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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 8, 2018 12:00pm-12:33pm +03

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in north korea in the u.s. so they're saying rather than coming in and putting these gangster like demands is the way they have described it to him plea denuclearize the korean peninsula we must start first at first steps now the south korean. government has said it's this is the first step in the journey towards the denuclearization of the peninsula it's noted there will be ups and downs in the process so certainly there's got to be some element of optimism if they've all agreed to the next meeting so some suggestions that's completely bindy riled. and not necessarily the case if these are the next meeting set down for july twelve and so a while interesting dynamic a report north korea to one side is the way that like pompei and the u.s. have to deal with two very strong allies south korea and japan who have very different approaches to north korea and that in itself is a diplomatic tightrope. to walk
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it is and look i mean the message from by south korea and japan today is a united message they're both thanking the u.s. for being the bridge between north korea and the region and they have again emphasized that sanctions will not be removed until the north korea acts or or delivers on its commitment from the singapore summit but certainly has been a very strong and united message from japan and south korea as well as a pompei o suggesting that the partnership is good and strong well for the moment so we'll leave it there and we'll come back to that situation develops in seoul. and to our other top story that we're following rescue workers in thailand have stepped up preparations ahead of an attempt to free a football team from a flooded cave emergency crews say they're fighting against the weather and time as they work out a plan to bring out the boys now the youngsters and their coach have been trapped underground since june the twenty third let's get straight over to scott hyde who's
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in china ryan following events for us i mean for nearly a week now we've been discussing the issue of whether windows and a way to find and rescue these boys now a very specific opportunity is availing itself so it's another race against time. absolutely and you can see behind me that the clouds on the mountain range that housed this massive cave complex there are thick right now and we had overnight rain and this is something we hadn't seen over the last several days you know the commander of this mission said earlier yesterday actually he said that the conditions right now are perfect and obviously with overnight rain that leads us into an imperfect situation so there are a lot of indications that the operation has already possibly started or will start very very soon there's a press conference that should take place in the next maybe half hour or so maybe confirming that but there's a lot of evidence suggesting that it might have already started or will very very soon one of those pieces of evidence is the fact that we heard from
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a father now one of the fathers of the boys we've been speaking with for the last nearly two weeks and he told us that today on sunday they signed the parents signed a waiver giving the military the authority to take their boys out of the cave you know is that legal step that they just want to do to be sure that they're ready to go when they want to go or does that mean they are actually are starting this operation again it's very tough for us to tell no official word coming out you know as we were reporting earlier you know we used to be by the mouth of the cave all the media were up there moved out about the last the last hour or so because they say they what they are clear so if and when they do start the operation it's completely available to all the rescue workers and all the space up there so that's why we've been moved out but it's going to be interesting to see what they do say in this press conference obviously they're going to have a lot of questions about did this in fact start and against them as we've been reporting for the last nearly two weeks taking them out the way they went in is going to be difficult and dangerous process and it's going to take hours so even if
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it has in fact started we're still hours away from when we might see some of the boys come out of the cave if it hasn't started yet even hours for their backs indeed we're seeing pictures called rescue workers arrive recent pictures of rescue workers rather than green toppling pull over the front of the cave as you suggested while the media pushed away. in essence really the death of a rescue worker and recent days is only focused the dangers that still remain while this operation continues to bring those boys to safety so what's the process of extracting the ones that actually brought to safety and way absolutely it's a very very difficult and technical dive there are actually two dives two sections that the boys and their diving buddy will have to go through the first one is the most difficult just beyond from where they are as they make their way there's a dive section very dangerous than they walk for a bit another dive section and then walk for a bit and then they make their way to chamber three that's where
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a lot of the priest aging has been going on inside the cave and we're hearing now too that medical personnel have either already been pre-positioned or are on their way there so when the boys go through this process those two very dangerous dives they will have medical personnel attend to them even before they make their way all the way out of the cave in those dives you've got varying situations you know you've got rocks sharp edges this is around the area where the former navy seal diver here in thailand died on friday. lack of oxygen was why he died he passed out while he was under water so very dead difficult very technical the boys will be at with a diving body tethered to a diving body they're actually not going to be carrying the air canister the body will be they'll be sharing it so it's very technical very very difficult so that you know what we know now with the rainfall that could change currents can change water level can change you know it's not raining at the moment but one thing you need to realize you know this is a pretty rugged mountain that this cave system is housed in that's connected to
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other mountains so it doesn't necessarily have to be raining directly over the cave entrance for water to be making its way into the cave so that's one of the concerns that you know now that weather is kind of come back to the area that they need to get the boys out and they do quickly well of course will continue to follow the situation with. the i was progress thank you. the rescues being made more difficult by confined spaces and flooded tunnels are scott mentioned and by the fact that the boys called swim. was proposed for the rescue the tow more in caves in northern thailand in the chiang rai province near the border with me and ma and laos it is one of the longest caves in the country stretching ten kilometers through the door and mounts range the boys are stuck just past a kevan known as putting a beach now looking inside the mountain one point five kilometers from the main entrance navy seal team says sit up a base and a cabin and no one is trying to three three kilometers in
