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yes and israel want to reduce iranian presence in the country and its influence in the region could there be a grand bargain in the works. only days ago israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu was in moscow putin could perhaps persuade a sad to ask you ron to leave his country trump could lift objections to russia's control of crimea far fetched perhaps but just listen to the way the ukrainian ambassador to the u.n. is clinging to previous statements by members of the u.s. administration on crimea i think that. that will come from several times by the book but by many many other u.s. officials thrum. to mr bolton to be the the spokesman for the white house and and many other. officials who come from the principal balls who yes wolf they've assumed that the illegally fish locally about russia should never be recognized remarkably for part of this summit in finland's presidential palace
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trump is likely to meet putin alone just as he did in singapore with kim jong un in june the u.s. is closest allies are worried what this most unpredictable president might agree to behind these walls james plays al-jazeera helsinki a special beer has been brewed for the trumpet in summit and it has a sobering message the label reads let's settle this like adults with a picture of both leaders playing the child's game rock paper scissors finish brewery has made the ten thousand bottles to promote a message of peace. nobody knows the problem solving better than to go with their of papers he says we have always told all kind of problems and since we know everything that there is to know about problem solving we decided that maybe the president putin i'm from baltimore need to know this secret source of problem solving a melting iceberg in greenland is causing fears of
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a tsunami people near the danger zone in the village of in our suite tabb been moved to higher ground the government of police believe the entire settlement could be swamped. all right we'll take a quick break now but when we come back on al-jazeera america rob you heard of our . safe an hour students walk free from a scene in nicaragua but there's no end in sight to months of unrest. bus fears that many nigerians will go hungry as floods wash away crops and farm. hello and welcome back it's been a great deal of change in the weather across europe we still have an area of low pressure across poland through towards the baltic states given some quite heavy rain some heavy showers thunderstorms across central areas i'm ready for the west
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it remains very woman to temperatures in the upper twenty's across much of the u.k. down through france and into the iberian peninsula but you'll see some showers developing to monday across southern parts of france across the peyronie's through into the alps and again severe storms are likely in these areas being a characteristic feature of the summer this year now as we head across into north africa weather conditions looking fine temperatures not too bad caro thirty seven degrees a little bit of breeze still off the matter trend just keeping temperatures down slightly but still blissfully hot across parts of cheery and reachin with temperatures pushing close to fifty degrees celsius for the south central circulation giving some lift to dust from mauritania western sahara into central parts of africa here we've got a lot of showers quite a long way north sudan chad mali all seeing isolative a very heavy showers chairman across west africa heavy showers are likely i think for both ghana and lagos nigeria will be some heavy downpours during the day the
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highs in both cities expected to reach twenty eight. a bit of a strange day to start these interviews we just heard today to city of aleppo has fallen. or should we say liberate that. one or four astonishing stories tode and their own wyatt's how did you know who to trust and not to trust. a stranger came to town witness on al-jazeera.
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again you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories israel has reportedly accepted egyptian brokered cease fire with hamas after an escalation of violence in gaza on saturday israel targeted the armed group with what it says words most powerful daytime and strikes since the twenty fourteen gaza war at least two palestinian teenagers died. haiti's prime minister has resigned after days of violent protests against a plan to remove fuel subsidies jack de la font all stepped down even though he abandoned the proposal out of an agreement with the international monetary fund. u.s. president donald trump will fly out from scotland to finland on sunday ahead of a summit with the russian leader vladimir putin wrapped up a visit to the u.k. that was mocked by protests across the country. now two hundred university students in nicaragua have been freed after an armed siege at
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a church they took refuge there off the occupying a university campus as part of an anti part of anti-government demonstrations president daniel ortega has been accused of using excessive force to try and end the protests calling for him to resign arianna sanchez reports from managua. after more than fifteen hours some students at new get i was national antonymous university were freed. the card. did their release with gunmen. who pleaded for her life during the siege came out and. called. we fought back with stones and mortars but they shot at us with high caliber weapons a k forty seven and i don't know what else the priest come out with a white flag to ask the ceasefire. this student says they all thought they would be killed. at some point we didn't have any more mortars or molotov cocktails to
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respond with i didn't think we'd come out alive. for hours families sang and prayed the access near the church was blocked by police while heavily armed gunmen shot at the students. it was a desperate wait to see their children florida maria says she's also afraid because her home has been under attack these past days. and see what the barrier their last hours have been tragic we haven't slept or eaten but we were at on a grateful to god our children only wanted which forms. the government calls protesters terrorists and coup plotters it blames them for the deaths of policemen and three months of bloody confrontations around the country but rights groups say the majority of attacks are perpetrated by government forces . the seed has left many got one families devastated but the question is whether
