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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 6, 2018 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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thirty thousand feet. is still in pretty good shape but it's apparent this you dig landscaping needs to be very carefully managed as multiple threats begin to loop on the horizon. the guns could fall silent in parts of syria russia broke the ceasefire between rebels and forces in daraa. says al jazeera live from sammy's a they had also coming up a ten year prison sentence for pakistan's former prime minister nawaz sharif on corruption charges get ready for the global ripples donald trump imposes huge tariffs on china and it strikes back. and trying to thrash out
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a way to break the unity of the u.k.'s divided government meets. a cease fire could soon come into force in southern syria after a deal agreed in the past few hours more than three hundred thousand people have been displaced in weeks of fighting near the border of jordan and these very occupied golan heights but rebels who have been battling a government offensive in southern syria have now agreed to stop the deal calls for fighters to hand over heavy weapons reports say they would then be given safe passage out to rebel areas in the north in exchange government forces will take control of strategically important border crossings with jordan the army would also agree to leave four villages in province. bernard smith is out the job at
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a crossing the jordan syria border joins us live from there there was some movement last time we spoke was it looks like now some of those an hour ago we saw the first syrian and russian military vehicles rumble towards the nasty crossing which is just behind me a significant prize for the acid regime in the battle to wreak take control of this part of southern syria over my left shoulder some is going to show you some other syrian and russian military there calls that have moved across the road behind me in the last hour or so an indication they moved in really within minutes of it being revealed that a surrender terms essential have been agreed by the opposition forces. with the room with the russians negotiating with the russians there's been actually no gunfire or shelling or taxis since about half past ten local local time this morning when they started negotiating again and the assumption is that that cease
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fire effectively will now or hold the opposition fighters have been given safe passage if they wanted to many thousands of them will to northern parts of syria to rebel controlled parts of northern syria then their families will go there because that is one of the very last very few places still under opposition control their remains up for discussion connect through which is along the. israeli occupied golan heights border with syria that yet to the terms of yet to be agreed for there we understand the map will be the focus of talks or discussions in the next hours and days we understand because otherwise there will be another fight for that area sami bernie what does this mean for the hundreds of thousands of people who are stuck at the border. well i think and certainly the jordanian government would hope that that means that those under the powers and stock certainly on the jordanian syrian border would be able to go home if they feel
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confident enough to do that an important part of making them feel confident is the knowledge that the russians will be overseeing effectively security of this border area that is why those syrian forces withdrew from four villages they take control of those villages and other areas along the border will be supervised security wise by the russians because the opposition and many people who've lived under opposition control your fear reprisals from the syrian regime's if they feel confident enough to go home. the refugees could quite quickly disappear from this border area a huge relief to jordan particularly which have been under enormous pressure to let them in sami and smith at the job of crossing what we're going to do now is continue this with hide hide these syrian columnist and consulting research fellow at chatham house in london good to have you with us does this deal effectively hand back the whole of southwest syria now to the assad regime. well it's
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not clear what will happen exactly because the regime will definitely have more influence over the area but the details about what they're all of local rebel forces and local people in rolling their areas would be like is still not clear this is one issue the other issue is what will happen on basically areas around can a triangle and highs where the israelis have made clear that the series at least. the iranians are not allowed to send any forces and they basically said that they were to retaliate against any kind of. military presence on those areas so we don't know what might have been their issue here is that there are many spoilers who can easily just. violate the deal and increase their lives it will fail and again in that area this deal is in between the regime of the f.s.a.
