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tv   The Stream 2018 Ep 106  Al Jazeera  July 4, 2018 11:32am-12:01pm +03

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thousand all the way along the jordan syria syria israel borders the u.n. is going to release an updated figure in the coming hours they say it's going to be more i mean behind me you've got these aid trucks that have been queuing up since midnight the drivers and people delivering they're very angry that they've not been able to get that aid in it's mainly sort of locally donated stuff is mainly from what i can see water bottles of water and pillows and blankets a sort of very very basics that anybody my need on the other side of the border we know some aid has got across an official sort of u.n. aid has got across but these people trying to get more aid in to the so the syrians we know having creased in number just on the other side of the border house and when do things stand on the on the talks to try to end the fighting the latest round as ended with nothing any attempts be made at this point to try and restart those talks. well they ended on tuesday they're going
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to start again today slightly different today in that the rebel groups of sort of there are now twelve delegates from these rebel groups representing not just this part of syria but also the part that borders near gordon near the goal line and they're hoping that that combined number of negotiators on the rebel groups will give them more force more influence when they're negotiating with the russians essentially what these syrian rebel groups want as they negotiate a sort of surrender of territory is they want security guarantees they want the russians the russian military police particularly to be much more involved in patrolling syrian towns that are surrounded this is because they're afraid of the syrian regime they're afraid that revenge might be taken the refrain of the syrian military so they want the russians much more involved george they also want guarantees from jordan and jordan really is pushing for these negotiations to to
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take shape for some sort of agreement to be reached because not nor jordan doesn't want any more bloodshed and it does not want to let in and it's not going to let in the syrian refugees that are waiting there to jordan is really pushing for these negotiations to take shape to some sort of agreement to be reached we do know over night that they have agreed a ceasefire the russians have agreed to ceasefire with the rebel groups while these negotiations take place as i'm all right and berman smith and lifeless there on the jordan syria border now the son of i saw a lead out of batman back there he has reportedly killed been killed in the syrian city of homs the statement by the young group says but hey fair and bad he was killed in an operation against russian backed syrian government forces nearly all the territory once claimed by eisel across iraq and syria has been recaptured. the un is seeking access to yemeni prisons run by the united arab emirates where it
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says a number of prisoners have been tortured and sexually abused by soldiers witnesses provided the associated press news agency with drawings smuggled out of the prisons last month to describe threats and beatings over him caught up he is a yemen analyst based in new york he says there's plenty of evidence around of torture being systematically used in any rotty run prisons in yemen the torture by the u.s. united arab emirates forces in yemen and their kidnapping of detainees and sexual abuse has been well documented by a number of international human rights organizations as well as the associated press so this there were there is strong evidence and clear evidence that the u.a.e. has been committed crimes against yemenis run in secret detention kidnapping people and people who you know oppose their policies in yemen and bringing them to secret
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detention torture and them sexually abusing them committing all kind of violence against yemenis and so this is this is the time to end that kind of program not only that i think there is an obligation right now toward the yemeni government there is a moral legal and ethical obligation application that the yemeni government should and the brazilians of the united arab emirates and yemen given the these kind of crime the a lot of violations are committed by these forces in yemen so it is time to end their brothers and yemen malaysia's former prime minister najib razak has pleaded not guilty to corruption charges over the disappearance of billions of dollars from a state fund while he was in office nigeria's facing three counts of criminal breach of trust and one of using his position for gains he was arrested on tuesday and was earlier granted bail he denies the charges saying the legal action against him is politically motivated. joins us live now from.
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florence we've heard from nigel brezec for the first time now since that arrest and he is. again been saying what he said before that he he is in the he is not guilty of any of this way where do things stand now where does it go from here. on at the moment as you mentioned he's pleaded not guilty so what's going to happen next is that will be a tall. dates have been thoughtful potentially some time some time next year there will be a date before that in august where the both sides both parties defense counsel and the prosecutor. will come forward for a mention that to see where the case stands at the moment the judge has also in the meantime granted what's known as an interim gag order this was something that the defense counsel had applied for. on the basis. of statements about this case will prejudiced the to the case and prejudice the case against so that the judge has
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gone to. order and this will be reviewed again sometime in august that the next court mentioned that's the next court date as you've mentioned has maintained his innocence he's saying that this is a political vendetta when he spoke just a couple of minutes ago he said that he looks forward to the opportunity to clear his name because the accusations leveled against him and his family he maintains on not true i have to stress that this is an investigation that initially started several years ago but there are allegations that the previous government led by. blocked the investigation and it's only when the new government took over in may off to the general election that this investigation has gathered pace and they brought the first charges against involving the corruption scandal surrounding the state investment fund one and and malaysian public. saying about all this and as
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we've been reporting this this is something that had been coming for some time. that's right but you're getting a really quite varied and quite mixed reaction today at port called mostly supporters a lot of them were saying that they're here to show his support and really to say thank you because he was ultimately former prime minister malaysia and he was also the former leader of the political party known as a party that really was the strongest party that was part of the alliance that ruled malaysia since independence that was really in charge of this country for more than sixty years but at the same time there was a lot of people who have expressed delight in the fact that these charges are finally taking place because a lot of people many people believe that he had a hand in stopping the investigations that started earlier this year and it's only with the new government in place now that these investigations i have been able to
