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i. am she managed tearing. or trading any war criminal. job on duty of a retired bosnian army general who defended setting a fire against a town by serbs sources. just the old one and covers the story of tough choices and determined. that he gave them. this time. vietnam evacuates more than a million people ahead of tropical storm tembin arrival after it killed more than
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two hundred thirty people in the philippines. so i'm mariama mozzie in on the new watching al-jazeera also coming up russian opposition leader alexina valley calls for a boycott after he's barred from running in next year's presidential election. pope francis' warns against the wind of wars as he calls for a two state solution in the israel palestine conflict. we look at how a new age of automation and robotics will impact on the world's poorest what could . we begin in vietnam where authorities are evacuating a million people from low lying areas along the southern coast of tropical storm ten mins arrival vietnam's disaster prevention committee says that seventy four
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thousand people have already been moved to safety from vulnerable areas while authorities in fifteen provinces and cities are also making preparations to evacuate more than sixty thousand fishing boats have also been told not to venture to see tembin is moving southward and will pass the province of some hour on tuesday before entering the gulf of thailand well the storm has already claimed two hundred thirty lives in the philippines where it caused devastating landslides and flash floods thousands of people are being forced to spend christmas in emergency shelters after their homes were destroyed while mcbride has this update from the worst hit island of mindanao. here in the city of iligan as darkness falls people here as elsewhere in parts of mindanao are assessing the damage from the storm that passed from the landslides that happened from the torrents of muddy water that overflowed the banks of rivers the river here in l.a. can it overflowed its banks people have been told to evacuate and it washed away
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their homes they were living alongside a river that six years ago had a similar flood that washed away this bridge still people return to live here the fact is that with a growing population in mindanao people do tend to occupy vulnerable places river banks hillsides and so on the problem now for rescuers in mindanao is trying to reach more isolated communities especially with the destruction of infrastructure washing away of bridges roads that are closed or simply have been washed away the problem is trying to reach more remote communities with heavy equipment to continue the search for survivors and sadly as time continues it is now less a search for people alive it is more a search for bodies as the death toll and mounts here in this part of mindanao there is also the added problem of the conflict and that has been happening just a short distance from here in murari this is
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a fight between government forces in groups linked with i saw it's not known just what impact this storm will have on the security situation or on the search for a lasting peace but certainly for people who've been displaced from the area of the fighting and have been in temporary accommodation here in the early gand it certainly adds misery upon misery not only can they not return to the area of conflict that they've been evacuated from they'd simply don't know if they have any homes to go back to. russian opposition leader alexina vali has been barred from running in next year's presidential election he's been told he is not eligible because of a pos criminal conviction of ali has responded by calling for a boycott of the march vote present let him of his own cause to be comfortably reelected meaning that he could remain in power until two thousand and twenty four
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or a challenge sent its update from moscow. this was no surprise at all really how i mean i have been talking with colleagues yesterday and we've been speculating that there was maybe a small chance that the tightly controlled russian presidential system the electoral system here would be given a bit of a shake up and maybe there would be some fresh life breathed into it most people are assuming that putin is going to march towards a fourth term in office when the elections are held in march next year but no that was not to be the thirteen member panel of the central election committee decided twelve votes with one abstention that they were going to bar only from running against putin now the the argument they use is that he has this prior conviction and therefore is ineligible novelli has always said that although that may be the election rules actually the constitution which should have primacy says that anyone
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of sound mind who is not in jail can run in the elections so he's going to take this to the constitutional courts to watch them to make a decision this was a heated exchange at times he was saying that the panel should do the right thing for once in their lives that nobody is holding a gun to their heads and that they should stop messing around with the election the panel fired back saying that he was brainwashing kids that he was disrespecting the election commission and that they hinted he was politically irrelevant anyway now what is now and we do next well of course are said he's going to take this to the constitutional courts but he is also saying that his supporters should boycott the election and he is saying that yes there will be street protests they haven't set a date for these yet but he's saying that when the protests hits they will be nationwide. well in other news from the russian capital at least four people have been killed in a bus crash in moscow footage shown on local media shows the bus careering down
