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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 21, 2018 11:00am-11:34am +03

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go in there we understand at least twenty cultural its workers some who turkish who were questioned yesterday. the hans obviously for body goes on there were reports in the american media coaching a saudi official that. he was had you don't to what was described as a collaborator and that's where the saudis had no idea where mr coo shows his body was there's also been reports that there is in fact footage of his clothing being removed from the consulate. i think it's fair to say that it's very much in the driving seat here the question remains exactly what more do turkish investigators know and as i say when are they going to release that information john safran live in istanbul thank you very much right now against me to ash also barry who is a national security specialist and a former state department and he's joining us live from new york thank you very
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much for your time how would you assess this moment in terms of u.s. saudi relations would you say that this is definitive well yes there's a lot of concerns with the guards to us already relationship due to the fact that what has come out with regards to from the m.b.'s side where it doesn't necessary provide enough information it's comes across inadequate so you're seeing where congress and the american people and the international community. this is not enough so it's definitely may impact us foreign policy decisions or the relationship it's out although president trump at the moment is very reluctant to allow this to affect what has been effectively u.s. policy towards saudi arabia for food for decades so i mean he's not he's not budging is he at the moment. no he's definitely putting economic interests over human rights and he's definitely more targeting or focusing
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on you know job growth people losing their their jobs but in america we are really big on the principles we stand for and evidently in this situation human rights is more of a party than economic interests and as you can see his his opinion is pretty much isolated from what everybody else is saying but that's that's the question is that really i mean what about the trump pot plant all of those people supported president continue to do so in large numbers basically on the basis of provision of job and the economy i think it can about what is going on in istanbul there is a significant number of americans and we've seen it since to two thousand and sixteen presidential elections where they're pretty much detached when it comes to foreign policy national security issues so i would say that there are some americans that may be indifferent about the situation and then there's those that
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they will most likely pay attention to what's going on just like what was mentioned before every time we turn a t.v. it's you know part of the media cycle right now so it's definite for something it's definitely not you know it's not hard to avoid it so i must say that you know there's a segment where americans will most likely not care about and there's those that will pay attention to what's going on all right. talking to us live from new york thank you very much thank you huge. we've got a lot more to come on this hour jazeera news hour including colombia's matter wanna uses light up to protest against the government crackdown. undeterred dozens of migrants from central america. try to get across the border.
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right what is the next story that we're dealing with there of paula jones because we do have a few technical problems. a few technical problems that day bear with us and we will go to afghanistan let's go to afghanistan where the counting has begun after parliamentary elections which has been hit by a series of attacks at least twenty eight people were killed and more than seventy others were wounded in the violence voting will continue on sunday in some parts of the country because of those technical problems from kabul the capital we have this report from her. it was
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a day by violence as suicide bomber blew himself up outside a polling station in kabul killing and injuring dozens of people it was one of several attacks in the afghan capital. there where the blast met fell down on the ground blood was everywhere and there are many casualties but i don't know what happened next the but the attacks have been deterred people from casting their votes. and i act of defiance despite the growing threats and turns security situation this is the third parliamentary election since the fall of the taliban in two thousand and one people here in kabul showed up in the early hours at polling stations. i will vote for someone who would work for afghanistan and serve the nation we need patriots who care about the country these people that deserve to be
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elected to parliament but i would go is a man have to say i am exercising my democratic right i want to choose the right person who will fight for my rights in the rights of women and women vote in large numbers their voices will be heard. extraordinary security measures were in place in the capital kabul the authorities are taking no chances ten candidates were killed during election campaigning. the president suspended the election in khandahar province after the taliban killed two top officials their own thursday election was also delayed in gaza province following ethnic disputes. what happened in kandahar was a sad moment not only for the people of kandahar but for all of us the decision to suspend the election was taken in collaboration with different institutions of the state of also appointed a committee to investigate the problems we face in gaza any this election was initially supposed to take place three years ago but was delayed because of
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a political impasse that has crippled the country the international community has been pushing for political reforms a clamp down on corruption and we conciliation this is not like election in any any country it's a very special election for the afghan people so i admire their courage. their will to choose their own future. election officials are using biometric voter verification devices for the first time to prevent vote rigging but technical glitches slowed down the voting. the election has been extended for another day in some areas to allow maximum participation this election is only a first step in a long political process it will be followed by presidents elections in april that's when the afghan authorities will decide on the suing political talks with the taliban and forming a national unity government move backed by the u.s.
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and others who insist there is no military solution to the afghan conflict. covered through tranquil arabian can you. can free routines in its initial gondola. weather's looking lousy settle for southeastern parts of china generally clear skies think it'll add a little further north though there will be some wet weather coming in here from time to time heavy burst of rights any possibility around will hand as we go through sunday will become a little less wet little not a little further south which as we go through monday into the southwest towards high land could see some wet weather here at all sure breeze but for the most part as have five and dry hong kong getting up to twenty eight degrees celsius some showers there as per usual across southeast asia the philippines in the heat of the day catching wanted to lively showers some very wet weather there into malaysia northern parts of indonesia are also seeing some rather wet weather from time to
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time but i think for the most part it will be tried but so what you do catch a shot will certainly be on the life you will know about it drives guys pushing back into war singapore it was kuala lumpur but the showers do continue there for thailand i join up with showers that we have across southern parts of india thirst for lanka where the clouds still showing up here most of that it is generally fine and sunny largely clear skies the temperatures getting up into the low to mid thirty's for many but for those southern areas the showers they are set to continue with the possibility of some localized flooding over the next few days. the weather sponsored by catto and race. you don't know where public service stops and private interest begins what's at stake is the very essence of democracy we have never had a president so brazenly treating the oval office as an opportunity. for blindness follows the money investigating with the donald trump is profiting from the
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presidency and asking what the cost would be for democracy in the usa and the president's profits on al-jazeera. a journey of personal discovery by a great grandfather he was a slave of the leave property al-jazeera as james gannon expose his family's legacy of slave ownership you don't like my family's status and wealth has benefited from your choice to enslave people and america's debt to black people today some over so skull we even scared to speak out because it's a problem. al-jazeera correspondent a moral debt.
