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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 13, 2018 7:00am-7:34am +03

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subzero temperatures. this is where the hard part because of the extraordinary journey. to touch it you start. with tomorrow there's no oxygen. just to experience the simple pleasure of. risking you don't. get stung but this time. the united states joins burson and accusing russia of the poisoning of a former spy in the u.k. and says there will be consequences.
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from doha also coming up the u.s. calls for an immediate cease fire in syria's east and threatens unilateral action if the international community doesn't act. at least fifty people are killed after a bangladeshi plane crashes at mccool's katmandu force. and u.s. congressional republicans say the investigation into collusion between the trunk campaign and russia is over democrats disagree. the united states has backed britain's assessment the russia is likely responsible for the poisoning of a former russian spy and his daughter in the u.k. . a direct service and says those responsible lost face serious consequences and vowed it will trigger a response they say is cheap as expressed great concern over the attack on. remained in a critical condition in hospital u.k.
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prime is the trees a maze of the military grade nerve agent that was used to being developed by russia last denies any involvement on the phillips reports from london. the british police and military are still combing all over the town of salt but they and the government now believe they have some monsters that surrogates create paul and his daughter yulia were poisoned with a nerve agent developed by russia and that leads the prime minister to one of two conclusions either this was a direct act by the russian state against our country or the russian government lost control of its potentially catastrophic lee damaging nerve agent and allowed it to get into the hands of others she presented the russians with an ultimatum we must now stand ready to take much more extensive measures. mr speaker on wednesday we will consider in detail the response from the russian state should there be no
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credible response we will conclude that this action amounts to an unlawful use of force by the russian state against the united kingdom. but from russia so far blanket denial vladimir putin's spokesman says surrogates group all worked for british intelligence the incident happened in britain so it has nothing to do with russia it seems that anglo russian relations are bound to get significantly worse now and the british will be hoping for international support from european and nato allies as they seek to put pressure on moscow but what measures can britain take that will really be felt in the kremlin diplomatic expulsions sanctions against powerful individuals both seem likely but their impact may be limited i rush an economy is under such it has adapted to a hostile climate of international relations british national commercial ties. so. things of symbolic nature do not hurt russia anymore
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because they expect. for the investigators on the ground an unusual not expected test of their expertise for britain itself a crisis that will test its continuing stature in the world body phillips al-jazeera london adam airily as a former u.s. state department spokesman he says moscow has a plausible motive for carrying out such an attack russia wanted to send a very strong signal not just to britain and the west but also to its own people that if you betray us and the motherland we can get you and we will get you wherever whenever we want to and so this poisoning was meant to be seen as by everybody the west and russians as a russian mounted operation to put the fear of god into anybody thinking of
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betraying russia the u.s. is calling for an immediate cease fire in syria's east and guten has threatened to alone if the international community doesn't get to ation inside the rebel enclave has been described as hell on earth following three weeks of heavy bombing by the government and russia rebels and russia struck struck an evacuation deal russia's minutes he says so far seventy six people have been able to leave prison salumi has more cities bleeding inside and dogs two weeks after agreeing to a cease fire the security council learned their words were having little of facts for civilians on the ground in syria in eastern loan according to the u.n. more than one thousand have died in recent weeks amid continued shelling the united states said it was prepared to offer a second resolution calling for an immediate end to all military action in eastern guta and damascus city on the massacre nikki haley backed her words with a threat we support the united nations political process that seeks to end the war
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in syria. but we also warn any nation that is determined to impose its will through chemical attacks and end human suffering most especially the outlaw syrian regime the united states remains prepared to act if we must in the last year as haley reminded everyone the u.s. bombed an airfield in syria believed to be associated with a chemical attack syria's ally the russians question the u.n. source of information saying syria continues to act within its rights to the counterterrorism operation which has continued by the syrian military is not in contradiction with resolution twenty four i want the government of syria has every right to try and remove the threat to the safety of its citizens the cease fire resolution proposed by the united states would take effect immediately with no exceptions for groups on the un's terrorist list it would require russian support
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to pass highlighting yet again the limits the border divided security council can do for the people of syria christian salumi al-jazeera the united nations the us has also called for an urgent meeting in jordan following reports of syrian government as strikes on daraa in the first in months there are isn't southwest's in syria near the jordanian border some of the provinces still under opposition control there is also part of a deescalation zone negotiated last year by the us russia and jordan that means there is meant to be no fighting so the reports of strikes could be a violation of that agreement here is national security adviser says washington's optimistic about the panda between donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un the agreement to meet for talks between kim and see me at south korean last week will square has pledged to suspend nuclear and missile tests. brief members of the u.n.
