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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 17, 2018 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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we al jazeera has eyes and ears on the ground in southern africa identifying the crucially important stories forty fortieth's that's been critically. russia dismissed as the indictment of thirteen of its nationals by the us for election tampering is blather the kremlin slams as absurd. i know i maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera coming up. a man
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convicted on the rape and murder of six year old st albans sorry whose killing triggered a nationwide protest is sentenced to death. the u.s. uses the munich security conference to call for international action over the use of chemical weapons by the syrian government. and calls grow for the head of the f.b.i. to resign over its failure to follow up on a tip off about the florida school shooter. so we begin with the war of words that's erupted between the u.s. and russia over the indictment of thirteen russian nationals for election meddling russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov has dismissed the indictments as just blather saying there were no facts to back them up but u.s. national security adviser said the evidence of espionage and subversion was undeniable on friday special counsel robert muller charged thirteen russians with running the hugh. social media trolling campaign against democrat hillary clinton
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it's a. i have no response you can publish anything and we have seen those indictments and i've also read the statements from the homeland security adviser in the u.s. who denied the reports that any country to influence the election results the same was said by mike pence either here or maybe in another european capital so until we hear the facts everything else is just blather. so let's take a closer look at what's being alleged in the indictment isn't petersburg based internet research agency is listed as a major target of the investigation said to undertake an operations to interfere with elections and political processes also known as the troll factor it's accused of manipulating social media in the us and staging political rallies in support of donald trump the indictment says russian imposters on social media used hashtags like trump train twenty sixteen and hillary for prison named in the indictment
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is yevgeny reagan a close associate of russian president liked him a person and one of russia's richest men he's listed as financing the trial factories operations out as al jazeera is roy chalons has more now from moscow. russian response so far has essentially amplified a sense of incredulity incredulity that thirteen people could of influence the voting of more than three hundred million americans incredulity that these thirteen people could have acted against a billion dollar budget serve u.s. intelligence services and counterintelligence against all the latest innovations and technologies. guinea prigogine who is right at the heart of this indictment is what is widely believed the financial muscle behind this troll farm in st petersburg is also known by the way as putin the chef a billionaire businessman and now he says well the americans are very
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impressionable people and they see what they want to see he doesn't mind being on this list years already on a u.s. sanctions list and says that if the americans want to see the devil will let them the russians are also going to be drilling down into the fact that this indictment doesn't explicitly say that the russian government sponsored this election meddling efforts and also that the indictment doesn't say the russian actually changed the outcome of the elections russians also be very aware that the united states doesn't have an entirely clean record was when we got when it comes to being meddling in other people's elections they've done it numerous times in numerous countries over the years and they in fact have done it in russia too in one hundred ninety six when part of the elson looked like he was going to be losing an election to the communists well it was the us political advisers that what it for him. a course in pakistan has hunted for death sentences to
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a man convicted of raping and murdering a six year old girl zainab and sorry's body was found in a rubbish dump off to she had been sexually assaulted a desperate protests across pakistan with claims of government inaction and police incompetence and reports. captured on security cameras walking hand in hand with the man who would kill her these are the last known moments of little zaineb and sari's life her body would later be found on a rubbish dump in kasuri the town where she lived with her family near the eastern city of lahore investigators say she was raped and strangled twenty four year old in run ali was convicted of her kidnap rape and murder and antiterrorism court handed him four separate death sentences under pakistani law crimes that are considered to have spread terror in society can be charged as acts of terrorism the opportunity that this case or better child protection or a more honest and
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a sort of. debate and reflection within society about how is that it's and easy it is or editors like. to play on. all of those opportunities. if they want to and it's been well essentially close the chapter on this instance but not close the chapter on. an abuse of children and i think that's a missed opportunity it's been won there in january thousands of people across pakistan protested to demand justice for zina her family said police took no action during the five days from when she was reported missing and her body was found there were demonstrations at police stations and politicians homes were set on fire the authorities were accused of being different and incompetent zaineb are also brought to light eleven other similar cases in the consumer area in two years
