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won't comply with u.s. sanctions on iran but others will be looking for a new supply is an opiate resolution last month championed by u.s. ally saudi arabia allows oil producing nations to boost production ensuring countries in the middle east at least are ready to make up the iranian oil shortfall. which brings us back to iran and its threat to block the strait of hormuz it could account for an apparent softening of the u.s. stance on iran this week speaking from the united arab emirates secretary of state might pump a zero signal to the possibility of sanctions exemptions saying the u.s. is open to requests for the tough u.s. mission is due to start in november to be way up the the eleventh.
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thousand thousand
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. when the news breaks. on the mailman city and the story builds to be forced to leave it would just be on when people need to be heard women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you the award winning documentaries and live news and out of your i got to commend you all i'm hearing is good journalism on air and online. news is happening faster than
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ever before from different places from different people and you need to be part of that you need to be able to reach people wherever they are and that means be across all social media platforms this is where our audience lives as well as in front of a t.v. they're on the smartphone they're on the tablet they're on the fusion. and that's the way al-jazeera is a volved into a true media network. you know what. i'm. not.
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welcome back a quick reminder of our top stories here this hour nato leaders on gathering for a second day in brussels to discuss ending the war in afghanistan and security in ukraine there's a live pictures from day two of the summit with the u.s. president donald trump is just arriving there these a live pictures your watching that. israel says it struck three syrian army positions near the occupied golan heights off to a drone crossed into its territory syrian state media says the missiles were intercepted by air defense systems and caused minimal damage. and croatia in its first of a football world cup final after a two one the semifinal win against england in moscow they face france on sunday for a time. now the winner of england came after christ was third extra time in a row and in the capital zagreb the fans went wild to shine that nicolas was there
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for us. i think these people really. believe me committal gold medal luck to both. of those numbers for their whole. lives you know most of. the books couple of tours in this country so close for good should this be. thank you much because the schedule rose and my back is now celebrating. the tick above the success of their national team they did. who told the players to play tonight you know to hate to manage to play the semifinals for the last against drugs and then return to these countries big stars like my dad to say it's cold. out i suppose that these guys managed to go to the final but whatever to do with that model they'll be the biggest sporting heroes no
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he's going to small nation is not these to europe. from this point i suppose these people seem to be celebrating this model. look into the night i defend itself in the final on sunday against drugs for next year will have a just the biggest will provide own approach national t.v. losing that semifinal is not a ninety day prospect at the hotel for the first time you know croatia just three months ahead when the for the prisoner will be there in history though still a pretty. what joining us from london is james kirk um he's head of coppa ninety thousand online football broadcaster james festival commiserations of england's exit from the will cup was this too heavy a burden on the shoulders of a very young team or do you see potential that young teams liking them like france are the future of global football going forward. the potential is he don't think there's any one in england today. downbeat it's very different from say ninety
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ninety when i was a teenager and that team was disbanding there was shelton is a forty year old about to retire this is an incredibly young group of players who've just been banded together by a brilliant articulate grounded young manager so i think we have to be as english people very hopeful for another decade a force of continued kind of success but it was probably just a step too far yeah i mean i hope springs eternal james but i mean how is this young england team resonated with their young fans and their values both at home and abroad there's something incredible that's going on there's been this kind of confluence this moment that it's really caught and captured the imagination and this team simply did not have this level of relationship with fans prior to the tournament there was a lot of apathy there was an almost toxic at times relationship with members of the media in the press between the players and the team in the fans but everything is
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all to there's such connection there's such close proximity now players interact an interface through the likes of social media with fans directly and it's kind of open the martin broughton everything so we feel terribly in touch of course that's not confined to just include something that's going on with young players all around the world and it's something fantastic the football is doing helping change the mood of nations we'll come back to social media a second joins but surprisingly all the traditional big guns of world football like brazil argentina germany baseball exited the tournament very quickly and now it's an all european final what's that telling us about the balance of power in the sport and what a fans make of all this. i think fans are thinking of fans aren't necessarily surprised by the european kind of stranglehold the european game is ridiculously strong in the champions league week in week out is has so many wonderful players
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and even a country like croatia so small comparable but they've got moderate chiu is probably one of the greatest midfielders in the world he played for real madrid week in week out he's won the champions league plays with the best so perhaps isn't too surprising that moderates and record players of his ilk are managing to get to a fine or maybe even do better but the european strengths are there to be seen as stephanie something south american folklore i think specifically will have to have a little look at the gender final brief point from you so young teams young fans what role of social media play them in the debate and in the game it's a huge role for stuff i mean us at copa ninety we spend an awful lot of time trying to extoll the virtues of what football even does it's a force for good at its best it can unite it can bring people together in britain it's done somewhat holing division this is a post bricks it kind of world where people have been terribly divided but they've all come together for something as simple as football social and digital have enabled that to happen and happen it's captivated the imagination it's allowed the
