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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 27, 2018 10:00am-10:34am +03

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if you were in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships. somehow time is aiming to replace america and around the world well the chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a perp ration for our first president george washington said if you want peace prepare for the coming war on china to josie. and michelle care in doha these are the top stories right now on al-jazeera turkey's foreign ministry says it will request the extradition of eighteen saudis accused of killing. turkey's president and says they should face justice in turkey he says more bents will be released and he called official saudi explanations
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comical and childish. as given our first television interview more than three weeks after the saudi journalist's murder in istanbul and was critical of how the u.s. has handled the case she has rejected an invitation from president onil trump to visit the white house. trump invited me to the united states during the first days of the process but his statements had very short time periods in between and they were contradictory i perceived it as a statement to win the sympathy of the public a man from florida has been charged on suspicion of sending mail bombs to prominent critics of the us president donald trump maybe six for all sales are say iraq is accused of targeting at least fourteen people including former president barack obama the f.b.i. says the packages were not hoaxes and that more could still be found president tron can condemn the bombs but said the media is exploiting the situation.
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these jurors actions must be prosecuted and punished to the fullest extent of the law we all know. and i want to applaud the f.b.i. the secret service. and all say local federal officials for their incredible work in this investigation i mean they did incredible thank you this is finding truly a needle in a haystack when you think about it israeli forces have killed at least five palestinian protesters along the gaza israel border fence or than sixteen thousand palestinians gathered there on friday a later several rockets were fired from gaza into israel every friday a sense march thirtieth palestinians have helped protest along the fence. and israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has made a surprise visit to the gulf state up oman and i don't monsoreau or to discuss the
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middle east peace process those are the headlines to keep it on al-jazeera there's more to more news to come out returning now to correspondent. in baltimore maryland black people are three times more likely than white to be living in poverty. i want to know what that means for the people living. rick fontayne works for the city he grew up in a public housing project and has been helping disadvantaged youths in baltimore for over ten years. housing projects is primarily black ok out of you know thousands of people maybe like ten white people that live in the projects. it's no resources you have a city you have a saw story it. someone you know they call you know.
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i support my house this jay i've missed a tough one of us to tough the soldiers. some of the kids squeegee and they earn money that way but a lot of kids on they sell bottled waters and bottled drinks four dollars i mean all my bottles thank you thank you. keep with the legal hassles are right and you know i'm only women sometimes i just pull kids off corners i mentor them i help them get. rick takes me to the parking lot where de'monte howard a youth he mentored was shot dead just two months before. a lot of the drugs and activity happens right here and it's this parking lot and this is where unfortunately a lot of the homicides are robberies to please the c.r.p. diesel baby that was the a monster his nickname his mother was struggling as a single mom three children by herself and he did the fastest thing to help her and that was get involved in drugs or here he was just good enough to help his mom and
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some guys from another neighborhood came here to rob them and ended up killing a really good kid old man always is trying to do better we got him. in wilberforce college and the day we were supposed to present him with his certificate to go to college he was he was murdered right here with us are here he says as the president. was a bush we've been to and i miss my home boy. just. what would you like for this community all these kids take them out trips sprays more stuff that's all you know right here so. it was all of. the good data for each. of those. were. a lot of problems and muddy these kids feel like they're forced to do that to survive they're not doing it to be driving
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a mercedes in bentleys and things like that they're doing it because if i don't do this. people in these neighborhoods are not asking for anything but opportunity the same playing field that the rest of america gets i don't. this is mine. which i need to see how you don so this is this is james to lose that sound and. you know i always see how you know you know the little thing that we don't know how you know they've everybody feel so sad for passing because they've been especially to the streets and now here i am i one of them parents. i'm so sorry for your loss thank you so much thank you after the shooting. there were three hundred forty three homicides in baltimore in twenty seventeen more than ninety percent of these people black.
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chan wallace is a baltimore photographer who uses her craft to combat racial stereotyping so i use photography as a form of activism my black lives matter and this what we are this is what we are outside of the gates of whiteness. this guy right here i see black men all the time but i see how the world continues to perpetuate that these moments moments like this don't happen sometimes i photograph a black man and i have the photograph printed ready give it to them they. have the sound i went back to go give them a copy but you don't. weave and doors so much pain have these moments where we didn't have anybody and it's how you know but a lot of people tell me about those moments when i take their photograph and talk about our trauma and talk about the injustice. what can i do what can white people do to kind of shift the way that they think or i think that for white people it starts with just simply caring about black people and envisioning more
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equal society allies i don't think that an ally job is to go in and dictate and tell people what to do and give directions and listen and take notes. she has arranged a photo shoot in the area of baltimore where she grew up. she photographs her brother does many cousin quoting in front of. two generations of family still live on the street. does many quoting have served time in prison one in three black men in the u.s. it's a felony conviction. that. i was forced to come out of this trying to provide a way from. where we were forced into this we don't have.
