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tv   Yuval Noah Harari - Part 2  Al Jazeera  August 26, 2018 11:32am-12:00pm +03

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in tear gas police have a major confrontation in the street and from the helton they are using excessive amounts of force mace tear gas it's it's a really ugly scene and it's all captured on television the richard j. daley is reputation in chicago's torched west side never fully recovered the organizers i didn't i just want to remind all this family we are going sixty eighty when it counter-coup year led by america's youth forced the government to listen read a lot of them had delusions and the democratic party and those were crushed with richard j. daley billy clubs in the streets of chicago when people were not only massively socially engaged but also rejected both parties then our movements need the kind of gains we've rarely seen in history how do we get back to that moment on afghan is the answer isi is with them not from politicians but from the streets john hendren
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al-jazeera. the u.s. national weather service has dropped all warnings as tropical storm lane moves away from hawaii the storm was downgraded from a hurricane early on saturday traditional rain is cause major flooding across a wide but it calls far less damage than expected. widespread flooding in the indian state of carolina has killed more than four hundred people unfolds more than a million from their homes there's also been a severe economic impact the region's vital tourism industry has almost grinded to a halt and to thomas reports now from. this lush and beautiful is how caroline should look and the trunks of his just as. tourism accounts for twelve percent of the southern indian state's economy and twenty percent of its jobs organists flooding has already hit the industry i think about thirty five creative person happened during that. and everyone all the
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tourists. have gone back a similar percentage of september's bookings have been canceled to the floods damaged roads rail lines and airports making it hard for visitors to get around they also damage the places they might stay over is it. this annual boat race normally happens in august this year it was cancelled. but though many of those in kara when the rains hit left and many about to come change their plans not all days . after finishing a volunteer study and work placement arena both. have stuck to their plans spending still in kerala but just south of the worst of the floods we were thinking about moving maybe to go well but at the end we we thought that it was ok to move here. the british family visiting relatives in carolina has also decided to stay in my
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mind to tell you. what we're going to give it to. you in the back but. i think that's what it will help feel. like. having. the biggest impact will be felt from october when the peak tourist season for carola begins those in the industry expect a twenty to twenty five percent drop for the season as a whole. marketing campaigns present based paradise but that image is undermined when these are the images broadcast internationally and state. carolus tourism minister was helping out a flood aid collection point last week but he is competent the business will be back to some actually a whole industries badly affected devastated i'm confident that we get our form ability back but it's going to take a lot of work the reason carol is so lush and beautiful is that every year it gets
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a lot of rain the rain this year of course has been exceptional but those in the tourism industry hope the state and the bounce back more beautiful and just as popular as before andrew thomas al-jazeera baccarat carol. well still ahead here all al-jazeera sport. if you do this to. get some tools to sort it out because i think. australia's rugby coach fires back after questions over his future we'll have those details in sport to stay with us. desperate for a better life millions of people have sought refuge in europe sometimes their dreams of sanctuary are realized but sometimes disenchantment and hostility drives them home in the first of two films on these contrasting experiences people in
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power goes to the north german city where humane approach to integration is proving surprisingly effective. assimilation nation on al-jazeera. and instantly shifting news cycle they receive in change in america tweet the listening post take sports and questions the world's media double will be of the details the kind that cannot be conveyed in two hundred eighty characters or fewer exposing how the press operates it is their language is their culture it's their context and why certain stories take precedence while others are ignored we can have a better understanding of how the news is created we're going to have a better understanding of what the news is the listening post on al-jazeera. welcome back to his fall of his church. thanks very much serena williams has moved
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to diffuse a growing row over the cat suit she wore at the french open earlier in the year officials said they'd be bringing in a new dress code that would allow the suit warm by the twenty three time grand slam champion in future serena wore the skin tight outfit for health reasons she said it would help prevent a life threatening blood clots she suffered from during the birth of her daughter the comments by the french tennis federation president have been slammed for being sexist and racist but williams says that she's spoken to him and the issue has been resolved. and since found other methods. and when it comes to fashion you don't want to be a repeat offenders it'll be a while before this even has to come up again i don't know exactly what he seemed to say or what he didn't sing the same way but i. we are he talked to said we have a great relationship we talked yesterday and salutes. everything's fine god
