations that voted in support of the u.s. at the united nations last week when trump said that jerusalem was israel's capital
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guatemala receives an estimated eighty million dollars in annual aid from the u.s. . peru's former president. has been. health failing his supporters celebrated the news outside the clinic where he's been since saturday after a severe drop in his blood pressure was serving a twenty five year sentence for corruption and human rights crimes committed during his ten year presidency from. reports. he spent years in prison campaigning for his release. he never acknowledged most of the crimes for which he was sentenced to twenty five years. the former president always claimed his innocence for the murders and disappearances by a government sanctioned death squad critics say that government was the most corrupt in peruvian history. tender scripted the seventy nine year old former
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leader with the defeat of shining path rebels and then a nine hundred ninety s. rians where at the cusp of the conflict that killed thousands of people supporters also safe he helped save the economy from collapse for years his children campaigned for his release saying he was ill and frail but he didn't have a terminal illness a condition for a humanitarian pardon. denied him the freedom he craved. my greatest pain is to acknowledge that for part of the population for him or he was able to victimize himself looking for a depressing image as a hostage of the judiciary. an opinion poll in may said fifty nine percent of the ns favored living. supporters say it's time for him to have a quiet life. to stay at home live serenely enjoys granddaughters enjoy the
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people who love him and be free to decide to do whatever he wants. many peruvians who for years opposed the presidential pardon were open. forgiveness for the crimes he committed for the family. just sure was never enough. families of the victims say they feel betrayed. promised he wouldn't pardon for money to win votes. to win justice for more than two decades. but. they don't care about our stuff about our desolation and the pain we still endure and we will never find peace. he's old well i'm old too and i haven't found justice yet he must complete a sentence despite his release from facing another trial a case is pending for the deaths of six people if convicted for the money faces another twenty five years in prison. families of the victims say they won't stop
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demanding justice and hope to see him behind bars again but. for your oldest daughter spoke to journalists. we have been with my father just now he's obviously very happy however he will have to stay in the intensive care for a few more days and he will have to stay in the hospital until the doctors say he's fully recovered the economy and the fight against corruption will be key issues when liberians vote in a president election runoff on tuesday the former football star george weah is taking on the country's vice president joseph. what will replace president ellen johnson sirleaf who is government liberia for the last twelve years let's go live. to serious mohammed is there so how did this runoff election is being held right the middle of the festive season how much momentum then is there among liberians to
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come out and vote. well again there's a huge momentum here two point one million voters have registered to cause they'll vote on tuesday they say they are ready and willing to do that and often even postponed christmas celebrations this year and celebrating not in their early years as they usually do during this time of the year but in the places where they post to cost they are followed this he's told and crucial elections to the future. it will be the first time in more than seventy three years that there will be cryptic hundreds of power billions also say they want change and a functioning government provides services to them also supporters of georgia where the leading contenders say they do not want to see a repeat of what happened in two thousand and five when he contests that against
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ellen johnson sirleaf in the foster round defeated only to lose so hot in this second round now also supporters of the vice president say they are unhappy with the president for not backing their candidate and instead choosing to buck the opposition and they say they will teach our lesson of the ballot all right so whoever wins is going to replace johnson sirleaf the first elected female president in africa so how do liberians see her record over the last twelve years. well those twelve years rian the longest period of uninterrupted peace in liberia since one thousand eight hundred nine so peace is the legacy off ellen johnson said if. she is also brought back in liberia into the community of nations a country that and the charles taylor was almost an outcast state she has
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gotten so much funding from the west and lots of donor support but corruption has really been hard problem and the government's problem with some of her family members accused of taking part in some of the corruption scandals and being power brokers so yes ellen johnson sirleaf has a great political legacy when it comes to the issue of peace but then corruption is what most liberians blame her for right now had many thanks to date however there live in monrovia russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov is calling on the u.s. and north korea to start negotiations aimed at deescalating tension on the korean peninsula he says that moscow is ready to facilitate the talks last month pyongyang test fired a ballistic missile that it says is capable of reaching the u.s. mainland. russian opposition leader alexina valmy has submitted the documentation
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required to run against vladimir putin in next year's presidential election but there are serious doubts about whether his name will actually end up on the ballot paper the story chalons explains from moscow. in twenty cities across russia from blood of all stock to moscow alexina valley's supporters turned out to endorse him independent hopefuls must gather at least five hundred people in such meetings as a criteria for full candidate status quo easily got that in moscow alone where he had this message for the man he wants to run against. it goes live in my senior who didn't but it's you who turned a country into a source of personal enrichment for yourself your family and your friends but why should not be president any more you are a bad president you don't have opposed the program. then it was off to the election commission to hand in his application but it's no valmy is unlikely to make its own
