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fields and fear sweet borders are wide open wide open to drugs terrorists we've proven the barriers are built to impose division it's not the sixties instead of being an obstacle to tell the east it became another obstacle to peace in a four part series al-jazeera revisits the reasons for divisions in different parts of the world and the impact they have on both sides was of shame at this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. logs the whole romany watching the al-jazeera news our live more headquarters here in doha are coming up in the next sixty minutes syrian rebels and their families a bus start of a besieged town under a surrender deal with the government. i protests
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around iran hundreds of people demonstrate against driving prices also the appearance by the palestinian ambassador at a rally in pakistan and india we ask why. and celebrations as the residents of a town caught up in libya's revolution a finally allowed to return home. welcome to the news our syrian rebels and their families have begun arriving in the dire regions south of damascus after making a deal with the government a convoy of buses carrying about four hundred fighters and their families was allowed to leave the rebel enclave of bad gin and travel to deraa and it lib the rebels lost to the syrian government and its allies after heavy fighting earlier this month say the thought has more from beirut. it is the last rebel pocket in
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the southwestern countryside of damascus it is a military gain for the syrian government and its allies they launched a massive military campaign two months ago the rebels were trapped in a small area they had no other choice really but to surrender we've seen this happen before intense bombardment and then program and forces impose a siege so the rebels have no choice but to surrender or die really but this is a portent of this is not just a military gain for the government it is again for iran and iran expanding its influence in a corner of syria very strategic corner of syria it lies between the syrian israeli and lebanese borders which means iran's allies on the ground are moving closer to israel and israel really has been voicing a lot of concern about this as of late talking both to the russians as well as the americans telling them that they will not accept it random moving closer to their
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borders in fact a few weeks ago they stepped up airstrikes in syria they weren't just targeting what they believed were arms convoys destined to the iranian allied hezbollah movement but what we understand one of those strikes targeted close to an iranian military base a base that was being set up by iran so it was a warning message from israel so not just another military game for the government again for iran and possibly it could be a source of tension in the near future. families and western so we're all beginning to arrive home during years of displacement and a temporary cease fire has provided some relief from the point but there seems to be no diplomatic solution despite several rounds of talks some of been treated as more. the common cause to win in northwest syria is deceptive. the scenic villages but missed fierce fighting and now its destroyed homes are unable to provide relief during the harsh winter. were some says he couldn't handle the
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conditions in the camps for the displaced and has decided to return despite the risks he's now content with the limited supplies he can get in his own village but not of a sane john out there we've come back after four years in displacement camps home sweet home nothing on earth compares to our lovely village we came back restored our house which was in ruins we also started to grow some wheat barley and more almost every syrian seems to have lost something i was also shares that lost as many of his friends and neighbors are gone. but his family is thankful for what they have and what they salvaged the northwestern part of hama province is close to the costly stronghold of the assad government rebel fighters were pushed out after months of fighting but a calm has prevailed since the attacks declined as part of a deescalation deal the bitter cold keeps most people indoors local see around six hundred families have returned took a stone and it isn't easy to resume their lives. that there's no
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electricity the village lacks basic services like sewage and even schools most of the residents found their homes in ruin but they were turned to bring life back to normal. elsewhere in hama province aerial and ground attacks have continued the government and its allies deny the rebels accusations of violating the deescalation deal. this is the moment fighters say they shot down a military aircraft in hama activists say assad's forces have continued their push on the border between hama and live provinces. rebel groups have rejected the talks and saatchi proposed by russia after the geneva process field to achieve a pub to peace and as temperatures drop further in the seventh winter of serious conflict the hopes of finding a solution simon job are there. now there's growing anger and frustration in iran are rising prices on the government's economic policies hundreds of people
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joining protests in several cities on friday police use water cannon and tear gas to disperse crowds have been shot and broke at demonstrations and rushed fifty two people were reportedly arrested the previous day at a rally in iran's second largest city of my shan't. all economic indications in the country are good yes there is an increase in the prices of some products and the government is working on fixing the causes of the high prices some of the events that have taken place in recent days are said to have been because of the economy but there are other reasons the people behind what is taking place think they will be able to harm the government but when social movements and protests start in the street those who have ignited them are not always able to control them. well meanwhile on saturday a large pro-government rallies got under way state television showed crowds in the capital tehran holding banners in support of supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei the rallies marked the anniversary of the end of the unrest that shook the country
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in two thousand and nine following a disputed election. many of the protesters are angry at rising food and fuel prices as well as cuts to welfare benefits they say that they're being unfairly targeted in recent budgets while religious institutions seem to have been untouched and authorize lending practices of also cause the collapse of some financial institutions while president hassan rouhani has vowed to clean up the banking sector and kick start the economy many complain the progress really is too slow iranian government leaders have long blamed u.s. sanctions for the sluggish economy while many are lifted out of the nuclear deal with world powers two years ago some unilateral american sanctions still remain and he said basically the tbilisi is a research fellow at our e.s.i. an independent think tank where she's focuses on iran's domestic and foreign affairs joins me now from perugia via skype good to have you with us on the program in your opinion why are these people demonstrating what are the issues for them.
