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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 15, 2018 6:00am-6:34am +03

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dozens of rockets have been fired by groups from gaza towards israel a few have been intercepted by israel's iron dome system and usually hamas is claimed sole responsibility for some of the rockets fired by israel's air strikes follow friday's protest which is now in the fourth month a fifteen year old palestinian was shot dead when israel says he tried to climb the fence the mainly peaceful protests began as an attempt to persuade israel to lift its twelve year long blockade of gaza but israel has not made any concessions and that's led to enormous frustration amongst gaza's almost two million people but it's made out to syria gaza joined us from los angeles and there dally he's a middle east analyst and contributor to and seventeen magazine thank you so much for your time so what do you make of hamas is illicit start there hamas is role in this back and forth in particular what might their motivations be now well i think
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first of all richelle we need to correct a misapprehension here and that is that this is the largest escalation since two thousand and fourteen in point of fact over the course of the last hundred days the israelis have shot one hundred innocent civilians along the the fence separating gaza from israel and i suspect that hamas has over the course of that one hundred days come to realize its irrelevance both in terms of pushing forward to the palestinian cause and gaza and also in terms of protecting the people of gaza who are put their lives on the line along that fence and so this was to me a cynical move to reclaim some of the narrative but as we have seen in two thousand and fourteen in two thousand and twelve and in two thousand and nine when house fires rockets at israel it's innocent civilians who end up suffering so when you say that they have become irrelevant how so. well i think that i mean as we've seen over the course of the last hundred days it's not how officials who are out on the border getting killed and protesting. it's innocent
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civilians and these are innocent civilians like twenty one year old palestinian medical reason in the jar these are people with names people who have you know gone out to the fence knowing full well that there are israeli soldiers taking shots at them the only difference between the two palestinian teenagers and we have to remember again that these are children who are being killed who were killed today and the one hundred thirty eight or so who have been killed along the border fence over the last one hundred days is that the two today locked any agency in the matter and the reason they locked agency is because israel in a cowardly fashion decided to bomb them with f. sixteen s and you know this is i think this is something that we've seen time and time again from from the israelis when they are unable to win the war propaganda in the war of words in the war of images in the public sphere or they resort to killing people from the sky and you know i would venture to say that said a house is equally culpable in the death of these two young men because they have failed to
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realize that the palestinians of gaza who protested over the course of last hundred days of actually captured the imagination of people like those i live with here in los angeles who are willing to give the palestinians a chance if only we could provide them with a political framework for moving forward so ok hamas doesn't have that mahmoud abbas and fatah don't either so what you just said the fact that yes it seems as though more people are paying attention more people are understanding or empathetic how do you channel that into something where or who can create this framework so that it's not just this back and forth that results in the deaths of innocent civilians. exactly and i think that's absolutely the right question michel and we have a model for that here in the united states actually by giving the microphone to younger people and in this case in the palestinian case those young people exist already they exist on the social media plane for example there are folks younger folks much
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younger than i. who have not only a platform and tens of thousands of followers on places like twitter but they also have the legitimacy they have the you know the street crowd as we used to say in a different generation we're talking about people who go out to the fence and protest we're talking about people who are palestinians who were born within the occupied territories or within israel proper who have the right to speak on our behalf and what we need is for those step to generic both in fact the hamas to step aside so that these younger people can have a voice and put forward a new political agenda now what does that look like well i mean i i i'm not one to give answers here because i also would like to defer to younger voices but i can offer one possible suggestion and that is that the march of return that has been going on for the past hundred days is supposed to be about palestinians returning to their villages and in lands that were taken over by israel in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight let's name those villages let's show where each and every
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palestinian in gaza comes from and let's demand that they have the right to return to those villages that is a political agenda and it's one that we can perform now if we have the right people doing it so humanize and the issues to me are its alley thank you very much security forces are on high alert across cities in iraq's southern provinces after a protest over living conditions there is concern that anger over unemployment and corruption could cause protests to spread to other regions are banco for reports. broken bent. this is the damage after protesters stormed the airport and the ruling party's headquarters at natura just a day before there were scenes of chaos security forces have been put on alert across the country to prevent further disruption and there has a lot of damage was what happened yesterday is that a group of vandals into the airport or a group of infiltrators with the protesters in to pay a port and they smashed the computers and the x.
