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tv   Japan Aftermath Of A Disaster  Al Jazeera  July 21, 2018 5:32pm-6:00pm +03

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helping fuel the worst wildfires for decades government leaders have appealed for help from other countries to fight dozens of bases large areas of forests have been tortured and small warnings issued firefighters say the risk of more fires is extremely high emergency imports of grain being ordered to feed starving farm animals and tidal waves of plastic and debris a washing up on the coast of the dominican republic conservationists say they have already remove sixty tons of rubbish from a beach near the capital santa domingo soldiers are being scramble to help because it is so much to clean up. those are the headlines rewind is next on al-jazeera. the former bishop of hong kong says the pope is sending out china's catholics the pieces of things you can reach out from those information he said really sending them to church college you know jews of zen talks town jazeera.
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richelle carey and welcome again to rewind back in two thousand and six we first launched al-jazeera english our mission was to seek out documentaries that other channels simply were not doing their own rewind were revisiting some of the best of them to find out how the story has moved on in the years sense today we're rewinding to two thousand and eleven and japan and the aftermath of the tsunami that followed its biggest ever earthquake and march eleventh of that year a magnitude nine earthquake struck off the coast of northern japan minutes later
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a massive tsunami followed destroying everything in its path leaving more than fifteen thousand people dead and over twenty five hundred still unaccounted for fort city was devastated by waves of up to thirty eight meters high a city of almost sixty thousand inhabitants completely flattened with little warning of the approaching waves many were just unable to make it to higher ground in the days following the tsunami and before the full extent of the unfolding nuclear disaster at fukushima became clear people in power travel to me to hear from people whose lives have been devastated two thousand and eleven has japan aftermath of a disaster. this. is close the main gate lunacy ten meter high seas.
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this was built to protect me. from tsunamis. that is march two thousand and eleven a nine point eight magnitude earthquake japan's biggest it's one hundred thirty six kilometers east of. the triggered a massive tsunami. the anything protecting the city with the sea levels. but they say there's. no more toting this. in the road there is a motor there are still one of us can i argue whether it was a stick or
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that nobody would. so. there was no. question how do we deal with the mothers agree with. the scale of the destruction was unparalleled ways smashed into dozens of towns and cities charging up to take kilometers inland. with little assistance from outside. volunteers from other nice to help. cool you want to know when the. normal life.
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can or you know any. kind of. educated look to them or. politicized tunnel. to the. point. when you don't know. you know we don't. know. how many. whoppers ochterlony. decision was prepared for its early warning system that sounded before the wave hit . and the time for most to escape. from kabul for the for the with no
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desire to do what i did or. move into the middle school of normal magazine i want to live if it was worth of a job well let me do know what it is what i want governor got all. the way you wouldn't lose them so what. we are. how do you do that. do we. do you mean do we. put it through any you know the mood of the more difficult or more jolting up out of that are. you done do you. done that and then did they still. does it a little routine or an office won't go over another not that it will get a good look at night. almost was never any. they wanted to know what they don't
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like. you good of them. going then. sadly this town is known for its disastrous. house was destroyed in one thousand nine hundred sixty by myself tsunami. fifty years later the sea is taking on her once again. because. the. night.
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wanted down on it. has. become. pretty rocky. there. over one hundred thousand buildings were damaged or destroyed. including most of downtown.
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will not believe in yet some of my any semblance of the much i don't know the you know i call it on the set if i'm on my forget it i'm going again it. depends defense forces helping clear the area. mr yamamoto is hopeful they will find his wife's body. but what do you want to do that is a zone i don't start off. pretty good outing or neither so good. you'd be dying or you could only go on it. most fired or similar
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turned into shelters. with the willing name and behind of the name with me. for the love that i felt would often have all the time because it is a big. they never had to do that when they knew that behind it got a name did not call me on the money the. corporate world is even more. they got to have a little chunk on the glass hammer up this with in the summer this is. the money. when you have no you for your comments koku you just said you know. and it would seem when i thought i did and then. you think the ninety's are going to do although it's a deny their. neck and i don't i don't have to do this give them all.