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closeness between the team in the players it's broken down the barriers so it can't be underestimated what a fantastic job it's been doing james kirk i'm very good to talk to you thank you. now the un and international rights groups are condemning the intensifying violence and nicaragua around two hundred sixty people have been killed and more than two months of protest in amman the president done a lot take a resigned the catholic church which has been mediating between government and the opposition has also come under attack mario sanchez reports in the capital managua . the family of eighteen year old alexander min thus i say he disappeared after taking part in a protest in may his mother might get the death says ten days later she got a call from the coroner's office she was asked to formally identify alexander's body well as it was the letters that i never imagined this would happen but i would hear that the doctor told me both he died of natural causes then and that he got
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scared and had a heart attack. eighteen year olds rarely die that way so my little went to an independent forensic doctor for a second opinion. and he said my son was strangled to death. but let it go then fire the complaint with me get out was permanent commission for human rights groups say it's been overwhelmed by such reports. on wednesday the organization of american states described the situation in the ghetto one as grave. and. been considering the deepening and increasing deterioration of the grave human rights crisis in nicaragua the interim merican commission for human rights calls on the international community to demand nicaragua immediately puts an end to repression and arbitrary detentions and all other human rights violations. but the new guy now one government dismissed the oas report as biased. rejects the report it was rushed prejudiced
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and lacks objectivity it requires a professional attitude to report the truth about what's going on. the government says the protests aimed to topple president that they are here at me that i was national university students and other government opponents have been entrenched for more than one month the government accuses them of being subversive a threat to peace. but the opposition accuses police and pro-government paramilitary forces are firing live rounds at protesters this week has seen some of the worst violence since the protests erupted nearly three months ago. i was long time precedent that has rejected calls to hold early elections the opposition is just as determined but many here fear what's to come. with more teenagers like alexander are likely to be caught in the crossfire of the country's political
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crisis. menow when we got our. four graduates of a university in turkey have been arrested for displaying a cartoon mocking the president russia type one. the students at middle east technical university unfold along during their graduation ceremony it showed pictures of animals whose faces resemble. the image was previously the subject of a defamation lawsuit by the then prime minister. the letters written by nelson mandela to his family during his twenty seven years as a political prisoner have been published in a book they offer a rare glimpse into the former south african leaders faith and the anti-apartheid struggle the publication marks one hundred years since his birth on tuesday was john hart reports. for twenty seven years in prison nelson mandela's communications with the outside world consisted mainly of letters written from his prison cell
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words were his principal means of keeping alive friendships and family ties religious faith and political conviction. our cause is just it is a fight for human dignity and for an honorable life often heavily censored or never delivered at all most of the letters appear in a new volume of mandela's prison writings launched in johannesburg this week many published for the first time of a new insights into one of the world's most famous figures during some of his darkest times it's one of those milestone books that will open a chapter of our rules need not just our vision that freedom didn't just come with free just tough that madiba to feel the pain med it is message is one we can all learn from that we all need to do something good in the world in which we live wherever we are to make sure that this kind of life that he had to live through will never happen again some of mandela's captors became
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confidants others proxies for the wider struggle against south africa's apartheid government should like us to fight over principles and ideas and without personal hatred so at the end of the battle whatever the results might be i can proudly shake hands with you have a recurring theme is the pain of family separation the father of five who missed the funeral of his eldest son and wasn't allowed visits from his toddler daughters until they turn sixteen. do not worry about me now i am happy well and full of strength and hope the only thing i long for is you in meticulous handwriting after their mother winnie was arrested yet again mandela offers the support of an absent parent my darlings once again our beloved mummy has been arrested and now she and daddy are away in jail she gave up pleasure and comfort in return for
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a life full of hardship and misery because of the deep love she has for her people and her country. the letter concludes we have a lot of friends and they will look after you and one day mommy and daddy will return. zero. web site there it is on your screen the latest on day two of the nato summit in brussels on the israeli missile strike inside syria to address al-jazeera that's al-jazeera. check of the top stories here nato leaders are gathering for day two in brussels to discuss ending the war in afghanistan and security in ukraine and hoping to put day one as disagreements behind them was dominated by donald trump's demands for higher military spending and criticism in germany israel says it struck three syrian army positions near the occupied golan heights after
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a drone crossed into its territory syrian state media says the missiles were intercepted by air defense systems and caused minimal damage as more from beirut there is really military acknowledging that they were responsible for targeting three syrian army positions in. overnight saying that it was in retaliation for the entering of a syrian thrown into its airspace a few hours earlier this is not the first incident of its kind there has been cross border violence in the past israel has hit syrian army positions israel has hit what it says positions belonging to hezbollah in syria as well as iranian targets in syria a more rebel factions a nearby province of signed up to a surrender deal with the government groups which of city will hand over their weapons and be given the option of safe passage to the north of syria the fighting has displaced thousands of people. the latest pictures have been released of twelve boys in the football coach in hospital following their dramatic rescue from
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a flooded cave at the time navy has released new video of the complicated operation . divers say the boys were sedated to avoid them panicking as they were being pulled through dark and narrow passage ways for graduates of a university in turkey have been arrested for displaying a cartoon mocking president russia on the students middle east technical university unfold along during their graduation ceremony showed pictures of animals whose faces resemble that of murder one image was previously the subject of a defamation lawsuit by the band minister. and croatia's football team is on the way to their first ever world cup final after thrilling to one semifinal victory against england in moscow the croatian team will now face france in sunday's final well those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story that's what you buy from. the i.m.f.
