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tv   Unwasted  Al Jazeera  July 12, 2018 8:33am-9:00am +03

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that means we can do that and also australia might well ask all entries to beef as well we simply won't do that the government is now admits that the government has basically said that we're going to get a lot b.s. on the single market so instead of we were removing ourselves from the room and going outside it's trying to influence what happens inside it boris johnson rule that he's wrong about was absolutely right in his resignation letter when he pointed out that the government has for years been arguing with with bits of regulations it disagrees with and now it's accepted it has to accept them all wholesale without any ability to influence them who vote for them and so that means that the brakes that is being presented here by the government is not acceptable to leavers all remain as it's a price it's the worst of all worlds it's a it's dead on arrival jonathan i just want to bring in a third voice into our discussion also in london leadership is the director of data and polling at restless and global welcome to inside story that we were talking before you arrived about to resume getting a cabinet together to flesh out a a briggs it proposal that her cabinet could unite around the details due to be
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published in thursday's white paper what chance is there that the european union will accept those proposals. well i think that that is going to be the basis for the conversation of to start a conversation let's not forget that two years after britain voted to leave the e.u. it's taken the cabinet this long to even put to forward a proposal as to what it once read the future relationship even though we've seen the cabinet implode over this proposal put forward by trees that may i think that realistically you have to accept that there will have to be further concessions from the u.k. when it comes to the e.u. but the e.u. is obviously very well aware of trees have made tenuous position at home therefore you know trees are made before she even put a proposal for cheese been sending her deputies around the e.u. to make sure that they didn't shoot it down assoon as it was put on the table but the u.k. will have to make for the concessions to the e.u. the e.u. will see it as a starting point to start the conversation need now it's amazing to resume
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a bill in a head of the nato summit germany's chancellor angela merkel said that it's a good thing that we have proposals on the table now that remark was jumped upon by briggs it is as an encouraging sign a even a modest indorsement to what extent is germany key in allowing to resume a to secure this smooth and orderly briggs's that she's promised look it's very interesting that treason may had supposedly discussed her proposals with angela merkel before she even presented them to the cabinet of course germany will be key as will all the other european countries in order to keep the conversation going i think it's really important to distinguish that germany can't unilaterally make the decisions in the e.u. there is twenty seven member states who the u.k.'s negotiating with and the people who are going to be doing the negotiating for the e.u. is of course michelle by me and the commission team so i know americal i wouldn't go so far as say that you know she saw this as an endorsement as her comments were an endorsement of obviously germany's position is going to stay the same germany
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has been adamant throughout the back to negotiations that there can be no cherry picking so that means that the you could can't carve off bits of the single market that it. once while not having to pay for any of its obligations germany has been one of the hardest countries in the negotiations germany and i'm glad merkel supposedly even asked why the u.k. should have a transition period after direct that because that is indeed what the u.k. needs in order to keep the continuity for businesses so i wouldn't go so far as saying angela merkel is endorsing the u. case position and they already mentioned the u.k. will have to make for the concessions that i let merkel is very much aware of the difficult domestic politics the trees the man she's keen to keep the negotiations going on johnston for anyone who doesn't follow the money you show of british politics with the governing conservative party in such disarray where is the political opposition to surely with this mess they should be riding high in the opinion polls and would the opposition labor party be any better at delivering brigs it than the governing conservatives will certainly we've seen that labor
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party have not been able to fully capitalize in the polls in terms of taking over the conservatives. they have a problem also with threats at their bricks that position is quite ambiguous for them i think at the moment as the opposition that works well they're able to allow the conservative party to tear itself apart and they only really have to face up to coming up with a plan for bracks it if the government falls over said they want to do that and if that happens i think the labor party are also going to find themselves in trouble when it comes to coming up with a coherent position on. guns and less is briggs it inevitable can anything no prevent it a second referendum perhaps. in the events the last few days have made no situation much like we have now three months ago the food the final summits not taber this is all meant to be wrapped up and signed off now the moment the governments in
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disarray to reason may has still not accepted that we're going to be in excess of customs e. and the single market or else the k.'s going to be split so there are over lot more concessions to the u.k. size and when she makes those concessions she may well be defenestrated by either one of her wings so she advocates spacing out the u.k. she might be brought down by the democratic unionist party in northern ireland and the lot of other m.p.'s with cites and she goes the full single mark in customs option a custom see an option then she might be brought down by the brakes to is so she may well not be long for this prime ministerial world as the chaos wrought ramps up the freefall will take place and inside that void there could be a real momentum from both sides to change course and that is the point at which there could be a renewed call for people's votes to ask the british people is really what we want leadership what do you make of what you heard there what damage has this infighting within the governing party over briggs it done to britain standing in the world.
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obviously isn't a tremendous amount of damage to britain's standing in the world again let's not forget that it's been two years since britain voted to leave the european union the kind of domestic political turmoil you've since seen since then i don't think has even climax i think there's a lot more on the way the reason for that as many european political analysts let such as myself we've been looking at the complicated relationship between the u.k. and the e.u. for the past x. amount of years is that of course this was going to be difficult and a lot of politicians made promises especially on the back side which are impossible to deliver so as to raise the mates government has been slowly mugged by reality there's been a lot of casualty shall we say in the political scene one of them being boris johnson you know as foreign secretary i mean we just know him as somebody who is prone to gaffes all the time he certainly didn't do very well for britain as its chief diplomat on the world and i think that a lot of people are just looking at britain baffled and wondering what's going on
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and as i already mentioned i think there's a little bit more of that still to come john john so if you had to put money on it briggs it soft brigs it no briggs's i think at the moment the prospect of a new deal scenario is looming we have a deal that will probably not be accepted by europe and the red lines it's a reason they would have to cross in order to get that deal through will not be accepted in the u.k. parliament so at the moment i think that the new deal scenario is starting to look a lot more likely and what happens then britain crashes out i can see just a list disagree green with that jonathan. yeah i think you know deal is has always been impossible. no do we have to have to look at what in the media that she means it grounds planes between the u.k. and the e.u. it stops radioisotopes potentially from traveling to the good the bad sides of radiotherapy patients is a total catastrophe it means a breakdown of the u.k.