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the right to tell you. the forces of history. nobody ever heard of is. i'm not even a a put. it was dark a bring my son out this community my family my whole family stuck in this community when you look back across the generations the advantages that white people have put in position for themselves and all black people in the end the disadvantaged as i might be was small and just as the white you should never bet up turned to me. i don't think so but that's just like him and then is far from his father it always was this event are so full of black person pieces it's really. true i give something back about a child that we just want to force for some are the put the spotlight on us and give us a little bit of hope and then but i was determined what we will do with the help we
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don't weigh it out to some over so even scared to speak out because a surprise we portrayed him is as if we who would but we're not we so scarred that we don't even want to speak out because we're afraid of the next person look at. you guys are going to take this with me you know trying trying to spread the message. i mean i came here to listen and to learn you know and it seems like such a small thing. just to hear these stories. this is not small because quality he got emotional and even my brother got emotional because they have people listening you know people really fight it down matter we don't really talk about it because it happens so much is not news is not new. quality i know he didn't want to say that stuff for a long time he got kids he got
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a family you know and they all live in poverty it is the as still living in poverty is this is not the dream for us. i later discovered that the continuing existence of the rich white neighborhoods and poor black neighborhoods in baltimore is not accidental but a legacy of decades of deliberate racial discrimination. in the mid one nine hundred thirty s. the u.s. government was encouraging people to buy their own homes by offering federal loans however most black people were systematically refused mortgages. in addition government and financial institutions to up maps disqualifying some areas for subsidies readline zones usually defined as neighborhoods where black people live. this deliberate denial of equal opportunities for black people to buy real estate is a major reason for the wealth gap between blacks and whites that exist today. my
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efforts to educate myself in america's hidden history lead me to two academics who have spent years researching the racial wealth gap in america and the reasons for it hello i'm james say a good nature person what does that inequality look like in the aftermath of the civil war blacks may have all the less than one person of the american wealth. what's particularly striking and disturbing about that figure is that if we look at the comparable measure to the it's about two percent so we have a wealth position for black americans today that in a relative is not very different from what it was at the end of slavery is there an unpaid debt that is still to to black people in america yes the estimates can run as high as seventeen trillion dollars there was an opportunity to reverse the consequences of slavery instead formerly enslaved folks never received the forty
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acres and a mule that they were promised if that type of land reform it actually taken place it would have completely altered the trajectory of wealth inequality by race in the united states we got the destruction of black communities that had developed some measure of prosperity through white massacres that took place from the period of about eight hundred eighty through about nineteen forty. the midwestern community of greenwood in tulsa oklahoma was the most affluent black community in america with over three hundred black owned businesses known as black wall street. in main one nine hundred twenty one the whole thirty five block neighborhood was obliterated by a white mob triggered by a false rumor that a black man had raped a white girl homes businesses schools and churches were burned and bombed and over one hundred people died. while
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a massacre after another and is sort of rolled across the country all of these riots where thousands of black people were killed if you study history you see that this is been a continuous. a continuous assault on black people yeah we we think there is a giant. and we think it needs to be met because i think it is a just response to america's history my family's. you know status and wealth has as has been has benefited from from their choice to enslave people the total number is staggering of whites who owned at least one black body you know it would have at least half at least half up the population white population i actually met recently the descent descendants of one of the people my family
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enslaved and found out that i had actually known this this woman a style that is ninety years old now most of my life is her full name. her name is. sorry i'm blanking on her last name stella. it's telling you know that she's many years your senior and yet you refer to her by her first name right. there it is right there i mean i don't mean any disrespect. to check. well apparently no one else in their family has referred to her by any other in the affair but were direct about yeah yeah yeah no you're absolutely right i think it probably made both of us uncomfortable you know for you for you to call me out there. maybe negative and maybe not to put it that i had to do this.
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i had no idea that the wealth gap between whites and blacks is still so huge today . sandy and kirsten have convinced me that the case for reparations is overwhelming . i wonder if more white americans would agree with me if they knew how much of their wealth advantage is stalling and honor and. i mean houston texas to meet a group of people whose views i'd like to understand black separatists have. not been there to pick up on the awful thing that the new black panther party has been described as a fairly racist organization whose leaders have encouraged violence against whites and police. yacking and been yeah one of its former leaders is now chairman of a new organization the people's new black panther party that claims to disavow hatred. is that right here. you you should not just
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know one thing by gum i grew up in virginia so yeah yeah i've shot concept of the right yeah ok i don't own any myself right really and you know and a gun for genuity one. for the panthers are planning a patrol in the southwest of the city where there have been some recent shootings you read a road map. we don't like the police come to town i would neighborhoods patrol and i would neighborhoods and so we should give an example of how we can be self determining. the polies out here killing our you know people on the home and we were patrolling our own neighborhoods we wouldn't have these situations occur so. we have a message of separation we don't want to continue to live with white america hating boyd hasn't worked out we've tried everything we've worked we've served we've big
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you know for equal rights and we continue to be in the same situation all right so this is the group fritz and i. know you both but. you know then a thing is going on without people who will want to call the police on one another and stuff like that when we deal with young boys these days in the household will single mothers and things like that you have a mom yeah yeah yeah i'm a number down so that's what we do and i have a couple. like no to nutrients out i do think it's a level of zero but it seems like when you come out here people are pretty interested in what you tell us we come out in the community and people see us it excites them and of course they go to police now yeah yeah we got a caller in here so we are just there would always help but they never thought all we told would be not legal rights we're not going to be a piece of a right you have a good day all right all right. we're going to do a quick safety check. texas is open carry state loans don't have
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been a felonies on your record anything like that it's ok for you to open carry is legal in. the huey p. newton gun club is the defense arm of the party there's a lot of different ways to to fight racial injustice why do you think you know armed patrols this is is the way to go we had bustling black towns and we were very strong economically but what happened was we lacked a weapon and we're going to have to defend ourselves and this that's the bottom line self-defense what role do you think white people have been. in working towards more equality a lot of people who are afraid to say this word weaponry.


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