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ray scanners that are used for security inspections and they smashed the counters and a lot of the important technical equipment and. protesters say there's no reason why they should be living in poverty in an oil rich region. this is not a protest it's a revolution by the youth of not just the iraqi people have had enough nobody should tell you that this protest is linked to any political party or anyone controlling or giving instructions these are the people of not just youth and tribal men. critics of iraq's government say economic problems have accumulated over many years and the government has done little to make life of its people easier and to add to growing grievances regional proxy wars may be playing a role in the deteriorating living conditions of many ordinary iraqis. iran is playing a major role in that because since it has been sanctions by by the united states
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put a corner economically they are cutting all elected as a supplies and water supplies to iraq which were normally going going smoothly and this is also creating a problem for iraq i think the iranians want to tell the americans that if you create the problems somewhere else we've got combat you everywhere in southern iraq including match after protesters are increasingly fed up with waiting for things to get better. this frustration that two months have to really actions there's still no new government that can bring about change. in syria. haiti's prime minister has resigned following days of violent protests sparked by a now abandoned plan to raise fuel prices and rest for a big first began that is when jack off on tons of government unveiled a proposal to remove subsidies which would have hiked fuel prices by fifty percent
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as part of an agreement between haiti and the international monetary fund at least seven people have been killed dozens of businesses destroyed during three days of unrest elizondo is in the capital of haiti port au prince and joins us with more so obviously he was under a lot of pressure gave was this resignation a surprise. yes or no i mean it came a little abruptly on saturday. went to the parliament where the parliamentarians were expected to vote no confidence to force him out of office but showed up there he and midway through the session he took to the podium and abruptly resigned and stepped down so in that sense it was a little of brought up but he had been under a lot of pressure to step down and that pressure had been building over the last week since his failed attempt a week ago to raise gas prices in this country it was widely seen by the by many
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politicians with the poor here in this country as well as the powerful business community as well that his government was ineffective and it needed to change so what's next now for the government. yeah well haiti is right now as we speak to you with out. as she can see we've just lost our communication there with gabriel is on doe but we will reach out to him and try to bring that to you. head on the news hour. oh oh. oh they are protected from the protests against the u.k. visit president trump practices a swing at a scottish golf course. there on nuclear deal we asked whether it can survive without u.s. support plus. i'm the richardson in moscow right six sets of friends and players are counting down to football to be discussing.
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him and civil aviation authorities are back in control of a local airport until recently the got an airport near yemen's border with amman was supervised by saudi led forces but the change in control appears to be inspiring protests in other parts of yemen charlotte tell us reports of success in negotiations roughly one year after taking over the airport and southeast in yemen the saudi u.a.e. coalition has agreed to give up control it will not hand it back to local civil authorities it's the foo such a move in yemen civil war and the decision follows months of protests from local tribes. who were given control of the airport and friday morning the public all the broadway and all the civil aviation gates this is opposed to step from saudis monitor for some. having control of the airport is one of the six demands
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issued by protesters any student yemen this victory is inspiring other communities to take action. in the city of tire is people are calling attention to other problems with local governments from corruption to lack of security. three years into the war thousands have been killed and entire communities displaced the fight between who's the rebels and government forces backed by the saudi u.a.e. coalition continues in other parts of the country getting control of guidance airport is important for those who live in the area and the. one who we pray this will be the end of the crisis and the end of the protests we also hope that our brothers in saudi arabia will appreciate the demands of microbe residents and not repeat these actions. but some political analysts believe the gesture is mainly symbolic and will have little impact on the ground there needs to be serious steps
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to force us to hand over. the last. broad as all the airports in yemen rather than just give you one airports and expect you to be a success story. despite handing over supervision of the port the coalition still controls most of mara province. province of mazar leading to the entire south of yemen that is currently under control the coalition a seemingly small get significant move in a battle with a long road to hate. al jazeera from nasr as a many blogger and freelance journalist she says here many sir protesting to regain more control back on the saudi led coalition. this is one episode of a chain or other situation in which yemeni. protested the control of the saudi led coalition or where the frontier arteries so you. starting from so cut there are two tires and hard and now. people really are protesting
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the disrespect from the saudis no question controlling used to rotary i think the the main. it's symbolic achievement but the main issue is that there is a power struggle between what the people want and what the saudi led coalition wants on the ground so each wants to control their or their land but. the misting think imminent here what is the yemeni government is doing so. i mean it's obviously that the people they don't feel represented by their yemeni government and that's why they're protesting and demanding their own security and even the governor a governor of a right he said we we we thank and we wish that the saudi led coalition would
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respect our disagreement so where is the yemeni government why they're not you know listening to the demands of the people or ten thousand people are protesting against donald trump and scotland is the u.s. president spends the weekend playing golf at his luxury resort a stopover and her mary has caused anger despite it being a private trip but there was some support for trump in london where some were several hundred people called on the u.k. to adopt his anti immigration policies so to go has more. president trump may try to wave after all the disapproval encountered in his trip but a round of golf is very different you're voiding. counter-protest is less than delighted with his visit. nevertheless he persisted with his primary form of exercise as he tweeted earlier in the day as the never trump has continued and scotland.