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well the main reason seems to be the things carney does not he knew in terms of the grievances we know now back in april and mark to wonder was a complete enough for actions people were already talking about the economy being that meaning. jerry's been rainy and situation at the time but also in terms of a while wordy expectations from their own. following him particularly implementation of the nuclear deal saw and this is just a follow up to some of the expectation and agreements he said that the population already raised in the past is just more broad and more but also we have to stress that. these are different and seem to be different from we see globally problems of poverty. grievances against the government on a daily basis there are people demonstrating in greece in algeria about the cost of
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living what makes these demonstrations in iran you might say unique if that's the right word to use. well i don't think it's anything unique for the time being we are not talking about a social movement for a time being it's nothing like the two thousand movement for it i mean we are seeing something. organic and different from city to see if there is no structure demands from the protest as i say that there are differences from city to city and her and started slogans are different problem and that one is about masha and so on and supports us so we still have to see whether he's become something more organic more structure if we see some cohesion between goes into different c.d.'s and i think today is the key. in terms of what will become of is practiced for i mean i think the government seems to be concerned because they want to address the issues being raised. different levels by the various different people in different cities
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whether it's price rises or why iran's foreign policy and funds are being used to beyond their borders rather than being spent within the borders of the country the the government to tehran has to address these very disparate issues. yes it's a key challenge for the government and we knew that the main task of the spectrum undertakes development and focus on our degree of the economy addressing the economic premium so we knew already that you know was going to be a tall order and what that means for sure we are talking about unemployment rates which are very very very high we are talking about you know difficult to translate if you feel a bit no clarity a lot into concrete. benefit to for a typical asian and this is something that the i'm michelle has been already having trouble with the first part promise to focus more in the supplement not data so we
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know that almost one year after. the second mandate has started this was going to be and we know that because of the. international situation and international pressure particularly that from her maybe some of the issue. leading to the economy are likely to continue to be a key a problem for damaged racial represent with regard to foreign direct investment and the faction that you mentioned did well we will continue to sadly monitor what goes on across iran for the moment but siri to receive thanks so much for joining us appreciate. one of least fifty palestinians shot by the israeli soldier during protests singles on friday has died of his injuries thousands in gaza and the occupied west bank demonstrated for a fourth successive week at u.s. president donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital when
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the palestinian ambassador to pakistan has appeared at a rally called by the main suspect in the two thousand and eight mumbai attacks leading to an angry reaction from india thousands of people gathered in roll on friday over the u.s. decision on jerusalem it was organized by a conservative alliance linked to half a state who's been designated a global terrorist by the us and the un you daily says it will take up the ambassador's appearance with palestinian authorities india was among the one hundred twenty eight countries that voted in favor of the un resolution rejecting jerusalem as israel's capital how people jacob is an associate professor of diplomacy and disarmament studies at the university in new delhi joins me from the capital via skype good have you with us live on al-jazeera so why is india so upset at seeing the palestinian representative side by side with half a sayed. i think india as a reaction to the episode in pakistan is completely understandable given the fact
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that board in the abbey of abbott states have the happiest as a global and in diplomacy and politics it is very potent who you are seen with whose invitations you'll accept and who you get photographed or which the very fact that. a student about the choice to go to erratically and he knew beforehand who he was going to be with this was no secret and he went there and photographed with. it better just read it on. i think it's not going down where he went with you there live what we understand they were isms in my opinion in what motivates that india to support the palestinian cause when they're also very strong allies of israeli what does india get out of the support. i think india's support for the palestinian cause is a deeply political and ideological and historical what india has or always supported the palestinian cause from the time all of what
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a lot of very very long time and secondly you know all sort of one looks at the heart but as jeannie an issue to the far the arab world and with the i would india has a very very strong political historic and fed by the india's trade with the other world is a good person but would start a trade with the state it is just one person saw at the end of the day. there is a political compass of vision there is a given x. of acceptance within india of whatever it was relationship with the palestinian authorities and what i was doing in state and in mahmoud abbas the president was actually in new delhi earlier this year is his fifth visit as president his third state visit india calls him the most respect yet palestine continues to vote with pakistan on issues regarding the disputed territory of kashmir can you see ever a time in the future when india might have to reconsider the position on palestine
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in relation to the way that muslim countries do vote against india on the issue of kashmir. this is an issue that has a serious attention in new delhi among it because. the fact that we have it with the other countries and the world and yet that used to war against india in the oil is the on the question of kashmir but i don't think this is going to really change and guess what what lawyers it does in public is something that many of them go by quote in private so i think india had not given up on it but importance to this kind of thing against india at the u.i.c. so i don't think this is going to be leading to a policy to get a diary and future will be very interesting as we know that the israeli prime minister is arriving in delhi very soon we'll keep an eye on that until then had been jacob there in new delhi thanks for joining us. plenty more ahead here on the