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some stairs that lead it to a metro station and seeing several people along the way the driver has been detained for questioning but police say it was not a deliberate act the mayor of moscow visited the scene and has ordered now a full inspection of moscow's bus fleet pope francis has used his traditional christmas day message to call for a two state solution to the israel palestine conflict speaking to crowds in st peter's square the catholic pontiff warned against the winds of war and asked for peace for jerusalem and the holy land this is the second time pope francis has spoken out since u.s. president donald trump formally announced his government would recognize jerusalem as israel's capital but. we see jesus and the children of the middle east who continue to suffer because of growing tensions between israelis and palestinians on this festive day let us off the lord for peace for jerusalem and for all the holy land let us pray that the will to resume dialogue may prevail between the parties
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and that a negotiated solution can be finally reached one that would allow the peaceful coexistence of two states within mutually agreed internationally recognized borders . leadership has more from rome. this is only the second time the pope francis has spoken in public about the trump plan for a couple in jerusalem he said when he first heard that and that was on december sixth the city was profoundly concerned and i think there are some people in the people i've spoken to here that were hoping perhaps for something a little stronger in this long awaited message i mean he's he's mentioned the middle east every every christmas message since two thousand and thirteen and i think there was a feeling that he could have articulated his his concern and a little stronger and referenced drusilla in the context of this this are people
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that they're facing now the u.n. refugee agency says the world is now witnessing the highest level of displacement of people ever recorded more than sixty five million people have been forced to leave their homes surpassing the estimated sixty million displaced by world war two almost a third of them are refugees and hoff are under the age of eighteen there are also ten million stateless people they've been denied a nationality and access to basic rights like education health care employment and freedom of movement the u.n.h.c.r. estimates twenty people awful to be displaced every minute as a result of conflict or persecution well libya has been a major transit point for refugees trying to get to europe and hundreds have died trying to cross the mediterranean mahmud up to why it is in tripoli. libya as the biggest road for migrants and refugees has been recently receiving huge traffic of
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migrants crossing the libyan southern borders coming from african countries now during that tough journey their migrants take through in the libyan desert they face a lot of violations a lot of violence at the hands of people smugglers we hear stories about extortion about violence some planes in some cases reap many civil migrants die. at the hands of of the people or smugglers now they try to reach the libyan cost of to york to europe now libya's coast guard says that they have to arrest these migrants as long as they try to save libyan coast and as long as the are in libyan to to real what us now libya's coast guard bring those usually brings those migrants to detention centers and in detention in the detention centers the supervisors there say they deny committing any violations
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against migrants or a few g.'s and they say on the contrary they try to provide them food and health care. watching al-jazeera still to come iberia's two presidential candidates promise a better future for their country out of cheese day's election runoff. and tunisia suspends all emirates airlines flights after several tunisian women are odd from entry to the u.a.e. . hello fog has been the state of play weather wise for switzerland sudden france but germany and austria waltz rather round the north of europe it's been rather gray and mild it may seem the wrong way round to you but take a look at what's coming in from the west a streak of green as
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a cold front usually means wet and windy weather this is no exception so gong will be the fog from southern france and from switzerland to breezy had great looking sky will replace it is going to require a further reach i think from austria so the hungary in play it's will be cold for game places maybe sunny upon the mountains it looks gorgeous there and this carries all this process the next one folds in such a bad time we get to wednesday when is cold certainly not for now it'll be stuck in the mountains rain for many and a completely different field that will eventually affect things further east in the meantime a bit of a southerly push means well eleven in vienna and ten in book arrest and still it's above zero in scandinavia now we've seen the change in the eastern med from rather warm to not so in the last day or so and we've settled down to middle teens to have many places twenty one in cairo nineteen robot and rain is heading down towards northern nigeria.