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the government will continue with the use of force or will sit at the negotiating table this week. cardinal brain is said this by the curry has also been targeted they want to resume peace talks between protesters and the government on tuesday however they are worried about the safety of the students and their families. you know we will also continue to conduct negotiations with the government so the lives of the students and that of their families are respected. but the lives of these students and their families may continue to be a risk for protesters say they will continue to fight to topple president than a lot bigger. and well government forces do nothing to arrest the government in plain clothes and heavily armed shoot in plain daylight with impunity. i guess sanchez and just see them and now when you got out. jennifer mccoy is a political science professor at georgia state university she says after months of
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violence the government now seems to be taking back control. i think that the turning point actually is that the government the piers to have taken back most of the areas that had been held by protesters and dismantled barricades throughout the country in other cities and now the university the main university campus in managua had been one of the last strongholds and so for the moment at least it looks like the government has reasserted its control and by using the gangs the paramilitaries are gangs that they called to oppose in nicaragua so the question is is what will happen next and obviously the catholic church has been a mediator has led a dialogue and will continue i think to try to mediate and the question is what the people will do will they turn out in stronger protest after this horrible siege of the university or will they be cowed in fact and stay home from intimidation
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because of this violence well in the long issue is that daniel ortega along with his wife have been in power now since two thousand and six and so the last dozen years and they have concentrated power in their own hands over that time period in prevented opposition parties opposition candidates in some cases from even contesting elections there. are reports of election fraud so demands changed from an economic demand to one about politics about restoring a more open transparent government and asking for dinner to get to resign he is obviously resisting that call and so that's the standoff that we're seeing in the country right now. funerals have been held in pakistan for some of the one hundred twenty eight victims killed in a suicide bombing during an election rally they included
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a candidate for provincial office more than three hundred people were injured in friday's blast the army says it will deploy more than three hundred seventy thousand troops to polling stations across the country for the general election in two weeks time our new era of friendship has begun between two troubled neighbors eritrea's president is working he has made his first visit to ethiopia in more than two decades it is another step towards reconciliation after the two leaders agreed to restore times following twenty years of hostility mohamed atta reports from. a few weeks ago ethiopian that a trial will be tough and it is as they have been for the past two decades now they're behaving as if they're the best of friends and a tramp president decide to suffer working arrived in a disciplined boneset today to dancing and loud genius. slauson stand out in a disciple of tight security to welcome his visit the latest in and being alone
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militarist. i thank the people of addie's sabha birth for this wonderful reception for the eritrean president and we may be some good listener i'm very happy to be here these two people are now one people. ethiopia's new prime minister made a similar visit to the trails capital last weekend where he was welcomed by a forward with some laughter the forty two year old a b broke the ice last month playfully embracing a peace deal locked and that one thousand nine hundred to two thousand border war that killed tens of thousands on left from lists approved. says that at a fair if your you have a view it is for the market for you and both of those from them and to the delight of families who've been supported by the good there will be often embassies flight routes and telephone lines. the sudden change in relations is surprising many but
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it's just the beginning of what could be a long peace process both sides will also need to follow through on their commitments this week if you appear submitted our requests to the united nations to lift sanctions on a trailer in a short good faith mohammed at all just a disciple. of flooding and heavy rains of wreaking havoc in many parts of nigeria dozens of people have died because of the storms crops have been lost raising fears of a food shortage how many dress reports from northwest nigeria more dirty is a community in mourning sixteen people from this village recently died in a boat accident that was caused by two racial rains or more workers survived the accident but the death of his brother means he will have to take on the additional responsibility of looking after the large family he left behind two wives and sixteen children or young chick or
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a woman are going to for ten years we've witnessed floods but this year's is the most tragic we lost a brother most of us can't farm anymore even if you wanted to all of the victims are buried in the cemetery near the village this is a sport where thirty nine farmers were killed just a few days ago there were troubling in an all well ordered wooden board like this one when it sank and many are still missing locals here say the floods and death and that are also affecting agricultural production despite the devastating loss mahamudra nick you say so really back at work after losing a large chunk of his farm in the flooding he really has no time to mourn the loss of three family members. we've lost twenty hectares of farmland including the crops the losses are huge i can't afford to take a break his priority is to grow food for the family now he would have to replant his crops if he is to have us do enough many pharmacy actually depend on rain to
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help produce crops. the situation in what i choose repeated in many farming communities throughout nigeria and experts are warning that more heavy rains are in the forecast the question is what it will have effect on agricultural productivity and the quantity of profit that will be produced farming is only means of survival of these people and if it continue yet in yet out with out me to get in the minutes of this flood in. definitely to put security situation will deteriorate as the rain speak in a few weeks time many farming communities living in the. reasons are bracing for more losses why did implications on the country's agricultural output i mean to greece. more dutch.
