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tv   Andalusia Lessons In Life  Al Jazeera  July 31, 2018 11:00pm-11:57pm +03

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well i'm citizen and on that with the top stories on al-jazeera facebook says it's found evidence of attempts to influence upcoming elections in the us the social media giant says it has discovered and removed thirty two false accounts when she believes we're going to be used for a coordinated political influence campaign alan fischer how small. well if you remember in twenty sixteen facebook came under a lot of pressure because it was felt that they didn't do enough to stop foreign influence putting pages up on to facebook and instagram another platform controlled by the company and inciting division across the united states by putting contrary political viewpoints getting groups to clash with one another on line and facebook said that wouldn't happen again in fact went to the hill in april and told
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politicians there look it was my mistake and we will be a lot more careful next time around so as part of the ongoing investigation what they phoned are thirty two pages on facebook and instagram that they think are inauthentic so they have artificial intelligence and human investigators checking these pages and they thought that there was a real problem with them for example one of the pages the resisters was calling for . a rally against a unite the right gathering in washington d.c. next month and so when it was found that that page was probably false they removed the page alerted people who'd signed up to go to the event and they also deleted the event of that event might well go ahead no matter war but facebook are saying it won't be linked to this page now are the russians involved but we know that twenty sixteen many people thought that the russians were the prime movers behind many of these pages that were thought to influence the election what facebook are
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saying this time is that this is been a sophisticated there for the monies to cover their tracks very well and they can't say for definite the russians are involved but they think there are links there and you all. also remember that just last week my pomp here the secretary of state went on to capitol hill and said during meetings with the russians in helsinki he made it very clear to the russians that they simply won't tolerate this level of interference in upcoming elections why is this all important was because of the mid-term elections in november and what facebook the f.b.i. and others are trying to do is to make sure that outside influences don't swing the course of the election in twenty eighteen as many people believe they did in twenty sixteen june the u.s. presidential election iranian politicians have reacted with skepticism of the u.s. president donald trump offer to meet with iranian president hassan rouhani heroes deputy speaker of parliament says negotiations would be humiliating on the interior
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minister says the u.s. can't be trusted the u.s. secretary of state has also clarified there would be preconditions to any meeting with drawn from a landmark nuclear accord with iran in may saying it was too generous. the president wants to meet with folks to solve problems of the iranians demonstrate a commitment to make fundamental changes in how they treat their own people reduce their malign behavior can agree that it's horrific while to enter a nuclear agreement that actually prevents proliferation and the president said he's prepared to sit down and have a conversation with them u.s. satellites have reported they detected renewed activity when north korea's main ballistic missile production sites intelligence officials told the washington post the country appeared to be building new intercontinental ballistic missiles at the sound own facilities. and attack on a government building in eastern afghanistan has killed at least fifteen people and
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injured fourteen others two gunmen set off explosions and stormed the department office for refugees in the city of jalalabad. a civil society groups in zimbabwe are seeking a court order that would force the electoral commission to publish election results from all polling stations results have been trickling in after monday's historic vote the first since robert mugabe was ousted incumbent president amisom and ganga in the opposition leader nelson chamisa say they're confident of victory. over the top stories stay with us here in our next stop it's al jazeera world.
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because. i am. south than been bad was born in algeria but has lived in france all his working life including seventeen years teaching arabic language and literature at the university of paris. from there he's taking groups of students to spain and the year to the region his ass to sustain from and for which he has a driving passion and lucille. today is the region covering southern spain but for nearly eight centuries it was the most western part of the arab and muslim worlds. and endless occupied most of present day portugal and spain and
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beyond from seven eleven to fourteen ninety two. it was a place where there was relatively peaceful coexistence between muslims christians and jews were science thrived a cultural bridge between the east and the west been bally believes an endless was the only place in europe were muslims jews and christians have lived harmoniously together and shared a common culture and that the periods and the place powerful lessons for today's fractured world. when your will is your love and your bills are all far away in a mess serve only. when as well. you know we.
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want our marriage oh well it was our calling for you know when the will of people will soon fulfill name only. as so. latter question. you'll even have. to scan the last for a vital spiritual. and symbol of light tolerance and compassion. marked all over. manor cross. a word in. german out added could really mean. to me call it after question a word who could include mature and it was. had to but he had it and it was the how that could work. i would.
