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and the. u.s. and british companies have the biggest discovery of. what to do with these resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spent most of the days looking forward to. this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their countries have been truly unable to escape. this is. when live from studio. to the newsgroup confirming all expectations of. russia's president
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without breaking a sweat international observers are the least surprised. orderly but lacking any real choice so with russians on the rest of the world looking at six more years of the big question what's next also on the grid escaping the violence of syria. only to be arrested in government territory what's happening to with least some of the people who've made it out according to human rights groups citing unverified reports will also have the latest on what it's like for those still trapped inside the ever shrinking rebel enclave and a health system on the brink of collapse children detained right eroded the latest u.n. sponsored report on the occupied palestinian territory makes for difficult reading we'll speak to the offer. from the liaison woman convicted of naming made to death prison time details of an online petition that. demands equal justice for
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all and they sent messages live throughout the say on spezza and facebook. with the newspaper live on air we're streaming online through you tube facebook live and then al-jazeera dot com thanks for joining us it was an easy victory to easy according to international observers that's a lot of repute and won a fourth term as president so he secured seventy seven percent of the votes putting him well ahead of the other six candidates the nearest had about eleven percent voter turnout was reported at sixty seven percent that's slightly higher than the last election while observers were sent by the organization for security and cooperation in europe better known as the o.s.c. and here's part of their assessments. they did march presidential election took
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place in an overly controlled legal and political environment marked by continued pressure on critical voices while the central election commission ministerial the election officially and openly after intense efforts to promote turnout citizens voted in significant numbers yet restrictions on the fundamental freedoms assembly association and expression as well as some kind of aid resist ration and limited space for political engagement and resulted in a lot of genuine competition live so lawrence lee in moscow in just a moment that's right after a chalons report wrapping up all the reaction so far. with russians and the world looking at six more years of bloody may putin the question what next has an obvious answer box with his constitutional limits of two consecutive terms reached him twenty twenty four there are plenty of people wanting
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to know that will be good for putinism perhaps these journalists he might return in twenty thirty it's going to diminish what you say is quite funny i mean let's count you think i'll sit here and tell him one hundred you know no and when questioned about any constitutional changes he had this reply but yeah and you've got you at the moment i have no plans to carry out any constitutional reforms as far as the head of the government is concerned and the government as a whole i've said that i'm of course thinking about it but i'll start thinking about it substantially from today. but in comes out of these elections with the highest percentage of the votes in his rule so far several instances of fraud were caught on camera harmless looking old ladies voting twice or stuffing reams of papers into boxes but the central election committee has judged that there's no reason to question the result is that having a in general to compare it with two thousand and twelve well we have a look at the so-called. violation map there are at least two times viewer
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violations even if we count the reports of possible violations in recently an excretion mia which featured so centrally in the kremlin's electoral theater pro putin sentiment is strong ninety two percent of people who voted in crimea voted for putin he's seen here particularly in this naval city of sevastopol as the man who saved crimea and the russian black sea fleet from falling into the clutches of ukraine's western leaning governments only the minority population of muslim tarts ours is a significant voice of opposition but clearly some russians are unhappy about political stagnation as even you can point you there will be no developments we will spoil relations with the whole world will hold a dirty world card and that will be it this voter in you catherine berg also depressed by the lack of change was asked why he voted for putin anyway i don't know don't give us. it's a measure of russia's
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a versions of the turmoil that's engulfed it so often in the past and it's a sentiment putin has long taken for the advantage of voting for him is voting for stability even if for most russians life is unlikely to get any better for each island's al-jazeera crimea well now to lawrence lee who is joining us from moscow and putin spoke just earlier today what any after say message or was he sending out . well you know he said last night during his victory speech that he wanted to get on with all the other candidates who he beat so easily in this sort of sense of national unity and he talks about all his supporters and russia being a big team together and so there he was today standing up with all the other candidates and he made a load of remarks which would really make you raise your eyebrows because he said he wanted to not have an arms race and reduce spending on military things and get
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on with other countries and normalize relations and all that sort of thing as long as everybody respected russia and the thing is it was very different a lot of it's what he said in the lead up to the election if you remember a few weeks ago he gave the state of the union address in which he unveiled this new raw ft of weapons and rockets and nuclear weapons or sorts of things and now apparently he seems to be saying the exact opposite i don't think it is necessarily as contradictory as it seems though if you consider that the entire basis of the putin message is we really want to be friends with everybody else it's just that they don't want to be friends with us and so you had for example the french president macron saying to him today we're very worried about please stop bombing syria and you know and obviously a lot of european countries are very concerned about the allegation that it was russia behind the poisoning of the british spy script while in england and so it lends to this idea that he's trying to push domestically and still continues to
