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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 13, 2018 7:00pm-7:35pm +03

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sixty people. will be taking you live now to windsor where you can see the u.s. president is just arriving for his meeting with the queen he is set to have a meeting with her team actually for about half an hour this is something we know president trump has been very much looking forward to on his trip here to the u.k. this will be the high point of his trip he's been very keen to meet the queen and here we have him just pulling up to windsor and we understand that he is arriving at a particular point of the cost of all this in order to avoid seeing protests as a we have seen on the second day of his trip to the u.k. many thousands of protesters descending in central london and other cities here in the u.k. but here we can see that trump's approach to windsor castle being carefully orchestrated
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and choreographed in order to avoid many of those protests and you can see president trump just passing by. as he arrives to meet the queen. at a very busy day today he was with the prime minister to reason may at checkers retreat a rather awkward joint press conference a little bit earlier on in which president trump was backtracking all downplaying comments he'd made to britain's sun newspaper criticizing a treasonous breaks it strategy but then striking a very different tone with the prime minister earlier on in here we can see president trump and his wife melania thanking the queen.
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live live live . live. live
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so here we see president donald trump and his wife melania meeting the british want to for the first time they argue to have tea with the queen that meeting is likely to last about thirty minutes we know this is something that president trump has been looking forward to in his interview to the sun newspaper he praised the queen describing her as a tremendous woman he said i think she represents have country very well so there we see president donald write the queen but he has had a very busy day because earlier on the help troops with u.k. prime minister to reason they are a country residents of london the to reaffirm their special relationship and donald trump promised to support a host breaks a trade deal this is despite reports in a british newspaper where he appears to criticize may's handling of threats it was
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largely has more from buckinghamshire. he came heralded by all the american military hardware that comes with a presidential visit but this current of threats on the hurdle in relations between two countries is supposed to be the best of friends. because directly before the visit trump dropped a bomb telling the pro breck's it sun newspaper that the british prime minister's plan for leaving the european union was basically rubbish and that he would not offer a trade deal in place. he also offered his support to terry's amaze nemesis boris johnson he resigned as foreign secretary over that plan trump said johnson would make a great prime minister impossible to read in any other way than a direct attack on may's already fragile leadership aides from both sides set about a gigantic damage limitation exercise so that after talks the checkers and may explain the water exit plan from the european union actually meant trumps tone was
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entirely different once the brics that process is concluded and perhaps the u.k. has left the e.u. i don't know what they're going to do but whatever you do is ok with me that your decision whatever you're going to do is ok with us just make sure we can trade together that's all that matters was a relief for the british prime minister who will be no limit to the possibility of us doing trade deals around the rest of the world once we leave the european union on the basis of the agreement that was made here at checkers in that i've put forward to the european union the suspicion is that the newspaper article came from a whispering campaign against may perhaps a mistake political opponents intent on destroying and having trump c.-a if so and given that trumps are readily bought their ideas may surely would be forgiven for awesome himself who had a real friend should be before he arrived here donald trump once again describes
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himself as a very stable genius and yet it is striking how his position on bricks it seems to change dependent on who he's speaking to all deeply the people who will be most encouraged by all this all the european union who would surely argue to the u.k. government but it's far more straightforward to deal with them that is to deal with trump. and so they will if you went to meet the queen the so-called special relationship with a place it has never been before the presidents who claims to love britain but whose inconsistent rhetoric face enormous questions about his commitment to his political stability. check as. well jonah hala joins us live now from windsor where president and melania arrived just a little bit earlier on and so joe no we know that the queen has met nearly every u.s. president since nine hundred fifty two. what can you what are the expectations of
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her meeting with the president from apologies for that some technical problems that we will try to reestablish a connection with jonah but here we have pictures coming to us from windsor and as i was saying the queen has met nearly every u.s. president with the exception of one since nine hundred fifty two since. they want to keep began but perhaps this meeting promises to be a little bit different than trump's style and his approach to the presidency let's now speak to china all because scenes back with us jonah tell us more about this meeting. as you were saying there she's met all the u.s. presidents stating back to be buried in the sixty's here in windsor just since the eighty's she's entertained ronald reagan george w. bush the obama's and of course now the trumps in what is the queen's favorite residence just about hour or so outside london i think expectation wise well that