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to the ballots for the elections in march he's always said his two thousand and fourteen fraud conviction was politically motivated but the kremlin is using it to bar him from the race the goal has always been to demonstrate that putin is a leader with no alternative uncontested and what they say can take advantage over anybody else and it is very important to keep this super majority this super advantage to demonstrate that putin has so much more power than anybody else another opposition leader was trying to test the system on sunday idia yashin an ally of the valley's was unexpectedly elected head of a moscow boni a simple district in september but his efforts to use the power of the role to approve street events was struck down by moscow city court a few hundred people showed up anyway the election is just three months away now and as per usual the or storage teams are making it very clear that even
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a very small demonstration like this is completely unwelcome they want to allow to put up a stage show or have any bad as here in the police loud speakers are telling everyone that this is an unauthorized rally for lasik over the kremlin is confidence no vile me yashin company don't have the mass support is needed to challenge putin but it's not taking any chances chalons al-jazeera. we're going to weather update from if you will just rob mckelway next then. turkey agree to set up a strategic cooperation council as both countries look to boost bilateral ties we'll tell you more about his sport we'll have more of what could be the biggest comeback of the year the details coming up in about twenty minutes but far. from dusky sunsets over the sprawling savannah. to sunrise
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atop an asian metropolis. well as you know tropical storm tembin left some rather unexpected vicious damage in mindanao well here it is now since that point it actually strengthened went over the south china sea and turned into a thai food now you piece in the last few hours that strength has died again you piece of if you will considering going to southern vietnam already in south vietnam because that was the the place of choice and if you look at the massive cloud over them using what it probably has made landfall it hasn't actually been defined as having made landfall and actually just ahead of it these are the conditions in southern vietnam it's not bad at all it's a bit breezy this bitch. wet but nothing significant now unfortunately what mindanao that like before it did so we need to be a bit cautious here current into the winds really ninety five kilometers per hour the way you fight which might be more critical here about five meters i say that because it's heading in and throwing the sea the ocean at the mekong delta or in
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the science here or in lola's evacuations obviously has taken place now moving still fairly quick it's twenty kilometers per hour moving west which means the thing will stay south of south vietnam but the clouds you see it's a long way north anyway and it's been going to be a rain and a wave risk the storm itself will have it across the gulf of thailand and probably make landfall just sciences southern thailand in the next two days. the weather sponsored by cats on these. a conflict is like god because you create things shining in korea and building full glory yes mean larry shifts her attention to the disaster stricken regions of pakistan building upon traditional techniques and people with the knowledge needed to sustain their societies redbone texture
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a traditional feel at this time and to see one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be what it is you know is that it turns out of it but the good because you have a lot of people that if i did on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real stories just mended is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel in fear of a good audience across the globe. because
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have you with us adrian for going to here in doha with the news out from obviously around the top stories this hour the head of the roman catholic church has used his christmas eve message to highlight the plight of refugees and migrants around the world speaking during midnight mass pope francis stressed that faith demanded that four of those people come everywhere. there is for president all better for the more he has been pardoned on health grounds seventy nine year old was taken to hospital on saturday after a severe drop of his blood pressure he's been serving a twenty five year jail sentence for corruption kidnapping and human rights violations and thousands of people in the southern philippines are spending christmas in emergency shelters off the tropical storm tembin left a trail of destruction all the two hundred people are dead to landslides and flash floods of zeros ruppert breidis in iligan city in the philippines he joins us now live what's the situation. that's right so
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this city of iligan as many others are celebrating as best as they can christmas evening here have and it's a pretty sad state of affairs we're alongside a river in there the city of l.a. ground that overflowed its banks a couple of days ago this would have been a torrent of water as we saw torrents of water throughout parts of mindanao as this storm swept through the island rubble has fallen down from the banks of the river here it washed away a number of houses had to be said a lot of the houses built alongside these rivers and waterways are pretty flimsy they're not very well built they are susceptible to storms like this the authorities had told people to evacuate many people did evacuate in other parts of mindanao though which we know there was resistance people stayed in that sadly where a number of the casualties have occurred and people are returning now to places like this one to see what's left of their possessions to start again other people
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are in displaced persons camps trying to take up the pieces priority now for any rescue teams that are still looking for survivors from this is to reach some of the more remote communities and that's made all the harder by the fact that at so many bridges and roads have simply been washed away they can't get the heavy equipment to places where there might be survivors so sadly as time goes on it's now a couple of days since the storm has finally left this area it is now more of a search for bodies sadly rather than for survivors as the death toll mounts from this all right rob as far as the survivors are concerned one of the priorities over the next few days. well it's yes it's putting back together the homes that they have there are the longer term issues here people are talking about why more profit preparations weren't taken by the government why they didn't give a stronger warnings try to move people out because there have been more storms