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said riyadh's a break even price for twenty eighteen is likely to be around eighty eight dollars a barrel why is argentina again turning to the i.m.f. for help now we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. what will it take for a smooth briggs's as government ministers resign britain's prime minister is accused of being soft on divorce from the e.u. but how cantor reason may please everyone and convince e.u. leaders to this is inside story. hello welcome to the program i'm adrian finnegan britain's prime minister's reason may is defending her plans for briggs it in the face of protest resignations from
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her governing conservative party julia ministers as well as two vice chairs of stepped down following the resignations of minister briggs at david davis and foreign secretary boris johnson who says the dream of brigs it is dying but may insists that her current position will let the e.u. kay leave the e.u. in a smooth and orderly way in brussels where she attended the nato summit she said her brings a deal will protect jobs and british commitments to will the island the checker steel plant has been put together it's been agreed government will be publishing our blank paper this week which will set out more detail on it it's there because it delivers on the day that people gave on bret's it it delivers the fact that we will have an end to free movement that we would have an end to the jurisdiction of the european court of justice in the u.k. we went be spending vast vast contributions to every we asked the common agricultural policy out of the common fisheries policy we did that breaks it and we
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do it in a way that the text jobs and livelihoods and meets our commitment and britain voted in what was billed at the time as an advisory referendum two years ago to become the first country to leave the european union then prime minister david cameron who called the referendum resigned in march last year his successor to reason may invoke the european law known as arctic. fifty the formal mechanism to leave the e.u. set the wheels in motion after forty four years as an e.u. member a new rules gave the british government two years to negotiate the divorce after months of disagreement within the government may says she's ready to deliver a brink's agreement that keeps absolute faith with the people's decision to leave so let's bring in our guests for today's discussion both of whom are in london jonathan lis is the deputy director of the business advisory group british influence and john johnston is a political reporter at politics home gentlemen welcome to you both jonathan list let's start with you the now former foreign secretary boris johnson said in his
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resignation letter that the brig's it dream is dying suffocated by self-doubt is he right. while dream is the opposite because it never existed except in his imagination imagination is not a breakfast is it was always going to be a case that the breaks that he wants he could never be delivered you either have a break say in accordance with what the e.u. says which is boosting the market in the full customs union or who you have. a wish to advise the casing of markets between northern ireland and great britain or you have no deal a tool there is never any option for cherry picking boris johnson has been living calculation for too long not just boris johnson it seems that briggs it is within the conservative party the governing conservative party appear not to understand that the e.u. is a rules based organization of the u.k. just can't cherry pick aspects of membership that it wants to keep and those that it wishes to discard i mean that's what's led to all of this infighting isn't it.