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al-jazeera news hour including a taxing issue for china the removal of steel export duties threatened further trade disputes with both the united states and the e.u. . this viral video in south korea has prompted a national debate about women in the workplace. and england's victory hopes turned to ashes those details coming up with joe in sport. that egypt's former president mohamed morsy has been sentenced to three years in prison on charges of insulting the judiciary for a speech he made while in office morsi has been tried in several cases after he was deposed following mass protests in a military coup in twenty thirteen he's already serving a twenty year sentence in another case on charges of inciting attacks on protesters in twenty twelve other top appeals court in september upheld a separate twenty five year term on charges of harming national security by leaking
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state documents to cattle. now i saw has claimed responsibility for an attack on a coptic church and a christian owned shop in egypt at least nine people were killed and five others wounded in the shooting just south of the capital cairo the suspect gunman was injured before being arrested by police u.s. president trump offered his condolences saying he stands united with egypt against terrorism charlotte dallas has more. a pro gratian of coffins inside the virgin mary church on the outskirts of cairo the family members of eight different victims brought together by gunmen killing in the name of. this is the suspected attacker it's believed he's wearing a suicide vest first he shot of the christian or and shot before moving to cairo's coptic mom in a church he opened fire on civilians and police officers outside who witnesses
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people inside closed the doors when they heard the shots. thank god they locked the door there were hundreds inside if getting closer during the time it could have been worse than the attack and the road to mask in china relatives piece together what had happened is they made it outside the hospital. and. one woman was killed when she tried to help the attacker thinking he had fallen or they say he saw her across dangling from her neck and shot at the one who she was asking him in the name of christ this something happened to you she was worried about him she gives him love and tenderness and peace in this world they made peace with gunfire police gunfire. as the ambulances left the funeral with their loved ones and size they were accompanied by armored vehicles and a sign of increased security for christians here it's the latest in
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a number of attacks on the christian minority in egypt which represents about ten percent of the population the problem is that there's no clear counterterrorism and counterinsurgency policies so for dealing with this threat and for a while egypt has been discontinuing the same blunders and same mistakes egypt has been under a state of emergency since i pro when suicide bombing struck two coptic church is killing at least forty five people on palm sunday i saw also. responsibility for that attack the government deployed more security forces outside churches this month in anticipation of attacks over christmas. and new year's on joining our christmas every holiday every holiday they send us these gifts or god you are vengeful. egypt's christians have long accused the authorities of not doing enough to protect them the us which is a. spain's prime minister has dismissed the idea that ousted catalan president.
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could govern from abroad but made the comment in his end of year speech a week up to catalonia separatist parties won a majority in a divisive snap election. his comedy is solid post exile in brussels after he declared catalan independence in october. but then there said it is absurd to try to want to become president of an economist region while living abroad it is even more absurd to try to perform one's duties as president of an autonomy region when you are abroad i really think that it's completely senseless it's not even a judicial or political issue it's just common sense i hope that we can quickly count on a government in catalonia that is able to engage in dialogue and reach an understanding with all cattle and not just what happened in the doctors say former peruvian president alberto fujimori will need medical attention indefinitely protesters remain camped outside the hospital where he's being treated. there
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demonstrating against the decision to pardon fujimori who was serving a twenty five year sentence for corruption and human rights crimes current president pedro public option ski issue the past sunday just days after his survived a bid to impeach him for alleged corruption. but is a human rights activist and professor at george mason university she says fujimori's pardon can still be challenged. it is not the end of the story. yet and there are several different venues by which human rights activists are going to challenge the pardon one is in the domestic courts in peru and there are precedents a few years ago an associate of fiji mori actually a businessman the head of a large conglomerate media organization who was targeted and he had been convicted of corruption and he'd been pardoned based on humanitarian grounds and a few weeks later he was caught on camera in
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a country club looking quite healthy and the constitutional tribunal overturned his pardon. and so there is a precedent for that kind of thing in a pardon is found to be fraudulent li granted then it can be overturned by peru's constitutional tribe you know and the other venue of course is the international says the interim erica and system and why and why that is possible in this case is to do you know where he was convicted for two for a series of human rights abuses to very important and emblematic cases the vireo samples massacre of one thousand nine hundred one and the enforced disappearance of nine students and a professor from the land to the university in one thousand nine hundred two fold of those his this received sentences from the interim american court which found approval in state responsible in order to prove to him best to get a process prosecute and punish those responsible and that gives the court the right
