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innovative solutions to global health care problems if you will to make a difference maybe all the buildings were good it sure was sold the cure on al-jazeera. the u.s. calls for a transparent investigation into the disappearance of a saudi journalist. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the wrong comes to the corner with unclean hands are on takes the u.s. a quarter of the consequences of a bombing in early forty years ago. as an extreme far right candidate almost lands brazil's presidential vote in the first round a look at what's next before the final runoff i'm under for a week's time plus. i'm wayne hay reporting from palu indonesia where life in some
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of the areas affected by the earthquake and tsunami is beginning to return to some sort of normality but here thousands remain unaccounted for. peo is asking saudi arabia to support a thorough investigation into the disappearance of a journalist sidey reporter went missing last week turkish investigators believe he was murdered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul but the kingdom is denying that ever elizondo reports from washington should be because i don't want saudi journalist jamal khashoggi has been missing for a week and for the first time u.s. president donald trump has addressed it and he's not happy i am concerned about it i don't like hearing about it and hopefully that will sort itself out right now nobody knows anything about it but there's a pretty bad. stories going around i do not like the u.s.
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government has mostly remained silent on reports saudi arabia might have murdered. saudi arabia denies any involvement late monday vice president mike pence tweeted deeply troubled to hear reports about saudi arabian journalist jamal khashoggi if true this is a tragic day by incidents journalists across the globe is a threat to freedom of the press and human rights the free world deserves answers the outspoken journalist was a u.s. resident and well known in the halls of power here in washington from his big platform as a columnist at the washington post where his writing was often very critical of saudi arabia's government particularly crown prince mohammed bin solomon to show his disappearance now as many people in this city demanding answers i think it's very disturbing. it's very unnerving we just need to get clear facts from both governments senator lindsey graham tweeted we agree if there was any truth to the
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allegations of wrongdoing by the saudi government it would be devastating to the u.s. saudi relationship and there will be a heavy price to pay economically and otherwise it means that there's going to be reexamined nation of the relationship of aid by the military by the united states on military sales to the saudi government and there's going to be once again a distance between the united states and that government it's now clear washington has joined the chorus of coals to saudi arabia for answers on the growing international scandal disappearance gave rosendo how does it go washington. is associate professor of middle eastern politics at the university of oklahoma he says the u.s. criticism of saudi arabia won't end their relationship it will alter the impression some have of the crown prince being a progressive performer. i think there's no question that this is going to put some strain on the saudis i think they're going to have to come up with better answers
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as to what happens if the relationship between mr trump and i haven't been so mine in the survey the regime has been very strong very positive has been i'm questioning with regard to human rights issues in saudi arabia or saudi arabia's doings elsewhere such as with regard to the yemen war or for example the blockade of qatar or other activities so this could change things slightly i don't think it's going to be the unraveling of the relationship as you know it's one that's existed since one nine hundred forty five and one that both countries benefit from in some sense staff at al-jazeera had taken a stand in solidarity with. they managing editor of al-jazeera english chiles trendall says the world needs answers about his disappearance. a court case has begun in the netherlands which pits the united states against iran iranian lawyers
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at the international court of justice are trying to win back two billion dollars from the us government iran says the americans are violating in one thousand fifty five friendship treaty with the us which right that the us terminated days before the case began its lawyers argue iranian leaders have been coordinating worldwide attacks for decades they must be has more from tehran. it was nine hundred eighty three in the lebanese civil war had been fought for eight years in an attack the united states would blame on iran a truck bomb explosion killed two hundred forty one marines at their barracks in beirut. fast forward to two thousand and sixteen the us supreme court upheld a ruling in the case of bank markazi versus peterson the judges froze two billion dollars in iranian assets and held iran financially responsible for acts of so-called state sponsored terrorism. fights us is defending that decision at the international court of justice in the hague first iran comes to the corner with unclean hands. indeed it is a remarkable shown
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a bad face that iran now seeks relief from this corner because of the outcome of the peterson proceeding which arose from iran's support for a brutal and deadly turns to time an act which the iranian leadership post in iran denied any involvement in the beirut blast but at the time celebrated the incident the us legal team linked today's iran to wars of the past you will also see the name of hassan rouhani the current president of iran who was at the time a member of the supreme security council as a representative of iran's supreme leader ayatollah khomeini. in other words mr president members of the colmes there is a continuity at the most senior levels between then and. as the americans made their case missing perhaps was historical context to the attack itself u.s. back to iraq had declared war on iran in one nine hundred eighty. lebanon was halfway through a complicated civil war exacerbated by the israeli invasion of southern lebanon. in