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use did. even before that you were. looking at one thing and if you. didn't need to be in kenya to get the. amount of how to. live. and it was. bad. for him to die leaving i didn't know you would my. mother how old would. be you feel. the words of this song are banned. from. this it is
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a more spiritual approach to it and was practiced in medieval and didn't. say things like. that also i don't think. that it did because. it's it was a little. song as i faced the result. that was. yeah they may come out of their class every album with. a book and music that was not somehow don't you see this.
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and didn't see in the music often uses words taken from medieval poetry and is a fusion of the different cultures which came together and the. simple cause employers will have to truly hope to see him to to completely be to show that to defeat if they don't come in check good enough good thing may actually go to where your shipment. should minister of me. and there goes the old boy. and a bit that not only will you please. not. to read them
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and there's a live for the hope you'll need up then badly originally came from a remote village in central algeria but his origins are probably and in the c.n.n. vanity. for the milf it's just me needles and pity that. don't give it to snow minorcan don't if you love was up it was been badly you want to play lizzie lies they've been bad me and my children. i'm not allowed to not but when i got another. i know what to be when. the only just on me but not on mood. jesus trips to. a spiritual journey is so they attract followers from different
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religious and cultural backgrounds. come on the staff or they also don't all set. so then you all must. sit d.l.'s. close cook and zone in. cities all that said. by me there are also new mall if you're going to sit on the sun the savoy. cement or knowledge only. comes with three dollars a door but they'll just put up on don't put off about it that i don't look at any cost that have almost never been given but that did the fair and intrinsically know . put up with i want that move. up with that saddam.
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will years me wish she loves. all me a how be be this my. woman her son. the next few boost. the friend welcoming. you can feel that she even you can still are still still the people still are still do good deeds. was was the. person so far you got the support of much about the same. person. does it clear to her. that he did. so a dave came on board the ship.
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is italian a roman catholic who was first a language student but then went to paris to study islam. so that's just discussion. but that was about an image. that could all could no longer. produce a simple pleasure. tonight today when to give us on the. big shows good news i don't patronize the. good people why yes good news i don't fair game to do their duty so you buy your way out of the party when are you sort of well you know if this woman must work. because you could you show us a lot of pictures and after she actually died down there stuff the stuff you meant to produce that you could do or do or say no to see you push to suggest doing that you did you want to see that music and everything.
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like being bad is nineteen season ended us as a potent symbol of interfaith coexistence despite obvious differences cockatoos rock it there you it with your head your heart on the host long the thing is still on clinical military should system law. and then if he said that shit down mon dieu destroy all men see that didn't comply and i guess the book will do called let me get the best so and that was you know the. order that the self. management for the p.d. won't. be and then of course i'm going to have to have had no where in the north. simeon was the man who would join me. in woodstock but treat me to mean. no way no. longer who's he was ridin with
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the father didn't believe it. part of the point of the babble his journey is that the participants also get to understand one another better a cultural fusion like and didn't see. it with the people on board that also cab all of it on both men call them going to visit it best but only when it won't come on what you don't see i didn't was going to say is wondering about that they swear that music therefore. should be the pool offered on the road when it went out. and that was kind of forethought that. would remove the. women that would instead yes there is a noise that i feel he has the. best to
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me so i didn't and that was all covered you were in a mad and it was a death in the last you know who took the shift of. sudan quotation mark on the law book did. ok he did. did that so. this isn't the aftermath to look to so set a certain way yes. i. think will take on our own specific maske if it will look best hundred assess how they did it so no don't they can live on tail off with us on. the end. said the good news doctor
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but it it can't dominate your inbox it did you money for me double. you know top but so did you money before we dug. here because this weekend was a listing british. definition is that on the software. they have. they don't he did doesn't it depend of course. the group is included to push up the. foot and deduce so then you know what to do so deep so not so about what i'm seeing you how you. do much work though you know you're busy you know you've got a. bad body stock of maybe ads and how about friends refers to the caliph
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the muslim leaders following the death of the prophet muhammad in the seventh century. caliphates from damascus to concord north africa and iberian peninsula where they read them and the rest from portable. secession i don't there. he has seen the backyard. as it should be only. for and. we. don't need for the. along with it not to be another endless teen think or was it drenched also known as that they're almost from. the year he sort of have a similar. head
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you can. and you have to. be. well it can buy them a fuckup. the man i know laugh there you do the chef couldn't have. any extra. credit try and do my part i mean when you. come out you know just going yesterday when the one who should be there when we should. cut the tree trunk of your family who. should call paul one second she said good luck on your form. very gentle or. yeah i would love to see as we've been there three months you should wait like
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a sheep because you're going to operate on a class pull up on your floor. i should move my feet. so you do the slowest pretty to be are different. he going to fix carry on so good luck will you don't pull the war could push will do for me dubs to this initial cause you. deserve this far because the rest of us it took us all. day long that we see. to sit. down. by the excuse of. folks. down
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on our condition was song. asian unpatched to protect little girl for the motor the hospice to see. the departed may . do more in the. place than ashes at the long place that on. the road we are also. working here love really is a very to lochinvar. a tree a lot of. drill a very difficult bottle of. yes came through the. whole city sean paul saw. didn't give the name donahoe concolor claude. wesco said to shed no i think she is us with us that fly and.