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to supervise the fulfillment of the terms of the sentence. china is to remove taxes on its steel exports in a move expected to raise trade tensions with the u.s. and europe china is the world's top steel producer in twenty sixteen it exported more than one hundred million tonnes twice as much as its livest rival japan the global steel centuries valley that estimated nine hundred billion dollars with china exporting to more than two hundred twenty countries and territories the u.s. is worried that china's exports will undercut its own domestic production rob wright has more from beijing. until it was closed this was the biggest steel plant in beijing production got moved from here to a province outside the city as a way of reducing air pollution but it's the specter of idle mills like this that haunts all of the world's steel producers and china is the biggest given the oversupply of steel in the world right now china often gets accused of breaking the normal rules of trade by dumping that is selling its steel to the world for less
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than the cost of making it simply to keep its mills turning and the changes in the export taxes will lead to suspicions in the u.s. and europe about china's trade practices from january the first to china will be reducing export taxes on some of its steel products making them cheaper and it will be cutting them all together on things like steel wire and rods at the same time it will also be reducing export taxes on fertilizers as a way of giving that industry a boost for its part china denies the accusation of dumping pointing to the fact that in the past year it has reduced its steel exports by a third nevertheless there will always be the suspicion that china will always put the interests of its steel plants way above any international criticism meaning that the kind of trade tensions we've seen in the past year will definitely continue into twenty eighteen and the end of the year is
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a traditional time to have a party especially for workers to socialize with colleagues and for a change that's also a little bit south korea but a video of nurses dancing at a hospital talent show has sparked debate about the abuse of women by their bosses from the capital seoul kathy novak ripples. when these women became nurses this was not part of the job description video of them dancing at a hospital talent show was posted on social media prompting and national conversation about something not often. discussed in south korea the treatment of women in the workplace these nurses didn't want their identities revealed fearing repercussions at work for the talent show we were forced to dance we had to wear indecent clothes and perform sexy dances on stage and we were embarrassed. she says hospital officials sat in the front row judging the performances and that refusing
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to participate wasn't an option unless she could find a colleague to take her place. in south korea because of the confusion tradition of respecting it's difficult to say no to superiors this type of power abuse has become normal lawyer leonis says sexual harassment is a problem for south koreans of all professions especially when junior employees are expected to drink with their bosses after hours to know that a year and a party is a common occasion for sexual harassment people expect women to pour drinks for men or for young and pretty women to sit next to older male bosses. drunk male bosses hug us and hold our hands during these company occasions but we can't say anything because they're our bosses in the most recent government survey the majority of those who say they experienced sexual harassment took no action among the reasons given were that they thought it would make no difference and that they would be
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disadvantaged at work. the government announced plans to impose harsher penalties for sexual harassment in november after a young employee at the country's biggest furniture company hun sen's accused colleagues of raping and sexually assaulting her the employment and labor ministry found the company failed to investigate the claims and fined one some about five thousand dollars. as for the talent show a hospital spokesperson said it is planning to reform the dress code and is considering getting rid of it completely kathy novak al jazeera sole well in a few members we'll have the weather with staff but still ahead here on al-jazeera we're on the bowl with the french president of france and take a closer look at the accomplishments so far of about blowback. the hour we take a look at what could be in store for zimbabwe twenty eighteen after a year of extraordinary political change. plus the world
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cup host qatar continue their defense of the gulf cup title joe we'll have that news in sport. from a fresh coastal breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback. it's been very very wintery across parts of europe recently but it's only now beginning to change is made in the west where we've had most of the snow this is what it's been like over parts of the u.k. you can see the heavy snow that's falling there causing a few problems if you try to get out and about and there's also been extra snow for some of us across in zurich lots of heavy snow there and around two hundred kilometers to the east also we've got just like this reports of germany these posts giving us rather strange formations in the snow there so lots of snow on the ground at the moment no one is doubting that but things are definitely now turning modern
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it's all part of this area of cloud here is working its way eastwards behind it it's tracking in some far model of the air so for london and paris today we're getting to around twelve or thirteen so already in double figures any snow on the ground of course will be melting and in that mold weather will be stretching its way towards the east as well so it looks like ballin and vienna with getting to around twelve so and the snow here will be melting in the next day or so with well so here's that system if it works its way eastwards is not to just bring us amal the weather is also bringing us some rain on its leading edge along a very to gauge we might see some snow but that will quickly turn to rain as a milder air pushes in so a bit slushy in western europe. the weather sponsored by qatar race. in the wake of the race right now how much can someone take before they come to find recognition is crucial we need. to prove how brothers and it's those
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little things where people think it was a religion and the things it was a bit like me almost to be disrespected al-jazeera explores the history and struggles of the lebanese community in australia once upon a time. at this time on al-jazeera when the news breaks it was an announcement you were expecting to hear by announcing my resignation as prime minister from the lebanese government. and the story builds i can't stop thinking about the bullies my life when people need to behead a mass exodus hundreds of thousands of the injured have fled ethnic cleansing in me maher for bangladesh al jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news on air and online.