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ninety percent of the wild special dogs are being fish tomato beyond their sustainable limits growing demand an industrial fishing techniques of pushing some populations of cod and china to the brink of collapse while millions of. other less marketable species of being a. fish food simply discard it i'm so very rightly in london u.k. where marine scientists are working together with local fisherman to get consumers hooked on sustainable seafood it's. based in east london a tiny startup by the name of social is hoping to change london his relationship
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with fish. to fish for the gents. order know. how often you will uncover beautiful it's a bit like a budget but with here. we work with a couple of fisherman we bother him and then handed out to us it's a really good way of getting your hands on amazing fish trying things that maybe you haven't tried before and also supporting the god cool thing martin finishes one of the three and a half thousand small scale fishermen working in english motives but unlike many of the families of being in the business but generations to come to the trade a decade ago. the oysters my fish are still a problem or so out of all the wars that the drought fishery of the school said you know it's grown from a very. very rough stone that wants out of there on the street they stay right. here on the continent is nothing that they have
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a part for you know to tell you are the real. fish touches the bigger fish. you know of a nice old shark a big fish but some natural small fish in the world which are trolling the only thing you know going back to the day it. was so cold you could avoid every bit of that. unlike industrial bottom truly minutes which try to along the seafloor and can kill a wide array of marine life. states. still in the world and the notch holes means he's not undermining future fish stocks by catching lots of juveniles. those he does like standing that come in and i. say that's legal so it's a low life and i work for a fact i'd fight. but. how much more would you get the same for a place if you sent it three don't rub it in just a wholesome jack is
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a flat right for her and the cake. on the house side of the market may go tomorrow to offer in crude for for the sun plights says quite a big difference that is yeah so share members help keep martin in business by giving him a good price and buying a set wait each week of whatever he brings in and we all skinny fishmonger well i seldom i still get a break simon called from provence and sure you know they're beautiful friends of ours so more than anything else and they're also some of the most kind of over the fish exactly. every one of someone's office all which. is go all day because i've had to accept whatever turns up and have a car or different spaces and that spanking first figure given a child. who got it into cash is going to quit i don't really invested royale made significant this netbacks away and often brought. the business is not just missing
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from a lot of the way that we that we eat today you know it is such a big disconnect between what's on our plates the naris come from. that's that people want to buy didn't that there's something about it we're not so sure i started in twenty thirteen and now has eighteen members in london you buy from martin under few up a small scale fish and. from boat to ice box in a matter of minutes the race is now on to get today's fresh catch straight up to social members in london so it's about finding people that care about where the fish come from and linking them with the called the fishermen that have a cause i feel. if they way. couldn't imagine telling the post had been set up tight or if not why
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does this updated nafta have the kind of support that it needs we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. just. seven years after muammar gadhafi is controversial rain came to a violent end libya is frozen in time. competing forces each running for power and influence continue to disrupt a broken state that time forgot. in the second of a two part series the big picture asks who's to blame. the lust for libya on al-jazeera or. when the going gets tough money
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bangkok slum dwellers are forced to borrow. she may be kinder than your average money lender. she may have more patience. but make no mistake. she means business. i run the loan shark part of the viewfinder asia series on al-jazeera i. i
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was accused by be. his prima ballerina discusses the pain and sacrifice behind the tutu and the role of art the importance russia the pain starts from the very beginning of the ballet school. our bodies are not physically prepared for what we have to do. it over talks to organising your challenge your perceptions. powerful documentaries. that's what makes up the. debate some
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discussions you've been out there with the protesters on the streets what are they been telling you. discover a wealth of award winning programming from around the globe. see the world from a different perspective. on al-jazeera. through the lens of local filmmaking.
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that. i'm not publicly known. but there is nothing much well for me at that and i think my mind around a lot of that over on the right hand it will not make for dukan care no matter where i'm going to compete or complain. amount about the money they're all from for. me and they're putting on a limb and the fact of it we're going to tell you this a lot. but the harm that they did that they are the children were a matter that will be that are on the move so i called. him.
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on it. they didn't and. i well i'm not. but tempered on movement. will. be. good but then what am i that about. a minute i've been no no no you're mine and now that we had mad mad mad mad mad at me do you wanna get up again and what medicare. ok that didn't work i think i might . go on the go. ahead get me out of me i am. going to get probably by and. i mean money. time will be even more like it was and. i thought in a while i'm on it. but they didn't tell me about this on tuesday that.
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one of my family that we have to hire another wife. for me. and not me. yeah. i.
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know. and i know a lot. going. on now in you know. half of my mommy. made me. laugh by the way. i have might be someone. who would have been
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