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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 28, 2018 1:00am-1:34am +03

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castro has mall. alone and left behind despite thursday's court ordered deadline for the trumpet ministration to return all of the children who've been taken from their parents at the border about seven hundred remain in government custody most of them have parents who've been deported and i should outraged that they did children five year old and many younger children on the ground with no power whatsoever to reunite them never read what the government has labeled these children in eligible for enough occasion they include children whose parents have been deported or who according to the government have criminal backgrounds that make them ineligible for reunification not knowing when they get to go or if they get to go is well written they will have developmental delays they will have long term chronic care problems they will have a question in their developmental status that morning everybody thank you for being here this morning the government says every deported parent had
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a willingly left their child behind but immigration attorneys insist that's false citing client after client who say they were forced to abandon their child that's a question that all parents could best be left when am i going to see my child again some fourteen hundred kids have already been returned to their parents there are emotional reunions taking place in detention centers airports and bus stations across the country. was going to i was sad it was hard because i wasn't together with my father. thursday's court ordered deadline for the government to reunite all the children and parents separated at the border was a hard one victory for civil rights activists but this display of shoes left behind by migrants is a reminder of the many families who even now remain separated indefinitely i want to call to remember that this is not the end of the fight. now comes the challenge of tracking down the deported parents and giving them back their kids castro
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al-jazeera mccallan texas. u.s. president donald trump has denied he knew about a meeting between his aides and a russian delegation that offer to help him win the u.s. election transform a lawyer michael cohen has claimed he was present when the president's eldest son donald trump jr told his father about the meeting according to u.s. media reports cohen is reportedly willing to tell a letter investigation into alleged russian meddling in the election. as the us president worked to focus the american media on strong economic numbers the question of his potential ties to russia continue to follow him. during. just days after donald trump postponed a white house invite to russian president vladimir putin a reciprocal invitation was extended for trump to go to moscow whose comments come as there are fresh allegations against trump from his one time personal lawyer michael cohen cohen claims that then can do that trump was aware of
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a twenty sixteen trump tower meeting russians with ties to the kremlin led donald trump jr and son in law jared kushner and promised dirt democratic presidential opponent hillary clinton and if the president didn't know about the purpose of these meetings with russian officials and their representatives and trump tower then that would create the knowledge element necessary for a criminal charge for months the white house is denied the president knew it's a claim the president repeated on friday on twitter i did not know of the meeting with my son don jr sounds to me like someone is trying to make up stories in order to get himself out of an unrelated jam anywhere on the tweet indirectly refers to cohen now being investigated by federal prosecutors for potential campaign finance violations as he attempted to suppress negative news stories about trump cohen may
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now be cooperating with special counsel robert mueller investigating russian interference in the. twenty sixteen us election and whether trump's campaign colluded with russia cohen statements could complicate the president's legal troubles but there are questions about the credibility of cohen's claims in two congressional interviews and subsequent reports there is no mention of cohen's allegations against the president trumps claims are also in question as e-mails between trump's son and russians went back and forth in two thousand and sixteen then candidate trump told supporters i am going to give a major speech on probably monday of next week and we're going to be discussing all of the things that have taken place with the twins i think you're going to find it very informative and very. that major speech never materialized but it does suggest president trump may know more than he claims
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kimberlee help at al-jazeera washington. well this latest controversy surrounding donald trump came amid positive economic news the u.s. economy is growing at his fastest pace in four years but economists question whether this growth is sustainable john hendren has a story the united states economy is surging reaching its strongest growth in four years and president donald trump predicts more to come this isn't a one time shot i happen to think we're going to do extraordinary well. in our next report next quarter the trump administration reported that u.s. gross domestic product rose at an angle rate of four point one percent almost double the rate in the first three months of the year but many economists don't expect this surge to last with many predicting actual g.d.p. growth to settle to about three percent this year that is because second quarter numbers were boosted by foreign purchases of u.s. soybeans and other products before