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absolutely it's the kind of exceptionalism that britain has you know still maintains ek government is still maintained this ludicrous position that he needs us more than we need them that's all we had during the referendum campaign twenty sixteen and it's kind of led the policies of the government ever since it's simply not true it never has been true never will be true so when the e.u. set off the referendum you can't cherry pick the single market you can't if you want to end free movement that means you have to go for both on a trade deal they still mean it now so when the u.k. government goes to checkers in comes out with this deal which leaves the departure of two cabinet ministers the easiest ones to still but you're asking for a single market it gets but not in services people kept so that simply won't wash john johnston. do the brigadier's within the conservative party have any idea of how the you the e.u. works or as the the for the now former minister in charge
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of exiting the e.u. david davis implied this week that this fudge that we've been seeing within the conservative party this apparent. complete ignorance about the way that the the e.u. works is a negotiating tactic in the that the british government the cabinet this week has done the u.k. great harm by backing a plan that will lead to to a less hard brigs it. yes well obviously the the government has now got this plan that they are going to take to the european union that is already in tatters before we even get there so it remains to be seen how the e.u. are going to respond there's certainly parts of the checkers plan that they have looked at that they have already said they would not agree with and now we have to wait and see tomorrow when the fool detail of the white paper comes out how they will accept it there's obviously the problem is that if they reject this plan out right it's going to tourism is position in jeopardy and i think the the view in the european union at the moment is that she is the only person who can possibly come
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up with a deal that both sides can pass to resume a now has a more pragmatic flexible cabinet with the resignation of david davis and boris johnson is her position now save the scene off any potential leadership challenge and reasserted her authority. well the first thing to say is that series i'm a is a very resilient prime minister she's seen off crisis as the other leaders would have taken them down but no she's certainly not out of the woods when it comes to a leadership challenge we're getting the breaks a tears are drip feeding resignations and in order to try and force her to change their policy position but ultimately if she won't change and by the towards their demands they will probably make a move against her in order to do that they need to file forty eight letters of no confidence in her it seems likely that they maybe have those letters ready to go but what that will that mean is
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a leadership challenge and it remains to be seen whether they can convince fifty percent plus one of their m.p.'s to vote turn down because if they do that it still doesn't change the parliamentary math and it could trigger a general election in which jeremy corbin could feasibly when which is certainly something the brakes to do not want to happen or it's a journalist to what extent is there is the cabinets and the m.p.'s within the governing conservative party fall into line behind the prime minister simply because it is running scared of the opposition labor party. i think that it's a very important point that many of them are sort of clinging to their words they say but the point is that even if treason may were to be deposed then the new prime minister would still be in the same weak position that any prime minister would be in at the moment because the u.k. has almost no cards to play against the european union and so when the e.u. says we're not going to accept this check is still there you either have the full thing about an customs union or non of it except northern ireland that no prime minister no matter how strong or charismatic is going to be able to change that
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position because the e.u. at the moment has no incentive to give britain what it wants because the e.u. is its credibility and even or a stake and the e.u. has all the power at the moment because it knows that the u.k. cannot settle for no deal partly because they get a part of it would never accept that and partly because this equipment a national self-immolation is simply not a viable option for the government and that means that the u.k. will concede to pretty much everything the e.u. wants and has done in the last year already all right so you talked about the checkers deal jonathan that was the agreement fleshed out last friday at the prime minister's country residence when she got her cabinet together to flesh flesh out a briggs's ambition that they could all unite behind. as john was saying the details of that deal are due to be published in a white paper on thursday as far as you're concerned john of the what's wrong with the checkers deal then why is it an unworkable and what do you make of it as
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a opening bid as far as negotiations with the e.u. a concern. why i think it's very important to say there is an opening bit and i think that we do need to recognise that the u.k. government has come a long way from the unicorn chasing of two years ago when it said it could basically have all the advantages of the single market without any responsibilities so now it's at least saying that yes we will be announcing about the gates if the u.k. parliament doesn't accept something then we'll have that will have consequences but the checkers agreement is unworkable for two key reasons the first one is about northern ireland it's absolutely clear to anyone who understands the situation or an island that northern ireland itself must be in a single market for goods and a customs union importantly but treason may is refusing to accept the idea that we will be in a customs union because she still wants the power to arrange country trade deals with the us australia and so on so we have this really peculiar causes partnership maxim facilitation newcastle's partnership and all the things which the e.u.