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in london it was a completely different crowd a throng of far right activists cheering the u.s. president's visit to the u.k. yes president trump we understand to don't welcome you both personally and in the role of the president of the most profit and one of the greatest countries on the face of the earth so who wants to live here as such americans we are your friends that donal's not coming here as a personal holiday is coming here to represent the american people so to snub him because of all of the american people because he's a democratically elected i was here in the mt stromlo demonstration on friday there are certainly a few thousand in the numbers say one thing is me showing president chavez being a was acting was sold to the ultra right in this country i was the but the crowd here wasn't just meeting in praise of the u.s. president there was also support for the founder of the english defense league
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stephen yaxley lennon also known as tommy robinson currently in jail for contempt of court a man who has organized violent protests against muslim immigrants and of whom one of trump's diplomats lobbied the british ambassador in washington for his release the poster boy of the english far right turned into a rallying cry for their cause to take pride in the visit of a president they believe affirms their reality with or without facts so new diagonal al-jazeera london an us president on all trump says he intends to run for reelection in two thousand and twenty an interview with the british newspaper the daily mail trump said well i fully intend to it seems like everybody wants me to and then he goes on to further talk about lack of competition from the democrats he said i don't see anybody i know them all and i don't see anybody. iran's president hassan rouhani says the u.s. is isolated when it comes to the nuclear deal saturday marked the third anniversary
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of the landmark agreement triumphal the u.s. out of the deal warning who will reinstate all sanctions against tehran in november but european leaders are trying to work with iran to say that agreement. on reports . that it was a moment many doubted would ever happen the signing of a nuclear deal with the ranch. three years later its survival is very much in question european powers are doing what they can to keep the deal live but the challenges may be too difficult to overcome the iran deal is defective at its core president donald trump denounced the u.s. withdrawal in may describing the deal as one sided under the agreement to rend limited its uranium stockpile and nuclear program sanctions were lifted allowing took ron to resume trading oil and gas on the international market. in germany britain france along with russia and china want to make the deal work without the
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u.s. but talks in vienna have let a little progress and they may all face american sanctions if they continue to do business with iran but it ran on the other hand wants guarantees much more your kitchen table what we want from the countries who signed the agreement is a clear commitment that preserves the rights of iranian it's that this includes all economic factors because the agreement is a nuclear political and economic deal at a nato meeting in brussels trump seemed desk confident as never that iran would in the future return to the negotiating table and now they're having a lot of problems and their economy is collapsing but i will tell you this at a certain point they're going to call me and they're going to say let's make a deal and we'll make a deal but they are they're feeling a lot of pain right now. trumps administration accuses to herat of what it calls destabilizing behavior in the middle east which is one reason why. iran and more specifically its role in syria is expected to feature prominently during trump's
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upcoming summit with russian president vladimir putin the man has said the u.s. can't be trusted to keep its commitments for now to han is focusing on maintaining the core of the agreement and trying to limit the impact of sanctions. on al-jazeera five people including four attackers have been killed in two car bombings close to somalia's presidential palace police say one blast happened just after a gunfight between security forces and armed men at a checkpoint and the capital mogadishu they second bomb detonated at nearby just moments later the armed group al shabaab says it carried out that attack. president has made his first visit to neighboring ethiopia and more than two decades it's the latest step towards reconciliation after the two sides agreed to restore ties and put an end.


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