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prosecutors say ali has confessed to eight of the killings including saying the fact that it happened levon times if you sleep and. it was eleven bodies of young children did not stir the actions of ortiz is too. once and only only because your reaction upon us was just said. ali has fifteen days to appeal the verdict is in its parents are demanding his execution be carried out in public at the same brother's dump their daughter's body was found in theo's diab al-jazeera. the u.s. is calling on the international community to take action only use of chemical weapons by the syrian government u.s. national security adviser to make the comments during a speech at the munich security conference he says it's clear syrian president bashar assad is using chemical weapons and that he should be held to account public
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accounts and photos clearly show that assad's chemical weapons use is continuing it is time for all nations to hold the syrian regime and its sponsors accountable for their actions and support the efforts of the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons. so he is in munich for us and joins us now so we hear that the americans are very keen to highlight the issue of the use of chemical weapons inside syria but any indication as to whether they're prepared to act on this. what we've heard some but it's all words from general mcmaster about the syrian government and the use of chemical weapons the call for the international community to step in what would be the next step is it going to be
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a military action and then what would that military action have as an impact on the latest developments on the ground many believe that even if the americas along with the international community use military action against the syrian government that would have limited impact because of the huge political financial admitted to support the syrian government has been getting from the russians and the it while you're running is over the last few years or if you look at the map in syria you see the syrian government is reversing the gains being made by the syrian opposition over the last seven years and confining the two now basically the last stronghold which is in. the u.s. influence in syria now is delimited to the support for the. kurdish factions of protein on the border with turkey for many people have been following this particular issue they say that the americans have been acting very late when it
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comes to the syrian conflict but whatever they do in the near future it will definitely have very limited impact and hashim the risks and dangers of nuclear perth proliferation very much a key issue at the conference this year how much talk has that been and how much concern is there about sense of confrontation between washington and pyongyang. going through the last two days we've been hearing different things from different international leaders about this particular issue of north korea and how to move forward we've been hearing people saying that while there needs to be more pressure on the north korean government to stop. its nuclear programs we're also talking about the need for more incentives to be able to engage the north korean government to try to. give a chance to diplomacy general mcmaster today was very critical of the north korean
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government asking the international community to downgrade ties with pyongyang and to impose sanctions and also to move forward and beyond the united nations sanctions to try to force the north korean government to completely abandon the so we in. the policy of upgrading its military capabilities particular way it comes to a long range missiles but those views are not shared by across the board there are people who would say that the escalation of the rhetoric more pressure more tests and good just spin out of control and sadly we might find ourselves in a situation where this conflicts particular becomes a geopolitical crisis of this explains why there. of the recent reports which has been issued by the munich security conference has been so huge that the north korea conflict is the biggest problem facing the international. order.
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all right thank you very much with all the latest from the munich security conference. now the body of zimbabwe's opposition leader morgan tsvangirai has been repatriated from south africa he died on wednesday after battling colon cancer morgan shankar i have been a key figure in zimbabwe in politics his movement for democratic change party has appointed an interim leader sarma tasa joins us now live from harare and so first of all tell us a bit about the mood in the atmosphere particularly among m.d.c. members and supporters as audio arrives back in the country. well when the plane carrying over and over i believe people waiting at the first thing i seventy seven trying to get it going and i'm not even trying to go on to become advocating a. baby around the cargoes they should be able let it be a bank or the park been moving in
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a convoy of hardly ever courted by the police. brought to the building behind me at the military base government if they become good i was. going to get a date in iraq so it is normal and that's what will be happening body will live here until the burial but people were happy to see that you hold and if that is given a big thing or whatever and also tell us about what's next for the m.d.c. how smooth is the transition to a new leader likely to be. what is going to be a busy day. on sunday you have the first of if it's a difficult and friends and family would say that is think of all the time that i think out in a monday the be. gathering up a public rally in harare thousands of people in that one and then on sunday one guy when he was very integral. to the goal
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and you know that they. will be acting ford need is likely he will be the presidential candidate to take. on happy about that have been very vocal those who . they don't avoid and to their very morgan tsvangirai and then after that if they do be a big. perhaps the main opposition party is going to. be . on the program. the implementation of a state of emergency which bans protests for six months and. ten years of independence as countries recognize its status.