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go see the speed and. death of. a long. war and. a school on a. river you actually see in front of you know someone on leave you some receipt you can drink you cross the road. you cannot talk on the family when you should. another scholar called in has wrote a book called the ring of the dove buckle and then it don't believe how do we born but it was about human love written from a muslim perspective. of only we. do. not to me. it is not. a book that has much to create to tear this to people who don't.
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feel the. love. for the mentally controlled him as a triolet him codman our country probably has a looser on the will of the human would you meet up with the robot on waters i don't wish that the. messiness. but now. democratic. that i'm a huge reader of cordoba need this now ruined city after a woman called. when you have but. he has the audit
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committee no doubt. founded the muslim dynasty the truth of the iberian peninsula for three centuries without that man the first i've done my mind and i would a dead who would assist him other where we have been and deduced that i'm used to him seeing. minute then he led the stock but there you have pete the mule you know actually. that she would bring her to ship ali there are men she would. assume. the same one that's on the dung you don't want to do. something more. civil. war kerno knobbed other men to fill your stocking below a so for always the blue moon luke.
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sat down big bad body and his crew were visibly moved by their experience admitting it is the. call told by those whose concept he says she so long fistfuck took a look clucking i can't physically louder let it. go on the. color you can see it. coming. he made me you know i i wish. illness. what if you know how you know how you will feel. but who were they so much we didn't. make it in our. case on it or didn't hear. it
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and fifty does not mean that confound it. i've got to laugh about it i think i think about this because. i think they're going to look at it i'm. interested in what we see a first among the poor see. a skeptic on the actual scheme of yet this basic idea see it and use to do to deserve it and on to do me that the simple sick sick do news of course here. song. you know you were told you all thirty years and has a lot of. good news that the other when you don't this is a key but. you know when to step up you'll meet dave.
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and the vanguard of one hundred seventy a struggle with the new zealand crown. a maori leader. and cues to terrorism. filmed over seven years. his quest for song justice becomes a blueprint for national reconciliation. witness and this and warrior on al-jazeera. the nature of news as it breaks the syrian government with the backing of iran and russia now controls sixty percent of syria after steadily recapturing territory with detailed coverage what was supposed to be a summit between the two most powerful leaders in the world is taking things to a new level from around the world the backdrop of course all of this is
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a gigantic power vacuum in northern irish politics with no functioning local government for eighteen months. a controversial approach i am not an idealogue let me be absolutely clear to democracy and international development doesn't cut inequality in fact the increase i was from a bestselling author and distinguished global economist you don't advocate for green go like you do i sure do many firms as part of having read my book just how many women might know every august maybe his son goes head to head we've done be somewhere you have been accused of being crazy i'm not in fact printing it on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where ever you are.
