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meanwhile the wheels of the venezuelan justice system turn slowly to speed them up or at least make conditions well bearable you have to pay. the just of it is swell and the whole penitentiary system is the big mafia that produces a lot of money. taking you to the tribunal to continue judicial process getting the transport to get you anywhere. they can charge you to eat for the officer to take the food you drill it brings from the door of the locker. especially for those who don't have the cash this is the reality of what can be years on end john home and. venezuela. so we come here on the news we meet the people who travel from thousands of one way to run with the bulls in pamplona but. i'm on the richardson of the world cup finals in russia where the host nation is still feeling good about its football saying despite a quarter final defeat. i
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had a briefing today from a man named steel who has been out there working with the security forces a veteran of el salvador's diety war sent to iraq you seem to be without portfolio doing whatever it is that he wanted to take interest in an ex-pat in counterinsurgency while this interview was going on with jim steele there were these terrible screams about pain and terror but what was his mission and what legacy did he leave searching for steel around his era. when the news breaks. on the mailman city and the story builds to be forced to leave the room just. when people need to be heard women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring new award winning documentaries and live news on al-jazeera i got to commend you all i'm hearing is good journalism
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on air and on mine. at least eight people have been injured so far at this year's bull running festival in northern spain every year in fact people are injured and sometimes even killed as a five hundred kilogram bulls chased them through the cobbled streets so why would someone sign up for this whole panel has been to find out. just minutes to go before with the bulls i was going by yellow to get in there and your thing oh there was i could be awesome. i made.
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friends come from california to pump. facing down danger together. i was. this time is made of fiction drama from colorado he's sharing some safety advice for you knock it out this morning yes that's right the board. for you and your guy there at american or through an ist hemingway's favorite bar he made the bull running world famous in his nine hundred twenty s. novel fiesta gotta keep your head on the sea you don't know what's going to happen next running. running back if you think i don't have a fast one up there but i have to be doused with someone else you know that's my baby right we're going now i didn't bring cans out i
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already. made known to every i next morning this is that i'm opening i think i coughed tom bores eight hundred fifty meat is insane how fast was it from you barely knew the arena and next thing you know you were right behind you the bulls are right there it was it's sickening it's like you're running and you're looking for the fools and someone just standing there and you just pull well we know your site oh my goodness get out the way here i don't know there are my. eye if you can't be afraid of the you can't i. can't ever. i did. instincts are right went out the window i can go tomorrow there's more days. their photos tell of a trip they'll never forget and this video postcard from pamplona
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which you would hear. whole al-jazeera pamplona spain. says it's not madness to me let's get the latest sports news peta is in the. make thank you so much we start with formula one and off to an impressive effort by miss avies lewis hamilton's a clinch pole position on home soil it was the championship leader sebastian vettel who stole the show in sunday's british grand prix tatyana censures reports. it was hamilton was looking to make history as silverstein hoping to become the most successful drive in british grand prix history with five consecutive wins at this track. but the brit suffered the worst possible start i for arias kimmie reichen in collided with the defending world champion sending him into a spin on the opening lap. hindering his position on the track hamilton with now at
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the back. so it was time to rethink a move which would eventually pay off both miss avies chose not to go to the pit stop at the first safety car intervention i the move ended up lifting a focused and determined lewis hamilton back up a few places while his teammate took the overall race lead at this point i but the decision would catch up with battery but as he suffered from the decision needing a desperate tire change. allowing ferrari sebastian vettel and reichen into eva take them a sadie's rival perhaps the charing helped lift hamilton spirit fueling him and he managed to navigate his way to a second place finish in front of his home crowd. but the checkered flag belonged to germany's vettel pick out of the race and that's
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a great crowd. yeah i think really a race that i enjoyed a lot that the the people enjoyed a lot so yeah what a what an amazing day it's the greatest race of the year and this is the greatest crowd and i'm i'm sorry i was there was a great piece today but thank you so much for your support as you guys help me get through today so i take it on the chin. keep pushing hard believe me i will not give up i know when hamilton back at the top of the championship standing but instead it's his ferrari rival his lead is just eight points tatiana sanchez i did there. i went down to the last four at the world cup in russia but the hosts will not be in that final call to it they were knocked out by croatia in a dramatic penalty shoot out in saatchi but many supporters never thought they'd
