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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 26, 2018 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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can party in pushing back against several actions of a president who was the party's new voice on the trump travel ban i think the effect will probably in some areas give isis some more propaganda we don't want fake news on threats against the media when you look at history the first thing the dictators do is shut down the press and i'm not saying that that's that that president trump is trying to be a dictator i'm just saying we need to learn the lessons of history. on the likely reaction of pasta leaders to claims off alternative facts they would be alarmed by the growing inability and even an willingness to separate truth from lives senator mccain served in the vietnam war is a shutdown over her noyo he broke his leg and arms suffered torture and spent more than five years as a prisoner of war before returning to the u.s. as a war hero and description he humorously undercut during this visit to the libyan city
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of benghazi in two thousand and eleven they also served in the united states navy for many years he was a pilot. but not a very good pilot i was shut down diagnosed with cancer and recovering from head surgery john mccain received a standing ovation when he returned to the hill for a crucial senate vote in the motion is agreed to. he followed the republican line in voting to open a debate on repealing the affordable care act i didn't his speech was deeply critical of a senate that he described as more partisan and more tribal than ever before it's trust each other let's return to regular order we've been spinning our wheels on too many important issues because we keep trying to find a way to win without help from across the aisle and a few days later in the early hours of the morning john mccain put principle before party. defying immense republican pressure to support
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a bill is repealing barack obama's health legislation he's back. and in that moment he rose above the senate mired in endless squabble offering the hope that governance by consensus rather than by command could still be possible for the better right at times john mccain could be wrong but on the strong matic nighty demonstrated truth to himself and to the country he devoted his life to serving. right we can go live now to rob reynolds another of our correspondents who's in washington d.c. and the scene about the white house is of a flag at half mast rob an indication of how significant this man was to political life in the united states. yes that's very true martine mccain occupied it unique position in american political life and we see these live
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pictures of the flags flying lowered over the white house and also over the capitol a rare honor accorded not to every politician who passes away but to those who are held in a special esteem and i think that part of mccain's. legacy or the reason that mccain was so widely respected was his ability to work with senators and legislators of both parties that is a rare rare event nowadays but for example in the case of mccain the bill and hillary clinton foundation issued a statement earlier today saying that mccain calling mccain a trusted colleague who frequently put partisanship ahead aside
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excuse me so that he could do what he thought best for the country and we have many many accolades coming in as well from democrats of all stripes as well as republican colleagues of mccain in fact there's a move now a foot spearheaded by the democratic leader of the senate charles schumer to rename one of the big senate office buildings after mccain to give him a lasting legacy in this city where he spent thirty years as a senator indeed so he's transcended party paul the tates rob and was not prepared to go up against the current incumbent in the white house in the envelope this was a took on trump but an indication also of how how above the ordinary fray of the two policies is the fact that for his funeral he's made a request hasn't he but he's particularly bipartisan in nature. it's in to your
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first point martina i would recall the comments mccain issued after president donald trump met with vladimir putin in helsinki earlier this summer seems like it was a long time ago but it was only in july believe saying after that performance that he mccain saying no past president has a baby's himself so abjectly before a foreign tyrant really tough words or as for the funeral arrangements the former senator will the senator will lie in state in the u.s. capitol rotunda that is also a rare honor accorded in the recent past to presidents reagan and president gerry ford when they passed away only thirty individuals in the whole
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history of the republic of been given that honor of lying in state for the funeral arrangements at the washington national cathedral the reporting is that mccain has requested the vice president mike pence to attend and for former presidents george w. bush and barack obama to deliver eulogies but according to the reporting president trump has not been invited mccain will be interred in annapolis maryland at the u.s. naval academy where he graduated many decades ago as a career as a cadet reynolds live in washington thank you. lots more to come on this al-jazeera news hour including an emotional reunion why this may be the last chance for many south and north koreans to meet their families separated by war. and yemen's historic castle caught in the civil war is finally open again to visitors.