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thanks. thanks thanks i all right thirty two teams sixty three matches played in eleven cities already and on sunday it comes down to ninety minutes in this stadium the luzhniki in moscow france and croatia will face off for the football world cup title and he richardson has been out among the fed's. french friends in moscow are experiencing a familiar feeling for the third time in the last six world cups. in the final i was the question fans and football is going where no croatians have gone before the creation same may not be looking quite as fresh faced as they were for their pre-tournament photographs all three of the knockout games have gone to extra time so they've affectively played an extra game when compared to france croatia strength is their ability to dominate possession in midfield with players like luka
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moderates and even rockets each and the danger posed by their white players even parasitical be able to exploit the inexperience of french fullback benjamin pub many of their key players including moderates all the wrong side of thirty this is their one chance to win football's biggest prize the senate. me the most important thing is to never give up and believe in yourself and just push forward no matter what is in your way there are ups and there are downs but whatever happens you need to continue to believe in yourself and that's. france have a generation of players arguably more talented than the school the won the title in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight much has been said about the impact of th strike of killing him back pay but this is a team built on a strong defensive corps goalkeeper and captain hugo aris has excelled rafael's around has stood tall in the defense and the work of holding midfield and goal i can say allows him to run free this is also
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a side determined to heal the scar of losing the european championship final on home soil two years ago you know my search for santa old enough to keep general good with the inner strength of our team from the beginning of the tournaments which has guided us this will help us to overcome any challenge this is certainly the most important match of our career superstition my also have a role to play in deciding which set of fans are celebrating on sunday night in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight on the way to winning the cup french defender laurent grown used to catch the ball for head of his goalkeeper fabien barthez before every game twenty years on and the players are taking to stroking the considerable facial hair of their defender of all rummy before every game on the richardson al-jazeera moscow. this is this is as you say let's get a round up now of the top stories israel has reportedly accepted an egyptian brokered ceasefire with hamas following an escalation of violence in gaza on
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saturday israel targeted the armed group with what it says was most powerful daytime ass strikes since the twenty fourteen gaza war and these two palestinian teenagers died. one hour from gaza with planets missed. the cease fire holds but it papers over major y. ming cracks in the relationship between the israeli authorities and how much that runs garza the fundamental problem is that gaza has been under siege for around twelve years now under an israeli blockade and there's no relief in sight even after three and a half months of protests along the fence when the palestinians in gaza hoped that would persuade the israelis to give them some relief from this blockade there's been nothing iraqi police have fired into the air as hundreds of protesters tried to storm the main provincial government in bus one three people have been killed during protests against high unemployment and a lack of basic services demonstrations have spread to karbala and the capital
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baghdad people have been demonstrating in the past week the government has deployed more security forces after people stormed the airport in niger. haiti's prime minister has resigned after days of violent protests against a plan to remove fuel subsidies jack de la fontaine stepped down even though he abandoned the proposal part of an agreement with the international monetary fund a two hundred university students in nicaragua have been freed after an armed siege at a church they took refuge there are to occupying a university campus as part of an anti government demonstrations president daniel ortega has been accused of using excessive force to try and end the protests calling for him to resign. u.s. president donald trump will fly to finland on sunday ahead of a summit with russian leader vladimir putin he's wrapped up a visit to the u.k. that was marred by protests across the country those are the headlines we're back with more now after inside story. and the ship where corruption is
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endemic now embroiled in a battle to hold the power. there's this radical transformation. i mean. shedding light on the romanians pressing for change and their unconventional methods to eliminate corruption remain people. on. saudi arabia ras a prominent cleric and his sons accusing him of criticizing the ruling family it's part of a number of recent of activist and religious leaders but how far will this crackdown go this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program. authorities in saudi arabia have arrested a prominent preacher and scholar suffered just days after he published a book criticizing the ruling family three of his sons abdullah and ibrahim were also detained rights groups say are. reportedly taken into custody while attending a family wedding on wednesday while how ali and his son ibrahim were arrested the following morning how early became known almost three decades ago as the leader of the software movement which advocated for democracy in saudi arabia he was previously detained for opposing the ruling family saudi arabia and the crown prince what he. has launched a crackdown against activists religious figures and opponents in recent months. in october the crown prince badge to return his country to what he called moderate
