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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 30, 2017 6:00am-6:34am +03

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and there all the countries have managed to solve this problem but you worry that this conflict could. be the same. people who paid the price clearly in prejudice setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. a fourth week of protests against recognition of the capital of israel. i'm richelle carey this is. also coming up.
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with police and crew. on the decision to pardon president. for murder and torture. it is absurd to try to want to become president. living abroad. president. it was the first step to. radio. after one hundred seventy one years. at least fifty people had been injured after israeli forces opened fire on demonstrators as thousands of palestinians across gaza and the occupied west. thank
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took part in protests for a fourth friday u.s. president donald trump's decision to recognize true islam as israel's capital tanks and aircraft also fired on targets in gaza in retaliation to rockets being fired into israel israeli army says its aerial defense system intercepted two rockets launched from the gaza strip malcolm has more from gaza. the edge of gaza city is just a couple of hundred meters over there and this is the border with israel the separation friends. are all stepaside to the camera can zoom in a bit for the fourth friday and people gathered at rallies in the city. after friday prayers coming from the mosques and then some people from those rallies came here to the border to demonstrate like this for the last month ever since president trump announced that the u.s. would recognize to resign as the capital of israel and demonstrators are trying to get as close to the fence as they can to throw stones and plant palestinian flags.
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start fires as well those plumes of black smoke you can see it from fires and burning tires and the israeli army's responds with tear gas and some gunfire we've heard that more than ten people have been injured in the violence today in the on rest here and in four of the places along the border. thousands of people in the pakistani city and they have also rallied against decision the demonstration was organized by a charity group linked to the main suspect in the two thousand and eight. say the u.s. had a ten million dollars bounty on who was or at least from house arrest and november has more from raul pindi. proud and of people have gathered. for saudi air force for the palestinian cause the product an ambassador to pakistan had all come in a light age who had read and large crowds that had come from all four corners of the country all of the others all pakistani people from all walks of life have
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strongly reject it trumps decision of jerusalem as their capital of pakistan is the only country in the muslim world who has officially condemned and rejected this decision in proper resolution in their parliament against the irresponsible act there is a dream to then remain a crossroads no make work and progress on is no except for many from the project on defense the looting of the say the leader of the modern art brokered a settlement this was a deal cut to make to receive the means grails capital we cannot tolerate this at any cost we are trying to awake all the muslim community and to unite them and we want to send a strong message to trump that muslims won't accept it in any shape there is considerable support for the french didn't god yeah angry then with me against the american move to move the embassy introducing them being a muslim it's my duty. i was given i just had
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a gun and i got this and is that i. was muslim yes it is together and we want to give you a strong message that we are god and we have given you feedback you have genuine sea and the people have a good road to learn from the capital of palestine the leaders saying that their people should be ready to sacrifice even their lives for making soldiers go to three levels of remains the only true church capital also city palace dying. as you can enlarge a gathering by far the strongest gathering go. on this particular day for. i saw has claimed responsibility for an attack on a coptic church in a christian and shop in egypt at least nine people were killed five others wounded in the shooting just south of the capital cairo a long gunman was wounded before being arrested by police as president offered his
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condolences to egypt and president. on friday and said they stand united against terrorism. more. a program of confidence inside the virgin mary church on the outskirts of cairo the family members of different victims brought together by gunmen killing in the name of. this is the suspected attacker it's believed he's wearing a suicide vest first tee shot of the christian on show before moving to cairo's coptic mum in a church he opened fire on civilians and police officers outside who witness it people inside closed the door when they heard the shots. thank god they locked the door there were hundreds inside if getting closer during that time it could have been worse than did back in the road a mosque in china relatives pieced together what had happened is they made outside the hospital. and. one woman was killed when she tried to help the attacker