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the weeks leading up to the barracks bombing a u.s. warship in the mediterranean sea backing israel and its proxies in lebanon launched missile strikes on neighborhoods in beirut with links to iran and syria where america is trying to paint a picture in black and white iranians are likely to see regional conflicts in shades of gray. because. america cannot put itself in the position of an international judge accuse iran in their domestic court and then condemn iran implement the ruling and confiscate iran's assets it's obvious that their evidence is illegal and the incident itself is also under question while the world court has no power to enforce decisions for iran there is more on the line than two billion dollars which this case is another chance for iran to take america to task on a world stage opening remarks by the u.s. legal team looked to be a tough act to follow lawyers representing the iranian side begin their opening remarks on wednesday. zero wrong. or sales far right presidential candidate
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says he will not be toning down his rhetoric ahead of the second round of voting it looks most likely to become the next leader of latin america's largest nation after easily winning the first round on sunday c.n.n. reports from rio de janeiro. secondary school students in rio de janeiro stop the traffic to try to stop what they see as a major threat to democracy in brazil even though i think he doesn't like indigenous people black eighty days fascism his regressing to nine hundred sixty four when he heard a dictatorship we need to move forward by the future of latin america's largest country will be decided in less than three weeks in a runoff between ultra right wing presidential candidate. and said nanda had done the candidate of the discredited left wing workers' party. the underdog. is clearly had died a moderate former education minister who stepped in at the eleventh hour to replace
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his mentor former president. in twenty days of campaigning we were able to get more than thirty million votes and take a little known candide it into a run on the strength of political platform. but my trade anger against serving a twelve year prison sentence for corruption is had he'll but it's an uphill battle it's a very long uphill battle has to find some way to connect to this people has to find a way to put for his own message to disentangle himself from lula's image but the day after the election had that first move was to visit in prison. who has a commanding lead says he won't back off from his most controversial views like supporting torture shooting criminals on sight and vilifying gays in women's rights groups. i can't suddenly turn into a peace and love joey said bull so narrow in
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a radio interview i can't violate myself that way i have to continue being myself. already disturbing signs of intolerance reminiscent of a different time are emerging at this school for example parents demanded that a novel about a family that was forced to go into exile during brazil's military dictatorship be taken off the curriculum arguing it was too leftist and brazil's national university chapters dealing with human rights were found ripped out of books and thrown on the floor around the now in brazil has never been more polarized and given an unprecedented barrage of fake news on social networks international observers warn the campaign could get uglier before it's over see in human al-jazeera rio de janeiro palace to terrorise the director of the brazil institute at they would for a wilson center he says. in a winning position. i think this sort of the final surge was a bit of
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a surprise spalls had indicated that he would win the first round of elections but not by such a large margin which makes him very likely next president of brazil mr harper has an almost impossible position of. stagnation his on identity as a candidate he is completely dented five by holders with little or even go see how that goes too far to dissent or he risks losing suit for precisely from the lula base so he has a very difficult task ahead of him in the next three weeks i think he invented five very early the end of the frustration of resilience with.
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widespread corruption that didn't happen mostly under the rule of the workers' party are also. publics in security crime brazil is today that of seventeen of the fifty fifty most violent cities in the world and there is an enormous frustration lingering effects of the longest and deepest recession in brazil's history. so ahead on al-jazeera a scientist or whatever in their sharpest alert yet on climate control warning of disastrous global consequences ls action is taken now. and all faces a water crisis but some people fear the government solution could make matters worse. by the springtime flowers of a mountain lake. to the first snow fall on
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a winter's day. has a flash flooding just north of toronto as the slopes go down to the caspian sea took at least seven lives and you can see you still see the system there with currently i hoping welcome rain and snow developing in parts of afghanistan tajikistan even that's fading away and we're going to still left in maybe southern and again around this part of around not quite as heavy as they were a couple days ago but they're nevertheless for a day and then it goes quiet again to the west as a bit more cloud around the showers potentially falling in turkey or a bit of rain and rather more cloud visible in the skies syria or iraq but no more than cloud i suspect and it's quite to the south of that until you get this very obvious arc here which is or associated with developing soccer in the arabian sea of the north indian ocean it's likely to head towards much earlier cousin did in
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march this year and that will happen in the next couple days we get to wednesday will certainly feel the effects not exactly sure go after that but there be wind and rain along this coast whatever else happens south of it all the few showers around the scouts and coast disappeared and in the forecast i see nothing from the point of view of rain in the next couple days throughout southern africa. the weather sponsored by cats on race. whether online for humanitarians been taken down is going to this would hold you down. on a spreadsheet or if you joined us on sat i guarantee no one else has a back story like yours this is a dialogue harmless tired of seeing negative stereotypes about native americans everyone has a voice resurfacing that's your comments your questions i'll do my best to bring them into the show join the global conversation amount to zero.
