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tv   Truck Attack In Nice  Al Jazeera  July 14, 2018 11:00pm-11:58pm +03

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part of life is culture. the promise of peace in the middle east is not. enough but a new dilemma after the death of the man at the center of palestinian struggle. now more than forty years after to stablish mind how far as the p.l.o. come to achieving its hopes and dreams concluding the turbulent story of the struggle for palestinian homes p.l.o. history of a revolution on al-jazeera. to teenagers they killed by a wave of israeli as strikes on gaza as rockets fired from the territory into israel.
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hello i'm maryam namazie and on daniel with al-jazeera also coming up embracing his friends after two decades of hostility a new relationship has formed between ethiopia and eritrea. iraq places its security forces on high alert as angry protests continue in the south of the country. oh oh. on the golf course but still facing protests donald trump makes a private visit to scotland. israel has launched its biggest daylight attack on the hamas since the gaza war in two thousand and fourteen two palestinian teenagers have been killed by as strikes as israeli jets targeted several neighborhoods in gaza al-jazeera has been at smith now reports. not since the twenty fourteen war has israel hit
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a target so close to the densely populated gaza city israel says this building was a hamas urban warfare training facility with a tunnel underneath there were also civilians nearby israel says they were warned in advance of the strike just smaller rocket was fired first at the roof a knock at school but the people that said they didn't understand this warning instead some rushed to help thinking someone had been injured these two teenagers were among that group they were killed when israel second a much more powerful strike came in since friday evening israel's military has hit more than forty targets across gaza israel says it's aiming at hamas training facilities it also released a video of what it says was the destruction of a tunnel near the border with egypt. israel has been frustrated for weeks now by century burning balloons and burning kites that drift over the border during friday protests and set fire to israeli crops prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been
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under enormous domestic pressure particularly from border communities to do something to stop them and israel has threatened hamas and said to hamas if you do not stop these kites we will get back in this seems to be that retaliation. dozens of rockets have been fired by armed groups from gaza towards israel a few have been intercepted by israel's iron dome system and usually hamas is claimed sole responsibility for some of the rockets fired by israel's air strikes follow friday's protests which are now in their fourth month a fifteen year old palestinian was shot dead when israel says he tried to climb the fence the mainly peaceful protests began as an attempt to persuade israel to lift its twelve year long blockade of gaza but israel has not made any concessions and that's led to enormous frustration amongst garza's almost two million people. all
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in a moment we'll hear from our correspondent stephanie decker in jerusalem first though and speak method and gaza and so bernard as we're hearing in your report there this is one of the most serious flare ups of tension since two thousand and fourteen what is the latest now on the ass strikes. there were big coming perilously close to a much wider confrontation between israel and the groups here in gaza it's been quiet in the last hour but no indication of any formal cease fire we know the talks have been taking place we know that hamas and the other groups here have been speaking to egyptian security officials who in turn have been speaking to israeli security officials we know that hamas and islamic jihad all the groups here say they are ready for an unconditional cease fire israel has not yet indicated that it is prepared as far as i understand to take part in that cease fire we understood earlier once those balloons to stop as a condition so we're still waiting to hear from the israeli side there has been
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quiet though for the last hour or so all right thanks very much ben and smith and gaza and said it's not speed theft decker in jerusalem and stephanie bennett saying that the groups in gaza may be prepared for a ceasefire but one of these rainy saying about the strikes and whether this operation will continue. well a very far message already coming out from both the political and the military establishment the army saying that they will not stop and they are ready to escalate if need be and they won't stop as bernard alluded to there until those incendiary kites and balloon stop going across the border and the prime minister also just issued a statement the last hour or so a recorded message saying that they had you know attacked how massive the biggest annoyance yet on the group since the two thousand and fourteen war and that they
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were really willing and ready to escalate there's a lot of pressure on netanyahu merion when it comes to these kites and the army is trying to stop them in various ways using drones that try to cut their wires a sniper fire trying to shoot them down but the reality is that these real sort of makeshift kites and balloons that just just hold a rag that is that is on fire have managed to burn around seven thousand acres of land around the gaza area so there's a lot of pressure on the prime minister from the communities there that is not doing enough they've closed to the only really economic border crossing into gaza they're still allowing medicine and aid in but not economic materials in an effort to put more pressure on how mass talks as bernard was saying are going on behind the scenes frantic talks to try and stop this really serious escalation but yes there have to be concessions made we don't know if they're there yet certainly in