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thinking he had full and they say he saw her across dangling from her neck and she also had a little boy who she was asking him in the name of christ this something happened to you she was he worried about him or she gives him love and tenderness and peace is this what they mean peace with the gunfire you make peace with gunfire. as the ambulances left the funeral with their loved ones and size they were accompanied by armored vehicles and a sign of increased security for christians here it's the latest in a number of attacks on the christian mine. marcin egypt which represents about ten percent of the population the problem is that there's no clear counterterrorism and counterinsurgency policies so for dealing with this threat and for a while egypt has been discontinuing the same blunders in the same mistakes egypt has been under a state of emergency since i pro and suicide bombing struck two coptic church is
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killing at least forty five people on palm sunday i saw also claimed responsibility for that attack the government deployed more security forces outside churches this month in anticipation of attacks over christmas i noticed on new years on joining our christmas every holiday every holiday the assemblies these gifts oh god your vengeful. god egypt's christians have long accused the authorities of not doing enough to protect them. the most. i saw is also claimed responsibility for a bomb blast in the russian city of st petersburg wednesday but the group didn't provide any evidence for that claim homemade bomb right with shock shrapnel exploded inside a supermarket and enter at least thirteen people president vladimir putin described the incident as a terrorist act and said authorities managed to prevent a separate attack. south africa's top court has ruled at harlem and failed to hold
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president jacob zuma to account in the scandal over housing improvements which cost millions of dollars last year the court concluded zuma violated the constitution when he benefited improperly from state funding for his residence the opposition has renewed its calls for the president to be impeached and want a series of presidential scandals that have tarnished the reputation of the ruling african national congress in two thousand and nine it was revealed almost five million dollars were being spent on upgrades to the property that were meant to improve security at the compound but the costs soared and two thousand and fourteen and dependent report found some of the upgrades included luxury add ons like a swimming pool visitor center and ordered to pay back some of that money last year the constitutional court found zuma breached the constitution by ignoring the report's findings so my apologize and promise promise to repay the money tanya page has the latest from johannesburg. the constitutional court south africa's highest
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court has found that the national assembly that's parliament failed to take appropriate action against president jacob zuma and relation to gross overspending of taxpayers' dollars on his private home called income the constitutional court says the first thing that should happen is that the national assembly needs to come up with a comprehensive list of rules and regulations which perhaps could lead to the impeachment of president zuma away but they didn't go so far as to say that's what should happen because that would be in breach of the separation of powers the opposition parties who brought this legal action we're pleased with the outcome nonetheless the constitutional duty grant mr zuma in no time will be scrutinized would be brought before parliament to be accountable because his own political party has actually failed to hold you accountable and we can with the other day
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long we need to be in parliament in no less than it did to days before the state of the nation and as of twenty eight in their defense president zuma and the speaker of parliament both said it wasn't true that the national assembly had done nothing multiple votes of no confidence in president zuma have been held and they have all been defeated and that's what it comes down to it's a matter of numbers in parliament because impeaching a president is a parliamentary process so even when there are rules in place that could lead to impeaching a president ultimately that would require a two thirds majority and the reality is that the governing african national congress holds the majority and so it be extremely unlikely that the numbers would be able to be gathered for an impeachment spain's prime minister has dismissed the idea that ouster can on president. could rule from abroad. made the announcement in
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this interview or speech the spanish government of fire put him on after he declared independence in october separatist parties want a majority in catalonia snap election this month but are yet to form a government whose the man is currently in self-imposed exile in brussels to avoid arrest. it is absurd to try to want to become president of an economist region while living abroad it is even more absurd to try to perform one's duties as president of an autonomy when you are abroad i really think that it's completely senseless it's not even a judicial or political issue it's just common sense i hope that we can quickly count on a government in catalonia that is able to engage in dialogue and reach an understanding with all catalans not just with half of them. still ahead.