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done with the top stories on al-jazeera facebook says it's found evidence of a coordinated attempts to influence the upcoming midterm elections in the u.s. the tax giant says it's deleted thirty two false accounts which it believes were going to be used for a political influence campaign. iranian politicians have reacted with skepticism after u.s. president donald trump offered to meet with that president assad rouhani iran's foreign minister mohammad javid zarif said the u.s. only had itself to blame for leaving the negotiating table the u.s. secretary of state has also clarified that i would be preconditions to anything. president wants to meet with folks to solve problems that iranians demonstrate
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a commitment to make fundamental changes in how they treat their own people reduce their malign behavior can agree that it's worthwhile to enter a nuclear agreement that actually prevents proliferation in the he's prepared to sit down and have a conversation with them. u.s. satellites have reportedly detected renewed activity along north korea's main ballistic missile but duction cites intelligence officials told the washington post the country appeared to be building new intercontinental ballistic missiles they saw on dong facility a same site where the first missile capable of rare reaching the u.s. was produced. an attack on a government building in eastern afghanistan has killed at least fifteen people and injured fourteen of those two gunmen set off explosions and stormed the department office for refugees in the city of jalalabad. i saw says it carried out a bomb attack in the southern philippines killing at least eleven people soldiers
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and four civilians are among the dead after a van exploded at a military checkpoint in the other town city in beslan province. civil society groups in zimbabwe are seeking a court order that would force the electoral commission to publish election results from all polling stations results have been trickling in after monday's historic vote since robert mugabe was ousted incumbent president emerson the opposition leader nelson chamisa say they're confident of victory. those were your top stories stay with us here algis their world continues. sat down in baghdad is a retired university teacher from paris whose ancestors came from what's now the southern spanish region of and then you see yeah. but it was once the most westerly
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part of the arab muslim world and. then baghdad is so passionate about what this place in period of history has to teach us today about peaceful coexistence multiculturalism and interfaith understanding that he's paid an annual pilgrimage there with groups of students from very diverse backgrounds. all your impressive all his feelings towards a supreme chosen enough competition among your own i think. this is scored about the islamic capital before the christian reconquest about and the us under queen isabella the first in the fifteenth century. it bothered. me and. it's said that envelop. for.
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all that your children if the. best one is do you end lizanne good young lives then good young betemit. very little new york doman. will said dick with the best signal to do this it will close and defeat us and we men. want. us to. zap. he said i'm on the air. this is a spiritual and philosophical journey for the group including. an italian roman catholic who studied islam and is committed to interfaith understanding.
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of the day based on lab. said. city deals should be and. devolved. pascals wrong they're not. serious the credible says and i belive in paris together that this was the week. the us ad a woman who with bernie and. it as sadly moved to the. t.v. was the home of the end of the scene see fifth and philosopher it may not have been a symbol for badly of tolerance and compassion. minnesota really really are in the . media interfere. with.
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the. set the tone. the. trainer. and yourself of. i did to show except here she is sort of cool kid did you. see. for. a minute you put it up that's an elitist says shows or say very good music. psycho more than peabody. ninety five. well you can marry for.
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it only been about emotionally and doing it colin myler i wish i had little and i had a pill and it was made with the i need to hold it and then i would have had a bit of stuff. like that and as soon as i get out. that. it was january. we had it's not. clear yet there is a french classically trained musician who studied at the conservatoire in athens but who wanted to find out more about him and us. to take over. the years.
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on cd this is a song swept. to us to tell you it was good for it and. one reason she's come to and that you see here is because one of her passions is. the official language of catalonia and the whole medieval romance culture of southern france. and stuff like the choices that make the most wanted to join up with. boys. is it the mall or up or is it a bedroom or an accidental. i.
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mean when you had to live with this man i mean i'm the only woman on the whole the i mean what are up about here maggie for that i live in been a spending cut they've visited theme how we're back. home. and. didn't. just live here it's like the government. to put this religious are we going to get rid of this including only air but i want to feel the love. i just mean but how to be that feeling. what they didn't they said the whole. world but what they stood. on my
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feeling. was they let thing they said a little. bit bad body and his crew are now on their way to going out. at the foot of the sierra nevada mountains it's schema sprites medieval architecture rooted in muslim and then us. and especially for its well you know palace to a home for. to set to host books you'll see to see the pilots in so i didn't see it it was. good is obvious still caught the purpose of you get. the basic. it up well not good news on all fair city. to set. up a.
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baby yeah music you don't hear in a temple see a good. movie. these songs. cruise with me gone d.c. would. you say. was good when that. was. close yeah i mean memoir franticly test in a few posts here fit good. chefs all shot so fast i could put them on the vocal and quote. off had to do post query that memoir. something
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conditionals could do normally that's what happened and then get. it. and they will. give it you guess if you must mention oh i didn't tell you. if you did yes. and you didn't think you could well your life your premium i learned to be able to give it this that. this it up we're down to. where. it is under said to us leprosy b.p. didn't want you to stop this. and they need him and that has shown this event
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a real sick interest to feed additional dollars maybe several shell shocked me. but i'm just what you hear gets money from those who are not as you can think what people care what you actually yes sefton's and they do it to some general monk you will you always you'll hear that it's a guess on the no a song didn't want i. couldn't see them or get open to to kiss to jack even sing up was he did do flatten that shows of the one in quick see stars do the things you've done six weeks a song standpoint if you actually picked a good. point if you have to stick that curled up a technician to measure that don't suit yourself i passed a shit. i know i should. was good to but i maybe can you must let the other off come on i'll be a father to get him i will be all about.
