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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 6, 2018 6:00am-6:34am +03

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sexual violence as a weapon of war. belongs to the minority group among thousands of women and girls subjected to a systematic campaign of sexual violence i saw fighters in two thousand and fourteen she's now an activist who speaks out for those women who can't or won't for. he humiliated me every day he forced me to wear clothes that didn't cover my body i was tortured i tried to flee but one of the guard stopped me all those who commit crimes of human trafficking and genocide need to be brought to justice so that women and children can live in peace they are joint winners of the two thousand and eighteen nobel peace prize both laureates have made a crucial contribution to focusing attention on and combating such war crimes in its citation the committee described macweb is enduring dedicated and
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selfless efforts to end the use of mass rape as a weapon of war the more this prize is a big meaning that although it took time for the world to recognize us the world has started listening to women and not just listening to getting to know the problems that you face understanding our problems is not enough they must realize that when you commit a crime against anyone it's not right both mourad and move quicker the committee said have endured personal risk and cost to combat war crimes and seek justice for victims in a year in which controversy has touched the nobel named itself both with rape allegations against a member of the swedish academy that gives up a literature prize and with calls for me on mars be the un sanction to be stripped of her peace prize the two winners of the two thousand and eighteen nobel peace prize are likely to be considered anything but controversial. i asked the chairwoman of the nobel committee with a she and her four fellow committee member. decided this year to play it safe i
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asked to be believed that we make our decision on the mandate what happened alfred nobel's will sometimes our decisions are very controversial sometimes they are not but being not complete does not reduce the importance of the price in a word then no job to hold al-jazeera. or not a sister says she couldn't be more proud of her. cross the question today we a very happy even if she were not my sister and this had been achieved by any of the eight or it would still have raised our heads and made us happy any one of us receiving his prize is like shooting a bullet into the enemy's chest therefore today we have a very proud and pleased god willing she will always go forward and defeat the enemy we hope the rest of our women and girls who are still in the hands will be
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freed soon wells was on a search and has worked with dr dennis mccuaig in the d. r. c. she thinks their water helps recognize the voices of sexual violence survivors around the world. well you are absolutely overjoyed as is anyone who's ever known or worked with him or especially those who have been treated by him the many many thousands of patients that he's literally brought back to normal life or at least as much as can be expected following the kinds of trauma that you've just heard about but i think this year is particularly profound given. what has gone on around the world in terms of women who have suffered the shame and stigma and silencing of sexual assault sexual violence mass rape and conflict these voices are being heard now more than ever all over the world women and not only women but male survivors of sexual violence have
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a platform through this prize not only to dr mcwade but also to ninety i'm a ride who has been such an outspoken voice for the u.c.d. community and especially the women and girls where it's very very difficult to talk about this crime. to come here on the news hour including interpol's on the hunt for its president missing after traveling to china. greek police failed to prevent the killing of a rock the hands of a hit man from a far right party unschooled an ultimate payday for the ultimate fighting championship this column of bread there were tons of the sport will be here with that kind of that let's. not supporters of missing saudi journalist. rallied outside saudi arabia as consulate in istanbul calling for his release he disappeared on tuesday after entering the compound but there are a conflict in the reports about where he is job of showing reports. the site
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outside the saudi arabian consulate in istanbul resembles a crime scene more than it does a diplomatic mission police have cordoned off the entire area around the building monitoring anyone who enters or exits three days have passed since renowned journalist jamal khashoggi went missing after entering the consulate to process paperwork on friday photo journalists and human rights activists gathered to demand his release they believe that the saudi authorities kidnapped him and are either holding him hostage inside the building or have secretly sent him abroad the man we don't know what it's like set out in genesis what he wants is the freedom of jamal khashoggi he entered the building of the consulate he has to get out of there safe and sound the turkish government has to take action and take care of democracy because tucker sovereignty has been violated. has written a great deal about human rights abuses carried out by his country's government since the rise of crown prince mohammed bin sandman he's