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is already rejected by the bottom line is northern ireland has to be in the customs union otherwise our customs barriers and that means that the u.k. the whole u.k. has to be in the customs union otherwise we'll have customs barriers between great britain and northern ireland which effectively splits up the u.k. so that's one of the reasons why some work will the other reason why it's unworkable is that it's asking for one of the freedoms of the single market which is a freedom of goods but not the other three services capsule and importantly people free movement of people in such a totality issue for the e.u. that they will not allow the case to get benefits the single market without having free movement of people so john johnson why if the capital knows that it that it's unworkable that the e.u. is going to reject most of the proposals within the checkers deal what why did the cabinet back it where the cabinet backed it because the they need to try and come up with a position that the tory party would accept and at the time when the checkers deal
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was finalized it seemed like three. may have been able to ambush her here cabinet members with the hope that their backing of the deal which quell some of the bricks at rebellion on her back benches but as we've seen with the resignation of david davis and forced johnson that has not happened the breaks tears are now in full revolt caprice morgan other prominent tears have put down amendments to monday's trade bill to try and dampen down elements of the checkers deal the whole thing is now falling apart but originally the reason behind it was so they had something they could bring to the e.u. that was unified whether the e.u. were going to reject it or not they had to have something unified and now they no longer have that what about boris johnson's political career is a lot of media criticism over the former foreign secretary following his resignation say that he'd been the worst foreign secretary in british history. is it over for boris johnson no it certainly appears to be i mean boris johnson being
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elevated to the foreign office many people saw was just the rise and rise of his career but in many ways this stint in the foreign office has killed off his chances again boris has boris as everyone says he could buy him spock but it seems very unlikely that he would get the backing of enough of his own m.p.'s in a leadership race to make it into the final ballot to members if he did however there is still the possibility that the tory membership would back him and he could end up the prime minister you say at the moment he wouldn't get the backing i mean he's very popular still with the grassroots supporters of the conservative party what happens if there is a grassroots rebellion if if members of parliament are going back to their constituencies and getting criticism from from party members locally. as i said boris johnson very popular with the local party members still i mean what happens if there is a grassroots rebellion within the conservative party not just in the parliamentary
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one well certainly that's what some breakfast here m.p.'s are saying that there. from their activists they're refusing to go out and campaign because they are so upset with this what they perceive as betrayal of the bracks votes but ultimately it comes down to m.p.'s have got to be the ones who trigger the vote of no confidence in the prime minister and for them the great risk in doing that is that any new leader would be under immense pressure to call a general election and in doing that they risk jeremy corbin winning it's very feasible that he could win with the tory party in such chaos and obviously notorious he wants to be the one responsible for bringing jeremy corbyn into number ten but jonathan lists what about the much touted briggs it dividend the financial windfall that the country would receive as a result of the longer having to pay into the e.u. there are those that argue that there simply wouldn't be one whatever the form of briggs at the u.k. eventually settles for but let's just suppose for a moment that the briggs it is a right that there would have been some kind of a dividend this checkers deal would surely watered down any form of dividend if
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there was to be one wouldn't it. absolutely i mean certainly that the financial dividend is a total fallacy but the one thing the braces really wanted of course was these third country trade deals i mentioned and what the government has just committed itself to is to align itself an agricultural standards now that kills the u.s. trade deal of birth because the u.s. has been absolutely clear that they will only accept a trade deal with the u.k. only push for one if we adopt our agricultural standards to allow treated beef korean chicken etc that means we can't do that and also australia might well ask who are interested beef as well we we simply won't do that the government is now admits that the government has basically said that we're going to be a lot yes on the single market so instead of we were removing ourselves from the room and going outside it's trying to influence what happens inside it boris johnson rule that he's wrong about was absolutely right in his resignation letter when he pointed out that the government has for years been arguing with with bits
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of regulations it disagrees with and now it's accepted it has to accept them all wholesale without any ability to influence them who vote for them and so that means that the brakes that is being presented here by the government is not acceptable to leave those all remain as is a price that's the worst of all worlds so it's a it's dead on arrival jonathan i just want to bring in a third voice into our discussion also in london in a shake is the director of data and polling at restless and global welcome to inside story that we were talking before you arrived about to resume getting a cabinet together to flesh out a briggs it proposal that her cabinet could unite around the details due to be published in thursday's white paper what chance is there that the european union will accept those proposals. well i think that that is going to be the basis for the conversation of to start a conversation let's not forget that two years after britain voted to leave the e.u. it's taken the cabinet this long to even put to forward a proposal as to what it once read the future relationship even though we've seen
