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him of abusing his trade authority given the mounting evidence farm states are being hammered by trump's america first trade agenda still the troubled ministration is asking leading its fight in addition to tariffs already in place white house is preparing to impose tariffs on billions more chinese goods kimberly held get al-jazeera washington well bill hoagland is a senior vice president at the bipartisan policy center he's joining us now from washington d.c. we appreciate your time sir given that farmers make up a significant part of donald trump's core base do you think that they're going to be satisfied with this payment as opposed to actually being able to sell their crops freely. i don't think so american farmers are basically free marketeers and they want to produce and compete in a global market they would prefer much better. the opportunity to trade openly
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and compete internationally and sell their goods accordingly and not be recipient of government dole such as what the president is proposing here with the twelve billion dollars in expenditures that he would put out to somehow appease the farm population will they take the assistance obviously they probably will but i would say that that is not in the nature of the american farmer is one who he and she is one who want to compete and in disclosure market and not depend upon government bailouts let me ask you about the timing of this that secondly alluded to in her package there of course is if i understand it correctly rice payments for this are going to come fairly close to the midterm elections which are coming up in november often farmers do you think going to make the distinction between the bailout and the timing of the bailout so close to that election. well i think i think of the production cycle in this country of course is the
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harvest starts coming in in september and october into november and so the timing on this is just a situation in which it's tied to the normal harvest season and the sets the prices that are coming in at that point so farmers are are not ignorant individuals they understand what's going on here this is an opportunity this is a opportunity that the president sees to somehow appease the concerns that are being raised but i still think that on the whole the american farmer will look at this says something that they do not want they want not to have the trade war that is being created by the president as it is hitting their particular industry and again i think they want to be able to compete globally and not have to depend on no on those payments in whether it comes in october or november or december it doesn't matter very briefly sir if you don't mind do you think that this sets some sort of precedent are we seeing going to see other industries and other markets going
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looking for this kind of payback from the government as they become affected by the tower of. that's a good question my sense is that it just so happens that the president has the authority under existing wall to make these payments through a depression era program that was put in place in one nine hundred thirty three called the commodity credit corp and the authority to make these payments is already there and does not require congressional action as it relates to other industries there are there are not similar types of programs from my perspective and that would require congressional action and therefore i do not expect that while he may propose this i don't think that congress would be willing to go along with additional adding to the federal deficit by additional bailouts here again i think if the if there are unfair trail horrendous and everything i do apologize i'm very sorry but time is against us bill hoagland is
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a senior vice president of the bipartisan policy center thank you very much indeed for joining us the u.s. government has asked a federal judge to a lot of the quick deportation of immigrant parents once they are reunited with their children it has until thursday to reunite families separated under president from zero tolerance immigration policy. reports one in anna sixteen years old crossed the border illegally in january they were soon arrested and detained for more than a month before eventually being reunited with and his mother maria who herself has been living undocumented in the u.s. or several years none of them honest to show their faces or use their real names for fear it will affect the teenager's chances of being granted asylum when they were detained juan n n a spent the first two days in one of the border patrol's notorious holding cells they become known as ice boxes for their cold conditions
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where detainees are given only full blankets to keep warm. i was really cold because when we crossed the river got very wet so when they put me in the office box on got really cold with my wet clothes they were later moved to a facility near brownsville texas it was there they were separated the family are indigenous mayans from guatemala where they face poverty and discrimination often they are the targets of violence when one was eight years old he was thrown from the third floor of his school by fellow students he survived but it left its mark he's since suffered from seizures but thinks neither won or ana are safe in guatemala anymore. and you know in guatemala there is too much violence and there are often abductions of children over there especially if they hear they have family in the united states and gangs demand the family pay money teenagers like and one who cross into the u.s.