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says lewis hamilton will start sunday's belgian grand prix from pole position them a sadie's drive a masjid wet conditions spot on saturday how much time was quickest at the start of keys three despite causing his team to worry when he ran why don't one of the corners he talk to rival sebastian vettel by seven tenths of a second the ferrari driver will start from second on the grid. as one of the toughest golf and sessions i can remember seems to get harder and harder all the only. but definitely. i don't know if they did they had it with a very very close to sort of what i think you two were split between half a tenth so i was hopeful that i could make that slight difference but i knew it would be very close very quick on the straights but then the rain came and none of us have been driving this weekend in the rain so i can't even express how difficult it was but the big surprise of the day was false india's performance in qualifying in the team's first race since being rescued finally management from going fine
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cropped esteban o'connor and subject paris secured the second row of the grid for sunday's rights. to freedom so it's a difficult time you know with the team we have now it's a lot of your stuff you know fresh and definitely happy with the resort to other than expected today but the truck here fantastic guys are very good good guys if i see drops or is important. then yeah i would change a tire really quickly and managed to go out so that was fantastic and i put the clean up and push to get well so yeah let's let's bring it on tomorrow. china continues to rack up the gold medals at the asian games but they're not having it all their own way into kata david stokes rounds out the action from day seven of the job the race for medals in jakarta is being dominated by china not even a pileup in the women's b.m.x.
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final could stop genya route taking yet another gold it's now seventy two and counting for the chinese more than twice as many as the nearest rivals japan. indonesia have a more modest target of sixteen gold and victory in the tennis mixed doubles moved them a step closer i the men's individual title went to becky a stand by tennis is timmins victory secured his place at the tokyo olympics he managed to squeeze in a few photos with his medal before jumping straight on a plane to new york and the u.s. open. there was a world record performance in the men's weightlifting ninety four kilos category iran saurabh morality lifted one hundred eighty nine kilos to break the sport's longest standing record. there were plenty of interested spectators as the track and field events got underway china's incredible record in the women's how my goes
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on they won gold and silver for the fifth straight games but it was india celebrating in the men's shot put to gender posting top set a new games record on his way to gold. but india's biggest star at these games is the badminton sensation peavy sin do she breezed through to the quarterfinals at the end of what's been an eventful week the twenty three year old has been named by forbes as the seventh highest earning female athlete on the planet to be with them there in the list is a great feeling because you know when you compare when the everybody compare you with the other players with the big shots and been doing really well and of course as you know. but heat in the shadow pour wine and many more of the still it feels even a she's flying high and so are these guys. paragliding is one of the more unusual demonstrations sports at these games while back at sea level jet skiing is also making its debut in jakarta and not long now until the much debated
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a sports enters the game stage competition starts on sunday with fans hoping it paves the way for inclusion in the olympics further down the line david stokes al-jazeera on to full now and event as have made it two wins from two in at least top flight cristiana an elder made his home debut for uva against slots but again he failed to get on the scoresheet despite coming close in the second half instead it was marilyn planets and mary ellen sick it will let them talk comfortable to know when. there was an unexpected result in the premier league defending champions manchester city needs to fight from a goal down to draw one one with newly promoted side wolves elsewhere their wins for also in leicester bournemouth came from two down to draw with everton and liverpool held off brighton one nil with a goal from him and salah. australia has grown dennis has taken the lead as
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a red jersey after the opening time trial of the spaniard denis who is a time trial specialist finished six seconds ahead of sky's we how in malaga stage two is a one hundred sixty three kilometer ride from la bella to come ito del rey on sunday . for the second week running new zealand have comfortably beaten australia in the rugby championship bodum barrett scored four tries and kicked five conversions in a forty points to twelve victory at oakland's eden park the all blacks have not lost at the ground since one thousand nine hundred four things turned a bit prickly afterwards when australia's coach michael checa was also about his future you've known you for a long last there's nothing about his mate. i want to try to play good rugby and be the best to carry so if you think. i'm wired out myself then you've never. had one i don't know you would have a club there is no i don't you would know you've never cashed anyone you don't know