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islam and crackdown on those he accused of extremism he said we only want to go back to what we were moderate islam that is open to the world open to all religions seventy percent of the society people are less than thirty years old and quite frankly we were not waste thirty years of our lives in dealing with extremist ideas we will destroy them today in september saudi authorities arrested dozens of clerics activists have posted a list of people who have been detained on social media including a prominent preacher man allowed and our then got to me a loud one who has fourteen million followers on twitter was allegedly detained over his tweets supporting mediation in the crisis between star de arabia and qatar the arrests were made had of demonstrations organized by exiled opposition figures but didn't attract much support because of heavy security measures human rights
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watch has can down the arrest coordinated crackdown on dissent saying the fit a pattern of human rights violations against peaceful advocates and dissidents. let's bring in our panel joining us from istanbul. election ideal university in beirut and i mean corey a senior fellow at the american university of beirut and in london say the she hobby comest with a newspaper welcome to all. worth a scathing remarks that someone how early made in his recent book the main reason why his injury or it was just the tip of the iceberg. the crackdown on dissent didn't start with the the captive the caption the rest of suffer and how ali it started. when the crown prince started the crackdown
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on all the dissent on all the freedom of speech it is a matter of reform but it is a matter of superficial proof or reform what he is doing on the ground is completely contradicting what he's preaching day and night that the new brand the new cound brands is trying to bring more freedom to the to saudi arabia but by doing these kind of arrests by this kind of crackdown on the dissent it seems that he is not doing it in the right way still he didn't scratch the surface of the freedom he is on the other hand following the very word of advice that was given by his godfather mohamed bin zayed in the united arab emirates when he told him if you want to speed up your way to the throne you need to open communication channel with israel from the one hand from the other hand you need to diminish the end fluence of the religious establishment in saudi arabia and that's exactly what's he doing
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and still continuing to rami is this part of the same pattern we've seen over the last year which is basically targeting prominent. outspoken clerics in saudi arabia yes clerics journalists woman business people and independent thinkers who give a viewpoint that is not in line with the government's views whether it's about israel or about the u.s. or yemen or qatar whatever it may be and the strong the striking thing about what. had been said a man is doing is the vast scope of the reforms as he calls them the reforms that he's trying to do and they are genuine reforms in many ways especially in terms of more private sector involvement in the in the economy and things like that but it's so comprehensive that it is has put control of every aspect of life media politics
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military economy religion social norms every aspect of life is in the hands of the crown prince so this is following the pattern of assisi in egypt and gadhafi in libya before and so dump him saying and this is troubling because saudi arabia never had this kind of leadership before so this is and keeping with what he's been doing and the real significance of this is that there are two areas a we really don't know what people's views are one is in the whole religious establishment and the second one is really in the public as a whole including the business establishment people are afraid to speak out now because they've seized they see what happens to people who speak differently than the than the government and therefore there's a lot of uncertainty in terms of how much support is there for these reforms and that the terrible irony is that saudi arabia or needs to make reforms some of the reforms that have been identified are so are really very very sensible and needed
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but most of what has been going on is dropping confidence in the ability of the government to bring about ok it's reforms including now the apparent delay of the around cope privatization which is. a centerpiece of this chill saeed. subtle how wily rose to prominence in the eighty's when he launched the software movement which presented itself as an alternative to the salafist trick of islam is this a rast the sign that the government is determined to clamp down on somewhat because of its so-called affiliation with the muslim brotherhood. thank you very much i think this is a symbol to a people or to. assume. somebody new designs in the kitchen of this third or the problems being faced by. the sentiment is at war with everybody is at war with his own people with it on the
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family in those holy household with his neighbors with. theirs is a war with understands he's at war and yet ready. here at war with the people of the awareness of the sorrow movement and. of course he is at war with the other is of course that is what will iran but it is. a strong friendship with it is at the forefront of. the legion now we even have to pay all of our people whether in saudi arabia. or egypt in yemen and we all have to pay the price of this interesting that up and operate in that then it's just water so i think it was a photo it is just another big there. who is being invaded by
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outside force wasn't this going to be evident too which is a man has a reform as crown prince of saudi arabia the religious establishment is the most powerful and ultimately of the the clash was going to be an evident one day on another. well hashem i'd like to be the advocate of the devil if you will but they mind is if he is trying to do this kind of reform he is doing what his previous services used to do like this kind of clashes between the royal family and the religious establishment it was a kind of a catholic marriage to some extent but on the other hand behind the scenes you would have this kind of conflict but they were dealing with it in a subtle cautious measures in order not to anger the religious establishment because there's still so m flew until on the ground but now what that mohammed bin so man is trying to do here is trying to appease many establishment many people in