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for murder and torture. we were forced to. perform sex. and the workplace. welcome back remains desperately cold across parts of north america you see some of the temperatures there when a peg minus twenty eight but obviously bit darker this time of the minimum sun about minus thirty but. probably seen temperatures over the next couple of nights dropping about minus twenty also now temperatures subzero. into georgian across into texas temperatures are pretty low we've also got some very heavy snowfall pushing its way through the pacific northwest that will eventually clear
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through on sunday and then cold weather really establish itself once again here further towards the temperatures not. reaching twenty degrees. parts of america showers from the yucatan peninsula southward through guatemala and the hong towards costa rica but for the weather conditions are looking. draw and follow the respect to the stay that way as we head through into sunday showers across northern parts of south america and showers across the amazon basin as you'd expect elsewhere we've got one or two have a shower still affecting parts of proof. come further towards us so things are looking better across paraguayan we've seen heavy rain in recent days further towards the south it should be a fairly bright one and warmer the bonus areas highs here of thirty four. in a country where parents often pick who you will marry your love can have serious consequences
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one of the men risking their lives to protect india's young love. this time. there is someone going. to tell you. watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories this hour israeli security forces have opened fire at protests and gaza and the occupied west bank entering at least fifty people are protesting against. the capital of israel four of the injured are
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in serious condition thousands of people on the pakistani city of rawalpindi have also rallied against the u.s. decision and the largest protests in pakistan since the white house announcement earlier this month and generals have been held for those killed in a church attack in cairo at least nine people were killed and many more wounded when a gunman opened fire on worshippers and police eisel has claimed responsibility. conflicts are raging simultaneously in sudan and south sudan making life increasingly tough for refugees from both countries who have to share limited resources some have lost their lives in the violence morgan reports from up on county and south sudan home to one of four refugee camps for people from its northern neighbor. this has been a home for more than six years their refugee from sudan fled her home and sought safety in neighboring south sudan she says she no longer feel safe after her brother was killed last year in fighting between refugees and there's now sudanese
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hosts. who lost a brother last year he was kidnapped and killed they brought back his body that night we were tucked inside that comes with guns are not of people during the fights or just my brother but children women were killed in this time. fighting broke out in blue nile state after the sudan people's liberation movement north rebelled against government leaders in khartoum the armed opposition group accuse the sudanese government of breaking the two thousand and five peace agreement it allowed to choose whether to be part of sudan or a newly independent south sudan the conflict has resulted in more than two hundred fifty thousand refugees fleeing to south sudan more than half of them live in four camps here sudanese refugees started arriving here in my band since two thousand and eleven a few months after south sudan gained independence but since then the host country has been at civil war which is still happening that has created an economic and hunger crises all over it have had an impact on the refugees the war in south sudan
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which started in ten to thirteen also display started in east and resulted in more than half of the twelve million population facing food insecurity south sudanese government leaders say tensions are being created because the refugees have freedom to move and reach limited resources in montana. if you. feel better there are advantages and disadvantages of having them here the main problem is that the camps are not first means there are a few g.'s can move around freely in the trees for domestic use and that is having an impact. and with almost no chance of returning home to sudan soon the united nations high commission for refugees says they need to be protected they are here they have needs they have rights and these needs and rights have to be met and so that there has to be a very high level of cooperation between you and the south sudanese government to ensure that they are safe protected and and that their needs are met
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a friend has no plans to return to the word zone in sudan but she may have to do just that if there is a repeat of the violence between refugees and there's how sudanese hosts people morgan al-jazeera south sudan. and peru protesters have confronted police outside the hospital where former president of artificial mori is being treated. there angry over the controversial decision to pardon preaching marie who has served nearly half of a twenty five year sentence for corruption and human rights crimes including murder on thursday thousands of pretty ends march to denounce the move and call for new general election to me bird as a human rights activist and a professor at george mason university she says pardon can still be a challenge and there are precedents of similar cases. it is not the end of the story. yet and there are several different venues by which human rights activists