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around this time of year in this part of mindanao also longer term question devout the peace process this is a conflict affected area very close to here is the area of merari where in recent months there has been very intense fighting between government troops and groups come groups linked with i still certainly this still have not helped the peace process not help the security situation here and also it just added more misery upon misery for people who were evacuated from the area of conflict many of them here to the city of illegal and they are in temporary accommodation here they've been wondering when they might be able to return to their conflict affected areas they came from and many of them now after this storm will be left wondering if they have any homes to go back to iraq many thanks al jazeera as rob mcbride there in l.a. again city in the philippines. the
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u.s. decision to recognize to ruthless israel's capital is being discussed right around the world today where exploring the holy land and how this religious and spiritual place has become increasingly politicized others here's how a force of reports from occupied east jerusalem it's within the city limits but out on its own. refugee camp is cut off from the rest of jerusalem by the israeli separation barrier the israeli government provides few services here the palestinian authority isn't committed to provide any local activist. says many of his neighbors do it least have one thing official status as residents of occupied east jerusalem. this identity card means a lot for us the right of return our existence in jerusalem our daily connection our children and our workers our businesses and our mosques and churches and now israel's jerusalem affairs minister is proposing to redefine the camp and other
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palestinian neighborhoods outside the wall is no longer part of the city to be governed instead under a new regional municipality. betty hirshman from jerusalem campaign group here i mean this is the objective is clear it would allow israel to shift one hundred twenty thousand palestinians who are roughly one third of the entire palestinian population. from the city that's one half of the equation the other is to increase jerusalem as jewish population by counting in some one hundred forty thousand israeli settlers in the occupied west bank it's all part of a two pronged strategy to change the demographics of jerusalem not just read designating tens of thousands of palestinians as outside the cities boundaries but also integrating illegal settlements here in the west bank into the jerusalem municipality in october the israeli prime minister was in one of those settlements promoting the plan known as the greater jerusalem. this place would be
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a part of the state of israel i support the greater jerusalem bill which would enable jerusalem and its surroundings to develop in very many aspects but plans to put it to a cabinet vote recently which show netanyahu citing pressure from the u.s. administration as it formulates its peace plan. she has mapped jerusalem shifting lines for more than thirty years he sees a long term israeli plan coming to fruition. in this area. of jews so if. that. is the that's why this plan carries such high stakes the palace the north which claims east jerusalem is the capital of a future palestinian state as it would destroy any prospect of a two state solution. occupied east jerusalem well in the west some christian groups are voicing concern about the fate of a city which has
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a special place in popular religious culture from london reports. carol concert in london's trafalgar square but it's also a fundraiser for the trust a human rights organization which supports projects in the occupied palestinian territory. they recently did a walk from london to jerusalem highlighting britain's unkept promises to the palestinians in the hundred year old balfour declaration they direct an ordained anglican vicar says they are one of a growing number of faith based groups supporting palestinian rights jerusalem is a couple of monosyllable. gerson's meaning is far more than just the capital city it's a center three faiths and his answer woven with the identity of three different people groups so anything which happens to houses wide scale ramifications so for us to walk from london to jerusalem what other place could there be to finish that especially if you all think all rights following president trumps decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital one of the strongest responses came from
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the religious society of friends the quakers who called the action morally indefensible this action in east jeopardizing peace and justice and human rights by making it more difficult to continue with the peace process we work with human rights observers who are on the ground in history sloman in the west bank and they are already telling us that the situation is more tense and there are higher levels of violence cardinal vincent nichols the senior catholic representative for england and wales has said i fear for jerusalem and its people today i pray for its peace while the anglican church is also stressed the unique nature of jerusalem we're very mindful that we can be sentimental about jerusalem and we have to think about the realities on the ground today by jerusalem is a place where christians muslims and jews live side by side but sometimes when a cause of tension i'd wanted to be a cause of hope. for many
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people the politics of the holy land may seem daunting but these musicians hope they can change that perception of course many popular christmas carols reference the palestinian city of bethlehem but it seems more and more people are taking an interest in what's happening injuries. a willing to get involved. and by doing so they say they're pushing the message of peace that so central to christmas. the. palestinians face enormous difficulties travelling from the west bank to jerusalem. shows us now what they have to go through at the calendar checkpoint this checkpoint is the closest point to jerusalem many palestinians can get to unless they have a special permit and in that case they will have to go through the walking terminal because here only cars with a yellow license plate that means that they're allowed to get to the other side can