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security council in progress promising to keep up the pressure on pyongyang. well south korean envoys are traveling across the globe giving updates on the talks souls' national security chief is going to russia as the head of the spy agency has met japanese prime in session's where are they and take it from the bride has more from seoul as the preparations continue for these summits south korea is keeping up the soft pressure of its shuttle diplomacy chunky young the main envoy has been in china meeting with chinese president xi jinping the chinese are very supportive of this whole process they have always called for direct dialogue between north korea and the united states and indeed they will feel as though their implementation of sanctions has helped the whole process chong is now going to moscow to brief the russians on the agreement meanwhile and his colleagues the other main envoy in this process is still in japan he's had
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a meeting with the japanese foreign minister and with the prime minister of japan to explain this agreement the japanese will feel slightly sidelined in this whole process they were taken by surprise that trump agreed to meet with him and their concern is that they possibly could be left out of any agreement if they will be concerned that the united states for example could reach a limited agreement with north korea to stop work on its long range intercontinental ballistic missile that is capable of reaching the united states but leave in place missiles that can reach all of japan's cities shinzo are very says there is no data daylight between tokyo and washington's diplomatic positions but he will be going to washington in april probably just to make sure that there is no daylight showing. and the ball investigators are trying to find out why about the airline crashed killing forty nine people injuring twenty two although as the
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u.s. buying the airlines flight from dhaka swerved repeatedly before missing the runway at katmandu port it burst into flames and a nearby failed so later shasta reports from katmandu seventy one passengers and crew were on the flight from to do witnesses report seeing the turbo prop flying extremely low aborted slanting and then turning to land again from the other end of the runway after narrowly missing other aircraft on the ground it crashed on a stoop at the side of the runway and burst into flames. fire engines ambulances and security personnel rushed to the wreckage inside the airport paramita. some passengers managed to break a window and scrambled out almost on skates others were pulled free and taken to hospital many of the dead were charred beyond recognition. from minister visited the scene. this is
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a terrible accident from what i understand from the airport officials the plane was in difficult position but the pilot did not ask for emergency landing and tries to land it into this fatality but we offer our condolences to the government and the people. the airlines chief executive in bangladesh is blaming air traffic controllers and in a leaked recording of the conversation between the flight deck an air traffic control other pilots listing were concerned that the flight might crash. an investigation committee has been set up to find the cause behind me is that wreckage off the plane where the last of the bodies are being recovered and police and army personnel are taking out personal belongings off the passengers and putting its aside as you can see the plane has been burned beyond recognition except for the tail and if you look at the area that's been since the grass that has been synced on the ground it looks that there was a massive explosion. has
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a poor air safety record with more than seventy crashes since one thousand nine hundred forty nine but most fatalities have involved planes flying into the himalayas or trying to land at mountain airports the bombard dash eight involved in this latest disaster is built in canada and executives are expected to fly in to join the crash investigation. al-jazeera government. the head of the un's world food program is warning that colombia is facing a humanitarian catastrophe along its border with venezuela david beasley visited the colombian town of kuta up to fifty thousand people stream across the border border from venezuela every day in search of food and medicine he says venezuela's economic crisis has left many of its people starving and he's calling on the international community to help colombia cope with the crisis. i will deliver this
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message that i think is an absolute to trash humanitarian crisis. you know your business to make donations around the world in the hopes it will come to be just absolutely necessary we must. so the has had on al-jazeera human rights campaign is the key is manaus military taking of a land that was home to random muslims plus i believe our allows us to question authority to rebel to provoke designing social change immediate says building a war of a different kind to counter president trump. through triangle the arabian can you. see and if. the weather squatting down eistein out across the middle east at home last the
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amounts of cloud still pushing over towards afghanistan took many stands back to stop we are going to see some playing maybe some sleet and snow here as we go on through the next few days but i'll swear as you can see used to confide and fly with pleasantly warm sunshine coming for nineteen or twenty celsius that by route over the next couple of days still a child so wanted to share was up towards the black sea so to he could still see a little bit of wet weather maybe some wet weather some winter weather still in place over towards far east of the region but for many it's going to be settled and sunny a touch cooler in task a touch warmer in kabul at around fifteen degrees celsius but it won't cross the arabian peninsula it's getting warmer still as we go on through the next few days hopefully the winds dying down here in ca twenty nine celsius on tuesday picking up to thirty one scones freewebs day a gentle breeze of those days are really will feel very nice as we go on through into the middle possible for this week not to bad too across southern africa a little more plow pushing towards the western cape a sign of