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a semi in junction it forks off to an exit but that's flooded the cave widens to large cabins and narrows to passages so small that rescuers need to crew to get through the passageway climbs and drops which means when it rains water builds up in these steps four kilometers in is passing a bitch the boys are about four hundred meters after this spot and eight hundred to a thousand meters below the surface to get the boys out through the flooded patches rescuers have attached a guideline and daughters emergency oxygen tanks every twenty five to fifty meters the plan is that as they swim one navy diver will be beside them another one behind keep in mind some boys don't know how to swim there are strong currents and the water is dark and muddy they being given wet suits boots how metz and a scuba mask but no tank the proposal being they'll get all from their dive buddies supply now don't take at least five hours to get each boy out so i know it may take
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a couple of days to complete the risk you. japan's prime minister shinzo says rescuers are working around the clock to hold victims of floods and landslides at least sixty one people have died and dozens of others are missing after days of downpours more than one and a half million people have been ordered to leave their homes with the worst flooding recorded in the city of kyoto in japan's southern tip alexy o'brien reports. across half the nation a sea of muddy water flooding has ripped japan and to with central and southern regions largely submerged. the death toll has steadily climbed an elderly man was swept into a swollen river and hiroshima homes have collapsed and landslides have buried at least ten people. east to west from kyoto south dozens of people are missing whenever a night out of an i offer my deepest condolences to the victims and my sympathies
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to all people who have been affected. in central and southern regions one point six million people have been handed evacuation orders another three million have been advised to leave the heavy rain is forecast until monday. heavy rain will continue in the area from western to eastern japan and it will be historic during fall which could be the heaviest rain ever recorded nearly fifty thousand police firefighters and civil defense personnel have been deployed kyoto's riverside promina a major tourist spot was shot when the cow more river burst its banks roads and bridges a shot to the hundreds of kilometers warnings have been issued for landslide prone areas this rainfall is hitting basically everywhere at once so there's no it's difficult for the emergency services to prioritize where they should go first because there are so many things happening all at once and obviously if
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a road is washed out or bridges destroyed even if you have a nice fire engine or ambulance you can't get to some of the places that you need to go to and responders have experience rural areas of japan struggle with flooding at this time every year but this year they were special circumstances typhoon preparation into the sea of japan on choose day high winds taunting japan southern islands before it moved north dropping unprecedented rainfall the typhoon has passed a move that means little to those navigating its wrath alexy o'brian al-jazeera. sudan's foreign minister says south sudan's warring leaders have agreed a power sharing deal reinstating a rebel leader rife with shar as vice president regional leaders have been mediating talks in uganda to end the civil war a similar deal was signed in twenty fifteen but it fell apart a year later the wars killed tens of thousands of people and displaced millions
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since twenty thirty. haiti has suspended a proposal to raise fuel prices after three people died in violent protests people say they can't afford steep increases of up to fifty percent cut here lopez had dion reports. the outrage was immediate fires set roads blocked protesters say they can't afford haiti's new fuel prices with chaos out on the streets of the capital port of france several people decided to spend the night at work many businesses close their doors this is that you can win look this my wife is going to deliver a baby she needs or says there in every hospital we go to we can't find a doctor because of the protests i don't know what to do the government announced an increase of up to fifty percent for diesel gasoline and kerrison in a country were about eighty percent of workers earn less than two dollars a day the news wasn't received well you know moved to women were speaking up
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against the president he hasn't delivered on the promises he made during his campaign from food to job creation that we haven't seen anything since he came into power. and that's why now president jovan eloise took office last year promising to improve the economy the government says that this move is part of that process. in february haiti's government agreed to reduce fuel subsidies in exchange for aid from the international monetary fund. the protesters say they are tired of empty promises they fear more prices will go up while their wages stay the same. this other young al-jazeera the funerals have been held for three protesters killed when security forces in indian administered kashmir opened fire on demonstrators five others were critically wounded the demonstration was in response to an army search operation for suspected rebels now the region is preparing to mark two years since the death of a rebel leader internet access has been restricted and checkpoints have been put in
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place. syrian troops have been celebrating the recapture of the main border crossing with jordan that rebels have held for three years then the sea border crossing is in dera province it's under a cease fire after a deal was reached between the government and rebels on friday the troops raise syrian flags as they took up positions along the border the cease fire deal means that rebels have to give up their arms and leave the area the agreement ends a two week offensive by the government backed by russia thousands of people displaced by the fighting in daraa are now returning home about three hundred thirty thousand people were forced to flee since the bombing campaign started in june on june the nineteen. in yemen who the media is reporting that leaders are asking for reinforcements to defend the west the west coast that's after more than a hundred sixty five people were killed in battles between the rebel groups and the saudi and their r.t.
