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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 31, 2017 5:00pm-5:33pm +03

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dead in injured in syria. besides shelling in the air strikes have also continued in the countryside of western syria these families have been forced to leave their homes because of the ongoing push by syrian government forces to regain control of more areas bordering hama and promises. by god look at the kids when the planes hit near the children my god how they scream the biggest push for us was our kids they don't know anything but the sound of airplanes and shelling a life of exhaustion and terror. rebels are trying to stop the steadily advancing syrian army and they're forming a united front called the national army it's made up of thirty seven factions from
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aleppo there are homs and hama but it's not the first time that a similar group has been announced and questions remain about how scattered militias will be brought under a united chain of command and how will they be funded. the government and the national army put servants and guards for the country and our families on all syrian land we call on you to be united and to agree on the national project to support your sense here who have announced an open war on the enemies calenders show a new year but the change of dates doesn't mean much for syrians who've lived through almost seven years of suffering some of. their. visors the opposition a syrian interim government which announced the new alliance he says a stable strong alliance might be able to bring stability in the region. it will do i think good for. both sides first they'll be professional army national army during king and officers are trained if they think the other side i think it will
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help achieve more obese more durable beasts because so far the russians are working on one side not take into consideration the revolutions and this is one way to prove that we are with they have to also hear our demand to have better syria pratik syria more dictatorship in syria. so far until now the government and government have. lately we had good took control of the crossing to syria which is one salama gerard was on the raw and allow us to income and reckon support this army so this army came real idea is going to hold up and build a really good because we start to have some income at least seventeen people have been killed in a blast in the afghan city of jalalabad explains as reg to a motorcycle decimated join the funeral of a former district chief taliban's tonight involvement in the attack gunmen have
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stormed an army training camp an indian mess of kashmir killing four soldiers they still fighters have also been killed play said the attackers stricken eyes and fired automatic rifles in the town of povera injury cases pakistan a training and arming fighters in a disputed region of pakistan denies the allegations security forces in the democratic republic of congo have shot at people trying anti-government demonstrations catholic activists in kinshasa call for protests after sunday mass against president joseph kabila he's accused of seeking to change the constitution to stand for a third term orders have been given to cut internet and phone messaging links. the greek government is trying to overturn a quarter session to grant asylum to a turkish soldier who fled last year's failed coup in turkey is one of eight soldiers who flew to greece in a military helicopter the others had their applications for asylum rejected but have lodged appeals he has repeatedly called for the soldier's extradition.
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challenge the security analysts and economists for our military he says if the soldiers get extradited to turkey they will get a fair trial this issue has become has turned into a sort of big deep crisis between turkey and greece at the moment we are talking about experience you know. and they are claiming that in their. request they are claiming that they did not take part in our q party in july fifteenth military uprising. but the if you read the. month to the prosecutor's indignance you will see that there are some serious grim claims about daws officers you know as you may remember there are around one hundred civilians lost their lives turned around four hundred. and do you see a green night of july fifteenth two thousand and sixteen and i would suggest that
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consider it is currently a legal landscape in turkey and pol tical landscape in turkey after director addition they will be faced with a. transparent two legged processors at the moment. so i have her on al-jazeera the struggle for nomads in the peace deal signed nine years ago hasn't helped them class. america on the front doesn't own borders were tons of rubbish me from but they are not only causing a direct impact on eco system but canton between both countries. hello there it's all very quiet weather wise across the southeast in parts of china at the moment the temperatures were not take too badly shanghai there at twelve
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degrees and force in hong kong around twenty one c. the winds there feeding up a fair amount of moisture say for some of us here will see the clouds begin to build and then that will gradually push its way towards the northeast as we head through chews day no it's a great deal of rain all not if we head towards the west we can see where there's far more in the way of wet weather you can see this area of cloud here in the bay of bengal that still developing and is gradually running its way towards the northeast and as it does say it is giving us some very intense outbreaks of rain so we're seeing some wet weather mostly over parts of me in ma and it's choose day when we're expecting some very heavy rains that me i'm on it could well give us a problem with flooding towards the west and generally a lot quieter for many of us here should be drawing for most of us in sri lanka and across india and into pakistan of course to some of us in the northern parts of india now we are seeing a problem with the pollution and with fog as well and there's been a fair amount of folk here in doha over the past few days as well there's still the risk of seeing
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a little bit of fog as we head through the day on monday particularly monday morning of course but on tuesday the winds will be picking up and that will scare any of the fall away. news has never been more available it's a constant barrage with every day but the message is simplistic you have the brain good logical rational person is crazy and misinformation is right dismissal and does not hold well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narratives of this time on al-jazeera.
