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tv   Bolivia Coca And Cocaine  Al Jazeera  July 31, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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we accept this type of event. you know that armored column doha these the top stories on al-jazeera gunmen have stormed shops and government offices in the eastern afghan city of jalalabad the second attack in four days a gun battle with security forces is still going on several people are reported to be injured and at least three explosions have also been heard about us has more from kabul. sporadic gunfire is still going at this government department for refugees in jalalabad as you know the afghan special forces are there and engaged in a basso with these attackers we do understand now that the numbers of wounded have increased the head of the main hospital in jalalabad has just released that they are treating ten people lightly wounded two critically iran's deputy speaker of
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parliament has dismissed an announcement by donald trump that he'd be willing to meet iranian president hassan rouhani at any time without preconditions mata hari says it's not the right time for talks with the u.s. and that they'd be humiliating and thompson senior staff appear to contradict him and u.s. secretary of state might prompt says he's on board with me to advance president but this is several requirements before it could go ahead president wants to meet with folks to solve problems if the iranians demonstrate a commitment to make fundamental changes in how they treat their own people reduce their malign behavior can agree that it's ha'p'orth while to enter a nuclear agreement that actually prevents proliferation and the president said he's prepared to sit down and have a conversation with them. zimbabweans may get a hint in the next few hours about who will lead them into a new post mugabe era the electoral commission says it will start announcing the results thirteen g.m.t. monday was the first election in nearly forty years without robert mugabe both
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president. and opposition leader nelson chamisa say they are confident of winning the vote israeli politicians will meet again to discuss a new law that would officially define israel as a jewish state that comes amid mounting domestic and international criticism against the law that's been called racist problem and will meet next week after fifty to one hundred twenty members called for a special session president ruben rivlin has said that he will sign the law into arabic in protest against downgrading of its status as an official language under the new law the united nations is calling on saudi arabia to release all peaceful activists including women who campaigned to lift the world's longest female driving ban the lifting of the ban in june was hailed as a major step forward for women's rights in the deeply conservative kingdom but a number of women who had advocated for the change have since been arrested and human rights office says genuine reform appears to be taking place but dissent is still not accepted. syria is planning talks with iran russia and
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turkey to finalize a body to draft a new constitution soften de mistura hopes to have discussions in september latest round of talks to end the war is taking place in the russian city of sochi. senior military officials from north and south korea have described their talks and panmunjom as candid and very productive the two sides discussed disarming the border and withdrawing troops from the demilitarized zone. an attack in the southern philippines has killed at least eleven people soldiers and civilians are amongst casualties exploded in a town city it's just across from mindanao island. the chief of malaysia's civil aviation authority has resigned after an investigation showed lapses by air traffic controllers during the disappearance of malaysia airlines flight m h three seventy an independent report on monday said the controllers failed to initiate emergency
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procedures the boeing triple seven disappeared in two thousand and fourteen was flying from kuala lumpur to beijing with two hundred thirty nine people on board investigators say someone may have deliberately taken it off course they were unable to determine who. the number of people who lost their lives in last week's wildfires in greece has risen to ninety two hundreds of people intended candlelight vigil for the victims near the greek parliament in athens the fire ripped through a seaside resort northeast of the capsule last monday damaging more than three thousand five hundred homes many people died in the fire whilst others drowned at sea trying to flee the flames. all that lines are back with more news after snow of the ad.
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there's not a cookie. is being ladysmith out of film of all but it. but i keep the faith. has been a staple in bolivian society for centuries it is also the rowing gradient of cocaine. for twenty years the governments of believe yet backed by the da the u.s. drug enforcement administration sought to eradicate the plant. and in past all of that believe it would have been in place. in two thousand and eight the new radical government took an unprecedented step and throughout the day. today they claim to control production while respecting the traditions passed down by their ancestors. but drug traffickers
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have also adapted it. may well still perfect or will be very unfair for you but we're going to be seeing is that we're not. going to go it's. bolivia remains a help for international drug traffickers whose tentacles reach the highest levels of government. monday morning of the coulee from our couldn't believe us capital the pass. is in about. every week more than five thousand cocoa farmers come here to so believe for
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distribution around the country. and this to maybe a third of the population consumed the mightily bitterly for its stimulants and medicinal properties. there is no shortage of customers. not i've got one of the car loans of under. the uni shewn us was bolivia's first minister of cocoa. is one of the founding members of a movement to promote coca consumption and this is. the kelley review article again of a nickel probably the last one and go up or may. be when i was there but i don't have to. almost all of. those guests and i've got. the impression i made them and then but i. got it by yelling video.