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your challenges there arms a whole rahman a reminder of our top story syrian rebels and their families have begun arriving in the dara region south of damascus after making a deal with the government a convoy of buses carrying about four hundred fighters and their families was allowed to leave the rebel bet and to travel to delta and it was. the palestinian ambassador to pakistan has appeared at a rally called by the main suspect in the two thousand and eight by attacks leading to an angry reaction from india after state was among the thousands protesting against the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital new delhi says it will take up the ambassador's appearance with the palestinian authority. there are also calls for more protests in iran a bit growing anger and frustration with the government's economic policies the
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rallies have spread to a number of cities in recent days. but french president has been in office for seven months and at the start some labeled him too arrogant but opinion polls now suggest his popularity has risen and the man sometimes called a hyper president is making his mark on the world stage on issues ranging from climate change to middle east disputes but has more from paris. keeping up with the manual isn't easy the energetic young president has thrown him self into a frenzy of activity at home and abroad since being elected in may for this newspaper cartoonist sketching such a dynamic leader is proving quite a challenge. what is amazing is that we never used to draw him two years ago people talked about the manner of michael as a young prodigy close to president hold on but he was never a q. minister we never drew him now is to president as he made it was really during the election campaign that we started sketching him
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a lot because as he was everywhere he went on i've. built a reputation in france as a straight talker and a man of action it's why many in france called him a hypo president a phrase which was used to describe former president nicolas sarkozy's hands on style. my only thought hundred macross taken a lead on climate change and reforming the european union he's pushed through a raft of domestic reforms including plans to help the deprived suburbs of. message did you bring the need to do is leave the support to c g. i convey a very clear message of hope but not a naval one of the same commitment of the whole nation in man or mark or has also been very active internationally he's taken a keen interest in crises such as lebanon syria and jerusalem he wants france to play a greater role what do you see some of his very quick to size up opportunities and
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when he sees opportunities he takes them we saw that with the election last year and we're seeing that now with him as president and what you said is now is there's an opportunity internationally to take on a bigger role at the start of his term across popularity was low some in france said he was too arrogant but that's changed now higher in the opinion polls than any previous leader in a methodist year pleasure of course he's doing very well his refresh to french politics he's pragmatic intelligent not an idealogue he's what france needs right now these are people who want to change my core fulfills a need for change we cannot turn now if you succeed it's early but for the time being he delivers what he promised but not everyone is convinced some say he needs to delegate more to his ministers because you don't go forward with that he's an omnipresent president he wants to be in charge of everything all the time but that's very dangerous he's up in the polls now i'm sure but when things go wrong he'll be the one directly in the firing line and the one who will have to take the
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blame the french won't always support him. mackerel says france was stagnating and he wants to restore its glory as his political party has nearly wiped out the opposition it seems that for now there is very little standing in the way of his ambitions it's actually butler al-jazeera paris. to look at how the president has been promoting fronts internationally while michael has visited several african countries including the key the first to garner and the ivory coast saying that he wants to build relations based on equality and not former colonial ties he's concerned about security in the region south of the sahara desert and is pushing for more funding for the regional military force chief five but was also being in the middle east making a surprise trip to saudi arabia when the saudis were accused of holding the lebanese prime minister hostage and in early december he visited chatter back in mediation efforts to end the blockade imposed by saudi arabia the united arab emirates bahrain and egypt jack roland is the head of the european research at the
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global policy institute joins me now via skype from some malo in france good to have you with us live on the program for president my craw it's damned if you do and damned if you don't take your job seriously as president how do you view him. but we have like everyone is a kind of a border kid you had a fantastic jerry mentioned what you that it was not given. to for the presidency we you know if it was going to become president had it within a year he has become president as reasserted france his confidence domestically and internationally it's amazing today to see that the consensus that exists around france in france around him everyone thinks is a good leader who has acted as if meant as yet promised he would do is being enacted his program the opposition is in tatters is managed to push through reforms
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which were considered of undoable in france is pretty reform of the labor issue station. that's a result of his method. in a macor the way and to say done yes he wants to liberalize the french economy but at the same dot is aware that he has to protect different social model so a new way de operated during the labor station change as being a very skilled fantastic wear a skirt because you managed to negotiate with people and he's not afraid to speak the truth indeed in a no reporter won't contribute to described him as an opportunist but if need just filling the global void that needs to be filled in terms of leadership and he's involved in the environment after the wood all of the u.s. security issues do concern in specially in sub-saharan africa and he's got a face told position in the u.k.