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and there again you're watching out there as a reminder of our top stories this hour as welcome to the new year a fireworks display in sydney harbor one point six million people crowded around the harbor to watch eight tons of fireworks produce around one hundred thousand individual pyrotechnic. iran's interior minister has warned antigovernment protesters they will pay a price in days of unrest continue the government has now blocked access to social media apps telegram and instagram it follows the deaths of two protesters in the city of on saturday night. and more than thirty rebel groups based in northern syria are joining forces under the single banner of the syrian national army a new unified opposition includes all factions of the rebel free syrian army which is supported by turkey. and the fourth part of our series looking ahead to two
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thousand and eighteen we examine the future of syria two thousand and seventeen was a good year for president assad with his forces recapturing large swathes of territory from eisel the opposition but while the conflict appears to be winding down in some areas the prospect of genuine peace still seems far away and a harder report from beirut. syrians in search of safety there may be less violence because of russian brokered local cease fires but there are still active front lines in some areas of the country over the past year the opposition lost a sizeable territory and the syrian government with the backing of russia and iran have also recaptured areas from i so the government is stronger than it has been since the conflict began nearly seven years ago but the war is not hearing its end . the war is far from. that is for sure and what we're seeing is perhaps winding down a bit of the conflict in some parts. there is
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a likelihood also an escalation or flare up and further conflict and other parts of the country almost a quarter of the country in the north east for example is outside the state's control the mainly kurdish region wants a federal system for syria the government wants said it would be ready to discuss this but now it calls the kurds traitors for working with a foreign country and the u.s. decision to maintain a troop presence in the enclave has alarmed russia which says there is no legitimate reason for them to stay. the war is not over but the focus is already on dividing the spoils russia's president vladimir putin wants to play a lead role in brokering a political settlement the kremlin has created an alternative for negotiations the russian led talks have overshadowed. the process. and now plans to host the syrian peace conference in sochi russia's leader says he has the support of iran and turkey countries that are deeply involved in the conflict he
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also says syria's president bashar assad is backing the peace initiative that may weaken his powers but leave him in office for at least a few years with a reformed constitution and who. we will likely see is a syria not divided but the void in terms of spheres of influence it will be like a multinational company would countries holding shares and of course russia having the biggest. political settlement is still a long way off for opponents of the government what is being discussed doesn't the bow to peace but priorities have changed in two thousand and seventeen calls for us had to be removed from power we're no longer heard western leaders now seem to be more concerned with working with russia to counter growing influence. in kenya ahead on a cross between a bus and a truck has killed at least thirty people passengers who were trapped in the wreckage a critically injured in hospital government spokesman in the rift valley region
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says the bus was on the wrong side of the road. investigators are at the scene of the incident. a life is tough for many living on the edge of the horrid desert and it's not getting any better despite the signing of a peace agreement almost ten years ago a magic. wall then drought and a lack of education is a major obstacle to building a new life mom had reports. thank you it's a harsh winter in north and he said and for many twenty he had the stink of cold weather is compounded by poverty. after years of drought and warning that region and his former masters of the sahara have been reduced to a state of limbo midway between their previous life as livestock have theirs and the total destitution many suffer not. to like our country has turned into a barren desert our livestock can no longer survive without plants and grass in
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addition we cannot live in or work in towns. used to live as a nomad roaming with his life stuck in search of posture and water. now he lives in a makeshift shelter as miserable as the most basic refugee camp there is no running water here no medical center no schools no study supply of food and other necessities to learn about also i used to own large herds of livestock all my cattle died and i was forced to move to town since i came i do not know what to do i have no profession my children are without work to grow living on donations and aid from agencies to live a little bit but our biggest mistake is that we did not go to school we know found that we cannot work or find a job without education we are harmed by allegiance even more than the drought our life is meaningless now. other twenty who settled here years ago still live in
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humble mud homes in villages that lack the most basic amenities frustrated with the government and dejected my poverty some have formed associations to mobilize everyone to work. they planted vegetable gardens and police around the village expecting believe agencies of the government to provide support. but the bottom soil and severe climate than the efforts almost useless with want to go. and the rebellion against the something government but the peace that ensued hasn't brought them prosperity. or disease tens of thousands of people have died in togo demanding an end to the fifteen year rule of president for going to sing bay. in a string of demonstrations organized by opposition groups i want you girls limiting presidents to two terms in office. and we've been claiming our rights for four
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months no they don't even see or so it looks like the current regime doesn't even consider us with the march it is necessary that at least the state or the government knows that we are tired we want to see definite change. in this recalled its ambassador to pakistan after he attended an event with the main suspect behind the two thousand and eight mumbai attacks void provoked anger in india for a parent alongside her fees sayed is accused of planning the attacks two men were at a rally condemning the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital but it sounds foreign ministry says it was an unintended mistake but not justified but he said the stranger have recovered the bodies of six people from the wreckage of a seaplane that crashed into a bay north of sydney the plane was returning to sydney from a restaurant twenty minutes away an investigation has been launched into the cause of the crash in indonesia more than seventy thousand people continue to live in