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not only what is easy to miss if the police to come on what i should to do the moon also faces and that if he did take all of these you to about intel media the who put this is logically perfect before just goes to tell you. but you mon don't see so be afraid. you have just left a lot of the good. chose to put that bed to the sea in the meanwhile he had a piece on con apathy at age eleven you don't often have a ca on condition that you knew that song last you need told me dunn
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i don't need don't know cook. the. meat. what i should. do. d'oh and. then softer the whole.
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book. a lot. of focus. on the problems is. she barely resents. well it could. make for had to use. it to bad damon to the. obama. and here i was. and they lose i live. with. the community who couldn't. be sure who. were. limited to asia. put it the most. is your world look.
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when you get it if you ask. them not to exist the men merely coffee joint they need to become men with. you. which would have got to look at where the journey to our journey i was going up adam in the war it was war. if you possibly come in. started. me on punishment but it is also suboptimal month. come on here it is yes it's
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a little we'll see. just. yes. yes. she did not tell you if you. just said for the most good examples like where did the submission was. the more often they want to measure if they want to. do that. does it get you oh yeah yeah yeah. yeah yeah. ok see you. today though was known as the city of the country for the influence of christians muslims and jews and it's history. but it's capture in ten eighty five by the christian alfonso of leone and christina signaled the beginning of the end of
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muslim power and ended us. into his welcome up to see other living see say. in the in the don't because she did you question her new book i go for that that's . it c.d.'s we're talking to. and. you know. the question. mr mo. shows a song called e.q. said please if you meant to not continue it. but. he says
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a lot of the cover i do that. connects as i speak to the flame on the bus. in off also. these shoki all. rooted in their. need that. discreet what you have for you you know your significant. others. is all. you don't know what usual yet to be doing really. respond to requests.
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the. defeat. of. assuring more him in the house. and then the. yeah it. sucks i don't. miss about me. there shall be. no way to say that shall be to the oh you'll get it. if
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it. was that it can go soft. crayon in your memoir all the bahai's except that i. remember when i visit the existing i don't. give a little bit. you don't tend to care i'm not a restaurant critic you know that's true. but the story of moving and does not have a happy ending. the northern christian kingdoms gradually overpowered the most and states and the reconquista bonanza was complete by fourteen ninety two. muslims had to choose between baptism and exile and jews were expelled. the ground the era of tolerance peace and coexistence had come to
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a painful and. istanbul is known for its history and food today a new generation a shaking things up for me is my everything five thousand six hundred years it's all the bits of this is all these cultures i'm now on top of each other . we're here to see how the a teaching deaf culture and business forward. on al-jazeera.
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and i was getting warm again in adelaide now there's a front coming off the bite so you can't really tell much from that little curls goals for next one's already forming however full cost was right about sixteen in the sunshine on one thing that's not spectacular not far from average only thirteen in melbourne but consider sydney's had like is the warmest july on record as pretty much the us it's been warm for some but not for others seventeen in person sees the incoming rain go through and then leave us sixty in the sunshine the following day but a head of that rain again with a breeze at the interior twenty one not laid out that is by no means a record as has been much warmer in adelaide but is quite a few degrees above the average so that of wolves fell then the last from the run through this one here is left rain in news even which means you should get at least one day old sunshine one let us see he was wednesday fifty degrees in christchurch
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a few showers in the west coast about the same in oakland but probably brighter weather on the day after well actually not overly bad you got rain coming in again but it's going to be caught i think on the western side walk around a bit to christ church in the shower too seems likely in all current significant rain is to arrive in the far west of japan but the remains of john dari is just here heading for shanghai. a survivor of the genocide there are people who beg me to kill them when they're suffering but i didn't have the heart to do who's dedicated his life to searching the woods for bones of the victims of the srebrenica massacre. holding them here is the door. you know hope of finally laying the past to rest and giving peace to the victims' families because i need to if i could just find a think about i could bury him bone hunter on al jazeera.
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with us so i think arsenal he could. be with us and these are what i. feel are all fulfilled that he died. quickly other cleaning. but in your mind then. he's
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a terrific. first villain and then look them up on the female body. toilet for the film. to go right in the middle focus on your own single you look at the newest and their. new book of they don't you are going to hear. where the most opening sentence of your. book or look in a moment. of the score for going to.


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