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are going to challenge the pardon one is in the domestic courts in peru and there are precedents a few years ago an associate of fiji mori actually a businessman the head of a large conglomerate media organization was hard and he'd been convicted of corruption and he'd been pardoned based on humanitarian grounds and a few weeks later he was caught on camera in a country club looking quite healthy and the constitutional tribunal overturned his pardon. and so there is a precedent for that kind of thing in a pardon is found to be fraudulent lee granted then it can be overturned by peru's constitutional tribe you know the other venue of course is the international says the interim air command system and why it was right that is possible in this case is could you know where he was convicted for two for a series of human rights abuses to very important and emblematic cases nobody else
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out those massacre one thousand nine hundred one and the enforced disappearance of nine students and a professor from the land to the university in one thousand nine hundred two well of those he says received sentences from to ensure american court which found a proven state responsible in order to prove that's a good process prosecute and punish those responsible and that gives the court the right to supervise the fulfillment of the terms of the sentence. officials in serbia have uncovered twenty five tons of highly toxic waste after a search of a private property southwest of the capital belgrade the chemicals in the mixtures include been seen a cancer causing compound that is highly regulated across the developed world residents have been warned not to use water from nearby while the owner of the property has been arrested recently i think that within two weeks we will have all the analysis there are some indications but we don't want to talk about indications
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what is important is that we ask citizens from this part of the brand of it's not to use wells for drinking water until we get the analysis. and is lower house of parliament has approved a bill which would make it illegal for a muslim an instant divorce to leave their wives the so-called triple taluk is a muslim practice in which a man ends a marriage by saying you were divorced three times under the legislation men who tried to use and divorce could be imprisoned for up to three years and the prime minister narendra modi has been a vocal advocate of the bill which will have to be approved by the upper house of parliament before it becomes law south korea has confirmed it sees it inspected a hong kong register chip which it suspected of supplying oil to north korea last month south korea's foreign ministry says it's an example of an illegal networks to get around un sanctions blocking oil imports u.s. president donald trump has accused china of violating un sanctions and failing to stop oil surprise to john yang mcbride has more from beijing. china will not be
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happy with this latest criticism from president trump coming in such a public stinging manner but it's true to say that china has become used to dealing with the united states in a different way over the past year and has been accustomed to president trump's tweets at the ministry of foreign affairs regular press briefing friday in beijing there was no specific reference or reply to this latest attack but the spokes person was asked about the allegations concerning this hong kong registered vessel seized in south korea for allegedly dealing in illicit oil with north korea the ministry said that it has been investigated to the chinese customs have no record of this vessel visiting a chinese port since august although it has no records of it whether it visited other ports as far as it knows the chinese government does not know of any illicit
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activity that this vessel has been involved in repeating that the chinese government is still very much committed to enforcing the u.n. sanctions whether china has known about any trades that might be taking place it's difficult to believe that any illegal activity or transfer of oil at sea could take place without china's knowledge and it would fit with the general narrative of china quietly supporting the north korean regime not necessarily out of any loyalty to an old ally but really as a pragmatic measure to shore up the regime as far as china is concerned it a comparable bully live with a nuclear armed north korea not an ideal situation but for china the unacceptable situation is a collapsing regime that still has access to nuclear warheads that for china is the worst case scenario a viral video in south korea has prompted a national debate about the treatment of women in the workplace. it's also
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highlighting harassment after work gatherings at a time when many people were celebrating the end of the year with their colleagues from seoul kathy novak reports. their treatment when these women became nurses this was not part of the job description video of them dancing at a hospital talent show was posted on social media prompting a national conversation about something not often openly discussed in south korea the treatment of women in the workplace these nurses didn't want their identities revealed fearing repercussions at work for the talent show we were forced to dance we had to wear indecent clothes and perform sexy dances on stage and we were embarrassed. she says hospital officials sat in the front row judging the performances and that refusing to participate wasn't an option unless she could find a colleague to take her place. in south korea because of the confusion tradition of
