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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 28, 2018 11:00am-11:34am +03

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thousand people fleeing the violence in cameroon are currently living in nigeria survivors speak of abuses by community and forces including polluter and summary executions the united nations high commissioner for refugees is developing two new settlements to move the refugees away from more than forty border villages where a thriving around the clock to provide assistance protection in lifesaving assistance with huge number of refugees as they're arriving there night and the resources remain a big challenge for as. relief workers left the village of our book came just a few days ago but when they returned one hundred fifty refugees had arrived for some the only possessions they had where the clothes their world. they say the army crackdown in the english speaking south of cameroon continues. right across the water is the republic of cameroon this is one of the several routes refuges state
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from getting into contact with cameroon and forces separatist are due to mark the anniversary of the sub declared independence of the republic of korea in two months time now clashes are expected now a lot of people i expected to come through this route because of the fighting between the government forces and the rebels for months freddo sums has been living in exile in nigeria he remembers clearly the day he was forced to leave. they just came with two vehicles. everybody was running. the last fall over forty five minutes there was. every where he and other young men are still wanted by the army i cruised membership of the separatism was only a movement where says independence is a legitimate demand. even the feed dogs are you out to kill all of us then you need to school but dad this struggle is going and we also win about while he
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and thirty thousand other refugees are digging in for a long study leave a few shows bracing for yet to join the comedy breeze al-jazeera on the niger border the u.s. economy is growing at its fastest level in year is but economists question whether it's sustainable as it was john hendren has a story the united states economy is surging reaching its strongest growth in four years and president donald trump predicts more to come this isn't a one time shot i happen to think we're going to do extraordinarily well in our next report next quarter the trump administration reported that u.s. gross domestic product rose at an angle rate of four point one percent almost double the rate in the first three months of the year but many economists don't expect this surge to last with many predicting actual g.d.p. growth to settle to about three percent this year that is because second quarter
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numbers were boosted by foreign purchases of u.s. soybeans and other products before a trade war raises tariffs on them but i think the growth number today four point one percent in the second quarter is good news but it's very temporary there are two important to the second quarter growth number one is that they were propelled in large part by a sharp increase in government spending coming off the increase of the budget deficit for earlier this year the tax cuts the second is a sharp spike in exports as traders accelerated shipments to get in ahead of the risk of higher trade barriers coming off the threat of trade wars. but president trump says his actions who helped cut the u.s. trade deficit by fifty billion dollars these tax cuts particularly on the business and investment side are going to be boosting wages livelihoods and jobs for middle american ordinary working folks and it's starting to take effect
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and that's why i agree with president this is a boom that will be sustainable wage increases have not kept up with overall economic growth but for an administration facing a lengthy probe into the president's ties to russia and a diplomatic feud with allies a growing economy and rising employment numbers even in manufacturing is cause for celebration and a hastily scheduled a presidential appearance we have added three point seven million new jobs since the election a number that is unthinkable we are in the midst of the longest positive job growth streak in history those numbers could prove hard to sustain as u.s. trading partners around the globe raise tariffs answering a trade war set off by trump himself john hendren al jazeera. at least two firefighters have died battling wildfires in northern california weather on the
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high winds are fueling the flames and tahn neighborhoods in the city of reading a burnt to the ground as more. the wildfire tool through neighborhoods like this one in the city of reading in the middle of the night fire crews were forced to go door to door officials used loudspeakers to tell residents to leave the wildfire moved with such speed many had just minutes to get out i drove up before my mom and dad. this is what i saw the house but. i don't know how many minutes after. he left the house but it went to police but he said he could see the fire. as he was leaving. so i'm surprised he made it out i don't i'm afraid some people may not. police say the wildfire was spotted by a mechanical failure in a vehicle on monday but in the spice of forty eight hours it had tripled in size
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and then on thursday night the blaze exploded and crossed the sec room into a river. the city of reading home to more than ninety thousand people was in its path firefighters say using the tim fire tornado to describe it firefighters are out there actively rescuing evacuating engaging and defending homes. scorching temperatures a full cast to continue as up the strong winds that offending the flames california's governor has declared a state of emergency in several counties as crews struggle to contain the fire is mandatory evacuation orders have been issued in some cities and central california the ficus and fire has been burning for two weeks visitors to the national park of been ordered to evacuate with or she said the blaze is only twenty five percent contained. scientists say rising global temperatures are leading to high risk of
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wildfires in the eastern united states the fire that cut a swathe through parts of reading has now moved on and some people have been allowed to retune. houses can be rebuilt they say but precious positions and in some cases much loved pits have been lost for river and the speed and the ferocity of the blaze maybe i'm to zero the greek government says some wildfires which have killed at least eighty people were started deliberately beach resorts near athens are in ruins some people are still searching for missing relatives there blaming the government's slow response. around the world are enjoying a thrilling celestial spectacle the longest bloodmoon eclipse of the century which saw the moon turn a red brown color was a rose tart transition lost in the two hours and was visible from europe the middle east australia asia south america and africa where one of the best vantage point was in kenya where catherine sawyer joined in the spectacle in marketing so it's
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a clear sky here in my guardian really are looking at the blood moon right now it's completely in the shadow of the are quite a beautiful sight and right next to it is a planet mars another ref a nominal happening right there. planet mars in the sun while opposite sides of the art a phenomenon that happens every fifteen to seventeen years but it's the moon that amazed most. when you're reading this to see. the moon the moon the day day. to. but we have come to realize that it does. and. only you know not true i have just seen the cheating like something is cutting it the traveling telescope group has come to this canyon village to shoot a local modify community close to the marvels in the sky trying to get as many