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every coca producer is registered to a union that the government claims controls growth and distribution. don't approve of that because the coca. cola just didn't close the book at the rather. than i think you have got the problem. is the most down look. like splash in the pool do not worry about what i'm a big deal make anything but it can kill me that it's that it's a bit of meat that the article could buy. it's the medical you see. it must get out . there. in. the game it is the american but here. is the first.
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half of. the former farmer and now lives in the past. from where he not only champions the new system but wants to sell the benefits of coca to the rest of the world. and you miss me sleep it all back. in for my soon and i'm just too soon as i go there because without. loss of clothing that was from for political gain. he is fighting an uphill battle. the un convention from one thousand sixty one still lists the coca leaf alongside cocaine and heroin the leaf is only legal in peru and bolivia system in the. b.c.
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on the arm of the national standard going to have a good number so he must get the most from that it is a symbol and. he'll believe. that a good bit of a good one will do so but at a good level what a lot of people think there is. is there wasn't in this prison because most engineers and this is. from them in their main picket and was. a council member for the natural form gave us by the. would have given me the scene. will be shown us it could have been to the local. indian food pool. because of them. for decades past government policy involved the forcible red occasion of the coca plant. today the kochi union backed by the government is primarily
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responsible for regulating and policing the farmers'. numbers and you're going to be bouncing them down the middle when your beloved again looked in on the back in and out of yeah but i bought it until now to get blasted a. lamp in that book of getting it in the sig and i was a little bummed out their pathetic piece of ass that is going to put it in six hundred kilometers south of the bass in the hills over the top body phillip in one of the ms has grown cocoa all his life were not long ago he was seen as a criminal now he's director of a program which controls far. more years and today though there's no this does not of. this being allowed in this. out of some of the books own but it's a good one then with. the by it being a full bit on the years with me that didn't make all of this or go. well get a. good
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. look at. you. the new system allows each farmer to grow one thousand six hundred metres square the cocoa on their land. believe in his team have been sent records of a farmer who succeed in his quota. it's the little comments that on the. c.n.n. couple below can even be food. for the dead as in the us. farmers we exceed their quotas are reported by the coca union to the authorities thanks as crops are immediately eradicated and farmers can be banned from further cultivation. and you can't.
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limit in this. way and this is simply the young the way that then it also must. be in the up and up in the. video. one of the notable god of the moment in about a month and a lot of the. when bono where will i see him go and pick a nearby out of the kids they have been much going for to make going with. me going on the ground when. i gave him. the room but he got.
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the look both of those things. yeah. but it. the thought of how most i could commit. were once was hunted down now like many former us philip it makes a steady income from growing the ancestral plant. here to lay them off. to. a school student will not funny. to look both. over to. let them look at them early. in the middle of the it was good to quote him before. they even though
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you. don't go to a moment to get it over the local it will look if you. get. in return for economic assistance to live your predicts carried out a u.s. policy of forced predication. in one nine hundred ninety seven this was stepped up with a five year plan to wipe out coca planting. for people to. get this they namaskar the syria to. leave these guys. both they did so mom was. left in the pit is telescope when it has. to go up to out almost like on. i think i like
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i mean i think the women although they are the. mean i mean i mean they look at them like. the resistance of the carlitos transformed into a political movement which completely undermined the status quo and believe you. their leader was able morris. to love again that's what i was just going to sell for you because if it will you know just don't know but you just let us go find it as you can find your own album body type out of those who still like you this place is not yet ascended to those being which is a look at the. akoko farmer himself when i just brought the opposition under his leadership to become bolivia's first indigenous president. the first. most of this week out.
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there as we complain you know president. rubio is one of the kids on the scene though and this is when this is needed to. first ask the person that i can. i can believe you love me show us can get on your life you know and it can yeah. that really terrible and then this is it was he he said this in two thousand and eight three years have to taking power when i list formally announced his government's radical new policy in the fight against drugs it will be international belletti that it will be and i was going to be eligible this is he'll get it david if he does it that that he thought it was. but if you. don't know that. that was cool kulik look up that look ok miles.
