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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 15, 2018 3:00am-3:34am +03

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afterwards the group claimed responsibility for the attack. well now to iraq where anti-government demonstrations have continued across southern cities for a sixth day now is anger grows over high unemployment and a lack of basic services protesters stormed a local government building in karbala while the cities of basra and now jeff have been placed under curfew security forces are on high alert with fears the unrest could spread towards the capital barbara has will. broken been tapped but this is the damage after protesters stormed the airport and the ruling party's headquarters had not yet just a day before there were scenes of chaos security forces have been put on alert across the country to prevent further disruption and there has a lot of damage was what happened yesterday is that a group of vandals into the airport or a group of infiltrators with the protesters in to pay a port and they smashed the computers and the x.
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ray scanners that are used for security inspections and they smashed the counters and a lot of the important technical equipment and. protesters say there's no reason why they should be living in poverty in an oil rich region. this is not a protest it's a revolution by the youth of not just the iraqi people have had enough nobody should tell you that this protest is linked to any political party or anyone controlling or giving instructions these are the people of not just youth and tribal men. critics of iraq's government say economic problems have accumulated over many years and the government has done little to make life of its people easier and to add to growing grievances regional proxy wars may be playing a role in the deteriorating living conditions of many ordinary iraqis. iran is playing a major role in that because since it has been sanctions by by the united states
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put a corner economically they are cutting all the races supplies and water supplies to iraq which were normally going going smoothly and this is also creating a problem for iraq i think the iranians want to tell the americans that if you create the problems somewhere else we've got combat you everywhere in southern iraq including natural protesters are increasingly fed up with waiting for things to get better. that's restriction that two months have to relax and there's still no new government that can bring about change barbara and al-jazeera. ten thousand people have been protesting against donald trump in scotland as the us president spends the weekend playing golf as luxury resort is stopover in town recalls anger despite being a private trip there was support for trump here in london where several hundred people called on the u.k. to adopt his anti immigration policies on
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a gager. president trump may try to wave off all the disapproval encountered in his trip but a round of golf at his very own club didn't completely avoid encounter testis less than delighted with his visit. nevertheless insisted his primary form of exercise as he tweeted earlier in the day as the never trump has continued and scotland. in london it was a completely different crowd a throng of far right activists cheering the u.s. president's visit to the u.k. yes president trump we understand to dial back to you both personally and in the role of the president of the most powerful and one of the greatest countries on the face of the earth so what's the surge americans we are your friends donal's not coming here as a personal holiday is coming here to represent the american people so to snub him
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because of all of the american people because he's a democratically elected was the leader of the mt stromlo demonstration on friday there's only a few thousand in the numbers say one thing is missionizing president chavez being was acting was sold to the ultra right in this country. but the crowd here wasn't just meeting in praise of the u.s. president there was also support for the found a. the english defense league stephen yaxley lennon also known as tommy robinson currently in jail for contempt of court a man who has organized violent protests against muslim immigrants and of whom one of trump's diplomats lobbied the british ambassador in washington for his release the poster boy of the english far right turned into a rallying cry for their cause to take pride in the visit of a president they believe affirms their reality with or without facts. al-jazeera
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london. and even baba has more now on the demonstrations which which took place in edinburgh. well they're calling this a carnival of resistance and one of the ways that the thousands of protesters gathered in this park in edinburgh trying to register their opposition to donald trump is through schumer and that joy and balloon over there showing the u.s. president as a baby in a nappy featured in the london demonstrations and it's now made its way up to scotland although they weren't allowed to fly it over the temporary go free zone where donald trump is spending the weekend well away from the protest this they did once a flight over the scottish parliament as well that's where they say opposition march set off on saturday but now that it's here it's getting lots of attention and in fact along the march through there have been plenty of homemade banners that people have brought along using humor to or to ridicule the u.s.