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get as far as the quarter finals in the first place as rory chalons reports from moscow. early goal against croatia soon had the crowd at moscow's packed fans own jumping for joy russia's unexpected success of this tournament has won over a new generation of fans but this was not to be the host nation's night eventually losing on penalties in a thrilling game the stunned silence was then applause for the russian team no one expected to make it out of the group. some took it hard others by their pride. that's one of our team is played very well we're upset sure but it's fine because all our victories are still ahead. this was a good game and a beautiful one we were supporting so much thank you russia for the atmosphere and
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the celebration of football because now it seems to russia has shown the world what kind of championship we can have the best in the world and what sort of team too even those who didn't believe in them started believing in the end. and pretty much everyone it seems went to party the. area behind red square has been the unofficial beating heart of this well cup and they called st louis singing dancing and hugging through the night into the morning russia may have been dumb town to their own world cup on saturday but this doesn't look like defeat this looks like a nation with a newfound sense of footballing confidence and expectations for the future. going into this tournament the russian team was something of a national joke but. the feeling here in central moscow is that the russians have lost but the russian team will reach out and i'll just interrupt moscow. and
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the richardson watch that game in softly in the national team supporters if they all pretty pleased with a team's performance at the world cup. four years ago the fish stadium in sochi was the venue for the closing ceremony of the winter olympics well on saturday it was the stage for the final acts in what's been a long and unexpectedly exciting drama involving the russian national team at this world cup now prior to their first game the moscow times ran a headline saying they were doomed to failure and they were the lowest ranked side in the tournament where the players responded to the challenge in some style they won their first two games schooled eight goals and qualified for the knockout rounds with a game to spare there followed a penalty shootout win against twenty ten champions spain in the last sixteen and they came within a couple of spot kicks of beating croatia in the quarterfinals but it is croatia and their fans going forwards who are first semifinal in twenty years they'll be taking on england in moscow on wednesday. really little so does the
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older we are going to the final. and we will win the final game raids speed really . really talking about your tough match for sure i feel like it's all of your close game. but the rituals get the unpredictable nature of this world cup is revealed in the semifinal lineup with france taking on belgium and creation playing in that it means that for the first time in world cup history none of germany argentina or brazil will be involved now when the disappointment of russia's final defeat was digested here warm applause reverberated around the stadium a show of appreciation for what the russian players have achieved over the last few weeks and that these finals will finish with russian football feeling good about itself is arguably the biggest surprise of all. well i like the russians croatia's fans celebrated long into the night off to that a victory around fifteen thousand of them policy to in zagreb the main square off
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for their team equalled the country's biggest football success it's been exactly twenty years since the team appeared in a world cup semifinal against hosts france when they made its women debut in ninety ninety eight correspond and decent hugs nicole each watched the match at the fan zone in zagreb. croatia fans venting rage that you don't feel like it will leave you to kill someone or several thousand i'm going to get their nose on and it was building up the other day for the world you can feel the beginning of the match but it was becoming more and more intense just going to get more defense and obviously went for a just going the first goal for the equaliser would just go to them told the officer with absolutely nothing to hold players coaches from ball and everything everybody's going to jump in to the next minute i can just go to the last minute to go to forty seven logo for the simple board really shocked but you know already
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played so it was absolutely unbelievable to be here tonight. so it's a no your opinion affair in the last full france take on belgium in st petersburg in the first semifinal on tuesday and then our wednesday england play croatia at the luzhniki stadium in moscow. cycling world champion peter sagan of slovakia's has won the second stage of this year's tour de france and for good measure it's also imposition of the leaders a yellow jersey sunday stage took the riders on a one hundred eighty two point five kilometer journey with one categorized climb only stage one winner from colombia ferdinand the video was held up in a crash in the final kilometer sagan avoided the pileup and would overtake local rider are no them are on the slight incline near the finish he would also hold of the challenge from italy sunny cold but only in a sprint finish to take the day's honors and that yellow jersey that's all the
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sport for now i'll have another update for you again in the twenty one hundred g.m.t. hour but for now i'm going to hand you back to nic in london. peter i phone we shall look forward to seeing you later that is it for this news only the model i will be with you in just a couple of minutes with more of the new word from rick log on the worst news our team it's. getting to the heart of the matter if moscow for congi the turkish cypriot people calls you today and says that's how would you expect facing realities what do you
