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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 30, 2018 3:00am-3:34am +03

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and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. created lost a palestinian teenager jailed for slapping and kicking an israeli soldier says the girl rights were violated i'm against mine there were no female soldiers there and i have a right to that i had two male interrogators questioning postal as a minor they'd been in every family member to be there which was my rights. logon on peter w. watching al jazeera live from doha also coming up soon bob ways former leader robert mugabe endorses the opposition candidates ahead of monday's presidential
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election. flaming tornadoes wildfires destroy homes families and livelihoods in northern california. lift off of the space shuttle discovery also had a milestone of space flight nasa celebrates sixty years of exploration innovation and amazing images. of teenage palestinian activists who was jailed for kicking and slapping an israeli soldier has been released from prison she seventeen year old i had to meet me she urged people to continue to fight against the israeli occupation of palestinian lands under simmons has the story from an avi seller in the occupied west bank. three jail ordeal much the same as hundreds experienced by young palestinians every year but the case of how to many is profoundly differ. and with her mother never
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a man who shared jail time with her she was greeted by her father i had to mimi is already being portrayed by palestinians as an icon of resistance to the occupation who don't i love the modern she spoke on a range of political issues including gaza and the rights of children in israeli jails to get education and sit exam in a state as she managed to do after pressuring the all sources later she told out zero she was deprived of some rights in jail in the enter a geisha it was really hard i was subject to sever violations the into the gator used scene words to me because there were no female soldiers there and i have a right to that i had two male interrogators questioning me also as a minor they didn't even charge a family member to be there which was my rights people are describing you as an icon do intend to take up politics perhaps and. maybe with time when i'm able i might think about the coming couple of this and at some point. the prison sentence
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was for this head slapping israeli soldiers outside her home filmed by her mother never mind the video went viral then it was arrested a short time later her mother was also detained. a father who spent most of his life as an activist with several prison terms says he's both proud and sad i had last had side. must have been a job she can't live normally i feel i feel some type guilty because we can't in the basin and it's become bad to the do it and that is what the wards and her father is probably right when he talks about his daughter's life changing for good at the heart of it all is social media the battle over imagery and symbolism and so this is the face the palestinians and the israeli security forces expect to represent more defiance to the occupation. but maybe
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a start and not an end to her actions. andrew simmons al-jazeera not the seller in the occupied west bank. and responds to a head to me about her experience of on the hook and seven enter a geisha it was really hard i was subject to sever violations into gaither used scene words to me there were no female soldiers there and i have a right to that i had two million target hers questioning me also as a minor they didn't even charge a family member to be there which was my right so what are your plans now. i is see anything i can do to deliver the message of palestine to do for my country relieve a positive mark inside and make me optimistic of course no palestinian is speared in every palestinian house there's a prisoner a martyr or two when the person i'm not the only one people are describing you as an icon do you intend to take up politics perhaps and. maybe with time when i'm
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able i might think about the coming couple of this and at some point. well to me news release was discussed in a meeting of the israeli cabinet the agriculture minister called her a terrorist. i think israel acts too mercifully with these types of terrorists and others israel should treat harshly those who hit its soldiers we can't have a situation where there is no deterrence deterrence leads to that reality we see now you can change that we must change that. a boat loaded with aid for gaza has been intercepted by the israeli navy and is being a score to to the port city of ashdod it was one of two boats trying to break the twelve year blockade of gaza by israel and egypt it set off from pillowman italy a week ago carrying twenty two people including some israeli citizens the second boat is expected to arrive in the same area within days or. so the media say a gunman who shot the head of intelligence security for aden airport in yemen nasa
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macare was killed by masked gunmen no group has claimed responsibility for the attack there's been a recent rise in attacks on government officials including high ranking security commanders and intelligence officers and the saudi led coalition in yemen says it's destroyed along sites being used by who see rebels in the western province of sada these images released by saudi arabia's government run. t.v. show the coalition strike on one of the missile sites. cambodia's ruling party says it's won a landslide in the elections on sunday paves the way for leader who to extend his thirty three year rule although twenty parties took part in the poll the main opposition cambodian national rescue party was dissolved last year human rights groups have dismissed the election as a sham for the e.u. the us and japan well they refuse to send election observers when he has the latest from mom pen. this could have been a day of political change for cambodia instead voters lined up knowing there was
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little chance of that the choice was vote for a continuation of prime minister who sends thirty three year rule back one of nineteen small opposition parties most of which can't be called truly independent or stay away. but i came to vote because it's my right and my obligation average five years i want to see my country develop more. at this polling station in the capital phnom penh came so car was still on the voter list he's the leader of the banned cambodian national rescue party which called for people to boycott the vote this is where i would have cast his vote if he were not in jail awaiting trial on treason charges this could have been a day of big celebrations for him and his party given they almost won the last election five years ago. the assumption is they became too popular so had to be removed by a government determined to stay in power c n n p. it is and our party
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so we don't want to risk about this matter we wondered what can what you can do for the future of democracy across town the prime minister voted early in an election that was dismissed as illegitimate by many even longtime supporter japan refused to send election monitors there was no. third. easily but without any reaction and. so not only. shared. among cambodians choosing to stay away was conveyed out who won a seat in local elections last year only to lose it when his party was dissolved he now drives for a living and hopes one day he can reenter politics. i will never give up and i strongly hope that in the future my party can be revived through cambodians voting for it and i believe that come bowden's will provide justice for the c.n.n. r.p.