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a trade war raises tariffs on them but i think the growth number today four point one percent in the second quarter is good news but it's very temporary there are two important to the second quarter growth number one is that they were propelled at large part by a sharp increase in government spending coming off the increase of the budget deficit for earlier this year the tax cuts the second is a sharp spike in exports as traders accelerated shipments to get in ahead of the risk of higher trade barriers coming off the threat of trade wars but president trump says his actions have helped cut the u.s. trade deficit by fifty billion dollars these tax cuts specifically on the business and investment side are going to be boosting wages livelihoods and jobs for middle american ordinary working folks and it's starting to take effect
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and that's why i agree with president this is a boom that will be sustainable wage increases have not kept up with overall economic growth but for an administration facing a lengthy probe into the president's ties to russia and a diplomatic feud with allies a growing economy and rising unemployment numbers even in manufacturing is cause for celebration and a hastily scheduled presidential appearance we have added three point seven million new jobs since the election. a number that is unthinkable we're in the midst of the longest positive job growth streak in history those numbers could prove hard to sustain as u.s. trading partners around the globe raise tariffs answering a trade war set off by trump himself john hendren al-jazeera the greek prime minister alexis tsipras says he takes full responsibility for devastating wildfires promising the government would work quickly to improve safety regulations
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opposition parties accuse the government of not doing enough to save lives and protect people greek officials suspect the five which killed more than eighty people caused by an os and neve bank as the latest from the west affected area. officials looking into the causes of the fires now believe there are serious indications of arson this is being prime minister alexis tsipras says early suspicion giving the speed of the fires that sprang up both east and west of athens also because they appear to have been started similar taney asli we know that only one in the week officials have been using an unmanned drone to fly over the entire area looking for anything suspicious well the layout of the town of monte is also being blamed for making the situation here much much worse many of these houses sprang up in the one nine hundred seventy s. eighty's and ninety's with no consideration for escape routes particularly down to the beach where the still a lot of debris here people overturning to slowly clean up their own private properties but take a look at this this is what they've got to contend with
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a telegraph pole completely burnt to a cinder at the bottom resting on the top of a burnt out car very treacherous the people passing here well the search for the missing continues. there's no official figures yet but we've spoken to local officials superficially believe that the figure is in triple digits there's also a search going on out at sea a new information of more bodies that have been found at the top of a cliff here of course they have tried to flee to the se but haven't made it. across the atlantic meanwhile wildfires in northern california have killed at least two people and a forcing thousands of residents to flee the region fight to save the blazes only twenty five percent contained in hot weather and high winds a fueling the flames and gallacher reports. over the last forty eight hours the wildfire in california shasta county has tripled in size. on thursday night the
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blaze exploded and crossed the sacramento river west side of the city of reading with more than ninety thousand residents were given scant warning firefighters are using the term fire tornado to describe the so-called car fire now in of warned people to get to safety just by are extremely dangerous. and moving were no regard for once and for forecasters say strong winds and high temperatures will continue for days mandatory evacuation orders have been issued for the cities of summit and shushed a lake as crews struggle to contain the blaze in central california the ferguson fire has been burning for two weeks because it is so you cemetery national park have been ordered to evacuate authorities say the blaze is only twenty five percent contained scientists say rising global temperatures are leading to a higher risk of wildfires in the western united states before he was governor declared a state of emergency in several counties to gallica al-jazeera. scientists in
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russia say they've brought tiny round ones back to life after forty thousand years they thought out some permafrost sediment from the arctic and found there was some round was. in some polls after several weeks around twenty degrees they started to show signs of life the discovery could impact on current investigations into cryogenic freezing there's also concern the melting permafrost could allow destructive pathogens to come back to life as well we can now speak to karen lloyd investigator with the siberian deep subsurface permafrost project and an associate professor of microbiology at the university of tennessee thank you very much for taking the time to speak to us this is a fascinating research study isn't it are you first of all how reliable are these findings well we think they're pretty good because the types of micro types of nematodes that they were able to grow out of the permafrost are
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not the types that you would expect if it was just a contaminant from the lab it seems to be native to the soil. how surprising is it that an organism can thaw and come back to life or show signs of life after tens of thousands of his it's not something that we knew was possible so in that case it's surprising but you only get the answers to the questions that you ask in science and of course it's really hard to ask the question of your laboratory experiment will something survive if i let it sit in the freezer for one hundred thousand years or forty thousand years you can't run that experiment so it took finding a location like this where we're really certain that the permafrost has been frozen the whole time and not frozen and thawed over and over again to know that this that these new toads had been there for forty thousand years. right so how soon then before we can go from worms to humans.