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term begins with but it does not in no terrorist state poses a greater or more immediate threat than the regime of saddam hussein this is a regime that has something to heart they have here a significant propaganda machine and guess what not one w m d shite org found in iraq so it's one nine hundred ninety one iraq a deadly deception at this time on al jazeera. come back quick look at headlines now tropical storm tembin is heading towards
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vietnam after leaving a trail of destruction across the southern philippines about a million people have been evacuated from vietnam's southern areas russian opposition leader alexina valley has been barred from running in next year's presidential election because of a past criminal conviction and pope francis has used his christmas day message to call for peace for jerusalem and dialogue between the israelis and palestinians. tunisia is demanding a public apology from the u.a.e. after it banned tunisian women from flying into or transiting through the state on friday and he has also suspended all emirates airlines flights in a tit for tat response the u.a.e. says the ban was imposed for security reasons but hasn't said much more than that which has outraged the two nations china reports. this was the scene at turn this airport on friday as women turned up for flights the start of a u.i.
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travel ban against women and girls of all ages to be given. it was there let me know but then if not i came here and found chaos and there same woman under the age of thirty cannot board emerick plane maybe that morning but i arrive here only for a man to come and tell me that any woman who holds it in passport is banned from boarding a line. two days later explains the temporary travel restriction is for security reasons the minister of state for foreign affairs posted on twitter they had communicated security information with tunisia and that the u.a.e. appreciates and values to his young woman. but outrage across the newsier and elsewhere group with claims of discrimination and racism to new jersey is governments took immediate action the ministry of transport has decided to suspend emirates airlines flights to and from tunisia to the latter finds
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a suitable solution to operate its flights in accordance with international regulations and conventions emirates didn't respond to our request for an interview but to confirm via twitter they were instructed to stop services to tune a spy to newseum authorities a fictive to seen between the fifth children as young as two years old will be i'm barred from flying i mean not many people would consider two year old threats on officials or even informing families that even if you are one month old female baby you wouldn't be allowed to fly and you wouldn't be allowed to enter the territory emirates is the only airline that flies you a direct meaning it severed the transport link between the countries it's unclear if the diplomatic link will also be cast. to his ear has been trying to repair relations with the u.a.e. after its twenty eleven revolution its biggest political party has strong ties to casa currently under blockades by the u.a.e.
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and three other arab countries it's quite clear to say you know that the united arab emirates have been seeking to undermine democracy. on the hundred louis so this decision is the most expressive yet and the most in your face ever since the two thousand and eleven revolution emirates will remain suspended until feels it can operate within international regulations the sudden and vague ban that museum woman face now turned on the line charlotte dallas al-jazeera. peru's former president alberto fujimori has been pardoned on health grounds but he morea was serving a twenty five year sentence for corruption and human rights crimes committed during his tenure presidency is supporters celebrated the news outside the clinic where he's been since saturday after a severe drop in his blood pressure around a sanchez has more from lima. he spent years in prison campaigning for his release. he never acknowledged most of the crimes for which he was sentenced to
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twenty five years. the former president always claimed his innocence for the murders and disappearances by a government sanctioned death squad critics say the government was the most corrupt in peruvian history. the superior squirted the seventy nine year old former leader with the defeat of shining path rebels and then a nine hundred ninety s. where at the cusp of the conflict that killed thousands of people supporters also say for him what he helped save the economy from collapse for years his children campaigned for his release saying he was ill and frail but he didn't have a terminal illness a condition for a humanitarian pardon president. denied him the freedom he craved. my greatest pain is to acknowledge there for part of the population for him or he was able to victimize himself looking for a depressing image. hostage of the judiciary.