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move forward so you get really getting mixed reactions from the malaysian public oh my florence new life there in kuala lumpur. and new video has been released showing the junior thai football team in good health despite day eleven day old deal below ground through to medical supplies of reach the twelve boys and their coach phone lines are now being set up so they can talk to their parents it's not yet known know how the group will be brought out to the heavy rain is expected to hamper the cave rescue squad has more now from the rescue site. new video of the boys and their coach being released early on wednesday morning now they seem to be in good spirits there's even one little joke that goes around with the kids in there but obviously they're very very stressed and what they're trying to do now these navy seal doctors is treat any minor injuries so far we're hearing that the relatively healthy obviously very hungry there's been high protein high sugar content gels that they've been eating there's been a pipeline of supplies going into that distant part of the cave that has been
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ongoing but right now the focus is how to get them out and we've got you know we're in the monsoon season right now so we've got rain probably coming the next couple days the governor here saying that they will try to take the members of this team and their coach out as quickly as possible but it might not be all thirteen at once he said each one will be individually a value weighted and once they are ready each individual then they'll be brought out once the plan is in place that's the problem right now there's really not a plan in place yet because they're still trying to figure out the logistics of it it's a very complicated technical dive to get out from where they are out here to the mouth of the cave so that is something that they're working on very closely to right now the focus really is to get them out but the plan is still in process the governor said that they're not going to come out on wednesday but they're going to get out come out as soon as they can. the pakistani city of lahore has seen its heaviest rain in thirty eight years six people died including four who were buried
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under a building when it collapsed two others were elected electrocuted in rain related incidents heavy monsoon rain is expected to continue this month. now we're going to take a quick break now when we come back here on al-jazeera the largest teachers' union in the u.s. vowing to continue to fight against a court ruling that will hit its funding plus. zero zero zero zero zero senior judges forced out of their posts on the supremes court in poland show up to work regardless. and that simon is fresh blood. in the street. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. hello and welcome to international weather forecast the weather across much of europe remains fine very warm but we've still got a big sharp potential and we've got
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a very of low pressure across northeastern areas and that's been very slowly filling of last twenty four to forty eight hours meanwhile we've got a line of potential storms all the way from the peyronie's across southern france through towards the alps so some severe storms are likely to develop over the next twenty four to forty hours in these areas so you see it in the case and there are some of the storms building up during the course of the david temperatures still into the thirty's in many places and there were vienna looking at thirty degrees fine conditions across southern parts of europe but then through the balkans some of these storms are going to be really quite active as i move the forecast through into thursday that low pressure center the northeast begins to fill so brighter conditions following on behind but still it remains stormy i think across with still see some recently a storm developing now into north africa it's all looking fine here on broken sunshine for most and temperatures very close to forty in cairo for central parts of africa pretty big storms here to towards the gulf of guinea region and some heavy showers likely further towards the west in fact in the forecast i suspect
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that guinea and we'll see some heavy downpours. the weather sponsored by. the way when the site. when they're on line it's undoubtedly. call of poverty and inequality in our society today or if you join the sunset criminal justice system is dysfunctional right now this is a dialogue what does it feel like to go back for the first time everyone has a voice and allow refugees to first change join the conversation on our.
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again you're watching al-jazeera reminder of our top stories this hour israel and jordan are refusing to open their borders to help thousands of refugees fleeing a government military offensive in southern syria as the. latest round of talks between the opposition and government ally russia have ended without agreement. new video has been released showing a junior high football team in good health despite the eleven day ordeal below ground food and medical supplies have reached the twelve boys and their coach but it's still not yet known how they'll be brought out. lazar's former prime minister najib razak has pleaded not guilty to corruption charges over the disappearance of billions of dollars from a state fund while he was in office he was facing three counts of criminal breach of trust and one of using his position for personal gain. in poland top supreme court judges have shown up for work despite being forced out of their post
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by a new a time and more the chief justice and dozens of other senior judges were told to step down on tuesday in line with the reforms the european union has launched legal action accusing the polish government of undermining judicial independence they would take to reports from moscow. thousands of demonstrators converged on the steps of the supreme court where forty percent of the judges are losing their jobs it was described by the chief justice as a political. but the ruling lauren justice party described them as part of a self-serving elite out of touch with ordinary people but testers across the country accuse the government of undermining the constitution with a power grab in the highest sanctum of the law aiming to fit its benches with judges who bend to their will the spokesman for the supreme court said tragically history was repeating itself in poland turning back towards the one party state of
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the communist era. indeed we are seeing a breaking of the principle of the partition of power and then mutual balancing of the different kinds of power in favor of a uniform state power seeing the entire state from a single center the protesters have one powerful ally on their side though the european commission in brussels they've started legal proceedings which could end with poland being in the dock in the european court of justice but other members of their legal establishment dismissed that move as politically motivated say the fundamental reforms needed after the fall of communism are long overdue then put off that process and this is meant of many people not just politicians and judges but most importantly citizens as not been completed. as the protests continued into the night outside the supreme court time and again the protests is chanted the word
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constitution what is striking about this demonstration on the steps of the report is that the majority of voters from the of the generation of hold that the one who remembered the stifling of human rights and freedoms and democracy under the congress regime the government hoped to ride distort the protests but the opposition say this is the fight they must win for the sake of future generations and i speak now to david chaytor who is live for us in warsaw so david it looks like a real standoff is developing now between these judges in their supporters and the government on the other side. as i'm that's right it's.


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