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illegally and alone without parents or guardians are called unaccompanied minors by the u.s. government they are arrested and held it was the same under the obama administration crystal fleming is an attorney with the new york legal assistance group who represents the teenagers she says there's one big difference with president trump's administration type of asylum claims have been protected for numerous here such as women and children fleeing from domestic violence as well as fleeing from gang violence in latin america and now recently it was publicized that those type of claims are no longer going to be granted asylum if family facing uncertainty in their president trumps zero tolerance immigration policy the only thing certain is their quest for asylum in the u.s. is now more difficult than ever gabriel's sandow i'll just hear your e.u. member states could soon receive seven thousand dollars for each migrant they
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rescued from the mediterranean sea and european commission is proposing the payment to help deal with the migrant crisis after italy's new government closed the country's ports to rescue vessels the e.u. would also offer financial support to member states who set up so-called controlled centers as well as interior minister monti really has already rejected the idea. the united kingdom says it's going to keep the european union laws for a transitional period after it leaves the bloc next year u.k. bragg's it secretary dominic rob says it's necessary to provide continuity and certainty for businesses and individuals announcement comes just five days after he met his e.u. counterpart michel barnier for the first time it's now just two hundred forty eight days until the deadline for the u.k. to leave the e.u. japan's record breaking heat wave has been classified as a natural disaster officials say at least eighty people have died from heat stroke over the past two weeks more than twenty two thousand people were sent to hospital
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in some parts of tokyo the mercury's passing forty degrees celsius for the first time locals are being warned to stay indoors and drink plenty of water forecasters say high temperatures will persist until early august now it's time for the sports and here's joe. thanks very much will turkey's president. has weighed in on mesut ozil quitting the german national team over claims of racism a meeting between aczel who has turkish roots and the one in may sparks controversy in germany came before the team made a shock exit at the group stage of the world cup at the one says critics couldn't stomach the pairs meeting. and. i spoke to ms that as of last night he first of all visits comments and his approach is completely nationalist it's beyond any form of admiration i extend my love and respect for him because such races treatment towards a young man who is given has to the german national team for his religious beliefs
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is an acceptable meanwhile officials in israel's ancestral town in turkey have put up a new sign marking message ave they removed an old picture of him in his germany kits and replaced it with isil standing with the one to highlight his ties to the country favors announced the shortlist for the world players and coaches of the year and as you'd expect the big names for the world cup dominate the men's top ten there are plenty of threats to the decade long reign of christianity in alto and lee and all messy french stars and twenty griezmann and rafael overran all among the favorites while cup winning coach to the official is up against countryman dan for coach of the year as one of the coaches from the other three semifinalists plus russia stanislav churches of the winners of the last two women's awards fail to make the list which is dominated by players from the european champions league five time when america and australian striker sam kerr also other nominees three
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finalists will be announced for each award ahead of the ceremony on september the twenty fourth and thomas continues to lead the tour de france from teammate chris froome off to stage sixteen the one hundred eighty one kilometer stage in the peyronie's was won by g n l a philip. but it will be remembered for a bizarre incident in which the peloton was pepper sprayed by police now they were being targeted intentionally the police have been trying to break up a protest by farmers who blocked the road with hay bales but the wind blew the pepper spray into the eyes of the passing wright is growing thomas was among a number of competitors who needed medical attention when the race was stopped for around fifteen minutes and while you might have thought that the tour de france is tough it is really nothing compared to the trans-siberian extreme cycle race which started in moscow on cheese day the race is three times longer than the tour de france covering a total of nine thousand one hundred kilometers there are fifteen stages over twenty five days the longest of which is fourteen hundred case the riders cross
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five climate zones and seven time zones before getting to the finish line in flight if a stalk tokyo has become the two year countdown to the olympics it will be the second time the japanese capital will host the games haven't been the venue in one thousand nine hundred sixty four but concerns have been raised following a deadly heat wave across the country in the last two weeks temperatures have reached record levels and that's forcing organizers to think of ways to keep athletes and spectators safe our correspondent funny selami is there. i'm president . we should mention and now many airports have been. used. for something here in this the question they think that some kind of work but it's very divisive here to use believe but in a lot of patients there are really no i think a big challenge which is how to use this. when all the ideas that they care about
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is stopping the game or the. other conditions are severely or time for example of one of the. seven o'clock on that particular method works for them and when i don't use a group here in the morning the still quite a rally can see. to take its toll on the trucks and cars making their way from southern russia to moscow just drive a hairy huns who had been leading at the start of the three hundred and sixty six kilometer long full stage is now well the pace off to suffering multiple mechanical issues cattles and solitaire moved up to third overall despite having ongoing issues with his rig dif. raji holds a forty six minute overall lead heading into wednesday five hundred and thirty seven on the stage grad which is the longest of the rice. and finally a polar skier has entered the record books as the first person to ski down from the top of k two in the himalayas m j but again had to first summit the world's second
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largest mountain which stands at eight thousand six hundred eleven meters the first he rode then descended to base camp on his skis avoiding huge ridges of ice and progress is along the way and that is all he is for for now more later. and that's it for me rob matheson for this news are i'll be back in a moment with more parts from.
