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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 28, 2018 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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and employment rates here is more than ninety percent and they are some of the people who've come to the stadium the national sports stadium the way to have from the president wait to hear what he's going to say about the economy other than my young people i'm employed from nearby townships and they saying that there's a difference in this election not so much as who's going to win but they feel that something needs to change in the country after more than two decades of economic struggles most involved in say they need some kind of hope some kind of light in the tunnel and then of course issues such as how some of the public hospitals don't have the basic drugs like aspirin that kind of don't create a lot of people struggle to get the basics and of course rising price of food and fuel just things that people want addressed they hope with the president shows up in a few dollars tide and he'll give them some kind of idea as to which way the country will go should be windy lipson on monday it is the last rally ahead of the base election i mean what are we expecting more and more to say in his final push. while
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this line is always being zimbabwe is open for business of always open for business and he's been telling people that every day also foreigners come into the country investors looking to see what they can tap into in terms of mining in terms of agriculture and he's telling people that these people are really keen to come and pull money to the country but these elections have to be seen as free fair and credible so what he will likely say to them is he's been traveling to all sorts of countries he was recently in south africa at the bric summit where he meets the russian president to a meet the chinese president and other world leaders at the time he showed them that there is hope and people do want to come into the country but they want to shore and that's what the key thing now is can you assure enough people in zimbabwe that he is the right man for the job because some people up and send the yes troubled obvious god but it is still zanu p.f. a lot of people are still in certain positions when you got it was in power so people want guarantees. is it really going to change that these elections will be
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free fair and credible how many thanks d. does is how much us the reporting live from. a weather update next here on al-jazeera then. look here this is because of. us and this is eric not again a fire this is military or violence at the gaza israel border as palestinians continue their months of protest. at massive growth in the u.s. economy but it may not be sustainable. from the waves of the sounds. to the contours of the east. how the european heat wave is coming to a close proper colder weather this white planet here has swept through the british isles and frost freezing thunderstorms and some flooding as
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a result but is drop the temps across significantly so we'll end up with something like twenty two in london still twenty six in paris but you know it's a head it's still hot so if you want to but in twenty seven stockings come down a bit in this general area is the while we're always seeing frequent slow moving thunderstorms they're still going on but the rain proper on its way through eventually take that heat away from the low countries and from germany and will end up there for about twenty four hours time with temperatures of the order of twenty something not thirty something it's not a huge drop for berlin but i think it'll feel a lot fresher that doesn't mean the end of it i think he will come back again rich twenty paris already and he's still thirty five in the dritte not he wants to move knowles such changes afoot over northern europe for the size not really a few showers around even the audience of mostly with cloud free here that extends answer most of the funnels of africa is sort of seahawks in the middle of libya and algerian quite well on the coast that he's six at tunis in cairo but redact still
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got the on shore breeze so if you're in morocco was relatively cool at twenty five . the weather sponsored by cats are at peace. when diplomacy fields and fear sweep then our borders are wide open wide open to drugs terrorists we've proven the barriers are built to impose division and it's ill to take two instead of being an obstacle or two a whole wastes into became another almost a quarter to peace in a four part series al-jazeera revisits the reasons for divisions in different parts of the world and the impact they have on both sides walls of shame on al-jazeera.