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and feet down to empty. the. evil men are this is now the longest serving president and believe in history as progressive policies have struck a chord with the average bulletin. board and he looked full of women for him in the name of poor select house is like i was like if way more than that but in the photos they keep. the promethean on more than they can and. some you know in those ice head of bolivia santa drug agency. like president morales he was once a coke a former. this was a sports how did those mean what you. well the losing including was it with him
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when he. won't what are you going to mean what is it that is. well. there is that it was in believe that the internet if that is what it does is you don't. begin. with those rules. in the area in which you're going to know. what's. happening it is. just. yet. for all their success in restricting coca-cola. there are still problems with distribution the un estimates have. still ends up in cocaine production. no one knows who they get. and. then it. gets lost here.
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in the community and since you. know. the government's goal is to provide a range of coca products that will take belief away from drug trafficking. in. the game is not in the least. allowed. with a let me be there in the. battle for this very important. let there be
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a prima kill police and medical staff people to keep. the rest. of the caucus yet born from it up. no but there. are some we import them to kill not a good article look up early to them if they planted all of the coke up but it will get delayed at best of us if we have to they. will go to the caucus into almost always or no it will. get healthy is to see how they cook at thing do is to export better. i mean this isn't going to be a lot of going to go there. every few months to eunice yoon us the man who seeks to sow cocoa to the world
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returns home to his cocoa farm in the mountains of the youngest not far from the capital. i've ever known is that. i could i would be in because if they. do in the region me to them of the tech i'm going to moon no question at this but if this is the focus of our call me the us and so to me that's been the. political activist and so the idea of a need to. call them have a clue what i missed and it didn't feel. good if you miss the community it was no way that. you need to is well aware that cocoa farmers can succumb to the money offered by cocaine produces. but claims that the social control largely works. well. but this is the arm of the. get. up by the auto people you know they pull you know so it's not as if in them. one the
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alley in the almost million cocoa out of medicare that doesn't like own everything mostly because i'm in the company of those that live on the don't this have been the ones that i demanded control so she had gone to a comment that you. not far from home a phone that was found preparing the base folk who came. using both these only and those points from the official market. is they don't know maybe on their own. you know the own rules of the rules that they drop but. no nowhere around last he he won this is that what is that down there is only going to add nobody is about is going to get people in being come down nobody is born as this woman that woman as they call it with this b.s. that he lead them doesn't going to have them in mind they see in. the media they
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stick them by they can see that experience in my room. we could both know if they maginnis said be there. or look ok unions attempt to prevent farmers from entering the legal market. still many are driven by the huge sums of money to be made satisfying to demand for cocaine. here in the tropics of inter-party the battle continues. across the. world with one of. the. things you love only it was eleven out of years of that. to. cut them. off.
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as this is just what is the make up of moon. in the window and as you push into i quickly see if this is what is ok and i mean. it was i'm being this and that is i think i will do this you know because you know but i mean really that almost look at them but you know that i will put up with the gift. of. corporal eyad is a member of a special latino cortex police force known as they got pissed. since bolivia no longer receives assistance from the united states it has found a new ally in the european union which will spend sixty million euros over the next three years to help fortify the new believes in models. the most animals
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are not available meanwhile not that i was could tell them there well as he said this i like a lot i do know that and i've got i think a lot when a well i could have it cannot then you know what i seem to always get what i just get because of all the bad that i know it's a thousand dollars on the us how long that will mean for. me that he. knows what those bless him or the babies mr remsen was through place in which i was the place to see him fills us that's what i think this is the kind of person. were once they were sent in to terrorize the formants now they stand beside them you believe in model. that. oh.