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the nature of news as it breaks the syrian government with the backing of iran and russia now controls sixty percent of syria after steadily recapturing territory with detailed coverage what was supposed to be a summit between the two most powerful leaders in the world is taking things to a new level from around the world the backdrop of course all of this is a gigantic power vacuum in northern irish politics with no functioning local government for eighteen months. an insider's perspective just six months ago we were at the brink of a war of the real donald trump i think he makes comments that he probably shouldn't
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make from the former campaign national security director donald is in a class all by himself and for the thirty years i've known donald he creates his own reality maybe his son goes head to head with j.d. coolidge there has been no evidence that shows collusion if that's not collusion about working with russian what is known al-jazeera new yorkers are very receptive . because it is such an international city they are very interested in that global perspective that al-jazeera provides. in greece wildfires had to resort to near the capital at least seventy six people are dead. number of months and this is all just here a live from doha also coming up hundreds of people are missing after the collapse
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of a dam and laos government officials asked for emergency aid. israel says it's shot down a syrian military jet over the occupied golan heights but serious says the plane was targeted in its own airspace. and polls opened shortly in pakistan and the military. it's out in force. rescuers in greece fear they may find more bodies after wildfires swept through coastal areas near the capital athens at least seventy six people have died the government has declared a state of emergency with many fires still burning and he is in the seaside resort of motti where twenty six people were found dead. with ferocious intense and see the flames tore through homes and livelihoods. and the
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wildfires quickly turned deadly. locked in a final embrace dozens of bodies discovered in the popular seaside village of monte east of athens families had huddled together for safety but found no escape. the early this morning we discovered three other victims further away this place where unfortunately there are twenty six people men women and unfortunately children see. cars with the keys left in the ignition the doors open and first aid supplies left on the seats picture emerges of people abandoning their cars and trying to escape on foot within hours large parts of monte had been destroyed survivors described running for the sea to escape the choking smoke military and coast guard vessels along with dozens of private boats join the effort to rescue more than seven hundred people from the beaches some survivors were discovered at sea. here in the resort town of marty nearly every block nearly every street there
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are signs of devastation like this charred cars lined the streets the fire was so intense here it's even melted the metal on some of these vehicles and some locals who've returned to inspect what's left of their properties in every fourth or fifth house here seems to have almost been completely destroyed but where do you begin thinking about the building owners emergency crews supported by the military go from house to house and as coast guards inspect the sea the fear is the death toll could rise to see many eleventh he is the mini me or africa today greece is mourning and in memory of those who perished we are declaring three days of national mourning however we should not let that overwhelm us because this is a time to fight to be unified and courageous you're buying up all early in the hot dry weather fires burn on the other side of athens to there was panic because
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greeks looked for their neighbors the flames closing in. this is a coastal town an hour's drive west of the capital fire crews try to limit the destruction but it was out of their control. an appeal for international help has resulted in additional resources being dispatched from spain and cyprus to deal with the worst wildfires in more than a decade in two thousand and seven more than eighty people were killed as fires raged across the country for days this year a dry winter has again cause tinderbox conditions with one hundred kilometer an hour winds fanning the flames for greece in peak tourist season the fires are a danger to its frangela economy only adding to the toll of a tragic summer. move barca al-jazeera marty east of athens. an emergency disaster zone has been declared in laos after the collapse of
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a hydro power and sent a wall of water downstream flooding villages and sweeping away homes hundreds of people are reportedly missing when harry has more from bangkok and neighboring thailand in this part of southeastern laos villages have disappeared beneath muddy water that cascaded downstream on monday nights. it's not known how many people have been affected by the partial collapse of the city and see a numb noisy dam but it's thought that some four thousand families lived in the downstream area the dam was still under construction on a tributary of the mekong river after a recent heavy rain it's believed a warning was issued that a so-called saddle dam built around the reservoir was in danger of collapsing the warning apparently didn't come in time for many people laos is a landlocked impoverished country that embarked on an ambitious plan to become the battery of south east asia by exporting electricity to neighboring countries this