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well i guess the top stories here on al-jazeera a group of opposition parties in pakistan is calling for a new poll that is threatening nationwide protests of allegations of vote rigging in the general election former cricketer imran khan is still waiting to be officially declared the winner three days after the vote. it's the last day of campaigning before people of zimbabwe head to the polls monday's election will be the first in forty years without former president gulping. two firefighters died battling wildfires in northern california in the u.s. five hundred structures have been destroyed evacuation orders been issued to thirty seven thousand people hot weather and strong winds of fueling the flames. three palestinians were killed by israeli snipers in the latest friday protests at the gaza israel border fence health workers say that at least a further two hundred forty five people were injured palestinians have been demonstrating since march urging israel to end the blockade of gaza stephanie
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decker reports. they keep coming eighteen weeks into these protests and even though the numbers may be decreasing their demands remain the same lift the siege let us live like everyone else. we are suffering there is no electricity no water people are going hungry it's painful we'll keep standing we will come here to show the whole world we want our rights. it's my brothers and bonding and against as a civilian be wanted in gaza strip we are to be born. god says yes this is god is looking at this is god's is. yes and this is ethical or identifies this is military this is military to deal with all of this sects for you are going to this is under humility from from the drone from you can you get intelligence right if you. look at. israel's been using these drones to drop tear gas further back into
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the crowd and closer to the fence israeli snipers keep watch and sporadically open fire the hospital is now used to a steady influx every friday there is a well established pattern now similar scenes playing out every friday what is different now however is the escalating tensions between israel and hamas and there been intensive diplomatic efforts underway by egypt and the united nations to try to find a solution everyone we speak to says the same thing the only solution is to improve life for the people here israel's demanded that hamas put an end to the burning quite some balloons that were born out of these protests they've burned thousands of acres of land on the other side of the fence a mass says they are a legitimate form of resistance against a suffocating seach there been less however over the past few weeks now as these fridays come and go a political solution that benefits the people of gaza remains elusive stephanie
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decker al-jazeera gaza israeli forces have reopened the gates of the al aqsa mosque compound in occupied east jerusalem after closing them for several hours on friday . soldiers fired tear gas and stun grenades palestinian worshipers there for friday prayers they say it was in response to items being thrown at them in the compound as one of his last holiest sites that is revered by jews as the temple mount. syrian government forces have recaptured the southern city of kut near the israeli occupied golan heights government troops entered the city for the first time in four years after weeks of fighting they've been trying to clear the surrounding provinces i saw and other opposition groups the remaining eisel fighters have agreed to leave for rebel held areas in northern syria after a deal brokered by russia. after years of silence thousands of syrian families are now being given official death certificates for missing relatives but the government hasn't released the bodies or provided any evidence of what caused the
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deaths of zeros in a hotel reports from beirut in neighboring lebanon. for years he knew nothing about her husband opposition activists hard to be until recently when the syrian government declared that he died in two thousand and fifteen he was among the more than eighty thousand people believed by rights groups to have been detained or forcibly disappeared since the uprising began in two thousand and eleven in recent weeks and after years of silence more and more families are being told their relatives are dead risen. to the fate of their beloved ones. that this is for a heart attack. yeah and this is a. very hard thing because they and some way they. used to have to agree that he was not killed. as he says so far there
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are four thousand names of detainees or those who disappeared now officially registered as deceased the dates go back years among them. a well known nonviolent opposition activist from. his family was recently informed that he got here and his brother bahama had died in two thousand and thirteen while in detention relatives find out from civil registry offices or the military police families are being told what they long suspected they now want to know where the bodies are buried and the true cause of death. and yet. their right to know what happened to their international human rights groups have accused the syrian government of large scale torture and extrajudicial killing in its prisons the exact number of detainee deaths while in detention is not known some rights groups say thirty thousand died
