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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 17, 2018 5:00pm-5:33pm +03

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five countries. four days. three thousand kilometer it's. two generations. one by. syrian refugees on the so real jamie to sweet. on the bright side. a witness documentary at this time on how does e.u. . russia dismisses allegations that thirteen of its nationals and three companies interfered with the twenty sixteen us election. presently get this is edge is it a lie from dog also coming up. a suspected serial killer in pakistan is sentenced
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to death for the rape and murder of a six year old girl a death sparked nationwide protests. the seventh anniversary of the revolution in libya but has there been any real change for its people. who were. the only politics race in superheroes one marvels latest comic book movie is being hailed as a cultural milestone. and all the russian government says there is no evidence behind the u.s. indictment charging russian nationals for interfering with a twenty six thousand presidential election comes after the u.s. special counsel robert miller charged thirteen russian citizens and three russian companies with criminal and espionage conspiracy it does not say whether the trunk campaign colluded with the kremlin mike hanna reports from washington.
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and anti trump protests march in new york shortly after his election this one of the pro and anti trump rallies a special council alleges were organized by the group of russians sometimes at the same time on the same day part of a massive campaign the indictments say were aimed at promoting donald trump at the expense of his opponents both republican and democrat. special counsel robert miller has indicted a total of thirteen russian nationals and three companies for alleged interference with the twenty sixteen elections according to the unsealed indictment the accused conspired from two thousand and fourteen until today to interfere with the us political and electoral processes including the presidential election of two thousand and sixteen the special counsel alleges that the group posed as americans
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and controlled social media accounts but focused on divisive social and political issues. the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein states that there are no conclusions in the indictment that the campaign affected the election result no allegation in this indictment that any american had any knowledge and the nature of the scheme was that the defendants took extraordinary steps to make it appear that they were ordinary american political activists even going so far as to base their activities on a virtual private network here in the united states of anybody traced it back to the first jump and they appear to be americans this interpreted in a unique way by president trump who tweeted in reaction russia started the end to us campaign in two thousand and fourteen long before i announce that i would run for president the results of the election were not impacted the trump campaign did nothing wrong no collusion. no acknowledgement that the indictments implicitly
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reject his off stated opinion that claims of russian interference were as he put it fake news donald trump is going to be very worried about today's events in large part because it puts to lie the allegations that he's made for the past year that there was no russian involvement many republicans including president trump and so i've been highly critical of the work being carried out by robert miller and his team these indictments put to an end any attempts to undermine or even a hole to the investigation by the special counsel the other certainty that proof of russian involvement in the us election is just the beginning and not the end of the investigation mike hanna al-jazeera washington russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov gave his reaction to the indictment said a security conference in munich it's a new i have no response you can publish anything and we have seen those
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indictments and i've also read the statements from the homeland security adviser in the u.s. he denied the reports that any country had influence the election results the same was said by mike pence either here or maybe in another european capital so until we have the facts everything else is just blather for us national security adviser general h.r. mcmaster says the evidence against russia is now publicly available with the f.b.i. indictment the evidence is now really incontrovertible and available in the public domain. in the past it was it was difficult to attribute for a couple of reasons first technically it was difficult but then also you didn't want to divulge your intelligence capabilities but now that this is in the in the in the arena of law enforcement investigation it's going to be very apparent to everyone. and we will hill mcmaster was speaking at the. munich security conference where he's also urged the international community to take action on
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syria north korea and iran the u.s. national security adviser said public reports show the syrian government is continuing to use chemical weapons he won the north korea's nuclear program posed a threat to world security. meanwhile there is a protest outside the venue of that security conference they were chaytor is live from there so david what are they are demonstrating against. them this is a regular occurrence every time there is a security conference here in munich the demonstrators gathered now usually they are opposed to nato they want disarmament of the various peace groups and very left wing groups but this time it's been quite different because a large section of the protesters here are in fact kurdish and they have been demonstrating against the one turkish led assault on our dreams in