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you've been. there quite a lot but they got us had received a tip off on the whereabouts of a drug people. corporal yalla has been chosen to take part in the operation coming as well but at the moment as i was hunting it was just sinking in for the month of any of them. it can be made by this one but they're worth a look there with him what i want to stick it to is as good me look the way i took a while before he died early. in the elysium press they must have thought that when
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the female if you could it ok i would have as i couldn't get any real purpose as this is meant here as he will look in a book of the good book if i may take that doesn't the focus here for us and for this brother cordy are because. they've got us are entering into the heart of as a body. the birthplace of president morales this revolution. here coca-cola to vacation on cocaine laps still flourish side by side. full of struggles it's a little quarrelsome on the table then with the time this is yet in one piece you see dylan with the country full of pleasure me. and i get our bonfield an intimate look at life in cuba today mean for us on the top because i
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got my passing on me when i came out of a sort of all people i'm hanging my cuba on al-jazeera. you responding six continents across the globe. al-jazeera is correspondents living bring you the stories they tell you have a lot. of good news. and that's the stamps. were at the mercy of the russian camp for palestinian i'll just zero salute in world news. young rich and famous in china one of the news goes behind the great chinese fire wall to meet the cyber celebs of a booming multibillion dollar business. on al-jazeera.
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and i get. these the top stories on al-jazeera gunmen have storm shops and government offices an afghan city of jalalabad the second attack in four days a gun battle with security forces is still going on several people are reported to be injured at least three explosions have been heard salad ballasts has more from kabul. sporadic gunfire is still being heard at this government apartment for refugees in jalalabad you know the afghan special forces are there and engaged in a bear so with these attackers we do understand now that the numbers of wounded have increased the head of the main hospital in jalalabad has just released that they are treating ten people lightly wounded two critically iran's deputy speaker
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of parliament has dismissed an announcement by donald trump that he'd be willing to meet iranian president hassan rouhani at any time without preconditions. says it's not the right time for talks with the u.s. they'd be humiliating zimbabweans make as a hint in the next few hours about who will lead them into the new post mugabe era electoral commission says it will start announcing results and half an hour monday was the first election in nearly forty years without robert mugabe. israeli politicians will meet again to discuss a new law that would officially define israel as a jewish state parliament will meet next week after fifty two of its one hundred twenty members called for a special session president ruben rivlin has said he will sign the law in arabic in protest against the status of the language being downgraded. there's pressure syria is planning talks with iran russia and turkey to finalize a body to draft a new constitution staffan de mistura hopes to have discussions in september the latest round of talks and the war is taking place in the russian city of sochi.
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military leaders from north and south korea have described the talks and panmunjom as candid and productive the two sides discussed disarming the border and withdrawing troops from the demilitarized zone. and its act in the southern philippines has killed at least eleven people soldiers and civilians are among the casualties after a van exploded in city just across from mindanao island. you're now up to date with all the headlines i'll be back with more news here on al-jazeera after return to snow of the n.d.s. . good. while the government may have regulated the growth of coca plants the production of
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cocaine continues unabated. the task of detecting drug activity relies on believe his own special onto narcotics police force they've got us. thinking a little bit but i'm going to be cutting education will be leaving a photograph they. can be a source of cocaine. that will. get him to. fail but he could.
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say i. must commit just. by the key. to the has a tissue move ok if you don't. think. i'm. the coca leaves are soaked in chemicals including sulfuric acid ammonia and
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gasoline. in. a lab of this size is likely to produce four kilos of cocaine a day. believe in officials make great claims that three hundred of them are busted every month yet a few producers of a cult. hit it up and i think.
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people. feel. it goes. in this because of. another one of the. cold claims of the government drug production and party seems to be flourishing. the heart of the battle is in the tropical eastern city. you know something. here traffic is had established an international base. this man is a pilot we would call him cause he has flown drug planes in and out of the local airport for his. temper for him for you know beyond him.
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and i really feel. there were no police there you pick out a mark you know what it would be and we're going to go to see them you. know me malkiel day i'm so that your fight is going to see into for me no no no. no says he earns around thirty thousand dollars for every international flight he makes transporting cocaine. he flies at least three times and i. mean. look we're. going to go forward you're welcome. evil from our. various you're on the air when most obviously. you don't people want to make a good semiautomatics are more police the electorate got broken
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a record but it still will get up you know it opens your butt as if it is your little money on the arm or it going on programs or three regular time intervals or removing surgeries. godless agrees to take us to the outskirts of an airport that is often the starting point for cocaine no trafficking. some poker will be totally a mother as for me i think i'm on stage like the. good one or ok we go. over the blue bar where he. told me he. lets on the man there will soon be i get i'm going to lower your order on the internet but it sure makes
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me. in the past five years flights between peru and bolivia have multiplied. the authorities claim to trace five flights a day out of the van i'm valley in peru the new global center for cocaine production. this is carlos's regular route picking up cocaine base from beirut to be turned into powder in bolivia laboratories. in the broad areas are more like they made it i mean. they are not the. most recent years from when we russians were in the middle. room and telling their lover now i am your guardian. there are not very many more
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into it there but as an order. to mark the new. jerusalem baby. boomers. you're going to. be authorities have almost no way of controlling a crafts flying low over the dense rain forests. from bolivia the main distillation is brazil the second largest cocaine market in the world after the us. but i mean you in truly was your your not of your own up. not on your part of your memory did. in one bumper just most is.