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and it's all coming up roses at the asian games for bahrain's marathon champion that's coming up with install. now koreans been separated for more than half a century amazing in a resort town in north korea this is the second round of reunions this year ever since the war in the one nine hundred fifty s. between north and south korea they've only been twenty such events the first took place eighteen years ago and they're likely to be the last and only child for these long separated families to meet face to face that. we recognized each other and help each other tightly and we cried quite a bit i said to my younger brother i know you are here right now but is this for real that you are alive and he said i thought you died too i never knew you were alive. but not many people get this opportunity on the south korean side relatives
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are chosen by taking part in a lottery tens of thousands of people will therefore never even get a chance and that's because korean war survivors are getting exceedingly old do ye . and the year approximately three or four thousand separated family members die if you think about that with an seven to ten years it may become difficult to hold reunions therefore is the most urgent issue between south and north korea. to phil robertson he's deputy director of human rights watch his asia division he thinks it's important that more of these reunions happen while the members of separated families are still alive. koreans both sides of the thirty eighth parallel are overjoyed when they see these pictures of these elderly koreans being reunified after so many years apart i mean it's really quite heartwarming and i think everybody across the peninsula really feels. the problem is that north korea has
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continued to use these reunifications as a pardoning chip to reward or punish south korea when it wants to rather than doing what needs to be done which is allowing as many of these reunifications take place now while these people are still a lot we will see more of these the question is will the pace pick up i mean these are the first reunification since two thousand and fifteen there are still approximately fifty six thousand south koreans waiting for the opportunity to see their relatives across the border many of these people are passing away they've gotten to a situation where they're really quite orderly and some of them may not even be able to travel which is why there should be a priority placed on this to take this out of the political realm and really make it the truth in minutes are an issue it should be afghanistan's national security adviser mohammed hanif atmar resigned with the government under increasing pressure spike in fighting with the taliban some reports suggest that at most could be
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preparing to challenge president ashraf ghani in next year's election his resignation has been accepted by county not the president has rejected domestic nations' of the ministers of defense and interior as well as the head of the national director of security. iran's parliament has voted to remove the minister of economic affairs and finance a made a sharp fall in the currency and economic instability must sudha come back again lost a vote of confidence by one hundred thirty seven votes one hundred twenty one making him the second minister in president rouhani his cabinet to be impeached this month president rouhani is expected to appear before parliament on wednesday to answer questions as to his administration's performance we can talk to ali factual an edge out who's an iran analyst and this ng fellow at the brookings doha center he's joining us via skype from essen in germany festival who actually is responsible for
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economic policy in iran. i mean where iran the economy you have it your one. and only them. being the leader of iran but also the revolutionary guards and religious who are basically acting as commercial congress but this is the bulk of the iranian economy . the government funded by but not really a lot of power and. tackle something about that kind of the kind of economic empires but. the although the. policies of course. but the bulk of the iranian economy rests with those i'm. getting rid of mustard couple
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fianna mean what does that actually do does it free up the rouhani government or does it actually add tresham to him at a time of course when he's dealing with with the reimposition of u.s. sanctions. well that's another well you know the fact i think that we have the wrong line who are in control of your core message. to the government. parliament all of them the. minister of labor last month the president wrong you're saying. that there's a lot of pressure from the iranian hardliners. undermine the romney got to basically say that they're acting on behalf of the iranian people because the statement has not been able to deal with the economy. over emphasize the economic dividend on the iran nuclear deal. to the fact that the
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outline is the building you've got the government the government all the problems there's also their response. ali fadhil a new job thank you very much indeed. i was saying in iran because at least three people have been killed more than two hundred forty have been injured in a magnitude six earthquake which have been in the west as a country the u.s. geological survey says it was in the cayman shell province the thirty aftershocks have been magistad and state media says rescue efforts are underway a crisis center has been set up at hospitals and relief organizations on high on that. the yemeni government has reopened the historic cairo castle in ties to visitors just days after regaining control of the site from the m r r t back. brigades for the last four years the council's been used as a barracks an official report from neighboring djibouti. it's historic it's