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different places here trying to appease israel from the one hand he's trying also to appease the luby's in the united states and he is trying to make they you know the business people the investors in the west as in general as happy as he can because he wants more investment on. eurabia in order to meet the ambitious aspirations that he has so in order to do this he thinks that this kind of a completely disregarding or completely you know like containing the role of the religious establishment would lead to this kind of convincing the west that he is the right person to do this business but on the other hand they guy is not doing it in the sutton way as his predecessors used to do it he's doing it take x. implicit late and that would anger the popular the population in saudi arabia that would anger the salafist because they come out you know like promote their policies
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he's going to these people that would lead to a kind of radicalization among young people i would like to follow up on that particular idea that you've been talking about and let me go to rami i mean isn't there any concern of a media is can confrontation. it's when the crime principle has been salmen and the religious establishment which has been one of the keep ella's of the salad dynasty well he has clearly indicated that he is going to change the way the religious establishment the formal one as well as the informal one how they operate and he wants them to operate under his guidance and his control many of them would be willing to do that you know all over the world most religious establishments the formal friday preachers in the mosques are under the authority of the ministry of our cough and religious affairs many of them have their sermons given to them by the government so there's a tradition of religious establishment being kind of quietest and going along with
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the ruling political authority and they they help each other so there's probably a many in the religious establishment saudi arabia who don't mind going along with the with the government but at the way that he has done to do unilaterally cracking down arresting very popular people like how i live and like all of the others so that the manner in which he is doing this is going to possibly be troubling for him and then the really the critical issue remains we don't know if members within the royal family may be upset about this as well because the whole decision making process of the last eighty ninety years or so do state a modern statehood has been upset by this one man he decided he's going to make decisions and not to have consensus and deliberation and quiet an official view sions among the family and so we'll see there's so many unknowns now that are that are there saeed of on this court has just said that mohammed the cement is
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upsetting an order that has been going on for quite some time in saudi arabia sounded with its wealth its influence has been prided itself on being the protect settled sunni islam if someone goes ahead with dismantling that religious order would it have any knock on on effects. the religious establishment across the muslim world but particularly the sunni well when i read that. really just the start of this group has always been. under the armpit of the soul of the house of saud they have had a known and i have for the past and so i don't believe that that is the sort of some of the smooth. object over ordinary acts the it is a minnesota man is yesterday driving the car the virus was. sent to this it is something good because there were hidden on the guardian said it is
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not so it must be good so i do not i have never seen in the last card in the years that there has been. going to. satisfy the need to stop this man is a. part of the government out of a lot of snow so i don't think that at this time the water is and yes he won't give it to the police while riding on the political list that somehow i don't i don't i mean i do this and many others who have been never cried out against lettuce or the i guess when they're in egypt all these are and they are that evidence they are all over isn't doing something that this still is considered a. consider whether they have altered or dented us to their own brother or son but at the same time it is an all source of doom i think all the time that they're willing to go just that and so i see that on
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the way it is going down you could look at an album that is being fought ok i would still rather the other being the ticket so we are seeing down there for the political stuff it is taking the sharpest there. in some of the other. if you remember when companies we haven't been summoned was unveiling his vision twenty thirty he said basically that we never had an internal problem or the problems came after the one nine hundred seventy nine islamic revolution in iran and that's where radicalism set in the country do you think this is something that would shape his policy in the near future we'll do a sickly it's part of what he's trying to do in order to convince the people in these in saudi arabia he always needs to find this kind of external threat that targeting the sunni muslim and they you know what iran is doing that business quite well for him he is portraying iran as the you know like the monster of the region
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the over expansionist policy of iran in the region whether in yemen in syria in sioux in everywhere in the gulf countries as well but the problem is their counter policy that he is using to deter this kind of a journal me is completely reckless and useless he's doing nothing to prevent what iran is doing on the ground and he is trying to tell the people on the ground in saudi arabia that what iran is doing is the main more t.v. behind his actions against these salafist which doesn't make any sense like it's a very provocative irony when it when you compare these young people who are looking up to these scholars and they think that they are they you know like a son who are of the awakening movement who are calling for more democratic measures on the ground who did nothing but tweeted certain statements asking for more reform more freedom of speech and they end up in jails and now what's