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a regular columnist for the washington post it published friday's edition with a blank section where hershel she's writing would have appeared. his fiance too afraid to identify herself on camera spoke to al-jazeera over the phone about what's happened last tuesday. went into the consolation i was wasting the two the appointment was at one pm after a few hours no one came to me and they were supposed to come and get a phone from me no one came i went to the door and asked security it was almost three pm security told me no one was inside and that maybe i didn't pay attention when jamal lifts i called the consulate a saudi man answered and he told me the closest and that no one is inside and he shouldn't wait here. as fears continue to roll over her safety there is also concern about the diplomatic fallout could occur as a result of his disappearance if indeed it is proven that the saudis have kidnapped
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him and or taken him out. in the country it would mean that you haven't decided to use its diplomatic missions as detention centers with little or no respect for the sovereignty of other countries turkey would have to respond. the president of interpol has been reported missing after traveling to his home country china no one's been able to get in touch with main home way since late last month the french police in an investigating the disappearance of a french additional official says he arrived in china missing soon after china correspondent adrian brown is in the following that story from beijing. well so far this mysterious story is not being reported by state controlled media the reports we're getting about monk homei a coming from france that's where the international police organization has its headquarters in leon and that's where he lived with his wife now she apparently contacted police because she says she hasn't heard from her husband since he
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returned to china last week we don't know if he was summoned back to china because he's still a vice minister of public security and that was the position he held here in china before he was appointed president of interpol in two thousand and sixteen the first chinese person to hold that post he's also been a director of the counterterrorism office here in china a very senior law enforcement officer now interpol has issued a statement saying that this is a matter for the authorities in china and france and they will be commenting any further some important context a man who was ultimately mongst boss was jailed for corruption in two thousand and fifteen and then a nother man who was a vice minister of public security was also jailed for corruption in two thousand and sixteen and al jazeera has a stablished that his name was removed from
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a tea party committee in april two thousand and eighteen just a few months ago now it's not unusual for prominent figures to disappear here in china a tycoon from china disappeared from a hotel in hong kong twenty months ago he'd been wanted for questioning here in the mainland and hasn't been seen since and then in june a well known actress vanished she suddenly popped up just this week following an investigation into her tax affairs and then of course we had the cases of the hong kong booksellers who also vanished only to. reappear again after several months of being held on the mainland now there could be an innocent explanation for monk's disappearance but if he hasn't appeared by monday then i think the chinese authorities will be facing demands for some sort of explanation questions are being raised about the future of press freedoms in hong kong after authorities there
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refused to renew your work visa for a financial times journalist it's a red decision in a chinese city that takes pride in its freedoms the newspapers asia editor victor mallet chaired a talk by a print independence activist at the city's foreign correspondents club in august while it decided to go ahead with moderating the talk despite objections from the hong kong government and china's foreign ministry. it's been a week since the indonesian island of soloway z was struck by a magnitude seven point five earthquake that triggered a tsunami more than fifteen hundred people are now confirmed dead and bodies are still being pulled from the daybreak with mosques completely destroyed by the six metre high waves friday prayers were held outside the u.n. has pledged fifty million dollars to the relief effort as when he reports many are sleeping in the open waiting for assistance. people here escape the earthquake and tsunami but the fight for survival goes on in palo parks have become refugee camps for those who have nowhere else to go their houses were destroyed many family
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members killed. and now they use whatever they can find to build shelters while still struggling to comprehend what's happened to them. my sister was trapped and they're all they managed to get her out but she died my mother in law is still missing. after me there is some food being given out by one but it's well short of what's needed there's still a lack of basic supplies around the affected areas including here in the heart of palace city where people have been camping for a week despite all the money from the indonesian government. and all the offers of assistance from foreign governments no one's been able to supply the people here with temporary toilets or adequate shelter. part of this campus on the grounds of the mayor's office though sheltering here say he's only been to see them once when the indonesian president was in town we asked the mayor for an interview but his staff declined refugees say die
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a grateful for the land to sleep on but they need more help than i ate the fat so i can tell you there are some toilets over there but they are full of excrement so i eat only once a day so i don't have to go maybe everyone is ok at the moment but if they don't sort it out we will have disease here some people are waiting for space on military flights out others say they have nowhere to fly to everyone is scared of more earthquakes and wondering when or if they'll be able to go home when hey al jazeera indonesia thousands of women and children who are captured along with isis fighters after their defeat in iraq are being kept in detention facilities these women are from around forty countries human rights watch is urging those nations to report treat them and hold fair trials if they had direct links with the armed group. that some of them on the iraqi syrian border. the children in a nice or camp in syria tease each other and play like most others there but because their family members lived in the rifle they're not treated like ordinary