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an opinion poll in may said fifty nine percent approve favored letting him go supporters say it's time for him to have a quiet life. to stay at home live serenely enjoys granddaughters enjoy the people who love him and be free to decide to do whatever he wants. maybe peruvian school for years post the presidential pardon were open to release if he asked for forgiveness for the crimes he committed for the families of the gesture was never enough. families of the victims say they feel betrayed. promised he wouldn't pardon for money to win votes. to win justice for more than two decades. they don't care about our stuff about our dust and the pain we still endure and we will never find peace. he's old well i'm old too and i
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haven't found justice yet he must complete a sentence despite his release from facing another trial a case is pending for the deaths of six people if convicted for the money faces another twenty five years in prison the. families of the victims say they won't stop demanding justice and hope to see him behind bars again but. would you mores daughter keiko says she hopes the decision to release her father promotes reconciliation she also gave an update on his health and what. we have been with my father just now he's obviously very happy however he will have to stay in the intensive care for a few more days and he will have to stay in the hospital until the doctors say he's fully recovered. nigeria's military has resisted an attack by suspected book armed fighters on the outskirts of the northeastern city of my degree earlier heavy
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gunfire was reported in the area while the army forces battled fighters situation is now said to be under control the united nations general assembly is demanding that and its crackdown on revenge of muslims it has passed a resolution which calls for a u.n. special envoy full citizenship rights and access for a. china and russia oppose the document but it was passed anyway or than six hundred forty thousand ranger a phlegmy and mas rock kind states since august the un says they need to return home and be safe when they get there. afghanistan's parliament to summon senior security officials ofter at least six people died in a suicide bombing in the capital kabul the explosion happened near an intelligence agency building in kabul's shah neighborhood the attacker reportedly approached the agency's entrance on foot before then blowing himself up i sill has claimed responsibility. has more from kabul. that tac happen
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early morning rush hour when people go to their work do their jobs and the suicide attack happened in cheshire our area of kabul this area is a diplomatic it happens to be near the u.s. embassy in need to headquarters and also the headquarters for the afghan intelligence now the sources telling us that a suicide bomber believed to be a teenager on foot walking to do good through the afghan intelligence checkpoint and detonated his explosives now number of afghan intelligence officers were killed outside of bystanders who happened to be caught him by this attack and and and this attack has happened in a time when the afghan interior ministry has launched a week long campaign of stopping illegal vehicles with tinted windows people carrying illegal arms. and vehicles with the with no registration there is very
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tight security around the city even at checkpoints that are canine dogs searching vehicles but still the measures haven't worked in terms of stopping by our suicide bomber on foot who reached least close to the afghan intelligence headquarters liberians are set to go to the polls in a presidential runoff that will see its first democratic transition of power in seventy years the former football star george where is taking on the country's vice president jesse. i've gathered it's a promise to revive liberia's struggling economy and also kickstart crucial infrastructure projects mohammed our reports from the capital monrovia. in the contest for the liberian presidency this month former international football or do it where does the head start he received thirty eight percent of the votes cast in
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the foster round held in october he's opponent in the runoff current liberian vice president just a walk i got twenty eight percent of the vote it's here in the car slum that where grew up has been hyping his humble upbringing and style himself as the pro pork and to date a man who knows exactly what liberians want from their government protection of politics we have it traditional voting along ethnic religious and regional lines where you were born and grew up is important there is hope here that's when he becomes president he will help his community where dropped out of school at an early age to concentrate on playing football he applied his trade in liberia until he got a break to play for the french club a is more to go on from there on to some of the world's most glamorous clubs in two thousand and three where now is his intention to run for the presidency after taking on the incumbent president ellen johnson
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sirleaf to a second round vote in two thousand and five the footballer was bitten this is known as walk in the park this could be we as the he led in the first one in two thousand and five and phil to win in the second row this is wide open it could be president we are president. a former head of liberia's petroleum refinery company and agriculture minister seventy two year old joseph. has served as liberia's vice president since two thousand and six his tenure as vice president will be remembered as a period of an interrupted peace no small feat in a country torn apart by years of civil war. is considered a safe by many given his long experience of the highest echelons of power in liberia ambassador walker's longest point is his credentials in public policy and the broad perception of him. true this line around he
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has on the capital. in liberia where there's been so much reports of corruption he's managed to keep on touched he will have to persuade many liberian still that he can do differently than he has done for more than a decade many here hold the government responsible for failing to improve their lot wins the election will inherit the leadership of one of the poorest countries in the world liberians often complain about them of corruption in government and the poor delivery of public services many of them say about the world of thankful for the past twelve years of peace still excited about the prospect of. a movie like beauty. the world bank is warning that the economies of developing countries could collapse