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happening in a major failure in yemen ok a major loss in syria so they cannot buy into what he is trying to sell them ok rami this is someone who lifted the ban on. the women driving but at the same time jailed women activists have championed the rifle women to drive he took to jail activists prominent human rights activists but still has his own people say this is a visionary man how do you see him with former oil rust buttin well he very clearly is a man of dynamism he understands that change has to happen for the long term well being of saudi arabia some of his suggested reforms are very sensible in the economic sphere i think and some other areas but the way he has done it this autocratic way is creating probably resistance and also he doesn't
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understand something that every single arab leader in the last seventy five years has failed to understand which is you can't just open a faucet like a water faucet and you open a reform force it's ok we're going to reform now and we're going to let cinemas or we're going to let drive in movies and we're going to let people have concerts on woman drive but that's all a little bit you can't do that these are dealing with human beings are dealing with tens of millions of human beings who just want to live normal lives as human beings and normal life means they want to be able to think for themselves be involved in the public life not to be revolutionaries or crazy people but just to be normal people and the reform process has not necessarily promised normalcy and human dignity it has simply promised more leisure activities driving cinemas more malls cellphones and privatization of companies so there's
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a fundamental weakness in the nature of the reform process because it was not based on any serious consultation with the citizens of saudi arabia and this is the problem that every arab leader has made we wish we should watch jordan now if they start doing. serious reforms morocco possibly algeria possibly there are there all you know good prospects for reforms that have to be done egypt decided to didn't want to reform but so. i think is is a genuine reform minded person who doesn't know how to form and he didn't say he's not going to show him how to do that ok sayed are you the same fear that without going into profound changes of the saudi society itself we're not going to see and hear what he sounds in the near future if he continues down this path when i do not believe that i'm innocent not of the foremost in any sense in any sense because before him we hear that king i'm not one to be homeless but we saw we saw nothing
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before and during the you know of the law so i think it is a lot of the faith yes it's coming in a sense but he's also giving advice i think he is made to them by. christ as an american by since. i think yes he has succeeded for example in pacifying iraq for example and also emphasizing sudan yet . on both the twilight he said one of the satire he has antagonizes on people here i wonder what i think is only one that will yemenis that will deliver the kind of that he's at war with libya but obama you know you have invaded. it is at war with the people of egypt we did not just stand. so he is it is. an agenda that had been
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invited by the agencies. that are there present time and also the military are well. then. oh. but then let me go to ahmed what are you have many people in saudi arabia particularly young people saying basically this is someone who is committed to diversify the economy put in an and to the old political institutions that have prevailed for many years and that saudi arabia could generally become a vibrant democracy in the near future under m.b.'s. well hashem nobody in the middle east would like would like to diffuse this kind of wishful thinking i would say or pipe dreams the actions on the ground like actions are much louder than
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words what's he doing to egypt what's he doing by supporting the talk crissy of dictator like sisi in egypt what's he doing with the betrayal as suffered and how allie the recently detained scholar called it betray of to the palestinian cause by communicating with the israelis by approaching the israelis differently what's he doing to the cutter is their brothers in blood and neighbors what's he doing to the young man is and what's he doing to with the west in general with donald trump with the investment he's doing this doesn't give any sign that this guy is good in terms of bringing in any kind of change to the eurabia to the hopes of the people on the ground it's mentally superficial reforms that didn't do any genuine it's an example in the army said it's a guy and of entertainment it's just a kind of luck sure years things that the people are not looking for they're looking for dinner when changes in terms of them ocracy in terms of stability in
4:44 pm
terms of job creation on the ground an army you seem to be saying basically most of you that this is these are all cosmetic changes and that the climate done is part of an autocratic streak in the country from your own perspective rami what do you think should be the indicators of a genuine reform in saudi arabia please a less than a minute well you're going to have to look at the response of the business community you're going to have to look at explicit public support from the royal family members very few a form of spoken out you have to look at the religious establishment again explicit public support the problem is that people in saudi arabia don't speak out if they're critical of the government they're afraid as they are in most countries. so i that's what i look for public expressions and this is something that's going to have to become more clear in the next six months or so just one last quick point the idea of getting closer to netanyahu is fascinating because we know from public
4:45 pm
opinion polls that most of the people and they are worried about eighty percent are against normalization normalizing ties with israel until the palestine issue is resolved quickly so he so we need to see more clarity on that showing through but the key point is the saudi people need to be involved in the process to make it work and we wanted to work everybody wants it to work we'll leave it on that note but i had on the whole the say this you have to thank you very much indeed for your insights and for your time and thank you to for us you can see the program again and its time by visiting our web site al jazeera dot com for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com for was last a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter handle is a j inside saudi from me but on the whole team here i found out.