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it goes off without incident is probably the best expectation that the queen and her team will have all of this given the events of the last couple of days will be pleased to be there he's often the first great aeration for the monarchy and for the queen herself in fact he had a pretty glowing words for her even maps. sun newspaper on the record interview albeit one that people are dismissed as being for big news he said if you think of it for so many years she's represented her country she's really never made a mistake you don't see like anything embarrassing she's just an incredible woman so one imagines they'll be as in trees exchanged certainly nothing to call truth but discussed will probably be treated trumps your full english afternoon tea and one imagines it was go on too long before he makes his way to the airport and then off to scotland for a golfing weekend where of course the protesters will follow him as well big
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protests planned up in scotland. all right for now thank you very much joe now with all the latest from windsor enjoin i was just mentioning that the protesters that protest expected in scotland but of course earlier on we saw a giant blimp depicting the u.s. president as a baby which was flying above london as part of massive protests against his visit tens of thousands of people demonstrated in the capital on friday one of more than one hundred organized protests during trump's four day visit jolly angela has been at the demonstrations in central london. this is london's gift to president trump a baby blimp with a phone that presided over the start of protests i proud in the capital have swelled into the tens of thousands as different groups joined together to send the message to the president has handled the. president trying to bring them to missile jenny his contempt for democracies embrace of dictatorship and these incredibly low values
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a mistake to try to. turn to is everything that's wrong is trying to achieve them in a piece from the foldback history seems to be i'm a small bit he said if it is disgusting to me stop. i this diverse group of people say they believe trump is a wrecking ball for race relations women's rights climate change solutions and prosperity to handle the crowds the biggest police security operation on london streets since the riots in two thousand and eleven before the u.s. embassy has told americans to keep a low profile and exercise caution despite many americans joining the demonstrations but president trump's visit has been carefully choreographed to avoid the protests rates he's traveling by helicopter to venues outside london the president trying to be traveling mostly by protesters that had to get creative and they're hoping this was all shined believing depicting trump as an angry baby would catch his eyes he flies over like the organizers say the stunt was an attempt to show the president's club like politics it was approved by london smuggled the city
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told president trump is reportedly unhappy about the blame and in an interview attacked london's meth his handling of terrorism and crime in the capital this was his response one of the things that americans love our city all the rights we have here the right to protest the right to have free speech the right to freedom of assembly and the idea that we would tell those rights because it may cause offense to president or somebody else i think americans would find objectionable why because their own constitution huh. the rights of freedom of speech freedom to protest freedom to assemble that right to protest will be exercised across the u.k. throughout the president's visit bad optics for president for him image is everything. al-jazeera. joins us live from parliament square in central london and pictures suggest that protesters are out in force what can you tell us about the turnout any. police has said that trafalgar square where the main
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thrust of the process is taking place at the moment has already reached capacity that's around twenty thousand people we believe also that street surrounding the square of full as well things shifted from parliament square earlier in the day where there was a women's protests down to trafalgar square and the numbers have been quite extraordinary people have been coming in droves really throughout the day we do know also that people have been bussed into the capital. different parts of the country too in that similar demonstrations are also happening in other towns and cities elsewhere in the country so when it comes to numbers it's very difficult right now to understand the scale of things brought ice to say here in the capital that it's looking close to around the fifty thousand mark if not more than that but undoubtedly will have some sense of the full figures towards the end of the day people here united in the belief that donald trump represents bigotry that he's a soldier mr xenophobe that he has
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a poor record when it comes to defending the environment after pulling out of the paris agreement and that the british prime minister treason may isn't doing enough to send him the kind of message that these people here want to send him. why is this visit mobilize such a strong reaction. well as you know i mean he's not the first international leader to come to the u.k. and see protests he's not the most controversial perhaps leader in history to come here to the u.k. but there are these massive protests of the kind we haven't seen in a very very long time indeed why is that while it could be largely down to his relevance it has a direct impact on the future destiny as opposed of the u.k. as it heads towards leaving the european union when it comes to the kind of trade relationships that the u.k. wants to build with the u.s. going forward donald trump has been very consistent or inconsistent rather in the the message he's been sending to the u.k. so very deep concerns there about what that relationship that so-called special
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relationship with the u.s. will be like going forward also when it comes to proximity as well if the u.k. and the u.s. are in that special relationship it's a relationship that many people have been taking part in this demonstration believe is under strain it needs reevaluating needs reassessing and without what people here believe is a prime minister who's capable of doing that herself whoa the people have come out on the road off their own back vocally saying what they want which is a stronger healthier relationship the u.s. and the u.k. going forward something that the current leadership in the u.k. these people believe are not providing. all right thank you very much nice back with all the latest on those protests on the second day of trump's visit to the u.k. . or coming out we're going to bring you our other top story this hour disgraced former prime minister nawaz sharif and his daughter arrive in pakistan where they are expected to be arrested.