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he's a really nice guy trying to go with everybody else but russia continues to be under attack all the time and these other countries they just don't make it easy for russia to to normalize relations it's the way they are trying to phrase it that way round all right lawrence lee reporting from moscow thank you for the social media producer sarah harris is here to tell us more about what people are saying online sarah makes her actions during our reporter's mention the right food and that's the focus of a lot of the online discussions life streams from polling stations are accessible just within. russia through government run websites is just one here but videos like this one still made it on the social media it shows balloons covering the camera's view which you'll be seeing in a moment and however the government does say any rigging or fruit they gave as the greens were cool and stands out before they could affect the results elsewhere the chatter is about how easily putin has been elected for this use the jokes on twitter say in
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a completely legitimate vote that involves no ballot box stuffing or forced voting putin won the rez the russian presidential election with a landslide and posted also with the tweet a meme of putin winking it was the first time also the sasha kettling could vote but she chose not to see on facebook she wrote her decision was based entirely on a voting system that isn't electronic and she didn't know where her vote would end up but there's also been a lot of criticism towards western media and their coverage of the russian election not just from within russia but also from outside and angeles dunya calls western reaction to the election condescending and also the tweet here by imposing the u.k. says the interesting statistic is that there was more than a sixty percent voter turnout putin remains incredibly popular amongst the ordinary russian people our press of course referring to the british press appear to despise misunderstand this fact now tomorrow. is
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a russian citizen living in canada and earlier she told us about her voting experience from that. unfortunately we had to wait for almost three hours to get inside the building so this is how huge the line was and i spoke to i communicated with many people they told me that they came from watch a lot in terror from london and terror from katrina and from all over canada i asked people like why so many of them there and. have it told me that because of the situation right now not only in russia but in the world the thing that only russian president putin can be trusted to solve. and many many people asked told me that they will give their vote for light i'm a putin. marcus guests on twitter said pictures and videos of his daughter
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susan taking part in the russian election rhythm and he also received a plan to vote for so today is going to someone you vote today you can't so who are you going to vote for. why. and if you don't know why. so why are you going to vote putin and of. your lover why do you love him. it's great he's pretty that's where you're going to work for him. some people might think she's keep that marx's video and pictures got several comments including this one asking if he uses his daughter in election propaganda you can leave your comments live on this new story on the face that pacer atma say get in touch with us well sarah thank you and speaking of facebook on our facebook feed we are
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getting comment so awesome is saying i think putin is a good man not only for russia but also for the world and then i lee is telling us this result is sad for modern russian people take a look at this right there this election comes at a time when relations with the u.s. are compared to the cold war and moscow is accused of poisoning a spy in britain so what do russians expect from their leader laura kyle and her guests on sunday's edition of inside story debate this very issue and it's online right now so speaking of the poisoning case the e.u. foreign ministers have reaffirmed their firm support for britain meeting in brussels they said they're taking the u.k.'s assessment that russia is to blame quote extremely seriously the attack targeted the former region surrogate scrip hall and his daughter yulia in the english city of cells mary with what britain describes as a soviet designed nerve agents well international chemical weapons experts arrived
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in the u.k. on monday to collect samples. this is absolutely clear is our full sort of that if you will united kingdom and our extreme concern about what has happened and it's really acceptable to be very harshly the ready by the strength of the support the u.k. is getting respect to the incident seems pretty today. let's go through the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons or writing in the u.k. to take the song from the songs bring. meantime the russian. group increasingly so. we'll pick this up with our u.k. correspondent barnaby phillips who is in london outside the houses of parliament so as we can see barnaby firm support there from the european union that britain is in the process of leaving yes in some ways of course that's a rather awkward fact boris johnson himself the man who led the bracks it campaign
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but now i think will feel quite pleased with the degree of e.u. solidarity that britain has received in that statement from brussels today it was it was pretty strong and it rallies with bilateral statements of support that britain has received from paris from berlin crucially from washington from institutions like nato over the past fortnight and the british know that a united response from the west to what the british government believes was a brazen and outrageous attack on its soil is that much stronger the west speaks with one voice so that the head of british diplomacy and as we're saying chemical weapons experts now having arrived in the u.k. what will they be doing differently than what british authorities have already done . well you would imagine in some ways.
