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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 6, 2018 1:00am-1:34am +03

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event if you've been going on for a while with no idea where to go with us and if you ports facebook not saw a scene with their three of his just say to try and find out some information on that video i need to tell you i say. it will often be dark blue dress code but you can go. over there go get it be we drove through the deal but there's nothing all to got to do our policies for life if you're always right your pockets this is the videos that are not worth i'm not munching on presented before. it's all photos. so you just go for the coalition. or go for the more but in order to smoke in. our investigation found that unless they are streamed live videos of physical child
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abuse i'm not usually reported to the police. or sold him destination price as a follow up price. and may be. off the mat something in perth and on and on and on child because it will be a story. about dad hearing stuff like. the carpenters are still coming so the racial cards are right or otherwise just far as we're concerned of course research from current. nerds with facebook do anything i would day possibly on that's if you see something where the child is going to read by the supers were so large billions of folks will buy dinner the lawyer may have different card buys i've heard of star trek a video store dangerous. is not going to be reported by off to the police i think the reality is someone is going to it's going to be. most united now by. hello boys we've found out that this was in malaysia that this
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child. it was stepfather and been arrested and jailed for twelve months. how long ago was it that you first came to most of the year and that was in i think it was december two thousand and twelve. i saw it's being sick yes almost. it is still on facebook yeah. this video is used in facebook's training as an example of the kind of child abuse that should be marked as disturbing and left almost silent. if that's being used as an example for motivators of what is considered acceptable to say what is
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a total of eight it on facebook is is is is truly shocking this is very the justification for why they allow content. in or they of the owner of the haitian and rescue victims of physical abuse we may not immediately remove this content from facebook it's perfectly possible for facebook to take down footage of child abuse and for that to be passed to the north or for copies of the t.v. or to be retained if that will assist in a law enforcement in a police say investigation it's difficult to conclude why that material would need to stay on the site we know that for as long as that content command on a social media site then that exacerbates the trauma that children might feel not only has that child been subject to sustained physical abuse but unfortunately that child is being. the abused by the fact that content is there for anyone to go into
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facebook and see unfortunately the child being the abused with every claim. was that. an individual shared it i want to be clear that's not acceptable that shouldn't be that material should have been taken down on the site that you went to the c.p.l. site you see part of the total system so those are the front line reviewers but behind them sits a team of child safety experts facebook full time staff they will make an assessment of whether the child is at risk they will make a decision about what to do with the content including referring it to law enforcement agencies whether that's a program. after we made facebook aware of this child abuse it was still available on the platform they told us they have now reviewed the material used to train new moderators. just this
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morning just one. hour. so they were just saying basically if i said to me i'm pretty sure they're minors. it's kind of just to go fighting. there's overlap at the very mention of this cool stuff in. the pool to raise more drinking a video showing two teenage girls fighting both girls are clearly identifiable and the video has been shared more than a thousand times. one and definitely more like i don't want to. pay for the face. she has said. that she's hope she's very selfless. and i. my friend told me. you don't fast. as
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a video if you toss she thought you need to say it you say. stop the fight. in the throat and on the flaw. the salt. that's a car just costs time on my shots i. just repeat and thought nice and kicks in and the had. i mean. she just walks out of control bus a question looks like a wild animal to wake up and i stand behind i what should the whole world is watching as well a scene at most a bend you know horrifying it was humiliating for. the video has been posted with a caption condemning the violence based on the new policy yeah but it's one of the foremost reporters for a. reviewer even if it's condemning of mark i mean if everybody
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condemning is a reason for being both forward over the wealth. of a whole book. following a recent change to the publishing even experienced moderate says i'm not sure whether the video should be deleted almost as disturbing i'm left on the sites where they go to the book. but the saw anything on the video was recorded in warner's condemning books of its ability. or was this one of my business about. a little ok. because there's a caption condemning the violence the video gets mugged is disturbing i'm left alone the signs. from. me showed footage from undercover filming to the girl's mother. should. really fair question but it's.