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the north of syria they say that german weapons are also being used western weapons are also being used to kill the children of our freedom and they want their voice to be heard but of course as you said there's a huge probably presence here they can march quite near the venue but there are several cordons of police lines making sure they get nowhere near it and there's been a large attendance this time something like four thousand demonstrators we understand but the police presence i think you outcomes them two or three to one a huge police presence and that is here mainly because there were fears that because of the the kurdish nature of this march that they would be trouble that could be violence on the way but we've heard no reports of that so far maybe a lot of people are being put off by the blizzard that's happening here in munich
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at the moment but still no reports of any violence no reports of any arrests yet but they're hoping to make this one point mainly against the turkish invasion the turkish assault on the enclave about three in which they say is killing their children killing kurdish children they want that to stop. they would take a life first there in munich thanks. suspected serial killer has been sentenced to death in pakistan for the rape and murder of a six year old girl zainab and sorry's body was found at a rubbish dump death sparked a nationwide protests with claims of government inaction and police incompetence into reports. captured on security cameras walking hand in hand with the man who would kill her these are the last known moments of little zaineb and sari's life her body would later be found on a rubber stamp in cars sure the town where she lived with her family near the
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eastern city of lahore investigators say she was raped and strangled twenty four year old iran was convicted of her kidnap rape and murder and antiterrorism court handed him four separate death sentences that are biased on the law crimes that are considered to have spread terror in society can be charged as acts of terrorism the opportunity that this case was or better a child protection or a more honest and a sort of. debate and reflection within society about how it's natural it's and easy it is or predators like this. to prey on a young child all of those opportunities. if you want to and it's been well essentially close the chapter on this instance but not close the chapter on. an abuse of children and i think that's a missed opportunity it's been won there in january thousands of people across
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pakistan protested to demand justice for zaineb her family said police took no action during the five days from when she was reported missing and her body was found there were demonstrations at police stations and politicians homes were set on fire the authorities were accused of indifference and incompetent design absurd or also brought to light eleven other similar cases in the consumer area in two years prosecutors say ali has confessed to eight of the killings including saying the fact that this it happened levon times if you sleep and. it was eleven bodies of young children did not stir the auctions of already. and only only because your reaction across well russia said. ali has fifteen days to appeal the verdict is in its parents are demanding his execution be carried out in public at the same rubbish dump their daughter's body
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was found in theo's diab al-jazeera. six month state of emergency has been declared in ethiopia one day after the unexpected resignation of prime minister haley. the country seen a wave of protests fueled at least in part by ethnic divisions mohamed atta reports . it's calm on the streets of ethiopia's capital of the suburb but the country's slipping into a deeper political crisis on friday the government imposed a state of emergency to stay more we will invest the defense minister confirmed on saturday it will last for six months and includes a ban on portraits governing style and publications that incite violence and he says the announcement follows the sudden resignation of prime minister high limit embezzling who had been in office since two thousand and twelve the high limit him said his departure as prime minister and chairman of the ruling if he appears people's revolution of democratic front coalition was to enable necessary reforms
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in government the. the been lost the most russians in ethiopia's largest regions will neon i'm hot are interested in minds with protesters calling for political and economic reforms and an end to state corruption. what a ten month state of emergency and of last year but failed to stop the protests particularly by your peers you will think christina come to view them assertions as the only way to bring about meaningful change dozens of protesters have been killed and many more injured since two thousand and fifteen as condemned nigga is one of six thousand political prisoners released by the government this year in an effort to ease growing tensions to parent complex it with ethiopia is one large prison i say this because there is no democracy in the country this is a dictatorship we have to change its big prison into a democratic state opposition leaders say here prison ruling coalition has lost its