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what technically would be the same but they are an outside body an internationally reputable body so that will give a you know will carry that much more weight perhaps in the court of international opinion they ought in theory to be able to confirm whether what the british government has been saying is correct or not was this military grade nerve agents joke which we believe was originally developed in the soviet union whether it was used in seoul free that doesn't mean of course that they will be able to say where the particular. agent that was used in this in this actual incident whether it was made in russia or indeed elsewhere so i'm not sure that they're going to be able to satisfy all the doubts is the samples they take will then be tested in
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international of our trees outside of this country and we're told that we can expect to wait for some two weeks or so for the results all right barnaby phillips thank you to syria where according to activists some people are being arrested or are disappearing after being evacuated from the shrinking rebel enclave of eastern rules on your damascus it's raised further fears about what's happening to those who reach areas controlled by the government and its allies as in a hundred reports from neighboring lebanon. estimates vary on the number of civilians who have crossed into government controlled territory because of military operations in eastern huta but it's believed to be in the tens of thousands many people found themselves back under government rule as frontlines quickly changed the pro syrian government camp is calling this a victory a liberation but human rights organizations are expressing concern following as of yet unverified reports of people going missing or arrested no one it's fair minded
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about the violations that we have seen in places of detention by government forces from the torture ill treatment sexual violence and even executions in order to ensure the security of these people that are fleeing from the center. we do need to have independent monitors on the ground thousands remain trapped inside an ever shrinking rebel enclave many of them are wanted by the state because they were involved in opposition activities medics civil defense volunteers are particularly vulnerable so are media activists who the government accuses of being terrorists a reporter working for the syrian opposition orient t.v. is missing the organization says he is being held along with members of his family by the government it is demanding his release. activists and journalists are demanding. the. international.
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through status quo goes on the president of the. international community communities what is. the pro-government alliance has recaptured approximately eighty percent of the enclave eastern huta is now divided into three pockets in the north the largest town duma is surrounded it's the same case in nearby harasta and both are split off from the rest of the area the rebels still control some towns in the southern edge. each rebel faction controls a different pockets after out a sham controls harass the socialist that controls the no pro-government alliance resumed its offensive from the air and on the ground after a brief lull piling more pressure on the opposition since the military campaign began just over a month ago the russian military and the syrian government have made clear that agreeing to leave to go to other rebel held areas is the only option the opposition has if the military assault is to end senator beirut while in northern
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syria turkey is preparing to withdraw its troops from the city of they and their rebel allies to control if it on sunday it was held by kurdish y p g fighters who turkey regards as terrorists the red cross wants its workers to be allowed into a free in iranian callen is a spokesman for the turkish president he's told al-jazeera that he expects civilians to return to often shortly. last year when we conducted the euphrates shield operation between jobless and iraq where we have cleared more than two thousand square kilometer area from the dice terrorists time and we have returned those places cities and towns back today of local owners and in fact in the seven years syrian war something happened there that never happened anywhere else and about hundred fifty thousand people have returned to their homes these are syrian
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refugees who lived in turkey at that time they went back to their homes because jobless area was cleared and it was safe and now at the moment there are no idea why p.g. no diet and no regime forces there it's run by local people so we anticipate a similar station enough in where those who had to flee because of the regime attacks or because of the people id why p.g. will go back to their homes and we are making our plans to make sure that they go back safely and run their businesses and in fact i shows on the line the fact that if you look at you know the post liberation station in often in regards to what happened in iraq or in mosul i think the station is very clear the city has been kept intact we have not been barred at the city our soldiers and free syrian army fighters have been very careful in avoiding civilian casualties they've been very careful in not attacking any of the houses of worship or historical sites and in fact if you look at the pictures as i said it's very clear compared to what
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happened in iraq what happened in mosul after the liberation of the city what do you get in touch with us we'd like to hear from you on these stories you can send your comments to any one of our online platforms where on twitter at a.j. english we're also on facebook at facebook dot com slash a.j. news grid and also you can send us a whatsapp message at plus one seven four five zero triple one one four nine and just a reminder to always use the hash tag a.j. news grid. now the united nations humanitarian chief mark has just given a sobering briefing to the u.n. security council about the situation in the democratic republic of congo so the central african country has been gripped by violence listen humanitarian needs caused by internal conflicts have doubled over the last year thirteen million people need humanitarian assistance more than four point six million children are acutely malnourished including two point two million suffering severe acute