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a great run for i'm afraid the eastern cape charles wanted to shout at the wet weather in tucson for more than piles of mozambique and the good parts of towns in the. the with sponsored boycotts on use. the scene for us when they're on line which is a very nice time in yemen that peace is possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there people the little choosing between buying medication and eating basis is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist and has posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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again you're watching and as there are more of his reminder of our top stories this hour the u.s. has backed persons assessment that russia was likely responsible for the poisoning of a former spy and his daughter in southern england over a week ago the british government says. attacks using a minute to grade nerve agent but in russia moscow has denied any involvement. united states calling for an immediate cease fire in syria's rebel held eastern gusa some bastard's the u.n. says the u.s. will act alone if the international community doesn't more than a thousand people have died since the syrian government stepped up its offensive in eastern guta last month. and investigate says a trying to find out why a bangladeshi ally crashed in the polls capital killing forty nine people and injuring at least twenty two others he was buying the airlines flight from dhaka
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missed the runway and burst into flames in a nearby field. this president has blocked singapore to make a broad comes broad comes bid to take over u.s. rival. on grounds of national security donald trump said he had evidence the proposed one hundred seventeen billion dollar takeover pose a security threat and presidential order puts an end to what would have been the largest technological tail in history einstein as chief analyst for digital services at i.c.l. japanise an i.t. research and pfizer firm he joins us on skype from take it so has this blog come as something of a surprise no i actually think that this move was widely expected we've seen many companies that want to acquire tech terms in the u.s. particularly from china not being able to do so with weiwei and with ali baba so no
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i would say that this move was actually rather expected ok do you think then that it's warranted is this about protecting national security or is it for commercial reasons so i don't think that this is so much linked to national security broadcom has you know a lot of ties to singapore i think this is commercially related. being one of the major producers of five g. chips or about the launch of five g. networks starting this year and so for those reasons i would say that this is wired to be commercially driven ok they really does send us a clear message doesn't it the us is not open for business. i think that that is much truer than it was a few years ago as i said you know not only this deal but also you know ali baba being very expressed told that it can't get into the financial services markets in the united states and also chinese handset vendors are being told to back off from
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doing deals with u.s. carriers so i think that that statement is a lot truer today than it was a few years ago why did broken want to buy call come in the first place well as i mentioned we have five g. coming broadcom had acquired this would have made the third largest chip vendor in the world after intel and samsung there's a lot of enthusiasm about what five g. networks are going to do and also something called the internet of things where we're seeing more chipsets being put into everything from from cows to cars to clothing so you know this this market is very exciting in is expected to grow very quickly in the near future so it's exciting market but does this move concern the tech industry are we saying the world becoming less globalized or more nationalized i think that that is a concern you know particularly between the u.s. and china and i think that we will see you know less and less of these cross border
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deals concerning these two countries in the near future ok guys i can speak to you thanks very much for joining us here is president donald trump has repeated assertions by republican members of the house intelligence committee that they found no evidence of collusion between the two hundred sixteen trunk campaign and russia but the top house and senate democrats as dispirited they claim saying there is clear evidence that russia tried to help trump in the run up to the vote john hendren has more from washington d.c. . the house intelligence committee on capitol hill as ended its russia investigation that committee concluded after listening to seventy three witnesses and reading three hundred thousand documents that there was no collusion between the campaign of donald trump and the government of russia the republican leadership vacuum maybe because there were active measures taken by the russians to interfere in the election but they disagreed with us intelligence officials saying that that was not done to aid donald trump and they say that while donald trump jr and jared