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go through now it will be also much shorter to go from here to bethlehem about a half an hour drive but because we don't have the proper license plate we will have to take a much longer route. so this is a room where cars with both israeli or palestinian license plates can travel through but there are certain roads that are forbidden to palestinians like the one there just across the roundabout now you can only drive through that area if you have the yellow israeli license plate and if you're a palestinian of course you would need a special permit there's a whole network of segregated roads and with that comes entire areas that are known accessible to palestinians even within the occupied west bank and usually those around the illegal settlements also many roads have been diverted because of the
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war israel has built disapprobation wall in the name of security runs more than seven hundred kilometers and they basically traps in palestinians limiting their freedom of movement look at those buildings on the other side of the wall that's east jerusalem palestinians claim it as the capital of their future state and in the background if this was a better day you could see the bright shiny of the rock so it took us about an hour and a half to reach bethlehem now here disapprobation wall is part of your daily life it cuts right through the city from the north now we want to go to jerusalem and it should be about a fifteen minute drive however because we are in the west bank we need to go first through this fortified checkpoint palestinians living in jerusalem or inside israel can easily come here but for those living in the west bank it's much more difficult
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and they have to go through these grueling security checks. it feels like coming out of a prison. about seventy five thousand workers go through checkpoints like this one every day so we made it here israel does grant special permission for religious ok agents for example easter for the christians or ramadan for the muslims but most of the palestinians can't simply come and visit this city they view as their capital but israel has freed thirty six prisoners accused of inciting violence against the state during anti-government protests nearly half of them were granted release more than a year ago but were kept behind bars venezuela has arrested hundreds of individuals in response to prolonged demonstrations against president nicolas maduro chin is here has banned emirates airlines flights from landing in the country the decision
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comes two days after a number of too dizzy and women say that they were barred from boarding their flight for dubai at today's airport the u.a.e. says that it happened because of security reasons but has not gone into further detail turkey says that it's hiring more than one hundred thousand new public servants next year it comes a day after almost three thousand state employees and soldiers were sacked over alleged links to the so-called terror organizations in total one hundred fifty thousand have been dismissed or suspended from their jobs since last july suspected of having ties to the movement of u.s. based cleric settle for. who's accused by turkey of organizing a failed coup. turkey and sudan have agreed to set up a strategic cooperation council and boost trade after a visit by president other one to khartoum so kids aiming to increase its presence on the continent with a focus on the horn of africa from the sudanese capital has been reports. for the
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first time in more than sixty years a turkish head of state is visiting sudan the aim to strengthen economic and political relations between uncle i'm hard to lose you know that with this visit our relationship with sudan will be stronger than war we've agreed on strategic cooperation between the two countries in our relations with africa sudan has a special place. the turkish president arrived in sudan with more than two hundred business men and women he stressed that turkey incident expect increased trade volume from the current have a billion dollars to ten billion dollars dollars desperately needed by sudan which recently came off the first tranche and went after more than two decades. yes we welcome this visit by a brother the turkish president we've seen a twelve agreements we also agreed to form a strategic cooperation council headed by the presidents of the two countries this visit is a leap in the relationship between us but sudan is only one of many african countries
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turkey is building stronger relationship with the visit to sudan by the turkish president maybe it's first by a turkish head of state since it and gained independence in one nine hundred fifty six but it comes in line with turkey's policy in strengthening its influence in base in africa economically politically and militarily turkey opened its first and largest military base outside turkey in somalia last september and over the past three years it has expanded its diplomatic relations with more than twenty seven african countries the turkish government says it's determined to clear africa of the influence of. the man it's accuses of orchestrating last year's coup attempt in turkey glenn run many schools in the continent nearly all have now been transferred to earth once a recently established modern foundation. we think that if there are relations between the two countries these schools will be the bridge between them if there are schools this should strengthen it and the people as well and that's
1:45 pm
what we want with president visit to sudan ties between the two countries seem to be growing indeed as turkey has influence and role in the african continent people morgan are just there. they may have cattle has wrapped up his tour of six west african nations shake to me. last stop was in ghana his trip was focused on finding new markets and expanding existing ties after several arab neighbors imposed a blockade on cata in june because it already provides economic support to six west african countries to the tune of more than half a trillion dollars al-jazeera continues to demand the release of its journalist mahmoud her sane it's been a year now since he was arrested and jailed in egypt morocco to say he's accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which both he and al-jazeera strongly deny he's repeatedly complained of mistreatment in prison.