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when it comes to break that in the future of the e.u. . yes i mean that is is strong point is the only really european leader could need to do european project and beyond the european project to do defense of the maturity that terrorism you know where the fed is and he's got a golden approach unity there because with trump putin and cheating big he doesn't have freight big powers tend to defend the national interest down national interest first one has used europe. he's managed to short of french and the rest of the where the diff future of the european countries is true a stronger european union the only program yet in new york and you know a different way has become the leader is a fact that milk over is not as strong as she was if. we look next year milk or manages to create a government with a speech to say my views as
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a matter of my cold then he could use europe as really one. as a way to promote what you want to die you know and at the moment france praised their votes as our way space as honest broker but as a country by itself it's not enough it needs to to be divorced of europe and then maybe europe then you don't you could have a strong influence and international affairs to be very interesting to see what does happen for the moment shocker a lot of messy i feel time so thank you ok thank you. libya's internationally recognized government is allowing people displaced during the two thousand and eleven revolution to return to their homes they were forced from the town of where ago after fighters were supported that supported former libyan leader moammar gadhafi a report from tripoli. for judea and her can't hide their joy. they will finally return to their home.
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after away for six years some of these children were born here in this camp in tripoli yet they are holding on to their parents' dream those that have already been heard that we are so happy that we will finally go home we just need to settle down and live in peace now we've had enough trouble with sick and tired of the interrogation. but nobody has says she has had a terrible experience the son was accused of fighting for former leader moammar gadhafi in twenty eleven and was later arrested by rebels from the city of misrata girl who doesn't know. we just need our safety to be guaranteed had we need a neutral official brigade to secure our hometown to work we don't want misrata to police to work because it used to be our adversary around four hundred fifty families live in this camp they don't have proper healthcare or sanitation so life
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here is tough. it is even tougher for disabled people like ahmad mubarak he remembers how spacious and comfortable his old house back home was. it has been so difficult for us living here on all levels the place we live in hygiene education and security on many occasions gangs and armed men attacked us and stole or belongings around four thousand told our families have been scattered in camps all over libya since september to an eleven most of them are in benghazi and the capital tripoli for the past six years several attempts have failed to bring the people of back to their home town that's largely because those in misrata have accused them of killing people who supported the uprising against them or get their feet and they have demanded that in order for them to return the government must compensate the families of the victims. during the fall of the deficit rejean
1:42 pm
hundreds of men were captured while fighting against the rebels as a major supporter of gaddafi told her was used as a military base for his forces to attack misratah later around forty thousand people were forced out of as collective punishment since then toward has become a ghost town. of the tripoli based a government of national accord has agreed to provide compensation to victims on both sides food for judea and ben nobody here they say it feels like they will be set free after six years of imprisonment they can't wait to go back home in february until then they are counting down days more to. tripoli. now in the first part of our series looking ahead to twenty eighteen we report from zimbabwe next voters will head to the polls after
1:43 pm
a series of extraordinary events saw the military force long time leader robert mugabe to resign but he hopes the outcome of the election will help improve the economy. standing on the world stage or will toss a has more from harare. after decades of economic stagnation high unemployment and a shortage of cash people hope things will get better in twenty eighteen robert mugabe resigned in november after the military intervened in a similar goggle is the new president until elections are held while they wait for an election date to be announced they are registering to vote many here say they hope no matter who wins it will be a new beginning for zimbabwe go and see a country which is full of opportunities because you know i mean you college right now i'm studying and the reason why i'm studying is because i want to work so if i could complete my studies and then there's no work for me to do then. in the past
1:44 pm
elections have been marred by allegations of vote rigging and violence opposition leaders say the military and war veterans helped to keep robert mugabe in power for thirty seven years the new commander of the defense forces says things will not be different and that the army will respect whatever zimbabweans decide at the polls as we prepare for the elections in twenty eighteen it is our wish that they come and they were doing so for the day take place in an environment of peace and tranquility opposition alliance members say despite morgan tsvangirai health concerns he is their presidential candidate has cancer now that mugabe is gone they say they are confident about mixture we are only. believe that from the next noise enemies are going underground or we are going to the next government this is what they are planning. a credible voter's role could help avoid another disputed election zimbabwe is compiling
1:45 pm
a new voters role in replace the old emanuel register opposition party say is inaccurate and is dead people's names on it if a commission says the plan to register nearly seven million people before elections in twenty eight. as the bobbins prepare for those crucial elections they hope they'll be credible and violence free the international community has said if things go smoothly at the polls they will be eager to invest to help ease the crippling cash crisis that could mean district needed jobs most people waiting in line under the age of forty many are unemployed but they say for the first time in a long while there is hope that maybe twenty eighteen is going to be a good year. for al-jazeera. well still ahead here on al-jazeera. beat the olympic brinker's south korea brings in the foreigners to help them with gold those details coming up with joe it's.