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coalition the fighting has been centered around the district of to hit area which includes the coastal road leading to her day who data the rebel held port cities currently the focus of a coalition offensive. present is refusing to hold early elections defying a key demand antigovernment protesters but he's addressed thousands of his supporters in a rally in the capital managua opposition leaders have been calling for new elections too and months of protests across the country more than two hundred thirty people have died since the unrest began in april protesters accuser takers government of brutal repression.
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until now the coverage of latin america and most of the world was a cover included taz tragedies quakes and that was it but not how people feel how they look how they think and that's what we do we go. by would have a demanding it when it's a case of system that was introduced. in latin america i was here as how to fill a void that needed to be stilled. al-jazeera
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. every new. she's one of the oldest women living in this part of mccurdy in the jury essential being with state i mean a garba is her real name and she's hailed as a savior by the other women she sent in goes on by in the local language which means each additional breathing assistant or a midwife i mean has been delivering babies in her village for more than fifty years. know that she would be may go to not going to was a well become to me they're poor they need help sometimes they come with nothing i can't refuse them so i take care that even when they come pay me. but the
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challenges faced by him you know can be extreme this is what's left of her clinic she says a group of men set it on fire a couple of months ago and she can't afford to rebuild and. it is devastating not only for her but for those women who rely on her. for most memorable moments with al-jazeera was when i was on air as hosni mubarak fell with the crowds in tahrir square to offer. us if something happens anywhere in the world al-jazeera is in place we're able to cover this like no other news organization. were able to do it properly. and that is our strength. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world
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so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you is iraq. with bureaus spanning six continents across the globe. to. al-jazeera has correspondents live in green the stories they tell. me are fluent in world news and this is different not said whether someone is going for someone who's very red it doesn't matter we think it's how you approach an official and that's it is a certain way of doing it you can't just dive in and get a story and fly out.
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we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera. alarm has a seeker this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week car wars the world's biggest exporters try to steer away from a damaging trade war with the u.s. . a crucial choke point the strait of hormuz just became a chess piece in the high stakes global game of oil. how online streaming services are taking on hollywood bollywood and t.v. worldwide. but china
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is already calling it a full blown trade war billions of dollars worth of products are affected as u.s. tariffs on selected chinese products take effect this week and china has said it is retaliating with its own tariffs on american goods but the big driver of an all out global trade five could be cars u.s. president donald trump has said cars are key to getting trade concessions his administration is now considering a twenty five percent tariff on foreign cars and car parts in the name of national security europe currently charges a ten percent tariff on u.s. cars in the u.s. charges only two and a half percent on european cost trump says that's unfair but car makers and dealers around the world point out that the u.s. has a twenty five percent tariff on light trucks and s.u.v.s they're warning the trumps tariffs would be bad for the auto industry and bad for consumers analysts say it is
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a case of car crash economics. a car making in twenty eight hundred is a global industry unlike any other ratings agency moody's says higher auto import tariffs will cause problems across the car industry's global supply chain china the world's biggest auto market produces a lot of the components that go into cars including those imported into the u.s. general motors is warning the trumpet ministration that tariffs could force the company to cut jobs japan's toyota has the most american made car but its warning even its kentucky produced camry will go up in price if cost to so what can be done well one idea being studied by the e.u. is a global tariff cutting deal between the world's biggest car exporters are joining us now from brussels is hustle. director of the european center for international political economy and
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a leading author on trade diplomacy thanks very much for being with us so does this look like essentially a lose lose situation for everybody involved here if it happens well in the i mean this is a much bigger impact and we saw around. the tree it is almost seven times larger so you can understand the implication of this from north to us for the producers but also for the consumers just talk to us about how how important the car industry is not only to europe but also to the united states because it it's all it's it's much more globalized than it was twenty years ago is that you've got you've got components being imported built in one country and you have the same thing in other countries it's it's far more interconnected and globalized than it was before. yes indeed this is actually one of the reasons why the big three american
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manufacturers have also strongly opposed this move simply because most of the cars nowadays are actually produced to be locally in the case united states to either made the united states or not in the nafta region which means canada or mexico whereas if you look at the supply chain extending over the world and so for example you can buy. b.m.w. it will be made in the united states but still key components will be arriving from germany. and sometimes even china so indeed it is a very globalised industry and we're competitiveness actually depends on the how effectively use these efficiencies and if these tariffs are implemented isn't it likely that in the case of us automakers for example that they're going to have because because they import so much of their components that