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of torture and dire conditions since the conflict began seven years ago other rights groups say the number is as high as sixty thousand and seventy or prison alone amnesty international estimated that thirteen thousand were killed in mass hanging's between two thousand and eleven and two thousand and fifteen. families of the detained who live in rebel areas are able to raise their voices but those in government territory have to remain silent the fear now is the government may be trying to cover up likely crimes against humanity and prevent families from seeking justice. they are the winners now. because. they want to close. part of. the family say the case of. the disappeared to be dealt with in any post conflict settlement it seems the syrian government wants to avoid that by bury the file and along with it the truth
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. forecasters are warning of more heavy monsoon rain in myanmar which has already forced thousands of people to leave their homes the eastern kayin state on the border with thailand has been worst affected so far large areas of the evacuated with people moved to shelters to wait for the water to subside. but are dead after monday's dam collapse in laos has now risen to twenty seven one hundred people though are still missing rescuers are still trying to free people trapped in remote areas as the water level recedes people are asking why they would move to safety sooner. government leaders in tajikistan deny that they're refusing permission for a four year old boy to fly abroad for life saving cancer treatment abrahams a is the grandson of an opposition leader who's in exile human rights watch says that he and his family have had their passports confiscated shares in social media company
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twitter have lost more than twenty percent in the value after the social media site reported a decline in active uses the sites recently published many fake accounts off the widespread criticism the number of monthly users is full and the three hundred thirty five million the social media giant says that that could fall even further shares plunged to thirty five u.s. dollars despite twitter reporting record quarterly revenues. president donald trump is celebrating that the u.s. economy growing at its fastest level in years but economists question whether that growth is sustainable john hendren reports. the united states economy is surging reaching its strongest growth in four years and president donald trump predicts more to come this isn't a one time shot i happen to think we're going to do extraordinarily well in our next report next quarter the trump administration reported that u.s. gross domestic product rose at an annual rate of four point one percent almost double the rate in the first three months of the year but many economists don't
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expect this surge to last with many predicting actual g.d.p. growth to settle to about three percent this year that is because second quarter numbers were boosted by foreign purchases of u.s. soybeans and other products before a trade war raises tariffs on them but i think the growth number today four point one percent in the second quarter is good news but it's very temporary there are two important to the second quarter growth number one is that they were propelled in large part by a sharp increase in government spending coming off the increase of the budget deficit for earlier this year the tax cuts the second is a sharp spike in exports as traders accelerated shipments to get in ahead of the risk of higher trade barriers coming off the threat of trade wars but president trump says his actions who helped cut the u.s. trade deficit by fifty billion dollars these tax cuts specifically on the business
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and investment side are going to be boosting wages livelihoods and jobs for middle american ordinary workin folks. and it's starting to take effect and that's why i agree with president this is a boom that will be sustainable wage increases have not kept up with overall economic growth but for an administration facing a lengthy probe into the president's ties to russia and a diplomatic feud with allies a growing economy and rising unemployment numbers even in manufacturing is cause for celebration and a hastily scheduled presidential appearance we have added three point seven million new jobs since the election a number that is unthinkable we are in the midst of the longest positive job growth streak in history those numbers could prove hard to sustain as u.s. trading partners around the globe raise tariffs answering
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a trade war set off by trump himself john hendren al jazeera scientists in russia say they've brought tiny round ones back to life after forty thousand years they thought out poem a frost sediment from the uk to confound the worms in some of the samples they showed signs of life when warm to around twenty degrees scientists say the discovery could change research into cryogenic freezing but they've they're worried that melting permafrost could allow the revival of viruses the longest bloodmoon eclipse of this century has thrilled millions of people around the world the moon turned a red brown color during the celestial events the entire transition lasted some two hours some was visible in much of the world one of the best vantage points was in kenya as i was it was katherine sawyer and many of us saw. so it's a clear sky here in my god he and we are looking at the blood moon right now it's
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completely in the shadow of the awful quite a beautiful sight and right next to it is a planet mars another ref a nominal happening right there. planet mars in the sun won't opposite sides of the art a phenomenon that happens every fifteen to seventeen years but it's the moon that amazed no longer a new ring this community we used to see. using direct translation the moon the moon the day the sun last day but we have come to realize that it is. and. i mean you know no drew i have just seen the cheating like something is covering it the traveling telescope group has come to this canyon village to shoot a law called modify community. the marvels in the sky trying to get as many people to look through to look at the sky and to appreciate what we have in the sky but