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all forty that demanding all parties be involved in deciding the country's future renegotiation you know he's got there is a country are funded really. it is too big for one political group for long. as our fates of hundred million people. years of unaccountability end up in the size of the country's politics of which it's you appear to tipping and some say justice repression and luck of minute full democracy have instilled a sense of despondency if your peers of winning coalition the e.p.a. the f. is expected to meet within days to choose a successor to highland body i'm disciplined but the stakes are high and go sailing for the premiership intense what and what the coalition decides will have a huge impact on how we three of his governed mohammedan al-jazeera. are still ahead on al-jazeera the promise of a new dawn reaction to south african president cyril ramaphosa his first state of
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the nation address. first a cholera epidemic now health workers in yemen are concerned about another deadly outbreak. welcome back the weather across much of central and southern china is looking draw and final moment hong kong where twenty two fuzhou twenty four taipei is also fairing quite well today is a mix from further towards the north over got developing frontal system that's bringing us and quite heavy rains yong along the yangtze river valley on our northern edge of that the cold be some snow developing during the course of monday fair bit of cloud towards the southwest but dry and with a southerly flow it's looking pretty warm there for noise twenty seven fine conditions across los and through into miramar yangon there hot and humid thirty five degrees for south asia it looks mostly findings in the satellite imagery got
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very little way of significant cloud here so plenty of sunshine temperatures for the most part we do expect into the low thirty's delhi at about twenty six degrees and then for crotch in pakistan twenty nine so moving on then to the arabian peninsula we have got a frontal system just affecting northern areas so we're going to see a bit of a change in wind direction and temperatures over the course of sunday monday so doha thirty degrees are way above what it should be for this time the it really has been a strange winter a very warm winter as we head on into monday we'll see the wind picking up from the northwest so temperatures undergo a significant drop heise here expected to reach twenty six. what makes this this era we're living through. this is really an attack on itself is a lot of misunderstanding
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a distortion of what free speech is supposed to be about the context it's hugely important we have a right to publish it. to be offensive or provocative to people. setting the stage to serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. but i again you're watching i'll just be a reminder of our top stories this hour the russian government says there's no evidence behind the u.s. indictment charging russian nationals for interfering with a twenty six thousand presidential election is indicted thirteen russian nationals and three russian companies over alleged tampering with the twenty sixteen u.s.
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presidential election. the united states has called on the international community to take action on syria north korea and iraq national security adviser made the comments at the munich security conference. a suspected serial killer has been sentenced to death in pakistan for the rape and murder of a six year old girl on saudi's body was found in a garbage dump in january a week after she was kidnapped killing sparked nationwide protests and criticism the government wasn't doing enough to protect children. and libyans are marking seven years since the start of the revolution for many though there hasn't been much to celebrate protests that began in benghazi eventually led to the toppling of colonel gaddafi and twenty eleven but libya has been deeply divided since then in july twenty two of the country held its first free elections in more than forty years the transitional government handed power to the general national congress based in tripoli more elections followed and the house of representatives was
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formed in twenty fourteen but the gnc refused to give up power in tripoli forcing the house of representatives to reside in the port city of tobruk in may two thousand and fourteen after taking charge of the army renegade general khalifa haftar launched an offensive here events. fully allied himself with the house of representatives but in december twenty fifth in the un attempted to broker peace setting up the government of national accord the internationally recognized government took office in early twenty sixteen but fighting continued after have tired launched a second offensive holder did read reports now from the capital tripoli on how political divisions there are taking a toll on the lives of many libyans. welcome so deep does not enjoy his business as he once did in the old days he says when the financial situation was a stable in libya he used to have fourteen workers in his shop but not now and the
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coppersmith hardly gets any orders to make anything new or have the where and sometimes we work here for a whole day and end up with always nothing in our pockets many clients have not come to pick up the pieces several months because of lack of money libyans have been through a lot over the past seven years two competing bases of power dozens of rival groups and conflict and consequently a financial crisis but some here say they have not lost their faith in the revolution and are hoping for change while others say they're disappointed. since twenty eleven many libyans celebrated the anniversary of the seventeenth of february revolution but the country has a slipped into care years zakaria took part in the twenty a live in protests he says he does not trust politicians. all the politicians have shown their true faces which they hid before the fall of the