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malnutrition we're seeing mushrooming epidemics including the west outbreak of cholera in fifteen years there's also an epidemic of sexual violence most of it unreported and on addressed and much of it against children while the u.n. is trying hard to draw the world's attention to what exactly is going on in india in the democratic republic of congo describing the violence and sexual abuse as horrific more than fifty seven thousand people mostly women and children have fled the country's east into uganda since the start of this year alone they join forty four thousand others who escaped during twenty seventeen fighting in this part of the d.r. see involves cattle herders and farmers who have a long history of violence over land access this is one of many conflicts plaguing the country and tensions have soared that's because of uncertainty surrounding president joseph kabila future he is due to face elections in december that have
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been delayed twice since his second and final term expired and that was at the end of twenty sixteen mike hanna joining us live from the united nations listening to that briefing to tell us more about it and what the u.n. is saying it can actually do mike. well what you're outlining there is a litany of disasters a compared to you know of factors that have led to this massive crisis within the d.r. see what the u.n. is doing at the moment needs one thing it needs money at this particular point only four percent of the aid needed for twenty eighteen has been raised by the u.n. this meeting taking place here in new york is a preliminary part of what will be happening at the beginning of april april the thirteenth where a donor's conference will be held to raise money to get this necessary funding for the crisis or to deal with the crisis in the d.r. see but important to note too that this is
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a ongoing developing crisis the figures that mark i'll cop represents said that in his speech he said some thirteen million people. in need of humanitarian assistance the shocking fact is that this is an increase of fifty percent from last year in other words you got to have a crisis that is deteriorating as time passes all right mike hanna reporting from the u.n. thank you now saudi arabia's crown prince has criticized his country's arch rival iran describing it again as a destabilizing force in the region so he made the comments on u.s. television that's ahead of his meeting with president donald trump on tuesday iran in response called mohamed bin sandman a quote delusional they must ravi with more from to run. the heir to saudi arabia's
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throne began his tour of the united states by pointing a finger at his country's arch rivals even though saudi arabia has played a major role in regional conflicts both past and present. blamed iran for instability in the middle east iran and. unfortunately iran is playing a harmful role in the iranian regime is based on pure ideology. many of the al qaeda operatives are protected in iran and it refuses to surrender them to justice and continue to refuse to extradite them to the united states and this includes the son of some of the new leader of al qaeda he lives in iran and works out of iran and he's supported by iran. and despite the fact that saudi air strikes have killed thousands of people in yemen been solomon said iran is responsible for the ongoing conflict led to the jihad on the if. the iranian ideology penetrated some parts of yemen during that time this militia was conducting military maneuvers right next to
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our borders and positioning missiles at our borders to you know. observers say the crown prince is exaggerating iran's role to justify the saudi action which. is. a lot of private lot and also in order to have freedom of action to rise to. in order to. yeah he tried to. influence. her me this before it was a career diplomat he said comparing iran's supreme leader to adolf hitler and minimizing the military strength of iran's armed forces are signs of been so months in experience with. newcomers. to show. here's a strong one on sunday iran's foreign minister signaled that been so moms comments
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were part of an ongoing campaign to keep iran from reestablishing itself in the international community we have made extensive efforts for normalizing relations and creating a suitable climate for talks with saudi arabia but unfortunately continuation of saudi arabia's illusions in the wake of the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal shows that the country lacks adequate preparedness for talks with iran to reach an understanding iran and saudi arabia are on opposite sides of every major conflict in the middle east and recent comments by leaders from both countries would seem to show that a meeting of minds is unlikely to happen anytime soon the same bus ravi old zero difference. if you're watching us on facebook live what you'll see next hour the igloos that are helping homeless people in paris get through europe's cold snap and coming up in just moments right here on the newsgroup will step into the world of syrian teenagers living in the largest syrian refugee camp with an immersive film
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that explores their hopes and dreams for the future. hello there we're still seeing plenty of rain working its way across parts of the middle east the satellite picture shows up the systems very clearly we've got one spiraling its way across parts of iran that's working all the way up into kazakstan then the next one following it is making its way through parts of iraq and then the final one is making its way into parts of turkey at what i have a turkey is fizzling out so by the time we get to choose day just a good deal of cloud around not too much in the way of wet weather and the system that was over a rock is also desponding so the temperatures have are rising thirty degrees will be our maximum in baghdad pretty hot for us it's for the east where there's more in the way of cloud that's still going to be dealing. during a pause of afghanistan or though it does eventually begin to clear away as we head
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through wednesday a bit further towards the south and here in doha no major changes for us over the next few days the thirty degrees should be on maximum as we head through maybe thirty one path as we head into wednesday for the south temperatures matching that in fella will be up to thirty one as well for the southern coast of africa well we've been watching off i close not spain hitting us in madagascar fortunately the worst of that is now clearing away strengthening as it makes its way southwards and is still pulling quite a few showers behind it so for some of us in madagascar they could still be some heavy downpours. i am doing this for the benefit of saddam people. so a bad day see the importance of the arab guys.