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also to look through the telescopes and to you know lam a bit of science i spoke about mars and the opposition phenomenon just tell us a little bit about that mars is quite red and it's more prominence now because it's much closer to it was so huge it looks brighter it's more red quite exciting interacting the people here many of them telling us they have not seen the star as planned next and even the moon so close you know through this telescope the next lunar eclipse of this duration is going to happen in the next century so a lot of people saying they are happy that they get to see this in their lifetime. it is good to have you with us hello adrian from going to hear into our top stories now in syria a group of opposition parties in pakistan is calling for a new poll and it's threatening nationwide protests over allegations of vote
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rigging in the general election for trick or imran khan is still waiting to be officially declared the winner three days after the vote comes to hide a report from islamabad. they are demanding i relate share and they want that particular election. but there are different in the opposition group. now wide and now led by a younger brother of no why should he forward already in jail shabazz sherrybaby saying that he needs to go to where did political body before he can make a decision on boycotting the heeding the been a number of explosions in the city of jalalabad in eastern afghanistan gunshots could be heard after the blast near a training center for midwives no deaths have been reported so far. it's the last day of campaigning before people in zimbabwe head to the polls monday's elections will be the first in forty years without former president robert mugabe. two
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firefighters have died battling wildfires in northern california in the u.s. five hundred structures have been destroyed evacuation orders have been issued to thirty seven thousand people hot weather and strong winds of fueling the flames further up the u.s. west coast in oregon two thousand firefighters are battling another blaze they expect the fire to expand as dry conditions and winds fam the flames people have been ordered to leave nearby farmhouses israeli forces have reopened the gates of the al aqsa mosque compound in occupied east jerusalem after closing them for several hours on friday soldiers fired tear gas and stun grenades at palestinian worshippers who were there for friday prayers they say it was in response to items being thrown at them. and three palestinians were killed by israeli snipers in the latest friday protests at the gaza israel border fence health workers say that at least another two hundred and forty five people were injured.
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i'll be back with more news feed in a little over twenty five minutes here on out is the era of the walls of shame next . with bureaus spanning six continents across the globe. al-jazeera as correspondents live and bring the stories they tell of this was not good news. and that's the stance. we're at the mercy of the russian camp for palestinian al-jazeera fluent in world news. in two thousand and two the israeli palestinian conflict was further inflame as a contentious supporter was cast in concrete. the following film first aired five years after construction began on what it's about describes as a separation wall. friday
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afternoon in the west bank village of bela een and another demonstration against the israeli government that will take over half of the villages land. on our economy. is one of the old girl you are. not going to fear in the. full knowledge of all that it matters little what the cold weather walls barriers or fences the intention is the same to redefine human relations into us their market. this is a story about division about the barriers that many raked in calculation or desperation
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to separate themselves from abos for robbers from them. in diplomacy and conciliation fail this is the alternative. was living in. i call it a wall of shame because a hundred and thousands of palestinians are without jobs because of the. alps freedom of movement because of the world without means. and israel is. refusing to see the population of israel. there is nothing new about so-called protective wall most ancient cities have them
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the ones we see today around jerusalem date from the sixteenth century. but the twenty first century wars not only look different they serve a different purpose. the war is just over seven hundred kilometers long so far it's costing two million dollars every kilometer. it began in two thousand and two and it goes deep into palestinian territory in the west bank and jerusalem splitting neighbors and in circling villages. it's the biggest construction project in israel. and one that its supporters claim is necessary to ensure israel's security. this is for security reasons this fence is for blocking the way of suicide bombers into
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israel. and yet plans for the division of israel and palestine predate the relatively modern phenomenon of suicide attacks. the plans were decades in the making. while the wall really follows out of israeli policies for the last hundred years even before there was an israel essentially the problem is that zionism has claimed this country from the mediterranean to the jordan river exclusively for the jews there is no other people here for the for the israeli jews there is no it palestinians there is no other collectivity with other rights to this country this is our country exclusively period. the names of professor saw for the next prime minister sharon come up repeatedly in any discussion of the war. is the ideologues who first drew the maps for a construction of