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the cabinet implode over this proposal put forward by trees that may i think that realistically you have to accept that there will have to be further concessions from the u.k. when it comes to the e.u. but the e.u. is obviously very well aware of trees have made tenuous position at home therefore you know trees are made before she even put a proposal for cheese been sending her deputies around the e.u. to make sure that they didn't shoot it down assoon as it was put on the table but the u.k. will have to make for the concessions to the e.u. the e.u. will see it as a starting point to start the conversation needed after meeting to resume a and linda head of the nato summit germany's chancellor angela merkel said that it's a good thing that we have proposals on the table now that remark was jumped upon by briggs it is as an encouraging sign a even a modest indorsement to what extent is germany key in allowing to resume a to secure this smooth and orderly briggs's that she's promised look it's very interesting that treason may have supposedly discussed her proposals with angela
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merkel before she even presented them to the cabinet of course germany will be key as will all the other european countries in order to keep the conversation going i think it's really important to distinguish that germany can't unilaterally make the decisions in the e.u. there is twenty seven member states who the u.k.'s negotiating with and the people who are going to be doing the negotiating for the e.u. is of course michelle by me and the commission team so i know americal i wouldn't go so far as say that you know she saw this as an endorsement as her comments were an endorsement of obviously germany's position is going to stay the same germany has been adamant throughout the backs of negotiations that there can be no cherry picking so that means that the you could can't carve off bits of the single market that it. once while not having to pay for any of its obligations germany has been one of the hardest countries in the negotiations germany and i'm glad merkel supposedly even asked why the u.k. should have a transition period after direct that because that is indeed what the u.k. needs in order to keep the continuity for businesses so i wouldn't go so far as
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saying angela merkel is endorsing the u. case position and they already mention the u.k. will have to make for the concessions that and let merkel is very much aware of the difficult domestic politics the trees the man she's keen to keep the negotiations going john johnston for anyone who doesn't follow the money you should have british politics with the governing conservative party in such disarray where is the political opposition surely with this mess they should be riding high in the opinion polls and would the opposition labor party be any better at delivering brigs it than the governing conservatives will certainly we've seen that labor party have not been able to fully capitalize in the polls in terms of taking over the conservatives. they have a problem also with brett their breaks that position is quite ambiguous for them i think at the moment as the opposition that works well they're able to allow the conservative party to tear itself apart and they only really have to face up to
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coming up with a plan for bracks it if the government falls over said they want to do that and if that happens i think the labor party are also going to find themselves in trouble when it comes to coming up with a coherent position on. guns and less is briggs it inevitable can anything no prevent it a second referendum perhaps. in the events the last few days have made situation much like we have now three months ago the food the final summits not taber this is all meant to be wrapped up and signed off now the moment the government's in disarray to reason may has still not accept is that we're going to be in excess of customs e. and the single market or else the k.'s going to be split so there are over lot more concessions to the u.k. size and when she makes those concessions she may well be defenestrated by either one of her wings so she advocates spacing out the u.k. she might be brought on by the democratic unionist party in northern ireland and a lot of other m.p.'s were sites and she goes the full cinemark and customs option
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a custom see an option then she might be brought down by the brits to is so she may well not be long for this prime ministerial world as the chaos rudd ramps up the freefall will take place and inside the void there could be a real romance and from both sides to change course and that's the point at which that could be a renewed call for people's votes to ask the british people is really what we want leadership what do you make of what you heard there what damage has this infighting within the governing party over briggs it done to britain standing in the world. obviously isn't a tremendous amount of damage to britain's standing in the world again let's not forget that it's been two years since britain voted to leave the european union the kind of domestic political turmoil you've since seen since then i don't think has even climax i think there's a lot more on the way the reason for that as many european political analysts let
4:42 pm
such as myself we've been looking at the complicated relationship between the u.k. and the e.u. for the past x. amount of years is that of course this was going to be difficult and a lot of politicians made promises especially on the back side which are impossible to deliver so as to raise the mates government has been slowly mugged by reality there's been a lot of casualty shall we say in the political scene one of them being boris johnson you know as foreign secretary i mean we just know him as somebody who is prone to gaffes all the time he certainly didn't do very well for britain as its chief diplomat on the world and i think that a lot of people are just looking at britain baffled and wondering what's going on and as i already mentioned i think there's a little bit more of that still to come john john so if you had to put money on it briggs itself brigs it no briggs's i think at the moment the prospect of a new deal scenario is looming we have a deal that will probably not be accepted by europe and the red lines it's a reason they would have to cross in order to get
4:43 pm
a deal through will not be accepted in the u.k. parliament so at the moment i think that the new deal scenario is starting to look a lot more likely and what happens then britain crashes out i can see the list disagree agreeing with that jonathan. oh yeah i think you know deal is has always been impossible. no do we have to have to look at what in the media that she means it grounds planes between the u.k. and the e.u. it stops radioisotopes potentially from traveling to the good the bad sides of radiotherapy patients is a total catastrophe it means a breakdown of the u.k. economy overnight and in ireland which could resume. instability in an even war in that province and so it's a total disaster no government could ever advocate that position and we know government has been running from it because they have made every concession necessary to the e.u.