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respecting it's difficult to say no to superiors this type of power abuse has become normal. lawyer leonis says sexual harassment is a problem for south koreans of all professions especially when junior employees are expected to drink with their bosses after hours. a year and a common occasion for sexual harassment people expect women to pour drinks for men or for young and pretty women to sit next to older male bosses. drunk male bosses and hold our hands during these company occasions but we can't say anything because they're our bosses in the most recent government survey the majority of those who say they experienced sexual harassment took no action among the reasons given were that they thought it would make no difference and that they would be disadvantaged at work. the government announced plans to impose harsher penalties for sexual
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harassment in november after a young employee at the country's biggest furniture company hun sen's accused colleagues of raping and sexually assaulting her the employment and labor ministry found the company failed to investigate the claims and fined one some about five thousand dollars. as for the talent show a hospital spokesperson said it is planning to reform the dress code and is considering getting rid of it completely kathy novak al jazeera sole. from the titanic's last call announcing to america's entry into world war one the telegram has been at the heart of history but i want to enervate if messaging system is gradually disappearing around the world now belgium has ended its telegram service parker reports. for one hundred eighty years is the iconic telegram brought news of calamity and condolence joy and success. it entered popular culture surviving the invention of the telephone and instant messaging but the end is nigh
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it was ironically via twitter the belgian telecoms firm proxima announced the demise of its service one of the last in the world the system was kept alive by only a handful of businesses mostly bailiff's issuing hard copies of legal documents tucked away in london science museum as some of the earliest examples of the technology the first system was developed in england in eight hundred thirty seven and would go on to change the world. by nineteen hundred. cables that connected all the different continents of the world and they with it was the first step to globalization radio t.v. telephone that our world is basically built on the telegraph it's hard to imagine but once these cumbersome machines were cutting edge technology we were the same way that computers were much later on they used the latest science of the day
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electromagnetism to point needles that letters in the alphabet to eventually spell out a word it was all down to how skilled the telegraph operator was using these handles . the technology created a certain style of writing a bit like modern text messages the word stop was used to indicate the end of a sentence senders also a pay by the word leading to some resourceful ways of communicating the shortest telegram of the english language was sent by the writer and celebrated wit oscar wilde he was living in paris and sent a message to his publisher to see how his new book was doing the message simply read. publisher responded. later morse code was used to send telegraphic messages on april the fifteenth nine hundred twelve the ill fated titanic sent one of its last distress calls.
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the u.k. abandoned the telegram in one thousand nine hundred to the us in two thousand and six and the biggest market in india four years ago but the technology isn't quite dead yet you can still send telegrams in places like italy also a host of online companies and apps of emerged in recent years offering people an experience of a bygone age. neve barca al-jazeera london. still. pick out the headlines right now on al jazeera israeli security forces have opened fire at protests in gaza and the occupied west bank and during at least fifty people they were protesting against u.s. recognition as the capital of israel four of the injured are in serious condition.
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and thousands of people in the pakistani city of rawalpindi have also rallied against the u.s. decision it's the largest protest in pakistan's. announcement earlier this month. funerals have been held for those killed in a church attack in cairo at least nine people died many more were wounded when a gunman opened fire on worshipers and police eisel has claimed responsibility and iran hundreds of anti-government protesters have taken to the streets for a second day shoes water cannons and tear gas to disperse demonstrators in the western city. they also report reports of other protests in other cities including the capital tehran demonstrators are angry about the government's economic policies and are also demanding the release of political prisoners. spain's prime minister has dismissed the idea that cattle on president carlos could rule from abroad. made the comment speech the spanish government fired pushed him on after he declared
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independence on october following a referendum he's currently in self-imposed exile in brussels to avoid arrest over charges subsidization and rebellion. it but then there should be it is absurd to try to want to become president of an economist region while living abroad it is even more absurd to try to perform one's duties as president of an a ton of this region when you are abroad i really think that it's completely senseless it's not even a judicial political issue it's just common sense i hope that we can quickly count on a government in catalonia that is able to engage in dialogue and reach an understanding with not just with. protesters. outside the hospital. they're angry over the controversial decision to pardon. who has served nearly half of the twenty. and human rights cases.
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these are the. counting the cost. look at the flight global aviation in two thousand and eight. here in the middle east. also about. counting the cost of this time. falling in love with the. young people who follow their heart and reject their parents' choice of partners maybe. even murder. but a group of middle aged men calling themselves the loved.


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