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what about other opposition groups are very all signed a ball well so far it seems that. part of the deal also includes the forces that are part of the. according to area earlier reports those. fighters will be transported to when it comes to other fighters who are active in the region specially. in will lead one which is directly affiliated with isis the deal doesn't include that which means that there will be some fighting in different areas for sure what happens to the people stuck there does this. least the rebels they're all going to head to the north one understands to. some people may want to go back to their homes some may not effectively are people from the sunni heartland of income that being pushed
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into it live and how long can they hold out there does that become the next regime target. well this is this is the question that everyone is asking right now first of all whether russia will. try to prevent the regime from any type of attacks over in areas around northern syria and whether that agreement between russia and turkey will continue to hold because for the region if it will to control that part of syria southern syria then the only two areas there are will continue to be outside of its control the northern syria and eastern syria for sure the regime will try to capture one of them we don't know which one will be the next target but any of them could be ok thanks for your analysis on that hyde. park stands outside prime minister has been handed a ten year jail sentence for corruption but he wasn't in court to hear the ruling
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his daughter marry him received a seven year jail term both were found guilty of buying luxury of properties in london with undeclared income the sixty seven year old was removed from office last year over corruption allegations banned from politics for life both he and his ruling pakistan muslim league have repeatedly denied any wrongdoing our correspondent come out hi there is in the capital islamabad it was kind of expected but nevertheless how much of a landmark is this decision. were decision indeed a very big decision because as you mention now why should he have or disqualified by that country supreme court is being the country's prime minister. and of course on all the. neighborhood to company. but the important thing coming out of days. after the. family had board
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expensive property in london this particular property in question the evan feel department. that there should be family money. and money and transferred out of the country through money laundering so indeed. given the fact that they should leave. being in they just completed their five years. they had to bring in a new prime minister a major setback for him because he. was supposed to be contesting this election and she would be the family of god had left the country just a few days ago because i was. in critical condition and the family had to be with. their judgment coming out despite the fact that they were.
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have been attending the court then they don't have to be present on the day of the . major development as far as progress on. me. we thank you for that. a trade war between two of the world's largest economies has officially begun with the u.s. and china imposing tariffs on each other's major industries the trumpet ministration fired the first shot imposing tariffs on thirty four billion dollars worth of chinese goods china responded immediately to accuse trump of starting the largest trade war in economic history brian reports from beijing. china has always said it will match any u.s. tariff with its own at the ministry of foreign affairs briefing just hours after the us terrorists were imposed china promised to be true to its word searches are i want to stress that we never want to see the escalation of trade frictions into
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a trade war a trade war is the last thing we want to see because as we've said many times no one country will benefit. thirty four billion dollars worth of goods will be affected from farm products to automobiles chemicals and medical equipment as those u.s. products become more expensive china has been looking for other countries to supply them china has been trying their hardest to diversify suppliers of energy of agricultural products especially when all the heat focused on saudi being on china has been boosted his investment in a lot of other unconventional countries for soybean exports such as russia in so doing say critics of the u.s. policy beijing has been forging deeper trade links with u.s. competitors there will be no winners the question is will there be something lose more than anybody else right now though it looks like the united states is doing the opposite of what it intended it is in essence rallied the entire world against
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it and u.s. tariffs could ultimately hurt u.s. firms as well as chinese that's because far from being a straightforward take for tat easily winnable trade war it's complicated for example some of the chinese some. conductor's the u.s. is putting tariffs on use microchips that are designed and made in the u.s. so those companies will also be hits. it's thought the u.s. is imposing tariffs to punish china for what it says are unfair trade practices and stealing american intellectual property rights but attending a gathering of sixteen central and east european leaders in bulk area chinese premier league co-chairing said foreign firms were safe in china. our view is that trade war is never a solution china would never start a trade war but if any party resorts to increase of tariffs then china will take measures in response to protect the interests uphold the authority of the world
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trade organization and save the multinational trade order as relations with the us continue to sour china's leaders appear to make new friends wherever they can probably pride al-jazeera beijing well still ahead on al-jazeera the fate of the iran nuclear deal could be on the line world leaders meet to discuss the future of the agreement. call to end the gulf bloc a major topic when the emir of qatar met the french president in paris. welcome back the monsoon weather front of why is known as the you bio system is looking pretty active at the moment it's just sinking towards a say so heavy rain is expected to clear from shanghai fuzhou those going to be
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pretty wet taiwan will see some heavy rain and hong kong too can expect some downpours that heavy rain extends across into other parts of southern china indeed into northern parts of vietnam as offensive forecaster into sunday again that system slips a little bit further towards the south otherwise across the rest of indochina we've got to draw conditions across los maybe build share but again a lot of wet weather coming in off the bear bangle into parts of me and mar across into south asia the interesting features this little circulation of low pressure which is developing in the central parts of india and that is a center very close one poor soon decent rainfall accumulation to the south but i think one could see some serious flooding over the next twenty four to forty hours that system just rotates around the region otherwise some heavy rain down through the west and still showers in the eastern parts of india and bangladesh but largely dry and fine for delhi there temperatures as high as forty two degrees as we head on through into sunday but for crutches much as you'd expect at this time of the
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year with a maximum of thirty four degrees. where were you when this idea. that when they're on line it's undoubtedly. call of poverty inequality in our society today or if you join the sunset criminal justice system is dysfunctional right now this is a dialogue what does it feel like to go back for the first time everyone has a voice and allow refugees to flee the speakers for a change join the. announces iraq.