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president but also to remind does it of the stations that there are issues that they feel very strongly about teaching children is not ok separating children from their fear and so on to caregivers is no ok any which way you proceed and detaining them separately or with the parents is no case we didn't make a sound if we should bodies from the city how will america have notably our son with him half of magma and half of americans did least not the way that they meet now that the well it stands with ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. ha well on sunday donald trump travels on to helsinki for a summit on monday with the russian president vladimir putin there are protests already being organized there but these are demonstrators in scotland's hope that they've made an impact. a melting ice berg in greenland is causing fears of a tsunami as large chunks of ice fall into the ocean several residents near the
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danger zone in the village of n.r.c. it have been moved to higher ground the government and police have been put on high alert as it's thought the melting iceberg could swamp the entire settlement remote village on the western coast of greenland is home to about one hundred seventy residents. still ahead for you this hour fighting fit and feeling great full of rescued thai footballers speak for the first time out of their released from hospital next week. tragedy is a critically endangered black rhinos die in kenya during a relocation designed to protect them and belgium salvage some consolation out of their wealth cup campaign we'll have the details in sport. hello and welcome back it's been
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a great deal of change in the weather across europe we still have an area of low pressure across poland through towards the baltic states given some quite heavy rain some heavy showers thunderstorms across central areas and really for the west it remains very woman to temperatures in the upper twenty's across much of the u.k. down through france and into the iberian peninsula but you'll see some showers developing here monday across southern parts of france across the peyronie's through into the alps and again severe storms are likely in these areas being a characteristic feature of the summer this year now as you head across into north africa weather conditions looking fine temperatures not too bad in cairo thirty seven degrees a little bit of breeze still off the matter trend just keeping temperatures down slightly but still blisteringly hot across parts of cheery and sahara region with temperatures pushing close to fifty degrees celsius for the south central circulation giving some lift to dust from mauritania western sahara into central parts of africa here we've got a lot of showers quite a long way north sudan chutney share mali all seeing isolative
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a very heavy shower is chairman across west africa heavy showers are likely i think for both akron ghana and lagos nigeria will be some heavy downpours during the day the highs in both cities expected to reach twenty eight. it's a long journey from home in haiti to school in the dominican republic. national borders and cultural barriers to tennis on. the town and. discovering filmmaking talent from around the viewfinder latin america follows a young man who will stop at nothing to secure an education. the crossing on al-jazeera. a nation where corruption is endemic now embroiled in a battle to hold the power to account. how has this radical
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transformation occur though i mean to know about it i mean if you were shedding light on the romanians pressing for change on the unconventional methods to eliminate corruption remain people. on our. combat top stories this hour a mass says a ceasefire has been reached with israel to end the recent violence in gaza or vote it's not yet been confirmed by the israeli government. without
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a government after the prime minister decided to step down following days of violent protests. and eritrea's president says history is being made on his first visit to neighboring ethiopia. more than two decades of hostility. to nicaragua now where two students have been killed in the capital after pro-government forces surrounded young activists some of the group lifestream the ordeal is pro-government forces surrounded the church they had sought refuge in the students were calling for president daniel ortega to step down america sanchez joins me now from the capital managua and my own i understand that you spoke with some of these students how are they and how were they able to leave. that's right mary the students finally were able to leave this compound the church actually where they have taken refuge since last night the seats left that more
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than fifteen hours and it was. because the cardinal and the pope's representatives . conversations and negotiations with gunmen that they were able to leave now they . had. out this church last night they have been talking to the gunmen they have been asking them for the release of the students and that they were unsuccessful they were they had a lot of. difficulties to allow. an ambulance to go in to get some of the wounded it's only a few came out but the students have been on the receiving end of the gunfight throughout the night and this morning when the pope's representative and the cardinal went back in to be able to release them there were several students wounded and two unfortunately died there because they did not get medical help and
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now the students have been taken to the cathedral and that's war at the premises of the cathedral where they are being taken care of and protected if you will by the clergy here and he got out once and of course he spoken about pro-government forces surrounding this area where the students had taken refuge who who precisely was they who were those elements that were. surrounding the students. well mary and up the big question here everyone called the paramilitary para police but what is. the what the what you have the certainty off is that they were there and they will shooting at these. students they made like a ring of the security they were unable to escape but incredible actor in the second ring.