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most is seen. as the end. in the things you mean it. isn't a come mostly they gave us a. better mask i am the president. is as a thing. across town of headquarters of elizabeth known for being highly critical of every model is confident. given and c.b.s. has been its leading reporter on crime and drugs for over twenty years. my value chain going to michael duffy my own control elected look at them is how high coca about in if i let little bit of me which i think in my eyes. in. him but feel important. i guess what they mean. a i was.
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intense. i mean to admit it knowledge base how would i live politike i mean combat gets us from a focus you know as you need to get it all or wanting. in april two thousand and fifteen either was the only journalist to interview him on kind of the owner a colonel from the bolivian army the release of the two full paid trip or implicating senior government officials in a drug trafficking ring. immediately afterwards fled to spain. leaving gay that the target of a barrage of official criticism. in your document i meant indicate there will be another book that only. coming political and i could get a good article that. miss eunice we're not sure they. let up by day i. merely had it by and i put that because. it will be a not that though they mean many said it had been c.p.o. if you get a quote on it i have a case of any case i looked. it up where we had that does what nato did name it is
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headed like i say american and. three months later the coup now when the old man returns to libya and publicly contradicted all his previous claims were the day before either suffered a terrible tragedy. or commanding most of. them of him but it. made. me mad it is. actually shia the. west i'm glad i. got. a. way as.
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well. that meant that. we had to go on a boy. even to going for a bit of alley and then go they never met but what about here. for it won't be main in about a minute there are those meal in the. bed or a bunny. or warning this sort of thing and i know new meanies sure they get a young girl in the us they were there last lap where the. gleaming black. in evening got in. that it was as unite against their will to. be elite is a she is headed that. way and then let it lessen. as he does. the government. and their own money mommy come up with
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a no minimum when they given them and any of the. women this idea come easy and there. is a clinic a little late a way out and. give me money but the thing about me. give it is determined to find out if the two events were connected. he's aware of the risks this poses to his family. matter. like so many drug santas something is plagued by unsolved murders. he that may have his suspicions but finding proof or getting help from the police is almost impossible that. so long as he don't miss
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a name and even document the school day. by day medical school and then i might. have been mentioning that. in the comment. i get in a way and then what i. forgot the pilot something crucifixes center of operations. the international mafias that now have influence all across the city i simple use. bound or maybe they. were not are you are you. will. be. the other
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are. we building surpassing fifty thousand dollars a month most enjoys a life without routine. only to dump. out of a stuff like i am very little in order to get better beautiful. as god knows drives us to one of his planes he points out some of the surprising number of pilot schools that have sprung up offering training for thirty thousand dollars they were not already made earlier but there are people that. are over there because they were sold your. right. he will be both of. the old but there will be both. there will be both over by.
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the new and though he. will in a lot of money look over a window summer when my. mom will not pull in the. money how wonderful it is. for me move for i'm going to marry her murderer i don't know you might well be happy if you don't think i will. get the debate that d.n.a. it was a myth and not done anything morally. better than the many measures of teeth that . mean this implementor. today is a little earlier than. they'd be no more. no less. no proof you know mama been in philly and the old the better for a. single
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sighing it a mind they all feels that way. be inside she does not leave or they will blow it they when they are they don't know what your very dumb think. you are but i me also your one cos i'm trying to get out of my barrel and all out of there where. you. since the time of the incas has been growing and these hits. but it wasn't until the one nine hundred eighty s. with the constantly increasing demand for cocaine in the west that coca took hold of significant segments of the economy. mr president in december just as the use of the intel of mean that there's been no
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the. going there the global is. not. here in the us the nation years parts and so that his hometown maintains a cultural connection to coke has traditionally use. their. own personal level about the democrats that she organizes a ritual to give things to mother earth harvest was as to me that i think that in a young man. only that half of the powder is that then the where you get it you will get in a match at. that on the other now that a company enters
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a fish they now go. ahead could be. your spouse. that time of the not to be there is no such there is no missed calls to miss most. of the last it is now or doesn't last it is members as it is there. is a better they are going on of course they are just smaller you know of. again company . movement of this cannot really explore south at. the exact time. who more care for. a home care more than you. know neither will be then the woman who lived. the needle the name
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on it. was. the. only i knew no more. i must have. what is the lack of any c. under that now on the line you. believe compazine think if other women as your. babies yeah when. the morning in your member matilda can it be to look at the same rate as you. after days of pressuring authorities give the reason his way to demand answers on his mother's mother. in the. in the local i say that because if it were.