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or watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories for you now u.s. president donald trump and vice president mike pence have added their voices to a deepening international concern over the disappearance of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi turkish investigators believe he was murdered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul but the kingdom insta nine that. a court case underway in the netherlands is pitting the united states against iran ronnie and lawyers at their national court of justice are trying to win back two billion dollars from the u.s. government u.s. lawyers argue iranian leaders have unclean hands at supposed because they have been poured aiding worldwide attacks for decades and brazil's far right presidential
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candidate dire boston r.-o. says he won't be toning down his rhetoric as he campaigns for a runoff scheduled for just under three weeks time he looks most likely to become the next leader after easily winning the first round on sunday. a deal between russia and turkey to prevent a syrian government offensive in the last trouble whole province is moving forward are all sour mood. all heavy weapons from the frontline and creating a twenty kilometer. this is a condition to avoid an assault on the province which is home to three million people are reports. the turkish army has reinforced its observation posts all around the province which borders turkey and send additional troops to patrol a planned demilitarized zone to separate government forces from opposition fighters the demilitarized zone is being established after a deal between russia and turkey it's aimed at preventing a possible syrian government offensive against adlib the last remaining rebel controlled province in syria turkey's task is to free the zone from heavy weapons
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and so-called radical groups the state news agency says the syrian opposition and other anti-government groups have completed the first phase of the withdrawal. i. was. there is surely. and the day was. probably. very. turkey's president. says turkish intelligence agents an adlib are playing a major role rebel factions allied to turkey hold a third of the twenty kilometer deep buffer zone but the rest is controlled by what the international community labels radical terrorist organizations because of their links to al qaida among those groups is a sham it controls the majority of the province and the planned zone and it has not
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officially declared whether it will withdraw its weapons and fighters by october the fifteenth regardless russia seems satisfied president vladimir putin said turkey is treating the agreement seriously and fulfilling its commitments but moscow is accusing the so-called radical groups of trying to create provocations to torpedo the deal. october ten and fifteen are deadlines for the implementation russia's president vladimir putin is already calling the zone effective ruling out military action in a future. doesn't want an armed confrontation with turkey that's why it's afraid to publish the reject the deal it's still trying to reach a peaceful solution turkey wants to prevent armed conflict but it's challenge is to implement the deal but tension is growing between the heat a sham and turkey backed rebels there could be more incidents of armed confrontations if the so-called radical groups refused to cooperate turkey has
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signaled readiness to use force against those who don't comply seven hundred. forces in libya have captured an al qaeda commander accused of masterminding attacks in egypt it was caught in a raid by the libyan national army in the eastern town of darna the army is led by a warlord khalifa huffed are who is backed by egypt a small way is facing a death sentence in egypt and the u.s. state of florida is bracing for hurricane michael forecasters say when's of war the one hundred seventy kilometers an hour could hit the gulf coast a state of emergency has been declared in thirty five counties with people filling sandbags and preparing their homes and those are the coast are being urged to move inland the hurricane's expected to make landfall on wednesday hurricane michael is a monstrous storm and the forecast kids get keeps getting more dangerous today i firmly as president trump issue a preplanned full disaster declaration for laos to draw down more federal resources
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i also spoke with a person this afternoon he commit to providing any federal assistance for the may need. the search for earthquake and tsunami victims in indonesia will officially end on thursday early two thousand people are confirmed thousands more still missing or returning to some of the worst affected areas to pick up the pieces when hey reports on polo. there are some signs of normal life restarting here after the earthquake and tsunami electricity food and fuel were largely unavailable for days after the disaster now supplies are arriving in parts of palm allowing some economic activity to get going again. we only reopened so we could help people get food easily even during the radiance are still difficult to get in because we are spared from the zoster we feel like we have a duty to help other people when indonesia's president joko widodo visited affected areas last week he said restarting the economy was one of the priorities which