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the last hour or so it's quiet i think the next couple of hours overnight will tell us if anything has been achieved well thank you very much stephanie stephanie deca with all nighters from jerusalem. eritrea's president says history is being made on his first visit to neighboring ethiopia in more than two decades wackier sieved a warm welcome to the capital by ethiopian prime minister. it's the latest step towards reconciliation after the leaders agreed to restore ties and push an end to a twenty year military standoff and i'm going to die reports from addis ababa. a few weeks ago ethiopia and eritrea will be and this is their been for the past two decades now they're behaving as if the best of friends that a tramp president decide to suffer work arrived in a disciple boneset today to dancing on loud cheers. sawzall stand out in
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a disciple tight security to welcome his visit the latest in and being alone militarist. i thank the people of addie suburb for this wonderful reception for the eritrean president in the name of the good listen i'm very happy to be here these two people are now one people. ethiopia's new prime minister ahmed made a similar visit to the tryst capital last weekend where he was welcomed by four workers with hugs some laughter the forty two year old rb broke the ice last month playfully embracing a peace deal locked and that and one thousand nine hundred to two thousand board a war that killed tens of thousands of left from lists approved says them at a fair if you're out of the british full diplomatic for you on top of the from and to the delightful family service afraid that by the distance there will be often
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embassies fly through its. telephone lines. the sudden change in relations a surprising many but it's just the beginning. what could be a long peace process both sides will soon need to follow through on their commitments this week if you piss submitted a request to the united nations to lift sanctions will not a traitor in assure of good faith. a disabled. five people including four attackers have been killed in separate car bombings nyssa malia's presidential palace police say one explosive went off after a gunfight with armed men at a checkpoint in market to shoot the second device was detonated in the same area shortly afterwards the group has claimed responsibility for the attack. well now to iraq where there are reports that protesters have stormed a local government building in the city of karbala antigovernment protests have spread across several cities in the country forcing authorities to put troops on
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high alert the unrest began in the southern city of basra six days ago of a high unemployment and a lack of basic services mama hard to see how small. it's nearly fifty degrees celsius in iraq's southern city of basra and people have been feeling the heat. the city's unstable electricity grid and dwindling infrastructure fuelled angry protests over the past week. they know more than a german general here. geez protests of the oppressed people of we are asking for what is rightfully ours the government should provide clean water. electricity and basic infrastructure these basic needs are the responsibility of the prime minister and the company. demonstrated you burning tires blocking roads as they marched on government installations even attempting to storm a bus or oil facility to protest escalated after thirteen year old south was killed
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when security forces opened fire on crowds. prime minister hyderabadi flew to busser and met with the city's governor as well as security officials to try and ease tensions buster is iraq's richest oil province but despite the city's wealth and natural resources unemployment rates have skyrocketed and that's mainly due to most of the jobs in the oil industry being filled by foreign workers rising living costs contaminated water supplies and lack of basic services in the city aggravated frustrations with the government. there are presented of grand ayatollah ali al sistani expressed his support for the demands of the shia majority city. a lot of amon all we can do is assure solidarity with these people and their righteous cause we feel their suffering we are concerned about their difficult living conditions and it's all due to the incompetence of former and current officials the prime
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minister has vowed to revive the economy which has been ravaged by years of conflict i bet he is keen to calm frustrations as iraq struggles to build a new government two months after parliamentary elections that have been marred by controversy the middleburg al-jazeera. still had foil on the program a former refugee who's now preparing for the biggest game in a while. also a tragedy is a critically endangered black rhinos die in kenya during a relocation designed to protect them. hello and welcome back it's not a great deal of change in the weather across europe we still have an area of low pressure across poland through towards the baltic states giving some quite heavy rain some heavy showers thunderstorms across central areas i'm ready for the west
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it remains very woman to temperatures in the upper twenty's across much of the u.k. down through france and into the iberian peninsula but you'll see some showers developing to monday across southern parts of france across the peyronie's through into the alps and again severe storms are likely in these areas being a characteristic feature of the summer this year now as you head across into north africa weather conditions looking fine temperatures not too bad caro thirty seven degrees a little bit of breeze still off the matter trend just keeping temperatures down slightly but still blisteringly hot across parts of cheery and reachin with temperatures pushing close to fifty degrees celsius for the south until circulation giving some lift to dust from mauritania western sahara into central parts of. africa here we've got a lot of showers quite a long way north sudan chad mali all seeing eye slates of a very heavy showers german across west africa heavy showers are likely i think for both lagos nigeria will be some heavy downpours during the day in both cities
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expected to reach twenty eight's. when diplomacy fields and fear sweeps in our borders are wide open wide open to drugs terrorists we've proven the barriers are built to impose division and it's not a sixties instead of being an obstacle to a job wastes into became another obstacle to peace in a four part series al jazeera revisits the reasons for divisions in different parts of the world and the impact they have on both sides walls of shame on al-jazeera.