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due to the rise of automation and robotics it's feared that robots making clothes and footwear will on the cut the cost of human workers in factories in bangladesh and vietnam in his second report on artificial intelligence aren't sleek considers what the impact of automation might be on the world's working poor. every day all over the western world goods are delivered to hungry consumers most of them manufactured half a world away over the seas by people who often earn virtually nothing and while the fourth industrial revolution the age of robotics and automation promise is radically to alter the lives of people in the rich world it is by no means clear whether any of the benefits will be passed on to the world's working poor. some global brands are discussing whether to reach shore manufacturing from asian sweat shops to europe where three d. printers might make clothes or shoes the world bank has projected that in some
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african or asian countries up to eighty percent of people might lose their jobs if it's true that many workers many of them young women particular. industries opportunity going to be out of a job or their work is potentially radically reduced then to what extent will this lead to social unrest to social destitution and essentially a fundamental crisis at the heart that society others ask why someone who owns a factory in the far east would bother investing in expensive robotic technology but it's far cheaper to keep paying workers a dollar a day to machine like that at the moment will be well beyond the reach of a factory owner in bangladesh or in china or vietnam for that matter. secondly a machine like that is likely to break down fairly often because it's it's a very fine piece of equipment if it breaks down the whole factory and then many in a factory the entire factory comes to a standstill social unrest is already
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a fact of life it could get far worse. so to the continued and probably growing movements of people except the west they may want to move to be suffering job losses itself as automation takes over. if the future of the developing world is to be decided in places like this then frankly it looks pretty bleak either it seems robotics will increasingly be used to take jobs away from no three different associated with places like asia or those same workers will continue to exist on the same person for the for years about the worst thing of all is that nobody seems to be talking about it there is however a growing understanding of how automation can help in emergencies here at southampton university in southern england drones are being tested to fly medicines or food into dangerous or difficult places it's simpler and potentially more effective than throwing bags out of planes you can send lots of little bits of aid
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to lots of little areas. and it's trivial and straightforward to pinpoint areas in other words take the aid to where it's needed dropping it centrally in the rich world robotics could take away many current jobs but it could also create new ones which haven't even been trumped up yet but for those in the workshops of the world it could be disastrous and it's coming. out of london. and on tuesday in the next part of this series we let go of the will and the brakes and drive into the age of fully automated cars. well you can drive around our web site if you need to if you want to as the address al-jazeera dot com.
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a look at the headlines this hour tropical storm tembin is heading towards vietnam after leaving a trail of destruction across the southern philippines and killing two hundred thirty people about a million people have been evacuated from vietnam southern areas tembin is moving southward and is expected to pass the province of some alan choose day before entering the gulf of thailand well as we are saying the storm's already caused devastating landslides and flash floods in the philippines rob mcbride has this update from the worst hit island of mindanao the problem now for rescuers in mindanao is trying to reach more isolated communities especially with the destruction of infrastructure washing away of bridges roads that are closed or simply have been washed away the problem is trying to reach more remote communities with heavy equipment to continue the search for survivors and sadly as time continues it is now less a search for people alive it is more
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a search for bodies and moving to our other top stories russian opposition leader alexina valley has been barred from running in next year's presidential election he's been told he is not eligible because of a past criminal conviction of ali has responded to the central election commission by calling for a boycott of the march vote pope francis has used his traditional christmas day message to call for a two state solution to the israel palestine conflict speaking to people in st peter's square the catholic pontiff warned against the winds of war and asked for peace for jerusalem and the holy land it's the second time pope francis has spoken out since u.s. president donald trump formally announced his government would recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. the u.a.e. says its decision to ban tunisian women from flying transiting into the country is based on information that tunisian women might commit what he calls terrorist acts tunisia wants a public apology from the u.a.e.
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and has suspended all emirates airlines flights in response. crews jailed former president alberto fujimori his recent received a pardon on the health grounds mori was serving a twenty five year sentence for corruption and human rights crimes committed during his ten year presidency as he had lines the stream is next. and earning welcome to the stream live on al-jazeera and now you to move over marvel there's a slew of african comic book creators showing the world.


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