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they're going to pass on these production costs to consumers which is so it's going to mean more expensive cars for people in the u.s. . yes. it's not just in the u.s. if you think about it for example. the some of the s.u.v.s that. are actually made by european brands they are actually made in the united states and actually shipped to europe. and of course if you have a. twenty percent price hike come both carts and the imported imported cars as well are car components obviously this will be felt as well u.s. made cars that are actually exported back to europe or both b.m.w. so this is the reason why i think we are really looking at a much much deeper implications that we have seen in previous trade wars and you mentioned b.m.w. there because this has huge implications for the german car industry of course you
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got the three big three carmakers there b.m.w. . and dimed. and the the u.s. ambassador got together with. with those three companies and talked about free free trade zone for the e.u. and the u.s. is that a viable option do you think. well in theory this proposal i have originated probably from europe the idea that europe would try to cut the tariffs down to zero which would make sense for europe because it has already concluded that free trade agreements with countries like korea and japan and therefore most of the even ports that comes into to the e.u. is duty free anyway the only remaining countries are actually in principle united states but for the current administration in the us the question is is the purpose
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of the new tariffs actually to open up the rest of the world by creating an artificial leverage or is that purpose actually trying to force factories to move from canada mexico into the united states we need to bear in mind that the negotiation over nafta is going on in the in power or there has been several times by the current administration in the us try to force cammie d. and mexican factories to actually move to the united states by tricking something called rules of origin basically excess cause that a made in canada mexico from the from duty free treatment under nafta so i think the question is in the end will the trump ministration by this is there are actually overarching. objective to actually open up the rest of the world for free trade or rather protect the domestic production in the united states although u.s.
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manufacturers don't even want that protection and what implications is this going to have for china which is of course a huge market for the car industry. yes china is a very peculiar one since actually the main barrier in china is not just china maintains one of the highest arabs in the in the car industry up to twenty five percent they have recently announced that they will cut them to fifteen but it will still be much higher than the point five percent you find in united states zero percent in japan and ten percent in europe. even at that level actually the biggest trade area will be the fact that the chinese government applies what we call a foreign equity caps which means that all the subsidiaries owned by u.s. manufacturer european and japanese manufacture in china are actually forced into
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joint ventures while we can call them forced marriages with their chinese competitors who are entitled to half of the profits and the hundred percent of the know how good to speak with you. in brussels thanks very much means a pleasure thank you now it is one of the most important stretches of water in the world and iran if pushed may cut it off president rouhani and the revolutionary guard are now talking about a possible block to the strait of hormuz in response to american threats of more sanctions alan fischer has more. the u.s. wants countries to boycott a really annoying part of stronger international sanctions the president has done rouhani has appeared to threaten oil exports from other middle eastern countries if the u.s. pushes ahead as nice as it is incorrect in unwise to imagine that somebody or producer countries will be able to export their surplus oil and iran would not be
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able to export its oil. really and fishes have threatened to disrupt oil shipments in the past to do so they would target the straits of hormuz that's a major shipping lane but it's also a small stretch of water between iran to the north and oman on the ribbon peninsula to the so that it's not always point that are just fifty five kilometers between the two pieces of land twenty percent of the world's oil passes through here but i don't think iran will ever need to really exercise this threat we have to remember iran is not the only country that is upset with the u.s. pressure on opec all that idea of the oil exports not coming from iran or remember the opec countries the whole reason a lot of these countries are in crises in the first place is because of the us shale oil industry which brought prices down in the first place the u.s. has previously warned countries they must stop all imports from november or face sanctions from america no exceptions our focus is on getting as many countries importing iranian crude down to zero as soon as possible we are also working with
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oil market participants including producers and consumers. to ensure market stability iran has warned any boycott of the oil industry could push prices higher it company provides around two percent of global supply or three million barrels a day the u.s. is already concerned about rising prices at the weekend u.s. president donald trump called saudi arabia's king solomon and said they do agree that the saudis would boost production but there's no sign that prices are dropping particularly as the global economy is growing in demand for energy is up india south korea turkey all u.s. allies are major importers of a really annoying they might not be able to switch providers quickly or even want to the trumpet ministration would then have to decide have sanctions on them would follow the other signatories to the nuclear deal see this still supported and are looking at ways to save it. still to come on counting the cost will look at the
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price of rescuing one of china's biggest freshwater lakes from extreme pollution. the first of a billion dollar scam this was supposed to be malaysia's state investment company i'm talking about one m d b one of the world's biggest financial frauds a scandal that's taken down a former head of government this week in nigeria malaysia's former prime minister became the first person to appear in court in connection with the disappearance of four billion dollars of taxpayers' money he's pleading not guilty so what's this all about well it was set up in two thousand and nine one m. d. b. was the name of malaysia's state or sovereign wealth fund it was meant to transform malaysia's economy through strategic investments of taxpayers' money but the one ended.


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