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tv   Luis Silva Being Panfilo  Al Jazeera  July 31, 2018 12:33pm-1:00pm +03

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multi-billion dollar industry my mother was trying over to cable and brutally come with. who are the winners and losers of this illicit trade. al-jazeera. i. i i. think.
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we will know i. want to do. it the person i. meant they will. look at the guy. but i doubt. they get. over me. bochy like i. look there when i when i. went
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to the only one i had cable on the air they see that the second. they want a lot of us. have been one of the little loco i don't know if i want to be in the. background or my lack of idea. or your idea. that cassie was a good mark for the funny. little not very well then went through it all and went on is this the guy in with the
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sequel and with. good enough for my own but i'll buy a already volatile road people won't. you come by they have a great saying is the guy who cheated i see the they wanna. make him a fake i mean. well if you go into. seven with. the two of them don't you. think she will go through. the roof.
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thank. god thank you thank you thank you thank you. thank you thank you thank. you the name will always now he said important done day. but if you think that the lord need us barack obama. that is. pretty got like a. good cause. i could be in a couple they can really them unless the governor when i hear we are watching. yes
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i said i just want to. hear god knowing. that i said well the. problem here is if you're holding us all the time when. your mother's are going to consult you who are now as we sat am. very. well aware of. what i want to see see maybe. they put on the best of all of the one i was always shouldn't wonder if well. we don't bore us a lot of they are you i only got that i wanted to get it i don't know but we had a lot. of us out of. which i just bought myself a body handles all the parts all i love most about it all to look at my. own minds i know it's funny because when you say you know the others. think if you
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look at the coffee go. they don't think of a woman what i say on the first thing i want to know me and so. is a symbol for me when you say that only because you you know you know hey. i'm going to love the idea of growing it again oh wow. the one. in the old one though i which don't mean on the moon still embraced aloisi like what's up b.j.
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the empress almost never that what i want to be i believe in those areas that were he said center p.j. in the civil war people beside equal did they lose that not only our song. we all know that we're going to have. to. blow up acid one time but it's not as the golden rules than football has more than one feeling for a given little. falling guy is the basis. for food when you go on a holiday going to mystery. if . you give them
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a day you'll get over it because of the. photograph i'm one of the good little homeless along a little food dollar mcready new guy gal i'm ok with the new alexy going to have. couples in the alley there was a locally grown man in full bloom but was going to. go . you
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moron's me were bowled me because when you. see me may be. the one young no are the only mine. so. less than i was that does not come off in my game. will come up on purpose you know and that was totally out of the participant don't want to comment about us it was you but it's my big thing and yet the more i want to give us the perhaps they'll hate him would most closely want to. run out of the think brain or. read one of them a. little to get him
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a bit on that and i'm not. going to sit there were going to buzz about it as will save them from government some of the mundane up about it that it's almost you know you're going to be wrong about all feelings soon but still. call it anything you want to name anything on the committee if they want to submit why face when they didn't want to get them to much. to much just want to know they will never have any but they have evidence of a company that has done. so yet and. their mutual fame academy will build up uncle mosha we don't believe that in the liberal mothers and what in which i don't want it. goes we'll. she had the point of view that
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a. little care more love the little criminal one. of them you. know what i might. and. it's. just. i'm doing lost said and. do it again. like alas it. cheats this every other mortal member i know i'm
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a. very good as you're supposed to be allowed up to see him but he needs. her story. yeah even the you are the only. mental he pulled. and pushed when i was bombproof. of your. own when i made the end. in. the. but always going to bundle under. these i want punk. there were moments. out of almost i was one of them. well what are they. going to.
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do you know. to get. on the plane or. when i was enough. for a bunk. time one more. time to do without this you mean the way they travel but i'm. sure my one of them where are they going to buckle but i'm a little bit older bun and all that. but as you know one of the one of the n.s.a.
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it's a. little. bit uncomfortable which i don't i want to leave it in. a. separate when i get. more than i'm going to. use here then i said i will go beyond the borders are going to i'm free to bump. on . any one of those you know how to get out of the. leave it to the office maybe and if they love it go it out. loud that i see.
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one behavior want. to sing it was a really good offer simeon thought. if they could go up or mensis healing their god why don't the amish who. are almost there for holy i say they. got fairly little she got all for the little girl the boy. abunda. in arrow. and we most certainly they were always going to where they were what on the case. this even though the. now go home santa when i was younger the only one of you the simple.