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a wall in the one nine hundred eighty s. but it was the politician sharon who put the reality on the ground. the day he was elected second time with prime minister this very important evening he called me to bring him next day my met. with michael bowed to disengage from it not to sit with him but to give him his because my name was that he and if you ask me how i did the map i would say ninety bills in big book in my consideration demography to three percent holy sites and maybe seven a percentage only secure with my vision was that if we would like to keep as a huge democratic state we cannot enjoy the luxury of having all of
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palestine very slowly because the mogul field is the most deterministic fact thought. at the moment. as the main political force. high in the erection of the wall fell to israeli prime minister sharon to allay the fears of israel's backers good fences make good neighbors he told us president george w. bush astutely quoting american poet robert frost. good words can make. goes all over the world see the war between me and my. friends. but palestinians and israelis have never been good labors and the war is a physical reminder of the end tip of the on both sides. and even the very name of this divide is a contentious issue israel's official name for the wall is separation barrier to
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some it is a while to others it is a fence. only three percent of the barrier is wall ninety seven percent is fans everybody wants to show in television the wall but you have to remember that this well is it is against should think it's only in places where people live very close to the fence and they can shoot through then you had to put it there was ninety seven percent is just transparent fence. but though a fence may have less visual impact it takes up more ground. it's true that the majority of the structure is not like this the majority of the structure is electronic firms but only one component there is patrol roads that detection. trenches. razor wire it's a very wide expanse. this is why the israeli authorities use the term fence but in fact. part of the wall to me is actually. what you
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see here. the footprint is much wider you have a fifty or sixty or seventy meters play. buffer zone and in terms of the damage it does to be environment in terms of all of trees uprooted irrigation systems cause it's extreme much worse than the wall part here and in many cases the israelis have taken land that has been passed down through generations of palestinian families. spend all his life. but the arrival of the wall has brought disaster. relief. at the. moment is a hit it is it. is that the will of the children is at the whim of the. nasser that the world will meet and with the destruction of the olive trees comes economic ruin as palestinians are left on able to work because they are forced to
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spend so long negotiating the divide. the bloody about. what i have been killed with. bated. breath. in. a year with a look probably with the. blood but is it a little too. but it is an official's little. visit the one in the hand. this was that. if. there is a particularly. with somebody of a novel it is. because of it but it. will be in
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the news about how. it is driving people to despair because the younger generation have no there's no future livelihood for peace but it is their agriculture. villages if they're in a situation where only about two hundred people or three hundred people out of a population of ten thousand for example somebody says we've been to bernie two or three hundred people can get regularly to their land obviously you can't call this an agricultural village anymore. to your daughter did you did you need to show he doing on the. bus a lot of this sort of get out there is done a. lot of the. community but being. a lot of the. many jewish. must over funny. on the minute we have a lot of work to them still to understand we've got about one hundred. blood work on been done to do what i need you to do and do you really difficult and you've
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died not on your model will be a bad model of going up to. a corner and then i mean i don't know mum and dad are you. know. the model t. would i do. this job now if you do you know it's pretty neat i know occupational but i don't want to know your model to weed out your genuine pinnacle saddam and all but one of them is out of a tough one which doesn't know how to. for as long as palestinians suffer economic hardship it's argued that there will never be peace. equality in the excess but in the course if the palestinians will live what israel is in the legal terms infrastructure for statehood legal system. education and welfare and their own bad states and the only border will see is only part two feet it's what's inside the border if there will be equality two states
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equal to the family of nations and not one occupying. this would make for good neighbors but good neighbor or whole days not necessarily love. and yet it is argued that the wall exists to protect the economy or at least the israeli economy. form two thousand and one until two thousand employee is lost almost. four percent for its g.d.p. . in those years i mean no one goes to see even a movie and no one. was there. because the security situation. and according to the walls architect the security of the israeli people comes first you see your stuff. and you give me
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a clear picture a very miserable picture about people who suffer from the war.


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