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that's a hugely i don't know i don't study human thought i really can't speak to that but worms are a start i guess no no no. so we fed to be fair this is a huge leap but it was one of those questions that got everyone in the newsroom quite excited when we looked at this story but can we is it is it too much of a link to envisage a future where we might freeze cells in you know to preserve use or perhaps in the event of a terminal illness. well i don't know i mean i think the way to start would be to study how this process happens and worms and then will understand so much more about just what it takes to survive freezing and then once we learn more about what those processes are then we'll know if they can be extrapolated to other animals is that knowledge and information in this study that can prove useful to us now yeah i
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mean tissue preservation is something that's vital importance for organ transplants but this is also something the reason why we're there is not specifically for that reason but to study the effects of climate change on permafrost and what about this point about destructive pathogens what is it revealed on that point. i don't i don't expect destructive pathogens to be coming out of the permafrost as it thaws it's course anything's possible but currently as the climate warms every year we get more and more permafrost thawing and so the bacteria mostly but also these other microorganisms called archaea and we know we're getting washed out of this and sort of reentering the ecosystem and these are things that would have been in soil forty thousand years ago when mammoths and saber toothed cats were walking the earth so these have now been revived and will come back to life but i wouldn't
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i don't have any reason to suspect that there's a bee pathogens their soil soil things but now the exciting thing is that we know that they're animals too and is that cause for concern in the fact that the pub with the frost is melting yes there is a possible reason to be worried about permafrost melting because that really changes everything and it's melting at a very rapid rate but what we're doing right now is just trying to do to glean what we can about the types of organisms that are there and the types of organisms that will change as that happens we can't it's going to be a complex response we don't really know if it's going to be all good or bad thank you very much really interesting to pick your brain on this story an amazing study it is karen annoyed joining us there presser of microbiology and out sky gazers around the world are enjoying a thrilling celestial spectacle the longest bloodmoon eclipse of the century which
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saw the moon turn a red brown color as it rose the entire transition will last for nearly two alice at least part of the spectacle will be visible from europe the middle east australia asia south america and in africa. well a blood moon a cuz jaring a total lunar eclipse that's when the comes directly between the sun and the moon it turns red because the light from the sun has to pass through the atmosphere on the way to the moon a sunset glows red for a similar reason years ago many people believe the blood moon was a bad omen fortunately there's no proof of that at this lunar eclipse will last an hour and forty two minutes the next one of a similar length will be in twenty one twenty three so make sure you don't miss it so this is the moon as it looks right now this spectacle also coincides with another important event mas' is on its closest approach to us in fifteen
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years and is clearly visible in the night sky. well we have. a. children's. show. business updates. going places together.
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business updates. going places together. harken back and one of mexico's most famous archaeological discoveries has gone on display in the capital a red queen was found twenty four years ago in
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a secret mayan chain but she was head of one of the most powerful and chain empires in the americas and has a story past john heilemann has more from mexico city. the red queen one of mexico's most famous archaeological treasures her restored funeral finery has arrived in the nation's capital all the one thousand three hundred years after she took her last breath experts believe she was a problem figure in the maya world is like i said the only national she's the head of a long line of governors and a lady that had confrontations between poland and other modern political centers. she was laid to rest in polling kate the ancient mayan citadel in the jungles of.


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