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economy overnight and in ireland which could resume. instability in an even war in that province and so it's a total disaster no government could ever advocate that position and we know government has been running from it because they have made every concession necessary to the e.u. over the last year because they're so such so scared of a no deal story and it needs did you want to chip in there very brief answer i need for me please. i agree with jonathan that the no deal sonar is the nuclear option and it's nobody wants to have that neither the u.k. noid the e.u. nonetheless very strange things have been happening in global politics in the past two years and i wouldn't put it beyond this government to see that there could be a no deal option simply because that's a negotiations get completely log jammed because of domestic politics here at home
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politics on the european stage and global events with you know what donald trump is doing for example at the nato summit this week so i don't think it's impossible i don't think it's my base case scenario but the most disastrous outcome is still very much an option on the table jonathan this one last question to you the independents that the now online newspaper wondered on wednesday if with one hundred days to go the divisions within the u.k. societies within u.k. society rather over brigs it can ever be healed. it will be a very very long process funny isn't it when when a break stays say a new referendum or people's votes will be that it would be credibly divisive breaks it is always going to be divisive whatever happens from now on is going to divide us and if it turns out that we deeper exit and the economy disintegrates people lose their jobs when they're promised prosperity and sovereignty and control and all of those things go down and that is going to be the most divisive event of
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our generation ok there we're going to have to leave it many thanks indeed to all of you jonathan listening to schick and john johnston all of whom are in london and thank you too for watching don't forget you can see the program at any time just by going to the web site al jazeera dot com for further discussion join us at our facebook page at facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle at a.j. inside story for me adrian for the good and the whole team here in doha thanks for watching we'll see you again bye for the.
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we're awaiting when this idea popped into it whether on line it's undoubtedly chief goal. of an inequality in our society today or if you join a sunset criminal justice system is dysfunctional right now this is a dialogue what does it feel like bring you have to go back for the first time everyone has a voice and allow refugees to plead that speakers for change join the conversation on our. opinion and wits that take that view it is no point to make an argument that i have no basis in fact or knowledge and esteem and chamber of the banks i live in every important thing is an examination of the ideas the thinkers the theorists and the leaders so a lot of people see them as victories for me too and from what i haven't seen victories for anybody six or itself in forty years
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a new series of head to head coming soon own al-jazeera i had a briefing today from a man named steele who has been out there working with the security forces a veteran of el salvador's diety war sent to iraq you seem to be without portfolio doing whatever it is that he wanted to take interest and next about him counterinsurgency while this interview was going on with jim steele there were these terrible screams about pain and terror but what was his mission and what legacy did he leave searching for steel on mount is iraq. i'm rob matheson in doha the top stories on u.s.
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president donald trump has ramped up the tension at the nato summit in brussels within hours of it starting is criticize longtime ally germany and he's standing by his demands that all member countries almost double their defense spending diplomatic editor james bays reports never has the u.s. commitment to its nato allies look to the shaky is this even before the summit had started president trump used his breakfast with nato secretary general to attack his allies focusing on one in particular germany is totally controlled by russia because they were getting from sixty to seventy percent of their energy from russia and a new pipeline and you tell me if that's appropriate because i think it's not and i think it's a very bad thing for later and i don't think it should have happened and i think we have to talk to germany about or the secretary general look taken aback maybe it's the lawrenceville trying to bite me but the president kept up his extraordinary attack but germany as far as i'm concerned is captive to russia because it's
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getting so much energy from russia so we're supposed to protect germany but they're getting their energy from russia chancellor merkel who's just survived a bruising political battle at home had this response to this fresh assault. that's been tired though it's months i have myself witnessed that parts of germany were controlled by the soviet union and i am very happy that today we are unified in freedom of the federal republic of germany and that's why we can say that we make our own policies and we make our own decisions. despite that comment she looked as though the ferocity of trump's words had affected her she was hardly smiling as she interacted with the others. the president and the chancellor of boarded each other out walking at different ends of the procession then what's known as the family photo at a time of family feud as helicopters flew overhead the tension was high the leaders
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clearly aware the current divisions are among the most serious this alliance has faced in its almost seventy years of existence. finally when chancellor merkel and president trump actually met the language was much more conciliatory than earlier. versions. perhaps the president decided to back down he's been known in the past to avoid confrontation in face to face meetings or the two decided to declare a truce for now either way damage has been done to us germany relations and to the image of unity they wanted to reject james bays al-jazeera at nato headquarters in brussels the latest pictures have been released of twelve thai boys and their football coach in hospital following their dramatic rescue from a flooded cave that time navy has also released new video of the complicated operation divers say the boys were sedated to to avoid panic as they were being
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pulled through dark and narrow passage ways. and amnesty international report has criticized the.


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