4:44 pm
over the last year because they're so such so scared of a no deal story and it needs did you want to chip in there very brief answer i need for me please. i agree with jonathan that the no deal sonar is the nuclear option and it's nobody wants to have that neither the u.k. noisy e.u. nonetheless very strange things have been happening in global politics in the past two years and i wouldn't put it beyond this government to see that there could be no deal option simply because that's a negotiations get completely log jammed because of domestic politics here at home politics on the european stage and global events with you know what donald trump is doing for example at the nato summit this week so i don't think it's impossible i don't think it's my base case scenario but the most astros outcome is still very much an option on the table jonathan this one last question to you the independents that the now online newspaper wondered on wednesday if with one hundred days to go the divisions within the u.k. societies within u.k.
4:45 pm
society rather over brigs it can ever be healed. it will be a very very long process funny isn't it when when a breaks to say a new referendum or people's votes will be that it would be credibly divisive breaks it is always going to be divisive whatever happens from now on is going to divide us and if it turns out that we deeper exit and the economy disintegrates people lose their jobs when they're promised prosperity and sovereignty and control and all of those things go down and that is going to be the most divisive event of our generation ok there we're going to have to leave it many thanks indeed to all of you jonathan listening to schick and john johnston all of whom are in london and thank you too for watching don't forget you can see the program at any time just by going to the web site al jazeera dot com for further discussion join us at our facebook page at facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle at a.j.
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inside story for me adrian for the info and the whole team here in doha thanks for watching we'll see you again bye for the.
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it's unguarded the chief. of. society today. what does it feel like for the first time everyone has a voice. it's like the wild west they can do anything and the really hard for them to get the internet is for democracy.
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in the world of. the rules of the game have changed. out investigate. part too. trying to put the trunk divisions behind them nato gets down to the business of protection afghanistan russia now top of the agenda. jordan this is al jazeera. also coming up hitting back of the drones made its border israel says it's fired missiles into syria. the pressure starting to tell india slashes its oil imports as the u.s.
4:49 pm
intensifies its bid to isolate iran. and its extra special nation of just four million people. after another match and heads for its first world cup final. the first day was one of major divisions with donald trump but nato leaders are now gathering again in brussels aiming to focus on protection and you sessions about to begin on top of the agenda will be ending the war in afghanistan and security concerns over the ukraine well our diplomatic editor james bays joins us live now from brussels james so i will lead us still reeling from donald trump's prickly comments yesterday. yes i think because what we saw yesterday was extraordinary comments from the president when he finally met chancellor merkel slightly more conciliatory language but then after that he was
4:50 pm
back on twitter until one o'clock in the morning again criticizing nato and criticizing germany and again tweeting this morning criticizing nato and germany the amount of defense spending by nato allies he says the current target of two percent of g.d.p. for. all the allies is not good enough he wants the credible increase of four percent of g.d.p. he's now back at nato he's meeting with a number of leaders from romania as the ukraine and georgia but obviously we're watching for further comments from the president and james what else is on the agenda for today them. well i mentioned some of those countries certainly ukraine and georgia will be i think concerned about russia and remember president trump is on his way off to go to the u.k.
4:51 pm
to helsinki to meet president putin so talk i think about ukraine and about the threat from russia but also talk about another area where the u.s. has the lead role and that's enough going to start on what is going to happen there in afghanistan as a nato mission still that the u.s. and nato have been involved in afghanistan for many years now it's worth telling you that a new commander is taking over in afghanistan and there's even talk of a new review by the white house into the mission also worth telling you that since two thousand and one three thousand five hundred or slightly more than that nato and u.s. troops have been killed in afghanistan that we're telling you out of that three thousand five hundred figure over one thousand one hundred were not americans they were from nato and partner nations james thank you. well nato may be trying to move on but the comments by donald trump calling germany
4:52 pm
a captive of russia of course quite a stir in the u.s. democrats there been calling president trump an embarrassment for criticizing key allies white house correspondent kimberly help it has more. as president donald trump chastise u.s. allies in brussels over trade policy and defense spending you. u.s. lawmakers here in the united states are underscoring their support for the transatlantic alliance in the republican controlled senate as well as the house of representatives the lawmakers there have approved a non-binding measure that affirms support for nato but democrats in both chambers are going a step further you can donald trump for criticizing allies putting relationships at risk i said drive to the view that we should not be criticizing our president was overseas but let me say a couple of things nato is indispensable i'm very concerned that we have a rough night. and then some kind of civil authority maybe.
4:53 pm
it works against our people anderson this statement would be. ostrich sleeve laughable if it were not so serious. germany has stood by our side. given lines and sacrificed resources for our. wars that you fight. this kind of reference absolutely despicable now many members of congress believe that president trump is right to point out that some of nato members are not at hearing to their security commitments but at the same time it is the rhetoric that is concerning both democrats and republicans particularly when there is a singling out of a key u.s. ally like germany in fact some democratic members of congress saying that the u.s.