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with fingers stained purple for those who voted there will be no hiding for those who didn't and may now fear repercussions the government including the prime minister tried to intimidate people into voting even though it's optional another sign say critics of his increasingly all thora tyrian rule that will now continue wane hey al-jazeera phnom penh. opposition leader nelson chamisa has been reported to the police for holding an unlawful press conference on the eve of elections when campaigning isn't allowed earlier to me so received an endorsement from an unlikely source the former president robert mugabe who said he was the only viable candidate in the senate p.f. leader and current president emerson and gaga has accused the pair of striking a deal from harare his harem of tasa. it's the second time robert mugabe has spoken
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to reporters since he was forced from office last november his reappearance hours before monday's general election was a surprise so was what he said he says he won't be voting for the really exotic b.s. the party he laid for so long all endorse his successor. in the air and do you see the. grandeur through. the. true remembrance of him or really might. rocked he's. the leader of the main opposition nelson chamisa says he welcomes every vote he can get it is not made judy is it kind of did you going to choose what are we going to
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this election to choose what that is going to be we are going to be just so if someone says they are likely to have a favorable disposition in my favor we're much to deny that it's true what that will make the fundamental win that we want we're much. the ninety four year old says being forced from office by the army was unconstitutional it is one of the last race in printer an african politician his supporters say he's the influence in the ruling party and what he says could influence some people. and the opposition alliance has pulled in relatively large crowds at campaign rallies some analysts say monday's election could be a tight race was a major weakness might be the fact that he may have some people supporters will be sympathetic to robert mugabe and therefore may not vote for him and may decide to vote for the opposition and also on the other hand as a primary challenge of having had to have a quick fire campaign
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a divided opposition but also not so much of a campaign in the rural areas was not. president when i got says he's confident he's going to win and that the election will be free and fair international observers who've been invited for the first time in sixteen years have said a credible poll could help in international isolation after decades of political and economic instability. story blessing's who is a journalist at the v.o.a. new service the voice of america he says there have been hints recently that mr mccarthy would support the opposition. of course to some in the ruling zanu p.f. party it might be a surprise but the last campaign rallies the opposition leader advocate knows and he had been hinting was going to endorse him so i can say for those who are following chamisa this did not come as a surprise even yesterday when he is a star early in harare he did say that he had been picking or former president roh
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but. it is very surprised again also curious the time that our president mugabe decided to come out and seemingly those mr. everyone is trying to take advantage of that mr. may be thinking that there are some people within the ruling party was too big president robert mugabe and mr dog we understand he had attempted to win that endorsement by sending some in these areas like a former foreign affairs minister or tums thembi and others but he did not with mr mugabe's baking and now he's bashing both mr mugabe and mr for seeking to take the nation back quite still to come here on al-jazeera the u.s. president and the new york times have a big falling out. and facing expulsion or to tension camps we report on the
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uncertain future of millions of undocumented people in and some states in the northeast of india. from a fresh breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback. hello there it's been very wet for some of us in the northern parts of vietnam recently that rain is set to continue as we head through the next few days and it looks heavy all the way from the northern parts of vietnam down to the coast of maine mall here there's been some flooding so plenty more wet weather across this region as we head through the next few days to the north of all of that it's actually mostly fine and dry force in shanghai the temperatures will be easing as well as we head into tuesday so a maximum this time of thirty four degrees a bit further towards the south we've got a few showers but some sunshine through parts of the philippines and borneo with
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that wetter weather across many parts of thailand there's also plenty of heavy showers down into parts of malaysia and into the northern parts of so much of the so some of the wet weather does look very heavy but to the south there's more in the way of dry weather and that extends all the way across java and into bali as well so i think for many of us here it should stay dry throughout the day as we head across towards india there's been flooding here particularly in order pradesh and of us thanks to this area of cloud here is generating plenty of what weather across this region will be more of it as we head through monday and tuesday two you can also see there's plenty of what weather that's being pushed across nepal and into bangladesh as well towards the west is generally dry at the moment with just one or two shells perhaps in mumbai there with sponsored by qatar race. on the atlantic coast of west africa communities are at risk. as rising sea levels and a manmade disaster of threatening people's lives. on land and sea.