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think reunification would look like there are people think the peaceful infusion is the only option for prosperity of south korea hear their story on talk to al-jazeera. she's one of the oldest women living in this part of mccurdy in the jury essential being with state i mean a garba is her real name and she's hailed as a savior by the other women she sent in goes on by in the local language which means each additional breathing assistant or a midwife i mean has been delivering babies in her village for more than fifty years. i know that she would be. not going was a well to come to me they are poor and they need help sometimes they come with nothing i can't refuse them so i take care of them even when they come pay me. but the challenges faced by him enough can be extreme this is what's left of her clinic she says a group of men set it on fire
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a couple of months ago and she can't afford to rebuild it and. it is devastating not only for her. for those women who rely on their. own counting the cost call war the world's biggest exporters attempt to steer away from a damaging trade war with the us. online streaming services are taking on hollywood bollywood and beyond. counting the cost almost zero. early success in the rescue of a football team trapped in a thailand cave for boys a brought above ground. hello i'm in london you're with al jazeera also coming up devastating floods leave
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at least eighty five people dead and more unaccounted for across japan. a judge overruled an order to release the form of brazilian president lula. and casualties and control the sea the dangers of the annual pamplona bull run. for boys have been rescued in the first phase of an operation to save a football team trapped in a water no cave in thailand the rescue of the remaining eight boys in that coach has been put on hold until monday to give the divers time to repair oxygen supplies scott hyla has the latest from chiang rai. after more than two weeks trapped deep underground one by one the boys emerged and were taken away by ambulance their ordeal finally came to an end when rescuers launched a daring effort to bring them out guiding them through
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a four kilometer labyrinth of treacherous tunnels and caves the head of the rescue mission described it as d. day and called the boys by the nickname of their football team when he confirmed the first extraction had been a success. you know i would like to inform everyone at home and all those who have been giving us support all along that after sixteen days today's the day we've been waiting for we are seeing the wild boar football team in the flesh now and i thought. the rescue mission took days of preparing and planning after the group was found alive by divers on monday crews have been pumping water out of the cave system resupplying the boys with food and oxygen and drilling to help open up their escape route with. sunday's mission was described as better than expected and went quicker than planned as rescuers take the next ten to twenty hours to prepare for monday's mission heavy rain has started to fall and that's something that could
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complicate the next rescue eight boys in their twenty five year old football coach remain inside the cave experts say divers already face a dangerous mission to get them out for the team themselves of course there's the risk that is as they're bringing the boys out there can be something that goes wrong in one of the dives and either one of the boys panics or has some type of medical emergency such as vomiting into the regulator mask which is it can be deadly and if they panic they can potentially also take the rescuer with them so from a team standpoint that's one of the biggest dangers they face before rescued boys are now recovering in a local hospital for the nine others still trapped agonizing wait goes on it's gotten out. zero. were from the cave entrance of dorothy's predicted an eleven hour round trip to reach the boys in their coach some of it on the water
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but the first phase seemed to have progressed more quickly the football team is stuck four kilometers inside huddled together on a muddy bank to get out they have to travel through a narrow dark passage is sometimes no more than just over half a metre wide while the rescue is happening alternative ways to get them out the still being explored as well including drilling holes from above well syriza robinson is a senior lecturer in psychology at the university of central lancashire she says the fact that boys know each other is likely to be a big help to me what was amazing was when we saw them for the first time with the video clips that the diaper was sort of brought out how alerts they were so psychologically it must have been her renders to being in the dark for that amounts of time not moment the rescue was going to come a lot and with limited periods but actually they did really well and i think that group cohesion you know this was
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a football team so the east to being together and what we would say would be the social support that they would draw from one another seems to have been really helpful and he came them optimistic keeping the motivated and most importantly keeping them hopeful because the minute that optimistic thinking goes away and pessimistic thoughts cruel end even if you know physically you're not doing too badly psychologically that can be a big drain on resources and we can see people going downhill in survival situations even when physically they shouldn't. at least eighty five people have been killed and dozens more are missing in japan after three straight days of torrential rain evacuation orders are in place for nearly two million people and multiple landslide warnings have been issued a large scale rescue operation has also been launched prime minister shinzo has