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the a. hello there the telephone has now vanished over china but it's not staying dry for all of us this is where the story was you can still see one or two showers here but nothing too excessive the wetter weather is towards the south you see bright white areas of cloud over many parts of the philippines across the southern parts of china and into the northern parts of vietnam as well and this is the region where we're expecting the wettest of the weather not only on saturday but also on sunday as well so staying very very wet here they could be reports of flooding for some of us as we head through the next few days out towards the west in the monsoon here is being pretty active some of us in pakistan including is abbottabad have seen some heavy rains we've also got some flooding in parts in nepal including a cat monday and then plenty of what weather is also stretching its way towards the west as well these pictures are from gujarat in the northwestern parts of india and
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you can see the rains that have given us flooding here for many of us having to wade to get about and it looks like there's plenty more rain still to come there off to warnings out for gujarat as we head through saturday and sunday and it also looks like the rain along this western coast is also going to be very heavy but this really isn't the only region where we're going to see some particularly heavy downpours it also looks like further in this area of low pressure will be in halting the rains the some of us to. the. beleaguered paying the price for his political maneuvering in the middle east now desperate for american recognition good thirty. pounds a. goodies how did the p.l.o. find strength and support from their only lifeline oppressed palestinians living in the occupied territories chronicling the turbulent story the struggle for
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a palestinian homeland p.l.o. history of a revolution on al-jazeera. welcome back a quick look at the top stories now u.s. president donald trump is meeting persons queen elizabeth that wins a caso he's been inspecting a god of on a and is now having tea with majesty. this is tens of thousands of people as a march through central london to protest against trump's visit more than one hundred demonstrations are taking place throughout his four day trip to nineteen k. . and now authorities in pakistan say at least seventy people have been killed in a suicide attack on an election campaign rally in pakistan a candidate for
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a provincial seat was among those killed in the blast in the village of macedonia of the afghan border it's the second election related bombing on friday another took place in the northern town of bani. in other developments the former pakistani prime minister nawaz sharif as arrived in lahore where it's expected he will be arrested on corruption charges he was sentenced to ten years in jail on charges last week where late into the purchase of luxury apartments in the u.k. former prime minister is the head of one of pakistan's most powerful political dynasties mariana home looks back at his check a career. now was shareef has dominated politics in pakistan for almost thirty years in that time he's been toppled in a coup jailed exiled and managed political comebacks that time and time again have surprised his rivals but he was a wealthy businessman when he arrived on the political scene in one thousand nine hundred ninety by being elected prime minister that first stint in office lasted
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just three years the president dismissed the government in the wake of a power struggle that included pakistan's military oh but four years later a nine hundred ninety seven shareef was back bolstered by a sizable election when he appeared to have considerable influence but that didn't extend to all of pakistan's military commanders he was ousted in a coup in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine due in large part to his if it's to rein in the army then led by army chief. a saudi deal saved him and his family from jail after convictions for corruption hijacking and terrorism and by two thousand and seven shadi for two and home from saudi arabia and turned his if it's to reviving his party the pm malin which was then languishing in opposition to victory six years later caught many of his political rivals by surprise chief
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among them former cricketer imran khan. it was a triumphant return but sharif new to him in office was immediately marred by more controversy the opposition staged a blockade for the six months that. hope's the capital islamabad some accused him of getting too close to india in the leak of the panama papers in two thousand and sixteen but revelations that would force him from politics should if denied corruption allegations but the supreme court disqualified him in two thousand and seventeen and he resigned earlier this year. just last week its supporters chanted his name a course in pakistan seem to instant ten years in prison for failing to explain how he and his family acquired shari'a prominence in central london should be frozen london as his wife received medical treatment his daughter and son in law were convicted of corruption disqualified some say disgraced from politics and
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a convicted criminal now why should he fail is not known for shying away from a fight but this time he's fighting for his political survival. medium honed to zero. at least fifty four people including dozens of civilians have died in as strikes in eastern syria the u.s. led coalition admits that its or its part of forces carried out the raids and arizona province saying they were targeting i still fight has wanted to say the strikes hit an ice factory that dozens of families were using as a shelter close to the iraqi border the u.s. coalition says it's investigating the civilian deaths meanwhile a senior and war to the supreme leader says iran has no intention of leaving syria regardless of u.s. and israeli pressure a statement from. came in the wake of his meeting in moscow with the russian president vladimir putin both the u.s. and israel want iran to pull out of syria while russia was was warned it would be