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cushion are the president's son in law and aide both met with a russian lawyer in june of two thousand and sixteen that was just bad judgment that was not collusion so as that investigation winds down the independent investigation of special counts or robert mueller has ramped up he has already indicted thirteen russians in absentia and several top u.s. officials none of those people was interviewed by that house committee and some of the people who were interviewed gave very little information democrats were incensed joaquin castro on that committee called it a stunning betrayal of the american people and the top democrat on that committee adam schiff called it a capitulation saying that republicans placed the interests of protecting the president over protecting the country so this investigation will go on independently but in the house intelligence committee it is over and it's for roll
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call the newspaper specializing in reporting from capitol hill he says the committee findings are not surprising. it looks like there is a lot of partisanship at play here as there has been throughout this process with the house intelligence committee what i think we saw today particularly because the summary was released at least a one page summary before either adam schiff and the democrats on that committee were able to review the findings and also before they've been able to go through a declassification review process where folks at the intelligence agencies going to chance to to go through the report and scrub it for potential items of national security interest the fact that this was put out now in this way is interesting because they also disagreed with some of the findings of the intelligence community and they really wanted to get that out there i guess if there were house
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republicans and since nasa has really satellite images said to show a man miles military building and for structure and areas one's home to a hinge and muslims as described the construction as a land grab they while the u.n. is accused man miles government of using a policy of force starvation against her hands until it is just tired reports. life continues to be a misery at this rigid refugee camp in eastern bangladesh many of those who live here say they just want to go back to their homes in myanmar's rakhine state but if you are certain if they ever will what's also unclear is whether they will ever see justice for the abuses the feast abuses the u.n. describes as bearing the hallmarks of genocide there appears to be a policy of forced starvation and place designed to make life in northern rock kind unsustainable for a hunter who remain. amnesty international is also questioning whether the more than seven hundred thousand written injured displaced in months of violence will
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ever be able to return to their homes be satellite images appear to show areas where rohingya houses mosques and businesses once stood and where since the sort of the year there has been a rapid increase in the construction of myanmar military infrastructure including three new army bases construction the rights group is describing as a land grab around three hundred fifty range of villages have been destroyed since unrest and rakhine state began last august eyewitnesses say the myanmar military directed the burning of the villages and accusation the government denies despite an agreement with neighboring bangladesh to repatriate the hundreds of thousands of rohinton who fled over the border to safety it's looking increasingly unlikely many will be able to return to where their homes once stood as well as the new military infrastructure rapid road construction and other building has been seen in the area and in one case for him to villagers who had remained in myanmar were forcibly
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evicted to make way for an army base we're witnessing a genocide in real time the mistreatment of the rich by me and my military and me and mas authorities surely meets the criteria to be considered a genocide and we actually need to see sanctions back on the table this should be visa bans for the pipa trite as all of these atrocities and that should include not just the military but it should should should include the civilian authorities of me and the me and maher government doesn't deny bulldozing the remains of the wreckage of villages in recent months but says it did so to make way for the new homes for returning refugees u.n. investigators say it's been difficult to ascertain what's happening in rakhine state because it has largely been sealed off from them rights groups and the media in al-jazeera. yes and wintle as a story and in southeast asian affairs he says the satellite images prove the military campaign was deliberate well i think it it points for
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a long that this thing has been choreographed by the military me and my military if you go back to the end of august when some. rebel what he would want to call them launched pretty small scale attacks in two stations the response from the. military was massive totally out of proportion but wharton that it turns out that they had been a buildup of troops within wreckin state which is where was the thing from the beginning of all was now we're faced with what's called after all these working and they'd be mass exodus as before but this is on a scale into two and no it turns out that they are building on the land which has been deserted who things have been going out for and again it looks as if it's part of a premeditated picture a new un who are humanitarian coordinator of a yemen is pledging to do more to help the millions of people facing starvation
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these gunday says addressing food sources in the major cholera outbreak a top priority is the almost three years civil war has led to what the u.n. says is the world's worst humanitarian disaster who the rebels are fighting pro-government forces backed by assad's led coalition for control of the country. on the third of april in geneva the secretary general of the united nations is going to be bringing together all of the countries in the world to play money to support this operation our top priorities right now are looking at the cholera response and making sure that we're doing everything we can to prevent an epidemic this year our second priority is to address the food insecurity problems we know that there are millions of families in yemen who need help with food and we're looking at our program and we're pledging to do more. york's metropolitan opera has fired its longtime conductor and musical director of allegations of sexual misconduct and independent inquiry into james levine says it found credible