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welcome back we have quite an active frontal system moving across the levant and on into western parts of asia so here is this particular system there's another of low pressure towards the western mediterranean that's going to influence the weather over the coming days too but you see quite a bit of rain around parts of syria and through into iran and iraq and extending further towards the gulf now beirut should be seeing brighter conditions by sunday heading through towards monday much that rain tends to clear away so broad to conditions returning eighteen degrees as a high in pay route twenty one there in kuwait city ok we don't think radium pincher this will backend of that weather front will be moving across the region so we're going to see a change we've got very warm air for this time of year for doha thirty degrees the forecast on sunday the front will go through that well may well be some cloud for a time as just the chance of
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a shower but i think will stay dry for the most part but certainly temperatures will drop way as the wind goes from the south towards the northwest elsewhere fine conditions meca looking at highs of thirty two degrees heading down to southern parts of africa you see on the satellite imagery some big shark clouds across eastern parts of south africa so look at the forecast still some heavy showers expected on parts of the eastern cape. was always telling you how famous he was going to make your cuts how he presented hello morning body without oil facilities northwest representatives kind of. teacher could you. should join a member of the we're on the special retreat about the nail and he said no. but after a mere immediately this is a color. on the mainland city al-jazeera investigation which could be a good sign this time.
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with al-jazeera a quick look at the stories making headlines now russia's foreign minister has dismissed the indictment of thirteen russian citizens for interfering in the u.s. election speaking at a security conference in munich sergey lavrov said there are no facts to back up the claims a man convicted of the rape and murder of six year old zainab and sorry his killing triggered protests across pakistan has been given for death sentences. and the body of zimbabwe's opposition leader morgan chang has been repatriated from south africa . well now in other news the u.s. embassy in ethiopia is saying that it strongly disagrees with the government's
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decision to impose a six month state of emergency chairing which protests will be banned the ruling party hopes the move will help to quell the west and government demonstrations in a quarter of a century which prompted the prime minister to resign on thursday as mohamed atta reports. it's calm on the streets of ethiopia's capital of the suburb but the country's slipping into a deeper political crisis on friday the government imposed a state of emergency to steam away will list the defense minister confirmed on saturday it will last for six months and includes a ban on poultice hts governs and publications that incite violence you get a good value gives you the state of emergency should not be seen as a military coup the army is under the federal constitution and it is a tool to implement the government's decision that the state of emergency procedures are intended to protect the constitution country and people moved in with him or the announcement follows the sudden resignation of prime minister high limit embezzling who had been in office since two thousand and twelve the said his
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departure as prime minister and chairman of the ruling if he appears people's revolution of democratic front coalition was to enable necessary reforms in government the. the been lost the most russians in ethiopia's largest regions will neon i'm high and recent months with protesters calling for political and economic reforms and an end to state corruption. a ten month state of emergency end of last year but failed to stop the protests particularly by ethiopia's youth who think christina come to view the most sessions as the only way to bring about meaningful change doesn't so protesters have been killed and many more injured since two thousand and fifteen as condemned nigga is one of six thousand political prisoners released by the government this year in an effort to ease growing tensions to be and could look at it with ethiopia is one large prison i say this
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because there is no democracy in the country this is a dictatorship we have to change as big prison into a democratic state opposition leaders say here prison ruling coalition has lost its all forty that demanding all parties be involved in deciding the country's future. you know this country is a country of hundred really it is too big for one political group for one small group to run as our fates of hundred million people the years of unaccountability on earth in the size of the country's politics it's your bid to tipping point some say injustice repression and luckily many full democracy have instilled a sense of despondency it's your peers a ruling coalition the e.p.a. the every is expected to meet within days to choose a successor. but the stakes are high and just link for the premiership intense what and what the coalition decides will have a huge impact on how with your peers government mohammed i don't i'll just era.