1:46 pm
unbelievable it sounds like an agreement between criminal bosses just like trading in stolen goods that have been taken by the place if anyone ever comes to ask a question then sort of throw their hands up in the air and say i don't know i was just nominee director we're doing a investigation into. ukraine could use a bribes you've been corrupt. corrupt the just the presidency al-jazeera investigations the only go it's coming soon. just for your good i'll start shooting people are not able to show it to themselves and their other countries have managed to solve this problem but you worry that this conflict could erupt into an outright open war that the city journal security sure all the people who pay the price clearly there writeup been prejudiced setting the stage for serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera.
1:47 pm
welcome back artists in haiti are turning rubbish into politically infused a resistance movement that originated in the slums of the capital is adding to a creative twist to every objects treated by reports now from port au prince. in one of the poorest areas of haiti's capital port au prince a place where people live surrounded by trash. and part of a resistance movement against social inequality using art something is not just love to you it is just fighting every time. you go to meet and it's
1:48 pm
just that. many of his cultures are based in what he describes as voodoo because of the special place the religious practice has in haitian history and society. all asian people because you get asian people fighting for get your freedom because the first one to me the message here is that art can be done with anything and with culture for example are done with all the vehicle parts bottles tori's and even some of them with human remains you can see right here this calls for example are from the earthquake back in two thousand and ten. an earthquake that killed more than three hundred thousand people the remains are from a mass grave in port-au prince. showing reality is crucial ojo says he's using old clothes sent to haiti by foreigners in his latest painting with my objective is
1:49 pm
to show haiti to the world you are it is not only about voodoo but it is showing the talent and diversity that exists here and they send us old clothes and we send it back turned into art. this is a considered no go zone in the capital mariel way many foreigners do not want to go . but art has inspired some teenagers who say they would rather use brushes instead of weapons and it's you know i would love to become a good artist when i can paint something and do it perfectly. every year we charge more is bring some of the pieces from the artist to his hotel so tourists can take a closer look at the movement where you live in garbage that's the economy they have created an economy where you and your neighborhood your people your friends your family they live in garbage and you have taken this garbage and you've turned
1:50 pm
it into a beauty you've turned it into art you've turned it into messages. the work done by resistance artists has been displayed in museums around the world. but they say despite their success internationally life continues to be a struggle in the areas where they grew up. i will eat apple to prince haiti. what an inspiration it's time for speed on history so here thank you england's cricketers have again been denied victory by australia in the ashes series as their fourth test in melbourne ended in a draw as the captain steve smith steered his side with a century in a match that had been hit by several rain delays australia have worried he won the trophy back after taking an unassailable three nil lead in the five match series the two sides now head to sydney for their final test where you will be hoping to end their frustrating tour with their first win in australia since two thousand and eleven. defending gulf cup champions cats have been knocked out of this year's
1:51 pm
tournament in the group stage that's despite a draw with bahrain pieces democrat votes. ahead of the qatar bahrain match there was talk of the players not shaking hands before kickoff but in the end there was an exchange of pleasantries before the game the gulf crisis not influencing matters at the tournament on this particular occasion defending champions qatar needed to win in order to go through. all they could do and hope yemen be to iraq the qataris took the lead just before half time thanks to a penalty by haslam. i find the bahrain has hit back twelve minutes into the second period could see of done. by. one one it finished and the defending champion state was now in the hands of the game and. unfortunately for the qatari beginning he's put up little goose distance off the half time against iraq. handed the iraqis the need before and he
1:52 pm
finds a tia double d. advantage with a penalty oh. my god with ten minutes to go become ill wrapped up a resigned big three know when iraq finished. and will play the united arab emirates in the semifinals bahrain will face oman. qatar own it and so will the yemeni and failed to win a game all school or go in kuwait peter stand at al-jazeera. three of the top five in the english premier league are in action on saturday they're all trying to close the gap on runaway leaders manchester city mice united a fifteen points ahead of city in the behind city in fact in the standings and they welcome southampton to old trafford later fourth place liverpool are at home to leicester while holders chelsea host stoke at stamford bridge this is
1:53 pm