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evidence of sexually abusive and harassing behavior seventy four year old was suspended in december after several accusations of misconduct in the one nine hundred sixty s. and one nine hundred eighty s. venus one of the most widely known and influential figures in classical music has been the mets musical director since one nine hundred seventy six he denies any wrongdoing donald trump is heading to san diego later on tuesday to see prototypes of the war he's promised to build a league u.s. border with mexico as hardline immigration policies have been at the center of debate not only in the u.s. but worldwide and one artist in washington has built a road rule to highlight the faces fears and faith of america's muslim immigrants. in two thousand and seventeen i started collecting id photos of muslim immigrants in my immediate community and the project started because i really wanted to explore the psychological toll the human toll of unjust policies that not only are
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about racial profiling but also politicizing of identities i asked people in my community my family my friends for their id photos soon after i started the project people became refusing they said they were terrified a lot of people told me they were afraid of being recognized they didn't want their photo out there because they were scared of being a victim of a violent hate crime as the muslim ban went into effect and you kept hearing about people muslim americans people who were permanent residents here and travelers being detained at airports i felt stronger about using the id photo because at that point i saw it as a political symbol and in this case it became something that determined whether or not you were worthy of being here i want people to know that the current political climate is taking a toll on families and communities on a very personal individual level and i also want to communicate how unjust policies
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often disregard the human toll the psychological toll on individuals i believe in the catalytic power of art for social change i believe art allows us to question authority to rebel to provoke to elicit a certain response and i really believe that art also allows us to call for justice this wall is a symbol of resistance an act of defiance almost but also of unity solidarity within the community this wasn't to separate the swallows and to keep anyone out this wall is to do the opposite to represent to show to engage people. as ours are the. as are our top stories the u.s. has backed preston's assessment that russia was likely was sponsible for the poisoning of a former spy and his daughter in southern england more than a week ago the british government says gania script attacks using
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a military grade nerve agent developed in russia a crime is a truism is demanding an explanation from moscow which denies any involvement so. we must now stand ready to take much more extensive measures. mr speaker on wednesday we will consider in detail the response from the russian state should there be no credible response we will complete this action amounts to one use of force by the russian state against the united kingdom. the u.s. is calling for an immediate cease fire in syria's rebel held eastern and some bass of the united nations that warns the u.s. will act alone if the international community doesn't more than a thousand people have died since the syrian government stepped up its offensive in the last month. the u.s. national security adviser says washington is optimistic about the planned meeting between donald trump and north korean leader kim jong il south korean employees are
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in japan and russia updating them on the progress in talks with pyongyang. investigators are trying to find out why a bangladeshi airliner crashed in the pool's capital killing forty nine people injuring twenty two others u.s. banga airlines flight from dhaka missed the runway at katmandu airport and burst into flames a nearby field where is a word repeatedly as it prepared to land his president donald trump repeated assertions by republican members of the house intelligence committee that they found no evidence of collusion between the twenty sixteen trump campaign and russia which the republicans say they've finished conducting interviews for their investigation of the top house intelligence democrats has disputed the claim so it's clear evidence russia tried to help in the run up to the votes. the u.s. president has blocked singapore to make a bold comes bid to take over u.s. rival qualcomm on grounds of dust and security said he had evidence the take of a pace
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a security threat the presidential order puts an end to what would have been the largest technological dail in history those are your headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the stream stay with us. a candidates like the with a. tight grip on the kremlin is trying to eighteen years now when russian people. there's every indication that they will return him to his full presidential to. follow the russian elections here on al-jazeera. i am really could be it's an exciting week ahead at the story my family is at the south by southwest conference and festival in austin texas and we'll be bringing you a series of programs on technology and innovation today what are the ethical implications of immersive storytelling tools like a.


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