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with a crackdown on media and political opposition cambodia is getting ready for its national election post one to one east investigates how far trampled his ruling party will go to consolidate its power when he first on al-jazeera the nature of news as it breaks although thousands of women have reported rape and other sexual atrocities in south sudan's war threats are going to dish and say this figure is likely much higher with detailed coverage nearly fifty schools took part of the drive each one responsible had her liking a different diet of school supplies clothing from around the world to settle for whole is still very new here but these players are very old for the very ones to be able fully draws or maybe even want to buy only international studies. a new series of rewind a care bring your people back to life i'm sorry and brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries the struggle continues book from. these
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distance rewind continues with the silver friends we're going back to a poor south african neighborhood where music and tradition come together in an annual competition with the people who know you really want on al-jazeera the promise of peace in the middle east not. enough but a new dilemma after the death of the man at the center of palestinian struggle. now more than forty years after to stablish mind how far as the p.l.o. come to achieving its hopes and dreams concluding the turbulent story of the struggle for palestinian homes p.l.o. history of a revolution on al-jazeera. the. al-jazeera
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. where and for your. vote the iraqi security forces fire against protesters as demonstrations against high unemployment and oil services spread. a lot has. seeker this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. after the air strikes and uneasy truce between gaza and israel following the most
4:49 pm
violent daytime assault since two thousand and fourteen. haiti's former prime minister a surprise resignation after deadly protests against fuel prices plus. we're seeing the color and the rivalry francais in croatia get ready for the world cup final. iraqi police have used water cannon and tear gas as hundreds of protesters try to storm the main provincial government building in basra two protesters were killed in the city on saturday bringing the total number killed to three since protests began last week it appears all lines of communication have been cut by the government the country is on high alert as demonstrations spread to the capital baghdad in the holy city of karbala there been protests in several cities over the past week with people demonstrating over the rise of living costs and lack of basic
4:50 pm
services. but our duty is to provide security for all iraqis and also to listen to all the demands and salute all the protesters the peaceful and the civilized to state their demands in a civilized manner reflecting the mobility of iraqis and their country but those who assault the institutions of the state and the security forces and its investments disrupt the aspirations of the people and should be held to account. it is a professor of political science at the london school of economics he joins us now via skype from there thanks very much for being with us so what do you make of what is happening in iraq right now with these protests and particularly. this what we're seeing right now that all the lines of communication appear to have been cut off what do you make of that. well this is very much expected i think there was no
4:51 pm
real lines of communications between the two sides because the government is not doing anything apart from talks the prime minister is giving a promises which he is not implementing and the protesters are increasing now on the demonstrations on increasing now they are even threatening the green zone in baghdad on the main government building in baghdad if they don't know of the day unless they don't see anything but i mean and concrete something that could such as why their demands like the improvement of electricity and on the improvement of services done some. i mean some measures against the corrupt people i don't think they will they will stand down well some would say that this is part of a deliberate strategy by the government to. prevent people from communicating with each other to perhaps coordinate. their protests and somehow
4:52 pm
try to shut this shut this down what do you what's your view on that. no what i heard something else that these are. these are these demonstrations are instigating by iran. in order to send messages to the united states because it started doing it on the start. providing allied with the city lines and the want to say they were telling his sources to the rebels in iraq this is what i have seen or heard but i don't think this is almost through it because some truth in it because iran is not satisfied with the policy of the united states and it may send a message through that saying to the united states if you are going to strangle us we can also make that obvious to you somewhere else in iraq on someone else and syria but i think the real reason for these demonstrations are national trust from
4:53 pm
what is happening in iraq itself. so what do you think is behind that i mean you say that this is this is this is coming from iran but these protests are. the people who are out on the streets are ordinary iraqis who are. satisfyingly the situation there with a lack of basic services and they're out in the streets for that reason how should the government be responding to this not saying that it's coming from iran you said . rumors that the government is staging these things i said that i never run out and say you know what i said what i asked was did the fact that people have been able to talk to each other that there's no. communication lines have been cut off what do you make of that yes this is my answer to that is the government is not really a lines of communications it's only giving promises that the people are not saying
4:54 pm