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impressive now it's back in control of the local population. carol castle stands at the foot of the mountain overlooking the city of tire is in the yemen highlands the last four years has been used as a barracks for you back to abu abbas brigades but a government military commission has no taken back control. but that about is that i believe the reopening of the castle after four years of closure sends a clear message that the state will extend its authority over every inch of the country no faction or party will ever have sovereignty or control over time as. this is a site loved by the locals and loved by the children who know little of its history built more than eight hundred years ago cairo castle is the city's top destination for tourists from all over the world that sound. is always great to paint a smile on children's faces that's what we've seen from the first day the number of
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visitors is far beyond what was expected it's the city's most important to restate an historical site well the castle walls will remain solid it will need some restoration work it was shelled by coalition warplanes in twenty fifteen when it was used as a pretty fighter stronghold. and most of europe we cannot describe the overwhelming feeling as we wonder at the highest point in time as we do not know how to express our delight the reopening of the castle has restored the civic nature of the city. cairo castle has a long and colorful history the events of the last four years especially know that it's back in the hands of local people will be another chapter another story to be handed down from generation to generation alan fischer al jazeera in djibouti now the people of gaza has been locked in for the past eleven years by israel's blockade but recently there's been a window of opportunity to get out egypt is opening the rafa crossing it did so
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in may and that's allowed for thousands of palestinians to leave the strip many of them indefinitely and that's hurting gaza's already crippled economy then a smith reports. the fabric of gaza society is being torn apart locked in by israel's blockade with few jobs and no prospects those with means now have a way out through egypt. is heading that way ten years ago he says he employed four hundred people here supplying customers in israel and the occupied west bank now most of his sewing machines are rusting one lawyer along with a young woman in turkey i did a feasibility study and realized there were more opportunities if i moved there i still have the good contacts with israeli business partners but all i need to do is to switch the business from gaza to turkey in gaza there is no hope your sons are growing and there is no hope for their future just over sixty thousand palestinians have left through this crossing since it reopened in may and only about four
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thousand have come back those the figures given to us by the immigration department and those numbers leaving would probably be much higher were not so difficult to get the right commissions in the first place you have to give the egyptians a good enough reason maybe hospital treatment or studying abroad or you have to have a visa for your final destination country something else that's very difficult to come by. those who manage to get the right paperwork must wait here queuing sometimes for days for the bus the takes them to the crossing so yeah i'm traveling to cairo for tourism and to have a look around at what opportunities there might be i'm an i.t. specialist in gaza there's no work if i find a job in egypt i won't come back we have a problem of it my brother will find work for me and there is no work here in gaza so i'm fed up so my main reason for traveling is to find a job and just for some relief with tourism a lot more than a dozen people respond to here said they weren't coming back. and when how they'll go to turkey
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a few jobs left in this factory will disappear with him adding more people to the list of unemployed which is more than forty percent of the population burnitz made i'll just era gaza. right time to take a look at the weather is over to now and there's flooding in taiwan yeah that's right martin we've had the tropical system of course which is now moved through is turned all the way but there's still a legacy of showers take a look at the satellite picture you can see the still a fair amount of cloud across the southern half of taiwan and we still drawing in the south westerly winds a southwest monsoon of course and that's been continue to bring in the really heavy downpours and this is why we have the flooding martin hundred fifty four millimeters of rain in twenty four hours never the past eight days overhaul for me to of rainfall has for all and now this is what it looks like when you see that kind of level of rainfall there is widespread flooding then across the southern half of the country thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes as a result of that and there really will be some time before these waters do
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gradually begin to recede we are still seeing a few showers that west of weather still driven him across the southern half of the country then as you can see the southwest monsoon picking up the moisture across the south china seas as the case through monday go into cheese and it really is a case of spot the difference more heavy rain for a good part of taiwan and not least because southern half of the country similar picture actually we had the typhoon is affecting the korean peninsula and japan recently the line of cloud here running out to the old system which has dwindled off but more heavy downpours there across south korea on monday and also tuesday monti. evan thank you very much still to come on the al-jazeera news hour fifty years after the nine hundred sixty eight riots at the democratic national convention in chicago antigovernment protests as a back home in the street. i'm back alley badminton tell you how the sport is