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children their movements are restricted just like their mothers who are married or supporters. could leader is among them she was brought to syria by her husband now for the children cannot go home and is here with my husband used to fight in aleppo and he was killed there as well brought us to a hospital which was run by cool woman one woman even gave birth in a toilet but she wasn't allowed medical help no one could go outside and they were not married i married this injured man we need someone to take care of him we decided to flee but the trafficker took us to a kurdish area we were arrested the woman comes. come from around forty countries almost all share similar stories thousands came to live in what i said called its california after the group took control of large parts of syria and iraq but everyone who lived with the group is now seen as an accomplice. this indian teacher says her first husband was killed by the syrian government and she remarried a moroccan man so her three children would be taken care of we have nothing to do
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and i know i says we don't care about them there are very bad people you know and they put my impress on my husband and one last imprisoned and i don't know which prison he is all the time i was looking for him and they told me just go back to home you are a woman it's forbidden to go i don't you know the reason why they imprison him is just for smoking you are thinking that you are feeling from hell to heaven and you know actually we are in another hell it's miserable situation here. some iraqi and syrian women have been sentenced to death for their alleged crimes but rights workers say finding women guilty by association is not a fair process first and foremost trials should be fair there's no there's no way around that i mean we can start from the assumption that trials will be fair and then examine about international rights you have a right to go anywhere you walk us forces have trained fighters from the syrian democratic force on how to treat prisoners and some of which are under way to
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repair or treat at least some of the women and children it's a difficult situation and very tragic expression for the children i know a lot of countries have expressed interest in bringing the children back to their country depending on where the fighters are from but right now that problem still needs to be solved rather than just putting them in a camp but many countries do not want anything to do with the people who lived under rice and rights activists see injustice breeds contempt and instability and the danger from a lack of free trial and indifference from home countries is a continuing cycle of vengeance and not something that groups such as eisel have taken advantage of. some of the data on the iraq syria border conference will break here now when we come back while court in south korea sentenced a former president to fifteen years in prison. campaigning ends in brazil ahead of sunday's presidential election there are thirteen contenders but many say it's a two horse race and in sport as biggest sponsors voiced concerns about rape
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allegations against a footballer stay with us. hello again we're here across north america we are watching a big contrast of temperatures from the north all the way down towards the south in the north in canada temperatures are not really getting much higher than the single digits so and when a peg how about five degrees for you over here towards ottawa we are looking at about ten down to the south still remaining quite warm actually above average temperatures here and we are seeing a front and with that front we could be seeing some severe weather over the next few days but for leno sunday is going to be a very warm day at thirty degrees as a make our way down towards central america we are watching two tropical disturbance as those in the pacific as well as in the caribbean and because of so close we are seeing quite
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a bit of rain here across much of central america over the next few days a localized flooding could be a big problem as we go toward sunday anywhere from nicaragua all the way up here into the yucatan so that is something we will be watching for nessa not too bad for you partly cloudy to mostly cloudy at thirty and some showers coming into a van a with a temperature there of thirty degrees and then very quickly down here across parts of south america what we did have a frontal boundary push through rio de janeiro the temperatures are coming down of course we are going into the the summer time months with attempt a few of twenty three zero hit with a sense yes it is going to be a partly cloudy day and it's temperature of twenty six.
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and hundred forty twelve on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry riverbed tonight face one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war.
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welcome back a quick reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera protests for and against president trump supreme court pick up and held outside the u.s. congress has been anally cleared a procedural vote in the senate a final votes expected on saturday public and say an f.b.i. investigation didn't find any evidence supporting sexual misconduct claims against him. jurors have convicted a white chicago police officer for the shooting of a black teenager officer jason van dyke has been found guilty of a second degree murder of one mcdonald and twenty fourteen the policeman shot mcdonald sixteen times as he held a knife by his side.


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