any improvement they are not seeing improvements the other thing is the government is not totally in control of the situation there are other parties the militias of the other parties which are fighting between each other and in the right. that's what i mean the differences between the fed to have i'm really on maliki on the side of the subsidies on the key and these. all these people are fighting each other also in the city so there are struggles between the militias as well as the protest against the government could speak in your sad july twenty sixth day from london. now israel has reportedly accepted any gyptian broken ceasefire with ham as after the latest violence in gaza on saturday israel launched what it says were the most powerful daytime airstrikes since the twenty fourteen gaza war at
4:55 pm
least two palestinian teenagers have been killed israel says the strikes were in response to border protests and rocket fire from hamas burnet smith has this update now from gaza the cease fire holds but it papers over major why ning cracks in the relationship between the israeli authorities and how much that runs gars a fundamental problem is that gaza has been under siege for around twelve years now under an israeli blockade and there's no relief in sight even after three and a half months of protests along the fence when the palestinians in gaza hoped that would persuade the israelis to give them some relief from this blockade there's been nothing and if anything israel has tighten the screw by closing the main crossing into guarded guards at that brings in industrial goods so this flare while israel says in response to the incendiary balloons floating from gaza into really israel and setting fire to crops the palestinians will say well we've not got any really any relief from this siege so unless there is over the coming days weeks or
4:56 pm
months some concrete attempt to try and relieve the situation with people in garza this flare up the biggest one has been since twenty fourteen risks provoking another flare up and the risks of an all out confrontation and possibly a war between the horses in gaza and israel. stephanie deck is live for us in west jerusalem so stephanie the israeli government accepted this cease fire deal brokered by egypt but where do things stand right now. well as one anonymous israeli official said last night it really does depend on what happens on the ground both the army and the political leadership have made it very clear that they're willing and ready to escalate having said that certainly over the last you know twelve hours or so when this cease fire slowly came into effect certainly it does seem to be holding it's normal we had overnight two mortar
4:57 pm
shells fired in one airstrike it's normal to have this sort of you know couple of incidents once the cease fire comes into effect these are the security cabinet is meeting right now they will be discussing what happened and how to move forward we'll also be hearing from the u.n. special envoy to the middle east peace process he's in gaza today and then in the next couple of hours he was also involved in trying to negotiate this cease fire as you heard byrd there say they're ready to fold here a will the kite's this is something that israel is really concerned about a lot of pressure on the prime minister the kite flyer those instead reproduce in kites the burned over seven thousand acres of land according to the israeli government will that stop and if it does what will israel's response be because before this happened both the israeli intelligence and the military were telling the political leadership here that what is happening in gaza is not sustainable and that the news should be lightened around the neck of the people of gaza otherwise
4:58 pm
as bernard was saying there you will see a flare like this happen again and that can lead of course to a full scale conflict. stephanie deca live first there in west jerusalem thanks jeff. now haiti's prime minister has resigned after days of violent protests. government has been under pressure since unveiling a plan to remove fuel subsidies on the reports from port au prince. he arrived to parliament is a prime minister facing his political fate and calls to resign jacques de la phone tones unpopular fuel price hike which she abruptly suspended after riots a week ago that his government in deep crisis the chamber of deputies had planned to force the prime minister out with a no confidence vote on saturday but abruptly resigned instead of. before even coming here i sent my letter of resignation to the president. the
4:59 pm
resignation it a week of political tension in haiti most people from the middle class to the poor say the prime minister who had only been in office seventeen months needed to go and the calls for him to do so grew louder by the day that the gas price hike and reversal were just seen as another sign of an ineffective government this eventual downfall came on a day of tension in the capital. the streets there were protests not nearly as large as the ones last week that turned violent but still anger at the government and coals for more resignations delay oh you know you have. this is also a message to the lawmakers a warning to everyone we're telling them to be very careful our problem is not only with the ex prime minister but to everyone in this corrupt system including the president. was going on in parliament that day of confusion members of the chamber of deputies yelling at each other as they debated the prime minister's
5:00 pm
future before they knew he was going to step down but after combe was restored in the prime minister resigned they focused on what it all meant. now we need a new government one that inspires confidence with all sectors we need someone who understands the political dynamic that works across the board we need big changes that can have systemic. haiti currently has no functioning government right now now that law has stepped down all of his ministers go with him so what happens next it will be the president as well as the two heads of the parliament that will decide who the next prime minister will be. left parliament quickly after stepping down without taking questions a country now hoping the political chaos of the last week also goes with him. to port au prince the spanish coast guard has rescued three how.


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