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who witnessed documentaries that open your eyes. at this time on al-jazeera. feels like one of our biggest strengths is that we talk to normal everyday people we get them to tell their stories and doing that really reveals the truth people are still gathered outside these gates waiting for any information most of them don't know whether that loved ones are alive or dead or miami really is a place where the world's me we can get to washington d.c. two hours we can get it on joyous and the rest of central america heard about the same time but more importantly is where those two cultures north and south america beats us to teach it's a very important place for all to the roots of the. this
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is what's trending right now on our website does your dot com the top story on the big conference in saudi arabia saying only death can stop me from ruling you can read much more about what the story is on al-jazeera dot com and check out the other top story as well. the u.n. special operator on the situation of human rights in the occupied palestinian territory has war and it's only getting worse since his last assessments only six
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months ago so palestinians in gaza and the occupied west bank including east jerusalem a face demolitions of homes and schools arrest an arbitrary detention and restrictions on the freedom of movement when michael links latest report also outlines what he describes as failings in the right to health care particularly in gaza in january for example the report shows that only forty percent of essential medicines you can see right there were available for two million residents severe electricity shortages have led to three hospitals and thirteen clinics temporarily closing in gaza affecting health care for more than three hundred thousand people he also addressed the detention of palestinian children in the occupied west bank and gaza saying the case of a seventeen year old i had been to mimi is prominent but it's not i. elated in november three hundred thirteen palestinian minors were held in israeli prisons and
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twenty seventeen also saw a sharp rise in the number of new settlements units announced by the israeli government and settlements have been found to be at the center of many recurrent human rights violations and the occupied west bank according to this reports so will now speak to michael link he is the u.n. special reports were on the situation of human rights in the palestinian territories occupied since one thousand nine hundred eighty seven he's joining us from geneva thank you so much for speaking to us on news great on al-jazeera so since your previous report you say the human rights situation has deteriorated how much worse has it gotten in your assessments well when you look at the major developments over the past year record number of settlement units being announced by israel the most since two thousand number of bills now being either debated or in fact an act that through the israeli knesset will extend israeli
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sovereignty or jurisdiction over further parts of the west bank. new zoning. controls with respect to these ready portion of the west bank hold area c. and of course the continuing plate of the two million palestinians in gaza with the maintenance of the comprehensive blockade by israel over the land sea and air borders for gaza. the occupation is getting thicker and deeper and there's a hydraulic relationship between that and the worsening human rights situation in the west bank gaza and east jerusalem let's talk about the methodology for a moment this report because israel hasn't granted you access to the occupied palestinian terrorist territory so how are you gathering all this research. well you know obviously the best thing of all would be for me to be able to have access
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to the occupied territories to be able to see what's going on on the ground to be able to speak with human rights defenders both israelis and palestinians and also has to talk to officials on both sides with respect to this israel does not recognize the men date of the on the occupied territories that's been established by the human rights council it didn't allow my prior two previous essers to go to the opi t. either plan b. is that there are an excellent. community of public standing in israeli and international human rights organizations that do simply top quality research on the impact of the occupation and on human rights violations so it's mostly from them that i'm developing my work i always have an enormous number of reports statements and and testimony provided to me by these human rights defenders that goes into the creation of each of my reports we've heard of these violations before and as you