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back a quick look at the top stories now two teenagers have been killed in the gaza strip as israel carries out the largest daylight attack on hamas into the gaza war in two thousand and fourteen. eritreans president says history is being made on his first visit to neighboring ethiopia after more than two decades of hostility and there are reports that protesters have stormed a local government building in the iraqi city of karbala anti-government protests have spread across several cities in the country authorities have put security forces on high alert. well now ten thousand people have been protesting against donald trump in scotland as the u.s. president spends the weekend playing golf at his luxury resort is stopover in time barry caused anger despite being a private trip but there was support for trump in london why several hundred people called on the u.k. to adopt his anti immigration policies sunny gago has mall. was
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president trump may try to wave off over disapproval encountered in his trip but a round of golf at his very own club didn't completely avoid encounter testis asked the delighted with his visit. nevertheless not insisted his primary form of exercise as he tweeted earlier in the day as the never trump has continued in scotland. in london was to crowd a throng of far right activists cheering the u.s. president's visit to the u.k. yes president trump we understand to dial back to you both personally and in the role of the president of the most profit and one of the greatest countries on the face of the earth so who wants to live here as such americans we are your friends donal's not coming here as a personal holiday he's coming here to represent the american people so to snub him because of all of the american people because he's
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a democratic there was even the mt stromlo demonstration on friday there certainly a few thousand in the numbers say one thing as we showed in the president short of being a was acting was sold to the ultra right in this country. but the crowd here wasn't just meeting in praise of the u.s. president there was also support for the founder of the english defense league stephen yaxley lennon also known as tommy robinson currently in jail for contempt of court a man who was organize. violent protests against muslim immigrants and of whom one of trump's diplomats lobbied the british ambassador in washington for his release the poster boy of the english far right turned into a rallying cry for their cause to take pride in the visit of a president they believe affirms that reality with or without facts. al-jazeera london. and even baba has more now on the demonstrations which were taking place in
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edinburgh. well they're calling this a carnival of resistance and one of the ways that the thousands of protesters gathered in this park in edinburgh trying to register their opposition to donald trump is through schumer and that joy and balloon over there showing the u.s. president as a baby in a nappy featured in the london demonstrations and it's now made its way up to scotland to those they weren't allowed to fly it over the term merry go free software donald trump is spending the weekend well away from the protest this stage it was a flight over the scottish parliament as well that's where they say opposition march set off on saturday but now that it's here it's getting lots of attention and in fact along the march through there have been plenty of homemade banners that people have brought along using humor to or to ridicule the u.s. president but also to remind her that of the titians that there are issues that
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they feel very strongly about caging children is not ok separating children from their ference or their caregivers is not ok any which way you proceed and detaining them separately or with the parents is no case we don't make a sound if we share the bodies from the street how will america notably our son with them half of the mag more than half of americans at least not the way that they meet now that the world stands with them how the toughest challenge in our. car. on sunday donald trump travels on to helsinki for a summit on monday with the russian president vladimir putin there are protests already being organized there but these are demonstrators in scotland hope that they've made an impact. to haiti now where the parliament is debating a no confidence motion against prime minister jackie entente after days of violent protests the unrest started after haiti's government unveiled
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a proposal to remove fuel subsidies which in turn would have quite fuel prices by fifty percent it was part of an agreement between haiti and the international monetary fund the phone told announce the plan would not go ahead but protesters are still demanding his resignation carol as all know is in the haitian capital port au prince how is the vote going mad. yeah we're here on the grounds of the parliament. the debate by parliamentarians has been going on for a little over three hours now it's a slow process but say something right now the prime minister local time is actually speaking in front of parliament he's essentially making his case on why he should still remain as the prime minister this comes amid wide calls for him to step down calls from protesters on the streets which we saw last weekend that turned violent to protests that are happening right now outside of parliament as well as a group of senators lawmakers even the vice president of the national assembly
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which we spoke to a couple hours ago he said the functor should step down so there's all sorts of pressure on this young prime minister and when i say young meanies only been in power for seventeen months he's never held public office before but clearly the his handling of this gas price hike a week ago and then suspending it has thrust his entire government into a deep crisis again he's now making the case right now in front of parliament on why he should remain the prime minister but we expect we expect anyway in the coming minutes hours perhaps parliament to vote and make a decision on that if they vote no confidence or not so events moving very quickly here in the haitian capital of port au prince right here at the parliament building yeah that's right because people are very angry about the proposal to remove fuel subsidies subsidies even know that plan is not going ahead is the unrest likely to continue. well there are protests happening right now in the capital as i'm