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if there's a bag on my mind i don't know where you come off sign up. a tautology exactly what i think about. categorical. if you think there's a bag on your arm on then you need a gun gets entails to sort it out because i know to buy to. you cause it is a really. really. great headline can't show on the border of being sacked under pressure and the case saying is that he doesn't use a zine convictions in the team going to sort of what they're going to do. now some spectacular shots from denmark for the latest leg of the cliff diving world series britain's garry hunt was the window with this effort jumping twenty seven meters from the roof of copenhagen's opera house definitely worth another look it included three back somersaults and four twists the wind moves hunt second in the overall
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championships done. and that's all he has fought for now more later thanks to you watch the observer news hour with me robin roberts the sun is up next with a little full half so do stay with us and will see if we see. was sam's an archaeology graduate from iraq he's also a part time going to billings pergamon museum which includes a reconstruction of the famous ishtar gate in babylon most of the people he's
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showing around came to germany as refugees this is just one of several billion museums taking part in the project called multicultural meeting point and as well as bringing people together one of its aims is to emphasize the contribution of migrants right up to the present day to western culture office in a language he had been because i've been here for some time i can help them with lots of things that moves us forward to me the great thing is it's not just about museums about forming a new life here and part of life is culture. when you're from a neighborhood known as a hotbed of radicalism. you have to fight to defy stereotypes. but in the morning. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them and almost. always. sound the boxset this is us. on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. where every new. pope made survivors of abuse and offers an apology from the catholic church during his trip to our land. i'm about this in and this is al jazeera live from doha also come. former u.s. presidential candidate john mccain has died we look at his life and his legacy. the new restrictions in peru could keep thousands of venezuelans from fleeing the
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crisis in their country. they're calling it genocide to remember unstable ranges protest of what they're calling a year of abuse by me and was military. pope francis has called sexual abuse of children by members of the catholic church repugnant on his first day of his visit to ireland the pope's held a private meeting with eight irish survivors of clerical abuse some of them had been forced into adoption as children after being born to single mothers they say the pope has apologized on behalf of the church. the thing that really shocked us all was when he was talking to survivors of. corruption in rome itself he literally referred to these people as kaka his translator again was kind
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of shocked and asked the pope to clarify the pope literally that somehow just as i said kaka they are filled to the top so pope francis visit to ireland is the first pontiff in almost four decades who's trying to reinvigorates the religion in the country until the one nine hundred ninety s. it was a bastion of catholicism but decades of scandals have hugely damaged the perception of the church leave barker reports from dublin. the pope's visit to ireland at this moment of crisis in the catholic church was always going to set the global agenda on how the vatican tackles its legacy of child sex abuse and pope francis didn't waste any time. we going to share. i cannot fail to acknowledge the great scandal caused in ireland by the abuse of young people by members of the church charge of the responsibility for that metatron in education the failure of ecclesiastical authorities to adequately address these repugnant crimes has rightly given rise to outrage i myself share the sentiments. prime
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minister has been at the helm of social reforms in the country including the recent popular vote to legalize abortion long prohibited by the catholic church he said it was time to build a new relationship between church and state people kept in dark corners behind closed doors and cries for help that went on heard be and these wounds are still open. and there is much to be done to bring about justice and truth and healing for the victims and survivors. holy father we ask that you use your office and influence to ensure that this is done here in ireland and also around the world. in this saga of widespread abuse of children by members of the catholic church protests were inevitable. these people are looking for action not words from the vatican i do get the feeling though the. trust will not be returned within
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the catholic population from simply what will process say to the population he needs to meet me actions are going to be pretty serious action for going to be. alone in silent prayer the leader of one point two billion catholics. later in the day away from the cameras he met eight i were survivors of religious an institutional abuse for ninety minutes likely the most emotional moment of his thirty six hour visit for all involved pope francis has gone further than any pope in acknowledging the church's wrongs but as new allegations of abuse continue to surface the biggest challenge to the church in ireland is the church itself. pope francis is an island and arguably one of the darkest moments in the churches of modern history become pope francis universally respected as a true reformer reinvigorate face and what the catholic church stands for.