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capturing the attention of young players at the asian games. hand in hand with growing old. refusing to be defined by their age mexican women and bringing out that dancing machine. and rediscovering their youth in one step at a time in. my johnson hostin part of the view find that latin america is seeing. this time on al-jazeera. and monday put it world on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of the days looking forward to for the dry riverbed like this one five years on the
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syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their countries have been truly unable to escape the world. deal with al-jazeera these are our top stories amazon has been sworn in as president of zimbabwe he. as a country to unite and to focus on helping the economy grow. his inauguration comes after weeks of political uncertainty is an election disputed by the main opposition it took place at the national stadium in the capital harare. colombia's are heading to the polls to vote on
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a series of top anti corruption measures the bill needs at least twelve million votes in a little part of it does go through it could see big changes in how public contracts are awarded and politicians could be forced to declare their income. u.s. republican senator john mccain as died at the age of eighty one after suffering brain cancer mccain spent more than five years as a prisoner of war in vietnam a moment three decades as a republican senator. a pope francis is about to hold a mass for about half a million people in the irish capital dublin this is a seen live at scenics park earlier on the day sunday he said for god's forgiveness for the child abuse scandal surrounding the catholic church he said despised it measures when needed the truth and justice needs barker is a correspondent been following the pope on this historic visit to the republic of ireland he's joining us on the line and they've been looking at pictures of
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a pope in a pope in the veil who is surrounded by what appears to be adoring fans in the tens of thousands perhaps. that's why these are remarkable scenes they feel for those that can remember. comes up with memories of course of a brief visit to this very spot reading. them to die bed. hope job all the seconds they went back to ground. the debris despite the queue of people would set up still ball of the faithful gathered to hear the pope speak a little later of course all of the climactic mass the end today the did. now he has a navy has engaged with what is perhaps with us and many people at least the most pressing issues and that is the controversy surrounding clerical sexual abuse of children and the subs and the subsequent cover up by the church he has engaged with
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it hasn't. been engaged that it is getting pretty given all. through engagement even a visit. to the full of the school with an irish decide to go but how far the pope . do you think is along with a peace that will cost its way over irish society it's very day he was very quick to use his first speech on i restored to address the views i don't describe it as where pope. people have gone further than any pope in the fall of any of the three to census. for many survivors of which. figure has officially begun but also. but the survivors feel that he couldn't go much further into the concrete. of the church what we could could do to bring those guilty of crimes to
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justice what is on me will be the opening vatican files of sharing. the word agencies does that mean breaking still. any speedy eclipse either the pope or coverups no longer. represents the church well that's what survivors were hoping for concrete although an apology has been given although he has been mostly controlling about puss crimes the question is could more have been. and he is going to be performing his mass which as you say is going to be the culmination of his thirty six hours in r.l. and it's the theme of this mass is about the supremacy if you like of the family unit is he likely therefore to make any kind of public utterances that will go some way towards assuaging the concerns of these people who've been caught up in
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this corruption and cover up and sexual abuse within the catholic church. well believed to be the main fluff of his homilies which is given within the context of a school focused mainly on celebrating it at the family speed a week happens every three years of the company to different cities around the world pools he kind of voice using this last opportunity to speak to the people of iowa publicly to address the abuse scandal and we believe the when he ate the volley was big. in private away from the campers on saturday evening he was presented with a letter detailing the story of up to one hundred bottles and my wrist would be in a single month it was sent to mother and baby homes separated from the children and told that it would be good for them to contact their children we believe that often
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speaking to the victims the pope will address this notion of spin whether or not people should carry off to a sense of shame something that they should not be shameful for so we expect yes the pope to why didn't his brave to speak more about the scandals here in ireland of course scandals so don't worry because the church here in ireland but also the church around the world knows that all right david thank you for that nathan there's a correspondent in ireland with papers from his. now community activists in the us a mocking fifty years since the infamous chicago runs in ninety six the eight to ten thousand strong protests against the vietnam wall turned into a day of violence the months leading up to the riots had seen racial and political tensions grow many in the city see similarities between then and now john hendren