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are there those hundred then all going to walk up to you are not. meeting. with a virtual news blackout little information of what's happening in the rest of japan is reaching me. but five days after the quake hit the emperor's first live speech to the nation filters through. thanks. i. got let me. again she took it's adventure not joke. you know down on you just on the mono down to quote all. and. while the world's attention is focused on the nuclear disaster. because residents focused on survival. orderly queues form for russian food.
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and fuel is scarce. there are people who come out of her. you know our backyard her. back. yard i call. one of the more than you did north to me second gucci a local civil servant escaped the tsunami and is volunteering with a food supply team. a warehouse in the center of town serves as the supply headquarters for a no kill field with a little joke in the body in a bid to talk any little idea that would i know pay on a joke of that did. you know that you are.
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right though that was. not really think through and you don't think i could cook got up my it's an eye on it for you think i'm going to take the month. at the bit about the. so at the most open you up it's just an open you know. like the most can you walk up but i mean you know. it's a lot of some good deal to open you up to me with a lot of like you know. a little shucks emotional. e-mail what's underneath it i didn't get to the meanest because she was you can look at dice and i mean zenaida the samisen with the head to the county to the.
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next stop is the local hospital. the city and you know he didn't she he. looked in. the. room of. the sitting there would you want to. know where you got it good. to be. so we'll look at it when you're not doing is going.
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on that is. pretty. good to have the local. talk when he did when i do i did so actually going to buy them when he's ready to do not to to smoke. one for the all who. one. this is been the world's costliest disaster. on people the dead or missing. it's now time for me to rebuild.
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tell you only shows ago i was a good. you dying on this you've got a mother your good work. by you for your state. so i suppose why did you go visit it. but she was out of the will. you die you'll be sick of the very cold. it's got her name. over. for the reason when you're not on the. nuclear you move the goal carney. you know do we.
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think guys are directly out of the. cars or do they have been or do. you mustn't mind if they are needed instead of many of us. this city will always be known for the tsunamis to continue to test its resilience . with more powerful earthquakes predicted. in communities like this of the be safe.
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japan aftermath of the disaster from two thousand and eleven conical in the devastation just days after the tsunami. but how does a community recover from such a natural disaster six years on free wine returned to me to find out. if. we don't normally go. upon want to go out with everything.
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just. might go see fun doing. a station on board don't think you'll open up the order. to find. it's about them all. day. to. put it on the. card but he must say to me courtney you. know you're not going.
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to. you know when i'm gone and i've got a day go pick up was good say that by the mistrust but the clothes that you had me on the cheek you know do you mean to me just one little. that's on the ticket and i've got to say oh so you don't like to buy those. because it was i myself delivered this and they will. say please if you will those particular things be similar to how do you relax about the subject so you study how deep did it feel moment i feel about a. hundred to one study. i must. say my dad's been in thousand undiscoverable
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how do you know. that you did a little bit because i'm not i'm a mascot. or not if you can with a date and i still see no i'm not. but it will come to you i've got a more radical to get. the guts to work by god but what. all that is it for us join us again next week to check out the rewind page at al-jazeera dot com for more films on the series but for now thanks for joining us and see you again sam.
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what is the relationship between culture religion and a deeply divided city everything here is overshadowed by politics even the most basic of things food in two thousand and eight al-jazeera traveled to jerusalem to see a food could frost deep lines of division jewish eat the dishes it together we cook together be casual the people that love this we. rewind street food jerusalem on al-jazeera. when people need to be heard. he's been. told his life it's not on the show and the story needs to be told we do have. to make sure. that al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring new documentaries and news on air and on the.
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this is al-jazeera. live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha. welcome to the news group after five deaths in the gaza strip on friday could have become so much worse. through egypt. has reached an agreement with israel to restore the state of calm previously place but how long can it last. without an end to these ready. pakistan elections only a few days away so we're looking at the rise and rise of. twenty's.


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