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point out from your predecessors as well but the u.n. and much of the international community hasn't been successful in holding israel accountable when it comes to these violations so how much faith or what assurances do you have right now that this report or your work is going to yield any sort of results that you'd like to see. well one somebody once called me recently a gloomy optimist and that i wouldn't be in this position unless i thought that the work i was doing the work that other human rights defenders are doing the work of the united nations was going to lead to some kind of positive general just solution for both israelis and palestinians living in that tiny land on the other hand it is indisputable that the direction of where things are going is getting worse the occupation past fifty years the longest running occupation in the modern world shows no signs of coming to an end and in fact is a humanitarian and human rights oxymoron when you talk about a permanent or endless occupation so my hope is that through talking to people like
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you through the publicity given to the reports that i do through the the valiant work and difficult work done by human rights activists that the world's going to wind up paying attention to this but if i'm if i'm gloomy at all it's because i see the international community criticizing israel but not there's not a lot certainly not sufficient action to try to bring it to an end you know the international community is playing checkers on this matter while israel and its occupation are playing chess well speaking of criticism you are accused by israel of exploiting your position to quote spread hateful incitement against the state of israel and i'm sure you've heard this the israeli ambassador is saying that the u.n. human rights council has lost its legitimacy as a focus as obsessive li on attacking israel instead of working on resolving the real human rights problems plaguing the world your response what must you think when you hear this. well i think that virtually any government that has fingers
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pointed to it with respect to commit to committing or commissioning a number of serious human rights violations always looks to change the channel with with respect to this you know israel is a is a unique situation in that on the one hand it has a highly democratic forms of government it has a. well respected you just carry it has regular elections it has a relatively free press and on the other hand it's keeping. almost five million palestinians under occupation that is a massive source of human rights violations so the world has to pay attention to that and in terms of being you know the accusations that the human rights council or the united nations is obsessive with israel just look at the work of the human rights council it's sitting for twenty days in and march here in geneva one one session which is one have day is devoted to the issue of
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israel and the occupied territories the rest are devoted to other human rights violations all around the world. i think the u.n. has often been wrongly criticized for having a. an obsession with respect to israel it does not have anything you know the world probably needs to have a greater attention with respect to israel both for israel's sake and for the palestinians say to bring the bring this occupation to an end because it's not going to be coming to an end under israel's watch if left to its own devices all right michael link we thank you very much for joining us and speaking to us from geneva. let me just show you what's happening in moscow for a second because that's what's going on this is a far left rally that is taking place in the capital moscow shortly after the election the reelection rather of president vladimir putin suit certain joining us from london with more of the international news. either
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an israeli parole board has ordered the early release of a soldier convicted of killing a wounded palestinian elo as arielle will now serve ten months of his eighteen month term for shooting dead twenty one year old shareef in twenty six days after he attacked israeli troops the incident was caught on camera and shown as area firing at sharif head while he was lying on the ground still alive with almost a year to go until brett's that day the start of the transition period for the united kingdom to leave the european union has been a major step forward in talks the two sides have agreed the terms of that two year transition which include allowing the u.k. to negotiate and sign trade deals with the rest of the world but there's still no agreement on the question of the irish border with the u.k. resistant to europe's back up plan of keeping northern ireland in the customs union
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i'm usually to have three this makes it possible today to reassure the four and a half million people british and european who are affected and concerned by brags that those are the people who have been our priority from day one the priority of the european parliament and the priority of the member states i set out a framework for delivering a bridge to. one that sees the u.k. formally leave the european union on the twenty ninth of march which gives everyone time they need to prepare for the future by ensuring our access to each other's markets continues because. the deal was reached today does just. the e.u. is investigating allegations that the data for fifty million facebook users was harvested by the consultancy firm cambridge analytic a whistleblower who worked at the political concert a consultancy firm says the data was used to build a system that may have influenced voters in the u.s. presidential election cambridge analytic worked for president donald trump's campaign and on the u.k.