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dam on the mainstream of the mekong river in the south is one of at least seventy that the communist government has built has under construction or planned but for years critics have warned of impacts on the environment livelihoods and express concerns about safety is dam break shows several shows that there are there are major risks and downs that. down designed maybe i'm able to cope with extreme weather events such as very heavy rains that. laos is a secretive one party state and there will also be concerns about the transparency of any investigation that may be launched into this incident wayne hay al jazeera bangkok. israeli army says it shot down a syrian fighter jet after it flew into israel's air space this video shows the smoke trails left by two israeli patriot missiles that were fired at the jet syrian pro-government media says the war plane never left syrian territory it crashed on the syrian side of the golan heights where the syrian air force has launched
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several raids against rebels. the un envoy for peace in the middle east has warned of increasingly frequent and dangerous confrontations between israel and syria likely in large enough has made the comments during a u.n. security council meeting in new york diplomatic editor james bays has more from that meeting it's a time of fresh tension in the middle east the u.n. special coordinator briefing by video link from jerusalem warned of troubling developments on two fronts as we meet today tensions between syria and israel continue to rise why last saturday we were minutes away from another devastating confrontation between israel and hamas in gaza. even before the meeting started the israeli ambassador came to brief reporters on the downing of the syrian jet which he claimed to infiltrate israeli airspace he dodged my question though about a deal which president trump has said he's done with president putin concerning
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israeli security the world really doesn't know what the deal is can you explain more for us i don't know about you know a friend and i can tell you one thing we will not allow the iranians to be in their base and that our borders in the golan heights this is our policy and by means that are now with very clear about it with him it is to put in when you meet mr trump wherever he was meeting with are the same we would not allow the iranians to be at their bases next week while i do have an agreement. we have a policy we don't have an agreement inside the council meeting the israeli ambassador went on to blame the escalation of violence in gaza on hamas while his palestinian counterpart said it was the result of israeli on going occupation and aggression that sweden has the presidency of the council this month it sam bacile his assessment was sobering there are you know questions to be put whether there are real preparations for peace in the region we have constant bandaids on the
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wounds that are there but no real long term solutions everyone is waiting for a credible peace plan we haven't seen that yet the us has for eighteen months said it's coming up with that he's plan but there were no fresh details from ambassador nikki haley she instead used her speech to attack countries of the arab world talk is cheap no group of countries is more generous with their words than the palestinians arab neighbors and other member states but all of the words spoken here in new york do not feed clothe or educate a single palestinian child. it's not just dumb bastard to haleigh's hectoring to own that has ruffled feathers members of the security council a frustrated that they've been given no details of the u.s. administration's middle east peace plan all of a secret deal that's already been done between the us russia and israel over syria
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james bays al-jazeera the united nations israel says it's partially reopening its only commercial crossing with the besieged gaza strip and had been closed on july the ninth with only goods that israel considered for humanitarian use allowed to enter following the closer they are interested to supply the palestinians had been cut from eight hours to just six hours a day which are stratford has more from the crossing. so trucks now have started taking this vital fuel this this oil this petrol and this cooking gas from the israeli side they the trucks arrive from gaza they fill up and then go back across the border there's great relief here in gaza there was a a press statement released by the palestinian healthful thora to the smalling saying that unless this fuel starts to be delivered at mediately then health services were a risk of actually having to be closed down and we understand that the power
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station is still not operating that stopped yesterday there were only one of full turbines that were operating in that power station before that closure and that's a different issue the power station does not rely on oil from this border has been relying on it to be supplied from egypt thomas says it simply does not have enough money to pay for that vital fuel for the power station is also the issues of the amount of money that people simply have in their pockets to pay their electricity bills and this will stem from the big political rift between hamas and fatah that is going on now since hamas took power here in two thousand and seven for the last year and a half the pollen is the dominated palestinian authority has not paid the salaries for thousands of civil servants here and hamas says is as a as a result of that what they call pay their electricity bills so the gas the oil for
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the power station cannot be bull as i say there is a sense of temporary relief here now that they saw oil gas at this this cooking gas is being transported into gaza but of course so much depends on maintaining this cease fire between hamas and israel after what can only be described as the largest escalation of violence of the last couple of weeks since the two thousand and fourteen war.


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