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thousands of the faithful croke park stadium to hear pope francis speak his visit is a moment of joy for many believe is an island a country where more than seventy percent of the population identify as catholic but as the country embraces secular values irish society regardless of faith wants to hold the church to account for past wrongs of barkha al-jazeera dublin u.s. senator john mccain has died he was eighty one the announcement of his death came fewer than forty eight hours after his family said he was ending medical efforts to treat brain cancer john mccain was the two thousand and eight republican party presidential nominee man a distinguished military veteran mike hanna takes a look back at his life. from prison off war to presidential candidate in two thousand and eight john mccain mounted a challenge against barack obama but lost in
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a landslide my friends we have we have come to the end of a long journey. merican people have spoken and they have spoken clearly he returned to the senate where he served as a senator for arizona more than thirty years after the war hero missed in the trump election a man with whom mccain had a prickly relationship in the past which did not improve senator mccain emerged as the conscience of the republican party in pushing back against several actions of a president who was the party's new voice on the trump travel ban i think the effect will probably in some areas give isis some more propaganda we don't want to shake news on threats against the media when you look at history the first thing the dictators do is shut down the press and i'm not saying that that's that that president trump is trying to be a dictator i'm just saying we need to learn the lessons of history. on the likely
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reaction of past leaders to claims of alternative facts they would be alarmed by the growing inability and even an willingness to separate truth from lives senator mccain served in the vietnam war has aircraft shot down over her noyo he broke his leg and arms suffered torture and spent more than five years as a prisoner of war before returning to the u.s. as a war hero a description he humorously undercut during this visit to the libyan city of benghazi in two thousand and eleven they also served in the united states navy for many years i was a pilot. that they yes but i'm not a very good pilot i was shot down diagnosed with cancer and recovering from head surgery john mccain received a standing ovation when he returned to the hill for a crucial senate vote and the motion is agreed to. he followed the republican line
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in voting to open a debate on repealing the affordable care act but in his speech was deeply critical of a senate that he described as more. and more tribal than ever before let's trust each other let's return to regular order we've been spinning our wheels on too many important issues because we keep trying to find a way to win without help from across the aisle and a few days later in the early hours of the morning john mccain put principle before party. defying immense republican pressure to support a bill is repealing barack obama's health legislation he's back. and in that moment he rose above the senate mired in endless squabble offering the hope that governance by consensus rather than by command could still be possible for the right at times john mccain could be wrong but on the strong medic nighty demonstrated truth to himself and to the country he devoted his life to serving
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let's go to rob ronald's who's live for us in washington d.c. rob mccain that regularly went against not only his fellow republicans but of course latterly the trump administration as well what's the reaction been like. well rob the american flag is flying at half staff over the white house tonight in honor of senator john mccain but there were no words of praise or oratory of appreciation from the man who occupies the white house there was a terse tweet from president donald trump saying my deepest sympathies and respect go out to the family of senator john mccain our hearts and prayers are with you two sentences nary a word about mccain's service in the military or in the senate or in
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other. capacities or is running for president twice so this is i think a reflection of those differences between the two men that were brought out and explained in my cannas obituary a few moments ago apparently president trump does not give up on a grudge easily yeah and as mike was saying as you mentioned just a couple of minutes ago the fact that mccain did have cross party support a lot of the time didn't necessarily mean that he had democratic support all the time what's the reaction across the across the divide in washington. really there is almost universal praise for donald for excuse me for the late senator from both parties you see statements from nancy pelosi the leading democrat in the house of representatives the leading democrat in the senate senator chuck
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schumer of new york said that he's going to seek to rename one of the large senate office buildings in senator mccain's honor you have comments from president obama as well his office issued a lengthy statement in contrast to president trump's statement it reads in part john mccain and i were members of different generations came from completely different backgrounds and competed at the highest level of politics but we share for all our differences of fidelity to something higher the ideals for which generations of americans and immigrants alike have fought marched and sacrificed and president obama concluded saying few of us have been tested the way john once was or required to show the kind of courage that he did and tonight rob in the online edition of the washington post newspaper here in the united states capitol
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the editorial simply the headline on the editorial about mccain's passing read simply the irreplaceable american rob thank you very much indeed william schneider is a political analyst and he says john mccain's admired by people on both sides of the political divide in the u.s. . he's a beloved figure not primarily for his ideology or his partisanship which are overvalued these days but because of his personal qualities i remember covering the twenty eight republican primaries and we wondered how did john mccain do so well among republicans when he departed from conservative orthodoxy on a lot of issues and the answer was his votes came from republicans who admired him as a person as a heroic figure as a person of great.


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