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on the top of woman. yeah but it was. but it was. three months later given no snow mome. what the authorities and the gangs behind the murder of his mother. and what does that mean for the rest of his family and himself. but their life and you. will hear and then. the list that. he has yeah now that he will. be nearly that he knew.
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i was there if the kid you see when what i saw a big evil. just. circling above it seems. to me. it's what i said. to the atheist running bolivia has been blacklisted by the united states alongside burma and when as well so failing it says to adhere to international lantern a kartik stand at some go. but for most bolivians the price of rejection means they are more in control of the country. or years will not bow. down before them or firm up or pull out most the data or not that he
3:55 pm
will not buy these young government at a level for meaning. and investment banking and as young. as eleven ever said i'm out of it is must go have a bloke. most of it but a question i don't like it but i still stand he said i came to quite often. enough state about it being called by the government but i hope and that much i know myself and that might be a. good thing. most almost put a remote every mood on the outlook that i believe be appropriate in the ability of the land but no hope is given you will get about hope and want by these people will be mean but more than welcome was looked and it almost reached out and in this
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global never pressed most of the most five thousand people don't go back now all. over. the world they. think they're. going to. whether you get out one foot of heaven when the police see the import of have found for them i can get them in the bin i used to consult him if a million people is that down for the muslim could be a buy used to go out with both of those users if the us out of neutral not on. the block. or their boat for the day. the american folk.
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a survivor of the genocide there are people who beg me to kill them when they're suffering but it didn't have the power to do and he's dedicated his life to searching the woods for bones of the victims of the srebrenica massacre. holding them here is that all. you know hope of finally laying the past to rest and giving peace to the victims' families doesn't it if i could just find a finger i could bury him. on al-jazeera. from a fresh coastal breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback. hello and welcome back as we take a look at weather conditions across south america there are plenty of shows across
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northern areas away from the allison amazon basin northwards coming southward fine picture this frontal system those giving some showers for rio during the course of choose day and still some cold air coming up for one is aries so move the forecast through we should find brighter conditions coming through to reapproach the bit cooler temperatures just recovering slightly for bonus areas so let's move up into the caribbean certainly for central eastern areas it's generally looking dry and fine but for western parts of cuba and through the bahamas it's a slightly cloudy a picture with a greater risk of rain and continues during the course of shoes day on wednesday moving up through central america we have got some heavy showers here become a little widespread some move through twenty stand outside being quite a cloudy one the yucatan peninsula with a chance of some showers here makes a go city could also see the old shower moving up into north america through i wanted to show us around parts of california and down into the desert southwest well enough to really make any great difference as far as the wildfires is
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concerned as for more eastern areas we still got some pretty heavy showers here affecting georgia through up to washington d.c. but new york should be largely dry. the weather sponsored by cat time piece. of controversy liberal i am not the ideologues let me be absolutely clear to democracy and international development and all the roads doesn't cut inequality in fact the increase i know from a bestselling author and distinguished global economist you don't have the case for greed thank you gentlemen i sure do many times as one having read my model guess how many might not really get us and maybe his son goes head to head we've done the same way you have been accused of being crazy i'm not that crazy on. i'll just see a. jew zero where ever you.
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this is. either this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. a gun battle in the afghan city of jalalabad on a day when there's been a deadly attack and another part of the country. no preconditions no they want to meet only any time they want anytime they want just days ago donald trump was threatening iran with consequences few and history have suffered now he wants to talk. accounts coming in zimbabwe voters could soon know if they have a newly.


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