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zero world expose the impact of climate change and a catastrophic human error. on senegal sinking villages. welcome back you're with al-jazeera my name's peter dhabi these are the headlines a teenage palestinian activist who was jailed for kicking and slapping an israeli soldier has been released from prison seventeen year old i had to meet me has become a symbol of palestinian resistance as a people to continue to fight against the israeli occupation. cambodia's ruling
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party has claimed victory in the election which has been widely described as a sham by human rights groups prime minister who sent who's been in office for more than thirty years now is accused of voter intimidation the main opposition cambodian national rescue party was dissolved last year. and in zimbabwe the ousted leader has denounced his former party and the military ahead of elections on monday robert mugabe said he'd vote for the country's opposition candidate rather than endorse those who've taken power illegally. to children and their great grandmother are among six people who've died as a wild fires spread in northern california and other blazes have been described as flaming tornadoes more than thirty eight thousand people are under evacuation orders in and around the city of reading on saturday president trump declared an emergency in parts of northern california devastated by the fire that means the areas will get immediate financial assistance from the federal government gabriel elizondo is live for us in keswick in california gave give us
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a sense of what it's like there right now. well just to paint a picture of what it's like there is a thick smoke that hangs in the air i don't know if you can see it but there's a little bit ash that every so often washes down over us there's helicopters with big bags carrying water underneath water helicopters dumping water on fire that have been passing over head over the last few minutes and then you can get a sense of how strong and how hot this fire was by looking at a scene like this this is just one of dozens if not hundreds of cars that have been burned such as this after this fire ripped through sash sashed sashing tossed a county here just outside reading on the hill you see above me over there used to be a community some cars a couple homes completely reduced to ashes there and as we pan off slowly to the
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left you'll see this electricity pole the winds were so strong the fires so hot that it just pushed these poles being a vertical and pushed them at an angle such is that this is one of the worst fires that has ever hit northern california in decades and just to put it in a wider perspective this is one of about seventeen fires that are burning just here in the state of california right now another one is in yosemite national park in central california that has the use them the national park closed down for the first time because of wildfires since one thousand nine hundred that's a national park that's well known it has four million visitors a year right here up in this part of northern california it's still very much a crisis mode this is a fire that is only five percent contained and as one firefighter told me it goes it's a real miracle that more than six people have and i thank you. the publisher of the
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new york times says the u.s. president donald trump has misrepresented a private meeting they held two weeks ago earlier on sunday mr trump tweeted that he had quote a very good and interesting meeting at the white house with a.g. sulzberger publisher of the new york times where they spent much time talking about the vast amounts of fake news being put out by the media and how that fake news has morphed into the enemy of the people sat a short time later the times published a response in the meeting was supposed to be off the record but mr trump's tweet had made it public the times publisher that's mr saltzburg says he accepted the invitation mainly to raise his concerns about mr trump's quote deeply troubling anti press rhetoric and asked him not to attack wider journalism if he was unhappy with coverage of his presidency a little earlier we spoke with daniel lippman he's a reporter for politico dot com he explained why donald trump continuously attacks
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the media. the reason that trump is maligning the media and trying to discredit us is that he is not happy with the way he has covered and with the constant scandals in terms of the molar investigation michael cohen russia the white house palace intrigue which you have people in his own white house fighting against each other in the media using people like me and you to settle their scores he does not want his supporters and other republicans and independents to buy into that and in many ways that's worked if you talk to most trump supporters they can't even read the new york times or c.n.n. they just believe it's fake even though the people who are in our shoes we're just trying to do our jobs and i don't care how my reporting affects democrats or
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republicans i just want a good fair and accurate story and a lot of americans it's going to take a long time to change their mind on trusting the media again because of trump's rhetoric and also the which is the baited abetted by fox news which you know is not very loyal to a lot of other media outlets sometimes tens of thousands of people living in the northeast and indian states who fail to prove they all citizens could soon face expulsion seven million undocumented people live that they had until sunday to prove their legal residency government leaders are trying to come she is among people who think the names won't feature on the updated registry when it's published on monday his pull. forty five year old munawar a big boom is battling cancer and the national registry of citizens she has appeared at n.r.c. foreigners tribunals six times to prove she's an indian citizen. seven million of