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easy. to go around louie the beauty in the leg a link that goes anymore about. him seen will probably be the quote. from him for you not seeing bathrooms you know but dollar loss. in which you've not been on a young man rule could be any good couple and i don't buy bad a. heroin. i guess here i know just when i was on the man i. want to can all but i was going to become a chameleon. so we go there was you know where to orderly may have been posted. it's a little no way. that it. got
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in the news you. said look at. the one on the. i money adroitly. going to we're also. going to. go there michael moore's he think we'll get by them all the. way. they see and the. push from one of those i want to be. like afraid that he cannot almost a year. or bum feel about it or get set up now i don't but i would you'll be going to hell. when i go on about this i mean they. don't really know what's going on the other is here on the.
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you know i'm on a going to literally a friend of a little gallery press on the landing going everywhere in the envelope and then there was the bomb from i want. you know manning examine the moment on home and. what did any you know you can. be secretive from the nazi boy see when i'm somebody out in a while and then i want to. do me on a sandy hook. you know casey c.m.p.d. . a.g.t. kind of morning saturday. mail time with your family camping you know what didn't i don't know if indeed he is a see that again him you know who use him. as
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a liberal who are at home in the limo night and gazing only on pick up i said this i don't know when i earlier. physical that i was i made me say i want that really any a on the on the boat i don't go and even. galloway's and annoyed because you know give me any boy you give us all the same only l.g. therrien you want i got bob from egypt and i said that i want to pick out your mileage will equal in those i got one but as i got a bike out of his underwear oh boy oh boy or shut up i will park outdoors at the little back i don't want to go my boy. donna so you see the. need for money. and to give me a beer you think you have it without pain they gave me an income the law on about how you make more. always than i'm going to always you know or somebody.
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you in the other men. lay my hand. for the love that we seem i'm going to go. on just rain sentimentally i know there's a little girl yes and i'm going to the way i. think i don't want to go home just let you. know we have ample dollars off where you want to. be had all over the place all that is. no good. feel so good you think. you have a say where they will not for. he said with a will to see love in your local mall we see.
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the a great took. on a stock. when they came in. but when i had one hundred dollars in view and those are one that's going to go blank they said ok. you know the. difference. we are going to vote. on that steal. this song to somebody you know michael brissenden even. those of us who believe in what they might be fun for you. if their mommy. or you know. what the moment think because you get
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a second with the old i'm feeling. a little wary. well in the middle grandmama make up for dumb little for my gum enough. air all moment to sit down free to get away one look how they receive this . will be when they're going. to love how merely asked me. the most a little i want that i let all this in into the. little boy they were going to but also more of i mean it would have been one of those things you don't have a program i came or what i can post here put them up in some sort of you can copy to somehow became one go if you were going to. be able to run and just been killed not unless you're going to sing for me not that you had to not be
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in the political i want to but i don't listen i was like oh man you ain't got a really elaborate money and i think it's a loss you know i don't deny it all day but i went to meet up with a lot out you know a lot in the program and get it all done see a bag be the point and get the ending well against my state think about seeing you mean if they want a month in a way that would stand that and if that doesn't happen and you know my see them once again i'm not a seed only then can i now do that let them know i'm not that you know then it's also good because i'll see i'll look for those ending homelessness you know not just at the moment with the macho thing to do with whether they know how much the other half of a i think one of the most i'm on a group with them would all be adorable this year but what can be as simple as to just one. person i may give one of here having had to think i was going to. be you know a little thomas on the innocent want to promise you not. possibly have you. be imposing this thing maybe i think as we get one we are going to become of me and.
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if there were a lot i mean more yeah i think the board become communal. the women feel they have been inadvertently. bought say by separate employee on. whose feet. is clearly not a and was just going to be that close. to the close he would. be but none the less because it was only a people who can you. please don't ask. me to sleep on the phone usually through you because i.
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know we could soon be. played by the sleazy to go and visit. them and go out. on me when i go to the middle why me hang baby come on i mean. any more got on the s o m e going to see. full of struggles and i would i mean on their way there they will tell but at the same female to me full of pleasure me going make i sent a funny and it was only having an intimate look at life in cuba today if you don't mind i don't know what i'm going to say let's move again yes that's what i said i would have a new my leave. cuba on al jazeera. business
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updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places to get.
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ahead in the next sixty minutes. again. explosions hit the. no preconditions no they want to anytime they want any time they were. ready to talk. just nine days off.


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