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speaking to you for the most part we're hearing that they're peaceful we haven't seen any major rioting like we saw last weekend but there are a lot of people on the streets right now making their voices heard it's important to step back just for a second and remember we're here haiti is that two thousand and ten devastating earthquake killed over two hundred thousand people in this country there's still a lot of rebuilding to be done here and then two thousand and sixteen hurricane that destroyed almost the entire southern half of the country this is a country that's gone through a lot for many years it's gone through a lot of political crisis but this one is certainly one of the worst political crisis in years and for the country to move ahead it really needs obviously to get this political crisis behind it and that's why this is so critical right now and that's why this is being taken so seriously has shown no signs of stepping down and
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that's why the parliament called this emergency session to make this vote today thank you with all the latest from port au prince. two students have been killed in nicaragua's capital after pro-government forces surrounded young activists some of the lifestream the old d.l.s. pro-government forces surrounded the church they'd sold refuge in the students affording the president. to step down. the twelve boys and football coach rescued from a flooded cave in thailand will be discharged from hospital next thursday the health minister says they are recovering well physically and mentally after that eighteen day ordeal concerns however over how they will deal with the sudden fame in a video released on saturday some of the boys spoke of that gratitude. oh thank you for worrying about me and thank you for going into the cave to help me out don't worry about me now i'm saying how. i'd like to thank all the navy seals who came in
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to help us and thank everyone for their moral support until today. thailand's public health body says that the boy's wellbeing takes top priority. from now on the work continues to make sure they're all healthy both physically and mentally and for them to grow up as good people in the future all sides must work together. now wildlife conservationists have declared an environmental disaster after a critically endangered black rhinos died in kenya the ram mammals are being moved to a national park the surviving rhinos are being closely watched and further reductions have been suspended or above manley has more. just two weeks after eleven black rhinos were moved to a new reserve in kenya three quarters of them have died early investigations indicate they were poisoned by the high level of salt in the water and then you know we've been doing this for decades moving rhinos in order to manage the
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populations because they are all isolated you want to prevent any inbreeding but this was a new sanctuary in south east we used to have rhinos there they were all put out and now we're bringing them back to that area so it's a very exciting possibility for kenya but it's ended in tragedy this is actually a national disaster kenya's tourism and wildlife minister has ordered the wildlife service to suspend the relocation of black rhinos while investigations continue. moving rhinos can be a risky process it involves putting endangered animals to sleep for the journey and then reviving them but the loss of so many in one go is unprecedented. in the past twelve years about one hundred fifty rhinos have been moved in this way but these deaths have doubled the mortality figures. the u.k. based charity save the rhinos estimates there are fewer than five thousand five hundred black rhinos in the wallet all of them in africa poaching is forcing
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wildlife parks to take such drastic measures nine writers were killed in kenya last year and three more shot dead in may and their homes removed kenya is leading the push for a total ban on ivory trading worldwide in april president of hurrican ja to order the walls largest stock of ivory and rhino horn to be destroyed. while rhino ivory fetches a high price preventing poaching remains a challenge. mammy al-jazeera.
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until now the coverage of latin america and most of the world was about covering khuda taz tragedies of quakes and that was it but not how people feel how they look how they think and that's what we do we go anywhere five and a half months are demanding an end to an education system that was introduced in. latin america others era has come to fill a void that needed to be filled. she's one of the oldest women living in this part of mccurdy in the jury essential being with state i mean a garba is her real name and she's hailed as
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a savior by the other women she sent in goes on by in the local language which means each additional breathing assistant or midwife ameena has been delivering babies in her village for more than fifty years. know this you will be will go through not going to was a you will become to me they're poor they need help sometimes they come with nothing i can't refuse them so i take care that even when they come they me. but the challenges faced by him enough can be extreme this is what's left of her clinic she says a group of men set it on fire a couple of months ago and she can't afford to rebuild it and. it is devastating not only for her but for those women who rely on her. with bureaucracy spawning six continents across the do.
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correspondents living green the stories they tell. about it. food in world news and this was different i said whether someone voting for someone is very rigorous does not agree with me three things it's how you approach an official enough that it is a certain way of doing it to contest and inject a story and fly out. al-jazeera. every.
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you. this is the u.s. mexican border a harsh landscape that's become the focus a bitter debate between the two countries. the outcome ok well bill.


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