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the thirty two million people who live in our some state had until sunday to do the same. i'm extremely upset my health is getting worse and if i don't get justice my children will be treated as citizens of india if my name doesn't appear in the n.r.c. list then their names will not appear either critics of the citizens' registry say a movement by the awesome means to protect their culture has turned into zino phobia prime minister narendra modi promised his hindu nationalist party would take action against undocumented muslims who fled to india during the bangladeshi liberation war against pakistan in one thousand nine hundred one. the book said. to foreigners tribunals has been done to fight many such people whose name will not be appearing in an r.c. this exercise has left so many genuine indian citizens in trouble. after being
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questioned by the n.r.c. tribunals nearly a thousand people were deemed to be foreigners and sent to detention camps supporters of the registry say their campaign doesn't discriminate between bengalis muslims or hindus it is very simple those who have entered up to seventy one and most of them as far as i mean god their name would be obviated nic but beyond having done the move then was deemed to be only a dairy and i didn't nic india's interior minister has ordered security to be tightened before the release of the updated threads tree on monday rush nothing says there's no reason for anyone to panic and he has ruled out further detentions the government of the tea growing an oil rich awesome state denies accusations its targeting poor and an educated muslims it here they are more than fifty seven percent was doing is in some way almost the living below the poverty don these people are illiterate and no education system exists in their villages. despite the
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government's reassurances many who think they won't be listed on the n.r.c. fear detention and expulsion but they may have nowhere to go the federal government says undocumented immigrants can apply for indian citizenship but hasn't released details. on al-jazeera. turn our attention now to pakistan where political parties there have accelerated their efforts to form alliances after the july the twenty fifth election despite controversy surrounding the results imran khan's policy says it is old set to form a governing coalition but there are major challenges facing the incoming government a solid binge of a not from islam about. i. know how many things in one con's campaign for a so-called new pakistan has succeeded in driving out the political old guard similar to his traditional taxi which is now competing with online services such as zuber i mean he's been driving for fifteen years and makes less than two hundred
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dollars a month like thousands of pakistanis who are living just above the so-called poverty line he struggles to provide food education and health care for his three children . he voted for iran can and has high expectations only one needs to provide us jobs housing for the poor and free education this should be his priority he has promised change in nine days if he fails to bring change then his fate will be worse than the previous two you know was inserted already imran khan's pakistan tehreek e insaf party said to form a coalition government has promised to fight corruption and impose austerity measures instead of lavish government spending whether it's the jobs whether it's the housing it whether it's the set up than self guard or whatever we've said about foreign policy we nor what we're doing we nor how to do it and shallow you will see that we will deliver exactly what we have committed to delivering. major challenges
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of a pakistani government including trying to boost the devalued currency and pakistan's joined a list of countries which is not doing enough to stop terrorist financing besides security of torm and foreign policy issues the government expected to seek more than ten billion dollars to balance its budget. whether it's from the international monetary fund or pakistan's allies such as china or saudi arabia the loans likely to come with conditions. which will probably affect just about everyone to make this cup of tea a kilo of sugar used to cost thirty cents now it costs sixty cents a liter of milk used to cost about seventy cents which is gone over a dollar a manhunt the biggest challenge will be the economy and to make sure that everyday items don't cost as much but young people who support the cricketer turned politician have faith in their leader will prevail. i mean for education and hospitals he will remove the divide between the rich and poor we should give them
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enough time to feel these pledges. in run funspot he says it's ready to deliver on raised expectations even for those who did not vote for him in pakistan some of the job either zero islamic. the u.s. space agency the put men on the moon journey to other planets and inspired an entire generation of scientists as mark its sixtieth anniversary but the pioneering work has come with tragedies as well as triumphs she have for tansy book support the future may hold for nasa. when president eisenhower signed the bill creating nasa there were fears in washington that the u.s. was being left behind by the soviet union space exploration has always been a matter of geopolitical prestige for the us will be here well we are behind and will be behind for some time in manned flight but we do not intend to stay behind but national politics have been key too and one reason why i came here at long term plan for nasa has been impossible for example george w.