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unrealistic to expect iran to fully withdraw from the country or a challenge has more from moscow. well the advisor to iran supremely a man called. has been in moscow for two days now he met with putin on thursday and he's speaking at a forum in moscow today he had some fairly trenchant comments regarding iran's longtime adverse threes israel and the united states to iran and israel have both delegations in russia over the last few days netanyahu was here just a couple of days ago and this flurry of activity is coming in advance of course of the trump putin summit in helsinki on monday but both of these countries iran and israel are worried that there is going to be a grand bargain struck between trump in in helsinki and they have been trying to put their views across to moscow in advance of this now eritrea will reopen its
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embassy in ethiopia's capital on sunday in the latest sign a fast improving relations between the two countries the embassy had been closed since one thousand nine hundred eighty of a border dispute that will open in time for three day visit by eritrean president i.z.'s f. working for the first time in twenty years ethiopian airlines will resume daily passenger flights to eritrea as capital a small are on tuesday the reconciliation could transform the economy politics and security in the horn of africa region gunmen have attacked four villages in northwestern nigeria killing at least thirty nine people many others are still missing on groups have struck the region before but the area they operate in seems to be growing and i cheering government says it's working to end the lawlessness in the area and thousands of people have escaped the village of gandhi from what address reports. there are more than four thousand five hundred internally displaced persons in this primary school that is acting as
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a temporary shelter for these people there are coming from for religious attacked and destroyed by bandits on monday and up to this moment a lot of people who have earlier on would early on escaped the bandits are coming in to safer locations like the town of gandhi that is hosting most of the people displaced by the attacks over the past few days officials are telling us that there are a lot of people yet and accounted for census is being taken now to understand how many are missing and what needed to be done we still they still believe that there are people that i miss in the villages i that they are dead or the missing so what we did was that will probably include in the army the police and civil defense with the community they are going now back to the village to go and you know convert the whole area within and outside the village and also to do that are in areas to check whether there are corpses that now will come up from the river and the ones that
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have not been buried. in the bush they will now collect all the other was and then from there would be able to know how many are missing how many i did and that looks like a very very huge task ahead of the efficiency of doing this a lot of people have been displaced by this violence since it started four or five years ago but the epicenter of the attacks by these bandits has been some forested this is the first major incident recorded in sokoto state and it's shaking a lot of people sending a lot of people into panic that even stories the bandits of one village just not too far unless they pay taxes. at least ten people have been killed in a landslide in the mountainous province of and share in northeastern afghanistan melting snow in the surrounding mountains flooded in lakes sending water and life cascading over five villages fellah early on thursday around five hundred homes were destroyed. we'll bring you to a developing story now in twelve russians accused of hacking democrats during the
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twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election have been charged as poss of special counsel robert lewis investigation looking into alleged collusion between the trump campaign and russia and to bring you more details on that story as we get him a living on now to palestine accusing israel of denying gold delaying visas for foreign academics in the occupied west bank campaigners say it's part of a wider scale assault on the immigration status of foreign nationals including those married to palestinians are a force that reports. roger he called in his wife laura wicker packing up thirty five years of life in the occupied west bank both a u.s. citizens he teaches history at busy eight the leading palestinian university she's a midwife and health care researcher the last time they returned from a trip overseas and israeli immigration officer gave them just two weeklong tourist visas telling them they could apply for an extension once home we went and made a new application with the palestinian ministry of civil affairs on the strength of