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people remain afraid of more earthquakes but the removed from what's left of their homes others are returning having fled when disaster struck on some streets there is color and vibrancy once again. but you don't have to go far for reminder of what happened here and that there's still much to be done bodies continue to be recovered but given the difficult terrain it's slow going. you may never know the exact number of people who died in this disaster particularly in areas like this which are so vast and the destruction so immense yes in some of the affected areas life is beginning to return to some sort of normality but here it is difficult to imagine how that will ever be possible. the government says they may be up to five thousand missing under the rubble and mud into areas of power but the search will be wound down all stopped on thursday that contradicts an earlier statement from the indonesian president who said all the victims must be found relatives of the
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missing want the search to continue. in these conditions we realize it's very difficult to get all the bodies but we expect our family members to be found but they haven't so the government needs to give us a solution are they going to ask our permission before they convert this into a mass grave yard the government officially ending the search will be something many won't be able to accept and with entire communities wiped out it's expected to be a long time before most will be able to contemplate normality wayne hey al jazeera indonesia brett kavanaugh has been sworn in as a new justice of the us supreme court apollo's a bitter nomination process and accusations of sexual assault that prompted an f.b.i. investigation on women's rights protests against the appointment before the swearing in president on a trump said the allegations were quote all made up this for president thank you for the great honor of appointing me to serve as
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a justice of the supreme court i've seen firsthand your deep appreciation for the vital role of the american judiciary i am grateful for your steadfast unwavering support throughout this process. and i'm grateful to you and mrs trump for the exceptional overwhelming courtesy you have extended to my family and me mr president thank you for everything. thanks an investigative website has revealed more details about one of the main suspects behind the poisoning of a double agent circus ripple in the u.k. billing cats a russian military doctor alexander michigan travel to saul's berry under the alias alexander petro of the site says michigan is employed by russia's intelligence agency the g.r.u. but the u.k. accuses him and
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a man identified by the web site as and italy trying to kill scribal and his daughter yulia with the nerve agent over chop. as are nationalists who wants to break up bosnia and herzegovina has won a seat in the presidency after elections on sunday the office said the president's team must contain one serve one wozniak and one pro at holds the rotating position for eight months as governor of a complex power sharing system that involves three presidents and two regional parliament split along ethnic lines a new u.n. report on climate change is calling for urgent transformational change to avoid disastrous levels of global warming and says of carbon emissions aren't drastically cut by twenty thirty it'll be impossible to keep temperature rises to under one point five degrees celsius that has the details the threats been clear and present for many use climate change caused by human activity is putting our very survival in peril now the un's climate change body says concerted action needs to come much
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sooner than previously thought early auction tooley meet to reduce greenhouse gas emissions it's possible they are options available there are signs that mitigation is going on but if this is to be achieved there's an urgent need to accelerate. three years ago at the paris climate change conference many governments gave themselves a pat on the back they pledged to take action to limit temperature rises to one point five degrees celsius above pre-industrial levels now the experts say they're failing and time is running out the i.p.c.c. says meeting that one point five degrees target requires a forty five percent cut in carbon emissions by twenty thirty and alarmingly zero net carbon emissions by twenty fifty with steep cuts in other greenhouse gases like methane it's a question of whether we can make sure than. in the coming years that the benefit then officially is going to be our children and grandchildren and. coming
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generations the i.p.c.c. says by the end of this century global sea level rises would be ten centimeters lower with warming of one point five degrees compared to two degrees and the arctic is likely to be ice free in summer around once a century at one point five degrees but at least once a decade if warming reaches two degrees none of this is academic faster action will reduce flooding giving people living on the world's coasts islands and river deltas time to adapt to climate change then there are the millions affected by drought many on the african continent we need to look at climate finance and strategies that ensure that we sort of speed up climate climate action related to issues like our culture our food security livelihoods and migrations and that's because migrations and migration is no longer a choice for lots of people in the continent it is now in moscow because of global warming the i.p.c.c. report says renewable energy must account for at least seventy percent of