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out exactly ten years since cost of officially declared independence from serbia after years of conflict and a civil war that kind of lives kosovo is recognised as an independent nation by more than one hundred other countries amongst them the us and most of the e.u. but it's still not recognized by others including serbia russia and china kosovo's prime minister says that has to change all those investments military political financial they are all listening gave them and makes it is very rational to keep it still unfinished business so we have lost a lot of farms. today it's a dog tomorrow is it on but we don't have any more years for this because your last two decades on this topic. andrew simmons is following the story now he joins us
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live from pristina so a significant anniversary milestone for the country any plans or initiatives to you know encourage more recognition of kosovo as a country. well you heard the prime minister speaking to was there he really was showing the level of urgency of this landmark occasion the tenth anniversary of independence has focused political minds in the direction of what next because it is nearly two decades since the war ended in the nato involvement which definitely influenced the situation against serbia here and gave effectively a pathway to independence and now we have this situation whereby there is this block there is a block from serbia in terms of recognition the e.u. have indicated that serbia will get membership possibly if it does go along the international will that is to recognize course of so what is next remains
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to be seen whether it's months whether it's years but there certainly is some urgency here mary i'm also alongside this celebrations right now across the country particularly here in the capital a pretty steamed about independence but also an underlying sadness calls for more government action to trace loved ones who have been missing since the war a number of occasions where by people have actually made quiet protests in relation to this and a focus also on atrocities warm in particular nearby in this village. it's a war he's grown used to over the years. still can't comprehend why he lived and his brother died no other men had been fighters they were kosovar albanian and that
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was a death sentence for those buried here young and old. this happened within the reach of unarmed european observers but the serbs blocked their access roma shabani and others had been rounded up in this yard. to shop or to talk to in the hall as you can see first of all they threw grenades and opened fire on the house people were screaming especially the kids who i was laid out and beaten just here then we were ordered to leave in that direction with our hands behind our heads. like the others ram or follow directions coming up here stopping to light a cigarette and then hearing shooting he ran in that direction and the rest had come along here and they'd fallen into a trap they call this the red trail. paint marks the spots where blood stains belongings and foreign bodies had been found. and it was all
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exposed by this figure from what i personally saw i do not hesitate to describe the event as a massacre obviously a crime very much against humanity william walker's words started a diplomatic trail leading to nato's intervention the bombing of serbian military targets and there were civilian casualties back at rates check this young man believes the conflict was worth it but bahraini hire a z who was six when his eighteen year old brother was shot dead says many of kosovo's leaders a noun neglecting his village and others like it. if we compare rhetorics contribution to the cost of postage i think the authorities have not paid off our sacrifice so many young people attend university degrees only to be unemployed economic development to stifle every heist in our village as
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a person has migrated to support their family it's the view of many kosovar albanians ten years of independence hasn't carried with it good fortune for all. says you're hearing in europe or andrea the problem of use unemployment is overshadowing the celebrations what's the government doing to tackle it. good question it is promising various initiatives but the actual detail really isn't there right now there is really a recognition that more needs to be done not just with an issue to this in terms of youth unemployment but also in terms of reviving so many aspects of the economy you heard a reference there to the diaspora the money coming in from outside for people migrating to bring money back well that's all too prevalent it started joining before the war and join the war and it's not ended a lot amount of money coming into the country from overseas there is some
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positives the growth rate four percent is the highest in this region but as i say the unemployment is at nearly sixty percent for young people so right across the board the needs to be reforms and not only that tackling corruption tackling the lord order issue which is paramount to make things more positive in this young independent country thank you very much anderson and in pristina. the president has been in florida meeting victims of wednesday's school shooting that left seventeen people dead and many more injured the governor of florida has called on the director of the f.b.i. to resign after the agency admitted it didn't act on a warning about nicholas cruz has now been charged with images from florida and the calico reports. president trump's first stop in florida was to the hospital where some of the victims of wednesday's shooting still recovering his visit wasn't