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our new contract is it university and have heard nothing so therefore we can't stay professor he cork is not alone six other foreign academics it bears eight have had their visa renewals rejected and facing ejection before the next academic year it's part of a pattern of intensifying pressure on foreigners one that morgan cooper understands only too well an american she met her palestinian husband salah toto here in his restaurant fourteen years ago israel froze a limited scheme granting residency in such cases a decade ago morgan has to make do with tourist visas but they've been getting shorter in duration if approved at all when you have a child and you're thinking that your child's well being on this is completely untenable so many else's are persons who are married to foreigners not have the right you have a bargain because what kind of life you have here when you don't know i don't know next month if i will be allowed here the rules surrounding foreign residents rights
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are unclear it often comes down to a decision made by a single bureaucrat at an army base in this illegal settlement just outside ramallah in a statement the israeli military told us that there'd be no change to the policy regarding foreigners entry and that each case was assessed on an individual basis but we've also spoken to the palestinian civil affairs commission which receives the applications before sending them on here and they told us that in the last year what was typically a seventy percent renewal rate had plummeted to. up ten percent palestinian american some behold leads a campaign on the issue he says it's a deliberate attempt to force foreigners who often hold prominent positions to leave so by addressing the foreign nationals who are coming to add value to the community by not letting them come in the quality of life is reduced and that is more suffocating for palestinians forcing them to leave the country for people in morgan cooper's position it comes down to a series of near impossible choices to overstay their visas and never leave town
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for fear of an israeli i.d.f. check to try to renew her papers while here and risk rejection to travel overseas in the hope of getting a new visa on return and gamble that she won't be prevented permanently from coming home carrefour sit out his era in the occupied west bank. a look at top stories now u.s. president donald trump is missing persons queen elizabeth that wins a console as his four day working trip to the u.k. continues it's not a full state visit as originally planned trump was given a royal salute before inspecting the guard of honor alongside the queen he and first lady melania will now have teamed with the ninety two year old lanark before they fly to scotland for a private trip well earlier trying to backtrack from the blistering comments he made about the british leader terry's amaze breck's it strategy in
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a newspaper interview trump appeared to criticize may's plan models are tipping her former foreign minister r.'s johnson as a future leader on fine day he put it all down to fate lose. they didn't criticize the prime minister have a lot of respect for the prime minister and unfortunately there was a story that was done which was you know generally fine but it didn't put in what i said about the prime minister and said tremendous things and fortunately we tend to record the stories now so we have it for your enjoyment of you like it but we record when we deal with reporters is good fake news. or authorities in pakistan a saying that at least seventy people have been killed in a suicide attack on an election campaign rally in the country a candidate for a provincial seat was among those killed in the blast in the village of mazzone of the afghan border i still have prime responsibility for the attack meanwhile the ousted pakistani prime minister nawaz sharif and his daughter have returned to the
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country to face lengthy prison sentences the flight carrying the sharifs landed in the central city of lahore in the last hour with security forces stationed around the city to prevent mass protests by their support has a serious return could shake up an election race which some accuse of being rigged by the pakistani military and at least fifty four people including dozens of civilians have died in u.s. led coalition airstrikes in eastern syria the coalition admits carrying out the raids in their us all province saying they were targeting eisel fighters will manage to save the strikes hit an ice factory being used as a shelter by dozens of families in the region. well as the top stories much more coming out for in about twenty five minutes time i will have a full blessin of news for you so do join me then bye for now.
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it's like the wild west they can do anything and the really hard for them to get the powerful internet is both a tool for democracy and a threat somebody who controls ten thousand dollars at home falling under thousand voices and they distort the debate in the echo chamber world of fake news in cyberspace the rules of the game have changed their odds no precedents people and out investigates disinclination and democracy part to al-jazeera. in one nine hundred forty eight the state of israel was proclaimed. palestine was lost. sixteen years later in one thousand nine hundred sixty four the palestine liberation organization or the p.l.o. was founded. made up of different factions the p.l.o.
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has been at the heart of the struggle to regain palestine ever since. after years of bloody infighting the various palestinian factions began to resolve their differences. to mull to us events in the region were to prove both the solace and a setback for the palestinian cause. yet by the one nine hundred eighty seven the various factions of the p.l.o. had come closer together after the past four years of into palestinian strife. the
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palestinian parliament in exile the palestine national council met in algiers in april of that year. a common cause help unify ranks.


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