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vote republican and democratic senators are calling for facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg to testify before congress facebook shares fell more than four percent in premarket trading. they say a bomb which exploded in the u.s. city of austin injuring two men was detonated by a trip wire is the fourth such attack in the texas city this month is a looking to see if it's connected to three possible which killed two people and whether race may have been a motive marianna honda has more. for explosions two people killed and then less than three weeks this is the scene of the latest blast a residential area southwest of austin the capital of texas two men in their twenty's were hurt investigators say they working on the assumption that it is connected to three package bombs left on people's doorsteps earlier this month but
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unlike those explosions this happened in a different part of the city we have seen similarities in the device that exploded here last night and the other three devices that have exploded in austin starting on march second again this is preliminary information but we have seen similarities the big difference in this device again is we believe that a tripwire was used in this device the first three explosions all happened in the eastern part of boston package bombs delivered by hand and lift on people's doorsteps the first exploded on much the second to killing a thirty nine year old black man and then ten days later two more bombs the first just before seven that sunday morning killing a seventeen year old black man and injuring his mother and another at around midday injuring a seventy five year old hispanic woman police say they're still looking into where the she was the intended target that the victims from the first three explosions
6:44 pm
were black or hispanic has led many to speak with the attacks a racially motivated the city's mayor says the two victims in sunday's a tech are white investigators say they're still looking into motives but have not ruled. the possibility of hate crime. just hours before sunday's a tech officials race to reward two hundred fifteen thousand dollars for information leading to the arrest of whoever is responsible police say they believe the explosions are part of a larger plane and a meant to send a message quite what they miss it is and why it will be an important part of the investigation maidana honed to syria. from a for the news group now back to center in doha thanks c. well we're looking at a court case now that's highlighting human rights issues in malaysia the story which has had huge traction online senses on this woman datsun rose it's
6:45 pm
a mohammad ali and she's a prominent wealthy malaysian woman who pleaded guilty to nearly killing her maid in twenty sixteen her sentence well a five year good behavior bond which means no prison time and the major that we're talking about is young sea citron so she was nineteen years old at the time when ali the her up with an umbrella see a more clothes hanging and a kitchen knife after the beating c.n.c. was found unconscious in a drain now many many malaysians like arena say alley sense it should have been much harsher something the country's attorney general agrees to as does a prominent malazan lawyer who spoke to us via. being with us was shocking to see. the state she is committed to the sixty she was causing to be so anxious to treat you. for the pretty pressure to get somebody out of the ship she's
6:46 pm
. to be somebody respected. somebody was going to. give you the new strength if i was running low. to see. you. because you now more than fifty thousand people have supported that appeal they've signed this change dot org petition calling for equal justice for the rich and poor and it says even if she's a doctor and that's the mill a quiver of a british lady and has connections it doesn't give her the right to treat people like that now the court case has raised the issue of domestic workers rights in the country especially foreigners and it is worth mentioning that syria sent young was indonesians not that i come into his tweets and that if all countries stopped work permits and made some alasia the message would get sound that torture and murder is a no no well if you want to find out more then you find dozens of documentaries out
6:47 pm
there showing the plight of foreign maids working in malaysia they talk about their salaries being withheld and being beaten up with sticks ons and all sorts of items now some of the asians like racine hey say the country should be banned from hiring maids and foreign workers until we enact and force law which protects them but we want to know what you think the hashtag is a.j. and he's great you can always tweet me at sort of heights. sarah thank you well the refugee camp you may have heard if it it's home to about eight hundred thousand syrians who are sheltering from seven years of war in their homeland so more than half of these refugees are children and al jazeera is immersive media arm docs contrast v.o.r. went to the camp to train seven teenagers to film their first three sixty videos of the series they've created is called seven stories for seven years and producer a joy lee who worked on it is here with me nice to see you here on the news grid
6:48 pm
joy so just tell us how this all came about and explain to our viewers what three sixty is all about thank you so much for having me first explain what three sixty video is three sixty videos essentially footage that captures three hundred sixty degrees of a scene so imagine you can look in front of you behind you even below you and even on top of you. so you know this is something that i think is a very numerous of technology in terms of storytelling for a latest project we went to the refugee camp and you can see here on this mobile tablet yeah just tell us what we're seeing here right so here we are inside south of the refugee camp we went there for a weeklong workshop where we train seven young syrian teenagers and how to film and shoot their first three sixty videos so ultimately after a week we were able to produce an immersive series under the name of seven stories for seven years so what was it like for you guys to train these seven syrian
6:49 pm
teenagers you know it was it was quite interesting i think these syrian teenagers they've grown up so much of their lives you know under constant spotlight of international news and they've really been given the opportunity to share their own stories so here you know you really get a chance to see them take control of their own narratives share the stories that they want to for the first time so here you see for example. this is footage during our training session right we were kind of giving them this is how you're supposed to film this is a distance that you should keep from the camera you know here's what it looks like when you step forward and we could really see the excitement that they had that they really did want to share their own stories so here you have you know one of the kids this is a bother he went on the rooftop of his own home and he really was excited about sharing his passion for football rights and he so you can see here it's a bit shaky but you can see hear him running around with his friends exploring what