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evacuation shelters after a volcano began erupting in early november many are returning to the danger zone every day to tend to their crops and livestock so a person has more from bali. well the military on the last day of the year is very somber these people's lives have been on hold for three months they're waiting and just watching the full kaino as you can see it's mostly elderly and children who are still at the evacuation shelters it's very hard and difficult for the government to convince the others the adults to stay here a lot of people of course have business to do they have no income here they have to send their children to school and as you can see in all reports a lot of people are taking the risk to go up to the full kaino very near to the crater instead of sitting and waiting down here. you know mom got that kill stein by helping out in an emergency kitchen his family sought refuge in this government shelter after they were forced to leave to fill it three months ago the indonesian government has ordered families not to return as long as the volcano remains at its
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highest alert level or so not that no one can let up on my future looks pretty bleak if i have to stay here in the shelter how can i pay for my children's education i've got no work here at least seventy thousand villages in the danger zone have been forced to leave their homes the three months have passed and boredom has kicked in the local authorities are struggling to keep them away from danger. every morning like many others goes up the mountain back to his village a thirty kilometer journey by motorbike. nearest to the crater and no man knows exactly how dangerous to full kaino can be just five kilometers away. with mount auburn norming dangerously near your man and his neighbors are mining stones and sand spewed from the eruption fifty four years ago the villages are getting some benefit from the next roll disaster then. i force myself to be brave
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enough although the government doesn't allow it i'm fed up in the shelter how long do i have to stay there so while only a little smoke comes out of the volcano i take my chance to earn some money in case there's a major eruption neeleman hopes he will have enough time to run while the government continues to urge people to stay out of the danger zone its policy has recently become more lenient to crossing the line for law than can work if it does because the situation is taking so long and because it will cain is activity is not always high people to get back to advantages during the day time to work and come back to the shelter at night. but newman decides not to return to the shelter and spend the night at his house trying desperately to get his old life back hoping and praying that hound i go will go back to sleep very soon step fasten al-jazeera so bloody village. a new phenomenon is a pairing of proud honduras eco signs
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a waltz of rubbish that floats in the caribbean on the coast from neighboring guatemala biologists say the level of contamination is unprecedented by the sanchez reports from us the a c. of rubbish as far as the eye can see it's a wall seven meters deep and several kilometers long we slowly along the caribbean coast of a video posted in the internet by a photographer raised the alarm i mean biologist the stomach of a this is the tide of trash is killing nearly everything in its path if. this is an eco side caused by garbage carried by the metod well river in guatemala. there are ninety six municipalities especially thirteen don't have trashed arms and a tributary river from the capital contributes to all this garbage. data says the rubbish mountain is blocking some light from the sea and affecting fishing grounds coral reefs and mangroves. much of the garbage ends up here on
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a more beach hospital and agro industrial residues are putting the lives of funded and cindy injure government leaders who blame neighboring what they are for the disaster that what the government says both countries share the responsibility for cleaning up the mess but the money has promised to send the army to clean up the mess but the rubbish behind the beaches is already having an impact on communities along the shore i mean believe it or says fishermen like him are unable to catch clean healthy fish. look at my little boat i can't go far out in the sea to fish the trash is too close. for your son does says the restaurant hotel he manages has fewer and fewer guests because of the filth. bust and we have less and less gas because people want to see clean beaches and we are losing money also because we're spending a lot to clean up every day. the hotel boss says the shore is
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a magnet for the trash marine biologist say much of it is plastic which can take more than two hundred years to disintegrate and much of it is liquid and invisible with experts unable to say how much damage is being done to the innocent just to see the film or on to the us. with al-jazeera these are our top stories now iran's interior minister is warning anti-government protesters they will pay the price for their actions if three days of unrest continue and the commander of the islamic revolutionary guard is threatening what he calls an iron fest the government's blocked access to social media apps including instagram for in the deaths of two protesters on saturday nights. and. who abuse the police's self-restraint opposers shall be responsible to the people for the disruption and disorder nothing will be
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solved by disruption to last night's ferocity as well no one who created the situation provoking turmoil in promoting violence in cyberspace security forces in the democratic republic of congo have shot two people during anti-government demonstrations the catholic activists in kinshasa call for protests against president joseph kabila after sunday mass he's accused of seeking to change the constitution to stand for a third orders have been given to cut internet and phone messaging links at least seventeen people have been killed in a blast in the afghan city of jalalabad explosives reg's to a motorcycle detonated join the funeral of a former district chief the taliban's denied involvement in the attack. more than thirty fighting groups based in northern syria joining forces under the single banner of the syrian national army the announcement was made by the head of the rebel interim government opposed to the rule of president bashar al assad the new
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unified opposition includes all factions of the rebel free syrian army the f.s.a. was backed by turkey to push fighters and kurdish forces from border areas between two countries. gunmen have stormed an army training camp in india the mists of kashmir killing four soldiers that these two fighters have also been killed police say the attackers threw grenades and fired automatic rifles in the town of pul vama india accuses pakistan of training and aman faces in the disputed region of pakistan denies the allegations. and as straight as welcome to the new year with a spectacular fireworks display in sydney harbor around one point six million people crowded around the harbor to watch eight tons of fireworks produce around a hundred thousand individual technic. those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the listening post happy new year. in a country where parents often pick who you will marry your love can have serious consequences
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one of the nice meets the men risking their lives to protect india's young lovers one of the this time on al-jazeera. try talking about the good that could happen. would. you rob a parent or. a lower mature gives birth a year at the listening post this week we're breaking format to talk about a gaping hole in news coverage on a story that matters according to a global survey taken earlier this year the number one threat in people's minds.


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