1:46 pm
the world bank has warned that the economies of developing nations could collapse due to the rise of automation and robotics it's feared that robots making clothes and footwear will undercut the cost of human workers in factories in places like bangladesh and vietnam in his second report on artificial intelligence lawrence lead considers what the impact of automation might be on the world's working poor every day all over the western world goods are delivered to hungry consumers most of them manufactured half a world away over the seas by people who often earn virtually nothing and while the fourth industrial revolution the age of robotics and automation promise is radically to alter the lives of people in the rich world it is by no means clear whether any of the benefits will be passed on to the world's working poor some global brands are discussing whether to reach shore manufacturing from asian sweat
1:47 pm
shops to europe where three d. princes might make clothes or shoes the world bank has projected that in some african or asian countries up to eighty percent of people might lose their jobs. if it's true that many workers many of them young women particularly textile industries opportunity going to be out of a job or their work is potentially radically reduced then to what extent will this lead to social unrest to social destitution and essentially a fundamental crisis at the heart that society others ask why someone who owns a factory in the far east would bother investing in expensive robotic technology but it's far cheaper to keep paying workers a dollar a day the machine like that at the moment will be well beyond the reach of a factory in bangladesh or in china or vietnam for that matter. secondly a machine like that is likely to break down fairly often because it's it's a very fine piece of equipment if it breaks down the whole factory and then many in
1:48 pm
a factory the entire factory comes to a standstill social unrest is already a fact of life it could get far worse. so to the continued and probably growing movement of people except the west they may want to move to be suffering job losses itself as automation takes over. if the future of the developing world is to be decided in places like this then frankly it looks pretty bleak either it seems robotics will increasingly be used to take jobs away from no traditionally associated with places like asia or those same workers will continue to exist on the same person for their own for years about the worst thing of all is that nobody seems to be talking about it there is however a growing understanding of how automation can help in emergencies here at southampton university in southern england drones are being tested to fly medicines or food into dangerous or difficult places it's simpler and potentially more
1:49 pm
effective than throwing bags out of planes you can send lots of little bits of aid to lots of little areas and it's trivial and straightforward to pinpoint areas in other words take the aid to where it's needed rather than dropping it centrally in the rich world robotics could take away many current jobs but it could also create new ones which haven't even been trumped up yet but for those in the workshops of the world it could be disastrous and it's coming. out of london. as the series continues tomorrow we'll let go of the wheel and the brakes as we drive into the age of fully automated kos still to come here on the news hour and sport a story ago in search of a second straight home ashes whitewash of england far right here with all the details in just a few moments. in
1:50 pm
the worst mass shooting in united states in modern times the gunman owned forty seven guns and had twenty three of those firearms with him at the time of the shooting united states of america has eighty. obsessive attraction and love for guns in a way that other countries just don't have and that's why she helped put together an exhibit at one church to help raise awareness to gun violence through art and in this piece tissues and each piece of tissue a name and age of someone killed by gun violence in the area. of it is called loving arms of course it's a play on words arms being what we used to hug or pray somebody but also arms being weapons as well the message here in this world needs more love and less violence.