6:50 pm
it's like to be a teenager in this in the city what is now like a city is outside a refugee camp you know and for viewers i mean they really get a sense of being immersed absolutely you kind of in seeing what it's like on the inside but i know that you're releasing another documentary i believe today correct me if i'm wrong called the dreaming in the what's that about yes so alongside the footage of these syrian teenagers films we also are releasing today a documentary dreaming in saturday where we follow young syrian teenagers and we depict the futures at the invision for themselves through illustrations and animations in the three sixty space so we hear about one stream to become pharmacist another stream to become a singer and another's dream to become a journalist actually a right and just quickly remind us how we can watch these documentaries so please go and contrast fiar dot com and you can watch all of our content there all right contrasts we are dot com and i'm sure there's a link as well on al-jazeera the conjointly have sent you very much great project
6:51 pm
thank you very much for speaking to us well joe was here just a moment to tell us about what's trending in sport and i'll give you a clue so it's a goal for rolling back the years and bringing fat back to the game in a moment. let's
6:52 pm
find out what people are talking about in. yes i'm very excited about this and if you've ever felt that your team or you'll sport has had a tough time flight spare a thought for gulf fans like me since tiger woods fell out of favor and contention the game has suffered with fewer people watching all playing golf so imagine the
6:53 pm
ripples of excitement when on sunday tiger woods was back in the hunt for his first win since two thousand and thirteen ellie's home and reports. there was no toensing who received the loudest cheers at the bank your club in orlando. it's been five years since fourteen time major winner tiger woods has posted a victory on the professional tour but as he continues a comeback from multiple back surgeries for a second straight week woods found himself in contention during the final round. if you ask me you know the beginning of the year that i would have a chance to win two golf tournaments. that's now than i would take it on a heartbeat. while woods finished in a tie for fifth child of the late he can finally be considered again the next month's masters at ogilvy. i miss playing there i've been there for the for the
6:54 pm
dinner and as great as it is it's frustrating knowing that i'm you know i would have to say young enough to play the event as some of the other champions you know are not and i just have not been able to physically do it the masters is the only my jury looting rory mcilroy he also had inclined to tour victory since the twenty fifth of september twenty sixth the day that onil palmer died but the northern irishman strauss hinted at the events named after the break. yeah really proud of myself i've hung in there over the past sort of year with injuries and. you know taking a little bit of time off at the end of last year to to sort of get myself right come into this year and. you know all the all that were hard workers. has finally paid off mcelroy had started the round two shots behind those and i played a henrik stenson. but birdied five of the last six holes for
6:55 pm
a round of sixty four and just three shots take three. i mean i played a perfect going to golf i get myself pretty chances on basically every hole. you know just executed shots the way i the way i wanted to when i needed to mcelroy another big name that will now be considered a contender for the cues from my job was released home an al-jazeera but after that when out to the press conference and all the pictures he had to he had to say macro finally managed to dig out his phone add it back and he tweeted this five hundred thirty nine days but worth the wait so proud to win the two thousand and eighteen arnold palmer invitational what's also to return interesting one would she has twice as many follow as as mack. roy and he wrote this it was a great stew reeks of being contention again i feel like i'm getting a little better great playing by rory today to win at the king's place arnie would
6:56 pm
have been proud of golf today and the charges and tiger's former girlfriend olympic skier lindsey vonn when she was also watching i'm pretty sure go for just got popular again let's go and here's the thing because even professional also provide as a drinking the tiger kool-aid if you like this one has got him and rory as favorites for the first major of the season that is of course the masses at augusta those two up there at nine to one and one more for you this one has tiger woods at eight to one ahead of world number one dustin johnson rory mcilroy and while number two justin thomas well from one sporting star returning to the top of his game to another has just had a seventeen match unbeaten streak come to an end and that is want to phèdre the one the one suffered a surprise loss to argentina's one man team del potro in the final at indian wells on sunday now federer had been on course for a record six title here but as you can see it wasn't to be instead del potro
6:57 pm
clinched his first most as one thousand title in three sets and here's how he celebrated with the team after that win. oh and that's not actually a jacuzzi that is an ice bath now share your thoughts using the hash tag a.j. news great or tweet me at jake asher oscar i'll be back with more eight hundred g.m.t. the for now and you back to during well i did stay up late joe to watch about final between dallas. and federer but on that note so that will do it for this newsgroup and you can keep in touch with us on social media just use the hash tag a.j. news grid all the ways to connect right there sue turton and our colleagues in london takeover in just a moment with much more of all the world news coming your way thanks for watching
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news for. you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world.
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al-jazeera. the benefit of sudan. so. they are. witness. documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where ever your. education is struggling to keep pace often failing to prepare children for today's world. and that some schools are changing the rules our kids have hopped the day it's tiny and how the baby. with the still machine results. by
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a different book are. rebel education early learning mexico at this time on al-jazeera. a lot of i've heard saying it's down to business after a landslide election victory but he's getting a frosty welcome from brussels of the u.k. nerve agent attack continues to raise tensions. alero i'm seated on this as well.


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