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gadhafi regime they would rather take from the state than give to it. others take a different view noted dean says he travels from the united states to libya every year to share the ok zhen with his friends and former neighbors he says things are better now than before the revolution for it was very difficult to come back to go to the airport today immigration you know and all that stuff now there's a. common leave you know a freely but the situation looks a bleak on the ground prices for every day goods have risen the markets have taken a tumble and the libyan dinar has lost much of its value. the political division has led to a divide between the economic and security institutions the state has become so weak it's unable to control its own resources or your live in use are the backbone of libya's income and oil production dropped significantly between twenty thirteen
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and twenty sixteen when four major oil ports were blockaded by militia. nobody is proud his profession is part of libya's heritage but he fears if there is no solution to the country's economic crisis crafts like his might fade away. tripoli and yemen is facing a new health crisis after years of conflict across the country already dealing with malnutrition on an unprecedented scale and a cholera epidemic many people are now dying from what could be a bird flu. lopez hold the u.n. reports. it's exactly what yemen's already overloaded medical teams didn't want to hear a new outbreak of disease a growing number of people have died with symptoms similar to bird flu and doctors say dozens more could be infected. in the hour solo or so when these patients
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arrive they had influenza symptoms like breathing difficulties and acute respiratory failure they also had a high fever and identifying the disease is challenging the doctors are treating more patients with fewer resources standard supplies and testing kits have become a luxury. how the in these cases raise a red flag they match h one n one some dimiss like fever intensive coughing and he thinks but the ministry of health hasn't been able to confirm this since last year lamps don't have supplies to taste this. the country is already dealing with one of the worst ever outbreaks of cholera the international committee of the red cross says there are more than one million suspected cases and about eighty percent of yemen lacks proper access to food clean water and health care cases of bird flu would only add to the crisis if we add to this formula.
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preventable diseases then we are we are facing an extremely difficult that's a straw for problem in yemen it's a find doctors deal with on a regular basis. yemen's three year war has made already dire conditions of disease and hunger even more difficult to combat we have more than twenty men women and children who die every day from preventable diseases why the why does that happen because more than fifty percent of the health centers and hospitals in yemen today do not function anymore there are small finds of progress in january the un allocated. fifty million dollars to support yemen's humanitarian response some ports have all been allowing for the delivery of food supplies and medicine aid the country's hospitals desperately need for many the help pounds arrive too late for others there is still some hope. this will yun how dizzier. south
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africa's new president cyril ramaphosa has promised a new dawn for the country in his first state of the nation address. was sworn in on thursday after the resignation of jacob zuma he vowed to help unite the country and revive the economy where one people committed to work together to find jobs for use to build factories and roads houses and clear thinks to prepare our children for a world of change and progress to various cities and towns where families may be safe productive and there may be content. we are determined society defined by decency and integrity that does not stop the plans of public resources know that fifth
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by. their hard earned savings of ordinary people. matheson went to gauge reaction to ramaphosa speech in the president's hometown of so what. stephen moore quibble has high hopes for south africa's new president is known several rebel positions that were boys two of thousands whose childhoods have been spent on the streets of seoul where to give them a chance. gives the in. this country would tend. to settle and said well you know everybody when we grew everywhere or when you grow up there are those that those were two things that we do. right when it came to their real things said they would do that i think so little has been described as the heart of africa it's a mixture of cultures and religions this prosperity here hundreds also poverty
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people here say that ramaphosa can succeed but only if he remembers where he's from but jacob zuma the man the ram opposing has replaced grew up in poverty too only to become mired in allegations of corruption there are those here who say that coming from so waiter may not be enough to prevent rebel poza facing the same fate. sitaram opposes first state of the nation speech also known as the sona has ranged from cutting youth unemployment boosting the struggling economy and helping industry and tackling widespread corruption i'm excited to see what cyril can do. i think his focus is not on command well it's on putting the country first for many many many positive things and you can get. it's beautiful ongoing and it's people that are more at ease and war more confident not extremely but but i'm happy with what i hear too far. in soweto and across the rest of south africa people have