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welcome back time to recap our headlines now rebels battling a government offensive in southern syria have agreed to a cease fire deal it calls for fighters to hand over heavy weapons reports say they would then be given safe passage to rebel areas in the north in exchange government forces will take control of strategically important border crossings with jordan. a pakistani court is given a ten year jail sentence to al said prime minister nawaz sharif in a corruption case his daughter received a seven year jail term both were found guilty of buying large shuras properties in london with undeclared income. beijing is accusing the trumpet ministration of launching the largest trade war in economic history after the us imposed tariffs on thirty four billion dollars worth of chinese goods that went into effect its fouling countermeasures setting the stage for
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a prolonged trade conflict between the world's two biggest economies. french president emanuel kroll his reiterated. call for an end to the saudi low blockade against qatar he's been meeting with the emir of qatar in paris across france stands willing to help the mediation between the gulf countries the embargo against carter by saudi arabia the u.a.e. behind them egypt again more than a year ago. it will take an initiative if it's asked of us but for now the role of france is to pursue the dialogue we're having with all parties and not isolate anyone or increase tensions we want to support stabilization in the region that is the role of france at the moment. i'd like to thank the president for the stance he's taken for a year now since the gulf crisis began he has always been by the side of qatar has always pushed for dialogue between all the parties. the future of the two thousand
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and fifteen iran nuclear deal was discussed at a meeting of five major world powers in vienna foreign ministers from britain france china germany and russia were joined by divides early for iran it's the first time they've come together since the u.s. controversially renee exam the agreement earlier this year european leaders are hoping an economic package will persuade iran to stick to the deal despite the u.s. sanctions john holl joins us now live from vienna as those talks wrapped up where did they end. in conclusively i suspect it is probably the only answer to that sami you'll recall that after the u.s. walked out on the deal the five remaining signatories to the deal said that they would uphold it if iran kept to its side of the bargain to iran said it would do so if its interests were protected in other words if it was adequately compensated for the loss of revenue as a result of the imposition of u.s.
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nuclear sanctions and indeed u.s. secondary sanctions threatened against anyone who continues to do business with iran but it doesn't seem as if there's been any breakthrough either in convincing iran of the economic nomic benefits of staying in the deal or of coming up with a means by which that compensation can be made a statement read out by federico federica more green of the e.u.'s foreign policy chief said they all agreed to recommit themselves to to the deal and recommit themselves to finding ways to maintain trade with and business in iran but that is hardly headline making stuff it doesn't give the iranians much to chew on mohamed germans or if the iranian foreign minister who was a key negotiator in the two thousand and fifteen the original deal of course said that the proposals on the table were imprecise and incomplete the iranian president hassan rouhani on thursday night called the proposals disappointing i don't think
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much has happened to alter that assessment clearly this is the first meeting of many. and so jonah now in the situation is such that there is a question about whether the europeans have the muscle to try and shield kirani and sectors such as oil and banking from the u.s. sanctions is is that what they're really trying to offer can they offer that. i mean something along those lines version of that sort of thing i mean i think it is a huge open question of whether the the e.u. and these european powers pressure at russia and china can circumvent u.s. sanctions or. compensate wholly for them if they can't what they still need to do is to present a case to be run that even if they're losing out there is still financial advantage to be had in staying in the deal more than they would be in leaving the deal and
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some of the proposals that we've heard about on the table for instance involve using the european investment bank to make loans to businesses wanting to do business with and in iran allowing them if it was shielding them essentially from those u.s. secretary sanctions perhaps governments paying directly into the iranian central bank rather than using the commercial banking sector i mean these are some of the sorts of things being talked about some of the proposals being aired it isn't probably going to completely negate the effect of u.s. sanctions but as i say that's not the main issue here it is convincing iran of the efficacy and point of staying in the deal they haven't done that yet as i say these meetings will go on. thanks so much jonah there. british prime minister to resign may in the cabinet are locked in a meeting for what's being seen as a make or break talk on brags that the government is divided on how to leave the european union with the march two thousand and nineteen deadline fast approaching