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those he said himself to solve. anyway have been. a big question did. you see the images and. it's horrible. the school stood so why was it why was it the school should why was it a discussion with its. i don't know. you know someone's child. it's not fast spoken. so that's interesting because i i swear if there is like bullying between two humanity you can just delete or i'm sure there were girls if they were if they were
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for acquittal three because all of these girls groups for the world to look around a forum to give them room to screw looking for our daughter or ok. to be on for the first three right i say overdue for if there was a caption saying brilliant she had a clearly early ochre order that was not appropriate for from the. option is on the radio or. should have been taken down there all the west's spread awareness with a. video we saw one star beamed. but was no emotion all michael what's happened to the not think you know the beginning this is the thinking about the policies if they're watching a video of their own daughter what decision. if a parent or guardian sees a video of that child in circumstances that they object to they do have the right
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to insist that we take it down and we do take it down where we're made aware that so you're putting the onus on the victim here to complain to you why aren't you taking this material down before humiliates children and again if the content is shed in a way that praises or encourages that violence is going to come down but where people are highlighting an issue and condemning the issue even if the issue is painful there are a lot of circumstances where people will say to us look facebook you should not interfere with my ability to highlight a problem that is people watch these videos facebook's making money yet the money we make is by people using the service and seeing ads within the newspaper. when you have forty billion a sales and tens of billions of profit per year pretty much have an obligation to. do everything in your power to make sure that you're not making the world worse
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for the users of your product. the consequence of. your usage russia will be served or not you need to mention that just doesn't go away it's been living out of the truck for the last couple years. he's homeless. follows a group of us veterans. used by war. as they struggle to get their lives back. the latest news as it breaks because people are already some of the country's most vulnerable and now they say they need help with detailed coverage here in gaza more than most places the contrast between scenes like this and the realities of daily like the so many from around the world forty years ago it was all but impossible
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for a foreign man or woman to live in china let alone marry a chinese but today they are just like this on no longer exceptional. so i maryam namazie in london a quick look at the top stories now donald trump supremes court nominee is cleared one of the final little's towards clinching a job on america's top judicial body on this vote the yeas are fifty one the nos are forty nine the motion is agreed to. the republican controlled senate voted fifty one to forty nine to set up a likely final vote on brett kavanaugh his confirmation on saturday and now all eyes are on key senators who have been undecided of the kavanagh's nomination democrats opposing because of sexual misconduct allegations made by three women
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republican senate says susan collins and democratic senator joe manchin have said they will support the nominee. my fervent hope is that fred cavanagh will work as sen the divisions in the supreme court so that we have far fewer five four decisions and so that public confidence in our judiciary and our high his court is three story. mr president and i will bow to kim firm judge and. in our other top stories the two thousand eight hundred peace prize has been awarded to yazidi women's rights activists. and congolese doctor dentist or others campaign for the victims of sexual violence after spending three months as an i still sex slave runs a hospital in the democratic republic of congo dedicated to helping the victims of
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gang rape. juries have convicted a chicago police officer over the shooting of a black teenager in two thousand and fourteen officer jason van dyke has been found guilty of the murder of the kuan mcdonald a policeman shot mcdonnell sixteen times as the teenager held a knife by his side a rebel attack on an army post in the eastern democratic republic of congo has left six people dead the authorities say four soldiers and two civilians were killed in the attack in the city of beni near the border with you kenda. and two people have been killed in ongoing violence along the gaza frontier it's believed one of those killed is fourteen years old protests in writing of been taking place at the border fence that divides the gaza strip from israel for months or have the news hour for you in just over twenty five minutes time now it's the second half of inside facebook.
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in the lead up to the u.s. midterm elections we'll be talking to the american people looking at key issues for
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voters from immigration to economic struggles the health care system to racism and women's rights join us through i took over for special coverage on the nonsense the u.s. mood times. with filming undercover in one of facebook's largest content moderation senses to reveal how the social network decides what you can see on its platform and ask someone. if they use a finds a piece of content they think is inappropriate they can reduce it to facebook. the moderator will then decide whether almost it breaks the platform's rules that were brought to you the report of them so their birthright over a merger so. so for us it's pretty good says.
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each of these reports is called a ticket and the tickets build up in the queues that the moderates is one of three after three and a half weeks of training all reports and was now working through his own queue of tickets. while we were filming undercover. was cool to fool the u.s. senate and accused of not doing enough to protect facebook's uses we want to hear more without delay about what facebook and other companies plan to do to take greater responsibility for what happens on their platforms. it's not enough to just build tools we need to make sure that they're used for good or in the last year we've basically doubled the number of people doing security and content review we're going to have more than twenty thousand people working on security and content review by the end of this year. recently there's been
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a huge boom to spoil the good so for the record of what we've closed the book. to do that fifty those reports that if you don't try to do maybe you continue to do a search through those and you just move quicker to rid of them such as more. facebook aims to assess all reported content within twenty four hours but it's become clear that there is a backlog of fifteen thousand tickets that have been waiting longer than that. i just want to be heard for a half hour ago you know. it's really recognize not just lazy you have on a higher level in the mountains in the case but. you know the last couple of weeks have been really hard is crazy i feel this understaffed and the three. for. fifty seven hours in the house like over six hundred sixty would take it's not one part ok so our latest five is eighteen hours and
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forty five that's very hard because our turnaround time for this q. is twenty four hours. so that means we have to get everything down by twenty four hours i'm not going to have a lot of books so within the high risk area but there be anything that i. see someone saying i'm going to crisis in ten minutes. with. any reports that related to somebody at risk of suicide would not have gone into the q. where there was a backlog they would have gone into a high priority queue where we were meeting the standards we've checked since you brought this issue to us and we're very confident that eve.


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