1:51 pm
type of sport is far adrian thank you so much saudi arabia and the united arab emirates meet in a gulf cup group a match on monday where the winner can virtually secure a place in the femi finals also in kuwait city on monday the host nation will face oman both teams lost their opening fixtures but a victory can go a long way towards keeping them in semifinal contention confirmation of the two matches on monday the saudis and the amorality s kicking off the day's procedures and then in the late game the host quade face. defending champions cats are getting
1:52 pm
ready to face iraq on choose day for their second round match this is the their first major football tournaments since failing to qualify for next year's world cup and the political difficulties over cats are hosting the golf cup have created concerns over its ability to be the host of the twenty twenty two world cup. reports from kuwait city which the road to the world cup finals in twenty two and two is proving a bumpy one off the qatar won the right to host football's biggest tournament after failing to qualify for the showpiece twenty eighteen event in russia critics have been questioned in the tiny gulf states football credentials qatar will become the first nation since it to be in monte thirty four to host the world cup without ever having taken part in the finals a lot of the twenty twenty two organizers are spending millions on stadiums and infrastructure they're also investing heavily in grassroots football they're hoping
1:53 pm
in five years time to cut three national team will make an impact on the field. qatar football association aspire cademy are working really hard to develop a team. does well and twenty twenty two we see a lot of young kids coming up the ranks that are extremely skilled we see that there is a big change in for the football and that's thanks goes to do it goes to. as well as aspire academy and you know we're all really hopeful that that dream comes a reality. the gold cup but is the first major tournament for qatar since the disappointment of failing to qualify for the twenty eighty world cup they were actually meant to host the competition but it was relocated to kuwait because of the current political crisis in the region saudi arabia the u.a.e. and behaving are part of the blockade of qatar that's been in force for more than
1:54 pm
six months and which shows no sign of ending we of course hope that the blockading nations see reason and allow for their people to participate in this once in a lifetime opportunity in the middle east. and of course we're always optimistic and we're always hopeful that this matter is resolved through dialogue. well this is that one of the tournaments ban zones that's been organized by the twenty twenty two they're hoping that sounds plus many were flock to qatar in what will be the first world cup in the middle east. meanwhile gold cup host kuwait are hoping to ease tensions between qatar and its neighbors and bring unity to the region through what's always been called the beautiful game son hum us all to syria kuwait city. liverpool manager your can coopt has his sights set on finishing second in the english premier league liverpool away swanzy on boxing day are currently fourth in
1:55 pm
the table a whopping twenty points behind leaders man city. i don't. it's as hard as possible. two three four. sixteen teams in action on boxing day second place man united will be trying to close the gap on runaway leaders man city he won't be playing on the day fifth place top number just one point behind liverpool in fourth they play southampton. christmas day is one of the most anticipated days in the n.b.a. regular season that's because it usually features a highly anticipated match often a showdown between the previous seasons finalists and this year is no different as
1:56 pm
champions golden state faced the cleveland cavaliers one player expected not to feature is golden state star man steph curry the warriors' head coach said he can play having not recovered from a sprained ankle sustained on december the fourth cleveland's main man lebron james should play his cleveland side have the third best record in the east and will be looking to avenge their four one finals drubbing by the warriors who are second in the west. all their a five games on christmas day with both conference leaders in action the side with the best record in the east the boston celtics take on the washington wizards and the western conference as number one side the houston rockets play the oklahoma city thunder. australia are looking to take a step closer to claiming a second story home ashes whitewash when they face england and the fourth tests which begins on choose a australia have already won the five match series having taken the three games a so far they've also up the ante in melbourne and mitchell starc has been ruled
1:57 pm
out of the fourth test and will be replaced by jackson bird poked fun at england's bowlers after james anderson suggested australia's bowling attack lack depth not quite humorous actually. twenty we could see in the series. and we have been and they have the cricket out at. all it's certainly wouldn't walk by saying oh i don't watch i suggest giving the nets. forward to seeing what it can do to the english that is throughout this test match if one's working hard to try and win this test match. you wouldn't expect anything different from from the group of honest bunches of players you know they're willing to do whatever it takes to try and get it which you know put a hell of a lot hard work i know we haven't got much for it but you know we really really hoping that we can come away with some sin and show some pride as. twenty three time tennis grand slam champion serena williams is set to make
1:58 pm
a return to competition b. thirty six year old announced she will play in the exhibition tournaments in abu dhabi beginning december thirtieth the match will be the former world number one spurs since giving birth to her daughter williams will be preparing for the defense of her australian open crowning january title she won last year while pregnant. amazing and that's all your support for now back to you peter it's already thanks to data that is as far as the user is concerned somebody that's been a dell be here to update you with the latest news in just a few minutes on syria thanks for watching i'll see you good bye for the.
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