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now reports. this is a protest half a century in the making the message is the same one heard on these. streets outside the democratic national convention in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight let's stop the wars and also the police violence and particularly in chicago it is a peaceful tribute to the protests that erupted when the whole world was watching was in the months before the august convention fifty years ago the quiescent streets of chicago and the u.s. are ready to explode following a series of shocking events was january thirtieth north vietnam as devastating tet offensive stuns u.s. troops and the american public march thirty first president lyndon johnson or jim battled an unpopular says he won't run for reelection april fourth a white gunman assassinates martin luther king jr setting a match to a national chander bugs in chicago and across the u.s. race riots looting and arson followed chicago's mayor issues
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a shoot to kill order june sixth robert f. kennedy also is assassinated from all corners of america ten thousand disillusioned young protesters converge on chicago and twenty thousand police army and national guard troops. the confrontations inside the convention well you're trying to suck up stuff i like that i like a horror amplified outside it ends in a hail of billy clubs. were. in tear gas police have a major confrontation in the street and from the helton they are using excessive amounts of force mace tear gas it's it's a really ugly sane and it's all captured on television mayor richard j.
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daley is reputation in chicago's torched west side never fully recovered the organizers are using rojo they want to remind all this. we are going sixty eighty when it can agree you're led by america's youth force the government to listen read a lot of them had delusions and the democratic party and those were crushed with richard j. daley billy clubs on the streets of chicago when people were not only massively socially engaged but also rejected both parties that are movements need the kind of gains we've rarely seen in history how do we get back to that moment during afghanistan answer e.c.s. with them not from politicians but from the streets john hendren. got. peru has granted asylum to hundreds of venezuelans despite the introduction of new entry restrictions as of saturday or new arrivals are required to hold passports for the government so far has been willing to set aside these new rules on humanitarian grounds but on a sanchez reports now from the peruvian city of tom baz on the northern border with
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that cut off. hoping to escape the economic hardship gripping the country desperate venice will answer pouring in to be newsworthy with a quote by bus by car or by foot before saturday's deadline meant to tighten entry requirements. fifteen year old joined the ladies traveled more than four thousand kilometers with some members of his family he says he never imagined leaving the house when we did that work at the my lab we were at the best time of our lives with friends school family but we had to leave to find a better life in venezuela we were hungry separated from their families with a risky future ahead cinelli for the biggest ventured on the road with friends leaving her career behind but i am a good about it it's sad i graduated with a bachelor's degree now i can't begin my career nor we all gave up our future and venezuela we don't have a chance exhausted ill or even penniless men even
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a swill and have had to rely on handouts to eat most of the people arriving here. here at the border between a weathered and b two for young adults who has been a mecca for these refugees for the past two years more than four hundred thousand venice winds are already living here open border policy allows them to work legally but now they will only be allowed in treaty with passports the united nations office for refugee says it hopes this policy stops this is very important for you in the chair possibility of access to all our asking for asylum. so we very much hope that. the government select people enter most province when and don't have passports they're expensive and it takes many months and bribing to get them in venezuela now there are forty say they've imposed restrictions to prevent the lincolns from entering the country but at this point of crossing for trade between
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while i'm producing fence there are no controls. witness will and may still working to put an illegal however thirty three year old it looks a bill matina says they want to have a chance to hook i guess what it was to have dignity we must work that's why we are migrating to another country not to receive handouts but because we like to work it will be an authority say they will be flexible with children the elderly and pregnant women who don't have passports and he was last protect those who apply for asylum there were least likely you know according to our refugee laws whether they have the documents or not if a person asks for asylum we have to process the request and allow them into the country the foreign ministry receives thirteen thousand requests each month and that number of a group as the exodus of the nist rylance continue many desperate to find a better life for their children and the innocent just i'll just get misspeak to.


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