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bush directed massa to return to the moon only to have president obama scrap of those plans and direct massa to land on asteroids with a long term goal now donald trump has ordered nasa back to the moon this time we will not only plant our flag and leave our footprint we will establish a foundation for an eventual mission to mars just look at our political leaders keep moving the goalposts changing destinations from asteroids and war. i mean these are long term horizon goals are going to take decades to achieve a lot of. how like one goal the plan is for us astronauts to be back on the moon by the mid twenty twenty s. but timeframes keep being pushed back and it should be noted that the us count even ferry astronauts to the international space station that loaned the moon nasa has been reliant on russian spacecraft since the space shuttle was discontinued president obama pushed private public partnerships with boeing and space x. to create u.s. space craft but they're well behind schedule that may mean no u.s.
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presence at all on the i s s for a time and liftoff of the space shuttle just u.s. priorities shift for human space travel but that represents just one of four areas of activity for nasa the other aeronautics sons and space technology here innovation continues with unmanned space travel satellites and space telescopes nasa isn't just studying outer space but the earth to the president and when donald trump named climate changed. jim brandon stein as master administrator there were fears that earth sciences would suffer but remarkably after six weeks in the drug brighton stein converted i don't deny the consensus that the climate is changing in fact i thoroughly believe and know that the climate is changing i also know that we human beings are contributing to it in a major way this year congress passed the highest budget for nasa since two thousand and nine rejecting the trumpet ministrations attempts at cuts so even as uncertainty and delay characterize nasa is human missions into space for the moment
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at least the agency's urgent investigations into the state of our own planet are secure she have returned see al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera these are the top stories a teenage palestinian activist who was jailed for kicking and slapping an israeli soldier has been released from prison seventeen year old i head to mimi who'd become a symbol of palestinian resistance is urging people to continue to fight against the israeli occupation a boat loaded with aid for gaza has been intercepted by the israeli navy and is being a score tickets to the port city of ashdod it was one of two boats trying to break the twelve year blockade of gaza by israel and egypt it set off from palermo and it's only a week ago carrying twenty two people including some israeli citizens the second boat is expected to arrive in the same area within days. two children and
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a great grandmother are among eight people dead after wildfires in california the places have been described as flaming tornadoes more than thirty eight thousand people remain under evacuation orders in and around the city of reading more than two hundred fifty kilometers north of the state capital sacramento on saturday president declared an emergency in parts of california devastated by fire that means the area will get immediate financial assistance from the federal government . five sets of type the knolls in mali and city of kid doll firing several mall shows including one in the polling station it comes as millions of people cost the vote in an election that's been dominated by security worries threat from al qaeda . groups has been escalating. up next it's inside story i'll have more news for you on this channel in about twenty five minutes see that.
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turning point in zimbabwe the ruling party is put to the test in the first election without robert mugabe for forty years but the former president who was overthrown last year makes a surprise appearance and refuses to back his successor this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program. millions of zimbabweans who have lived for years under relentless poverty corruption and voter violence are deciding their future monday's election is being seen as a major test for the ruling zanu p.f.
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party its leader president emerson and god what is the front runner the former deputy of robert mugabe was fired weeks before the veteran leader was deposed last year and they're more.


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