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electricity by twenty fifty compared with twenty five percent now to stay within the one point five degree limit carbon will have to be sucked out of the air by machines installed on the ground and billions of trees will have to be planted and they'll be tough choices between using land for food or for biofuel crops we've been. and the solutions to our politicians to us. sort of all has some of the most advanced water resources and africa it's going through a water crisis aid agencies say a quarter of the population lack basic water access with some homes completely cut off for months the government has a solution but it's dividing opinion and reports from dakar. too precious to waste not a drop spilled. for to find wonders whether they'll be enough left for an extra bucket to beat her children. very obliging needs it to flush their toilets for i should camera it's simply about getting water to drink
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from the situation is critical to have to queue for something that we also obviously need i'm reusing the water using it for everything from cleaning cooking and drinking not a drop of spared two million people in the suburbs of the capital to car have not been getting enough water since june in some districts water has been completely cut off there isn't enough for everyone this is a council distributed rations fresh water. it's just we can't survive without water it's something needs to be done. to. not afraid to cheat the car is not alone in facing a water shortage this is cape town in march california in may and sao paulo earlier this year according to the united nations more than a billion people across the world face water shortages this is especially the case
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in urban areas where the population is multiplying it is a global challenge with officials in countries and cities affected with this water crisis trying to find a permanent and big solution to a growing problem. engineers in the u.a.e. and south africa are looking into towing icebergs to their shores to meet their freshwater needs but it's a costly project that still has a long way to go before being approved while there may be no plans to bring an iceberg to the coast of senegal the government here wants to turn ocean water into freshwater building the country's first desalinization plant but there's a growing opposition to the project my god it's going to be like the site of the plant is considered sacred land residents fear the factory could spew chemicals and water high into the ocean all the fisheries like overall they're going to get like . by the high end is going to decide that.
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despite the damage to the environment in the city suburbs where fresh water is in short supply many welcome the project. but the desperate search for water sometimes spills over into conflict. nicholas hawk al-jazeera the car. at the top stories now on al-jazeera. peo is asking saudi arabia to support a thorough investigation into the disappearance of a journalist citing reporter disappeared last week turkish investigators believe he was murdered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul but the kingdom denies that. i am concerned about it i don't like hearing about it and hopefully that will sort itself out right now nobody knows anything about it but these are pretty bad
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stories going around i do not like it the committee to protect journalists as it shocked by the murder and rape of a t.v. reporter in bulgaria victoria mary novas body was found in the northern town of roos police say the thirty year old had been beaten and suffocated it's not yet clear if her killing is linked to her investigations into alleged corruption in bulgaria involving european union funds a court case is underway in the netherlands which pits the united states against iran iranian lawyers at the international court of justice are trying to win back two billion dollars from the us government iran's has the americans are violating in one thousand fifty five friendship treaty which they terminated days before the case began. brazil's far right presidential candidate tired wilson r.-o. says he won't be toning down his rhetoric as he campaigns for a runoff set for later this month also mara looks likely to become the next leader after easily winning the first round on sunday a sort of nationalist who wants to break up bosnia and herzegovina has won
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a seat in the presidency after sunday's elections the office of the presidency must contain one serb one bosniak and one row at. that kavanagh has been sworn in as a new justice of the us supreme court a follows a bitter nomination process and accusations of sexual assault that prompted an f.b.i. investigation and women's rights protest against the appointment. the nobel prize for economics has been awarded to two americans for their work on economic forecasts william norris will study the impact of climate change and economic modeling and paul romer looked at how governments can spur growth by investing in research of element and he pulls skills are the headlines keep it here much more to come the story is next. in the lead up to the u.s. midterm election we'll be talking to the american people looking at key issues for voters from immigration to economic struggles to health care system races and
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women's rights join us through october for special coverage and analysis the u.s. mood time. hi i'm femi oke a and you are in the stream the presence of serbia and kosovo say they support a land swaps towards a new dawn in relations but the proposal is dividing opinion. today will ask whether changing the borders within the western balkans will promote peace or deepened divisions send us your comments your twitter and our live you tube shop. kosovo is recognized as a state by one hundred sixteen countries but neighboring so still considers it to be a rebel province that first broke away during a war two decades ago now.


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