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it's understood she wants her team to agree on a plan to keep the u.k. aligned with the e.u. on trading rules for goods but not services several cabinet members have argued for u.k. trade policies and stand this to be completely changed so called heartbreaks it needs barker is covering the story for us from london. it's crunch time for the british prime minister it's make or break time for her cabinet ministers arrived at checkers the prime minister's country residence outside london amid some very tight house rules no telephones no smart watches the prime minister most certainly wants to keep a grip on what happens behind closed doors over the course of this day negotiations will be very tense indeed but the prime minister is hoping that her ministers will throw their weight behind her latest strategy the latest proposal for trade talks with the european union her plan is called the facilitated customs arrangement it's
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full of technicalities but at its center it calls for the u.k. to be allowed to set its own trade tariffs with foreign countries allowing it to forge ahead with trade deals as far away as australia and of course the united states outside the old traditional trading block of the european union itself it would also allow for goods arriving into the u.k. destined for the european union to still be under e.u. trade tariffs but those trade tariffs would be collected by the u.k. and then passed on directly to brussels such as trying to some extent the remaining is in the cabinet under this plan it would also allow for there to be a certain degree of regulator realignment when it comes to standards for instance with the european union over things like health and safety and so on and so forth but brag city is worry that if that is the case then doing trade with the united states that has very different safety stand this may well be challenging there's
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already been a degree of resistance from some key brick cities within the cabinet david davis the breck six secretary reportedly written a letter to reason may describing the plan as unworkable on the basis that he believes that the e.u. will not buy this plan a plan that of course would allow the u.k. to collect tariffs on behalf of the e.u. the brics it is a. also planned a strategy of their own meeting ahead of this crucial gathering at checkers to work out what to do next an important moment for the british prime minister she needs the support of this cabinet she needs the support of her government going forward you are there now the death toll from a tourist boat capsized off southern thailand is now reached twenty seven one hundred five people mostly chinese tourists were on the boat when it sank in rough seas on thursday around half were rescued a search operation is continuing for twenty nine others still missing maritime officials say though it's unlikely any more survivors will be found. in northern
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thailand the ceremony has been held to honor the former navy seal who died as part of a mission to rescue a junior football team the team and their coach were trapped inside the cave thirty eight year old some on conan lost consciousness on his way out of the cave complex . is that the rescue base in chiang rai. so mancow don was a retired navy seal diver who was brought back to help with the operation to rescue the stranded football team and their coach he was part of the seal team with the british divers who found the boys early friday morning he was ferrying air tanks deep in the cave he passed out under water a fellow diver pulled him out and attempted to resuscitate him he died from lack of oxygen his death underlines just how risky the conditions are it takes six hours to reach the boys and their coach and involves a series of complicated dives the effort to find another way to get them out is
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picking up pace by the drilling is ongoing on the western side of the mountain and aiming to reach the location where the boys were found we can't yet pinpoint exactly cation using global positioning systems otherwise we could drill into the caves and bring them out. but another team is specifically focused on finding their location above ground using technology and equipment that can detect fault lines underground. to send and receive wide signals we can gather information that can be used to find the boys like cation in the cave from above the ground even with all the technology being deployed and the hundreds of rescuers working around the clock the biggest threat remains to be something that nobody has any control over the weather one heavy rainfall could undo days of work and the families continue their wait at the mouth of the cave hoping for a communication line with the boys and their coach to be completed it was supposed to be up and running days ago got harder al-jazeera. eight years ago the saga of
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thirty three chilean miners trapped in a cave captivated the world after spending two months on the ground they defied all odds and were rescued alive now as the world watches again the miners are offering messages of support our latin america reports. these days. tourists the site where he and thirty two other chilean miners were trapped for seven seven hundred meters beneath the earth's surface. the drama played out in front of the world's media eight years ago one by one the men were pulled to safety it would look like a space capsule it was dubbed the biggest rescue operation in history today can't help identifying the twelve youngsters and their coach trapped nearly nine hundred thousand kilometers away in thailand. stick together never give up hope stay calm god will see you through this that's what i want to tell them. franklin lobos