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heard from opposers promises they're waiting to see if we can deliver rob matheson al jazeera so what are the leaders of india and iran pledged to restore peace and stability in afghanistan and improve regional security prime minister narendra modi held talks with iranian president hassan rouhani in new delhi they agreed to expand economic ties as well rouhani visit comes as the us president is threatening to scrap an international nuclear deal and re imposed sanctions on iran. now superhero movies are not usually known for breaking down cultural barriers but black panther is different and while they've had black lead characters before none have received this kind of production and marketing she had a tense you know for. just six. six six black panther was created in one thousand nine hundred eighty six for marvel comics the superhero pinafore comedown
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a technologically advanced on colored eyes african culture the film adaptation is being widely praised for its inclusive a-t. and racial empowerment the fact it is a african superhero and people get a chance look at themselves in positions of power and feel that it is important disney is marketed the film to black schools and communities ahead of the film's release these children have just been informed by going to a screening. there is no joy in a mainstream black superhero even as there is realism at best its value could be used to sort of capitalize maybe there's a teachable moment to get into some broader more concrete ways that we can talk about black liberation which might mean introducing a younger generation to trying to overthrow disney and. well certainly this is the bit that holds you know what i mean. it hasn't gone unnoticed that the film's promo uses a song called the revolution will not be televised. it's
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a song by the late leftwing black singer gil scold her and that explicitly warns that empowerment will never come from multinational corporations who run the media as a petition pointing out that since disney is specifically targeting black dollars black audiences should boycott the film until the studio agrees to donate twenty five percent of worldwide profits from the film to black education you have the ability to not only go see a film about a fictitious country and. or with advanced technology but the opportunity to invest in programs which focus on the fields science technology engineering and mathematics that make such advancements possible in real life it says the marketing of black power is playing a machine madly with its coincidental namesake the black panther as the racial and economic justice group co-founded in the late sixty's by huey newton already martin
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luther king's message of radical anti capital strange has been silent sighs from mainstream white audiences. most recently by a truck manufacturer black power and they get follow a similar model of white america easily adopting black cultural figures but having more difficulty with the black political struggle they represent the older zero washington. this is around the top stories the russian government says there's no evidence behind the u.s. indictment charging russians for interfering with the twenty sixteen presidential election the f.b.i. has indicted thirteen russian citizens and three russian companies of alleged tampering with the presidential election. i have no response you can publish anything and we have seen those indictments and i've also read the statements from
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the homeland security adviser in the u.s. he denied the reports that any country had influence the election results the same was said by mike pence either here or maybe in another european capital so until we have the facts everything else is just blather. the united states has called on the international community to take action on syria north korea and iran national security advisor hill mcmaster made the comments at the munich security conference he said syria continues to use chemical weapons while the rance proxies are becoming more powerful and your career poses a threat to the world. a suspected serial killer has been sentenced to death in pakistan for the rape and murder of a six year old girl zainab and saudi's body was found in a garbage dump in january a week after she was kidnapped her killing sparked nationwide protests and criticism the government wasn't doing enough to protect children ethiopia has announced the state of emergency will now be in force for six months that's
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a day after prime minister haile mariam still a same year said he was stepping down the government is struggling to deal with protests from ethnic groups who say they are under represented. at least eighteen people have been killed in three suicide blasts fishmarket in northeastern nigeria suicide bomber struck in conduit near the borno state capital maiduguri more than fifty people have been wounded no one has claimed responsibility but the armed group boko haram has carried out attacks in the area for many years people in kosovo are marking ten years since declaring independence from serbia after years of conflict and a civil war that claimed thousands of lives but it's been a struggle marked by high unemployment and rampant corruption and although the u.s. and many european countries recognize their independence serbia russia and china still have not those are the headlines you're up to date we're back with more in half an hour but right now it's a front. facing realities growing up went to do you realize that
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you were living in a special place a so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter what is activists to live in jail just because she expressed herself here their story on the top down to zero at this time. when the arab spring protests swept through the middle east seven years ago demonstrators across the region were hoping for democratic reforms and even the overthrow of local despots but is libya really a better place now without its brutal dictator colonel gadhafi and how did bahrain become the forgotten revolution and up from special.


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