4:54 pm
president is not only embarrassing the united states calling his behavior a disgrace. china says it's on the right side of history as the u.s. adds yet more terrorists in the escalating trade war the trump ministrations now proposing a ten percent levy on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods last week it imposed twenty five percent tariffs on thirty four billion dollars worth of chinese imports which beijing immediately counted live to our china correspondent adrian brown in the chinese capital agency we understand chinese officials have been speaking to the press what more they've been saying. yes a short time ago we heard from the spokesman for china's commerce ministry here in china this is a regular weekly briefing but of course we all wanted to know what china's counter measures were going to be to that new list that the trumpet ministration has released detailing the tariffs that they're going to slap on some two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese imports well once again the chinese did not
4:55 pm
specify what their counter measures were going to be and i think one of the reasons for that darron is that the chinese are in something of a dilemma here because at the moment they export far more to the united states and they import that means china doesn't have quite so much to hit back with whereas the united states has plenty of targets because china exports so much to their market and there is a concern i think being expressed by some analysts that what the chinese might decide to do is to go after u.s. companies here in china start harassing them stepping up inspections that kind of thing but they have to be careful because some of these companies employ thousands of chinese workers companies like starbucks mcdonald's boeing and also apple this is a very complicated trade war daryn in the past trade walls were always pretty straightforward but you know in the case of apple the phones are designed in the united states but
4:56 pm
made here in china and parts come from third countries so again you know i think we are into what is going to be i believe a very very protracted and complicated dispute also at the press briefing today the ministry spokesman said that there are no planned talks between china and the united states he also said that germany and china had both agreed that it was time to stand up for free trade and once again we had china wanting to portray itself i think as the true standard bearer of free trade and adrian are you detecting any discernible anti-american feeling. not that i've detected so far i think that the government has put the word out to the media to you know keep the language restrained in their reporting not to get emotional what they want to avoid is any instability anything that causes the markets to
4:57 pm
tumble remember yesterday the the hang seng index dropped by two percent the nikkei index in tokyo fell by about one percent they want to avoid anything that will give the united states more ammunition but remember you know the chinese consumer is a very potent weapon but for now i think china is holding a weapon in reserve adrian thank you. but israel says it's targeted three syrian army positions after a drone crossed into its territory missiles were launched into connection province near the occupied golan heights syrian state media says the rockets were intercepted by a defense systems in the town of haider and caused little damage very force of as more from western missile it. was relatively rare for the israeli military to confirm its activities inside syrian territory but it has done so this time saying that it struck three military posts inside syria close to the border with the occupied golan heights it says it did so in response to what it says was
4:58 pm
a syrian drone that infiltrated israeli air space that drone struck intercepted over the sea of galilee the syrian state news agency is confirming that the strikes took place it says that only material damages were caused as a result it's all fairly reminiscent of what took place in february when israel says an iranian drone infiltrated its airspace and was struck and then in the following air strikes in israeli jets was shot down that led to a much wider scale series of strikes inside syrian territory all of this happening the drone infiltration and then the israeli response around a meeting in moscow between the emir putin and the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. he said that israel would continue responding very strongly to any such infiltrations israel's key concern though in terms of what it's all skin from russia is the presence of the iranian military inside syrian territory the israeli prime minister according to diplomatic sources quoted in the israeli media told mr
4:59 pm
putin that israel would not seek the unseating of bashar al assad as the leader of syria but did continue to press for moscow's help in trying to at least ensure that iranian forces were kept away from the israeli border again the israeli media reporting that moscow has undertaken to israel to help in that course. you know more rebel factions in syria's durand province of signed up to a surrender deal with the government groups which held out and city will hand over their weapons and be given the option of safe passage to the north of syria the government's retaken large swathes of the problems in the last two weeks has more from beirut to neighboring lebanon. much of that our province is now in the hands of the syrian government rebel factions many of them have surrendered their weapons and territory to to the syrian state in some areas the russian military police have entered towns and villages in other areas it is syrian government troops there are
5:00 pm
really different reconciliation deals that have been forged in the past few days but there is a pocket of territory in the western country side of that are under the control of an i still affiliate and now the syrian government camp is gearing up to reclaim that pocket of territory which is approximately seven percent to seven percent of our province yesterday russian airstrikes targeted a number of areas the united nations confirming that up to ten thousand people fled that enclave towards the borders with the israeli occupied golan heights we believe that approximately thirty thousand people remain in this i still controlled enclave we do not know if if if they're being held as human shields or if there is no way out because of the fighting so the displacement crisis really continues and.


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