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was a professional football player before retiring and becoming a truck driver in the san jose mine where as fate would have it he too was trapped he's convinced the worst is over for the thai youngsters. i have faith that they'll be fine now their football players and that gives them mental as well as physical strength it certainly helped me. this psychologist to help the chilean miners while they were trapped says lessons learned from their experience can be applied in thailand so. you can implant post-traumatic stress by reinforcing the idea that they lived a horrible experience by treating them like victims. above all i recommend that the youngsters be given daily tasks and allowed to turn their initial fear into a challenge and adventure at their age it's absolutely possible today what's left of the collapse across a mine stands as a symbol the chilean government's refusal against all odds to give up the search
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for the thirty three miners and their seemingly impossible extraction are seen by many as a turning point. it into signal the twenty first century technology combined with determination can deliver unexpected results. those who survived the near tragedy here are convinced that the world will again witness and not the remarkable rescue of those trapped underground you see in human in the at that time a desert chile the former leader of a japanese doomsday cult that carried out a nerve gas attack in nineteen ninety five has been executed shawcross a heart i was the first to be hanged for the tokyo subway attack japanese media say six of his followers have also been executed thirteen people were killed there more than six thousand injured when they released gas in five coordinated attacks on the city's metro use of the execution was welcomed by families of many of those killed
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but the wife of one victim says it came to light. well i understand the reasons why it took so long for the executions to happen but thinking for those who passed away in my case they are the parents of my husband my parents and others who are already gone and that they could not hear of this news of the execution that is my regret. time to take you through the headlines now rebels battling a government offensive in southern syria have agreed to a cease fire deal reports say they would then be given safe passage to rebel areas in the north burma smith has more from the jordan syria border. but there is a cessation of hostilities on this southern part of syria will be back in the hands of the syrian regime albeit along the borders but trolled by russian military
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forces that will keep the jordanians happy and it will keep the people living on this the syrians are close to the border happy as well they were the opposition fighters were fearful of the syrian regime taking revenge so they wanted the russians involved and the jordanian should also be very happy because in theory if people feel the refugees who've been gathering on the syrian side of the border feel safe to go home then they should start soon doing that and it should bring a reasonably quick end to the refugee crisis that we've been facing on this board as a pakistani called has given a ten year jail sentence to ousted prime minister nawaz sharif in a corruption case his daughter received a seven year jail term both were found guilty of buying luxurious properties in london with undeclared income beijing is accuse the trumpet ministration of launching the largest trade war in economic history after the us tariffs on thirty four billion dollars worth of chinese goods came into effect its value in counter
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measures setting the stage for a prolonged trade conflict between the world's two biggest economies in mali down which we said many times that no one will benefit from the trade war but the two sides need to meet each other halfway through it will lead to nowhere our position is remain consistent and is very clear the death toll from a tourist boat capsized off southern thailand has reached twenty seven one hundred five people were on the boat when it sank in rough seas on thursday a rescue operation is continuing for twenty nine others still missing those are your headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the stream stay with us. seen but rarely heard india's two million street children live the desperate existence when he meets the child reporters from
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the slumdog press giving voice to india's invisible children. ok and your industry we are live right now on al-jazeera. today we explore three stories making headlines around the world in denmark new laws mandating so-called ghetto children to be trained in danish values has critics accusing the government of promoting seen f.o.b. at a mosul we look at the state of iraq's second biggest city almost one year after i saw was defeated but first there were him tens of thousands of refugees living in camps on the borders and nehemiah and bangladesh are threatened by flooding and monsoon rains mohamad gendering is in copses bizarre. with the horrors of crossed into bangladesh she thought she found some safety for
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her daughter and the rest of her surviving relatives then the rains so there is among the.


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