a point behind united in the league table a manager antonio conti says they haven't given up hope of retaining the title just yet. well your complete dog is doing this so well they commenced their cd and that is very difficult to to think to faith and to be in the for the title but at the same time we have to try to put all our all our self the neighbor game to try to get to take to give. to our fans to improve our work or now andy murray has made an earlier than anticipated return to the tennis court on friday when he stepped in for the injured novak djokovic shown an exhibition match in abu dhabi like talk of it mari has been out of action for the best part of six months and it was a shaky comeback for a thirty year old who has been suffering from a hip injury since wimbledon he lost a one set shoot out with spanish world number twenty roberta a pretty stag six games to two more is now arrived in australia where his cheetah begin his season at next week's briston international. that's me another comeback
1:54 pm
in abu dhabi on saturday serena williams returns to the courts less than four months since giving birth to her daughter the twenty three time grand slam champion will play this she is french open when i lost to penco in an exhibition match serena hasn't confirmed yet whether she plans to defend her title at the australian open. elsewhere the hot one cup team event is underway in perth and the usa are on track for a seventh title off to be to russia two one wimbledon semifinalist way started things off with a straight sets win thank you a big chunk of us. on the right jack then made it to love care and catch enough for russia salvage some pride with a win in the phosphor doubles match roger federer is currently on court for switzerland as they face japan. they had some rockets of some of their fifth straight loss this time they were beaten by the washington wizards one hundred
1:55 pm
twenty one to one hundred three it's left them sitting sixth in the eastern conference and that's still doing a little bit better though than the pacers who slipped up against the chicago bulls rookie lowry mark an unschooled career high thirty two as the bulls run out one hundred nineteen to one hundred seven winners. the stanley cup defending champions the pittsburgh penguins have now lost six of nine games in the n.h.l. they slipped to seventh in the metropolitan division after a two one loss to the carolina hearkens on friday at the other end of the standings leaders new jersey suffered an overtime defeat to the buffalo sabers restless crystalline and scored with less than two and a half minutes remaining as the sabers rallied from three one down to beat the devils four three. and in the central division it was minnesota who got the better of the national predators mickael granlund scored three goals in a fall to win on a wild night in some polls which even saw the head coach bruce boudreau take
1:56 pm
a pop to the head which left him bruised and bloodied. but with the n.h.l. refusing to send its players to the winter olympics in pyongyang in february it gives this year's tournament some uncertainty with traditional powerhouses like the usa canada and russia likely to field we can teams but that complains the hands of other countries who've lost we've been overlooked on the world stage. like hi south korea who have been beefing up their team with foreigners so the country changed its immigration rules in two thousand and seven to as they put it this competitiveness in sport science and the economy and it means that sixteen foreign athletes will turn out for the host nation the games in february including can a canadian born hockey players broke by diski and mats dalton. and i grew up in. here i'm proud to be free and you know in
1:57 pm
a sense i'm representing you know canada to my family and when i'm going to play pretty serious song you know i'm proud to have lived in both countries and when i'm on the ice you know i'm going to do everything i can for him for. being candidates like. you know also building you know where real was you know and. i mean some people were asking thought i was representing north korea just didn't know the difference. those games and. now some of the world's best alpine skiers have been fine tuning their preparations in the men's competition turn to the world cup combined event in borneo and friday there will be no repeat victory for dominic paris to clinch the downhill a day earlier the italian lost control and his slalom run putting an end to his challenge and said frenchman alexis punter i would be the eventual champion he had been nineteenth off to the downhill but the twenty six year old is an olympic bronze medalist in slalom and that so it is he completed the course in fifty point seven seven seconds it was the twenty first world cup win of his career and he now
1:58 pm
moves to the top of the combined standings. for now have more feel a bit lighter science very much joe you have been watching the al-jazeera news on with me so rob and laura follows with the full half hour to learn from me around the world of the team thanks for your time i took a. hard
1:59 pm
. the street is quiet the signal is given. out so it's safe to walk to school last year though more than thirty metres in this community in one month the police say this area is a red cell one of several in some townships and kept children sometimes get caught in the crossfire when rival gangs fight so parents and grandparents have stacia what they call a walking bust to try to take them from gang violence i lost my. way let go i also lost my there are more than one hundred fifty volunteers working for several walking busses teachers say it is working class attendance has improved the volunteers also act as security guards. and underground fire has been burning for
2:00 pm
over a century beneath india's largest cofield. now open cost mining has brought the flames to the surface would devastating consequences for the local population. as communities are destroyed and thousand suffer from toxic fumes what lies behind this human and environmental disaster people in power the burning city at this time on al-jazeera. syrian rebels on the families of lost of of the siege under a surrender deal with the government.


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