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publicly announced but he told reporters he had spoken with victims and their families just think it is incredible that i want to do it. he then went on to visit with law enforcement officials but news of the f.b.i. mishandled vital information about nicholas cruz have dominated headlines it's now known that someone close to cruz called authorities with specific information about the nineteen year old's intentions the information was not passed to the proper authorities a startling failure by the f.b.i. earlier today the f.b.i. released a statement regarding information provided to our public access line on january fifth of this year. the call of provided information about nicholas cruz the potential of him becoming a school shooter. under normal protocol this information should have been provided to the miami field office there appropriate best to give steps would have been taken. the f.b.i. has a term in the protocol was not followed. florida's governor was called on the agency's
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director to step down adding yet more pressure to an organization already under scrutiny by the republican party and a makeshift memorial to those that died people continue to pay their respects but there's also anger that more isn't being done about gun control one mother's message to the president is typical of the reaction here i would tell trump that you've got to get it together this is not about politics this is not about money. this is about children's lives this is about protecting our children as a mother with children that have grown up in this city and gone to school i cannot as a mother tell my child that you are safe when i drop you off in a car line because i don't know that every day i'll tell trump you know you have children you need to protect the children first and foremost before money before politics before your ego you need to do something to get these guns out of these
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people's hands it's not known if the president will spend more time in parkland but most here are focused on remembering and grieving there are seventeen crosses here to honor those that died in wednesday's mass shooting but according to the journal pediatrics between two thousand and twelve and two thousand and fourteen an average of thirteen hundred children died of gun violence each year in this community there's an overwhelming desire for change but changing this country's gun laws will be a long and hard fought battle to go across his era parkland florida. look at the top stories for you now russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov has dismissed the indictment of thirteen russians for meddling in the u.s. election saying there are no facts to back up the charges but u.s. national security adviser at last is that the evidence of espionage and subversion
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was undeniable on friday special counsel robert muller charges thirteen russians with running a huge social media trolling campaign against democrat hillary clinton. you have seen it i have no response you can publish anything and we have seen those indictments and i've also read the statements from the homeland security adviser in the u.s. who denied the report that any country it influenced the election results the same was said by mike pence either here or maybe in another european capital so until we have the facts everything else is just blather. and that lines the body of zimbabwe's opposition leader morgan tsvangirai has been repatriated from south africa he died on wednesday after battling colon cancer. in a key figure in zimbabwean politics is moving movement for democratic change parties appointed an interim leader. if he appears defense minister says there's been no military takeover a day after the east african nation declared a new state of emergency this comes after the worst anti-government protests in a quarter of a century the state of emergency will last for six months with
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a possible four month extension and effectively bans demonstrations on thursday prime minister haile mariam desolate and said he was resigning to help bring about peace and allow planned political reforms to succeed a court in pakistan has sentenced a man to death for the murder and rape of a six year old girl zainab and sorry a body was found in a rubbish dump after she'd been sexually assaulted a case triggered protests across the country with claims of government inaction and police incompetence the governor of the us state of florida has called on the director of the f.b.i. to resign after the agency admitted it didn't act on warnings about the man charged with shooting dead seventeen people to school on wednesday president donald trump has been in florida meeting survivors of the attack as well as police who responded to the shooting the f.b.i. has admitted it received multiple warnings about the suspect those the headlines are more on all those stories in the news hour that in twenty five minutes time so
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do join me then next it's inside story. a state of emergency in ethiopia after the sudden resignation of the prime minister a shy head decided by my own will and submitted my ignition to leave my responsibilities with each of the government so who will replace him and what next for ethiopia this is inside stone.


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