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described it as a race against the clock max bania reports large parts of japan haven't seen flooding like this in generations the country inundated by high water and rivers of mud dozens already did swept away and swollen rivers were buried by landslides and its hole is expected to rise even though even though we haven't been able to confirm the safety of a lot of people and there are many who are stranded in the terror of impending inundation and waiting for rescue the last night big operation is now a race against the clock. nearly two million people have been ordered to evacuate their homes another two point three million asked to leave voluntarily the south and western regions have been particularly hard hit. encouraged hundreds of patients were risk huge from this hospital elsewhere in the city more than a thousand people remain trapped some of used social media to plead for help others
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are taking the risk use upon themselves just a little from what i went to my father's family home but it's hopeless. study we were hoping to find to pay for it but we found only one japan is used to natural disasters earthquakes volcanic eruptions and flooding a common but seldom on the scale more than fifty thousand rescue workers police and military personnel have been deployed this rainfall is hitting basically everywhere at once so there's no it's difficult for the emergency services to prioritize where they should go first because there are so many things happening all at once and obviously if a road is washed out or bridges destroyed even if you have a nice fire engine or ambulance you can't get to some of the places that you need to go to in coachy prefix twenty six centimeters of rain fell in three hours the heaviest downpours since records began more than forty years ago and monday's forecast off is little comfort. heavy rain will continue in the area from western
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to eastern japan and it will be historic torrential rainfall which could be the heaviest rain ever recorded. in some places flood waters have receded leaving grim saw it's like dead fish and crushed cars the search for survivors could take days to clean up possibly much longer next al-jazeera. at least ten people have died in turkey after a train crash near the great old seventy three others were injured when five carriages came off the rails close to the city of color around under kilometers west of the trains destination istanbul the train was carrying more than three hundred sixty people. well so it's unusual state media is reporting that nine members of the security forces have been killed in an ambush in gen duba province close to the border with algeria the interior ministry says a police patrol was attacked with a grenade and then shot attack if confirmed that death toll will be the highest in
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an attack in tunisia since two thousand and fifteen to brazil now where a court of appeals judge has overruled an order to release the former president louise and to silva just a few hours earlier another judge issued a decision to free he's been serving a sentence of twelve years and one month in prison for corruption and money laundering speak now to daniel who joins us via skype but daniel explain why these judges are at loggerheads over. try it's no easy matter there are different judges different cities all seemingly contradicting what we had the first judge. your favorite daughter in the southern city of port au alegria a former member of those workers party ordering that he be released on a b.s. corpus to carry on fighting the appeals proceeding using the appeals procedure to let himself out of prison at least that was up as appeals procedure was ongoing
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then the initial judge the one who ordered the investigation in the first place search your moral said that was not that should not be allowed that to the school but should remain in prison he was backed up by another judge so it seems the now i mean his supporters were hoping he would walk out of prison later today that doesn't seem as though it's going to happen i guess we'll wait and see on normal business with zoos on monday brazil to see which judge has the greater or already knew that the suit himself has said all along he's the victim of a political vendetta resistance of the charges against him and he will see this is as course as will see this this impasse between the judges as a reflection of those who support those who want to see him remain in prison and to fight the legal tension surrounding him lunesta enjoys equating of supporting the country what's been the public reaction to this. well those are there are many people who believe that he would win if you were allowed to run the presidential
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elections in october that's still not clear whether he's able to do that if you were allowed out of prison he would have to register his name for the elections before the end of august intellectual courts would have to decide whether he was eligible given his political is a legal situation to stand in those elections but opinion polls his supporters believe they were allowed he would in fact with win the elections would become the next president of brazil so a great deal of uncertainty whether here or spend the next twelve years in prison or whether by the end of the a could be the next president of brazil of a now thank you very much daniel china with all the latest on that story. so i have for you on the program a brotherly embrace that signals improving relations between pia and eritrea after more than twenty years. and inside the overcrowded venezuelan jails where food beds
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and basic hygiene are becoming more scarce. the a. hello there the hot weather is easing for many of us in western europe it's been dry and hot for many of us here over the last month really and now things are finally beginning to change for some of us at least we've got a bit more cloud is just drifting its way southwards and of it does so there's a little area of low pressure that's developing within that amounts what's dragging down our temperatures so that whole thing is working its way southwards and the temperatures are dropping look at berlin only twenty degrees or the maximum there on tuesday and force in london in paris will be no higher than around twenty four they'll still be a good deal of sunshine around here though plenty more thunderstorms across the eastern half of europe stretching all the way down towards the southeast corner and still a.


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