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we apologize for that will probably be hearing from marianna sanchez a little bit later on but that has all the latest from nicaragua where two students have been killed well now moving on and saturday marks the third anniversary of the iran nuclear deal president donald trump pulled the u.s. out of the agreement in may warning he would reinstate full sanctions in november that european leaders are trying to work with iran to save the historic deal cassy lopez had diane explains. you know if it was a moment many doubted would ever happen the signing of a nuclear deal with the rand. three years later its survival is very much in question european powers are doing what they can to keep the deal live but the challenges may be too difficult to overcome the iran deal is defective at its core
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president donald trump denounced the u.s. withdrawal in may describing the deal as one sided under the agreement to rend limited its uranium stockpile and nuclear program sanctions were lifted allowing to her on to resume trading oil and gas on the international market. in germany britain france along with russia and china want to make the deal work without the u.s. but talks in vienna have let a little progress and they may all face american sanctions if they continue to do business with iran but iran on the other hand wants guarantees much more your kitchen table what we want from the countries who signed the agreement is a clear commitment that preserves the rights of iranians that this includes all economic factors because the agreement is a nuclear political and economic deal at a nato meeting in brussels tromp seen death confident as ever that iran would in the future return to the negotiating table and now they have
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a lot of problems and their economy is collapsing but i will tell you this at a certain point they're going to call me and they're going to say let's make a deal and we'll make a deal but they are they're feeling a lot of pain right now. trumps administration accuses to herat of what it calls destabilizing behavior in the middle east which is one reason why iran and more specifically its role in syria is expected to feature prominently during trump's upcoming summit with russian president vladimir putin iran has said the u.s. can't be trusted to keep its commitments for now to han is focusing on maintaining the core of the agreement and trying to limit the impact of looming sanctions katia llopis of the young al-jazeera. saudi and amorality led coalition in yemen has agreed to hand back control of a major airport to local authorities off to months of protests coalition forces have taken over airport near yemen's border with a month to several months a change in control now appears to be inspiring protests in other parts of the
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country ballasts reports. success in negotiations roughly one year after taking over the airport and southeast in yemen the saudi u.a.e. coalition has agreed to give up control it will now hand it back to local civil authorities it's the first such move in yemen civil war and the decision follows months of protests from local tribes. who were given control of the airport and friday morning the public all the way in all the civil aviation gates this is a positive step from saudis muhtar for samoa. having control of the airport is one of the six demands issued by protesters any student yemen this victory is inspiring other communities to take action. in the city of tire as people are calling attention to other problems with local governments from corruption to lack of security. three years into the war thousands have been killed entire communities
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displaced the fight between who the rebels and government forces backed by the saudi u.a.e. coalition continues in other parts of the country getting control of our guidance airport is important for those who live in the area and the. one who we pray this will be the end of the crisis and the end of the protests we also hope that our brothers in saudi arabia will appreciate the demands of microbe residents and not repeat these actions. but some political analysts believe the gesture is mainly symbolic and will have little impact on the ground there needs to be serious steps to force us to hand over. the last year towards brothers all the airports in yemen rather than just give you one airports and expect you to be a success stories like that despite handing over supervision of the year port the saudi immorality coalition still controls most of mara province. province of mazar
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a leading to the entire south of yemen that is currently under control the coalition a seemingly small get significant move in a battle with a long road a hate challenge ballasts al jazeera. united nations security council has now already voted to impose an arms embargo on south sudan nearly five years off the civil war erupted the u.s. backed resolution bans weapon sales it imposes a travel ban and a asset freeze on to military officials but there are concerns it could further derail the peace process at least fifty thousand people have died in the conflict it's also created africa's largest refugee crisis since the rwanda genocide. now the twelve boys and football coach rescued from a.


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