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people to look through to look at the sky and to appreciate what we have in the sky but also to look through the telescopes and to you know learn a bit of science i spoke about mars and the opposition phenomenon just tell us a little bit about that quite red and it's more prominent now because it's much closer to was so huge it looks brighter it's more rare it's quite exciting interacting with the people here many of them telling us they have not seen the stars as planned next and even the moon so close you know through this telescope the next lunar eclipse of this duration is going to happen in the next century so a lot of people saying they are happy that they get to see this in their lifetime. more time for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera
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a group of opposition political parties in pakistan is rejecting the outcome of wednesday's election official results show the party of former cricketer imran khan has gained the most seats in the national assembly opposition groups say the vote was rigged that the military interfere in the process our party. all parties conference unanimously rejected twenty fifth july twenty eighth you know elections we don't accept it as a people's mandate but consider it as a stolen mandate those who are thinking that they want a majority we even don't accept their majority nor will we give them a chance to rule we demand free and fair reelections and we all agreed that all members elected from all parties will not take oath in the parliament israeli forces of reopen the gates of the al aqsa mosque compound in occupied east jerusalem after closing them for several hours on friday. the soldiers stormed the compound firing tear gas and stun grenades palestinians protested at being denied
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entry into one of islam's holiest sites. two palestinians including a fourteen year old boy have been killed in the latest fighting protest at the gaza israel border both were shot in the head by israeli soldiers gaza health officials say at least another two hundred forty five people were injured. syrian government forces of recapture the southern city of can atra near the israeli occupied golan heights government troops of enter the city for the first time in four years after weeks of intense fighting the remaining eisel fighters have now agreed to leave for rebel held areas of northern syria after a deal brokered by russia through our ports only seventeen people have been killed in central mali ahead of sunday's presidential election tensions hali ahead of the vote which will see twenty four contenders for the presidency including the incumbent president abraham. last week the campaign team for the opposition leader . was attacked by a gunman in timbuktu. and wildfires in northern california killed at least two
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firefighters and forced thousands of residents to flee firefighters say the blaze is only partly contained hot weather and high winds are fueling the flames well those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after one of one essential that's a water bottle. a survivor of the genocide the million people who begged me to kill them when they're suffering but i didn't have the heart to do who's dedicated his life to searching the woods for bones of the victims of the srebrenica massacre. will leave them here is that all. you know hope of finally laying the past to rest and giving peace to the victims' families because i need to if i could just find a think about i could bury him bone hunter on al-jazeera. twelve young boys and their football coach enter
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a cave in northern thailand and disappear. with water levels rising how will rescuers find them and bring them out alive. i'm steve chair on this episode of what i want to east the inside story of one of the most extraordinary rescues of all time. saturday afternoon june twenty third twelve boys and they saw her courage heading to the rugged mountains of northern thailand for a trick. they posted photos before writing to the tom no one cave a place they have visited before. they are expected to return home to the nearby village later that day. a dozen members of a youth football team and their coach a missing after they entered
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a cave in northern thailand investigators believe the teenage boys and their coach called into the cave and they never came out search and rescue crews are on the same trying to locate the boy's billings attains been trapped by a flooded strain in the cave entrance. within twenty four hours of the boy's going missing a search operation is underway. the boys bikes and backpacks of found near the entrance to the cave which becomes ground zero in the search. distraught family members gather. was.
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i think. that how long haul. a sixteen kilometer long limestone can system with deep recesses and narrow passage ways most of the year it's relatively dry but when the long soon comes it quickly fills with water and when that happens the cave is impossible to weigh into or to leave. the night of the boys are reported missing the time navy's belief seals diving team join the search
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. working around the clock in peach darkness they wade swim been done five through the black waters. at the same time agencies and volunteers begin the men with task of pumping water from the cave and surrounding area. in the right place they could survive. partially today. to do more to now that the . fire. going to be a point in time where the. here even the entrance to.
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but day three the search is escalated into a major military operation. hundreds of searches scaled the milton for alternative entry points into the cave. one. the who is the boys and the coach have made it to a location clear of the rising water. above it but holds up and they are on the idea by meeting up. by the house on it up like i got out of a mountain well i love it that he helped me and i'm a lot. older
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relatives can do is pray. of the four days this still no sign that the boys are alive. the time navy seals are unable to navigate the lebron of tide passages filled with murky flood water. time authorities cool for international help that it really. is about five forty five in the morning and my director of operations my number two guy the squadron called and said sure you're tracking the the there's a soccer team stuck in a cave in thailand be ready because we're being notified that we might. head out landed about one of the clocke in the morning on the twenty eighth june and then leadership pushed straight to the cave said. two british cave divers have also been
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called in by the time as rick stanton enjoy the length and conceded the best in the world and in the first to dive deep into the cave they briefed the americans on the daunting task ahead they were saying the currents right now are not manageable you know we've been battling to try to move forward the rains are still following the flows are getting higher the visibility zero the water's cold. on sunday july first. a break in the rain and the risk you dive team to set up a base inside one of the cave chambers.


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